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April 11, 2018 4:52 pm

50 New York University Groups Pledge to Boycott Zionist Student Clubs, All Israeli Goods

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The New York University campus. Photo: Cincin12.

Fifty student groups at New York University pledged on Monday to boycott Zionist clubs on campus and all goods produced by Israelis, in an expression of support for the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) campaign.

The coalition — led by the anti-Zionist group Students for Justice in Palestine — includes the African Student Union, Asian American Women’s Alliance, Black Students Union, College Libertarians, Divest for Climate Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), and Muslim Students Association, among others.

The groups committed to “boycotting Israeli goods and goods manufactured in the Occupied Territories, except for those manufactured by Palestinians” — an effort that would overwhelmingly impact Jews in Israel and territories considered by the international community to be occupied, including eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights.

They nonetheless asserted that BDS — which opposes the presence of a Jewish homeland in the Levant — “does not target the existence and economic activity of Jews in historic Palestine but rather goods and companies complicit in occupation and apartheid.”

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The coalition also agreed not to co-sponsor events with NYU’s pro-Israel clubs, Realize Israel and TorchPAC, and to boycott Zionist groups off-campus, including the Anti-Defamation League, a prominent Jewish civil rights organization. Israeli academic institutions and state-sponsored conferences were similarly blacklisted.

“We call on NYU to divest its holdings from companies and funds that are complicit in the Israeli occupation of Palestine,” the signatories urged. “BDS demands action by Israel to comply with international law.”

Rebecca Stern, president of TorchPAC, said her group was “disheartened” to be targeted “on the basis of differing opinions.”

“We believe in open and honest dialogue, and as such are saddened by the shutting down of differing opinions present in this resolution,” she told The Algemeiner. “Such a policy will only strengthen the divide between people who hold differing opinions on a very complicated issue.”

Stern suggested that the clubs who endorsed SJP’s campaign likely did so because they “ascribe to the notion of intersectionality, which is the interconnectivity of discrimination.” SJP supports Palestinian nationalism, and rejects Zionism, the movement for Jewish national self-determination.

“Our community is strong,” she added. “Every year we co-sponsor a ‘Rave in the Park’ with Realize Israel and other groups on campus. Through this, we will be showing support for our community and showing that we are not alone on this campus.”

Realize Israel likewise said it was “deeply saddened” by the coalition’s position,  and pledged to “never pursue a strategy of isolation towards any student organization at NYU.”

“All people should be entitled to express their beliefs and opinions on the basis of our constitutional rights,” it argued. “Boycotting will not lead to any constructive progress or dialogue between students or peoples.”

In November, the anti-Zionist group JVP urged students not to visit Israel on a trip organized by the school’s Bronfman Center for Jewish Student Life, partly on the basis that it opposes BDS. More than 20 student groups pledged to comply, including NYU College Democrats.

Months earlier, student activists published a 50-page “NYU Disorientation Guide” that equated Zionism with racism and called on NYU to end its study abroad program in Tel Aviv.

SJP did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

This article was updated to reflect comments by Realize Israel.

On April 16, The Algemeiner received the following comment from a spokesperson for NYU:

“The University opposes any kind of boycott or official refusal by some student groups to interact with other student groups because of differing points of view. It is at odds with our traditions and values, especially our core belief in the free exchange of ideas.

Disagreement is a part of life; learning to build discourse in the face of disagreement is an essential part of the educational experience. We would suggest that student groups proposing the boycott to find a pathway forward to engage in constructive dialogue. The University, as always, stands ready to facilitate this.”

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  • WORSEKarma

    I wonder if they’ll continue their dedication to this boycott once they realize it includes their mobile devices, many key components of which were invented in, and are manufactured in, Israel.

  • Jeffrey

    This continued assault on the campuses is so flawed and is truly at its base level solely about the hatred of the Jewish people. If you read this duplicitous document they sign and ascribe to, then you also realize the breadth of the false history and propaganda employed, that Campus administrators, leaders and Educators are guilty of as well if they remain silent. Any Campus “Christian” group that does not raise its voice in opposition and stand in opposition to the BDS Movement…in light of their own sad, bloody history of Anti-Semitism shows that they do not understand the faith they ascribe to or are too morally weak to take a public stand for the Jewish people.

  • Ari M. Eden

    Truly disgusting vile racists. ALL of them, especially the self hating Jews too stupid to realize that by not endorsing a sole Jewish state the size of NJ they are just sanctioning yet another Jihadist hellhole in what is already a sea of Muslim nations. Lands where Jews have been routinely persecuted and treated as Dhimmis, and where virtually all religious minorities have been ethnically cleansed to boot. Where the hell were these people when Christian children were having their heads lopped off in Syria and Iraq for 5 years? Pathetic hypocrites. Selective moral outrage and double standard hypocrisy. With all the human rights atrocities in that region, they choose this nonsense as their cause? Are you kidding me? These fools also have zero understanding of overall history and context. Naturally they don’t say a damn word about the larger number of Jewish refugees dispossessed and displaced from Arab lands (more than any so-called Palestinian refugees, a newfound nationality of the 60s by the Egyptian Arafat, hijacking a name that originally referred to a Jewish population and not another Muslim nation btw), the service of these very same Arabs in Hitler’s SS Units, their denial of the Holocaust, the hate they teach even their youngest, the calls for terror and incitement, the Hamas charter, the obvious historical and continuous presence of Jews in Israel, Jerusalem only being the capital of 1 state in history, etc. It was the Arabs who have walked away from peace time and time again. Modern Israel is a fraction of Biblical Israel and even a fraction of the land originally promised back to Jews under the Balfour Declaration and League of Nations Mandate. Half was lopped off and given to Jordan, with a small part later reclaimed after Arabs started a war vs. Israel. What did the pullout of Gaza bring as a trial offering too? More rockets, intifadas, and terror tunnels. Any Jew who stands with this evil movement is a traitor to their own people and should just convert out of the religion. True embarrassments capitulating and cowering to evil under the guise of a very misplaced political correctness. They need to wake the hell up before it’s too late and the damage they cause is irreversible.

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Using freedom of speech to shut down freedom of speech. How democratic. Maybe these BDS people & all their varied supporters should go live in North Korea. Unbelievable that the NYU College Democrats would lower themselves to not go on a trip to Israel because of these mini tyrants.

  • This is the result of decades of Islamic antisemitic propaganda funded by Saudi petro-dollars and Jewish apathy and ignorance to the aims and targets of these campaigns.
    Do not think that what happened in Europe 80 years ago cannot repeat itself in America.

  • SAWolf

    OK, get rid of ALL your computers and smart phones, hypocrites.

  • Paul

    If their boycott were to succeed, many, many Palestinians will move back into the high percentage of Palestinian unemployed, rather than hold really good jobs working for Israeli West Bank businesses.
    And if they want to boycott all Israeli goods, they should abandon their iphones, flash discs and computers, most of which run on Israeli designed electronic chips.

    They say aim at “boycotting Israeli goods and goods manufactured in the Occupied Territories, except for those manufactured by Palestinians” Almost all the goods from the territories are manufactured by Palestinians workers, who work for Israeli bosses.