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March 19, 2017 12:52 pm

Gallup Poll: 31% Approval Rating for Trump Among American Jews, 11 Percent Below National Average

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President Trump during his first Cabinet meeting. Photo: Twitter.

Thirty-one percent of American Jews approve of US President Donald Trump’s performance in office so far — 11 percentage points below his overall average of 42% — according to a Gallup poll released on Friday.

Calling this a “below-average rating,” the authors of the survey said that it was to be expected, as Americans tend to rate their president along party lines, and 64% of Jews in the US “identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party,” while 29% have Republican sympathies.

According to Gallup, Trump’s overall approval rating among Republicans is at 84%, as compared with 10% of Democrats.

The authors of the survey also stated that in the last year of his administration, President Barack Obama’s approval rating among Jews was 65% — 13 points above the national average of 52%.

They concluded that in the two months since Trump’s inauguration, both Jewish Democrats’ and Jewish Republicans’ ratings of him reflect those of their non-Jewish counterparts in both parties.

As The Algemeiner reported on Election Day in November, a New York Times exit poll indicated that 71% of American Jews voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, while only 24% backed Trump.

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  • Pinchas Baram

    pathetic american jews. no self respect, no awareness of their own self interest. no survival skills. their leaders? red diaper babies from Brooklyn and reform tikunista rabbis from suburbia. mix in a lot of loud female yentas and feminized men and you get a goulash called american jewry. feh…

    thank God there are many Jews who do Not fit that description, so there’s hope yet…

  • beninabox

    Not surprising. IMO he’s a walking lashon hara machine. I and many Jews have found no reason to put our trust in this prince.

  • Yale David Rodman

    Despite all the “fake news” from the left about Trump the anti-Semite, he has already shown himself to be a friend and fan to the Jewish people, and an avid supporter of the Jewish State of Israel. It is the liberal American Jewish community that has supported Barack Obama, a proven nemesis, and backed Hilary Clinton, who, like Obama, makes politically expedient statements of support, but is not a true friend and supporter.

    Sadly and unfortunately, the liberal elements of Jewish America have no strong affiliation to their faith, or to the State of Israel. They have limited or no learning of Judaism, it’s value system, and the connection between God, the Jewish people and the the Land of Israel. With no real understanding of Yiddishkeit, they often substitute liberalism and a false sense of justice and support for the “oppressed” for the void in their true understanding of the deep and complex faith of their fathers. Even some more educated and traditionally oriented Jews are enticed by the social acceptability and the allure of liberalism—it’s globalism, multi-culturallsm, its anti-racism. It peddles ideas of “fairness”, “inclusiveness” “diversity” and “wealth redistribution”. These are often empty and deceptive terms used today by the far left, just as Marxist-Leninists used them to encourage change and revolution in 1917 Russia.

    Liberalism and its empty, hypocritical, and manipulative use of language has duped many in the Jewish community. 70% of American Jews voted for Barack Obama in 2008. In 2012, less, but close to 60% voted for him a second time. Obama lied about his “unending” support for Israel. He compromised the entire Middle-Eastern foreign policy of America to befriend and fund the terrorist mullahs ruling Iran. This while they screamed “death to Israel, death to America”. He betrayed Israel and Jews by declaring the Western Wall of Jerusalem “occupied” territory at the UN Security Council resolution days before he left office. He gave the Palestinians 121 million dollars to fund tunnels and bombs one day before he left office.
    Hillary’s number one expert on Middle-East policy is Sydney Blumenthal. His son Max is a leader of the anti-Israel movement worldwide and a rabid anti-semite.

    With these things in mind, how do Jewish Americans support Hillary or Bernie (a Jew, but a hater nonetheless)? What permits them to betray themselves? Are they not capos, as David Freidman says, leading their own to the cargo trains going to the death camps?
    Yale Rodman

  • garry pollack

    HaShem is King!!!

  • garry pollack

    Nobody comments & probably Nobody even read ure Shmatta!

  • garry pollack

    Jews who don’t support Moshiach Trump & Israel!…don’t have the brains of one of my Bubi’s…Shmattas!!!!

  • Apparently the right wing leaders of Israel and some Jewish groups and the rank and file Jews are not on the same page.> Trump is not our savior, he is a gawd awful combination of stupid and fruitcake

  • Leslie Benjamini

    This makes no sense. Any Jew that’s unhappy with Nikki Haley & her performance in the UN is unbalanced. Trump is at least Pro-Israel.

  • SAWolf

    So 64% of Us support those that hate Us? Shameful and disgusting.

  • watsa46

    31% appears high!

  • enufizenuf

    That just goes to show you, Jews can be very intelligent in their professional careers but dumb as mules about politics. They just experienced the most hostile to Israel Democrat president ever, barely avoided an even more hostile psychopath in that office, a black muslim is deputy chair of the DNC, 67% of Democrats are anti-Israel and pro-Palestinkian, and the Jews are anti-Trump because the NYTs and MSNBC told them to be. American Jews have now proven themselves worthless and unable to think. I still respect most of my Israeli brethren, but I am now pretty much embarrassed and ashamed to be an American Jew.

  • Bob

    Any Jew that votes democrat hates his or hers own. Democrats have done nothing for Israel in 50 years. The democrats have been supporting the palistinian cause.

  • Larinthian

    Everyday, when I check my Emails, there is another biased, anti Trump story. These reports are insignificant to me because I know they lack journalistic integrity and are nothing more than main stream media’s left wing bias. But, to others who are unable to recognize the illegitimacy of these articles, it has tarnished Trump’s reputation. But, the Jewish American community is peculiar to say the least. We just endured eight years of the most anti Israel president and yet Obama enjoyed overwhelming support in both the 2008 and 2012 elections and throughout his tenure in office. Now we have a president who will be a vast improvement in supporting Israel and the Jewish American community and his approval rating is dismal. In fact, I have even heard that in some synagogues, services were held to commiserate Trump’s victory. This is very disturbing to me and I don’t have a definitive answer as to why this behavior is taking place. The only conceivable reason I can conjure is that these people have traded in Judaism as their religion and replaced it with leftism. The Democrats treatment of Trump is vial and disgusting , how anyone could possibly support their vigilantly, juvenile behavior is beyond me. I suppose these people would rather have someone who leaked highly classified information on her personal computer, who lied about the Benghazi attack saying it was the result of a video tape with anti Muslim material, who received millions of dollars from speaking engagements to some of the worlds most brutal dictators while she was secretary of state, who insulted people’s intelligence by saying Bill Clinton’s discussion with attorney general Loretta Lynch in the back of her airplane was about grandchildren, and who would continue Obama’s anti Israel policies would be a better choice for president. I can tell you it will be a long time before this Jewish American will ever vote for another Democrat again.

  • sabbahillel

    The poll should distinguish between the groups within Judaism. I think that you will find significant differences between the religious and anti-religious elements of the Jews. The anti-Jewish groups such as JStreet would tend be be against Donald Trump.

  • garry pollack

    Now we can understand why Hashem let the generation that left Egypt to die in the Wilderness…

  • mr215

    most Jews are smart. some Jews just don’t get it. a smaller per cent than national average. eventually more people will disapprove of Trump when he has to face a crisis or when his policies fail to produce great results. just like his private business have done of late. America deserves better but they got a President they deserve. democracy ain’t perfect!

  • Da_Coach_K

    Trump is trying to keep out Muslims who would slit the throat of any Jew, yet many Jews are against him doing so. Proof that liberalism is a serious mental disorder.

  • Avinatan52

    seems it matches the number of Jews who marry out. good riddance.