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January 9, 2017 5:44 pm

Ex-Top Israeli Diplomatic Official: Paris Conference Could Lead to UN Security Council Action Against Jewish State Next Week

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Former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold. Photo: Screenshot.

Former Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold. Photo: Screenshot.

The international diplomatic conference set to be held in the French capital this coming Sunday could lead to further anti-Israel action at the UN Security Council next week, according to a former top Israeli official.

In a video published on Sunday, ex-Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General Dore Gold — the current president of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs — cautioned, “On Jan. 17, again the UN will reconvene and it will probably discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and if there is a conclusion to this meeting in Paris [on Jan. 15], that conclusion may find its way to New York.”

“This is objectionable to Israel,” Gold — who served as the Jewish state’s UN envoy in the late 1990s — went on to say. “What Israel learned through many years of negotiations and diplomacy, from the days of [the late former Foreign Minister] Abba Eban to the period of [Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu, was that the only way we resolve our differences with our neighbors is by sitting face-to-face at the peace table.”

Last week, Netanyahu said, “ The Paris conference is a futile conference, but there are signs that they will try to take decisions reached there and have them become another decision at the UN Security Council. We are entering a big diplomatic effort in order to succeed in avoiding this.”

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In an interview with The Algemeiner two weeks ago, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Executive Vice Chairman and CEO Malcolm Hoenlein said it was possible the Obama administration could — following the recent passage of the anti-Israeli settlement Security Council resolution — take a “further damaging step” against Israel before US President-elect Donald Trump takes office on Jan. 20.

“We need to prepare for every option,” Hoenlein said.

Expressing concern about the planned Paris conference, Hoenlein noted it “could produce a document that could then be brought to the Security Council for an immediate vote.”

Watch the Dore Gold video below:

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  • duncanmc

    Israeli leaders have tried this for years. There is NO partner for peace. When an enemy continually calls for your destruction, teaches its children that Jews aren’t human and never stops coming for your life, how else can you respond? I pray that if Obama’s parting shot is a de-facto recognition of a Palestinian state within ANY borders, that Israel’s leaders will immediately annex all of Judea and Samaria. Sooner or later, the world are coming for the Jews again. The nations will not succeed but a heavy price will be paid by Israelis. Waiting and pleading will do no good. I pray for the people of Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem!

    • oceanstater

      I agree there is no Palestinian partner for peace. My point is, why not let them take the blame for the lack of progress, but Israel’s disastrous diplomacy makes them seem to be the obstructionist to most of the world, needlessly eroding their standing even with decent people.

  • Phil Lesh Fan

    As long as Israel participates in the UN, it is enabling a group which seeks Israel’s demise.

  • Paul Lesle

    In one of Doctor Phyllis Chesler’s articles – – he suggested that Israel cease security cooperation with states with governments who active endanger Israel’s security by their behaviour in diplomatic fora like the UN.

    Israel should immediately suspend the sharing of intelligence and other useful information with France and make its resumption conditional upon either the cancellation or the “de-fanging” of the Paris anti-peace conference.

  • Avi

    Gold says:
    “that the only way we resolve our differences with our neighbors is by sitting face-to-face at the peace table.”
    With Palestinians this is not happening and there are no signs it is going to happen.
    When something is not happening the world doesn’t stop, it is just that something else happens. The UN activity is part of that something else. Wouldn’t it be better for Israel to be proactive than wait for developments that are getting worse?
    Talking to the Trump team about what to do could be a good start.

  • duncanmc

    If the final act of the Obama presidency is to recognize a Palestinian state, I pray that Israel annexes the west bank immediately and states very clearly that they will go to war to defend themselves against anyone who tries to remove them. The time for half-measures is over.

  • robert Davis

    FRNCE DELENDA EST. This ridiculous and useless conference will surely end up n another anti Israel resolution cooked up by sootface ebolabama and on the diplomatic level nothing can be done against it. Now we have to wait for the civilisation clash, un destruction and ww3 to change the present situation changing the world in favour of islam and ww3 which will wipe out islam.

  • mikey248

    It can…and it will.

    There is a singular objective of Obama and of the French…anti-Israelism.

  • Michael Dar

    That is what happen when Israel, as a lame, sitting duck let events and things develop instead of being pro-active..attack instead of defense! Israel has so many historic, moral and legal arguments which have never been exploited and been put on the table.

    • duncanmc

      Respectfully, Israel cannot make logical, rational,and honest arguments to plead their just case against the Palestinians because the world WILL NOT LISTEN. Considering the potential global chaos that a hot war between Israel, Hizballah, and Hamas, could precipitate, it boggles the mind that the E.U. politicians (and Obama/Kerry) are willing to light the match just to secure their own power at home. Frankly, I also think the Left in Israel and American Jews who support the Dem party, are insane.

  • Al Talena

    WOnder if the libs & loony leftys are still happy with the democraps

  • The U.N. a useless organization
    In a Democratic legal system if you have decision that you think is erroneous or unjust you can appeal that decision and many times it is reversed.
    U.N. opinions and or resolutions are biased, unjust, arbitrary and capricious (the same apply to the ICJ – International Court of Justice).
    The U.N. has issued numerous opinions and resolutions that are biased, unsubstantiated and contrary to historical and factual evidence. This U.N. collusion with corrupt and biased countries and the issuance of egregious opinions and resolution has eroded the credibility of the U.N. beyond repair.
    This has raised the ire and an outcry by many nations, politicians and institutions to de-fund the U.N. and dismantle it.
    It is well known that the U.N. and the ICJ can only offer and issue a non-binding advisory recommended opinions and resolutions which carry no legal affect. They can only issue a non-binding recommendation and resolution and if it is accepted by all parties, then their recommended opinion and resolution is applicable. Otherwise it has no meaning, validity, and no legal standing.
    Therefore, my suggestion is stop panicking and aggrandizing these biased criminal organizations. Their recommended opinion has no meaningful value.
    By reacting to and citing the recommendations of this criminal organization as having any validity, you are misleading the public that the recommended opinions by these criminal organizations might have some validity.
    It is time to expose the fraud and deception by these unethical, corrupt and unjust organizations and dismantle them completely.
    It will also save a substantial amount of money and resources that could be put to a better use.
    YJ Draiman
    P.S. The League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations, since the league did not accomplish its purpose. The U.N. has not accomplished its purpose for what it was created to perform ethically and honestly.
    In today’s society the Nations of the world can function without an organization such as the U.N.
    If the Nations of the world desire to establish a new International Peace organization, it must put some very specific Charter, with a caveat, that if it is not performing unbiased, ethically, honestly and justly, with respect to each member country, it will be dismantled.
    A citizens committee might be set to monitor its functions to perform ethically, justly and unbiased, un-falsified, verified and substantiated factual unbiased opinions.
    YJ Draiman

  • The biggest concern is the UN Security Council recommends the General Assembly vote on the establishment of an independent PLO state. With the current UN Security Council membership, a pro-PLO statehood resolution is possible. Since the U.S. abstained on the 2334 resolution, the PLO is pushing hard for UN General Assembly membership. Finally, there will be no resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict until the PLO recognizes Israel as the Jewish State.

  • schwarzerschwan

    I thought this had been postponed from any resolution. What changed?