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December 12, 2017 2:45 pm

Anti-Israel Students Spread Jew Hatred at McMaster University: ‘Hitler Should Have Took You All’

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A tweet from Nadera Masad, a McMaster University student affiliated with the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights. Photo: Canary Mission.

Anti-Israel students at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada have published multiple social media posts praising Adolf Hitler, demonizing Jews, and glorifying terrorist organizations, The Algemeiner has learned.

Dozens of individuals affiliated with the campus group Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) published incendiary comments on Jews and Israel in recent years — among them the “openly anti-Semitic Mac SPHR students” Rawan Qaddoura, Esra Bengizi and Nadera Masad, the anonymous watchdog group Canary Mission charged in a new report.

According to screenshots obtained by Canary Mission, Qaddoura — a political science and economics major who unsuccessfully ran for the SPHR presidency in 2016 — tweeted in September 2012, “i just don’t like jews lol #sorrynotsorry”

On August 2013, she wrote, “‘@judeZAdude: The whole world is controlled by Zionist Jews and until you understand that, life will never make sense.’”

Qaddoura also repeatedly praised Hitler, tweeting in January 2012, “I honestly wish I was born at the time of the second world war just to see the genius, Hitler, at work.”

She doubled down on these sentiments in June 2013, writing, “everytime I read about Hitler, I fall in love all over again.”

Qaddoura’s invective against Jews and admiration of Hitler — which extended to tweets demonizing Israel and Zionism — echoed that of fellow McMaster student Bengizi, who identified herself in August 2016 as a fourth year “double majoring in English & French.”

On July 2015, Bengizi tweeted a photo of Hitler — captioned with heart emojis — alongside the fake quote, “The only Religion I respect is Islam. The only prophet I admire is the Prophet Muhammad.”

A year earlier, she wrote, “‘@KMKurd: Where is hitler when u need one?’ I literally ask this every day.” On the same Twitter thread, she added, “hitler did more than just kill. He was also a great leader & role model to many. And all governments kill innocent people everyday.”

Bengizi’s admiration of Hitler sometimes accompanied tweets that were explicitly antagonistic towards Jews. “I’m actually going to the rule the world and get rid of anyone who doesn’t have basic common sense or if you’re yahoodi [Jewish] #QueenE,” she tweeted on May 2014. Bengizi praised Hitler as “so intelligent” later on the same thread.

A tweet published by Esra Bengizi in May 2014. Photo: Canary Mission.

These sentiments were shared by SPHR activist Masad, who tweets under the handle “ArabHummus.”

“Hitler was on to something… #SorryNotSorry,” she tweeted in April 2012. A year earlier, Masad wrote, “the reason i kept some jews alive is so i can show you why i killed them in the first place. –Hitler.”

“hitler should have took you all,” she tweeted in November 2011.

Masad has argued that she only hates Zionists, rather than all Jews, claiming in October 2015, “Arabs and Muslims who refer to our enemies as ‘Jews’ rather than ZIONISTS make a bad image for the rest of us. We’re not racist, stop.”

Yet Masad — who in April proclaimed, “Death to America and white people” — has shared dozens of tweets containing explicitly antisemitic rhetoric. As recently as March, she wrote, “‘Gods chosen people’ lmfaoooo oh you mean god chose you to kindle hell fire with.. Tru.”

In May 2012, Masad tweeted, “I suspect my french teacher of being a jew cause I saw her picking up a penny off the floor yesterday.” That August, she prayed, “Yel3an il yahood [Curse the Jews]-amen.”

A tweet published by Nadera Masad in March. Photo: Canary Mission.

“#icanttrustyouif you’re a jew,” she charged on May 2011. A month earlier, she wrote, “#pleaseshutupif you’re an israeli jew. Your opinion does not matter nor count and you belong in a cave.”

She also frequently expressed her desire to violently harm Jews and Zionists.

“@mindohmarmatter looool it’s okay I’ll kill yahood [jews] with it, it’s all good :D,” she tweeted in April 2013.

“#ICantGoOneDayWithout having the urge to punch a zionist in the face,” she wrote on May 2012, days after tweeting, “#IfOnlyICould beat the s**t out of every zionist I see.”

Masad has accordingly praised Palestinian terrorists, sharing a picture of hijacker Leila Khaled — a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — with a machine gun in March 2016. “This is THE Queen of all Queens,” Masad wrote.

The PFLP is a terrorist organization blacklisted by Canada, the United States, Israel, and the European Union, among others. The group has claimed credit for multiple lethal attacks against civilians, including a 2014 massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue in which six Israelis were killed.

Khaled and the PFLP have similarly been idolized by 2017 SPHR president Lina Assi.

Assi, a self-described Marxist-Leninist majoring in labor studies and political science, tweeted a photo in May of PFLP members aiming assault rifles at an effigy of President Donald Trump, with the caption, “PFLP! This is how we Palestinian Marxist-Leninists do, folks!”

That month, Assi also shared a video featuring an excerpt from a speech by Hassan Nasrallah, head of the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah. Later in May, she wrote, “It’s 2am and I’m watching [Hassan] Nasrallah’s speeches, wbu?”

The following day, Assi posted a screenshot from a sermon delivered by a member of the Gaza-based terrorist group Hamas, who claimed that “Palestine is occupied by the most despicable nation on the face of the Earth.”

In December, she emphasized the importance of giving “credit to Hezbollah, Syria, [North Korea] and Iran in providing material support, military training and safe havens for PFLP organizing.”

SPHR is an autonomous chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine — a leading anti-Zionist group that promotes the boycott, divestment  and sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel at North American universities. At McMaster, SPHR organizes “Israeli Apartheid Week” and spearheaded the passage of a BDS resolution by the school’s student union in 2015.

Canary Mission said that the result of its investigation into McMaster SPHR “comes as no shock,” considering it’s “the same sort of anti-Semitic invective we have come to expect from SJP chapters across the United States.”

“We believe the only right thing for McMaster U administration to do,” the group added, “is to condemn, investigate and take action against these students and against SPHR, in order to show that McMaster is in fact a safe environment for Jewish students on campus.”

McMaster SPHR and university spokespersons did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner‘s requests for comments.


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