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January 22, 2017 12:30 pm

Report: Jews in North West London Pelted With Eggs; Have Swastika-Decorated Brick Hurled Through Window During Shabbat

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The window of a Jewish home broken by a swastika-decorated brick. Photo: @ShomrimLondon.

The window of a Jewish home broken by a swastika-decorated brick. Photo: @ShomrimLondon.

Jews in North West London suffered a spate of attacks over the Sabbath, the UK-based organization the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA) reported on Sunday.

According to the Jewish neighborhood patrol group Shomrim, the first incident occurred at approximately 10:30 pm on Friday night. Recognizably Jewish families walking home from dinners at friends’ houses were pelted with eggs from a moving car on Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware.

The second took place at dawn on Saturday in the same neighborhood. A brick with swastikas and antisemitic slurs drawn on it was hurled through the window of a Jewish family’s home.

The third, involving swastika graffiti on a residential building on Watford Way, Mill Hill, was discovered a while later.

Shomrom London is calling on witnesses to come forward, while the Metropolitan Police Service investigates.

CAA chairman Gideon Falter told The Algemeiner at the end of August that because British Jews are “being denied justice” by the country’s main criminal prosecution agency for failing to properly address hate crimes against them, “The resulting atmosphere of impunity is enabling antisemitism in our country to grow and become increasingly violent.”

Falter said that the CAA’s National Antisemitic Crime Audit revealed that hate crimes against British Jews surged to a new peak in 2015.

This year’s annual report on worldwide antisemitism — presented by to the Israeli cabinet on Sunday by Diaspora Affairs and Education Minister Naftali Bennett ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming Friday — revealed an increase in hate crimes against Jews in 2016. Britain was among the countries that experienced a rise in antisemitic incidents, including a 62% rise in the number of violent attacks in London alone.

Although the report found that the majority of the incidents in the UK were perpetrated by members of the far-right, the left-wing Labour Party was also examined for its contribution to the overall antisemitic atmosphere.

In October, British Prime Minister Theresa May declared that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn must “think very carefully” about antisemitism within his party. May made the statement during a Prime Minister’s Questions session, just days after the publication of a House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report that found Labour had shown “demonstrable incompetence” in dealing with antisemitism within its ranks.

In response to a question posed by Conservative MP Oliver Dowden, May said: “I absolutely agree with my honorable friend that this house should send a very clear message that we will not tolerate antisemitism. I have been concerned about the rise in the number of incidents of antisemitism in this country.”

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  • harriet

    the British absorb Jew hatred with their mothers milk,


    protecting the Jewish population in Britain will annoy the muslim-arabs and so called ‘asians’ who have been and are in bed with the British ‘elite’ for centuries.

  • robert Davis

    The far right nazis and arabs are the new evil axis, that of the 1930s of Hitler and the “palestinian” haj amin Husseini. Israel should expel all of these fake “palestinians” to show its enemies it does not fear the antisemite rats. Provocation works with rats.

  • Victoria poupko

    I am not sure about far-right in UK, but American far-right have nothing with anti-Semitism. The last week, 32 calls to JCC (Jewish Community Center) were announced in several cities in America with threats to bomb. Democratic press immediately accused far-right (Alt-right) and of course Trump influence and inspiring, naming him fascist. But I am absolutely sure that its work of far-left, who are full of hatred, and hatred, in my opinion, is the first component of fascism. On Sat. so called The Pussy March gathered more than 2 million pussy. The Democrats are preparing to a next “operation”. It must be bloody and anti-Jewish, because Trump supports Jews and Israel. I call on ALL Jews in America to suppot Trump and not participate in “democratic” actions.

    • Isahiah62

      so called feminists marched with CAIR and other radical Muslims, Muslims who advocate sharia law, and whose values are the opposite of womens’ rights & gay rights. One organizer of this Pallywood production was a Linda Sarsour & all the orgs included are funded by Soros.
      100% astro-turfed , these women have been sold a lie about “solidarity” as if their values intersect.

  • SteveC1

    Jews of the UK – particularly in England – at SOME point will have to decide whether or not they wish to FORCEFULLY respond to such antisemitic acts, as opposed to what they often tend to do now (which is to often proclaim how “safe” and “at home” they “feel” there – which *nobody* elsewhere “buys”). STOP being afraid, and STAND UP for yourselves by FIGHTING BACK – if not physically then legally, diplomatically, and verbally through MASS news media and relevant national and international human rights organizations, etc. There are NO alternatives to such responses beyond passive acceptance of “victimhood.”

  • Sonia

    The speed of the rise in anti-semitic attacks is frightening, indeed.

    Remember to take part in the 6 million pictures to be taken and posted on social media for Holocaust Day 27th Jan, with placards saying “We Remember”

  • Israel Hamakabi

    This is what happens when the right of self-defense is stripped away from citizens. Metropolitan Police Service investigates long after the crime is committed and nothing is done.