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January 8, 2017 7:18 am

The United Nations Has Broken All Its Promises to Israel

avatar by Steven Dzik

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The United Nations. Photo: wiki commons.

The United Nations. Photo: wiki commons.

A lot has been written about the UN Security Council resolution declaring all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem to be illegal. Even so, there is an important point I haven’t seen made.

The West Bank was “created” by the armistice agreement of 1949 that ended Israel’s War of Independence. The agreement was brokered and monitored by the UN. It did not require any Arab recognition of Israel, nor did it require either side to give up any claims to territory on the other side of the line. It reads: “It is also recognised that no provision of this Agreement shall in any way prejudice the rights, claims and positions of either Party hereto in the ultimate peaceful settlement of the Palestine question, the provisions of this Agreement being dictated exclusively by military considerations.”

It must be remembered that when this agreement was actually in effect, it provided no legitimacy or safety to Israel. No Arab country recognized these borders. It was only when they lost the West Bank after the 1967 war (which they started) that they supported this “border.” But a border has to work both ways if it is to mean anything at all.

The armistice agreement was with Jordan, not with the Palestinians. And only two countries (Pakistan and the UK) recognized the Jordanian occupation of the West Bank as legitimate. Yes, King Hussein gave the West Bank to the Palestinians in 1988. But it was never his to give.

In passing the latest resolution, the UN has clearly reneged on the armistice agreement. So why should Israel trust the UN or any government that voted for (or abstained from) this resolution? Every conceivable “solution” to this conflict requires Israel to give up something tangible for the false promise of security and peace. The UN has broken its word to Israel time and time again.

So if no one feels obligated to keep its word with Israel, then Israel has no reason to trust any promise that the world, or the UN, makes.

For example, some (but not all) of the land used for current settlements was purchased by the Jewish National Fund more than 100 years ago, and lost in the War of Independence. All the Jewish residents were driven out. Will the UN stand up for Israel on this issue?

Finally, the settlements are not the major obstacle to peace. Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups want all of Israel destroyed. Until that changes, there will be no peace.

The current situation has shown that the UN, and every country on the Security Council, believes that commitments to Israel don’t have to be honored. So why should Israel believe any promises that they make in the future?

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  • Dana Leigh

    The UN does have the identifiers and facts with Israel. I am sure this reputable global organization has identified the injustices and crimes in humanity that are ongoing. I also believe the UN has many, many issues world wide that includes the same terrorism, violence, and discriminatory injustices. The UN is, I predict, very aware of the legitimacy of Israel’s claims. However, prioritizing global issues is a must to save lives and to create peace among populations. There is incidences that are occurring that may create morbidity and/or mortality in vast amounts. There is heightened risk factors that may create wide spread violence among the vulnerable populations, the underserved, and the mass amounts that could occur with even potential genocide. Taken each case and issue into consideration with validation of facts, I am sure that the trust and promises the UN provides is not altered. Time is of the essence in most (if not all) cases, but prioritizing those cases with the biggest risk factors and potential loss of lives (even in the masses) is imminent. Other issues include Syria and the ongoing atrocity in terror with loss of life, the fleeing of millions of displaced populations with increased mortality during their journeys, and the crime rate with violence with sex trafficking and the rape of females in regions that have no adequate resources or assistance to create a safer environment.

    The UN does care for the framework it is built on is about humanity and their humanitarian principles. In no way do they neglect, ignore, or pass the buck of important issues among humanity while breaking promises. What may appear as such is not usually the case.

  • Dana Leigh

    Excellent example of the three keys to promoting change. Identification of issue(s), promoting awareness of those issues, creating understanding globally of those issues, and implementing the changes to create win win outcomes in solidarity. Dont forget evaluation if the objectives were met or not.

  • Sam Adams

    I have always sided with Israel on these matters but recently discovered through documented admissions made by Menahem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and Moshe Dayan that the 1967 war was not in fact started by the Arabs as you state above. Rabin said, “I do not think Nasser wanted war. The two divisions he sent to The Sinai would not have been sufficient to launch an offensive war. He knew it and we knew it…” – quoted in Le Monde, 2/28/68. As a Christian pastor I am trying to take Israel’s side here and it would be most helpful if you would provide some proof of your above statement that “some (but not all) of the land used for current settlements was purchased by the Jewish National Fund more than 100 years ago, and lost in the War of Independence. All the Jewish residents were driven out…”

  • Miriam Lisser

    Would love getting a copy of this and letting it go viral!!!! Education is the key!!

  • Miriam Lisser

    YOU ARE SO CORRECT!! As an American I have seen how Hamas attempted to win a war by the media. Eventually the world saw the truth!!!
    The facts must be publicized on all campuses, major news outlets, etc
    Israel needs to kick out ALL ARABS not abiding by their laws.
    Books published for Arabs in schools should be sensored for accuracy.
    While in Israel you do as they say…. not distort or change history as these migrant Jordanians have done!!