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February 5, 2017 12:19 pm

New Yorkers Band Together to Erase Swastikas on Subway, Confront Passenger With Hitler Pamphlet Calling Commuter ‘Dirty Jew’

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New Yorkers wiping swastika graffiti off subway ads. Photo: Facebook.

New Yorkers wiping swastika graffiti off a subway map. Photo: Facebook.

Subway riders in New York City banded together on Saturday night to remove dozens of swastikas — and slogans such as “Jews belong in the oven” — that were scrawled on maps and ads across a train car, according to one passenger, who witnessed and participated in the clean-up.

Gregory Locke described the event on Facebook and his post garnered 300,000 likes and more than 200,000 shares in less than 24 hours.

He wrote:

I got on the subway in Manhattan tonight and found a Swastika on every advertisement and every window. The train was silent as everyone stared at each other, uncomfortable and unsure what to do.

One guy got up and said, “Hand sanitizer gets rid of Sharpie. We need alcohol.” He found some tissues and got to work.

I’ve never seen so many people simultaneously reach into their bags and pockets looking for tissues and Purel. Within about two minutes, all the Nazi symbolism was gone.

Nazi symbolism. On a public train. In New York City. In 2017.

“I guess this is Trump’s America,” said one passenger. No sir, it’s not. Not tonight and not ever. Not as long as stubborn New Yorkers have anything to say about it.

This was the second time in under a week that public transportation users in Manhattan stood up against Nazi vitriol.

On Monday evening, a woman who was attacked by a stranger screaming at her in German and giving her the “Heil Hitler” salute was aided by fellow passengers who came to her defense, the New York Daily News reported.

“At least New York hasn’t lost all of its charm,” the anonymous 25-year-old told the Daily News, recounting that after she finished work, she boarded a C train at Chambers Street and the assailant got on at 23rd St, carrying a pamphlet with a swastika and photo of Adolf Hitler.

The woman said she was holding on to a pole and listening to music with headphones when the man approached and called her a “dirty Jew.” She said she thought he must have targeted her for the “I’m on team Hillary” sticker on her notebook, a remnant of the November election in which Clinton, the Democratic candidate, was defeated by President Donald Trump.

In addition to yelling, he “shoved me,” recounted the woman, who said that though she was not raised as a Jew, she follows its traditions for her Jewish husband.

At this point, she said, “There were two men who kinda stepped in” and told the harasser, “Take a walk, take a walk.”

According to the report, the suspect ran off and the woman — who works for a state assemblyman — reported the incident to the NYPD, but stopped cooperating as of Friday night.

“I’m not interested in being a crusader,” she said.

As The Algemeiner reported in November, a campus watchdog group said that it is not clear whether the spike in antisemitic incidents in the US since the presidential election was emanating from the Right or the Left.

“They may be coming from neo-Nazis, who view comparing …Trump to the Adolf Hitler as the highest praise, or from those who are so anti-Trump that they equate him with the Nazi leader,” said AMCHA Initiative co-founder Tammi Rossman-Benjamin.

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