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May 2, 2017 3:48 pm

American UN Mission Blasts Anti-Israel UNESCO Resolution for Denying ‘Historic Connections’ Between Jewish People and Jerusalem

avatar by Ben Cohen

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The Western Wall and Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. Photo: Paul Arps via Wikimedia Commons.

A spokesperson for the American UN mission has roundly condemned the anti-Israel resolution that was passed by the global intergovernmental body’s cultural agency at a meeting in Paris on Tuesday.

“Once again, the United States rejects the adoption of these anti-Israel resolutions at UNESCO,” the spokesperson told The Algemeiner. “Like other parts of the UN system, UNESCO is too often used as a vehicle by member states inclined to deride and delegitimize the State of Israel. Although several of these anti-Israel resolutions are typically adopted biannually at UNESCO, over time they have become increasingly political in nature, and now attempt to deny the historic connections of the Jewish people to the holy sites of Jerusalem.”

The spokesperson continued: “These biased resolutions are counterproductive to the core work of UNESCO, discredit the organization, and do nothing to advance Israeli-Palestinian issues. There is no place for them in an organization that is meant to be impartial. The United States will continue to object to efforts to politicize the organization and its important function on world heritage issues.”

“Such politicized efforts distract from the important work of UNESCO on initiatives like Holocaust education, countering violent extremism and protection of journalists. We are disappointed these kind of resolutions continue to receive attention in UNESCO, and we will continue to advocate for the fair treatment of Israel in all international fora. That said, we are encouraged by the diminishing levels of support for these resolutions, and we are grateful for those member nations who today voted against the resolution,” the spokesperson concluded.

Ten UNESCO member states — the US, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Paraguay, Togo, Ukraine and the UK — voted against the resolution on Tuesday. Twenty-two nations voted “yes,” while 23 abstained and three were absent.

The decreasing number of “yes” votes compared to similar past resolutions was hailed by a the pro-Israel NGO UN Watch as a “moral victory.”


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  • Howard Schaerf

    23 abstentions. time for a ”full court” press.Name the”abstainers” & consider how to turn them into our allies in this hateful assemblage.

  • ginavinci

    Great moral victory.Ha. When does the defunding kick in?

  • It will be a moral victory for Israel, when these ridiculous UNESCO resolutions no longer pass. The Americans must introduce legislation in Congress to cutoff US contributions to the UN, until genuine reforms are in place.

  • Larinthian

    I think it’s great that the Trump administration stands against the long standing anti Israel agenda of the U.N. But, it’s not enough. There is a well know saying, “talk is cheap.” The U.N. isn’t going to change their bigoted stance with words alone, something more has to be done. I know during the presidential campaign, on the Republican side, there was some discussion about cutting financial support for the U.N. I agree with this idea. The U.S. contributes over 20% of the U.N.’s budget and the loss of this revenue would certainly be felt. What always befuddled me is why nothing has been done about this problem. Countless U.S. presidential administrations have come and gone and nothing has been done about it. The anti Israel resolutions and prejudice legislation proposes is just as much a threat to Israel’s well being as terrorism What would even be more powerful would be if other nations who are allies of Israel join a coalition with the U.S. and also cut funding to the U.N. The original idea behind the U.N. a good one, increase dialogue in order to deescalate tensions among nations and overt war. But, when you have countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and others that are being put in authoritative roles, with upstanding, freedom loving, and legitimate countries like Israel that is consistently targeted for extinction, while evil and corrupt countries are lauded, there is a serious problem and just like any other problem, it doesn’t go away by hiding or looking the other way. ,

  • watsa46

    The Islamic world confirms day after day their refusal to make peace with the rest of the world and with Israel in particular.
    Words matter not. Only actions matter.
    ME petro$ greed paralyzes the West into submission!!!