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February 18, 2018 9:49 pm

Sarah Silverman Faces Twitter Rebuke for Calling on Jews to Defend Palestinian Teen Ahed Tamimi

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Sarah Silverman. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

American comedian Sarah Silverman faced a flurry of criticism from Twitter users over the weekend after she urged fellow Jews to support the release of Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian teenager facing trial in Israel for repeatedly assaulting IDF soldiers.

“Jews have to stand up EVEN when — ESPECIALLY when — the wrongdoing is BY Jews/the Israeli government,” Silverman tweeted on Thursday, along with a link to an Amnesty International campaign protesting Tamimi’s detention by Israel’s security forces.

In response, Frimet and Arnold Roth, parents of 15-year-old terror victim Malki Roth — killed in the infamous Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria bombing in August 2001 — berated Silverman for “exploiting” her fame, and asked, “Sarah, did you stand up for our daughter Malki and the other 15 Jewish lives extinguished by Ahlam Tamimi, Ahed’s cousin and role-model-in-life? Do you stand with Ahed’s call to kill?”

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Silverman tweeted back, “Awful. For every story like this, might there be a Palestinian one? I’m genuinely asking – this is not snark.”

Shahar Azani, a senior executive at pro-Israel group StandWithUS, wrote, “Beware Sarah Silverman whom you champion. Indeed, to the undiscerning eye this villain might seem like a hero, but dig even a little and you will find blood libels of old against the Jewish people, naked anti-Zionism and rampant antisemitism. We should all stand for #Peace not hate.”

International human rights lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky responded to Silverman’s Twitter post, saying, “Dear Sarah Silverman, please stick to comedy and stay out of politics. This girl, #AhedTamimi, whom you profess support for, is a notorious provocateur, who hit Israeli soldiers and wished to be a ‘martyr.’” Zionist activist Chloe Valdary also rebuked the comedian saying, “there’s so much more to this story, this tweet is irresponsible.”

Ostrovsky and activist Ido Daniel urged Silverman to recognize the daily threats faced by Israel due to Palestinian terrorism, and noted that Palestinians in Gaza are “oppressed” by the “genocidal terrorist organization” Hamas, which rules the coastal enclave.

Daniel also advised Silverman to learn more about Tamimi’s background before calling on people to defend the teen. He told Silverman, “That girl you tweeted about a few days ago is part of a well orchestrated propaganda machine, her entire family are literally working in this. Don’t fall for it, please. Always ask, always doubt.”

Tamimi has an extensive history of provoking confrontations with Israeli soldiers and publicly offering support for terrorism. The 17-year-old’s family also includes several convicted murderers, and her parents routinely laud various terror figures. Tamimi’s aunt, Ahlam Tamimi, planned and helped carry out the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing that killed 15 people and injured some 130.

Tamimi has remained in Israeli custody since her arrest on December 19.

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    Silverman is the worse anti Semite, a Jewish anti Semite! At best she is a JINO, J-Jewish,I-In,N-Name, O-Only
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  • weezy haven

    Censorship is evil anti first if you don’t like free speech move to Israel.

  • weezy haven

    Jews freak out when you tell the truth about jews. Sarah Silverman has actually done some truthtelling herself. She once said on a talkshow that “jews should do whatever’s good for the jews” and the panel of other jews shushed her. She was talking about victimizing the goyim. She also said onstage that “People think that jews killed Christ…I’d fkg do it myself!” but she’s just citing the talmud which says that jews did kill Christ, only she’s proud of that.

  • arthur M. alex


  • Yonit Gefen

    Why is this so important. I a mildly curious about who told her to say this but..otherwise

  • Yonit Gefen

    I bet she knows alomist nothing bout the brat

  • Yonit Gefen

    that is like amalek. Making up who they are afterwards. The Erev Rav were nonjews who chose to be. The ones thatnstayed behind in Egypt perhaps

  • Yonit Gefen

    Actors are professional fakers. Why would anybody expect them to have brains

  • psycience

    She has a famous potty mouth, so she must be “smart”. NOT

  • Jeremy Topaz

    What is worse is the schmuck doesn’t know that true Palestinians are and can refer to the Jews who were born, lived and immigrated pre-1948 Israel statehood. Everyone should be calling them Arabs.

  • david benkoff

    Well said. She’s not even a good comedienne.

  • brenrod

    the entire anti semitic tamimi clan should be deported… there should be zero tolerance to allow anti semites residence in Israel

    • Yonit Gefen

      should HAVE been 10 crimes ago

  • brenrod

    Silverman’s and celebreties ignorance is only outweighed by their massive arrogance

  • dante

    don’t expect intelligence, integrity or honesty from silverman. that all stopped with her grandparents.

  • MEP1101

    Why don’t Jews loudly denounce this vile, filthy mouthed JESUS HATER? – – Because they agree with her?

    • dante

      what are you talking about? did you read the article? guess not. a lot of people are disgusted by this person.

  • boldeagle1

    Has Sarah Silverman ever said anything intelligent?

  • Efram Paul

    She gets younger every day. Somehow the 18-year-old antisemite has become 16, now she is 15. And, exactly what has Israel done to this little (18-year-old) budding terrorist? Police let her abuse them, something no other police force on earth would have tolerated. Then, having calmly charged her with what is, unmistakably, assault on a police officer, somehow this (like everything else) turns into what Israel has done to her. She, and her entire family are vermin, and need to be deported from Israel, never to be allowed in again.

    Essentially, what Miss Silverman is saying is, “How dare the body of policemen get in the way of this innocent 5-year-old (why not, she’s getting younger every day)’s kicks and hands? She probably got bruised knuckles!” Yes indeed, let’s charge Israel.

    Silverman, you are like far too many Jewish antisemites and, as with all of them, Jew and Gentile, don’t ever bother including the truth, it just gets in the way of the anti-Israel narrative.

  • Efram Paul

    There is nothing more disgusting, craven, destructive, and hateful than self-hating Jews.

    • LeeSK

      I wish we could come up with a better way to describe “self-hating Jews”. They are actually very fond of themselves, they think of themselves as superior and more enlightened than other people.

      • Shmuel Galor

        What about “antisemitic renegades”?

        • Jeremy Topaz

          I believe the term was Hellenist from the Torah.

          • Yonit Gefen

            It is a good description

  • Brooklyn Ave.

    Heeey Sarah…we like you a lot and we’re liberal Democrats…but we defend Israel!!!…you’re backing the wrong horse in this race…you aren’t defending an innocent arab girl you are backing a family of “provocateurs”!!! What’s wrong with you????

  • Der Flahute

    Sarah S. is quite the comedienne… But nobody’s laughing.

  • Abby Hyman

    Silverman can’t “stick to being funny” because she is NOT funny. Rather, she’s a disgrace to the Jewish people.

  • Kaur Sandeep

    Every entertainer thinks they have political intelligence lacking in the “common folks”!!

  • marbon67

    Another “Hollywood” dissolute.
    Sorry for the redundancy.

  • Edward Brandwein

    Sarah Silverman is a useful sort of divining rod when it comes to many issues in this world. Listen to whatever position she advocates for. The right move can now be quickly determined with pinpoint accuracy. It will always be the diametric opposite of Sarah’s. She sort of performs a public service in this respect

    • Jeffrey Edward Sams