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August 22, 2017 3:49 pm

UK Columnist Compares White Supremacism to ‘Right-Wing’ Zionism

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A screenshot from the Guardian.

Guardian columnist Giles Fraser has compared white supremacism to “right-wing” Zionism.

Fraser, in his August 17 column, faulted Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for his three-day delay in condemning the antisemitism in Charlottesville. Fraser contextualized his claim by citing a recent interview on Israeli TV with Richard Spencer, a Charlottesville hate rally leader. During the interview, Spencer compared his white supremacist ideology to Jewish nationalism.

Fraser comments on it thusly:

Speaking on Israel’s Channel 2 News on Wednesday, the alt-right’s Richard Spencer, one of the leaders of the Charlottesville rally, gave an astonishing example of this “antisemites for Israel” philosophy. “Jews are vastly over-represented in what you would call ‘the establishment’ and white people are being dispossessed from this country,” he said of the US. Yet he continued: “An Israeli citizen, someone who has a sense of nationhood and peoplehood, and the history and experience of the Jewish people, you should respect someone like me who has analogue feelings about whites. You could say I am a white Zionist — in the sense that I care about my people, I want us to have a secure homeland for us and ourselves. Just like you want a secure homeland in Israel.”

Fraser then insinuates that Spencer may have a point:

This is staggering stuff. Richard Spencer is the man who chanted “Heil Trump” during a Washington rally. His followers responded with the Nazi salute. Praise from a man mired in the worst sort of antisemitism should prompt soul-searching on the right of Israel’s political establishment. These are not admirers that they should want.

This is beyond disingenuous.

First, imagine what the reaction of Fraser, who’s an outspoken Jeremy Corbyn supporter, would be if he and others within the British far-left were asked to “search their souls” last year, when former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke (another white supremacist leader who spoke in Charlottesville) praised the Labour Party leader for his “brave” opposition to Zionism.

Moreover, the suggestion that Spencer, who has quoted Nazi propaganda and refused to denounce Adolf Hitler for murdering six million Jews (1:46 of this video), truly “admires” the Jewish state is absurd. Spencer wants the US to be a “racially pure” white European state, and has previously said that he doesn’t consider Jews to be European. So, this “support” for Zionism — if it exists — is likely utilitarian: his goal of an all-white US would be advanced by non-racially pure American Jews fleeing en masse to Israel.

Fraser continues:

More shocking, some concede that Spencer and his like have reason to find common cause with some of Israel’s outer political fringes. As the former PM Ehud Barak said of Charlottesville: “You can’t say you don’t see things here that bear a certain similarity — when you look at the Lehava demonstrations or La Familia activity, or the ranting against journalists covering Netanyahu investigations.”

Lehava is an acronym of the Hebrew for “Prevention of Assimilation in the Holy Land”. It is especially against mixed marriages (like mine) between Israeli Jews and non-Jews. And it also wants to rid Israel of Christianity. La Familia are fans of the Beitar Jerusalem football team. A few months ago I went to see them playing an Israeli Arab team from Galilee, Bnei Sakhnin — though the Sakhnin fans were not allowed into the ground. My remedial Hebrew was not enough to make out what they were singing to the rows of empty seats opposite. “We are going to burn your village down,” was how my friend translated it.

As you can see, Fraser’s “evidence” to support his suggestion of an overlap between “right-wing” Zionism and US-style white supremacism is practically non-existent. It consists of one quote from a former Israeli prime minister (desperate to stay politically relevant), citing some racist football fans and one marginal extremist group that has been condemned by political leaders from across the Israeli political spectrum.

Fraser concludes:

Barak is right, the parallels with Charlottesville are sometimes difficult to avoid. And the problem everywhere with these outer fringes is that they are getting less and less outer. Frightening, isn’t it?

The only conclusion “difficult to avoid” is that Fraser seems to salivate at every opportunity to demonize Israel, even if he has to legitimize the sophistry of a white supremacist to do so.

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  • Camus1

    What happened to “Keep you enemy closer”?

  • ajreader

    what total simple-minded rubbish…I’m surprised the algemeiner can print this ignorant trash

  • robert Davis

    Spencer is wrong, there is no similarity between the white supremacists and Zyonists bcs the latter are patriots not murders such as nazis and Hitler he’s a fan of. If he wants to become a “white Zionist” the first thing he should do is to erase the word “supremacist” and replace it with patriot, stop admiring the genocidal Hitler and all that heil crap.

  • henrytobias

    The Jews have always been to blame for everything, from the plague in Egypt to the Black Death to the tsunami in Japan in 2011 and the eclipse of the sun over America this week.

  • Mr. Fraser’s title, “Why America’s antisemites can hate Jews but still claim to admire Israel” is a non sequitur because Jew haters hate Israel.

  • neversaynever

    Spencer might be the only white supremacist who admires Israel, or who says he admires Israel, or who thought up that creepy falsehood to deflect from his hatred of Jews, Jews in the US or in Israel. Few white supremacists could locate Israel on a map, nor could they tell you the first thing about the country or its demographic make up. What they do know is that they hate Jews, and that’s something they really do have in common with Giles (Goat Boy) Fraser.

  • Graham Coffey

    You can only laugh at this garbage….Socialist/Communist Fraser calling out Netanyahu for not making public comment sooner. There’s the rub……Antifa (Left) and the White Supremacists (Right) were both screeching anti-Semetic lines……Like me, Bibi was probably trying to figure how to tell either side apart.
    What we can easily determine is that Fraser would be one of the lowest life commo’s that the Guardian employs……and avowed hater of Jews, and all things associated with Israel.