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January 12, 2017 5:38 pm

Famed French Philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy: Anti-Zionism Is the New Dressing for the Old Passion of Antisemitism

avatar by Barney Breen-Portnoy

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Bernard-Henri Lévy at the 92nd Street Y. Photo: Screenshot.

Bernard-Henri Lévy at the 92nd Street Y. Photo: Screenshot.

“Anti-Zionism is the new dressing for the old passion of antisemitism,” famed French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy told a New York City gathering on Wednesday.

In a conversation at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan moderated by Charlie Rose, Lévy — author of the new book The Genius of Judaism — said, “If you are anti-Zionist, that means you wish for a huge disaster for the Jewish people.”

Lévy — an advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — criticized the anti-settlement resolution recently approved by the United Nations Security Council, saying it happened at the wrong “place and moment” and stood in stark contrast to the Security Council’s inaction in Syria.

There is a “shameful balance” against Israel at the UN, Lévy said.

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In an op-ed published by The Algemeiner last week, Lévy wrote he was “deeply shocked by the circumstances” surrounding the passage of the resolution, which was enabled by a US abstention from the vote on it.

The existence of the Jewish state, Lévy noted on Wednesday, “is absolutely crucial.”

“I am unconditionally partisan to Israel,” he said.

Israel’s story, Lévy went on to say, is “one of greatest human and political adventures of modern times.”

The religion of Islam, Lévy stated, is “certainly the biggest question of the day, the most burning issue that we have to face… And what we have to face is the war inside Islam, between two Islams — between enlightened Islam and radical Islam. The war is far from being won by the moderate, democratic [side].”

Watch the full discussion between Lévy and Rose below:

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  • Matt McLaughlin

    To damn Zionism is to damn all Jews?》when half the world’s Jews dont have anything to do with the atheist scoundrel Israel? Seems like quite a flaming presumption.

  • gastorgrab

    ‘Social Justice’ is just a repackaging of the ‘Separate But Equal’ policy of the early 20th century. It’s the same thing.

    The policies on the left never change. Only their sales-pitch changes. They keep wrapping up the same old garbage in a shiny new box, and telling the public that it’s “New And Improved!”

    I cant wait to see how the left is going to re-rationalize the Eugenics movement.

  • Duncan McGibbon

    Bernard-Henri, tell the British Labour party that Anti-Zionism is antisemitism.They seem incapable of understanding a simple truth.

  • Anti-Zionism is unadulterated Jew-hatred. There’s a shameful “imbalance” against Israel at the UN, which must be “rebalanced” by the incoming Trump administration. The two-state solution was accepted by the Jewish people in 1947, and rejected by the Arabs. Without Arab recognition of the Jewish State of Israel, the Arab-Israel conflict will continue. And Israel really desires peaceful coexistence with Arabs.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    If he is so enthusiastic about Judaism that he writes a book titled “The Genius of Judaism,” how does he feel about the lack of Jewish values in Israel — the corruption, materialism, dishonesty, and so forth? Perhaps the worst is that most Israelis, regardless of background and orientation, seem to accept that their politicians are two-faced, and they vote mainly on the basis of personal ideology and personal gain. Netanyahu can say before the election that he will never sign a peace agreement with the PA, then backtracks afterward, and everyone, religious or less so, still clamors to be in a coalition with him. Once upon a time, Jewish communities were truly Jewish, even those that included non-Jewish residents. Judaism may embody genius, but what is it worth if few consider it a way of life for themselves?

    • Nitgu

      How comes you even thing that this is a relevant argument for the Anti-sionism vs Anti-semitism” issue…?

  • wildjew

    “Lévy — an advocate of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — criticized the anti-settlement resolution…”

    I wrote this morning, anyone who supports the 2 state solution is either a simpleton or an anti-Semite.