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March 13, 2017 3:56 pm

Revealed: Head of Catholic St Thomas University’s Student Government Tweeted That Jews Will ‘Get What’s Coming’ to Them

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Mayzer Muhammad. Photo: Facebook.

Mayzer Muhammad. Photo: Facebook.

The president of a Minnesota school’s undergraduate student government (USG) once tweeted, “yahood [Jews] will get what coming for them [sic],” a covert campus watchdog group revealed.

Mayzer Muhammad of St. Paul’s University of St. Thomas has a history of antisemitic rhetoric on social media stretching back to 2014, Canary Mission found, including calling supporters of Israel “the scum of the earth,” referring to Israel as a “racist apartheid state” and claiming the country is “murdering innocent people every day.”

Muhammad was previously the president of the campus chapter of the Muslim Student Association.

Muhammad’s last public comments about Israel, identified by The Algemeiner, date back to the month before he won his uncontested bid for USG in April 2016. At the time, he reposted a video from AJ+ — an online media channel run by the Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network — in which a voice alleged to be that of an “Israeli border officer” is heard yelling in Arabic, “We are the occupation army” and threatening to kill “the children, the youth, the old people.” Muhammad said the video depicted “[t]he reality of what goes on in Palestine.”

“People and their families getting threatened by getting gassed to death to leave their homes,” he added. “The US needs to stop supporting a country that allows this to happen with no real repercussions to the offenders.”

Neither Muhammad nor representatives at St. Thomas immediately responded to The Algemeiner‘s request for comment.

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  • Joseph Feld

    Jews come in all colours. Look around Israel at Jews from Yemen, Aden, Ethiopia, India and many other diverse lands. Judaism predates the mainly 19th Century German and Darwinian concepts of race and evolution of superior and inferior races. Israel is a parliamentary democracy with world class medicine, science and technology, unlike many 3rd world countries where international aid goes into the pockets of a corrupt ruling class.

  • Chanah Shapira-Stillman

    Write and complain! Suggested text to their news dept:

    it seems that this Muslim fellow is channeling the Catholic Church a la
    Inquisition. Given that ISIS has demonstrated that burning the infidel
    is possible in the modern age, it seems that your institution is
    tolerating regressive behavior.

    So much for Vatican II
    and other humanistic advances, unless you have this fellow step down and
    apologize. Some education–your job after all–wouldn’t be amiss

  • Chanah Shapira-Stillman

    We all want to vent, but better to email the appropriate parties. http://www.stthomas.edu/ or
    email: news@stthomas.edu
    on Twitter https://twitter.com/UofStThomasMN
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UofStThomasMN/
    Ironically their motto is: “From Awareness to Engagement All for the Common Good”

  • Abu Nudnik
  • rulierose

    dude…everything Canary Mission posts has been confirmed. they use only the tweets, FB posts, and other words of the Jew-haters themselves.

    but you sound like you don’t want to believe it, in which case we can’t do anything for you.

    • stannadel

      I missed the link, my mistake

  • BD

    Did you even read the article? There is a link the canary mission with screen shots of everything.

    • stannadel

      I missed the link, my mistake. but the link to the twitter statement her goes noplace now, the original was probably removed, and I don’t see any screen shot for this quote–which is not to deny that it was there in the 1st place.


    Islam and college don’t go together
    unless to poison the minds of the ignorant

    • Joe Schmoe

      Outside of memorizing stupid versus in their various hate books, Muslims HATE knowledge

  • Howard Schaerf

    how was this ignorant jihad wannabe elected pres. of the student govt.?

    • Rene Wallage

      According to the text, he stood “uncontested”…

  • Thought is Free

    What rubbish this guy spouts. The reality of the Palestinians is they teach hate, do incitement and go out and commit murder on a daily basis with the intifadas they boast about, yet accuse Israel when they are the criminals. They are liars, thugs and filled with hate, simply because they cannot tolerate a Jewish state on even one inch of land in the middle east.