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March 5, 2012 4:14 pm

Israel’s Channel 2: U.S. Officials Believe Netanyahu Has Already Decided to Strike Iran

avatar by Zachary Lichaa

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday. Photo: Israel PM Office.

Channel 2 in Israel, sourcing a “senior American official”, says that the decision has already been made by the Israeli government to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“All U.S. intelligence officials are confident the Israeli leadership has already decided to attack Iran, unless a significant change happens in the coming weeks or months with the Iranian nuclear program,” Channel 2 reports.

The report comes just hours ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC in Washington.

AIPAC is the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and is widely considered the most powerful pro-Israel lobby group in the United States.

“A senior official stressed in a conversation with News 2 there is a dispute between Israel and the United States on the question of ‘day after’, which means the price of attacking Iranian nuclear facilities,” Channel 2’s report says.

American officials have warned their Israeli counterparts about a regional war following an attack on Iran, along with the collapse of Israel’s stock market and an arms race in the Middle East, according to the report.

In response to the American official’s statement to Channel 2, “sources close to Netanyahu” said the U.S. is doing what it can to “handcuff” the Israelis and to “frighten the Israeli public”.

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  • Abdullah wa Taabe Rasuleh

    Dear Brothers & Sisters (Muslims, Christians and Jews)

    The true believers in God and the Books know that all the prophets are MUSLIM despite their languages and their books.

    This the TRUTH hidden by many Rabi’s, Priests and Mullas from the people for centuries.

    Today all the people share one common enemy which is CORRUPTION the sources of Terrorism, Hunger, Poverty, Diesease and Unemployment for thousands of years.

    Corruption like CANCER is destroying all nations, Christian, Muslim and Jew.

    Support Truth & Justice always and fight Greed and Corruption in your Families, Friends, Homes and Offices.

    Imam Mahdi in Makka Ramadan 2012, Be There!

    Abdullah wa Taabe Rasuleh

  • Jack


    • Jamal

      Israel is such a small country, if a bunch of Iranians pissed on israel it get flush of from the world map.

      • GodRules

        Except that when Iran tries to piss on Israel God will step in to defend them and defeat all who would attack the Jews, the apple of his eye. Be warned. God promised he will level Syria/Damascus and leave them as a “heap of rubble,” and will do the same to any country who comes against Israel.

        • Joseph


        • Wow you’re really smart, bible boy. Yes the Rapture is when your American and Israeli souls float up to Heaven from the ashes of the nuclear fire. I really wish you a safe journey

        • pete

          Never mind what the bible says. Why should we be warring with Iran. They have not attacked another country in over 200 yrs. Iran has signed the nuclearnon proliferation treaty. Israel has not, If we jump in war against Iran,Russia and will jump in on Irans side. And believe me that will be the start of WW3. I know you bible thumpers think you will all go to heaven dying for Israe, bur are you willing to sacrafice your sons and daughters for Israel. I think not

      • The Iranian regime is pissing on itself already; thinking they can scare anyone with their nukes. We have so many nukes, how stupid can they be and still breathe to think the way they do. Iran is just a subject to being wiped off the map as Israel or the U.S. Wise up!

        • michael

          so what is the problem if as you say israel have so many nuke why shouldnt iran have,israel is just as much dangerouse and threat to arab world that iran is to israel, grow up, stop telling iranian what is right and wrong because they are smart, and stop treating the world like an stupit

  • richard the tiger-heart

    Let us instil some common-sense into some people. Always remember that possession of nuclear-weapons serves TWO purposes—-(a) it deters your ‘enemies’ even if trigger-happy to carry-out aggression against you. Let’s take China as an example. We know China has a very soft underbelly. The Three Gorges Dam. An attack on this dam will cause untold damage. On infrastructure as well as on Chinese lives. Although unlike the world outside, chinese lives are NOT that precious to the CCCP. But the point I’m trying to make is:- If an attack on Three Gorges Dam were to take place, would China not retaliate with NUKES? A few generals (Chinese) and some knowledgeable OVERSEAS CHINESE already hinted YES! Not maybe. So who dares to attack Three Gorges Dam? Alternatively, can we not ask:- If China has NO nuclear weapons (with delivery system of course) WOULDN’T any Tom Dick and Harry be emboldened to attack Three Gorges Dam? And now to (b) Apart from being a deterrent against outside attack, of course having NUKES among it’s arsenal also can encourage that country to attack others—either using conventional weapons or, if really necessary, resort to NUKES. So out of the dilly-dallying for months and years then suddenly PRESTO! Iran has the bomb! What’s the next course of action? Anyone knows?

  • nik

    Most of you guys got it right. Obama is not an Israeli’s friend, his intention is to deffer attack on Iran till next elections and then he’ll show his real Muslim face.
    Bibi has to do whatever whatever he decides, he knows more from intelligence than else. If there is no way to bomb Iran from the air, Israel should not restrain from using missiles. Whatever in it’s capacity in Dimon.How could the whole world dare to watch one small country fighting Iranian evil on it’s own? Israel is doing that for them too.

    • steven

      I spoke with several Iranian fighter pilots on a recent trip to Tehran. Each said they were so dedicated to the Israeli airforce for teaching their ranks, this took place up until late 1970s. They said they deeply respected their mentors and I quote “We woud drop our bombs on our own government bases before striking Israel if the order was given.”

      90 million very reasonable people with a very obnoxious corrupt government.

      I can guarantee Iranian blogs are not writing ridiculous comments about redemption, Godly wrath, and first to the trigger politics. These are a sophisticated people who wrote the first bill of human rights, more than 2500 years ago on a wall in a town called Perspolis.

      Sanctions are starving 85 million people to weed out a few, and People without a voice cant defend themselves as easily as a politician with a microphone.

      Work on building the voice of the silent opposition in Iran, and three years from now you will see a Iran in the form of a significant level headed global contributor.

  • nick cucinella

    Their is no doubt in my mind that the Ezekiel 38: War is ready to happen soon. For insight look at the old testament chapters in Ezekiel 38, 39, and Zechariah 12,13,14, look for the key word ” on that Day”
    Ezekiel 38:19-23 seems to talk about the great earthquake in the world which is the start of tribulation (God Wrath) and the rapture the same day or time period. Shalom !

    • Brian Nerheim

      Well Nick my old friend, to me its wait and see. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

    • GodRules

      Amen brother. Amen.

  • Jesus is truth

    if we do nothing and in a month hear a nuke as been dropped on innocent people then what will you say??? aww too bad shit happens? mabey we should wait and take the first strike, just to make sure they mean it when they say they wish to destroy us.. i dont get people sometimes. words do not reach Iran! so then what to do?

    • Don

      It’s sad that the world turned a blind eye to Hitler and refuses to learn from history. If this threat was directly to the US say from Cuba, we would have obliterated them way before now. But since this is Israel being threatened, they are the sacrificial lambs and only when the mid-east and most of Europe is encased by Iranian mushroom clouds will someone act. Obama is a lying, backstabbing moron. Mr.Netanyahu..Please tell Obama to jump off a pier and you all take care of business without the USA PLEASE!!!

      • Dave Carter

        All obama is doing is trying to get israel to delay the attack for his own political interest, he care nothing about israel or American security.

        i pray israel does not listen to obama and do what is needed now. waiting until january 2013 will be too late for all of us, God help us all if obama is reelected

        • GodRules

          Amen. I pray that anyone but Obama is elected.

          • terry

            something scares me i think we are in for the kill timing is everything

      • lisa

        i agree, obama, osama, sound alot alike, obama barak hussein, i’ll try to refrain from the as one would say details, he let them in this land, i saw what allah did to a woman, or their practice of wanting 40 virgins, use a woman, or a child, male or female to them doesnt matter, Obaaaaaa,maaaa goat, kind of like sadam hussein

      • Becky

        G-d will protect Israel no matter who attacks them. He has promised to deliver them in a supernatural way and I believe He will. He has repeatedly said Israel is NOT to give up His land for peace or any reason and the Jews are most certainly not to depend on any country or power other than His for security.

    • Gavriel

      Israel will NOT ATTACK Iran. Iran will have Russia weaken the US by simultaneously destroying 7 or 8 cities, sometime between now and the 2012 Election.

      There will be a lull as martial law is put in place until around Passover time 2013, when Psalm 83 will be fulfilled, as the “storm/tempest of the LORD” destroys Israels regional neighbors. Ps 83:14, Jer 23:19-20 and Is. 28:2

      It won’t be until some 3 years latter that Ezekiel 38 and 39 are fulfilled as the nations to the North and North northeast, including Iran make an attempt to attack Israel.

      They are coming after those who had been miracuously brought into the land from the four corners of the earth on Passover 2013. Ez 38:8-11

      Israel will not be in fear, if they trust the words of the Set Apart One of Israel.

      The above scenario is of my humble opinion only.

    • Bob

      So, attacking and killing innocent people in Iran, is equal to a *verbal potential threat* against Israel ?? “Jesus Is Truth” that sure is a psychotic outlook you’ve got there. Even I know at least ONE of your 10 Commandments says, “Thou Shall Not Kill” … guess that doesn’t mean much to you anymore.

      • Eli Johansen

        “*verbal potential threat*”

        I’m not even going to tear that one apart, oh well, I will!


    • Patriot

      Use Diplomacy for a fake crisis?

      Here are the options and comments.

      1. Have Iran re-instate the USD for oil payments on Kish Island. #3 Oil producer in the World.

      2. Make Israel do their own heavy lifting and not involve USA in another stupid war over bullshit.

      3. Have the USA butt out of their nuke fear business.

      4. Israel has over 300 nuke war heads and a sort of DU munitions, so they have to stop maligning other countries and being devisive with all this save Israel bullshit.

      5.If Iran were building nuke warheads, who cares? Let the IAEA sort it out.

      6. Drop Conventionals into Bushehr 1 and they don’t make nuke anything anymore.

      7. Israel is NOT allowed to have nuke war heads so should we bomb them too?

      8.Russia has Iran’s back, *China has Iran’s back so what do you think is going to happen if anyone strikes Iran, for any reason?

      9. The World Reserve Currency is what’s at stake, not nuke war heads. The ultimate WMD Iran has right now is that they now Chair OPEC.

      10. If you want to “stand by Israel” so badly, sign your children up for the Military or STFU.

      11. Russia sold Iran the nuclear fuel, so maybe we should bomb them too?

      Think about the consequences before you say “war” follow the money then follow the Policy and your questions are answered.

      P.S. F__k Israel. But I have love for alot of Jewish people in my friends circle.

      • AZ Schumi

        Big talk from a little mind…

        Say, “Patriot”: What if the French, who aided the US during the founders time had the same simpleton mindset as you?

        PS: F_ _ k YOU

      • Cory

        Patriot, you have been fooled and deceived. I am not a Jew, nor do I even have any Jew friends, but I stand with Israel. If you believe the Bible and Jesus, then you should as well. If not, I pray for you.

      • steven

        Without your last sentence I would have thought you were a thinker, so why ruin it. Arguably, one of Israel’s biggest problems is their politicians own expression of righteous anger. I dont think provoking them with cursing is good for anyone.

    • Brian

      It’s the politicians. I’ve travelled widely and everywhere I find friendly people of many colours and religions.
      These are the same people who will be disintigrated by a nuclear holocaust being proposed by many. I suppose that those who instigaed this scenario will be happy in their underground shelters.
      Best do what we can to stop it happening.

    • rob

      exactly,and it is worth noting that the obama administration doesn’t mind printing and spending american money. so why is he “so” worried of how much it’s going to cost to attack iran?

  • makemyday

    If Iran is attacked by the USA or Israel – make NO mistake that there will be one hell-of-a-price-to-pay!!! It might be better to just let them have the bomb – because they won’t use it, knowing that their own country and people would be annihilated if they did!! There is also the “oil” problem to consider as well – the yanks can’t afford to have gasoline at $6-7 a gallon – as that would cripple the US economy, which is still struggling now to gain any momentum!

  • Kudos Algemeiner: Fine journalism.

    Our great leader President Obama has never met a Muslim he didn’t like. He appointed two admitted “radical” Muslim Csars so he must like them too.

    Chairman Obama has facilitated the Muslim Brotherhood control of Libya and Egypt. The MB is on-a-roll thrughout North Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

    The likelihood of Iran giving Hezbollah or Hamas the bomb to turn Tel Aviv and/or New York in to an uninhabitable ashtray is high.Iran can then deny-deny-deny.

    Communist revolution coming to your neighborhood.

    The time to prepare is before an emergency – not during.


    P.S. “May you live in interesting times.” Ancient Chinese curse.

    • Patriot

      And furthermore, He, or we.. did not kill Osama Bin Laden. His body shows up in Dover Delaware in custody of the CIA partially frozen/ WTF? Remember how we all saw the body being thrown overboard on the news? Well, who was that then?

      The Strafford files from the Pentagon revealed these facts. You will have to go find the story on your own.

      Keep smoking the hopium and believing your TV set and you too will be doomed. Total psyops going on and this Administration just lost whatever little credibility they had IMHO.

      Honestly, go find yourself a good alternative news source like I have since 9/11 and shoot your television. Their not telling you the truth nor have they been.

    • steven

      I spoke with several Iranian fighter pilots on a recent trip to Tehran. Each said they were so dedicated to the Israeli airforce for teaching their ranks, this took place up until late 1970s. They said they deeply respected their mentors and I quote “We woud drop our bombs on our own government bases before striking Israel if the order was given.”

      90 million very reasonable people with a very obnoxious corrupt government.

      I can guarantee Iranian blogs are not writing ridiculous comments about redemption, Godly wrath, and first to the trigger politics. These are a sophisticated people who wrote the first bill of human rights, more than 2500 years ago on a wall in a town called Perspolis.

      Sanctions are starving 85 million people to weed out a few, and People without a voice cant defend themselves as easily as a politician with a microphone.

      Work on building the voice of the silent opposition in Iran, and three years from now you will see a Iran in the form of a significant level headed global contributor.

    • Gods Child

      a lot of you got it right. my thing is how can Obama call him self a man of God and not defend Israe? for this land was built on in God we trust but yet they aer taking God out of everything . here in Texas you dont even have to put your name on the Bible anymore when you go into a court room. he must remember that if he lets Israel stand alone then we will no longer be a blessed nation. but as long as we stand for Israel we will be blessed as a nation.

      Jesus help him and i ask that you have mercy
      in the name of Jesus Aman

      • Gods Child

        you dont have to put your hand on the Bible any more. (is what i was trying to put)

    • Gods Child

      a lot of you got it right. my thing is how can Obama call him self a man of God and not defend Israe? for this land was built on in God we trust but yet they aer taking God out of everything . here in Texas you dont even have to put your name on the Bible anymore when you go into a court room. he must remember that if he lets Israel stand alone then we will no longer be a blessed nation. but as long as we stand for Israel we will be blessed as a nation.

      Jesus help him and i ask that you have mercy
      in the name of Jesus Aman

  • just me

    when jews wanted us to attack germany i stayed quiet cause i wasnt german
    when jews wanted us to attack egypt i stayed quit cause i wasnt an egypstian
    when jews wanted us to attack iraq i stayed quiet cause i wasnt iraqi
    when jews wanted us to attack afganistan i stayed quiet cause i wasnt afgan

    what the fuck would u say if jews want u to attack china? russia? or even your fellow citizens of the US?
    who would stop AIPAC and those nazi gangsters?
    USA – well fed, well kept slavearmy of the real nazis…

    ‘A thousand non-Jewish lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!’
    rabbi Dov Lior

    • Ebony

      Just me you are 100% correct.

    • Dave Carter

      Blessed are those who bless Israel, cursed are those who curse Israel. Hate Israel and the Jewish people at your own peril. Judgement is coming

      • God in person

        The scripture is prophecy, the real Jews, are the former black slaves in America. they only people in history, that were slaves in a strange land to a strange people for 400 years. white so called Jews, never lived in the middle east, and were never slaves to black Egyptians. since you like to quote the bible, here is a scripture, Jesus was telling the Jews that they shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free. The Jews replied, we have never been a slave to any people. Revelation, I will make those who are the synagogue of Satan, who claim they are Jews, but are not, but are liars, I will make them come and fall down at your feet, and acknowledge that I have loved you(black, people of America) the real children of israel

    • Beer

      you are wrong. You are egypstian.

    • Cory

      You are a by product of a pig and a camel.

    • steven

      90 million very reasonable people are worth your fingernail, perhaps not a very obnoxious corrupt government.

      I feel incredible resentment to your comment or worth. Keep your anger to yourself, else people might loose respect for you, and you for yourself one day.

  • harry

    Sickening the way so many here are in favour of another unlawful, pre-emptive strike, this time against Iran.

    When did Iran/Persia last start a war? When did Israel last start a war? It is Israeli politicians who are dedicated to wars of aggression.

    What is sad is that they apparently completely underestimate Iran’s capacity to respond. Unlike Iraq, Iran is a serious proposition, and Tel Aviv will indeed be wiped out in short order, all because of arrogant, hot headed Israeli leaders. If the whole thing weren’t so tragic, I would almost wish it upn them.

    • youhateamerica

      people who think like you are mis-guided and hate the truth. you have no good in your heart….you have only hate

    • If someone said they wanted to destroy you what would you do?

  • BB

    Iran can and will defend itself. Make no mistake. Iran has NOT attacked another country in 300 years. But if you attack iran, you will get SPANKED, hard. This is no Iraq.

    • youhateamerica

      true that it is not iraq…but Isreal will never be completly defeated…the bible said…and i believe the bible…you best get on the winning side of eternity…unfortunatly america will get caught up in the crossfire and suffer from nuclear attack and retaliation from russia and china combined….be ready

  • Stefanie

    Yea This Was Prophesized In The Bible And Its The First War To Come Before Jesus Comes Back ! =) The Guy Who Stops The War Will Be The Anti-Christ !

    • youhateamerica

      thank you for the truth….now everyone who disagrees you best read your bible then ask for forgiveness

  • Stu

    For years, the paranoid Israelis have been screaming bloody murder that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that “Israel should be wiped from the map.” Of course, the man said no such thing, it was a deliberate mis-translation meant to serve their purposes: to demonize Ahmadinejad and Iran and to justify an unprovoked attack against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    So what did Ahmadinejad actually say? To quote his exact words in Farsi:

    “Imam ghoft een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad.”

    The full quote translated directly to English:

    “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

    Word by word translation:

    Imam (Khomeini) ghoft (said) een (this) rezhim-e (regime) ishghalgar-e (occupying) qods (Jerusalem) bayad (must) az safheh-ye ruzgar (from page of time) mahv shavad (vanish from).

    So that should settle the disinformation campaign being waged in order to set the stage for an aggressive attack against Iran and their paranoid delusions that Iran is building a nuclear weapon in order to “wipe them off the map.”

  • D

    this is scary how many people here want to push us into another war. I guess we like to use our military like world police. America is screwed

    • youhateamerica

      america is a beacon of light in this corruptive world…wake up…we are everyhere because there is trouble everywhere like jesus said there would be…we cant solve all your problems but we die trying for our god

      • mia

        A beacon of light??????? America’s government serves the god of death and destruction. Godly people living there are starting to speak up for the truth. The killing must stop. Jesus said to love our enemies and hewould keep us safe. America’s military is killing millions of innocent people because they have been lied to. This must stop.

        • what was the lie. I believe Jesus came to save the world. Even you. I have read the end of the Book( BIBLE ) WE WIN!!!

      • Magnus

        Well.. If a majority of all people still won´t use reason over aggression – Why export democracy?
        If you and all other warmongers like Netanahu, Mccain, Santorum, Gingrich and Christian fundamentalists are longing for the ragnarøk, this might be a perfect scenario for you.
        Israel has hundreds of nuke warheads. Russia has tens of thousands. Constant human rights abuser and Iran trade partner, Communist China has thousands of nukes. Islamist Saudi probably have nukes and BinLaden safe haven Pakistan and their enemy India also have nukes. Recently elected Putin has stated -quote:”An attack on Iran will be viewed by Moscow as an attack on Russia”. So if you have it your way, only death and destruction will follow.
        If you think that this is what Jesus wants, then you have surely been mislead. If you think this is what God wants, then I think you worship the wrong god.
        America was founded like a beacon of humanism for all humanity but it is becoming a corporatocracy guided by the self interest of big banks and weapon manufacturers.
        Wake up!

    • Nick

      I’m a socially conservative American and I strongly support our strongest (and maybe only real) ally Israel. I could care less if American Jews are more socially liberal than me. And if they helped get our schools to stop teaching about God (and I don’t buy your argument that they did) well good for them. Our schools can barely teach our kids to read on their own level or do basic math. American Jews can be as socially liberal as they see fit. I respect that. I’d still support Israel’s right to hit Iran as hard as they can whenever they can….as a matter of their own survival. After 911 or Pearl Harbor? The United States would have been foolish to allow other nations to tell us how to respond. Israel is wise enough to listen to the concerns of the global community about Iran. They are not foolish enough to believe that what we all hope will happen (that this will all end peacefully)is going to happen unless they have concrete rock solid proof that Iran has given up on nukes. As a social conservative, I do know that my values are under a threat. This threat doesn’t come from our nation though. I’m not joking here. As a social conservative, I lknow a guy like Bill Maher thinks people like me are morons. Ok…i’m a big boy, and its ok. Bill Maher is my best friend in the world, and a champion of every value I hold dear, compared to people in power in Iran. I’m not kidding. I’d let Bill Maher speak at my church and say anything he wanted before I’d believe any of the lies the Iranian leaders are fooling the rest of the world with (seriously). I know some real American right wing conservative zeealous (fill in your perjoative) religiious fanatical people. These people are boy scouts and the most moderate peace loving open minded people in the world compared to Iranian leaders. There is a right wing conservative agenda on the rise. Its not coming from the right wing folks in the US. Its coming from other countries and cultures. I’m ok if folks think I’m right wing and conservative. But if you want to find the most zealous, outraged, far right, dogmatic, religiously passionate, evangelical, narrow-minded, unprogressive, opresssive, woman-controlling, anti-gay, non-democratic, reactionary conservatives on the planent, you’ll have to look for these folks in places other that the US. Is it fair to desribe the real fanatics in these terms? Yes. Why? Because these people are shouting from the roof tops that they are all those things and more. These people are the threat to my values. This far right monothitic conservative movement is on the rise in countries all over the world. The real radicals and true conservatives live outsdie the US. The ideology that fuels their radicalism doesn’t even have a progressive form. I’ll teach my older teenagers to read Richard Dawkins instead of the Bible, let them watch South Park while I go to church, stop home schooling them and send them wherever Charlie Sheen tells me, introduce legislation that supports a declaration of the non-existence of God before every high school football game in the country, and ask my church to play Highway to Hell during times we’d normally recite the Lord’s Prayer before I let the real conservatives near them. Why? Because these real conservatives, and if you lisetn to them, you’ll hear them saying it, don’t want to convert us. The want to eradicate us. I’ve had American Christain conservatives tell me I’m going to hell all my life.. But when you tune into to the new global conservatives and hear what they’re saying, you’ll realize they want to send you there. As for Israel? I’m glad they are brave enough to try and stop these folks from gaining the ability to do just that. Do I hate these people. No way. Do they hate me? Yep, and I’d be silly if I didn’t know it. Do I want war with them or anyone else, no matter how much I dilike them? No. Does Israel really? Are you kidding me? No way. These conservatives do want war, though. Does the US have to go to war? I hope not. Does Israel? I hope not, too, but probably. Let’s be clear. If the kind of conservativism I’m warning you about (religiouis or secular…it doesn’t matter) in most of this exists out there, and it clearly does, I’ll be friends with anybody who admits it, even if we don’t agree on anthing else. No lie. If Bill Maher does a segment on his show about it? I’ll buy tix and fly there in my Tim Tebow Jersey to hear the show. If I can get an autograph, heck, I’d let Maher right the F word on my Tebow Jersey if he my my ally against the real extremists:) If Bree Olsen agrees with me? I’ll buy one of her videos as a good will gesture (but I won’t watch it, as a gesture for my wife). Heck, if Palin agrees with me, I might be able to take her seriously. If the unfairly slandered Ms. Fluke uses her 15 mins of fame to draw attention to this by drawing attention to the plight of women in Israel and Iran, my spouse and I will pay for her contraception for as long as she’s in law school. I’m not being crass. I’m telling you the truth. If Justin Beiber agrees with me on this? I’ll take back everything I’ve said about him. And whatever Presidetial candidate lays out the best plan for this issue? That’s who I’ll vote for, no matter what party they are in or what else they support. I’ll even vote for one who tells me too my face that he plans to take away one or two of my religions freedoms, as long as he takes seriously the people I’ve spoken of that want to take them all. This election year, we’ve got to keep the main thing the main thing. As long as our next President proves that he’s willing to deal with Iran, I’ll vote for him. I’ll vote against anything else I believe in this year, If i find a candidate who has a good plan. If I’m prolife? I’ll support partial birth abortion. I’m I’m gay? I’ll wait another four years to try and marry. If I’m a woman? I’ll tell my partner that if Obama care doesn’t cover my contraception, I really don’t care how that condom makes you feel because it only costs 99 cents. If I’m pro-choice, I’ll vote for Next and then be pro-active about my own choices. If I’m against much more immigration? I’ll vote to let anybody in our country as long as we keep these extemists out. If I have a relative who’s an illegal immigrant? I’ll vote for whoever has the strongest deportation stance. If I like my guns, the gov. can take them all if they can promise to protect me from Iran and others. If I don’t like guns, I’ll vote for a candidate who believes we actually need pistol grips and bayonet lugs on our mac-90’s. I’m I’m homophobic and Barney Frank were to be a president that did something about Iran, I’d french kiss him on national tv. I’ve I’m Muslim, I’ll vote for a pro Israel candidate this time around, because this year is different. If I’m a Jew, I’ll vote for any compromise about a two state solution (even 1967 borders) if someone will help me with Iran. If I’m a Green, I’ll make sure the keystone pipeline gets done. If I’m a pastor, I’ll get a pentegram tatoo. If I’m an evangelical? I’ll repent for public gossiping about Rob Bell and pray that he is right and that part of what “Love Wins” might be about is a way we can all get through these next four years. If I’m a man, and one of those mean jealous types? I’ll let my wife go to some male strip clubs til she gets tired of it….and I won’t ask her anything when she gets home. If I’m white, I’ll vote for any Black man. If I’m Black, I’ll vote for any white man(even Rick Santorum, who actually began a sentence with “I don’t want to help Black people….” once). If I think “drugs are bad, m-kay”, I’ll vote for a President who wants to pass out K-2 to every tourist who visits DC. And If I really think drugs are bad, I’ll vote for presdient that wants heorin legal. I’ll even try some. If I believe sex is for marriage and marriage alone? I’ll vote for someone that wants to pass out condoms to every person of legal age. If you think that behind all these words I’m hiding some secret disdain for Muslims? I’d vote for any and I mean any any any Muslim, pro-Mulsim…or any other kinda of Muslim….and I’m not kidding!…even some from the Nation of Islam, like Farrakhan, provided who I’m voting for is on the same page with me about extremisim. I’m not super smart. I’m not dumb either. In this election year, my gut just tells me that this election, if it ought to be a referendum on something, ought to be a referendum on the new global extremism and how to deal with it. Clearly I can’t be all everything I’ve said above. But whoever I am, I’m going to keep my promise. If you can’t sense that, you need shock therapy:) kidding. I will say directly to Jimbo, the following. Your comment about socially liberal Jews probably won’t mean much to anybody. Its a good chuckle for me…unless you are Christian. Christians shouldn’t lie, even to themsselves Jim. I’m a Chritian. I’ll be the fist to admit that in the 2000 years we have been around, we’ve been very effiecient killers. Jews has been our largest target. I don’t doubt what you say. But if you are a Christian? Please don’t tell anyone. If you are, to be another crybaby kind, especially the kind that can’t see the fallacy in the interior logic of your paragraph, the world doesn’t need to hear from you. Why? Any Christian lacking the wisdom to speak about our own crimes with some integrity, before pretending like Christians are being persecuted by Jews in America, is…..well, more than I’ll say. But if you are a Christian, I not surpised. My church is packed with Christians who always find a way to prove they are being persecuted. I love em. I don’t like them. We’ve got no business telling Jews anything about anything, much less Jesus. We’re told Jews plenty already, by our slaughtr of them, all they need to know about the transformed hearts of ours.

  • JIM

    Am I the only one who has noticed the Jewish alliance with the right wing conservatives? It is odd, because all my life Jewish people supported the liberal agenda here in America. They fought for removing God from schools, and destroying traditional American values. They were aligned with the liberals in their works. Now it seems that they are switching parties and the conservatives are sucking it up.


    • 50-Something Student

      Oh, yes. Libs destroying Family Values…Okay, God’s Own Conservatives, which is mentioned more in the Bible, abortion or divorce? Hint: divorce.

      Now, over 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce, sundering what God brought together. How exactly do liberals cause this? How do liberals cause gay Republicans, or Republicans who’ve had abortions, or Republicans who lie/steal/cheat or otherwise violate the 10 Commandments. How do liberals cause conservatives to say all politicians are corrupt, the whole government needs to be thrown out, both parties are the same.

      If both parties are the same, then we’ve boiled down to nothing more than WORDS differentiating the two political parties of America. Liberals didn’t do that to us, we got lazy and did that to ourselves. Time to read the Bible again, and live The Word. You read the comments on here and see for yourself, which conservatives are living The Word. Not mouthing it, living it. Liberals don’t pretend to be the God Party, so let’s quit pretending they have the same obligations we do. Let’s quit pretending we do represent God until we act the part, not just mouth it.

      Liberals this, liberals that. We conservatives need to clean up our own back yards before staring over the fences at everybody else’s. And we aren’t doing that anymore. We wouldn’t have to Take Back America, if we hadn’t lost it ourselves in the first place.

    • youhateamerica

      there is evil in all race…but there is great loving people in all race too….dont judge from the majority or the minority of any one

    • lary

      you are talking of the fringe kook jewish libs who are nothing other than” self hating jews”

  • Ebony

    I’m confused sometime… Can anybody here tell me
    where was this Israel state in 1920?

    Because, we all know that Israel become a state inside
    Palestine around 1945 then “supposedly Independent”
    nation in 1948

    Before that where do they come from?

    You can’t build a legitimate country, inside a legitimate
    country, this is getting Funny and Funny…

    Oh no! the world have no clue, we are all Dummies!

    • youhateamerica

      ou are so ill informed…read the holy bible and recieve the truth

      • mia

        maybe YOU should read the Bible Israel is brought back to her homeland when Jesus returns. That hasn’t happened yet. And there is special judgment for those who divided the holy land, which would be the UN in 1948.

  • MarcusHere

    I’m normally a pacifist but if someone is sitting in the corner constructing a nuclear bomb and talking about “wiping Israel off the face of the earth” I don’t see any other alternative apart from taking his bomb-making equipment away from him. So I don’t see any alternative apart from bombing his centrifuges. ( He has been warned enough times and hopefully the Iranian people will be more careful who they have leading in the future )

    • JP

      If you’re a so-called pacifist, on which planet do you come from ?

      First of all. the president of Iran never said he would wipe out Israel from earth.You should read the transcript and translate it properly. Second, there’s been no proof whatsoever that Iran is fabricating a nuclear bomb by the AIEA. Even Panetta concluded with this affirmation. Third, for a so-called Pacifist, if your EGO cannot think of other alternatives then to attack several Nuclear Plants without seeing the aftermath of this kind of behavior, I wonder what would you do if after US/Israhell attack on Iran, Russia and China send several Nuclear Bommbs on different stategics points on US continent. Can you imagine the death toll and the aftermath.
      Unless you’re an ignorant and blind fellow, you have a bunch of Warmongers in the US/Israhell government(by the way, the US has been hyjacked by Israhell a long time ago) and the only country who had used nuclear bombs on innocent people is the same country who’s into wars since WWII.
      The Zionist-Bolchevick-Facists have been using the USA since early 20th century to impose their Imperialism mindset to enslave this World by using any means,WWI, WWII, Cold war era, Terrorism and War on Terror. Who do you think is the most dangerous country in this Planet? Do you still think its Iran? Golda Meir even said once as a Prime Minister, the day Israhell will feel trap in a corner,Israhell will fight back with his nuclear war heads(an estimated of 200 minimum, heading towards every cities in Europe and ME.).
      I hope as a so-called Pacifist you’ll live to witness the aftermath of an attack on Iran and the destruction of your so-called ”The Land of the Free”.

  • greg mitchell

    If Iran is bombed they (and friends) will be hell-bent on revenge for eternity. Nukes (& wmd) will be offered to Iranians and friends for sale or as gifts to use on Israel and USA, guaranteed. You can guess what countires would conspire to get back at the west. What’s better, cold war or bombing Iran?

  • Armageddon

    2012 Baby!

    • youhateamerica

      you are ready i hope…love your god first said the lord

      • mia

        The lord says if you don’t love your brother who you have seen, there is no way you love God. And you don’t know him either, it also says.

  • JBM

    Liberal thinking and ideology always fascinates me. It is akin to a child who believes in Santa Claus. These people actually believe what they say re: world peace, equality, no hunger, clean environment, etc, etc. They believe with all their heart in the possibility achieving such things just like a child beleives in Santa, or the Easter Bunny. To a child, Santa is real, he is good and he brings us wonderful gifts. Is it any wonder that they hang on to the beliefs? How devestating would it be for them to not only learn the truth, but to accept the truth while still a child. First you have to grow up and experience real life outside the protective confines of a University or in the case of a child, outside the protection of your family. Truly fascinating…..

  • Jimmie

    You don’t even have to be a community organizer to read the tea leaves here….Iran is making atom bombs….Iran states everyday that they are going to wipe Israel off the map….any connection?

  • jason

    Even if an attack were sucessful it would only strengthen Iran’s resolve to proceed on their current course of action and would cause an arms race in the region. None would feel that their country would be free from being invaded unless their military was stronger than their enemies.

    The only acceptable end game is regime change that does not come about from a military strike by the US or Isreal.

  • Jimmie

    How rude….I think The Obama wanted them to wait until Iran began the nuke attack?….

  • Believe me if this country was faced with the same treat we would hesistate to attack….Israel has but one chance to get rid of this threat or face another possible holocust if they do obtain nuclear weapon(s)….As BIBI told Obama the visit before this one “son this threat is not in your backyard, but it is in ours.” We would greatly appreciate your cooperation but if we have to we will go it alone.” BIBI was ushered out the kitchen of the White House and out the back door. The Obama administration is thinking more about the re-election campaign than what is at stake in the middle east.

  • John

    A T T A C K !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Patriot


      And don’t tell this audiance that it’s nuclear warheads. We already de bunked that myth.

    • Jesus

      God bless you all on march 23

  • JIM

    Who have we (USA) become? We call these Muslims evil. Have we completely lost our souls? Most in America identify themselves as Christians, yet embrace what can only be described as depravity.

    Have we sunk so low that we no longer reconize sin?

    Forgive us Lord, for we know not what we do. We have eyes, but cannot see. We have ears, but cannot hear. We call bitter sweet and sweet bitter. We call darkness light, and light darkness.

    Woe to us Lord, for we have truely lost our way.

    Do you anti muslim people realize that Islam teaches about Jesus? Do you know they accept Him as the “the living word of God” “the Messiah” “the Christ”?

    • Dave Carter

      yeah right jim, if you believe that crap go to saudia arabia with a bible and stand on a corner and preach Christ or go to Israel to the Dome of the Rock and carry a bible and preach Christ. As they are in the process of cutting your head off, pray to Allah who IS NOT THE GOD OF THE BIBLE BUT A MOON GOD.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Who does Medical Nuclear Research, then burries it DEEP Underground? Anyone?


  • T

    Let me do a picasso (painting) for u all.
    1) Iran is looking for cause to start a war with Isreal. Y else they keeps threating Isreal.
    2) US back Isreal or not once bombing started, Iran will drag US into the conflict. Iran says so, many times over (will target US interstes/bases with their missile)
    3) Iran is working toward for nuclear bomb. Any1 believe otherwise is in denial of reality.
    4) Iran is well aware of “Damn if u do something and damn if u do nothing”. Can’t win.

    • mia

      1. Not true. Iran says it will defend itselfnif attacked, nothing else.
      2.Iran actually said that if the US attacks it, it will defend itself by taking out US military bases in the ME.
      3.SIXTEEN, yes that is S I X T E E N intelligence sources in the US say there is nit noe nor has there been any attempt by Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. Are you saying they are in denial of reality, ornisnitnthe war ancy leaders who arenignoring them?
      4. Iran hasn’t started a conflict in over 300 years. They have over 20,000Jewish people happily living in their country. So don,t say they are out to kill off the Jews. Maybe you also think their resident Jews are living in denial?

      • Edward Benjamin

        1. Iran has repeatedly threatened to annihilate the state of Israel and its population of 7 million people. This is an illegal threat of genocide and if the system of international law were not completely corrupt Ahmadinejad would already be in jail for it.
        2. So what? Retaliation is inherently a part of war, justified or not.
        3. You are lying. There is a general consensus among American, European, and even U.N, sponsored bodies that the Iranian nuclear program is intended to produce weapons.
        4. Those 20,000 Jews live under constant threat, are forced to conform to the religious apartheid imposed by Islam, and are the remnant of an ancient, PRE-ISLAMIC community that has fled the country in overwhelming numbers over previous decades. Mostly to Israel. In fact, the previous defense minister, Shaul Mofaz, was born in Iran.

        • Brian

          Edward. Are you ahskenazi, jewish or USA citizen?Have you ever visited Iran? From whence comes your knowledge?
          Actually the general concensus among the USA’s intelligence agencies seems to be that Iran is miles away from nuclear bombs.
          Do you consider Jerusalem as the centre of three relgions?
          Sad as it may be, the religious question will always be there. Sad, that is, for we who do not follow a religion.

        • Notajew

          He’s not lying. They aren’t but they have the right to have a nuke if they were. Israel won’t even acknowledge they have nukes or sign the nuke treaty and they are the real terrorists murdering scientists in a foreign country. How long u think the US would hold back if another country was killing our citizens? Yet Iran can’t do anything or the world will say they started it and bomb them?

  • Richard

    Let the Ezekiel War commence!

  • c. adkins

    ha-ha, Lisa blew you guys out of the water-!

  • jimmy robert

    Does this mean that every country that tries to acquire a nuclear weapon will get bombed? Did anyone bomb North Korea, Pakistan, India, China, etc. when they acquired the nuclear bomb? If Israel has the nuclear weapon I am glad no one bombed them in the process. Hope nobody tells the US what to do. That would really be bad.

  • Harpotoo

    Being we’ve sold them over 2 dozen bunker busters this shouldn’t be any news to anyone.

  • Israel has the responsibility to protect its nation and their people. If my neighbor told me repeatedly he was going to kill me, and destroy my home, he would be able to do so only once or twice, for he would be gone before the third time.

    The world and especially Israel cannot allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon. It is in the best interest of the world that Iran’s nuclear program be addressed now!


    Jim DeHart
    — USA

  • R Plante

    Clearly U.S. policy is and has been flawed for years. What benefit is it to the U.S. for their to be a third world war? why are we even their? and if you want to talk about terrorist, then lets look at the roots, why do we pay egypt billions of dollars? why do we allow egypt to terrorize personnel? (egypt is a rendition country), who trained bin laden? (US) who provided funding? (US) who gave China satellite technology so they can now target our satellites (US), it seems that everyones a terrorist except us. Our foreign policy is based upon the highest bidder…

    All this spills into Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, Syria and ALL of it is against the U.S. We are broke, and this really doesnt directly affect us (except for oil AND our energy independance)

    whats that say for our intentions… We really need to stay home and worry about our own nation instead of how to make the rich richer.

    • Edward Benjamin

      You are presenting a false choice. American can be internationally involved and reform its economic system. There is no inherent connection between the two.

  • Jerry Lapple

    Hey Amadinejad!……..Mahmoud, baby!…..Your pants are on fire!…….but ….don’t worry……..there is a big, very large rush of air coming your way,very soon!
    It’ll put it out, and probably you with it.

  • Fred G

    Anyone want to make a public prediction on when the Israeli false flag event will occur and what it will be?

  • Matty13

    Pretend it is pre-WWII Germany, 1938. You know what’s coming. You know Hitler and his followers are going to start WWII. You know Hitler and his followers are going to commit the Holocaust. You know 60 million people are going to die. You know Hitler and his followers want to eliminate the “Undermechen”, the Jews, the Slaves, the Gypsies, the Gays, etc. Hitler and his followers have written this, they have said what they are going to do. You are the leader of a country. What do you do? Do you bomb German factories, power plants, airfields, ships, army bases, etc? No! That’s not what I would do. That would not stop the current German government of 1938. Hitler and his followers were together many many times. Many times. All of them. The top 50 Nazis made every event. I would wait until they got together then kill them all. All at once. Might make the German people a little mad, but they’ll get over it. And WWII does not happen. There will be no one to take their place and drive the Nazi movement. The Iranian leaders. All together all at once. Kill them.

    • VRIL

      haha – funny idea .

      ok – the world hates you and that will never change .

      good night

  • E Cho

    It is time we cut Israel loose. They are a nation of perpetual war and aggression.

    The real nuclear danger in the Middle East is Israel. This is the nation with undeclared nukes, who won’t sign the NPT and has the means to deliver them.

    • Edward Benjamin

      We have never fought a single war that was not intended to defend ourselves against our neighbors racist aggression. The war against us was chosen by the Arabs, begun by the Arabs, and can only be ended by the Arabs. I hope someday they let their racism go and make peace with us.

  • If a serial killer, rapist murderer told me that he was going to kill my family and everybody who is related to me as soon as he gets the bullets to his gun I would take that seriously.
    I would eleminate the treat before anyone in my family was killed. Even if the Sheriff (Obama) said, don’t worry he won’t kill you. I’m sure I can talk him out of it since we go to the same Mosque.

  • Joseph Gwaychee

    My apologies if my “You removed my post were incorrect.
    However, My post was there, then it wasn’t and now it is again.

  • Joseph Gwaychee

    You removed my post. Were you offended by my stance? You will search long and hard to find as ardent of an Israeli supporter as me.

    As is, Israel will remain in my prayers.

    However, refusing to believe the truth and support for Israel the I posted, I will no longer visit this site again.


  • liliput

    NO WAR,

    Not a War in Iran.
    Why ?
    Germany will not a War in Iran.

    Greeting from Germany

  • Kenb

    If Israel attacks Iran 1000’s of lives will be lost. If Israel doesn’t attack Iran, millions of lives will be lost.

  • Ed

    This saying was mentioned to me not long ago and I believe it is a true saying. Regimes stock pile weapons. Terroist use them. Iran is a terroist country and will use WMD. WMD are used a a deterence but Radical Islam believe blowing up oneself is to the glory of how do you deter someone who thinks losing is wining

  • Frank Truth

    I think Iran can be trusted not to allow any of its nuclear weapons to fall into the hands of militant, extremist, Islamic terrorists.

    Every country should be allowed to have nuclear weapons.

    Iran would never allow its nuclear weapons to fall into the wrong hands.

    No terrorist group would ever anonymously nuke American port cities like Norfolk, San Diego, New York, Miami, LA.

    The sooner humans destroy each other, the better off the world will be.

  • TheTruth

    Iran needs to go ahead and hit Israel with EVERY bomb it has right now! Don’t wait until they create a false flag and media justification to destroy your country. It is coming, so get the first punch in!

  • Duke77

    What about Dresden Tokyo Frankfutrt etc., II hope the Israelis turn Iran into a dust bowl

    • Duke77

      Save the oil fields but turn the rest to dust.

  • Armyranger

    If war breaks out and the US can no longer fight all the f …g hot spots in the middle east, I guess we’ll have to broker a deal with the cartels to defend America… Be prepared for a brave new world … The future looks so uncertain!!!

  • mmm

    why does didi even talk to this boob

  • Mountain Man

    All Right, I have a few comments to make. I was born in 1947, I grew up with the revelations of the Horror of the Holocaust. Why did it happen? Because Good Men did nothing. I am a life long “Friend of Israel” and will be so until the day that I pass on. In my lifetime, every time some historical artifact or discovery has been make it has verified the Bible as Fact. God’s word is just that: God’s Word. Listen to it.

    Benjamin Netanyahu is not a stupid man. He understands exactly what the conditions. My advice to him is very simple: Listen to your father and what the words that God is speaking to your heart. Pick your time, and place and do what is Right. The people of America, the real ones are with you. God Speed.
    The Mountain Man

  • This is a chess match between Barry and Bibi.
    Barry wants to wait – primarily because of re-election
    Bibi is concerned that waiting will cause iran to go deeper with their sites making them safe against an Israeli strike.
    I am not sure our anointed one know but Bibi has him checkmated.
    If Israel strikes it will drag the US into the fray because Iran has stated they will retaliate against the US

    Bibi is smart not to trust this snake

  • GreenLeaf

    It’s election year in the United States so Obama is not going to do anything that will provide a chance of losing. It’s not about Iran, or Israel, but politics.

  • Alabama

    Already decided to strike Iran, eh? Uh huh.

  • Looks like we have a mini Cold War on our hands, only this time fundamentalist Shiite Islamic totalitarianism takes the place of Stalinist Communism.

    1) Israel is the only true, freely elected democracy in the region. Turkey, Tunisia and Lebanon are ‘hybrid’ pseudo-democracies, embracing some democratic elements. US policy implicitly supports all democratic nations.

    2) Yes, the Iranians are not Arab (they are Persian). There is no ‘Persian’ Spring there. They are an totalitarian theocracy, as aptly noted by several others above. Iran has no love for their Saudi/Sunni ‘brothers,’ recently plotting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US. Iran hates the Saudis almost as much as the Jews. The Saudis have reportedly given Israel the ‘green light’ to overfly their airspace if necessary in order to attack or recover from attacking Iran.

    3) The Iranian Ayatollahs wish to be the ones to clear the path for the mythical Mahdi, or ‘Guided One’ who is the ‘yet to appear’ prophesied redeemer and unifier of all of Islam. Iran intends to do this with violence if necessary, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad publicly has stated he’s had religious visions of he and his regime playing a crucial role in realizing this prophecy, via waging holy war against Israel and its Satanic allies.

    4) Israel has never, ever publicly proclaimed its desire to wipe Iran and its people off the map. Iran has, on numerous occasions, stated it will destroy Israel and rid the world of the Jews.

    5) Iran directly sponsors Hamas and Hezbollah terrorism, and supports Syrian totalitarianism, all allies in their holy war against Jewish democracy.

    6)”Never Again!” As noted recently by columnist Charles Krauthammer, “Israel was founded to prevent a second Holocaust, not to invite another one.” An Iran with nuclear weapons presents the very serious and promised threat of a 2nd Holocaust.

    Netanyahu therefore must, as the Israeli leader, insure the security and survival of his country. He has taken an oath to do so, just as every US president has done for the sake of their nation. Surrounded by enemy regimes and a fundamentalist uprising in Egypt, the democratically elected Israeli president must rattle his saber and constantly plan for the worst. Failure to do so would be negligent based upon the aggressive rhetoric flowing from Iran, Syria and their puppet terror organizations. And I’ll bet serious cash that if Israel attacks Iran pre-emptively, it will do so with conventional forces and special ops, using nukes only if Iran chooses to do so first. What the US does is anyone’s guess.

    • digbydolben

      And my hope is that Obama has the intestinal fortitude to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The Zionists should wake up the next day understanding that they may no longer force the United States of America to sacrifice its national interests to Israel’s. The Iranians should understand that the U.S. will have done everything it could have to stay the Zionists’ hands and that America will attack Iranian assets ONLY if Americans are attacked.

  • Fred

    You are kidding, right Lisa? Iran is not governed by any treaty or agreement with anyone. They follow their twisted religion which dictates that any thing and every thing should be done to further their brand of ISLAM. They can lie, cheat, steal, kill, or sign off on any agreement to deceive any infidel group to further that end. An agreement with Iran means nothing.

  • SouthernBoy

    While Obama wrings his hands and bows to arabian kings and princes Netanyahu has a country to protect. Iran has declared their need to destroy Israel and murder every jew. They are ruled by fanatics who believe armageddon will mark the return of their prophet. Violence is what they aspire to. You can’t reason with that.

  • katahdin

    seriously, want to know why israel is willing to fight and die for her existence? take a trip to dachau or buchenwald or auschwitz. if you have not been there you cannot imagine the horror. jews are never going to let that happen again. and neither should the rest of the world! never mind leaving it to america! the world should be outraged EVERY time any leader threatens to exterminate another race regardless of where or how. we as humans have an obligation to defend our fellow man. that right should never be forgotten. ps bush promised them GBU-28 “Bunker Buster” 5,000-pound Laser-Guided Bombs and obama delivered. lest we never forget, go to dachau…………it still smells like death there. NO I am NOT jewish, just human

  • isitwhatyouwant?

    For all the people Saying bomb Iran off the map. Do you really think its going to be a walk in the park? You don’t think you would be affected by the chaos of ww3? I don’t want to see Iran wipe Isreal off the map either but think about whats gonna happen. Say goodbye to any peace we have left in this world. Take the time we have left and be with your love ones and pray, wish, and hope that no nation crosses the line and breaks this fragile peace are world enjoys today.

  • Perplexed

    Those who take the position that Iran is not developing nuclear weapons have no credibility in light of the facts. Nations don’t hide their nuclear development facilities in rock bunkers when their aims are development of isotopes for medical purposes. They do not develop delivery systems for nuclear isotopes. They do not continue to refine uranium when they reach a 20% level.

    No nation can ignore that reality especially one that has gone through the holocaust. No nation can risk its survival on the ‘word’ of another. No people that have walked into the gas chambers can ever follow any other course but ‘never again’.

  • Barbie

    The only solution is to drop a bomb and level
    That part of the world

  • sam

    So go ahead…..BIG BIG MISTAKE

  • Alex

    The Israelis have been more than patient. If your neighbor lobbed grenades in your back yard for weeks. I can’t imagine you would sit there and take it. They have. And have been taking this sh*t for years. But, know this. They will strike Iran very, very soon. And very, very hard. Will fu*k them up for quite some time. And it is time. Gloves are off. Go get em Israel.

  • Casey

    “to have peace, we must be prepared for war”

    Fighting has gone on in this part of the world since it existed, and nothing will ever change that. When are we finally going to make America a prioity again?? Seems all you see is this nation spending money and resources we do not have in areas that will never change. I wish we could have a government in Washington hell bent on working on this nation not their own shaddy corrupt agendas.

  • Mark

    Iran needs to be taken out by someone….

    • john disney

      not true
      but israel does

    • shido

      America needs to stop playing the world police, fucking up the life of the people on the whole planet.
      Shame on those, who support violence

      • By A Neck

        Nuke all of our enemies!

      • x-art

        Fine, shido…..say we put down all of our weapons today and never shoot another person ever again……we’d be taken over the next day.

      • Edward Benjamin

        Shame on those too cowardly to stand up to violence with the violence required to stop it.

      • Ted

        Tell that to the families of 911 victims……

        • mia

          actually, the families of the 911 victims have been advocating for a new investigation. Even they don’t believe the poppycock that has been presented in the 911commission report.

          • Edward Benjamin

            A tiny and vocal group have been spinning these conspiracy theories. The others have maintained a dignified silence.

      • mark

        perhaps you are 1 of those occupy wall street supposedly non violent protest we’re only rape and murder are being executed it ,but of course all in the name of peace ,perhaps that Arab spring is an act of peace ,to defend yourself your country your nation ,is an act of violence ??? or in syria I am sure you have no problem what is done their .

        • Chaz

          Thousands of innocent civilians massacred in Syria and the Liberals just turn a blind eye. Where is the uproar? Where is Michael Moore and Cindy Sheehan? Nowhere to be found. Hypocrites!

        • EducatedRedneck

          Iran does not pose a serious national security threat to the U.S. This conflict is about oil dollars. Global elites and world banks are busy buying what? — Oil Futures. Why? What do you think will happen to price of Oil/Gasoline following a conflict. Be prepared to pay $8.00 or more per gallon. Another way for money to leave your pocket and be funneled to big banks. Wake up mark! (also take a grammar class)

          • Edward Benjamin

            The overwhelming majority of Middle East oil comes from Saudi Arabia. They hate Iran more than anyone. If there is war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, especially if nukes are involved, the price rises will much higher than the ones you mention.

        • sam


        • jay

          Wow, Mark. You sound like you never made it out of elementary school. But, your ideology (beliefs in case you don’t know what that word means) matches your intellect.

          Honestly, learn the English language before you spout off again. You look like a real idiot.

        • Amen!

      • Scott Campbell

        Unfortunately, we don’t live in a vacuum. I’d prefer a non-violent world, but peace cannot be unilateral. If Iran’s nuclear capabilities are not destroyed, it’s government will use subsequent nuclear weapons to destroy Israel. I’m sure they will use them elsewhere, including against us. I think that taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities and whatever consequences that brings, is much preferable than an Iranian mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv…………followed by the Middle East becoming a glass desert after Israel replies.

      • kickk

        The when no country pushes terrorism on the world is the day we can pull back from being the world’s police.

        • kickk

          “The Day When….”

      • damian

        Funny how you did not mention the continual violence the Iranian and Syrian regime have launched for decades against its neighbors and its own citizens.

      • WilliamWallace

        Shame on you and all of those who put their heads in the sand while evil tyrannts (Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao) killed, raped and tortured tens of million of innocent people over the past 100 years.

        This is Irael’s fight and she has every right to defend herself against Iran. Iran has declared war on Israel and states publicy that it wants to “wipe Israel off of the map”.

        • mia

          iran absolutely did nit say that. The accurate translation is “the I man says the Zionist regime must pass into the pages of history.” Big difference. There are thousands of Jews living in Iran. Despite being offered large amounts of money to emigrate to Israel they have chosen to stay. I think you can safely say they do not feel threatened.

          • Edward Benjamin

            That is another lie. He said “wipe out” Israel. Wretched apologists for his racism such as yourself have been spreading the lie about mistranslation for years. Pathetic.

            And those Jews are living under an apartheid regime in which they could be killed at any time. What do you think would happen if they expressed the desire to move to the ultimate target of that apartheid regime’s hatred?

            I also note again that the OVERWHELMING majority of Iranian Jews have already left, mostly for Israel. So much for not feeling threatened.

            And they have been offered no benefits other than those normally given to immigrants to Israel.

            Any other lies you wish to spread?

      • Arnie-Canada

        I agree with you that America needs to stop playing the role of world policeman. What do you think should be done about Syria ? Speaking about “violence”

      • Shido, you need to get out of your little imnaginary world where everyone loves the other. You sound like a 1970’s hippy. If the U.S. doesn’t get involved in the problems of the world someone else always will. If you can manage to think a little try thinking of how the world would be without the U.S. “interfering.” There would be no country of Columbia because it would be a drug territory controllled by Venezuela. You would be speaking either German, Russian, or Chinese right now. The very reason WWII started was because of idiots like you. If the U.S. had got involved in Europe earlier there would have been NO WWII. God, and people like you vote.

      • PTParks

        It is better to do unto others before they do unto you. You don’t wait for the rattlesnake in your backyard to bite you before you take steps to remove the menace.

      • bob

        You need Jesus!

      • Maurice

        You are an IDIOT

      • Jakewhite

        Shame on you for thinking it’s ok for Israel to have to live with an everyday fear of destruction from a lobbed nuke from savages… Shame on you!

      • Barley Hopps

        Shido, are you a blithering idiot or just a regular one? The Iranians don’t support violence? They not only support it, they export it, and in a big way! right now they are flooding syria with weapns to use on the Syrian dissidents. Turning the other cheek is great if you have one left to turn, but nuclear weapons don’t leave too much to do anything with once they are used, and Iran WILL use them if they have them unless they are prevented from doing so by a preemptive strike! Israel must protect her own self interests, especially when Iran through Ahmadinejad repeatedly threatens her with utter destruction. All coins have two sides, Shido. You should turn this one over and see what is on the opposite side from the one at which you are looking.

      • jon

        Left to its own and without American intervention we would all be speaking German and Japanese right now, your world view is that of a turtle with it’s head firmly pulled in. Childish and dangerous

      • Dave

        Support violence? Really wy dont you move to Isreal and then say something instead of your safe cozy home in the US. Iran has publicly said they will wipe Isreal off the face of the earth. Lets see hmm dont worry if they get a nuke they are a peacful nation. Do some homework, ck out what happend when we trusted Hitler.

      • Jersey Dave

        Would it be called violence if Iran dropped a nuke on somebody?

        That said, Iran’s own people want change in their government, and are the best hope to end this situation. Too bad nobody is supporting them like Reaga, Pope John Paul II and Thatcher supported Lech Walesa.

      • “shame in those who promote violence” – yes, exactly. Shame on Iran and all other muslim countries who want to obliterate Israel. Oh, wait, does “obliterate” mean something peaceful where you come from??

        • Fattony

          Read the full original article that you’re getting this quote from, and you’ll notice they just want to kick out the leaders of the so called “Zionist” regime. Seriously, are you allowing any and all propaganda snippets to become truth to you? You’re just what we need: a regurgitater of mass propaganda.

        • Brian

          3 points. The idiot Iranian president never said he wanted to wipe Israel off the map “The Zionist experiment will eventually fade into the pages of history” is what he said.
          2.Iranians are not arabs. (I really don’t know where some of you USA citizens get your information).
          3.Israel threatens Iran incessantly. If I were Iranian I’d be thinking in terms of ‘maybe we’d better protect ourselves’.

          • Buddy

            So, Israel ‘constantly threatens Iran’? Exactly how many rockests have the Israeis sent into Iran through their “terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah?” Oh wait, that’s right, Israel doesn’t have the equivalent of Hamas and Hezbollah. Instead, they have i million of the best-treated non-Jewish persons living in peace and prosperity in Israel, while being surrounded by 300 million Muslims who mostly live in abject poverty, and can think of nothing more productive than destroying the most democratic state in the entire area. Boy, do you have your facts screwed up. Go study the area and its history before you make any more idiotic comments.

          • Larz Blackman

            1. Yes, they did. And do you think Israel would risk their existence on a mistranslation?
            2. No one said Iran was Arab — but they are Muslim, and their leadership is of the “radical” strain.
            3. If you think Israel is the instigator against Iran rather than fighting for survival, you really don’t know up from down.

          • Edward Benjamin

            Again the pathetic lie about mistranslation. If you must shill for a racist and genocidal regime, at least have the courage not to lie about it.

          • Brian

            Not sure how this works but in reply to Buddy. I have spent 15 years visiting my daughter in the UAE and I can assure you that they do not live in abject poverty.
            Maybe you are unaware of your Mossad. I think the extremist islamist militias could learn a thing or two from them.
            I don’t need to study the area, I know it and have friends both Muslim and Jewish and even some Christians. Rockets? Explain Rachel Corrie.

          • Brian

            Yeah. Back again having read all the posts above. I’ve read your Bible and your Koran and many other Eastern texts but the worst must be your Talmud. Please don’t tell me this is about peace on earth. I’ve heard your Rabbis who say that 10,000 goyim’s lives are not worth the lives of one Jew. Who exactly are the racists?

      • shidup

        Shutup Shido.

      • JBM

        Quite obviously the world requires a “policeman.” That is just a fact because without a state playing the role of a policeman, war would be more prevelant than peace. Now given that fact, who shall it be. A state in the middle east? No. China? No. Russia? No. Europe? Wow! No. Even our “enemies” would concede that the United States is the only state worthy of such a role either morally, ethically, and militarily.

      • d.w.

        The U.S. is a force of GOOD in the world, always has been, hopefully always will be.

      • It is an amazement to me how the people for a peaceful world want everyone to think like they do and ignore the diversity that exists in all mankind. From generation to generation the same scenerio reemerges and recycles. There will always be those who desire peace and those that see no other way than War. Someone desiring to shake things up on both sides. On both sides lashing out to vendicate their platform. However, the peace folks often sound as offensive in their their choice of verbage as the aggtressors.

      • Is the pen really mightier than the sword? The pen has always allowed a confrontation to be prolonged until the aggressor has been allowed to poster themselves with allies. What might of been on the scale of a large skirmish become a cataclism. Hitler and Chamberland. Peace preparing for war. The US while not perfect is forced to do what Europe&Asia will not do with a determined hand. Police the World. I don’t like it but in this current world,who will? The world cannot let the gov’t of Iran have WMD capabilities.

      • Tony

        The US is seeking a political agreement. They are not wanting war. Israel is pushing war to protect their own people. That is their right and I for one know I have their backs along with most Americans.

      • Bob Ames

        We should have stood on the sidelines during WW2 and let the Axis take over the world instead.

        Geez. The things that people say.

      • Attibaa Taha

        I’m sad to see that the US has to police this British war agenda, and its very unfortunate to see what has become of this generation. Violence has been popular among us for years in order to prepare us for this ultimate showdown. This war has been planned for a long time, and by no means will they stop this machine. It will definitely be an ugly confrontation, but there is no sense in denying this British agenda. War is coming…..

      • Larz Blackman

        You haven’t really thought that through, have you? Keep your head in the sand and the world will naturally move toward despotism.

    • Robert

      Mark, Ditto. It’s inevitable since they openly say the U.S. and Israel must be destroyed. It’s their goal, their belief, their ultimate plan. Given the opportunity and the right weapon it’s a done-deal. It’s a bad situation but self-preservation for the entire region and the U.S. simply requires it, there is no other choice since they will not back down.

    • bob munro

      We may as well get ready for the inevitable attack , and the aftermath . Millions of crazy Muslims screaming and yelling and burning flags and stuff like that . I just won’t bother watching TV for a week or so .

      Another Middle East War …yawn .

    • Jake Truth

      Spoken like a true fascist.

    • Jim

      the talk is over

    • Patrick

      Iran already was taken out….BY THE CIA! Maybe if you knew anything about history, you might not sound so unintelligent.
      But, since you seem so hellbent on another war, I’d suggest 2 things:
      1) Google Operation Ajax, then look into a little incident called the Iran/Contra affair.
      2) Contact your nearest recruiter and enlist in the Army or Marines…..after all, advocating war while posting on the internet from the safety of your living room makes you a chickenhawk.

      • Edward Benjamin

        The “chickenhawk” argument makes no sense unless you believe that the only just government is a military dictatorship. If no one can decide on a war except people who will fight in it, then the only people who can govern are people in the military. By definition, you are arguing for a military junta as the only just form of government.

    • Robin

      LOL. For maybe/some-day wanting to produce the Bomb? If Iran did not want to produce the Bomb before the crippling US/EU sanctions…it sure as hell is thinking about it now. Who can blame them….after their scientists were murdered by Israeli Mossad?

      For all those armchair genrerals wanting to see Iran get ‘wasted’…..remember that Russia and China have said that they will support Iran if it is attacked. How Big do you feel now Mark?

    • Dr. Tom

      Bibi will not attack Iran until January, which is not too late, if Obama gives Israel certain goodies like a couple of the bunker busting, non-nuke, megabombs and delivery systems that Bibi needs and selected intel and guaranteed airspace. In return Bibi will wait and thus give Obama the Jewish vote needed to be reelected (particularly NY and FLA). Bibi holds all the cards and Obama will make noise but quietly give inHe is not a madman at all but a needed hawk in a time of a real threat to Israel survival.
      Dr. Tom

    • Mordred

      You do it then mr tough guy? Or enlist your sons and daughters to go do it. Its easy for you to sit back and talk crap, but let’s see what you do when its your hide on the line. You want to fight and die for a pathetic piece of land in the middle east, knock yourself out bro.

      • Edward Benjamin

        Again, if what you say is true, then the only just government possible is a military dictatorship, such as now exists in Egypt. The US has a long and proud history of civilian control over the armed forces, which often involves war leaders who lack combat experience. Franklin Roosevelt, for example, was never in a war. Was he a “chickenhawk”? Should he not have been allowed to lead World War II?

    • damian

      You’re beyond stupid. You’re lupid

    • DALE

      We need to drop a pulse bomb on a small city in Iran and send them back to the 12th century. Then let iran know this is their fate as well as other s who follow.
      We have the product, but only Israel has the balls

    • Novo

      Why, Mark? Please explain your statement and cite your reasons.

    • tea isstronger

      When does Ramadan begin. The first day of Ramadan would be a good day to drop all of those Jewish made 5th Generation Thermo-nuclears on Iran. The Arabs once attacked Israel on the first day of Yon-Kipur so its payback time. Lets mail jars of flash cream and welder’s goggles to Iran’s Red Crescent.

    • Obi

      Mark.I believe you`r from Iran,if you can say this.Or maybe you already asked the mothers and children`s,elders and parents and they all agreed to be “taken out”.How can you decide for the lives of so many innocent people who will die in this “taken out” action…you?…anyone?

    • Jocelyn

      Iran has so much to get with the bomb, and so much to loose using it … like all who has it ! We know so little about what are the real facts, if fear is the tool to rule this world, than i say they make a pretty good job !

    • DuncSun

      Look if Hitler had the bomb he would have simply told London,NYC,Moscow surrender or else.They would have and the world would be at peace today. To late now.All Iran has to do is take a pound of the enriched uranium go to our Empire State building and let a strong wind take the isotopes away into the lungs.1 gives you cancer. It is to late. The Great Equalizer is the bomb. I would use it on Iran if they did not”surrender” simple.

    • Iran should be loved by all Jews. After Nebukaneezar sacked the Capital City of Ancient Israel and took away the Tribe of Judah to Mesopotamia, It was king Cyrus of Persia who allowed 40,000 of the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall and the Temple of Herod though they were later occupied by next far off Empire,Rome. The vast majority of the Tribe of Judah stayed behind in thriving communities in Iraq and Iran and these People, the Jews of Dispersion actually came from Iran and Iraq and became the Bankers and managers of the Worlds City-States of Old. They converted the Aristocracy of the Khazars of the Caucus region to Judaism 1,000 years ago. Russia and Europe soon became under the control of the Khazars who won World War II and now rule the World from Jerusalem.

      The vast Majority of the Israelites of the Bible are now Muslims living in Iraq, Iran, and the Lost Ten Tribes who lived outside the walls of Jerusalem were taken away, 160 years before by Sargon the Assyrian War lord, and they were taken to the Lands beyond the Caspian Sea, They are the Pashtuns. Muslims are the Children of God. Thou shall not kill. Shalom.

      The Twelve Tribes of Israel

    • fredd hastings

      All countries with nukes should be taken out

    • Tom Gemignani

      I agree!

    • Fattony

      How do americans have the right to tell other countries what they can and can’t have? The US has by and large the biggest stockpile of nuke weapons: enough to kill all life on the planet ten times over, and yet we tell other nations ” we can have em, but you better not dare try to, otherwise, we’ll firebomb your civilians, bankrupt your nation through war ( we’ll bankrupt ourselves too, the civilians in the US won’t care so long as YOU don’t get what you want), and then, when it’s all over and time for the people to rebuild, we’ll send in the IMF, World Bank, etc; you’ll have to sacrifice natural resources to American contracting companies, then with monetary exchange rates and interest from the loans you take out to rebuild, we will ensure the total despotism of your nation. The world hates Americans not because of their ” freedom,” not because of equal rights, and not because we are the largest multinational empire in the history of the world. No, the world hates us because we are HYPOCRITES! We went to Iraq in the name of peace (twice), instigated civil war (also in Afghanistan), murdered close to one million civilians, and raped the natural recourse rights of said nation. We said it was because we wanted to spread democracy, and the world watched. They see hypocrisy, we flat out lied: we delivered democracy to these nations, and killed thousands of people. Americans want peace for the world, and we will kill as many as it takes in order to achieve that peace. EVERYONE THAT CALLS THEMSELVES AMERICAN NEEDS TO ADMIT TO THEMSELVES WHAT WE HAVE BECOME- WE ARE AN EMPIRE, WE NEED MORE RESOURCES EVERY DAY, AND THERFORE, NEED TO CONQUER MORE TERRITORY. EVERYONE, MAN WOMAN, CHILD, IS GUILTY OF DOUBLETHINK: a country that is a self proclaimed bastion of peace on earth that will annihilate any nation who takes their people on their own road to peace. After all, America hates competition

      • Edward Benjamin

        All countries are hypocritical, it is impossible not to be. Like it or not, the international realm is in a state of anarchy, and morality plays a very small role in how countries (or people) conduct themselves in such a situation. In a state of anarchy, power always lies with the stronger. It follows, then, that the good (or at least the better) should be stronger than the bad, even if they have to be hypocritical in the process. Hypocrisy is a far lesser evil than letting evil triumph.

    • They need quit blowing smoke up are butt,And go blow up them bunch of trads. Before a lot people get hurt .I say
      goo Israel go kick so ass. I will help

    • They need quit blowing smoke up are butt,And go blow up them bunch of trads. Before a lot people get hurt .I say
      go. Israel go kick some ass. I will help I got your back
      I love Israel

    • Jake Jones

      Iran has attaced no nation. Its its*real*lie that is the problem. The people of its*real*lie control the u.s. people in the u.s. need to kick them out of their nation.

      • Edward Benjamin

        Iran has attacked Israel several times using Hezbollah as its proxy. They have also sponsored terrorism throughout the world. In one racist war crime, they bombed a Jewish community center in Argentina.

    • Bob

      The population of Israel is about 7.5 million, which is one tenth that of Iran. Israel is only about 50 miles
      wide at it’s widest points and has a land mass slightly
      greater than the US state of New Jersey. A nation who is committed to the complete destruction of Israel could do so if it could get just a half dozen or fewer nuclear warheads over the cities of Israel. Due to the limited geographical size of Israel such a strike could literally “wipe Israel off the map” for more years than it has existed. Israel needs to strike within the next few weeks. (prior to the end of april) For political reasons it is best that Israel strike first and let the
      US an allies respond as required.

    • dmc

      you need to get a brain…..

    • BB

      Iran is a nation that has not attacked another country for 300 years.
      Iran has signed the NPT. Iran is a member of IAEA and they are under inspections and there are IAEA cameras at all facilities.

      None of these can be same about israel. Go do some reading.

      • Edward Benjamin

        Iran has attacked Israel several times through terrorist proxies such as Hezbollah.In any case, whether they have attacked others in the past is irrelevant; they regularly threaten to do so now and we take them at their word.

        The IAEA has just announced that their oversight is inadequate and they are being denied proper access to Iranian nuke sites.

        India and Pakistan also signed the NPT. They built nukes anyway. Countries often say one thing and do another when it is in their interest. Welcome to international politics.

    • youhateamerica

      be prepaired for 1/3 of the earths population to die acording to the bible starting from the area of the euphraties river…def will be nuclear…..just be ready..god said be ready

  • klesb

    Bibi knows “al taqiyya”, so the U.S. Muslim-in-Chief’s “I’ve got your back!” is clearly understood as to its “value”. Just do it, Israel! Godspeed!

  • What good is Israel’s stock market when the whole country is a smoking crater?

  • shido

    another false flag …….

    USrael is about to start another false flag attack! (remember the non existing weapons of mass destruction)

    This “NO PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION STRATEGY” might lead to a third world conflict sponsored by American tax payers!
    The only people who ever dropped an atom bomb were the Americans.

    I love the American People, but since Kennedy they had only corrupt presidents which give a shit about their own people

    • Alan D

      Iraq had those weapons and shipped them out of the country.

      There is no false information about Iran. They want the bomb and they want Israel gone. They will find a way to use that bomb if they get it and we will retaliate. That’s why retaliation must occur before that bomb is made and exploded who knows where.

      Pay a big price now or pay a much bigger price later. Take your pick.

    • Yes, in 1945, I believe. We are such bloodthirsty warmongers that we have possessed atomic weapons for more than six decades and only used them twice to end the most costly war in the history of mankind. The two bombs dropped in August 1945 also obviated the need for Operation Olympic, the invasion of Japan which would have cost hundreds of thousands of Japanese and American lives.

      Go spew your anti-American venom somewhere else.

    • James

      Israel cannot wait, it must be proactive and strike, and Israel will. As for presidents, I wish Ronald Reagan was still in office, he’d have the guts to warn Iran and also take action against them.

    • I love people like you. As for the Iraqi’s, Hussein had 17 UN resolutions to comply, every major intelligence source said he had WMD’s including France, Germany, Britain, Russia and the UN. We also know for a fact he planned on continuing his nuclear biological and chemical program, which we know he has used.
      As for dropping the bomb on Japan hiindsight is always 20/20. After being drawn into yet another EUROPEAN conflict we had to save them once again and being attacked by fanatics in Japan, I guess it was easier to drop the bomb then lose an estimated 2 million Americans as these fanatics protected their homeland. When Iran says repeatedly we are goingto wipe Israel off teh face of the Earth and we know they are actively pursuing nuclear weapons and they are the biggest sponsor of terror in the world, you think we should pull a Neville Chamberlain and declare “peace in our time”. Hey but don’t worry guy, we’ll do 90% if not all the work like always, sit home and drink your hot cocoa

    • Callahsr

      The non-existent WMD’s were moved into Syria just as we suspected back then. Hilary was recently talking about her concern over the amount they have.

    • white rose

      Why would you exclude Kennedy in corruptness. His old man was mob connected and stole the 1960 election in Illinois giving Kennedy the presidential victory. The day he was assasinated the House of Representatives was going to start an investigation about his activities and affair with a known German spy. His killing turned a crook into a false martyr.

    • Doug O

      “another false flag”??? So let’s get this straight, Iraq had no WMD?!? Then, please enlighten me, how did thousands of Kurdish people end up dead from chemical toxins if not from WMDs? And we find “nothing”!? Kurds simply poisoned themselves? I would believe that Iraq had no stock-piles of WMDs if we had at least found a few, but “nothing”????? Something is just not right. Don’t fall for all the media-hype “No Iraqi WMDs, Bush Lied”, just stop and think for yourself.

    • Yeah…6000 spining high speed centrifuges….perhaps Iran is just making lattes. Typical Dufus.

    • Matty13

      Oh, look. I learned a new phase, “False Flag”. I think I’ll use that every chance I get!

    • BDD_1970

      So, Eric Holder says it is okay for us to assassinate people to prevent what we think is violence against the US but we want to deny Isreal the same latitude, got it, hypocrisy again. The problem with Iran’s nuclear ambition is that waiting until it is too late is not an option. Isreal has hit targets in Iran like this before and it was not an all out war. Also, if the US and UN are so set at preventing a war with Iran over so called energy needs nuclear plants why don’t we build them and give everyone in the region power and supervise the plants? Because everyone knows it is a lie.

    • sugarfoot

      Where were you when the bomb went off?

    • JamesD

      “(remember the non existing weapons of mass destruction)”

      Do you mean the 18 trucks and trailer loads of WMD’s that Syria received from Iraq right before the war that our State Department worries Syria will possibly use?

    • DeVoid

      Corropt as opposed to yours?

    • By A Neck

      U a jew hater or something, Mr Nerdo?

    • Dan Ervin

      Shido, maybe you should ask the Kurds about those “non existing” weapons of mass destruction.

    • Edward Benjamin

      The Americans dropped an atom bomb to avoid an invasion that would have killed millions. As for your “false flag” conspiracy theories, the less said the better.

      And Kennedy was probably the worst president of the 20th century. Ironically, considering your concerns about the atom bomb, he was responsible for almost starting a nuclear war with the USSR.

    • tony c

      We dropped Atomic Bombs, Why dont you learn why we dropped them,maybe you will sound intelligent.

    • I hate it when people complain about that atom bomb thing. The Japanese had it coming, and millions of lives were saved on both sides. “USrael” .. that is clever.

    • Duncan Renaldo

      WARNING flags for the world. Heed them or reap the consequences.

      There will be dozens of large smoking craters in Iran before the end of the year. Blame the terrorist Islamofascist dictatorship there.

      Iraqi WMDs are in Syria, where we will be destroying them shortly.

      The days of reckoning are coming. . . .

    • dave

      your comments are so poorly written they don’t make any sense. also- the kennedy’s were some of the more corrupt people in american political history.

    • Bill Gee

      Hey… you’re a Ron Paul fan aren’t you?
      Let’s be nice to everyone and then they’ll like us…

      Go back and stick your head in the sand and play make believe!

    • GogogoStopSTOP!

      Kennedy believed in invading Cuba. He realized the insidious nature of Communism: Communism talks talks peace, but enslaves everyone they can put their heel on.

      Shido, your a Communist American Liberal aren’t you? Would you redo Nagasaki or would you send 100,000+ young Americans to their certain death as we invaded the Islands of the Rising Sun?

      • Brian

        Japan had already petitioned for surrender when those bombs were dropped. Only fanatic Japanese soldiers would have continued to fight.
        Learn history before making such rash statements.

    • Paul Supporter

      Shido, I think you’re onto something here. Iran is threatening, and trying to convince other OPEC members, to change from the American dollar to the Euro as the currency by which their oil is traded. Saddam Hussein did this in the late 90’s – early 2000. Coincedence?

    • Dave

      Cheer up. Another war means the economy will improve.That means more money in your pocket.

    • Shido’s-daddy


      Ignorant comments from an ingnorant person…..

      True or False, Iran openly speaks of wiping Israel off the planet?

      True or False, Iran openly boasts the are enriching uranium.

      True or False, Iran openly supports groups that attack Israel almost daily. (Hezbollah, etc)

      And you want to discus WWII and a POTUS from over 50+ years ago? Moron.

    • PTParks

      My God, you’re tedious and boring. Go pedal your “everyone is a victim” tripe somewhere else.

    • Joel Zimmerman


    • Arnie-Canada

      shido-another false flag…..

      Saddam Hussein did not live to see the Arab Spring. His partners in crime- Saleh from Yemen, Zine al-abadeen from Tunis, and Mubarrak of Egypt were humanisitic enough to let go without too many deaths. But Moammar Gadaffi, and Bashar Assad were cut from the same cloth as Saddam Hussein. Killers without remorse. Whether or not WMD’s were found the man was eliminated therefore avoiding him killing his own people.

    • Chris

      The American people do not love you back. We think you are a spineless idiot.

    • Buck O’Fama

      You are too stupid to be commenting, sell your computer and buy some weed.

    • mark

      World war 2 : united states said it’s not our war until they got slams by Japan, England said it’s not our war until they got hit etc, a pre emptive strike avoids war ,iran is germany in today’s time ,not just a threat to israel but to the entire world ,why are all the muslim countries worried ? you think they will stop by Israel ? they want to spread and force sharia law don’t you get it .

    • hebramleigh

      If you are unconcerned about Iran having nukes, then you are either a complete fool or support their terroristic regime. Once they get a working bomb, the Iranians can increase their terrorism and threaten to nuke anyone who acts against them. This is a nation led my a “supreme leader” who has openly said Iran’s state policy is to bring about world domination by Islam.

      So, which are you, an idiot or a supporter of terrorism?

    • Allan

      Your use of profanity only shows that you are lacking in good manners and the ability to carry on a civil conversation. This unfortunately is normal for the hate America crowd that constitutes the major portion of the occupy movement and the left in this country.

    • Cuul

      It would be a false flag attack if it was assumed that Iran had a nuclear bomb. They’re just making sure they don’t. Big difference. If you were the President of a country and responsible for the lives of your citizens, you would just sick back and take your chances, right? That’s pretty ignorant.

    • mariner34

      Watch “Jews for Ron Paul” by Walter Block

    • Blueduck


      America is the only country to have used the atomic bomb. However, Japan is the only country in the world that has deserved it. The 140K that died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki would have paled before the 12 million civilian deaths projected if the main islands had been invaded, plus another 1 million American casualties. The A-bombs were merciful. Get your head out of your butt.

    • jimmy

      Kennedy was such a good Muslim role model, bedding as many women as he could, while he was married.

    • john dilznik

      The only false flag is you shido. The false flag that it is o.k. to let any nation have a nuclear weapon. Your “we are the only nation to ever drop a nuclear bomb” tells me your logic is weak and nobody in your family was going to be asked to invade the Japanese mainland. I suppose you will now offer up a tidbit on how the US started WWII.

      PS- your assertion that Kennedy was the last good president is very telling.

    • joseph

      Shido….go back to whatever leftist country you came from. If you don’t want to be pro-active and stop Iran BEFORE they get the bomb, then what’s you alternative…..waiting for them to get the bomb at which time they will try to force Sharia Law at the point of an atomic weapon???? And you say “I love the American people”……yeah, right…..You make me sick.

    • Dave

      Shido, Do you know why the US dropped 2 bombs? A tough call but it saved over 1 million lives, Allied and Japanese, but I’m sure you forgot that part. And the part where the US was attacked?? Did you pay attention in history class?

    • joe

      hey shido….do you know how ignorant you sound…. someday you will be a grown-up and understand the world is a dangerous place that always has evil men who want to do stupid things… e.g.: the mullahs, hitler, stalin, etc… wise up… maybe if you lived in Israel or world war 2 poland you might be enlightened. “walk a mile in their shoes” Without America this world would be so much worse… Thanks to Russia and China, Iran is allowed to do evil things…

      • China does evil things, like loan the U.S. money…oh yea let’s not forget stock your local walmart with shoddy crap you just can’t live without.

        • youhateamerica

          this is very true

      • zK

        Dear joe …
        what evil things had or is Iran doing? Building nukes? hei…don’t be stupid…amerincas build nukes too…isn’t that a bad thing? doesn’t that make america doing “evil things”?

    • Art

      Obama is playing the part of Great Britain’s WWII Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain, who argued that Germany was not a danger to world peace, but Israel, unlike those that do not study history will not be fooled.

      Oh and shido if you really studied history you would know that Kennedy almost started a WWIII by invading Cuba (the Bay of Pigs) then deciding at the last moment to support his invaders…which scared Castro into allowing the USSR to put missles on Cuba soil, which led to the blockade and one step from nuclear holocaust.

      • Art

        correction …decided NOT to support his invaders

    • Jason

      You actually dont think that Sadaam hid those weapons by trucking them to Syria when he had a chance? Also if Iraq didnt have WMDs then tell me…what did he use to slaughter the Kurds? By definition WMDs are chemical, biological or nuclear weapons so maybe you either didnt know that or you are unable to add 2+2.

    • Fattony

      Don’t forget that Kennedy was the first president to request full on censorship of the media because of national security. I bet you’ve listened to the audio recording many people tout as his “final speech” against secret societies. Read the full transcript of that speech and see that what he wanted was for the media to consult with white house staffers any time a political news article awaited publication or airtime.

    • John Wayne

      All Politicians are corrupt. Not just U.S. Presidents.

    • Joe M.

      In regards to your “non existent” WMD accusation. I’m quite sure that your’e an individual who isn’t very educated.

      So what I decided to do, was educate you on WMDs.
      Here is the definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      “Weapons that are capable of a high order of destruction and/or of being used in such a manner as to destroy large numbers of people. Weapons of mass destruction can be high explosives or nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological weapons, but exclude the means of transporting or propelling the weapon where such means is a separable and divisible part of the weapon.”

      Hussein was using MUSTARD GAS to destroy his country men. I’m quite sure, we (Americans) wouldn’t have fought for the death of one, or two, people who were executed my the use of MUSTARD GAS. He was using his country men as TEST SUBJECTS for the effects of the gas. The reason he was doing this was to keep it for his country and use it against his enemies.

      I fought in this war. I was there. I saw this actually happen. If you live in America, you should be ashamed. Your ignorance is ridiculously overwhelming for everyone in this thread.

      Congratulations, you have just been owned.

      I win. Your’e an idiot.

      P.S. Learn english before you try and use it as a weapon against us. Thank you.

    • SF

      It’s funny you should mention Kennedy as the last good President of the US. Maybe I forget but wasn’t Bay of Pigs on his watch?

      Eisenhower was no angel but it seems he said something about the danger posed by the “industrial military complex.” Aren’t those the “war profiteers”?

      “Remember the Maine!” No war, no glory, no profits and no headlines to sell papers?

  • David from San Diego

    I understand why people believe Israel tricked us into invading Iraq. I understand why people hate Israel for the harm it did to us through Jonathan Pollard, and other spies. I understand why people hate Israel for attacking the U.S.S. Liberty.
    However, the Iranian government wants to start Armageddon so their Anti-christ will rise up out of a well and subjugate the whole world with their Satanic Sharia. The Ayatollahs would use nukes against the U.S. in a heartbeat. And they don’t need ICBMs to get them here. The only way to solve the Iran problem is with the total destruction of the Islamo-fascist regime. While we’re at it, we need to take out their nukes.

    • SF

      So what about Saudi Arabia? Weren’t 19 of the 20 9/11 terrorists supposedly from Saudi Arabia?

      Just think what the mere pittance spent by them has done to freedom in America.

      It seems strange that nobody seems to remember D. B. Cooper, and his imitators, and the resultant call, by the pilots themselves, to harden the entrance to cockpits of commercial airliners in, if I recall correctly, 1974.

      Oh, well, as the Fugs put is so well in “Nova Slum Goddess,” “…history’s no mystery
      Blast the past”

      It’s not as if we didn’t have a couple of clues, the plane landing in Red Square and another one on the White House lawn. Oh, right the

  • sheep

    i dont see how just about everyone here is so gung-ho about killing people. i’m an american christian who usually votes republican. but i’m smart enough to realize that real people live in iran and bombing a nuclear facility would kill thousands upon thousands of people and contaminate major areas of the country. that being said, they should just give up their program, and any hopes of nuclear power because it seems the rest of america and israel already smells the blood that is about to be on our hands. THOU SHALT NOT KILL.

  • And another thing for you war mongering freaks to ponder…why did they send the USS enterprise into the straights of Hormuz… because that ship is due to be decommissioned this year…yea let’s just this NUCLEAR powered aircraft carrier to play in Iran’s war games. Hell it costs a lot of money to decommission. A nuclear ship maybe with a little luck the Israelis will oblige us with another USS Liberty.

  • Another astroturfed war, for the gullible public to sigh and wave flags over.

  • Its all about the petro dollar boys and girls. We should be kicking that Saudi shuck prince in the ass for saying oil would not get over a hundred bucks a barrel. And incidently all oil is traded in us bucks…thank Richard tricky dick Nixon for that. Since these Iranian sanctions by western powers, Iran has been trading their sweet crude to india, china, N.Korea etc, for gold, rupees, yuanand things that go boom. And upsetting the rotten apple cart otherwise known as your petri dollar banker.

  • Eric

    What if Iran destroys Israel? How can they be the chosen people if they are all dead.

  • RadarRecon

    Sure wish there were a “Like” or thumbs up or down on each comment. There are some really good ones.

  • James

    I came here by mistake, but could not help commenting:

    To make the world a better place let us nuke this place along with all the Christian zionists and most of DC, NY, Miami and LA. Then peace might have a chance.

  • Jim

    The fact that some of the Iranian sites are deeply buried and well hardened is irrelevant. The equipment used to enrich bomb material are made like precision swiss watches. Even if the bomb does not completely penetrate the bunker the shock of multiple massive explosions will turn Iran’s thousands of enrichment centrufgals into junk. Also the sites deep in the ground will most likely become contaminated with their own nuclear material. It will be a total mess.

    • Ken Souza

      Great points. I totally agree.

      • Chaplain Mike

        Does the World have a choice??

        • Chaplain Mike

          Does the world have any choice?

      • DHS

        Stratfor emails suggest Iranian facilities have already been destroyed. I guess it depends on who you trust, and who pays you….

    • Eric

      The Iranians never considered what you have brought up. They just wasted a lot of money, time, and effort to put these sites underground. A nation of 70 million brown people is really stupid.

    • wtzlprmf

      Look, it was a bad idea in the first place to plant the Israelis back into Palestine. There will be no peace until they leave or make it clear to to the world that they are in charge. I hate that they have this conflict, but it is their conflict and not mine.

    • mark

      Those bunkers also have to have entryways and air exchangers at the surface level which can be destroyed. At the very least these facilities can be shut down for an indefinite period of time while the mullahs figure out if it’s been worth the trouble.

      It seems to me we should be making it very clear that the bombing will take place and that time is short for Iran. That way there will be time for anyone living near these labs to have a plan for a speedy move to a safer neighborhood once the noise starts.

    • sam

      The Reprecussions will be horrendous…

    • DeVoid

      Your right on. Furthermore there are power, water, data lines going in and out, all vunerable. Just getting close cracks walls and ceilings. Then of course collapsing the entrances will occur. I still say hit half the power generation plants too. The people will demand what power is left leaving all military programs “off”

    • Rhadagastt

      Very interesting. Did not know that.

    • Doug

      Jim, the Iranian air defenses will probably give at least a little warning. The sensitive equipment can be turned off.

      In a bunker 400 some feet deep into solid rock, with equipment mounted on cushions or pallets, there would likely be little or no damage from the size bomb the Israeli air force can carry.

      Surgical strikes cannot be expected to do the job. It should be noted that nobody puts a civilian nuclear energy program’s equipment in such a bunker, though.

    • GogogoStopSTOP!

      Even if they had to dig out for a few years, that would be a few more years that Israel would be UNBOMBED, UN-NUKED!!! Sounds like a plan to me!

    • sharkey

      Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has stated publicly many times that he wants to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Plus he has also stated publicly that he wants to annihilate the United States of America. Israel no doubt takes Ahmadinejad at his word, as should the United States of America.

      If, or rather, when Israel strikes Iran’s nuclear facilities, the United States should work with Israel in every possible way, so as to insure an Israeli victory and to minimize Iran’s military retaliation in the region after the fact. Iran’s military and its weaponry need to also be taken out, not just Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities.

      Sadly, Barack Hussein Obama may talk a good talk but I can assure you Benjamin Netanyahu isn’t relying on Barack Obama’s word that he has Israel’s back. Obama as recently as 2011 tried to feed Israel to the “sharks” when he suggested that Israel must reduce its borders to pre-1967 levels in order to appease the terrorist Palestinians and further the peace process. But it would have put Israel in severe jeopardy and would have made Israel basically indefensible against their surrounding enemies, including Hamas, Hezbollah and neighboring countries like Syria and Egypt.

      In other words, Barack Obama has said many things and promised many things in the past. But his track record for keeping his promises has been abysmal and severely lacking.

      Since three of the four Republican presidential candidates vigorously support and defend the state of Israel, it would behoove the American people to vote Barack Obama out of office in November, in order to insure an American president who will “truly” have Israel’s back and would support Israel in every way possible in their attack on the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism, the blatantly evil Iranian regime.

      Saudi Arabia doesn’t want Iran to get nukes either. And neither does any other country in the Middle Eastern region from what I understand. A nuclear armed Iran is simply unacceptable. Every civilized country in the world understands that. Obama might say it’s unacceptable too. But words and “actions” are two different things. Obama says he’ll do one thing, but many times he’ll turn right around and do something else, and sometimes even the exact ‘opposite’ of what he said he would do. How can anyone trust a person like that? I know I don’t.

    • Hugh Dame

      Jim is correct. In addition to this, I believe a rational approach, barring the Iranian fanatics letting the IAEA inspectors into every nuclear site, Is to do some great Cruise missile, B2 and F117 raids on their CCC sites (including their central government offices and major bases) and let the good Iranian people have a chance at survival. They will have none if the madmen Imams use nuclear warfare.

    • JimB

      I seem to recall that the greatest danger would be from the fluoride in gaseous uranium hexafluoride in the process of being enriched. The danger from radiation would be fairly low.

  • tonyl

    I guess Iran has the same right as Israel. Iran will respond with all it’s ability with force. It’s naive to think Iran will take it and not respond. In fact this could be extremely dangerous for the whole world at large specially the middle east. This war could cost tremendously for US. We could get wrapped up in another war for 10 to 15 more years at least. I wonder our policy makers are in their right minds after the two expensive wars with 16 trillion in debt and thousands of young soldiers dead.

  • Mona

    Netanahu is a real leader…..he has fought the fight years ago and he knows of which he speaks, you young punk morons need a history book…..but get the audio because its clearly obvious you cannot read

    • Gonzo

      Netanyahu is a real leader ?… What a joke you are… He’s a real deranged psychopath.

      I very much agree with what Gordon Duff, Senior Editor of Veterans Today wrote this last Sunday:

      “The week is a minor one. Netanyahu will be in Washington at the behest of the oil lobby, pretending to scare Iran to death.
      The entire thing is an act, Netanyahu pretending he is a world leader, running a patch of sand, a few concentration camps.
      Add in to that a population largely made of people suffering from the collective delusion that they had been awarded the land of others by an invisible supernatural being with psychopathic tendencies.”

    • john disney

      he is a nutcase

    • Jim

      Read a histpry book-you mean like the attack on the USS LIBERTY, which was an ‘accident’?

      Ever heard of false flags? Israel has 300 nukes, Iran doesn’t have one.

      Take your propaganda somewhere else. You want Israel to attack Iran? Fine-just don’t expect us to be Israel’s bitch (anymore).

    • Amen. The U.S. could use they type of leadership being displayed by Netanyahu. I hope he holds firm and does what needs to be done.

    • Jay

      Well said. Netanyahu is a real leader, unlike our sissified, spineless, feckless muslim-leaning Marxist-in-Chief who undoubtedly hates both Israel and America.

    • SilverGOlfer

      People should be more informed before calling Netanahu a ‘real leader’. This real leader was at the helm during the massacres in Lebanon in 1982. Do you really expect the entire world to sit idly by and watch Israel bomb Iran and Lebanon again? The world will go into a deep recession if we allow Israel to attack, with allow being the operative word because it our weapons, technology, funding and backing that allow them to be our proxy in Iran. We run the risk of uniting the Shiites and Sunnis in the Arab world and we’ll be in deep trouble should that occur. Israel doesn’t have to worry – we can always step in as we did in the 73 war when it looks like they’re about to lose.

    • Mike

      Amen Mona, Shalom

    • Chris

      How funny is it that she told younger people to get the book and implied they couldn’t read.

      Maybe you should go back to school for basic grammar. You made several elementary mistakes that are quite embarrassing for a native speaker. Its/It’s, really? We learn about that in what, third grade? Second grade?

      Maybe it’s who needs the audio version…

    • alan

      I listened to the mans speech last night. What an impressive leader the guy is. Then I think of Obama and Im like, wtf did we get stuck with. In fairness to him, I said the same thing with GWB and of the republican candidates.

      • aLgORE

        Look Obama, here’s what a REAL leader does.

        There is no ass too small or big to kiss for our current administration of socialist community organizers with ZERO real life or job experience. The world laughs at them and all of us.

        Purposeful overwhelming of our economy, added entitlements to increase the do-nothing voterbase, instigating class warfare, the list goes on and on.

      • whitey

        Alan good point but the American people voted them in. We the people need to be a little more pro active as Barry didnt vote himself in but a dumbed up voting group got caught up drinking the Koolaid while switching channels on American Idol

      • josh

        diddo the problem is there is a group of people out there who voted because of color and not because of a persons ability.

    • IndyMason

      I couldn’t agree more. His speech clearly showed the difference between a great leader and a community organizer.

    • Marcos

      how typical to throw out attacks against people and name calling, while you advocate for the Israeli leadership to commit war crimes. there is no justifiable reason to wage war on Iran either via moral code or international law. Your attitude about his leadership and his advocacy for war is deeply saddening to those of us with a moral conscience and an intellect that see beyond the veil of propaganda and avarice.

  • CleanFun

    Our administration is governed by fear. They’re more concerned with the “day after” than 20 – 100 years from now. I’ve found that if you hit hard enough, the day after is pretty quiet.

    • finally some real talk here,time for the brave to get to work!

    • Laura

      Just look at what happened to Japan after WWII. Terrorists love an excess of diplomacy. It keeps their enemies talking instead of smacking the @#*&! out of them.

    • Joseph Gwaychee

      Very well said. I am in agreement with you. I’ve ALWAYS said that if you hit the nail with might and squarely on the head, you never have to hit it a second time. Thus we think alike in one way.

    • tom jones

      Amen to that

    • whirlwinder

      Great observation. You know that the liberals never learned how to fight a war to win.

    • BigR


  • Tom Clok

    Personally, I think the next time ANY Arab attacks any of our allies we should make Meca glow in the dark and then have planes drop millions of gallons of pig blood all over their land. The hell with those bastards.

    • DV1252x

      Iranians are not Arabs. They’re Persians. Just thought you’d want to know. And yes, there is a difference, at least to them.

    • Hrs high hhggf

      I love you.

    • Eric

      Yeah but what about the Iranians most of whom are not Arabs.

    • Lisa Farmer

      You’re kidding right, Tom Clok? When have Arabs attacked any allies? Who are allies? What are you talking about? Are you really stupid? Or just pulling our legs?

      A couple of points from the US perspective:

      1) Does Isreal have nuclear weapons?

      2) Is Israel a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?

      3) If 1) is “yes”, and 2) is “no”, then Isreal may no longer receive any US aid, by law.

      4) Is Iran a signatory to the treaty? (yes)

      5) Has Iran passed all required inspections? (yes)

      Now you know more. Let’s have some peace in this world.

      By the way, concern with Zionism is not anti-semitism.

      Also, I’m pretty sure the USS Liberty was deliberately attacked by Israel.

      Peace be with you all.

      • obvious

        Finally! Someone who remembers the question(s).

        Well said Lisa.

        btw religion isn’t the answer and neither is war. Unfortunately some ppl don’t understand sarcasm.

        • bob

          You are correct religion isn’t the answer nor war but Christ is the answer. He is the way the truth and the life no one come to God except through Him.

        • DHS


      • Jacky O

        Have you ever noticed that brain damaged liberals, like yourself, often preface their comments with nonsensical questions that reveal the depth of the vacuum in their minds? How in the world do folks like you find your way home at night? That’s My question.

      • Rob

        Lisa I think You are the one that is acting stupid.
        Arabs have attacked our allies in Lebanon where over 300 American soldiers perished. Arabs have attacked our allies and our embassies in east Africa where hundreds have been murdered. Arabs have blown up thousands of Israelis our allies, and westerners our allies in Israel whether they lived there or were visiting the holy land. Arabs in Egypt have murdered western Tourists. Arabs have hijacked Air France,and detoured it to Uganda in 76. Arabs like Ghaddafi ordered Pan Am flight103 from London to be blown up. And Im sure that You possibly have heard that the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were ALL Arabs Who chose International Business sites of Our allies to be a target for Thousands burning in a few hours.

      • larry

        Iran has passed all required inspections ? Your kidding, Right ?

      • chris

        Lisa Farmer – You are kidding, right!?
        Iran has NOT passed all recent inspections! In fact, that is part of the most recent dissatisfaction concerning Iran. One can forgive Tom for refering to all muslim terrorists, that have killed American soldiers, beheaded citizens and sworn themselves to the destruction of Israel AND the United states, as Arabs. After all, one towel head looks just like another.

      • Dan

        Lisa your a naive fool. Do you really think Iraq is honest. It says in the Koran that to lie to a Jew or a Christian is to do a holy act. Your a frightened coward who believes what makes you the most comfortable. Your so open minded your bring fell out. But then it is eaiser to follow blindly liberal thought than to think for yourself.

      • 9 11 is too far back,planes exploding mid air are just some minor mistakes ,suicide attacks are not relevant?!!! we cannot think alike cause we do not share same blood,you have your roots in Abraham and are blinded by hate for the jews,not that they are good or evil which they may bee but hopping to annihilate them once in for all,which may not ever happen because its says so in the bible ,it is tough for my dog not to kill ships and he seems sorry to do so but the meat makes him sleep good peace on you all

      • coco9

        Lisa one of the most sober, correct and intelligent assessment of the situation. In fact we should have a nuclear free Middle East including Iran, Israel, India and Pakistan. If we achieve these goals, the world would be a much safer place to live and disarm the sable rattles who have but one thing in mind to gain wold dominance in destroying our planet. So lets act before the damage is done.

        • jim mullett

          Hi coco9,

          How should we tell Israel, India & Pakistan that we would like a nuclear free Middle East (which does not incude India & Pakistan BTW)?

          Hey guys do us a favor and dismantle your nukes. Thanks. Talk with ya later.

        • jbm59

          this is possibly the most idiotic paragraph i have ever read.

        • Mo Better

          We should also have a chicken in every pot, a car in every garage. People should love and respect each other at all times and every dispute should be settled with a marshmallow fight (pillows if the matter is especially troubling).

          We should also revert to the Flat Earth philosophy that no one ever, should be harmed in any way – therefore, we should level the mountains and fill the valleys, takes the curves out of the roadways and round the edges off every object, lest someone, sometime would be injured.

          Unfortunately, the militant Mohammadens don’t believe in peace – they want to destroy you, your family, everything you have and everything you believe in – because you are an infidel and their religion of hate dictates you should convert of lose your head.
          Iran wants to kill off the Little Satan first (Israel) and then the Big Satan – us.

          Get a clue, get a life!

        • Scott Campbell

          Pardon me for being blunt, but that is extremely naive. Israel is a TINY nation surrounded by huge countries, with huge populations, all of which want it destroyed. Taking away Israel’s nuclear weapons would make it a sitting duck should the Arab countries be able to form a cohesive army against it. Anti-war and anti-nuke sentiments are, unfortunately, pie in the sky dreams…….

        • Doug

          Who will bell the cat? Israel, India, and Pakistan have for decades kept the nuclear peace. None of those nations talks of wiping others off the face of the earth. Each has security concerns that drove them to acquire the weapons, and each has fairly good reason for those concerns. They cannot be forcibly dispossessed of their weapons, and they can’t be talked out of them.

          The region isn’t going to be nuclear-free. The question is whether Iran shall join the club.

          Do they face a hostile Pakistan, armed to the teeth and ready to invade? Or is it Iraq they’re worried about?

      • Lisa, your questions assume that Israel and Iran are morally equivalent, when we all know that Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism, is not governed by the popular support of its people, and has been caught red-handed kidnapping and murdering US soldiers in Iraq. It also assumes Iran has been forthcoming with the IAEA, again something we know to be false.

        Iran is not an Arab state; it is a Shiite Muslim theocracy that preaches how the End Times can be hastened if they provoke the war with the Great Satan. They have threatened to nuke Israel the day after they create their first Bomb, and the Israelis take Iran seriously. We should, too. Do we let them have a Bomb? Then everyone in the Middle East will work to have one, and the world will see a nuclear war because the batshit crazy fanatics will start one.

        Unless the mullahs fall from power, or their weapons program is severely damaged or destroyed, they will have a nuke in the near future. The West has dinked around and wasted time until there aren’t any good options… just bad and worse ones.

        • anoniemoss

          Right. Wasn’t it Israel who just repeatedly assassinated foreign scientists in their own country using crude methods?

          Let me spell out what their actions said: Do what “we” want or “we” will scare you into behaving. That, by definition, is terrorism.

        • Lisa Payne

          Well stated. The truth of the matter.

        • armbow

          Well said Obijohn!How someone can compare Israel to Iran is complete idiocy.(Lisa)What people don’t seem to understand is that countries like Iran,Syria & any other country controlled by mullahs obtain nuclear weapons is like giving them a car bomb that has 100,000 times more capacity to do damage!You cannot let terrorists have or get the means to develop nuclear weapons.Netanyahu and Israel need to strike first and take out Irans nuclear capacity no matter how sophisticated it is at this point in time before they do develop a nuclear weapon!

        • Chuck

          Well said Obijon

        • Stan in Texas

          Well said.

          1) Iran states their intentions
          2) Iran makes preparations
          3) Iran makes threats
          4) Iran makes threats
          5) Iran makes threats
          6) etc….

          If I say repeatedly that if I had a gun I would come to your house and kill you and F_ck your daughter and your dog, would you be concerned when I got a gun? Would you wait until I came to your house? Would you wait until I raped your daughter to try to save your dog?

          Get real people……….Israel believes the threats of Iran. Wouldn’t you?


        • aze

          when you yap about the religious bat s—crazies you sound like you are talking about republicans. the religious zelots of all faiths want the same thing. that the world will end and only they will be saved.

      • Rico

        A couple of answers. Israel is a U.S. ally. Israel has been engaged in 13 wars – all involving Arabs. Of these wars, the Arabs struck first in roughly half. Nonproliferation treaties are pieces of paper, and irrelevent to predicting or justifying the actions of any nation. Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the map. It has the will and the means to make good on its vow. Iran has already been engaged in a proxy war with Israel for years. Whatever happens to Iran will be the result of its own overreach, and for the record, your beloved “Arab” friends will be glad when it happens.

        • Gonzo

          Iran never vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the map. That was a mistranslation done on purpose by Israeli translators wanting to aow lies and discord. That lie has been perpetuated far and wide by the Zionist controlled main stream media.

        • Lisa Payne

          Yes, another opportunity to murder in the name of allah with more terrorism.

        • cb

          At least someone gets it.

        • Chuck

          Another intelligent comment…Rico

        • Josef

          With all due respect, the president of Iran never said that. If you don’t happen to read Farsi, you can get good English translations. He said history will remove Israel from its pages. This got turned around in the hysterical press which is where you apparently gobbled it up. Basically, the idea that this was a threat is not true.
          As far as real reasons go, examine the economic change from dollars for oil to gold/ribles/rupees for oil. It might be significant.
          Finally, war mongering is fine from an arm chair, but most fat-bellied, poorly-educated, beer-swilling war enthusiasts haven’t seen the effects of war close up. It really helps to open up those tiny little brain cells.

        • The right and left sides of the isle have different views on foreign policy. The left believes in treaties for peace as a means of curbing the threat of violence. I mean, peace treaties have worked so well in the past (sarcasm emphasized). The right believes that a strong show of force is the best deterrent. I have always likened the Arab Nations to a three year old. They believe in a fictional character and make huge decisions which impact the rest of the world based on that belief. The left is the parent that lets the three year old continue in that belief, even though its dangerous, because they don’t want to upset the child. The child then becomes a self entitled brat that no one wants to be around. The right is the parent that paddles the child, instructs the child, and teaches the child about the consequences of its actions. The child becomes a well rounded successful contributing member of society. Israel obviously knows something about the Iranian Nuclear program. If Israel feels a need to strike first, trust me, there is a reason.

          • Brian

            Sadly, many in the West also believe in a fictional character that they call Jesus of Nazareth.
            The Israelis are not without their own myths.
            The followers of Islam are not the only ones lost in a mythical universe.

      • Lisa, why don’t you move to Teheran and submit to Sharia law? Your anti-Semitism bleeds through your every word.

      • Alan D

        Sorry, Lisa. You’ve been brainwashed. Iran is a nation full of loose cannons and not anywhere near as civilized as Israel and certainly not as civilized as our “pretend friend” Pakistan, which could suddenly become a very dangerous enemy with the nuclear weapons they have at their disposal.

        Iran has a nuclear weapons program and will not stop advancing it on it’s own. The Iranians need help. We and our staunchest ally in the Middle East (Israel) are ready to assist Iran in disarming. Unfortunately, it will likely take a massive attack on Iran to complete that assistance. War works much better than trust in taming nations full of madmen.

      • Edward Benjamin

        I love how racist haters of Israel and the Jews always babble about “peace” after vomiting their lies and slanders on us. Nonetheless, here is the truth: Israel is suspected to have nuclear weapons, but it has pledged never to use them in a preemptive manner; considering its neighbors racist and genocidal intentions toward it, I think this is a surprisingly moderate policy. Israel is NOT a signatory to the non-proliferation treaty and is in violation of no treaty in this regard. If Iran is a signatory, then its nuclear development is a violation. It has NOT passed all required inspections, as the IAEA (hardly a bastion of pro-Israel sentiment) has recently confirmed. “Concern” with Zionism may not be antisemitism in theory, but in all practical terms it has become so, rendering your claim irrelevant.

        As for the USS Liberty, the Israelis thought it was an Egyptian ship, which has not stopped racist haters like you from spinning conspiracy theories around it for decades.

        In short, stop hiding your racist hate behind hypocritical claims of “peace.” If you really want peace to be with us all, you would not have such vicious hatred in your heart for Israel.

      • YankeeI

        And I thought Fantasy Island was simply an old TV show. Guess not, you still live there! Wow!

      • Joe

        Hey moron,did arabs attack our aiiies.911,marine bases,USS Cole.If our president had any huevous His message would be simple.Get on board or we will have the airforce and the navy use your country as a bombing range,I’ll have the USMC blacktop your entire country,then I’ll have the army park our tanks there.Congrats,I heard your camel is pregnate again.Lachaim

      • You are misinformed. Iran has not passed inspections. And Israel did not deliberately kill Americans. But dont let the facts get in the way.

      • Jon Brooks

        Lisa – Well arabs have attacked Israel in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 and almost uncountable times since 1973 via terror and rocket attacks. Islamist fundementalists just so Israel doesn’t feel alone I guess, have also launched terror attacks against: Thailand, Phillipenes, US mainland, India, Pakistan, Somalia, England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and a whole bunch of African countries where their goal is to eradicate black Christians. Kat anyone!?

        Now the Persians as well as the Saudi’s tend to try to keep their hands clean by ‘only’ sponsoring alot of the aforementioned slaughter.
        So compared to the islamists I’ll take the Israeli’s any day of the week, month or year.

        As for iran having…’passed all required inspections under the NNPT ???????????’…please pass that joint you’re smokin’ must be good stuff.

        Also Arafat should have taken the Camp David accord offer under Clinton back in ’97 (’98? don’t remember exact date ..sorry..)the one in which Isreal met 94% of all the pals demands.BUT nooooooooo, he wouldn’t acknowledge their right to exist as a soverign independent nation alongside them. So if you want to see who really is to blame, look no further than the pals themselves.

        As for the NNPT, non-signatours were: Israel, India and Pakistan to name 3, non of them stupid enough to do so like the persians.

        I’ll give you the USS Liberty point though in the ’73 conflict, it may have been payback for the US and England threating to invade them if they didn’t give back the Siani back in the ’56
        after they took it from Egypt..after..Egypt suprise attacked them, with their fancy new Russian military hardware which proved to be dodo.


      • jim mullett

        Hi Lisa

        “A couple of points from the US perspective.” I don’t recall when you were appointed to tell us about our perspective. Can you expand on your role?

        What does an attack by Israel on a US intelligence ship 45 years ago have with the issue of Iran having nuclear weapons?

        Iran has not passed all required inspections by any means. Where are you getting your facts?



      • your full of lies

        anti-zionism = anti-semitism.

        Iran has not allowed the inspections to go through as per the UN’s recent report.

        USS Liberty? Huh?

        you really are confused.

      • ImaHippyBurning

        Lisa I am sorry to say that you are either very naive or just plain ignorant to believe the lies you spew. Iran has not allowed unfettered access to their nuclear sites. They have repeatedly sponsored terrorism throughout the world for years. Their leaders are hell bent on bringing about the end of Israel or the US for that matter and have publicly stated as much. Their Theocracy believes in the return of the Mahdi or 12th Imam, also called the Hidden Imam which in order to bring about his return they must create global chaos. They believe upon his return their will death and destruction and afterwards there will be 1000 years of peace through Islamic rule. Personally I believe it is a fairy tale, but it doesn’t matter what I or you believe they believe it and have openly spoken of his return on the floor of your beloved and useless UN. I’m sure you probably also believe the Holocaust never happened either right? Just keep your head in the sand where all the Liberals feel safe and secure…

      • Rhadagastt


        Iran may be a signatory to the treaty, but every nuclear expert on the planet believes they’re trying to enrich the uranium to a weapons grade level in abject violation of the treaty. How naive are you? Iran signing that treaty is about as meaningful as Hitler signing a nonaggression pact with Russia in 1939. Get a clue.

      • Farmer John

        1) Does Isreal (Israel) have nuclear weapons?
        Of course, without them they would have been exterminated a long time ago.

        2) Is Israel a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty?

        3) If 1) is “yes”, and 2) is “no”, then Isreal may no longer receive any US aid, by law. (Facts?)

        4) Is Iran a signatory to the treaty? (yes)Does Iran abide by the rules set in that treaty? (No)

        5) Has Iran passed all required inspections? (No)

        6) Does Iran support/train & supply Terrorist Organizations? (Yes)

        7) If Iran had Nuclear Weapons would they supply one or two to a Terrorist Group to kill Israeli’s or Western Peoples. (Yes, they have said as much.)

      • Sammythebu11

        Let’s see some proof that the USS Liberty was attacked by Israel… or are you just blowing smoke and spreading conspiracy theories?
        Iran might be a member of the treaty, but it doesn’t seem to bother you that every chance they get, they threaten with eliminating israel from the planet, when was the last time you heard something even remotely similar to that from israel? the only thing I hear coming from israel is that they reserve the right to a preemptive strike if their survival is threatened, my guess is that you have a problem with that too, i’m sure you think that Israel does not have the same right as iran or anyone else in this planet…
        are you being racist because you hate Jews or just by ignorance?
        when did you hear any Zionist say that if you are not a Zionist they will eliminate you because you are an infidel?
        I am sure you are also going to blame Israel for the bombings in London, Spain and everywhere else in the world…

        funny your last sentence….

      • Bob

        Having just retired from one the largest defense contractor’s in the country, I spent the last 20 years going in and out of Israel in support of their military. In that time I got to know the Israeli people very well along with, in my opinion, their unique security concerns. One must put their history in perspective to include being attacked as soon as they became a state as well as the 1967 and 1973 wars. Those who have never been to Israel or taken the time to fully understand there unique perspective for the most part don’t have a clue.

        I am always amused by people who claim to “understand” the middle east, in particular Israel, yet never spent any time there and in some cases can’t find Israel on a map.

      • You are right on one 1-3.
        However you need to look at the big picture. Iran agrees to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty but does not follow it. Israel refused to sign it but follows it. Israel has had the bomb since the 60’s – 70’s and has never threaten to use it. There has been several wars that Israel could have used nuclear weapons but didn’t. Israel does not make it appoint they are going to wipe out a whole country or people. If Israel was evil they would have ended the conflict 40 years ago and wiped out their enemies, Palestinians. Who would you rather trust someone who have the bomb to over 40 years and has never threaten to use it? or someone who does not have the bomb but is threatening to use it when they do?

      • tony c

        Do you have any idea how many of our troops were killed by Iranians in Iraq and Afghanistan and we did nothing,I wonder if you lost a loved one if you feel the same way.

      • David Smith

        Iran has NOT passed all the inspections. As a mater of fact, they have only passed 3. Also, they will not let everything be inspected (As we have to). I worked for the State department (as a contractor). Iran hides a lot. Its also been reported in the news (not that you can trust the news or ANY gov). As for the peace, I have to agree. This world is all screwed up anymore!

      • Tommy Peters

        AMEN! Usrael. I love it. Evil is as evil does. We are the cause of most of this hatred and not the solution. I especially love how these “Christians” are in bed with the ones who were responsible for Jesus’ demise. Now we are willing ro start an unjust war to further their evil intentions. Jesus woud love it.

      • kjatexas

        You must have your head in the sand, Lisa. How about the Arab suicide bombers that blew themselves up on the double decker bus in London, taking innocent British lives. How about the Arab bombers that blew up the train in Spain, killing many, many people. No Arabs have attacked our allies? Can you be that out of touch with what is going on in the world?
        And finally,in your own country, the 3000+ dead Americans killed by the arabs who flew planes into the WTC and Pentagon.

      • Don

        . . .ask yourself another couple of questions. . .

        Have the Leaders of Iran said that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth?

        . . .about those inspections. . . have they refused to let the inspectors visit where they wish?

        What puzzles me. . .is their ignorance. . .Do they fully understand what we say we can carry out. . . and what they say. . .is just talk.

      • Michael

        As to no. 5: “all inspections”? They won’t let the inspectors into “all” the places they want to inspect. Making a joke of the inspections.

      • Shido’s-daddy


        What else are you “pretty sure” of? If “pretty sure” were the bar we are to base our beliefs on, then I am “pretty sure” you are just showing your bias against Israel.

      • Earl

        >>Also, I’m pretty sure the USS Liberty was deliberately attacked by Israel.<<

        And that's why no one should take anything you say seriously, lol.

      • Brian Davis

        Has Iran passed all required inspections??? asnwer is hell no. Has Iran’s leaders literally said they want to wipe Isreal off the face of the planet?? yes

      • Chris

        Good lord, you are quite a colossal moron.

      • shmujew

        hey lisa….hows the jew hate working for you? Seems like everybody hates you jew haters these days. Perhaps its time to give your head a shake

      • jimmy

        LIAR, you ignored Question 6) Have any other countries publicly announced they intend to completely annihilate you?

        For Israel, this has been true since its founding, and continues to this day. And since Iran has been one of the most emphatic, any nuclear weapons it develops will be used on Israel.

        Iran has been hiding nuclear development sites from the world community for the last 10 years, and continues to, as it develops the nuclear bombs it wants to drop on Israel.

      • Kevin

        Sorry, Lisa, but what you say is verifiably and demonstrably false. Last week’s news was all about how the IAC was denied access to Islam’s facilities in Iran. So no, they did not “pass all tests.”

        I commend to you the website
        Because you are so truth-averse chances are you won’t go there so I will synopsize it for you and others who are like-minded. 18,579 premeditated, murderous attacks worldwide by Islam since 9/11/2001. Educate yourself and you will find that this is merely an extension of the Moslem world view since its invention in the seventh century. There are only two worlds in Muslim theology: dar al harb and dar al islam; the world of war and the world of submission. In the last 1400 years they have led two incredibly violent and successful jihads across Africa, Asia, and Europe.
        The first:
        Beaten back by Charles “The Hammer” Martel in the 8th Century.
        The second:
        The third:

        Ahmadinejad has publicly stated that he is awaiting the return of the 12th Imam; some virgin stuck in a well for the last 14 centuries.
        Go ahead, educate yourself.

      • D.Weiss

        Lisa, like most liberals, are suffering from a severe mental disorder. “When have Arabs attack our allies?” Are you a total moron? Is your head stuck in the sand? There have been hundreds of terrorist attacks on our allies. You are one of those deniers and that it’s all because of the Great Satan and our foreign policies. Yes the US is responsible for all the bad in the world. Why not move to Tehran and see how well you are treated there. Wake up before one day you wake up and it will all be over. Your comfortable life will end up being a third world nightmare. If we let these Islamic extremists get away with any more of this “hold the world hostage-terrorism” we are to blame for our own demise.

      • Fareed El Mansoor

        You’re kidding right, Tom Clok? When have Arabs attacked any allies?

        Beirouth oct 23 1987. Khobar towers? USS Cole?

        Maybe you should have listened to Bibis talk to Aipac and so burnish your history knowledge?

      • joseph

        Boy, are you naive, Lisa. When your neighbor (Iran) says they’re going to kill all the Jews and destroy Israel, I take it that you don’t believe Israel has a right, based on this threat, to be preemptive and attack first? Is that really your position??? If “yes”, then please leave the defense of the world to those who will take care of the problem and move to France…..they’ve never defended anything which should be just in line with your views….

      • Paul


        You’re kidding right? First of all, Israel is a democracy, the only one in the region, I might add. To explain further, that means her people are free. To explain a little further, that means they don’t behead people and bury women up to their necks to stone them. And “Concern with Zionism” is anti-semitism, just “coded.” Why don’t you “concern” yourself with your own people and quit blaming others. Until your people can do that, all freedom loving people in the world need to have alot of nuclear bombs.

      • Dave

        You are wrong. You should read some news, I mean real news from real sources about Israel and Iran.
        Because of people like you America loosing its credebility. Iran soon will become a nuklear power a that region with a help of Russian and China. They want America to lose a friend like Israel in that region by using nuklear wepon. Who tald you that Iran has past all ispection tests. How many days was that test, where did they go, was there a representetive from Israel? The unswere is NO.

      • Claudio Taffarel

        Lisa, Lisa, Lisa – been hating the Jews for long?

      • Ebony

        Lisa Farmer that was great!

        Some Americans, only knows about TV reality show
        many of them have no clue about real life story
        and many believe Santa Claus exist!

        So…What do you expect?

      • John

        Lisa, not to defend Tom but are you stupid? I guess direct attacts on the US cole do not count. Or the several attempts on the trade centers before they finally succeded. How about the Arabs in Egyt killing Christians… I can go on and on These were done by Arabs. Now if you want to include Iran, Persians most of conflicts in Isreal are funded by Iran through terrorist organizations. A world controled by these thugs would be really sad for women. I guess prefer countries that ignore and despise equal rights for women.

      • BIKERX

        Lisa, are you deluded ?

        England is an ally. Attacked by radical Arabs
        911 The U.S. Attacked by radical Arabs
        Spain Attacked by radical Arabs

        IRAN Led by radical Arabs that threaten to obliterate Israel the second they attain nuclear capability.

        Iran has NOT complied with international inspections.

        I agree with one thing Lisa
        Peace be with us all

      • Lord of the stings

        Your #5 is completely wrong. Iran has not passed nuclear inspections because it refused to allow access to the IAEA team. It is only now reconsidering this option. Iran is play the world like a harp and you along with it.

    • Oldwarhorse

      Sounds good to me Tom…. I like it!

    • Jesse Jimenez

      I hope you are kidding.

    • Joseph Gwaychee

      Pig blood? If you are speaking about the dome pf the rock. The 2 Holy Temples of Jehovah lie under that BLASPHEMOUS place. Pig blood? That is blasphemy.

    • Scalovi

      I have to go with tom on this one. The only thing this middle eastern sub culture of death will understand is the mass killing of thousands or even millions of their kind. It happened in the middle ages and it will happen again. Most of you can’t conceive of the power of a modern nuclear weapon, especially in the hands of fanatical, islamic psychos who want to die. There is no other choice. You can’t reason with them.

    • Hughe Mongous

      I’ve been saying Mecca and Medina should be targets for years!! Just serve notice to the Islamic world! I really don’t know why we haven’t done that…

      • Andrew Schooley

        For those of you who support bombing Mecca and Medina you might want to keep in mind we would be bombing the sites of one of our biggest allies in that part of the world, Saudi Arabia, a country that regularly puts gas in your car.

      • Fareed El Mansoor

        bush should have done that after 9/11, after a 3 day warning to evacuate mecca and medinah, 6th fleet parked out in full view off djeddah, rescue troops at the ready and then start a 1 week plowing from Taif inland until theres only glass left. after that, continue as nothing had happened.

      • Steve

        Because many of the leaders of the Muslim world don’t care.

        All they care about is retaining power through brutality, fear, and manipulation. For them, Islam and all that it finds holy are only a means to an end.

        The “War on Terror” is absolutely a war against these men and their regimes.

        This is the reason the United States codified the separation of church and state. So that the church couldn’t manipulate the people and the state couldn’t manipulate the government.

        It actually worked pretty well for us until national health care.

      • Josef

        Well, I suppose that might be nice but wouldn’t you feel a little bit guilty about murdering all the old ladies, crippled children,mothers, taxi drivers, window cleaners, teachers, grocery store clerks and other basically innocent people who live there?

    • A man after my own heart. Bomb them past the stone age. I think it is time Christians begin to burn their holy book and fight for religous freedom throughout the world.

    • Andrew Schooley

      These ignorant comments you make add nothing but fuel to the fire of hatred. Don’t be a part of that.

    • pc

      That is so dumb man. Doing that would turn all muslims against us and result in losing the war. By the way, this article is about Iran. Did you even know that Iran is not an arab country? You probably didn’t even know that did you? shows how ignorant you are of what is going on.

    • Marcos

      Dear Tom,
      You have sadly advocated for the genocidal destruction of Arabs with your “glow” comment. I am appaled at your lack of compassion and you unwittingly make us into targets for the same kind of pre-emptive attack with your assertion. I hope you find an awakening to the value of peaceful conflict resolution.

  • obvious

    Religion is the answer. Anybody remember the question?

    • Mike

      Bible says those that bless Israel I will bless..those that curse Israel I will curse..Blessed be the name of the Lord..

      • Rev Tim

        You got it right Mike – Ge 12:2-3 And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing: And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed
        Also: Ps 33:12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

      • robert

        love you

      • athans

        and I should add a further byblical quote ‘that israel will go forth and multiply but shall not bear fruit’. In other words population will increase in numbers through immigration but will not be long lasting. Under Balfour Declaration Israel was artificially created and therefore a nation without a foundation i.e it shall not bear fruit.

        • Shimon

          Goebbels couldn’t have said it better…

        • Michael

          You’re taking that verse out of context and applying it to fit your presuppositions.

        • Montebello

          athans: What a load of crap. Please state the book, chapter and verse of the quote from your “byble”………..didn’t think you could. Furthermore, the Balfour Declaration did not create anything, much less a country. Israel IS a nation built on a strong foundation – that of its united, strong citizens fully in belief of its destiny. That’s more than I can say of “Palestine”, a name manufactured by earlier conquerors and colonizers.

      • Gonzo

        The Buy-bull says a lot of lies… No truth whatsoever in the buy-bull

      • escher7

        And the band played on …..

      • ElCid

        Mike, The Bible does not say that. Go back to Genesis 12:1-3. Remember that Abraham is not Israel; Jacob is Israel.

      • JIM

        However, Isreal is not a geographic place in the Bible.

        The Isreal we support is secular, and not of God.

      • GodUnfearer

        Magic sky giant says “Bomb Iran”. Don’t question Magic sky giant. If you do that, he’ll fry your eyeballs out with love.

      • JR

        Even the Almighty does NOT support murder and corruption. Either it come from a Jew, Christian, or Muslim…GOD will be the final JUDGE!!!

      • flash

        Right, and dead men get up and walk, virgins give birth, burning bushes speak, women are “property,” voices speak to fathers and tell them to murder their sons, homosexuals should be burned, innocent people suffer daily while your so-called God twiddles his omnipresent thumbs, bla bla bla.. Please. Religion, particularly the concept of faith, is the core problem in all of this and your inane references to this rediculous collection of myths, contradictions, and hypocrisy is pathetic.

    • Idris

      Sincere and Godfearing Jews, Christians and Muslims are brothers of one another and can understand each other. Israeli establishment had always been corrupt atheist Zionists who hate religious Jews as much as Christians and Muslims. In this day and age when Darwinist Materialism mixed with occult run the show, from their side, Judaism (Islam – otherLife), Christianity (Islam + trinity) and Islam are but one faith with minor variations. They get rich and take pleasure by setting belivers fight another.

      • Michael

        Wrong. Christianity ‘s God is a loving God who gave His Son to all people that they may be redeemed. Jesus loved us so much that He shed His blood for us. Islam teaches that Muslims must shed the blood of others (infidels) in order to be redeemed. Christianity’s God is the opposite of Islam’s god.

      • JesusIsLord!

        Muhammadians and Christians do not serve the same God!!

      • Ben

        I have to respond here. As a graduate student in the field of theology, this record must be set straight. There are many opinions here stemming from what the media are selling. To understand the topic of religious difference, serious study MUST be undertaken.

        First of all, there are similarities between Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. All believe in one God. Being monotheistic is basically where Islam diverges from the other two. The Quran is very clear in the Muslim stance toward unbelievers. The Torah and the Bible are also clear in that regard. Please, keep in mind that I am NOT speaking historically, but I am speaking of what is actually written in the respective holy books. Muslims are instructed by the Quran to kill unbelievers (infidels) wherever they are found. It does not become more clear. Jews and Christians, by contrast, are instructed to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Again, very clear.

        Our society is inundating us with this false belief that Islam is a religion of peace. That simply is not true. I am not stating this from a position of anger, but as an observation based on study.

        Compare, if you will, fundamental Islam with fundamental Christianity. You will not find a more fanatical, violent people than what we see in fundamental Islam (those fully heeding the teachings of the Quran). By contrast, fundamental Christians (those fully heeding the teachings of the Bible) are known by those around them as loving, compassionate individuals with a genuine concern for the well-being those around them.

        I will be the first to admit that Christianity and Judaism have certainly gone wrong, historically speaking, with regard to violence. There is no question, especially when we look at the Crusades. However, when we look at what each religion actually TEACHES, there can be no question as to the differences.

        These “minor differences,” as Idris calls them, are as fundamental as they come. We are not talking about one faith with small differences. We are talking about faiths with AXIOMATIC differences with a few small similarities.

        That is the view from a theological standpoint, of one having done a great deal of study on the matter. Do not be deceived: Islam is VERY different from Judaism and Christianity.

      • ObammyNation

        Christianity = Islam + Trinity? Not even close. Islam is the religion of a man which declares you must work for your salvation. Man trying to reach God.
        Christianity is the only religion where God reached down to man and gave salvation away free to anyone who asks. There is a vast difference.
        Christianity preaches peace although through the centuries it has been used wrongly as a hammer.
        Islam teaches in their scriptures that if a man will not convert, kill him. Jihad justifies any behavior, lying, cheating, killing, ANYTHING to further the muslim movement. Those in Islam cannot be trusted as it is fine to lie and cheat a non-believer. They live by the sword, not by peace and peace will never be possible as long as they are around.

      • hebramleigh

        Sorry, but Muslims are NOT brothers of Jews and Christians. Under Islamic law, Christians and Jews are considered sub-people who are allowed to practice their religions ONLY if they pay a tariff (in other words, extortion money to stave off violence.)

        Christians and Jews are not allowed to teach their religions to others under Islamic law. If muslims attempt to convert to Christianity (or, heavy forbid, Judaism), they are killed under Islamic law.

        The differences between Islam and Christianity are vast.

      • BuckeyeJRD

        Wow! Your statement that Christianity is Islam + Trinity is probably one of the most ignorant things I’ve read in a long time. Please keep your opinions about Christianity being anything like Islam to yourself – it is people spreading such uneducated theories like yours that lead to confusing people who have a nominal understanding of faith (like yourself). I would love to send you some literature so you can educate yourself. Let me know if you are interested.

    • David

      Religion is not the answer. Religion is what most wars are fought over religious zealotry is the real problem. They feel they need to kill infidels. That is insane irrational thinking. Why do some religions feel they need to try to convert or kill people that don’t belive as they do. No one is going to convert me and I am not going to try to convert anyone else. If someone’s strongly held religious beliefs were wrong and they go to hell, then to bad for them. Let God sort it out on judgement day. Iran is ruled by non-rational thinkers and they are unpredictable. With Iran, you have to assume the worst outcome if the obtain nuclear weapons. They want to execute Christian’s and accuse everyone of being a spy. We are not dealing with a sane government. Sadham Hussein wanted the world to believe he had WMD to prevent an attack from Iran.

    • BIKERX

      The question was..”What has caused more wars and more death than anything else” ?

  • Nancy Napoli

    Only the USA has the deep penetration bombs that will knock out Iran’s Nuclear Facilities. C’mon, Obama, Give them a few, Might be the only way to circumvent Israel having to use Nukes. Wake up Obama and Clinton.

    • JoeH

      Nancy – The U.S. has already supplied the Israeli’s with F16s and F15s specially designed for this long range mission. We also sold them the small diameter penetrating bombs, and others that 500-2000lbs they will use.

      The Problem is that the really big one’s our MOAB+ bombs, that I believe are are required for the mission, weigh 30,000lbs and can only be carried by our specially configured B-2 stealth bombers. The Iranian bunkers are said to 250 feet of reinforced concrete.

      I don’t see any way that the Israelis can effectively and completely take out their Iranian targets with the aircraft and bombs they have. My guess is that we will have our B-2s over these nuke sites 30 seconds before the Israelis get there to finish things off. JMHO

      Completing this mission without losing aircraft will be a miracle…

      • Nancy Napoli

        Joe H,
        Respectively, Do you really think Obama will order the launch of stealth bombers if Israel attacks? I wish our Commander and Chief had the go-nads, But he does not. His finger will be in the air, waiting for CNN to tell him what to do. Sincerely, Nancy

        • DV1252x

          I agree with you, Nancy, but it’s not CNN. It’s Valerie Jarrett who tells the Obum what to do.

        • LS

          check the records. bush promised and obama deliverd. israel is holding all the weapons (including u.s. made bunker buster bombs) necessary to fulfill their mission. they are merely waiting for the opportunity. kudos to those who say the arabs will bless this action. they fear iran much more than they fear israel. don’t believe me, as saudi arabia!

        • Chaz

          Drop the MOAB bomb on the site would put them back at least 10 years.

        • 50-Something Student

          Definitly. Obama should bomb first and ask questions later. The after-questions might be…

          Will the nuclear fall-out be contained in just Iran?

          What is the expectation Iran’s allies will retaliate, even without nukes, on Israel and her allies (meaning us)?

          How much expendable cash does the US have to sustain a third area of conflict before Obama can shut down Bush’s first two (not to mention the quiet hot spots around the planet we’re involved in)?

          Is this group of human beings known as Israel always and permanently correct in everything they think or do and no one must question or deny them?

          If the President of the United States doesn’t go along with Black and White Full Scale Obliteration Thinking, should anyone with less responsibility than he be allowed to taunt him for not having any nads?

      • gregory

        Joe H. Try thinking out of the box sometime.
        Our nuclear plants have a sound structure that cannot be penetrated with a small aircraft.
        Well, I will take 2 or 3 or 4 small aircraft that I can load up with explosives and 4 nitwit flyers
        and the first flying at the same time the 1st on hits the target, weakens it, the 2nd hits the same target, weakens it, the 3rd hits the target, weakens it and the 4th finally penetrates and you have accomplished penetration and a nuclear problem..
        And if you think that smarter minds than mine are not thinking this also I would like to recruit you for either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th flight pilot….Duh !!!

      • franca

        true thats why we need to destroy them, and all country’s besides for russia will thank us including turky and other mid east arab country’s now is the time, even chamas and other terror org’ are teaming up against asad ,iran is now isolated their only friend sirya is in the dumps, window of opertunity is now.( or maybe when it comes to israel they will all unite? )time will tell.

    • jon

      You are mistaken, we sold them to Israel two years ago

  • swp

    I’ll watch and maybe this time Israel(the Zionist) will bite off more than they can chew and choke.

    • tony c

      Your a good Muslim,

    • cpuller

      Anti Semite I presume?

    • Claudio Taffarel

      Go bomb a Synagogue or maybe spray some grafitti on a few graves at a Jewish cemetery. AH.

    • Paul

      The Isrealis will certainly not bit off more than they can chew. The IDF and their fighter pilate are the most feared in the world, even more than the US. It would be foolish and nieve to underestimate the ability of Isreal to ensure their own safety.

  • Claire Alexander

    Well, if I had any fears that Anti-Semitism was dead these comments have certainly cleared up that misconception. What is amazing is the amount of ignorance and outright lying by the people who are leaving these comments. Unbelievable! Most of these people should read more history books and stop watching MSNBC. Wouldn’t be a bad idea if some of them stayed off their computers, yes, just stop typing, calm down, yes, your blood pressure is dropping, take a deep breathe and try to stop hating Jews. Isn’t that better?

    • Mr. Mojo

      What is amazing that people who support war-mongers can keep throwing that old, tired anti-Semitism accusation again and again. It does not work anymore. Go try to sell someone else your death and destruction bullshit.

      • Mona


        • label me, I don’t care


        • Jim


      • James Kromer

        Sir, if you do not believe that there is significantly increased
        anti semitism in the world you are not paying attention. There has
        Always been a hatred of Jews, it is only a question
        Of degree and timing.

      • CAMERON

        well said Mr Mojo

      • ImaHippyBurning

        Mrs Mojo, you are foolish. The only war mongering is coming from the hostilities perpetuated by our enemies. I know you do not believe this because you feel America needs to just close its eyes to the atrocities of other nations. Unfortunately history has a way of repeating itself, and Iran has a history of supporting terrorism for decades now. So if we go your way and just but out Iran will build itself a nuke and then use it whether on Israel or if they get the technology for longer missiles (which they are rapidly working on) they will use it on us. You cannot reason with an ideology that believes unless you submit and convert to their form of Islam you must die! Plain and simple, so please the tired old anti-semitism accusation has as much relevance as the tired old racism accusation you libs perpetuate on anyone who disagrees with oDICKless oBUMa!

      • Claudio Taffarel

        Lost some or ALL of your family in WWII? No? I didn’t think so. Now go & shut the hell up.

      • BuckeyeJRD

        The only warmongers in this situation are the Iranians. You should be ashamed of yourself lumping Israel in with Iran as far as wanting war. Israel is a sovereign nation that has every right to defend itself, and is faced with annihilation by a group of insane tyrants. If your house is invaded by some criminal, would you just let him do what he wanted or would you protect yourself and your family? Same principle. It is the criminal who is starting it by invading your home – you have every right to defend yourself. No different for Israel, and it is not war mongering. Wake up.

    • Steve

      Every Israel-related article has Jew-hating comments written by people who get their information from the 4th-century Church. They believe that Jews have horns and drink the blood of Christian children.

      • paul

        They really do !!!!!

    • tehilla

      claire, you are so so correct. if only, IF ONLY they would open their eyes and read the history books if not the holy torah. everything is there. the whole truth. and all the lies of the nations would be washed away. but they dont want the truth.

    • Mona


    • Tom Clok

      Claire, as long as there is Islam on this earth there will always be Anti-Semitism. Hitler learned and used Islamic and Hindau teachings and symbols but the schools don’t teach that truth. Islam IS the great Satan, not the USA and Israel. I think the Jews are the most tolerant people on earth, I would have nuked those pukes as soon as the bombs arrived. Maybe someday the rest of the world will stop making excuses for Islam and make them accountable for their actions.

      • Puggy The Great

        True. what were we thinking all these years. Giving crazy arabs money. What did we expect them to do? Act civilized? Crazy people do crazy things, only now they have all our money to build bombs and cause havoc. They sure as shit are not going to build a fence or fix anything. They have destroyer DNA. When is the last time an arab ever accomplished anything great?? Now come on, lets get out of the 10th century. I mean in modern times. Taking slaves in Africa in 2012, does not count. These sand jockeys, especially the Saudis, need to be driven back into the desert and the taken for the good of the world. Yeah, I like the sound of that. Why in the hell did Churchill divide of the Middle East. When you scatter skunks, it just makes a big mess. Obey The Pug

      • you may be right in some respects but may miss the big issue here ,if you mess with the creator he will find you enemies from the edge of the universe and you will hate them so much that i cannot even tell you ,this folks seem very bad but someone much higher is sending them to do what they do , annihilate them will get you some time but a good solution is do not make your boss angry ! unless you can get back to him ,,..and latter say never again

      • Jim

        Actually as long as the Rothschilds. Carnegies, and Rockerfellers comtrol the world’s money, there will be anti semitism.

      • john disney

        “I would have nuked those pukes ”

        really clok .. you sound worse than the worse
        muslim hot head .. hitler seems to have had great influence on your thinking

      • Tim

        You guys base your lives on a book that answers no questions. There may be a god but religion will ultimately be the destruction of our planet. I think you guys are the real problem.

    • ElCid

      Claire, I personally do not hate Jews. I actually have been a huge supporter of Israel for years. But lets face it, the Israeli state is not without fault. I recently saw video of vile anti Christian hatred coming out of Israel. Video of Israeli television mocking Jesus. Also keep in mind that much of the anti Christian Hollywood movies come from the Jewish producers and studio owners. Let’s not forget the Jewish international bankers who have financed history’s wars (both sides at the same time).
      I currently only look to Israel as God’s prophetic timeclock and I certainly know that they do not need the US to do what has to be done to end this current age of Grace. Jacob’s week of trouble or Daniel’s 70th week of years is possibly soon upon the world. Are you ready?
      Are you saved? Please read John 3:16 and marvel about the soooo loved part. And then BELIEVE on Yeshua only. This is vital. Please do not hesitate.

    • tony c

      antisemitism starts in the White House,Jews better wake up,Sorry to say American Jews care very little about Israel and will vote for Obama again,They knew what he was in 08 it was obvious his backers were Jew haters.Its all about Money.

    • Average Joe

      The Government in Israel has every right to defend itself against those committed to its destruction. The US should stand beside her and help them remove the iranian nuclear threat once and for all, for the good of the planet. I would bomb them back to the century they live in.

    • nicky

      Stated with true core. My first time replying, I worked in bh, ca for 6 years & my experience with folks with tats, was wonderfull. I was born catholic, but I’m about as catholic as a cow that goes into a tree & turns into a bird. (stolen from r. jeni)Why do folks get pissed when a people thats just trying to exist & has been screwed from land to land for the last 6000 years are just tryin to save they’re culture & people? It’s remarkable how some cultures just cannot adapt to modern way of life & not forgetting they’re heritage. I think by now people ought to know that jews managed to do just that. & the effed up morons making islam look like this is too much to comprehend. Enjoy western ways, Jeeeze the United arab emirates are starting at least to get it, allthough they’re still backwards when it comes to womens stuff.
      got a long way to go, but if other arab nations just accept modernization for christ sake (pun intended).
      Then we dont have to turn your world into glass.

    • Jersey Dave

      I think the Anti-Semites would get tired after all these years and Israel just keeps going like an Energizer bunny, it seems they just get more bitter.

    • DHS

      Not buying into the fear-mongering or warmongering is not antisemitism. What a tired argument.

    • Joe mevorah

      The world will always hate Jews. I think it’s in their dna.

      • Joe mevorah

        Why does it need moderation? Print it and let those who read it decide.

    • 50-Something Student

      Stop watching MSNBC? It must be difficult having that one continually cited media outlet undermining the hundreds of Clear Channel and News Corps outlets across the globe. That MSNBC might advocate Think Before Bombing is not anti-antisemitism. It’s sensible.

      If your best friend was strapping jet engines to his old Chevy Impala for a stab at the Darwin Awards, you would try to talk him out of it…wouldn’t you?

      Or would you…

  • Daniel

    Cheap Israeli stocks?! BUY!!!

  • A. Williams

    The only feasible way I see to keep Iran from getting nukes in the long term is occupation and regime change. Can we really afford that? $15.5 trillion of debt and counting. If a nuclear Iran is an existential threat to Israel, maybe THEY should borrow billions from China and foot the bill.

    Policing the world is expensive.

    • kGeorge Garrett

      When a proven lunatic is threating to destroy you and attempting to get the means to do so as quickly as possible, the threat of a nuclar bomb in your backyard is not quite so exitential. It is called reality.

      • where did you learn that,it is like i live on a different planet now….yes it is…..!

      • sam

        You really beleive that ? Oh wowwwwwwwww

    • DV1252x

      The problem with your statement is that you don’t understand what the Israelis will do. They’re far more concerned about taking out the ruling mullahs, i.e., the political (mis)leaders than they are about the nukes. They’re going to strike the head of the beast first. Do I think they should? Absolutely. I can’t believe they haven’t already done it. BTW, I’m not Jewish, and I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m not especially religious either. The enemy of my friend is my enemy. Brace yourselves, because it’s coming, though I can’t say when.

    • sherrf

      Obama’s socialism is expensive.

    • joseph

      And that’s precisely why we need to avoid having troops on the ground and instead, cripple their facilities from the air. Picture this: bunker busters obliterate their nuke production/enrichment facilities, we destroy all their aircraft while they’re on the ground, we obliterate their command and control facilities and then we pull back and tell them this: if you start making more trouble in the world or attempt to restart your nuke facilities, then we will go after all your oil production facilities, power stations and other infrastructure.

  • madeleine7

    Look at the photo!!! Obama is showing the sole of his shoe to Netanyahu. Israel, go it alone!!! Don´t trust the marxist muslim imposter , squatting in the White House. Israel is our last defense in the face of what is coming down the pike.

    • John M. Kelly

      I’ll bite. How is Israel out last line of defense?

    • Barry Geltman

      Madeline, Are you willing to sacrifice your own family’s blood for the cause? You are either an idiot or just another bored troll.

    • john disney

      i doubt if obama has the guts to give israel what it deserves

  • Morrie Bryant

    If I’m the leader of a country, and another country vows to wipe my country off the earth, my duty to my is to see that that doesn’t happen. Preemptive strikes or whatever – political indecision is a cowardly response to a clear and imminent threat.

  • Ron

    Obama is the most dangerous man on the planet, he hates America and will do all he can to dismantle America and abandon Israel, The Jews best not believe this Obama character will watch their back

    • DV1252x

      Ron, I’ve been trying to tell that for years.

    • RP4P

      stop drinking the bong water and sit down and take a hit…the ONLY thing that is dangerous is your idea that our president is trying to dismantle this country…dumbass

      • USA

        Obama has dismantled our space program, decreased our military while our enemies increase theirs, has had gas increase more than any president, has created a bigger deficit than all presidents combined, allowed TSA to legally molest people, disregarded the constitution in every way, forced Obamacare on us, ignores illegals and rewards them, wasted tax money on his cronies, apologized for America to our enemies, insulted our two biggest allies. So yeah America is just fine under Obama, how dare I question the false messiah

      • Dan Ervin

        Written like a true libtard, RP4P. The FACT is that Obama has set this nation’s security back to pre 2001 status via his multiple Muslim apology tours. Either Obama isn’t bright enough to understand what motivates our Muslim enemy, or he is actively trying to make the US fail. Which would you rather we believe?

      • Mtomato2

        Gee whizz, but you’re a well spoken, prescient in-duh-vidual. Got reason?

      • CWB

        I think Obama does hate the United States and wants to at the very least diminish its authority in the world. All you have to do is look at Obama’s past words and actions and you get a very clear picture that he really doesn’t like the country he is president of. I am a Canadian member of the liberal Party who was ecstatic when Obama was elected, but I am able to change my opinion when I see facts that give me good reason to do so. And in the case of Barrack Obama I have done so. Obama is a small petty man who is going to be hugely embarrassed at some point by his spiteful selfish actions. Go Israel yo have Canada’s support.

      • Doc Harris

        Sounds like you’ve been sipping that bong water.

      • joseph

        Well…he is…… let’s see…here are just a few indicators that he IS trying to destroy the country: 1) he said we need to get to $5 a gallon gas but slowly; 2) he turned down 23,000 jobs on the XL pipeline knowing full well the Canadians said those tar sands may then go to China (at which point we will be behind the security “8-ball” as we then are at the Chicom’s mercy for oil); 3) he’s out to destroy anyone who ever made it on their own by taxing them out of the country (look at all the tax increases in O’Boma Care); 4) he was asked in an interview, “are you aware that history shows that by lowering taxes he could bring in more revenue than he could by raising taxes” and Obama said “yes” so the interviewer asked why O’Bama is saying we need to raise taxes and O’Boma said “because it’s the right thing to do”…….. ok…still think this guy is NOT trying to destroy the country?????

        • 50-Something Student

          Joseph, honey, please turn off Rush and go out and get some fresh air.

          Love, the voices in your head

          • joseph

            Hey “50-something student”….. lets see… that’s the era of the hippie generation and no hippie ever let “facts get in the way of reality”.

            Please show some signs of intellectual honesty by disproving what I have said. This will be an impossible task for you because it’s all true. In fact, the Obama interview where he admits that raising taxes results in LOWER revenues but that he’s still going to do it “because it’s the right thing to do”, is on video tape! Go see it for yourself and then explain to everyone on this blog why he didn’t instead say the following:

            “let’s lower taxes for everyone which history shows increases revenues which I can then spend on more social programs, and that way everyone wins”?

            Answer: because he hates capitalism so much that he’s willing to tank revenues just to “stick it to capitalism”.

            Also, O’Bamas Energy Secretary (Dr. Chu) said in 2008 that we need to get US gas prices to European levels as soon as possible and when O’Bama heard that he said we need to get them there slowly…. OK….so, here’s an administration hell bent on tanking the US economy by intentionally driving up gas prices and taxes until he so cripples the economy that we are now Europe. That what you also want?

    • Barry Geltman

      Of course, just ask the Jews who are closest to Obama.

    • 50-Something Student

      Ron, regurgitating the empty rhetoric of the Obama detractors, you know, the rich folks who like paying less in taxes than you do, sounds like an easy job. How much are you getting paid to spread the “truth” of disingenuous philistines who claim to be of your political affiliation when actually they wouldn’t let you in their gated communities unless the sign on your back said Appliance Repairman?

      • joseph

        50 something is again ignoring the facts on taxes. The rich already pay far more than their fair share. It’s the bottom 50% who pay NOTHING and whom we need to tax more. If you think this is not true, you’ve been listening to the liberal press carry water for the OBama administration as they both are lying to you.

        Want proof: Here’s the link

        From this link, here’s what we find and you can find the same on the IRS web page:

        The top 1% of all wage earners earn 19% of the wealth but pay a whopping 38% of all the federal taxes.

        The top 10% earn 44% of the wealth but pay a whopping 68% of all taxes.

        Now…here’s the dirty little secret the press will never tell you:

        The bottom 50% earn 13% of the wealth but only 3% of all the taxes….they pay NOTHING !!!!!!!

        So…the rich are already paying FAR MORE than their fair share and the poor are paying only one-quarter of their fair share.

        Bottom line: when you look at the facts, you see that the bottom 50% are paying virtually nothing while they simultaneously clamor for more taxes on the rich, who are already paying far more than their fair share….. and that’s OBamas constituency….. dead beat bottom feeders who want to destroy the successful people who are making this country run. What they will do instead is to drive successful people to other countries. Then the bottom feeders can feed on themselves…..

    • 50-Something Student

      Ron, regurgitating the empty rhetoric of the Obama detractors, you know, the rich folks who like paying less in taxes than you do, sounds like an easy job. How much are you getting paid to spread the “truth” of disingenuous philistines who claim to be of your political affiliation when actually they wouldn’t let you in their gated communities unless the sign on your back said Appliance Repairman?

    • Anna

      OUPS! Someone is boozing hard!
      watch their back on what?
      One can only be fearful when guilty conscience
      is present.
      What the JEWS have done to be sooooo fearful?
      Make your own GOD judge you!
      RT-TV news yesterday, Americans soldiers
      have killed 17 Afghan mostly children’s,
      Israeli have killed 17 Palestinians most of them
      civilians women’s and children’s

      Finally… I get your fear…

  • netshark

    You do not hear from the anti-war crowd condemning Iran when they relentlessly threaten Israel with genocide.

    You do not hear the anti-war crowd (liberals) condemn Iran for kicking out the nuclear inspectors.

    You do not hear them condemn Iran for constantly thumbing their noses at UN regulations on their nuclear programs.

    When DO you hear from the liberal?

    Just read through the posts here and you see very well who they have sided with. It’s not even a debatable point. Hitler would have been very proud to have liberals in his camp.

    • ImaHippyBurning

      Well said!

    • 50-Something Student

      Do you think it wise to trivialize the events of the Holocaust just to toss an insult at liberals?

      Anti-war is a misnomer, my friend, an easy two letter generalization that completely misses all the sweat and work of the people involved in pre-conflict negotiations, sanctions, discussions, and aide reductions, you know, all the things people do to slow, even stop events from escalating to a Nuke Em All state?

      I believe you when you say you don’t hear liberals discussing the valid points you listed. If you spent any time at all on liberal sites, blogs, news, or discussion areas, you would hear it. But then the affront to your cemented world view would not be comfortable, and lord knows, we wouldn’t wish to discomfort a sheltered conservative. But don’t worry, other people are doing the hard work for you to remain inside the walls of your comfortable life. You might wish, however to say a prayer for all the families of liberal as well as conservative KIA’s who’ve died to keep these shores free for you. Especially the ones who died in WWII, fighting Hitler.

  • mike

    let’s see the one thing bibi didn’t talk about
    was who is going to pay for their “independent” decisions
    how much money have we “spent” on this spoiled little country that dares to tell us what to do
    every politician quakes in their boots before AIPAC
    someday they’ll realize that the emperor has no clothes on !

    • tony c

      Smarten up,These piss ant countries need conflict and hate they have been at war with each other for Century’s thats how they stay in power,Love and respect is not in their vocabulary, Mr Obama is trying to get us to hate the wealthy while he takes money from them,Its all a game and we are pawns, Eat Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we may all have to get a job,

    • joseph

      Newsflash to Mike……Israel is not telling us what to do rather, they are telling us what THEY WILL DO. So, the question is this: “why does it bother libtardes that a country will dare to defend itself after being told by Iran that Iran will wipe Israel off the map”??

      Answer: because you’re really against ANYONE defending themselves…FOR ANYTHING….because it’s easier for libtards to “do nothing”…..and it bothers you that Israel would dare to fight for their own survival…..and that’s the heart of what bothers you…that people will act to defend themselves. Hey….you need to move to Canada or France…..

      • JC

        The statement “wiped off the map” was a mis-translation for what he actually said. Can you read Farsi? Do you have any idea how to interpret something in arabic? I know I don’t. But here’s what was meant in that speech: the statement “wiped off the map” was never made and that Ahmadinejad did not refer to the nation or land mass of Israel, but to the “regime occupying Jerusalem”, and that they should “vanish from the page of time”. So just like the US says that the Iraqi “regime”, or Libyan “regime”, or the Iranian “regime” should be removed, that is what Ahmadinejad was saying. Not to wipe them off the map.
        And I’m all for defending one’s country. But what about those “insurgents” in Afghanistan & Iraq? Don’t you think they were defending what they thought as an unlawful occupation? We call them insurgents, but we took over their land!! And for what? Cause of some letter about some possible WMD’s? This is just another instance of our gov’t wanting to take over another country because we fear that they may develop nuclear weapons?! We gave Sadam all of the chemical weapons, yet, we didn’t find any!!! Sure….

    • Paul

      You need to get a reality check, you might consider going to watch Act Of Valor” to get a true perspective of the world we live in. The again the movie is not for the faint of heart, or those buy into the ” Hug and Release theory” of life rather than confronting evil at all costs and dealing with it.

  • Israel — Lock Load and pull the trigger!!!!!!

    • SF

      No, it’s not “Fire, Ready Aim!”

      You’d better load first then lock otherwise the firing pin will never touch the bullet.

  • Tim Thompson

    Israel could never FINISH a war against Iran by itself, they NEED the U.S. PERIOD, END OF STORY! Go ahead, let israel jump.

    • Israel is the birthplace of the pentium chip and ivy bridge. Those that sell Israel short are plentiful and ignorant. Israel could finish the job. They did it before with Irag.

    • joseph

      History lesson that you obviously failed to learn:

      Israel kicked the crap out of every opponent it fought, and those that it stalemated or didn’t finish the job on, well, they got so bloodied that they haven’t reared their ugly heads again since………What Israel needs to so is to finish the job on a country, once and for all. Use their ultimate weapons, thus showing/telling the rest of the Arab world that they’re next……

    • joseph

      News flash to Tim…..when you make a naive post as you did above, it’s better to keep quiet:

      Are you not aware that Israel has over 100 atomic or nuclear weapons?

      Are you really asking readers to believe that Israel couldn’t finish this off once and for all if they wanted to?

      Is this the level of disbelief you are asking us to rise to???

      I now understand what can happen when one doesn’t wear a bicycle helmet and then falls off…..

  • motimer


    • tony c

      Be Happy dont Worry Obama has our back,

    • Maurice

      Mortimer you are right on..I have put this on Carter from the beginning if he had the balls in 1979 to attack iran for invading our embassy and taking hostages..this is on Carter the worst and most gutless person on the plante

  • buffalo19

    Israel must protect itself. Iran has already declared war on the Jews. Do you remember, ” Destroy all Jews… anywhere in the world!” It is not the Israelis attacking Iran; it is Israel protecting itself from an ideology that is determined to destroy /annihilate all the Jewish people just as Hitler tried to do. Political correctness does not mean politically dead…

    There will be a war before the return of the Savior. It has been foretold in the Bible many times in both the Old and New testaments. It is going to happen whether we want it or not. Therefore, we must all be prepared… mentally, financially, and spiritually. So please pray for the safety of Israel and its people.

  • Jeffrey Grill

    If need be, Israel should employ an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) to devastate Iran’s communications, electrical grids, etc. and then launch the attack. This would spare men and material. Of course this would need to be done before November.
    Obama cannot be trusted. He is a Marxist/Leftist/Islamophic Ideologue.

  • VHS

    Has anyone stooped to think, who has given the U.S./israel the moral authority to determine who should or should not have nukes? America is ignorant and arrogant.

    • Anna

      you are 10000% correct

  • iGreg

    To our friends and allies, Israel, I say Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran! Go get em,! Show our US Community Organizer & Chief how it’s done.

  • The civilized world cannot let Iran have the atomic bomb. It would be like monkeys with hand grenades.

    (RIP Adam Hall)

  • Been There

    what a bunch of brainless idiots commenting here. How many of you have ever been to Israel or any Arab country in the Middle East? I served with US military in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, Iraq, Dubai and Baharain. Many of the people in every one of these countries are just trying to get by every day, but others have been been infected with Wahabbi fanatacism from the deserts of Saudi Arabia. A basic tenet of the Wahabbi sect is the destruction of Israel and and you and me and the USA.
    Get your butts into your local library and learn what Islam has in store for the rest of the world. Stay away from the Internet–most of what is found there is written by idiots like you.

  • Mike g

    Chris – I am sorry this is getting on your nerves. You don’t think the prospect of a middle-east-wide war bothers a great many other people? You don’t think that there a great many people who don’t want war or nuclear proliferation in the middle east?

    First of all when you say “they have no delivery system for the old nukes they have” are you referring to Iran? If so, that is incorrect. They do not have nuclear weapons at all at this point. Secondly, the Israeli government has a responsibility to protect its people and a perfect right to do so. The leadership in Iran (which is not a democracy by the way) has stated their intention to annihilate Israel many times. How is Israel supposed to react? The questions are: 1) What are Iran’s true intentions? 2) At what point do the Israelis feel they need to attack Iran in order to defend themselves from annihilation now or in the future? 3) What are the U.S. interests in all of this and will the U.S. support Israel if they attack Iran? #1 if you believe Iran’s public statements they will attack when capable of doing so. In the mean time they will hope to drive a wedge between Israel and the U.S. by their bellicose statements. #2 Israel apparently feels the point at which they will have to attack is soon. #3 The U.S. obviously does not want war. From Obama’s history with Israel it appears uncertain at best that the U.S. will EVER support Israel defending itself against Iran as long as he is President. So Israel is put in the position of having to attack when they feel they must do so, in their own best interest, absent U.S. support. They suspect that if Obama is reelected any chance of U.S. support for their defense militarily within the next 5 years is gone anyway – so that is also part of the reason they are pressing the issue now. I fully believe they intend to strike before the end of the year IF Obama does not now agree to drawing written “lines in the sand” for Iran not to pass without military response.

  • slobo

    Shalomnukem…nukem…nukem…nukemshaloM !

  • bozofreak

    Okay you jihad pigs, get ready for your little a-bomb project to be obliterated.
    Take your jihad and shove it.

  • Godspeed Israel to take care of the business that has been thrust upon you. Your military is the best trained, best equipped and most fearless in the world.

    Two words for all the naysayers to contemplate: “Never Again”.

  • C-Dub

    Genesis 12:3 – If America has a brain they will stick to it.

  • David B

    Warning that the Israeli stock market will collapse, that sounds like economic blackmail to me.

    U.S. officials are basically saying that if Israel defends itself investors should SELL! SELL! SELL!

    Which could happen if the US government projects no confidence in Israeli stocks.

    Sick, pathetic tactics used by our government to coerce Israel into accepting its fate.

    By the way, if the Israeli market does drop due to US govt induced hysteria, I will be looking for bargains to buy, buy, buy.

  • The truth

    Let’s see.
    Bush allowed North Korea to build their nukes and he did nothing. And the GOP did nothing.

    Bush allowed North Korea to explode their nukes and he did nothing. And the GOP did nothing.

    Bush allowed Iran to build their nukes and he did nothing. And the GOP did nothing.

    Now the GOP wants their Black POTUS Obama to destroy North Korea’s Nukes and also destroy Iran’s nukes.

    Where was Bush and his GOp for his 8 years?

  • Rampaging Manatee

    Iran gets bombed >>> Moscow levels Tel Aviv >>> Beijing crashes the US economy.

    That’ll teach them Iranians to create medical isotopes!
    (Read: That’ll teach them to operate a non-Rothschild bank.)

    Some dogs just won’t stop chasing cars until they catch one. But these masters don’t care. Israel will just be ‘collateral damage’ and the banks always win.

  • Jim McKeown

    Well who really knows? Surely the Israelis with a couple of hundred nukes seem pretty well armed. I would kind of think the Iranians knew that. Were I an Iranian I might like a bomb. It’s all so silly when the newest BS says that it was the Israelis who started the 1967 shit. And I believe it. They attacked the Enterprise. No they are not to be trusted beyond bagels and corned beef.And be careful there. Bring your own mustard. I mean Israelis seem to be tilted a bit off center towards right wing extremism but not all Jewish souls.

  • Joe

    No weapon raised against Israel will prevail. These developments are Bible prophecy unfolding before our eyes! Look up! Your redemption draweth nigh.
    God bless you BiBi. We love you and the Jewish people with all our hearts. Despite who is occupying our White House, most Americans support an Israeli state and stand behind you 100%.

  • dan

    Israel does not have the ability to fight a war on foreign soil, and defend their country at the same time. Where is this war going to take place? What are people here expecting Iran to do after getting attacked, just role over and capitulate? Do you expect them to just behave nicely after that? Why would they? They talk a lot of bluster, but they and their agents have formidable capacity to retaliate, and it will be Iran who decides when it it done, not Israel. This is not a walk in the park. There are huge consequences in either case. You people that are just itching for a confrontation are naive.

  • Joe

    Please Bomb Iran Israel !!

    And see millions of Jews die.

  • Chris

    What is wrong with u people? Israel has no business attacking Iran. They have no delivery system for the old nukes they have. Israel has over 300 nukes and a way to launch them. This is getting on my nerves!!! People need to wake up and realize what going on before they start calling to bomb a country! It’s not right and it’s down right stupid!!! We don’t need another war!!! I hope you enjoy paying $10 bucks a gallon at the pump if this kicks off. Remember u wanted it 🙂

    • Jerry

      The Jerico platform can easily reach any regional target in the middle east, so your comment appears uniformed. Just look it up at Janes Defense and you will see that Israel does in fact have a delivery system that can reach Iran reliably. The fact that Israel has not used this capability is a testament to their restraint thus far and there desire to live peaceably.

    • Deric

      “They have no delivery system for the old nukes they have.”? What old “nukes”? If they have any at all then Israel waited to long. Bombs away and we should finally start supporting our friends again!

    • TRexLex

      A delivery system is in the works. Besides, they could get a bomb on a ship or otherwise use one through their proxies. The other countries in the region will immediately want nukes. Israel is the one most threatened; of course, its business is whether Iran gets the bomb. Because of our military capabilities, the US has the luxury of waiting a little longer but Israel doesn’t have that luxury.

    • Bubba

      Iran doesn’t want the bomb so they can use it. They want it so they can attack tue US and Israel through their proxies with impunity. Sorry Ron Paul didn’t mention that they want a shield, not a weapon. You have to think a few steps beyond the obvious.

    • Thank you Chris
      I like your logic it’s refreshing to find some people who have a mind and use it. I agree with you.

    • me

      Iran wants to wipe Israel off of the map…preach anti-jewish for the death of Jews everywhere..and says they will attack. And you say Israel has no business attacking a hostile Iran? No one likes war, but come on! Use some common sense.

    • Brian

      I find individuals calling for Israeli restraint to be either seriously misinformed about the situation, or naive. Iran has been working steadily toward having a nuclear bomb for decades and they already have a delivery system that can easily reach Israel. Combine this with the vocal religious rhetoric that comes from Iran’s president and their Supreme Leaders, and it becomes readily apparent that the threat of Iran using a nuclear weapon on civilian targets in Israel is a real and present danger. Israel can not afford to ignore this confluence of events. They will target military and scientific sites, rather than the general populace. Yes, the price of oil will sky rocket, and remember that had morons like the previous poster not allowed the IAEA under El Baradei to mislead the world on Iran’s nuclear intentions, or actually moved when George W. Bush warned us that Iran’s stated goals were for the destruction of Israel, we wouldn’t be facing such an event. Saudi Arabia fears a nuclear Iran, as does Iraq, Kuwait, and Jordan. Remember that the Iranians are Persians, not Arabs and so there is a racial schism as well as a religious one. Iran is the number one supplier of Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist organization that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. I’d ask which the previous poster prefers 7.5 million dead people in Israel, or maybe a thousand dead nuclear scientists and military in Iran, but I’m not sure I’d like the answer.

    • Steve M

      You Chris are a moron.

      First, Iran has no nukes at all (your first error), but there are enriching uranium beyond the 5% required for peaceful use. Secondly, Iran has all sorts of delivery systems (your second error) from short and medium range missiles to terrorist proxies.

      Why don’t you first learn something on a subject before you open your mouth?

    • LJ

      No one wants war. Sometimes it’s a necessity to ensure the survival of your people.

      Grow up.

    • Stan

      It’s humerous how bloggers often claim “special” or “inside knowledge” that the rest of us don’t have, to claim one thing or another. In Chris’ blog, he is sure Israel has 300 nukes –not ten, not 400, but 300. Exactly. And, according to Chris, Iran has old nukes –as opposed to new nukes? –but no way to launch them. Or maybe Chris is a secret agent opening his cover. He did make one statement that everyone agrees, about paying more money at the pump –although, again, he claims it will be $10. No, that’s not $ 7.23, or
      $ 10.12. Exactly $ 10 and 300 nukes and old nukes with no delivery system. Got it?

    • Brent

      In the 1920s and 30s Hitler outlined what he wanted to do with the Jews. He went so far as to even write a book. Europe sat on the sidelines until it was too late. Now, Iran’s leader has compared Israel to a rotting corpse and said it should be wiped off the face of the Earth, and is taking steps to do it! The Jews already lost 6M in the Holocaust and will not allow Iran to start a nuclear Holocaust. Sanctions will not work and cannot work. The Iranians only recognize one thing – brute force. Israel has the right to protect itself. And, no, I don’t want this – Iran wants it by pursuing nuclear “fuel”

    • Ron

      Israel must attack Iran while the option is still viable. Iran WILL inevitably act on their demonic loathing of Israel and attack the Jewish state with nuclear weapons. We are truly in dark days but we must NEVER abandon the the sons and daughters of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. God has stated that He will bless them that bless Israel and curse them that curse Israel. The price of gasoline is the least of our concerns. If Iran gets nuclear weapons they will assuredly seek to employ them against both Israel and the United States. EMP burst or $10/gallon gasoline? I’ll take the $10/gallon gas and a humbled Iran!

    • Mark2

      But we know the Israeli’s are sane and will not use their nukes unless the threat is dire.

      Do you really trust Iran with nukes more than Israel?

      Esp when they go on about losing 1/3 of Iran would be worth the cost, if they could destroy Israel?

    • Mike

      Some things are more important than the price of gas per gallon

    • John

      Chris, Your an idiot. After Iran attacks Isreal we will be next. If you knew anything about history, you would know that countries turned a blind eye to Jews being slathered and said nothing until it was too late. I wish you had experienced being in a camp first hand and then you would believe the need to prevent Iran from getting nukes. If you think gas will go to ten dollars if Iran attacks. It will be much higher if they do nothing.

    • levelheaded

      Who says that Israel has to use nuclear weapons? And you really think Israel publicly discloses everything they have? Wake up! Iran is making nuclear weapons and they will use them to kill us! Are you in denial about the reality of what is going on and what Iran will do? God you people don’t have a clue…

    • RHO

      Yeah, how dare Israel put their own interest ahead of yours. Don’t they know you are more important than their survival. They should just let radical Islam destroy them for your convenience.

    • R. Adk

      You don’t want another war: so you think Israel should be allowed to turn Iran into glass? I have no problem with that (or the reverse), but you have to acknowledge what you’re saying. Many say “don’t go to war with Iran,” but in many cases, would have no problem using military force to stop Israel(If you don’t think it’s important that Iran has nukes and will use them, then why is it important if Israel has nukes and would use them). It’s incorrect to say that Israel has no business attacking Iran when Iranian leadership has exhausted their claim that they intend to wipe Israel of the map. Going to war with Iran wouldn’t be about protecting Israel, it would be about protecting Iran and the rest of the Israel hating countries _from_ Israel. Don’t get that confused with, “I support a war with Iran,” because I don’t. I don’t care if they turn the middle east into a giant mirror for the International Space Station; what I care about is how Russia, China, and European countries would react if we just let Iran and Israel blow up anyone they want.

    • David

      Be serious, nobody in their right mind wants a war especialy Israel. They’ve been fighting for their existence since they became a nation. They’re tired of it but they have the right to defend themselves. If the nut cases in Iran get nukes, they’ll use them. Look at them now, they use anything they can get their hands on to blow up those they call infidels. Israel has had nukes for over forty years & never used them, even when they were on the verge of defeat in the ’73 war. Israel I trust to do the right thing but Iran can be trusted to do the insane. They’ll do anything to get their 70 virgins. Unfortunately, they want to take us with them. Let Israel do what they need to do when it needs to be done.
      Also, don’t blame Israel if gas prices go thru the roof, blame those useless politicians in D.C. They keep caving in to the enviro-whackos when we need to drill and get our own oil. We could be energy independent except for those lame representative we have.

    • DW

      I think you’re right on Chris! I think a lot of Americans are crazy for wanting this!! I’m not an overly religious guy, but wishing the death and destruction of others seems likely to land you in Hell and or bring karmic retribution on America. We need to wake up, there are a lot of evil hearts and minds in America. Look at the videos of the Iranian people, they’re much like you and me – just people – just children of God, many of them doing good things for their fellow man.

    • Phelan

      How much would gasoline be if Iran set off a nuclear bomb in your town, Bub!

    • spacemanspiff78

      Israel has every right to attack an enemy that has promised their annihilation. What ridiculous world of puppy dogs and rainbows do you live in? You know what happened the last time people chose to ignore the problem instead of facing it? WW II. Muslims have preached for world control for quite some time. You stick your head in the sand if you want. I’ll be in the deserts fighting the new enemy of the free. But I do agree that gas prices suck.

      • thebabydoc

        well said.

      • franca

        if not for israel destroying the nuclear in iraq many years ago, the price of gas would be who knows how high, so shuv it up and say thank you .

      • label me, I don’t care

        switch that muslim bit with jews and it’s even more true

      • devan


      • john disney

        iran has never attacked israel or anyone. they say israel causes most of the trouble and should go back to eastern europe where they came from..
        where do you come from spaceman

      • Wes

        They will TRY to attack an enemy that promised their annihilation. There is an equal chance that they will not succeed and will have then eliminated all other options. We can argue whether an attack is their best option, but once executed, it is their only option. And the consequences of an attack might well only mean being annihilated that much sooner.

        Your name is appropriate, Spaceman Spiff fought fantasy wars, too.

    • Ok Chris. Let’s say your neighbor is telling you over and over again that he is going to wipe out you and your entire family as soon as he get’s his rifle repaired. Are you just going to sit around and wait for that day to come, or are you going to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family? If you say you would just wait and see what happens then one, you are an idiot or worse, a true Liberal, and two, I wouldn’t want to be a member of your family. Sometimes you have to take the fight to the bully and not just sit back and wait for him to attack you. I guess you support Iran’s right to supply the Iraqi insurgents with equipment to kill Americans and for them to send equipment and weapons in to Syria to help the Syrian Government slaughter people just for simply protesting. I’m sure there is a flight leaving for Iran pretty soon. Why don’t you get on one of the flights so you can go and join your idiotic brothers.

    • cd

      That is what the d@m Green movement got you in a position where you can’t defend yourself because of silly L!AR like 0BAMA. This Nation need to election a Real President NOT the COLOR of the day!

    • mark

      What you are worried is that you re going to pay 10 dollars a gallon of gas but you care less if israel gets destroyed ,you are either a nazi or a selfish ignorant person.and no I’m not talking about bombing iran.Israel wants to destroy the nuclear facilities not the people of iran .and yes it might escalade to a world war 3 but israel have the right to defend themselves sorry. don’t like the price of 10 dollars a gallon start drilling drilling drilling here in united states .

      • Jim

        Umm doesn’t Israel have 300 nukes?

        And Iran doesn’t have one.

        Yet they’re the threat.

        You guys amaze me. We just got done with Iraq and you sheep are buying this story. If there is a God he or she is watching down at you people saying ‘what a bunch of idiots.’

      • 1997912


    • Tim

      When Iran says, on numerous occasions, that they want to remove Isreal off the face of the earth, I’m incline to take their word for it. Paint em and waste em. You did hit the nail on the head on one aspect; Obuma only cares about gas prices in an election year

      • Bergen

        Iran is a country. It doesn’t talk. If the president of Iran has indeed called for Israel’s removal from the face of the earth on “numerous occasions,” dates, places, and accurate translations, please. The overheated and ill informed rhetoric on this site is very scary. The discussion is deadly serious. It would be helpful if partisans would quit throwing around half baked assertions and hatred of the U.S. president and collaboratively analyze facts…or even try listening. Very smart men and women are working on this problem now. It’s not a team sport. It’s an international crisis. Lower the temperature.

      • Alocke

        I challenge anyone to find some soundbites of the constant Iranian threats to Israel’s existence. Don’t just take msm’s word for it. Do some research…
        I think you will find, once you start digging that the propaganda machine is working overtime trying to shape our opinion of this coming war.
        It may be that there are other reasons for wanting the downfall of Iran. (rand corporation’s white paper, ‘Which Path to Persia?’ Would be a good start.
        Also, don’t forget that the only countries not under the rothchildes banking (hedgemonic) control before 9/11 were???? Any guesses?
        Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, north Korea, Venezuela and Cuba.
        How many Of these still have their independant central bank?
        What I’m saying is you can’t just take the media’s word for it, they do not have OUR. best interest at heart. There is a world of truth out there in Plain sight.
        Ron Paul 2012.

      • Plato

        Tim you are incorrect. Iran’s leader said that Zionism would pass from the pages of history. He did not say that Iran was “going to wipe Israel off the face of the earth”. I do not support Iran, but I recognize their restraint when Israel assassinated six of their scientist and blew up two of their nuclear installation, plus more. Iran did not retaliate. Iran knew Israel was trying to provoke a retaliation so our country would go to war with Iran for Israel, that was Israel’s objective. Before war let us at least be accurate about why we launch a war.

      • Penny

        Ah, but Tim, they have not said this. They said the current Israeli regime should not be on the Earth. Are you as upset with those who say Obama’s administration should be removed? Just keep on repeating that lie.

    • Dave

      Are you saying Israel should totally disregard Iran’s constant rhetoric about “wiping Israel off the face of the map”, as well as disregard Iran’s funding of terrorist organizations constantly attacking Israel? Israel will be doing the world a favor. Obama either does not have the nerve, or is torn between his Jewish and Muslim “friends”, thereby preventing him from making the correct choice (not an easy choice). If you saw Netanyahu’s speech tonight at the AIPAC, you would understand. He makes the situation clear. He doesn’t mince words. And unlike Obama, he does exactly what he says. I vote Netanyahu for US President.

      • Ron

        I was thinking the same thing Dave. You’re right on!

      • Bill

        Maybe we can get the same guy who produced that fake birth cert. for Obama to make one for Netanyahu and get him on the ballot for 2012

        • Ken

          isn’t that the truth!

      • I hear that Netanyahu will release a Hawaii birth certificate shortly.

    • MikeOC

      I’m with Chris on this one and I sense he, like me, is not afraid of a battle—but it needs to be the right one. We are bleeding dollars through every orifice in the national body–and we’re pining for even MORE war? Then again, I’m not at all surprised. War is the answer for pols around the world who need to keep the masses distracted and waiving the flag.

    • Chris 2

      You might want to do your homework before you start spouting your mouth off…

      It is not known how many nukes they have. Allegedly is the word your looking for.
      And they have a right to defend themselves and their land.

      Let’s use the same logic you are using: Let’s say your neighbor is making threats against your house and home-heck lets throw family in there too. You going to sit by and wait for your neighbor to come over and take everything you own-including your family? Yeah. Didn’t think so.


      • Timmy John


      • JIM

        Not unless you are a Palistinian in the West Bank.

        geeze, people on here should really invest some time washing their feet if they insist on sticking them in their mouths.

    • Lloyd

      Let me see now. Ahmadinejad says he will destroy Israel and Israel is taking him at his word. He also says he isn’t building nuclear weapons but won’t allow inernational inspectors in to confirm this. The Israeli PM will do what any national leader would do if they were threatened with annihilation. An attack on Iran will come by May or June unless things change in Iran. You can bank on it. The course is set and the ball is in Iran’s court. Unfortunatley, I think Iran seeks a conflict. It is a religious thing and they are not rational folks so I am not too optimistic. I am not sure that there are really any adults at the helm in Iran and that is sad.

      • Mark Brewer

        Could not have been said any better Lloyd.

      • Lisa Farmer

        Thank you, Mr. Mojo. Here’s some interesting news to chew on: 1) Ayatollah Khomeini, handpicked successor to the Shah. Who financed him? Who handpicked him as the logical successor to the Shah? 2) Does Iran already have nuclear weapons? Probably. Purchased from Ukraine, but who wants them? And what to do with them? They wish they didn’t have them. 3) Because they really aren’t stupid savages after all. Sure, they talk regime change in Israel. But who doesn’t, why the heck does the world tolerate the current apartheid regime?

        • Chris Truth

          Apartheid? Another lie.

      • john disney

        lets see now .. israel has a lot of nukes ..
        lets open iran and israel to inspection and
        disarm both of them about that chief

      • Leo


      • Chris Truth

        What US deaths because of Isreal? It is frustrating to read the comments of people who know NO history of the world and just repeat talking points. I don’t care how many times you tell a lie it does not make a truth!

      • James

        I agree. Like or NOT, Hell is coming to breakfast. Whether Israel or Iran starts it, the effects on the world will be the same (whatever they turn out to be). This year, and probably during the summer if not before. I AM starting to gather together various survival equipment, food (25 year shelf life), water, gear, etc. (Delaying my IRA contributions a few weeks to use the money for getting ready. Who needs money in a bank at that point?). Everyone needs this anyway, for whatEVER disaster, man made or natural, is on the way. And one is ALWAYS on the way.

      • Claudio Taffarel

        Why don’t YOU go have fun with yourself instead of spilling your pious hatred right here?

      • Josef

        Please read what the Iranian president said firsthand instead of spewing out the twisted version on the mainstream media.

    • Rich Day

      Hey Chris, didn’t you see the video where Obama hopes to someday have $10-$15 a gallon gas? What do you think the price per gallon would be if Iran had the capability to threaten the straight of Hormuz with a nuke?

    • Bill

      You are either an anti-Semite or just not too bright. They only need ONE bomb to exterminate millions of Jewish in densely populated area, in the country the size of New Jersey. Iran leadership, time and time again, express willingness to risk the very existence of Iran by pledging to destroy Israel! Are you capable of putting two and two together or it’s too complicated?

      • gregory

        Bill you can think outside the box….

        you are on target, so to speak..

        Forgetting what the world promised after WW-II’s holocost(sic) that ‘we’ (meaning the world I presume)
        would never let this happen again. But it has, in several countries and now in Yemen.
        The UN needs to put it’s money where it’s mouth has been and ‘kick the crap out of these 2-bit dictators like was done with Quadaffi..Petty and cruel dictators like Assad are a wart on the face of society and need to be removed, NOW. as in “Never let it happen again.”
        or at least tell these ‘vote pandering’ politicians to act for what we elected them and not for this phoney double-speak ‘CRAP….

      • Idris

        There is a prosperous ancient Jewish community in Iran represented by a member of parliament. They don’t hate Jews, no Muslim hates Judaism, Ottomans saved Sephardim from Spanish genocide in 15th century by mass repatriation. Ahmedinedjad, who regularly accepts Jewish religious leaders, spoke of eventual collapse of the state of Israel, not nuclear annihilation of Jews. Historically Iran is an isolate like India and China and has not initiated a single war since they converted to Islam 14 centuries ago. They are a theocracy and there is a binding religious edict that prohobit them from making weapons of mass destruction. There is not a single evidence of their production of the bomb let alone being a rival to USA with 10 thousand nukes or Israel with 300 nukes and countless delivery systems. Wake up to the facts!

        • CAMERON

          well said Idris.

      • john disney

        i put 2 and 2 together and i get youre an idiot

      • Ed

        Remember that Iran is a country of over 70 million people. Israel has about 7 million people, at least 20% of whom are not Jews, mostly Arabs. So, we are talking about a HUGE country (Iran) bullying a much, much smaller country (Israel), both in land mass and in population size. Israel does not seek confrontation with Iran. It is Iran that has been making genocidal comments regarding Israel, and supplying their proxies with missiles and other weapons with which they attack the Jewish state. Israel will take out Iran’s nukes if they have no other choice.
        Don’t forget that before the mullah’s took power Iran was an important ally of Israel and the US. Once this fanatical regime falls they will be allies once again.

      • JIM

        When is the last time Iran has invaded a foriegn country?

    • Anthony

      Go stick your head back in the sand. It’s people like you who get on my nerves!

    • tom

      You do not have to drop bombs you flood Iran with small arms weapon’s and let the people of Iran rise up and they will. Something this president should have done a long time ago. The real people of Iran don’t want war or there goverment but don’t have the means of over throughing it. A reason everyone’s blood should boil when any politician in this country fall’s about limiting or sometime even taking away are second amendment rights.

    • Patriotic American

      I’ll save my pennies so I can afford the $10/gal., but we may sleep more soundly knowing that Iran doesn’t have a nuke. The fact that the Western World is so gutless and has learned nothing from 1938 and Munich and the World War that followed really gets on My nerves, Chris….why don’t you invest in a wind-powered bicycle? Given the reality of the Holocaust (you do believe that the Holocaust happened don’t you, Chris?) it ain’t too stupid…in fact…you’re the down right stupid one.

      • John M. Kelly

        Well let us look at things in more depth. You express fear of a world war and act like you will pee your pants? How so World War? I see no world war. I do see America getting involved in yet another of a long and growing line of Middle East conflicts we cannot win. I see trillions of dollars being spent (and borrowed) to achieve nothing. I see $10 gal gasoline.
        I understand that Israel has a major problem. But it is not my problem. Oh, I hear you droning on an on about how America is at risk. But, I remind you that at one time America and Israel could NOT accept am Arab bomb. Not a chance,no bomb. Never. Nada. But, along comes Pakistan, an Arab country that set off 5 nukes in what, ’97 or ;98. Gee, all of a sudden that Arab bomb was acceptable. In fact, we sent ole Pakistan tens of billions of dollars AFTER they set off that verboten Arab bomb. Not that long ago son.
        In the end we will learn to get along just fine with the Iran bomb. No problemo. Buy their oil. Wash their cars. Send them our women. Yes indeed. No problem at all.

        • knows do expect little from the world

          John Kelly, Just to make it clear to the world what you are saying: I would like to not be inconvenienced by higher prices at the pump so I’d like Israel to help me out by allowing itself to be destroyed.

          Thanks for nothing, buddy!

          • ScrewForeignConflict

            er… exactly!

        • Jerry K

          Since when did Pakistan become an Arab country. Ya got your facts wrong bubba.

        • Brandi

          Your post is rather funny, sir. You have heard the threats from Russia about attacking Iran, right? And with Putin as the president, we understand how he feels about America. So, I’m going to play devils advocate…..when Israel defends itself (they have this right to defend themselves) and Iran is attacked, do you honestly believe Russia, China and North Korea (possibly) are going to let Iran be attacked? Not to mention other Islamic countries/gov’ts? This is a world wide conflict!! Open your eyes people!!

          We, as humane humans should support the Jewish community and Israel.

    • AtlasObjectivist

      Get a clue.

    • jackflintstone

      Easy for you to say…unless you are living in Israel. The Jews KNOW the Iranians live for their destruction and will attempt to do so as soon as they can. If the world waits for Iran to have their road to Damascus moment and does nothing, Iran will make Hitler look like a grade school bully. Never again! The Israeli leadership can’t take the chance. I wouldn’t go meekly into that good night either. What free man or country can fault another for acting in defence of its very existence? The leadership of the countries that could have done something about this untenable situation are just as responsible for the carnage to come as they were in Europe c.1938-9. 2012 will be a dark year.

    • Martin

      What is wrong with you Chris?
      Israel has EVERY right to pre-emptively prevent another holocaust.

      • JIM

        So we should teach our children to punch people who have never hit them?

        You never know son, these other boys on the playground MIGHT hit you someday, so you should go around and beat them all up. lol

    • PB

      Israel is NOT going to sit and wait for Holocaust 2. Three nucleur bombs could wipe Israel off the face of the earth since Israel is so small and densely populated. The only option is to strike Iran first and with overwhelming force.

      • William

        3 Strategic nukes would be overkill to wipe out paleastine/israel.All of Islam dispise isralamerica.If Iran doesn,t wipe out that shitty country.Pakistan or North Korea will sell 3 nukes to get rid of the capitol of the USA(aka Israel)

    • Yahoo Sampson

      Chris, shocking thought here: there is more to life than the cost of a gallon of gas.

    • Steve

      If Iran gets control of the Middle East oil, you will pay $20-/gallon.

      • John M. Kelly

        Iran getting control of the Middle East. Wow. If space aliens get control of the Middle East you will be paying $40/ gal. If they have traders maybe $80/ gal.
        Now how is Iran going to control the Middle East? Persians going to control Arabs Sure thing Mr. Wizard.

      • john disney

        if israel gets control youll pay 100

    • greg

      First Israel has the right to protect themselves from any perceived threat, secondly we don’t get oil from iran.
      According to this, Crude Oil and Total Petroleum Imports Top 15 Countries, as of November 2010, the top source of crude oil for the US is…Canada. Followed by Mexico. Indeed, of the top 15 countries that import oil to the US, 51.33% of them are in North America. If we add the rest of the Americas, 60.04% comes from there. If you combined the imports of the “West” (i.e. Canada and European nations), you have 34.28%. All in all, the United States got over 75% of its crude oil from non Arab states in November of 2010.

      Often when you hear talk about oil, you would get the impression that the US got all of its oil from the Middle East. If anything, most of it comes from elsewhere. And the biggest importer exporter of oil to the US is Canada.

      Something to keep in mind.

      • Jeff Hamilton

        The market for oil is global, and following an Israel/Iran war, market forces will drive the price up no matter who your supplier is. So crimping the supply from Iran will impact US gasoline prices despite the fact that we don’t rely on Iran for our supply. China and other Iranian oil buyers will just bid up the price of oil from Canada and other sellers.

        I do think we need to give tougher sanctions time to bite. Israel will do what it needs to do, I suppose. But the US can’t afford another war based on shoddy WMD intelligence like we saw in Iraq, nor should we allow Israel to drag us into a fight that they start.

    • Chris, you think like a small boy with small tersticles. Iran daydreams of blowing Israel out of existence with one bomb. You are worried about gas prices; Israelis worry about their very existence. Please don’t post anymore comments unless you know what you are really talking about.

      • John M. Kelly

        That’s nice about Israel worrying about their existence. They should. Makes sense to me. Look at a map. Yep, in the long run Israel has a problem that they likely will not be able to overcome. It is just that I am not Israeli.
        It is not America’s business what Israel does. I just don’t want to fund it and I do not want American’s to die for it.

      • chuck

        how is it then that thousands of jews live in peace and prosperity in Iran. Irans leader was taken out of context in his speech and NEVER said “wipe Israel off the map” Iran has never invaded another country in their history-can israel say the same? let alone iran is a signor of the nuclear U.N. mandate-Israel has steadfastedly refused to be obligated to it. Israel has NEVER allowed inspecters from the U.N. or anyother body to inspect Dimona or any other site they may have built since then.We are being propagandized into yet another war for Israel where americans will die on the battlefield and NOT israeli’s.just like Iraq and their “weapons of mass destruction” that never existed-here we go again with the hard sell war drum beating to lose thousands of more american men and women,let alone the thousands of women and children that will die in Iran can “christians” reconcile this in their walk?

        • Michael

          Did you ever hear of Alexander the Great? Iranians like to call themselves Persians not Iranians.

        • clearsound

          There is a Christian man in Iran waiting on death row for his faith. All he has to do is renounce his faith and they SAY they will have mercy on him. Yet you say Jews and Christians are safe and prosperous in Iran. You are blind. Also, tell the Kurds that Iraq had no WMDs!! A whole village dead because he used WMDs on them. Any they had before the war were sent away to Syria. There were tons of trucks moving them before the war…while we waited for the UN to give us permission. You and all of your left leaning ‘excusers’ sound just like so many that thought Hitler could be reasoned with. Waiting for sanctions only will give them the time they want to produce more bombs. Bombs btw that can reach the US ‘satan’ as they call us.

        • JIM


          Sadly there are few REAL Christians left. Most have become bloodthirsty egomaniacs.

          100 years ago Christians and Muslims were not so different.

    • thomas


    • Nick

      Chris. I couldn’t disagree with you more, but your input is valuable to me. With the exception of the events on 911, and that is one big exception, since the cold war, we’ve never lived under the kind of threat that Israel does. This nice thing about the cold war, is it stayed cold, as the use of a nuclear weapon ensured mutual destruction for all parties involved. We mustn’t forget what it is to live life under those circumstances. Israel, as a nation, could endure their second holocaust in less than one century over the next few years. As angry as I still am about 911, I humblly posit that what happened on 911 and WWII are not even close to being the same thing. As an American, 911 is someting I’ll never forget. I won’t in anyway try to minimize how horrific 911 was for us. I don’t doubt that Jews in Israel will never forget their recent history either. Iran’s theocratic leaders really view themselves as those who will ignite the world in such a way that their long awaited 12th imam will finallly return. As he won’t return until a period of global chaos, Iran’s leaders welcome the chaos, as it is a step towards what they see as something like a messianic era for Islam. I heard about this years ago but filed it away under paranoid cospiracy theories. I should have done my homework. The return of this 12th Imam is something Iran’s relgious leaders really do believe in, and they do see themselves as those who will hasten his return. Your average Iranian might not believe these things. But those who control their population with an iron fist sure do. I’m sure if you have a mind to, you’ll look it up. Israel, with its size, couldn’t even sustain a single nuclear strike. What for Hitler was a process, Iran could achieve in one assault. Futhermore, Iran’s leaders have made clear that they believe it is the will of their god that Israel disappeaar from the earth. And we didn’t learn this by intercepting some secret message between two parties. We’ve learned it because they’ve told us, and Israel, time and time again what they desire. They’re brazen about it. Moreover, while I respect Islam and won’t make blanket statements about the religion, that radical elements within its tradition don’t see death as something to be avoided. They see death for their god as something they will be rewarded for. In a world with a Nuclear Iran, we would be facing an enemy that would not be detered by the threat of mutual annihilation. If you take Iranian rhetoric even remotely serious, you have to appreicate that there are some who would gladly die in a Nuclear holocaust if they believed it would take down one or both of the nations that they view as Satanic (the US and Israel). Israel simply can’t afford to hope that Iran is just bluffing, and none of their experiences with their enemies with simiar beliefs validates the notion that Iran is bluffing any more the Hamas or anyone else who calls for Israel’s distruction is bluffing. Israel has no business attacking Iran? Whew. Friend, you and I are worlds apart ideologically, though I have no idea why since i don’t know you:) That statement might be meaningul if spoken about the United States. I wouldn’t agree with it, but it would make more sense if applied to us. Israel has been given more than ample reason to hit Iran as hard as they can. Don’t misuderstand me. I don’t want to see this happen. But in war….a life or death sturggle….you can’t pull punches just because your afraid of what others might say. In the thick of the fight you’ll do what it takes to stay alive. You’ll worry about explaining the degree of your use of force long after you’ve managed to cling to existence. And if losing a war means losing your entire nation? I would hate to see it, by I would understand a no holds barred approach by Israel if they go into this alone. I realize noone will agree with me on this, but let me reiterate that its not something I’m hoping to see. Though I’m convinced that sanctions have failed and will fail, I too want to see a diplomatic solution. This situation, regardless of how it plays out, is something that the United States won’t be able to stay out of. Iran has made clear that America will be held accountable for any Israeli action. Can Israel be blamed for that kind of thinking? Surely not. Israel would welcome our help if they move into a war, I’m sure. But they’ll do it alone if they have to. They are not trying to pull us into a war. Iran is simply either trying to scare us with the notion, so we’ll talk the Israeli’s out of what many nations probably secretly feel is in Israel’s own best interests or they want to use an Israeli strike as a pretext for broader war. Why would they want a broader war in which the full force of the American miltary had to be used. Is it because, as stewards of the 12 Imam’s return, they really just want to stir up as much chaos as possible? Either way,we’re clearing dealing with people who’s thinkng is so foreign to us that we’re not sure if we should question their sanity or our inablity to get inside their minds Whatever Iran’s thinking is as they threaten to attack the United States if Israel strikes, we can’t blame Israel for this. And gas prices? They scare me too. Because we’re swept up in this mess, were going to pay an extremely high prie not matter how it plays out. A body blow to our economy is a warranted fear. But it is possible that a nuclear Iran would hurt us in economic and other ways that are as bad, or likely far worse and long lasting, than 10 dollar gas in 2012. Beacause of the parties involved, the question isn’t if something is going to happen. The question is, what is going to happen, when will it happen, and how bad will it be. The storm brewing in that part of the world is like a category 5 hurricane that is clearly moving. Metaphorically speaking, all the forecasters are saying it will make landfall. The question is when, where, and in what way will this landfall occur. But the storm is coming. We should be prepared as individuals and families and a nations for a wide array of really bad scenarios. I’d love to be wrong on this. Nothing would please me more. Most of the time, like any human, I kinda like it when I’m right about something. This is something I want to be wrong about. But wanting to be wrong as opposed to expecting to be wrong are very different things. Nothing good is going to come from this. I hope you hear me. I’m not hawkish when it comes to war. Neither is Israel. I don’t want to see us in another war, either. I know there are those who believe it is the US’s duty to defend Israel…and I recognize there are people I respect but may differ from, who see our relatonship towards Israel as a sacred duty, in the full sense of the word. I’m not trying to make that case. I do believe it is in our long term best interests to fully support Israel with their short term interests as a particular window is closing. The US has very few real allies left, and the same people that long for the end of Israel, want nothing less for us. For us, right now we’re seemingly out of striking range as a nation. Our military is clearly in harms way, but our nation isn’t under the kind of threat from Iran right now that Israel is. I want to stress that I, unlike others, don’t have an extremist view of Islam as a whole. No way. I have great respect for my muslim contemporaries and don’t use the term muslim and extremist interchangeably. But the moderate Muslim masses aren’t in the drivers seat in places like Iran. When they tried to make some inroads in 2009, we let Iran crush its dissendents with Military force. I’m not for us being nation builders for every troubled nation. But nobody in the states would not hope for a regime change in Iran now, if it paved the way for a moderate, more secluar, and less theocratic regime that didn’t see itself as a divine intrument for crushing the enemies of Islam. But in 2009, when the door for regime change was open, we took a pass. I haven’t heard a single thinker, of any political stripe, say anyting other than to the extent that hindsight is 20/20, we blew it in 2009. We’re just beginning to pay the price for that now. When Iran goes nuclear, we’ll pay a steeper price…whether its with our money, the lives of our men and women in the service, damage to our national security, another 911, and/or a nulclear arms race all across the middle east. With the kind of stances Russia and China has taken recently, a world war is not beyond the realm of possiblity here. I do value our president, who I profoundly disagree with, in that I believe he’s very careful about making sure that whatever happens, that we not pay an avoidable price. I don’t doubt his intentions are to protect the US, first and foremost, in every way. Israel, by contrast, if they are taking Iran’s threats literally, isn’t in a postion to calculate costs in the same fashion. They are faced with how and when they are going to face the one price they cant afford to pay. If Israel is bombing Iran with everything its got tomorrow morning, I don’t blame them. Time is their most precious, and most quickly fading commodity. I do feel a great deal of empathy for Iranians in general. Their electons over the weekend were a manufactured spectacle that everyone except Irans leaders (and of course citizens who would be persecuted if not killed just for not kinda playing along) call a farce. From the studies I’ve done on Iran, time and time again I find people affirming that many, if not most Iranians, would welcome a regime change, a more open society, and a more metropolitan and secular lifestyle. But how can they express dissent, when they aleady know where the road of their dissent would lead. I feel for them in the same way that I feel for Israeli citizens. Again, this is all something I really want to be wrong about. But to treat a category 5 hurricane as if it is something other than that…and to minimize its threat just because our fear of what could happen paralyzes us and prevents us from actually preparing for what could happen. With the global economoy being what it is, no nation will remain untouched if some of the more chaotic scenarios play out here. The entire world is affected by it, and Iran seems to like feelng that kind of power for once. Iran could easily diffuse all off this, just by giving in on their aspirations to aquire nuclear weapons. Iran seems to not believe Obama when he says all options are on the table. They may be underestimating our leader, and if so, they’ll know soon enough. But every signal Iran sends expresses their belief that we’re bluffing in saying all options are on the table. Iran’s been around awhile, and they know Israel isn’t bluffing. They flaunt their defiance anyway and taunt Israel to attack all the time. Its plausible that they prefer Irsael to strike first, since Iran could then play the victim card and justify what they’d love to do most. Hit Israel as hard as they could. Right now, Iran is pretty isolated in the area. The Saudi’s would surely be relieved if Israel pulled off a successful premptive strike….and they’d turn around and denouce Israel in public. Iran would, if Israel were to strike first, sing a familiar song to all ears in the region that are used to hearing it and believing it: Israel’s existence is at the heart of all problems in the middle east. Everyone seems to believe that among the people. Noone is worked up into a frenzy about it this week. It doesn’t take much for millions of people, who believe the existence of Israel is against the will of god, to get worked up about and rally against Israel. An attack by Israel on anybody is enough to strengthen the already pervasive belief that Israel is always the agressor. In the abscene of this situation, Iran really has noone out to get it that needs to be threatened with nuclear weapons. The world would quickly partner with Iran in lots of ways if they truly abandoned their nuclear progarm. But Iran wants the bomb. They want to be able to bolster any threats they make with it, and they make them all the time. They also want the bomb so they can feel like they’re taken more seriously by the rest of the world. They also want the bomb for their own version of “the final solution.” Again, the reason we know this is because Iran tells us. Getting into the mind of a nuclear armed Soviet Union and making some educated guesses about how serious to take their threats was one thing. Getting into to the mind of radical Islamic thinkers who anticipate that they are part of god’s work in history to bring about an Islmaic world is entirely different. They truth is, if they had a bomb, we’d be hard pressed to know how serious they would be about using it. Given that Iran’s leaders behave in ways that seeem erratic, and that they have a profoundly differnt worldview heavily informed by a specifically pecular intrepreaton of Islam, who knows what they’d do. I get that I see Iran as the problem in all of this. Others might disagree. I’m usuallly pretty open to a difference of opinion. I’ve looked into this with delieration and an open mind. Nothing would convince me at this point that Israel, and not Iran, is the aggressor in this paricular neighborhood fight. I hold Iran accontable for this particular set of events. Even as I do, my concern is with the people in power in Iran and their way of maitaining that power, even against the will of the majority of Iranians. I’ve got no reason to think my problem is with the citizens of Iran. And if you are Muslim and reading this, please know that I respet your religion. In my religious tradition, we’ve got extremists too. The are a minority, but when they do something terrible, my entire religion gets blamed. I understand that this isn’t fair. Israel is an ally of my country. I’m glad. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything Israel does or has done. But I hear the voices coming out of Israel about this situation just like I hear the voices of the Iranian leaders. The problem is with Iran here. It with a small and radical group of leaders…..but these leaders aren’t gonig anyway anytime soon. And regarding your final comment, even as I don’t want to see miltary action against Iran, I do believe that over the long haul, its the best solution. And I’ll pay 10 dollars for gas and be sure to remember somebody told me so. But I truly believe there are prices that are going to be much higher, no matter how you do your math if we pretend that Iran is anything other than its leaders want it to be or act like they are joking when they spell out their long term agenda. I really wish there was a middle of the road option. As long as even the talk of more negotiations is for them just a game of smoke and mirrors (and it has been to this pint), and as long as they defy everything from a global communnity that really wants a diplomatic solution, and as long as they play cat and mouse with the IAEA to buy more time, this is just going to get worse. Whatever price the US ends up paying, that price will increase exponentially over time. Israel may have blood on its hands in Gaza and the West Bank. I wouldn’t assert that with certitude, but it seems more than plausible. To act as if Israel is the problem in the Iranin dynamic, however, just istn’t true. Israel could start a war with Iran…they’d be hard pressed to finsih it alone. Your implication that they’re in a rush to drop bombs and be at war might seem plausible on a superficial level. But in the end, the notion isn’t reality based. As soon as Israel strikes Iran, Iran will strike back at them. So will Hezbollah and Hamas. The fact that Syria is in chaos, and supported in all kinds of ways by Iran further weakens Israel’s position. The regime change in Egypt and then end of a stable reltionship between Israel and Egypt, which existed for years until the Arab spring, makes Israels southern border more vulnerable too. Israel’s not stupid. They know all this and much more. Israel will really pay a heavy heavy price for a premptive strike on Iran and Israel knows it. Iran knows it too, and the notion thrills the leadership. Right now, many countries in the West might understand why Israel might use a premptive strike. But with everyone’s economy in the tank, countries are all concerned about their own economic survial, and Israel will be held responsible for weakening the global economy explicitly or implicitly. Iran knows this too, and if Israel does attack, Iran will be quick to do all in its power to hurt the global economy while all the while acting like everything is Israel’s fault. All this would be over if Iran gave up on a bomb they don’t need for self defense. Its that simple. My best guess is, Israel will strike uniltaterally and soon. They are fearless people because they know what it means to be powerless and totally at the mercy of a foe who sees you as inhuman and that wants to exterminate you. Americans….and we’ve been through alot, can’t say that as cultue, we’ve experienced anything even remotely close to what the Jews went though in WWII. African Americans of course, have and appreciation for what it means to be powerless and then systematically dehumanized. Americans as a whole, can look at some photos and pretend they can envision what the Nazi holocaust was like. But in reality, unless your culture experienced it, it couldn’t even begin to fully understand it. To expect Israel to risk being in that kind of deadly powerlessness again because we want lower gas prices…well, I’m sure they are willing to gamble their natonal identity away to save us money at the pump. Israeli cultue rose from the ashes of the corpses at places like Dachau and Aushwitz. If we walked in their shoes, I doubt we’d risk going back to an existence like that because someone else was going to pay higher gas prices either. Of course I want what’s best for our country. But I shouldn’t waste another word affirming why Israel might act in response to those who openly proclaim they want to exterminate Israel. I will say that I really don’t want to pay 10 dollars for gas. As the price of oil rises, the price of everything else will go up too. This will hurt me and my family. We’ll be squeezed, and I’m not sure that in our income braket, we will fare well if things get tough. If I recoil in fear as I think about that, I still can appreicate how another might recoil in fear as they recall as gas chamber or oven or antcipate an atomic bomb heading the way. The more I write and reflet on all the stuff I’ve read on this issue, the more sensless your comment about Israel have not right to attack Iran sounds more and more meaningless. I don’t want to insult you. Maybe your a much more gifted thinker than I, and your able to sum up the complexity of your thinking with a few brief statements. Maybe you get your news from sources that are different from mine. Or maybe you aren’t able believe both that America shouldn’t be involved in another war and that Israel if it wants to survive as a nation, may very well have to go to war. Iran wants this war. Nobody’s threatening to exterminate them. Israel doesn’t want this war. If the do go to war, it will be an evil they face only because they don’t want to face an even worse evil. If you really believe that Israel is rushing into a war to drop a bunch of bombs on an innocent iran….well, I just respectfully disagree. Israel has nothing to gain by attacking Iran. Israel doesn’t want their land. They don’t want to occupy Iran and take its resources. The just don’t want Iran to have the ability to make good on their vow to destroy Israel with one blow.

    • Callahsr

      Oh since you have seached the entire country of Iran personally and verified they have no delivery system then we will be sure to let Israel know that. Additionally it is really none of our business who Isreal attacks. Do you think the US would listen if someone told us not to attack?

    • joseph

      What’s “downright stupid” is you telling us Israel shouldn’t defend itself after Iran has said that when it gets the bomb, that they will use it to destroy Israel. Do you expect Israel to wait until Iran get the bomb???

      Move to Canada or France. You’ll love it there.

    • Paul

      Chris, what a selfish perspective, I suggest to you that you also go watch the movie “Act of Valor”. It will give you a reality check. Remember “When good men do nothing evil will prevail. Isreal has every right to attact Iran to prevent what might happen in the futre. I am a warrier and hate war. Anybody who loves war is sick, however it is neccessary in order to preserve our society and protect our citizens.

  • Mark D.

    GO and get’m Israel, let the bombs rain and destroy those sites.. they have the balls to do what Obama jerk can’t!

    • Josephus

      Spoken like a true war criminal. An attack on Iran and a war crime and is also insane. But the good news is that if Israel is foolish enough to attack Iran, then by international law Iran has the right to defend itself and strike back. This will be the end of Israel as we know it, leading to some kind of regime change in that most criminally warlike of nations. “Mighty” Israel cannot even beat Hezbollah.

      • joseph

        You are ignorant of the other 50% of what’s going on here:

        you seem to have no problem saying Israel should not attack Iran but you are “silent” on the fact that Iran has stated their intent to destroy Israel and so you want Israel to do what… wait to be killed in their beds one night when Iran does attack????

        Now I now that talk show Michale Savage was correct when he said that liberalism is a mental disease…..

    • Mr. Lucky

      You who are blind and cannot see. The banksters put the Jews in Palestine to inflame the Moslems and create WWW3. This was their plan, and they will financially profit from the ensuing war. In addition, the chaos will allow them to implement a World Government.

    • you are an idiot..please pay for my gas when it goes to $15/gal…moron…pease go to for what true Jews believe

    • Jay


      • thomas


        • mick

          your sick

      • Chris 2


        stop smoking weed or whatever you’re smoking and look around. There will never be peace in the middle east. NEVER. It has been this way for over 8000 years, and when there is finally “peace” you aren’t going to like what actually happens next.

        Also you may want to look in to see if Iran has any “bombs” or missiles that reach U.S. Soil. Yeah…didn’t think so.

        Do your freaking homework before you start spouting your mouth. And if you have to use the caps lock to prove your point, you’re just dumb. Just dumb…

      • vcb-tn

        yeah, it could be a little hell storm….
        but i think we’ll close the cave door on iran before they can even start….iran=glass/glazed.

      • Hughe Mongous

        Ummm….duhhhh…because some people are evil (Russia, Islamists, Iran, China) and can’t get along with democratic republics and will not be happy until they either convert everyone or kill them trying.

        Don’t be so naive.

        • JIM

          Abortion is illegal in Iran. Who is evil?

        • bob’s ur uncle

          You are funny. Maybe you could get Batman or Superman to defend Israel from all of the EVIL people you mention – over half of the earth’s population. Don’t be so naive? Hilarious

      • Don

        Two ancient atomic bombs were used on a country that was fanatical and not logical. . .but it brought them finally to their senses and they became peaceful.

        Repeatedly, the culture and attitude of Iran’s leaders speaks not of peace. . .but uses endless threats. . . on the one hand they threaten the extermination of Israel. . .on the other they say their nuclear efforts are all for peaceful purposes.

        Which statements should we believe. . .?

        Cultural differences exist between the east and west. . . and the acceptance of a suicidal act by Islam fanatics troubles me greatly. . . it seems for their culture killing innocents with your self destruction will still land you in the good graces of Allah. . .

        Talk is not going to change their beliefs. . . I’m ready to use an Iron Fist.

      • Brandi

        What you say is true…..but skewed. Peace in this world is NOT achievable. The love of money is the root of ALL evil. Also, peace means different things to different countries apparently. For utopia to begin…..moral compasses have to be realigned. This will NEVER happen by human efforts. History does repeat itself.

    • Joyce Hodnett

      I continue to beieve that Israel is on her own! Obama does NOT have the gonads to back her up — he’s a muslim sympathizer! In fact I don’t know of any Lib who has a back bone. Go get ’em BiBi.

      • Walter Welton

        I read yesterday that Obama was ‘trying’ to get the Israelis to wait until after the elections in Nov. to attack Iran. As always, Obama is thinking only about himself!

      • mick

        are you for real ? hove every got a family member back in a bodybag ?

      • IndyMason

        Unfortunately I fear you are correct. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obamas next speech sounded like this “America would also like to apologize for the deaths of the 19 Muslims caused by the United States poorly placed skyscrapers.”.

    • swp

      Why don’t you join them brave Mark and be the first to set foot on the ground and fight for Israel.Any bets?? if Mark will go.

    • mick

      fool hope you don’t have children

  • Keith C. Parsels

    The greatest asset Israel has is their Chutzpah. Go for it if you need to. The President does not speak for the American people.

    • Joyce Hodnett

      I agree that Pres obama does not speak for all Americans. He and his goons need to pack it in a leave. Go find another planet to destroy — that’s about all they are good for.

    • mick

      is “war” all America can do now ? because you don’t actually do it very well !

    • cpuller

      obama is lying to them. I know they don’t trust him. Thank God for that.

  • Eyal S.

    A point of contention between US and Israel is the interpretation of Iran’s nuclear capabilities versus building nuclear arms. US, it seems, would be OK with Iran not having the nuclear bomb while Israel is adamant about Iran not able to have even the capabilities to enrich nuclear materials. North Korea is already helping Iran to enrich uranium and plutonium and even allowing Iran to test their nuclear weapons on N. Korea’s soil. See article “Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Bomb In North Korea?
    By Reza Kahlili
    Published December 30, 2010 |
    If that is the case, de facto, Iran already has nuclear weapons and it might be even too late.
    What should Israel do: sit and wait for the US and allied sanctions to work or attack facilities in N. Korea, which in due time will ship the already enriched nuclear material to Iran for “assembly” of the war heads?
    Very delicate situation.

    • Patriot

      Israel has nuclear weapons and their NOT allowed to so who is the offenders now? I’m not choosing sides, just need the truth and MSM will not tell you the truth, but it’s out there.

      • Dave Mowers

        More importantly has anyone thought about the military strategy side of this potential attack by Israel? Think just Israel vs. Iran, yeah sure the buffer zone in Iraq is there with U.S. forces but how does Israel guarantee a limited if non-existent counter attack by Iran?

        Think dolphin-class submarines from Germany and then remember Israel has U.S. missile technology, patriots, tomahawks, bunker busters etc AND nuclear weapons. Now you know the battle plan, a nuclear first strike on Iran is the only way to guarantee victory for Israel and that is why the U.S. wants no direct part in this and wants to play the “we could not foresee” card here.

      • chume

        Really? Israel has Nukes? Really? The destruction of what country has Israel ever threatened? I cannot speak for Israel, but they appear to be a nation willing to live in peace with its neighbors. Can the same be said for Iran? Syria?
        Shocking revelation that Israel has had nuke for what now 40 years and never used them? Well time will tell. You can bet they will retaliate when and I could see Israel unleashing a limited nuke counterstrike. Besides how else will the myan calendar end?

      • mark

        yes israel is allowed to have you know why because they have it for more than 30 years and they did not use it ,and no I ran ,should not have it ,or they will use it copy copy copy brains brains brains ,like a dumb question would you say hitlier should have a nuke because the united states has 1 ??

      • Stan

        You really should use proper grammar; you’d make your case stronger.

      • Eyal S.

        Israel never claimed to have nuclear weapons. As far as I am concern, it could be a way to dissuade its attackers to be careful as nobody knows if Israel has or not nuclear weapons.

        • Patriot

          So there is Russia, China, Japan, North Korea and the USA just sitting in the Pursian Gulf on a hunch? Read this And I rest my case. Then go read my posts below and you get the full picture up to date.

        • you are certainly ignorant. Israel has over 300 Nuclear weapons provided by the usa. This is a documented fact. Israel will not abide by IAEA rules but they want Iran to. Pot calling the kettle black. Israel is the terror of the middle east, not Iran. Do the research.

        • Jay


        • Chris Z

          Whether Israel has a nuclear bomb or not is not the case. The Iranian government is a radical Islamic regime that has no problem dieing for their cause. they are the only nation to threaten annihilation of Israel and the US once they acquire this WMD. Wake up people. The President of the US is not the right person to turn to. They need to turn to GOD. They have been outmanned before and look how those wars turned out. Short and Victorious. Turn to the Lord God of Israel. Their lies your answers.

          • Chris,
            The MSM has convinced you that Islam is your enemy. However, the god of israel is satan. Read their holiest book, the Talmud, and you will see what they are all about.
            Besides, God the creator through Christ tells us “blessed are the peacemakers”. My bible doesn’t say kill muslims and everyone who doesn’t believe. It says tell them the good news of salvation through Christ. Can you find any scripture that tells of Jesus or the apostles wanting to kill? zionists are behind war and death.

        • John M. Kelly

          Gee, kinda ostrich like aren’t you. In fact, maybe Iran isn’t trying to build an A bomb. In fact, America might have destroyed in nuclear arsenal.
          Not a good way to bet mind you, but possible.

          • thomas


        • chuck

          eyal-the whole world knows Israel has nuclear.where have you been? ever heard of Dimona? cmon man do some research cuz your shoe looks like it must be made out of chocolate the way you keep puttin your foot init

          • Jim

            USS Liberty???

            1953 coup????

            These must be the same nukes Iraq had right?

            I know pro war Fox news makes people dumb but you guys are ridiculous.

      • levelheaded

        Yes Israel has nuclear weapons. If did a little research you will quickly see that Iran helps terrorists kill Americans, hangs gay people, stones women, and denies the holocaust. I guess you think that Iran wants the nuclear capabilities for “medical” purposes too right?…haha educate yourself and you’ll realize you’re defending hitler when you defend Iran. Now I see how people could allow the Holocaust to happen, because people like you were in denial.

      • I can here the XFiles music 🙂

        • MikeOC

          The last bastion of the ill-informed is mockery, and the king of mockery is to deny anything resembling a conspiracy.

      • Steve

        Israel has at least 100 nuclear weapons, and has had them since the 80s. Nobody tells Israel what they can “have.”

      • joseph

        The truth is that although Israel has nukes, unlike Iran, Israel has NOT said they will use them to wipe Iran off the map. Iran however, has said they intend to destroy Israel and is working towards acquiring nuke weapons to do so, thus making Iran the problem, NOT Israel. Your inability to process this difference is PRECISELY why Israel will take care of the problem while O’Bama sits with thumbs up his ass because O’Bama (just like you) is ALSO unable to process this difference…..

    • chuck

      @Eyal-if Fox news reported it then it MUST be TRUE right? cmon now people one article on fox news and they’ve already convinced you-as if Fox,msnbc,cnn,ets report the truth in virtually any situation. Eyal-did you personally check anywhere else to find confirmation of the north korea report other than the lame stream media? more than likely not

    • mick

      FOX NEWS …OK

  • Ken

    We sacrificed WTC 1, 2, and 7 for Israel, they can at least have the grace to wait until they are actually attacked!


    • good idea. Ken.

      Why don’t we let the first nuclear weapon fall on your head.If it destroys you…we will call it a ‘time for action”

      How stupid !!!!

      • Stan

        You cracked me up!!! 🙂

      • Joe

        Just like Iraq has WMD’s? America’s own intelligence agencies report that has Iran abandoned their nuclear weapons program years ago and there is no hard evidence to support that Iran is currently working on a nuke. Israel is claiming “proof” that Iran is building a nuke because an IAEA report says Iran has reached about 20% nuclear enrichment. To be used as the fissile core of a nuclear weapon, the uranium has to be enriched to more than 90 per cent and be produced in large quantities. So much for proof and truth, let the war drums beat… dee dee dee

      • ken

        Well, Mr. Pister, why not search for some truth.

        If you start by trying to find out what happened to WTC 7 you will have a peak into the rabbit hole. See where that leads you.

        Then, if you want to fully plunge in, try Judge Andrew Napolitano’s show, the one now entitled:

        Judge Napolitano.How to get fired in under 4 mins

        Then perhaps you will understand my original comment.


    • Michael

      You are not only ignorant, but also stupid and naive.

    • Jeff

      Waiting until somebody attacks you with a nuclear weapon before you take action? Sounds like that might have come right out of the Obama play book.

    • Kushmir Intuchis

      Ken, the crazies that attacked the WTO did not do so because they hate Israel. It’s because they hate America. Otherwise they would have attacked Israel, wouldn’t they? these are the same crazies that are hell bent on getting a nuclear weapon. And you want to give them even more time to do so? that’s nuts!

    • TRexLex

      One atomic bomb could destroy Israel because it’s so small. Sacrifice WTC 1, 2 & & for Israel. Where’d the heck did that come from? 9/11 wasn’t about Israel.

    • rdhibsho

      Wow ken, If you think the 9/11 attacks had anything to do with Israel, you really don’t know the first think about Al Qaeda, Jihadists, or the Middle East. You are lucky that israel exists to absorb a decent chunk of their hatred. If Israel didn’t exist – there’d be many more of these attacks in your neck of the woods. And Im not sure that anyone but you would consider a million israeli’s getting massacred by an iranian nuke is ‘graceful’.

    • mark

      oh yes you really make sense you must of been born at occupy wall street .your comment does not deserve an answer stupid dumb head .but I will lower myself to answer your a b c question ,israel should be hit first , and then after they die, they showed hit back .I think you deserve a position in the white house .

    • Eyal S.

      One attack will wipe Israel out. Should Israel wait for it?
      What WTC has to do with Israel?
      Should Israel continue to be the scapegoat of humanity, the same way the jews were throughout history?

      • Jay


      • Reasonable Man

        1) WTC happened because of the US’s support for Israel. Israel continues to exist because of the US, so the Arabs hate the US. 9/11 happened because we support Israel.

        2) Israel treats the Palestinians like human garbage. It’s ironic that every time anyone criticizes Israel’s policies, Israelis (and some Americans) pull out the victim card. YOU are the bully now. The Palestinians are the victims of your sustained human rights abuses, yet you still claim to be the victims. You are no longer the victim. The Holocaust ended in 1945, and since then, you have committed human rights abuses and genocide to “protect yourselves.” No one believes that garbage. You are using historic victimization to justify your crimes against humanity.

        3) You are attacking Iran because you know the US will back you up. Without the US, Israel could not even beat Iran. You almost lost the second war in Lebanon! Your military has become a sad joke, but luckily for you, you know that Big Brother United States will come in and bail you out if you get in too much trouble. You are the little kid who starts fights, then brings in his bigger brother to finish them. You are snot-nose cowards, and you want Americans to die for you.

        I, for one, have seen enough young American men die in pointless wars to last a lifetime. I cannot express how disgusted I am with the American administration and Congress for failing to tell Israel that the US will not enter a third war under any circumstances whatsoever. How many more young American soldiers need to die so Israel can continue its bully agenda in the Middle East?

        • chuck

          @reasonable man-i couldnt have said it beter myself.Kudos to some voice of reason and knowledge on this thread.too many of these people are drunk from the kool-aide at the propaganda ball

        • Walter Welton

          1) WTC had nothing to do with Israel. Osama bin Laden stated that the attack was due to Saudi Arabia allowing America to have bases on it soil!

          2) Arabs are part and parcel of the Israeli population. They live there, vote there, thrive there, and are even elected to political office! So much for being treated like garbage …

          While you claim to be a ‘Reasonable Man’, I suggest you don’t have much of a clue about what is going on the that part of the world – from your writing it is obvious that you have never been there, and to suggest that Israel cannot take care of Iran on her own confirms that you don’t have a clue about Israel’s past history in dealing with Arabs – if you knew anything about history, you would realize that past wars between Arabs and Jews didn’t last very long before the Arabs ran home with their tails between their legs!

          • Jim

            Osama bin Laden. Yup. Sure.

            And Kennedy was shot by Oswald and the Gulf Of Tonkin really happened right?

          • JIM

            1. Abraham came from Iraq. He was an Arab!

            2. There is no Jewish ethnicity. Being a Jew is a religous identity.

            3.They are all Arabs! Some Muslim, some Jewish, and some Christian.

        • so your saying we shouldn’t support our ally because they will bomb us?? that’s the words of a coward who will betray their friend because other people hate them! isreal treat’s the Palestinians like garbage but they give them the Gaza strip and haven’t put them in concentration camps and exterminated them all like what Hitler did to the Jews? they are the bully now but their enemy’s have seeked to destroy them ever since their existence in 1948?? and because they kicked their butts and occupied some land their the bully? but they control 1 percent of land in the middleast and their Arab neighbors control more oil and more land and they are the victims? isreal has never had the u.s fight for them in wars.. what are u talking about? in 1948 and 1967 isreal alone defeated their enemies being out numbered and out manned when the world thought they were going to be destroyed!! crimes against humanity when almost every Muslim Arab is pissed with the leaders they have because they have no democracy or k Now what democracy is and they are always oppressed? not to mention all the rockets that are fired into isreal by Gaza, Hamas, Hezbollah! and who runs Lebanon? oh yea a bunch of terrorists!! isreal will kick irans or any other arab nations butt who trys to mess with them because if they did it before alone with less fire power what makes you think they cant now with what they have?? what makes you think they wont use nuclear weapons in case they have to to survive? ur are completley wrong and are twisting facts with lies to make ur point! so sad!!

      • pm

        If the US is not there to back Israel the outcome will not be good. Iran will continue to attack them until the US is dragged into another mideast war which we can no longer afford.

        We must find another way to resolve our differences unless we are prepared to spend the next generation at war which could tip us into a major depression. We have already spilled too much blood over there fighting those islamic fanatics trying to drag them into the 20th century.

        • John M. Kelly

          I’m with you. I do not want to get drug into yet another Middle East war. But, we do these things to our self.

        • steven


    • Steve

      You sound like a hillbilly Jew-hater. You’re probably married to your sister.

    • Eric

      9/11 had nothing to do with Israel. My friends and heros died there. How dare you use that burial ground to forward your agenda?

      Shame on you. Israel is guilty of plenty of crimes. 9/11 is not one of them. May the souls of the departed forgive you for using their deaths opportunistically.

    • joseph

      Wow….you are living proof of what happens after one falls off a bike while wearing no helmet. Are you naive or what??????

      Only morons wait to be attacked by someone else who has vowed to kill them.

      Talk show host Michael Savage is correct when he says that “liberalism is a mental disease”….

  • Pilot Dave

    Imagine if Isreal had not bombed the Syrian Nuke site? Yes President Oboma, there is a cost of doing the same with Iran, not just to your re-election bid, but the cost of allowing Iran the means to do what they have said they will do (“wipe Israel off the face of the Earth”) is an even bigger cost.

    Hitler would be proud of Iran….

    • Dave Mowers

      Iran fought alongside the allies in WWII dipsh_t.

    • Michael

      More importantly, Hitler would be proud of Obama…think about that…

  • DAN G

    WW111 may be long overdue. Someone has got to stop Iran.

    • Patriot

      Stop Iran from what? just exacly what? Have you done due diligence to find the truth or do you let MSM psyops wash over your mind daily? Go read my comments below, click the links and get an education of just why this is happening.

      • spacemanspiff78

        Patriot, you are part of the problem. The leaders of Iran have said specifically what they intend to do; what their ultimate goals are. They do not hide anything. Suckers like you spout conspiracy theories when the truth is being flaunted in our faces. So if Iran’s intent is not the destruction of Israel and the worldwide domination of Islam, inform me as to what it is.

        • Jim

          The truth.

          Oh, you mean like Iraq right?

          Damn sheep.

      • Patriot

        Just like Osama Bin Ladens body being discovered in the news today on a CIA Airplane in Dover (search) when we all saw the pictures of Marines dumping his alleged body overboard from the back of a Chinook Helocopter in the dead of night for a burial at sea. It’s all psyops people. Bin Laden has been dead since Dec 2001.

        He was kept frozen for years after his death in 2001 after being treated in a Dubai Navy Hospital shortly before his departure. GW Bush was keeping him on ice so-to-speak just in case he needed an ace in the hole for the ’04 re-election to show his administration has captured and killed him. AKA Rally support. Instead, he cut a deal with Diebold and viola, mission accomplished.

        Go search “Madeleine Albright saving Bin Ladens body for an October suprise” and that should tell you all you need to know. They were going to use his capture / kill for re-election propaganda back in ’04.

        This Administration has zero credibility at this point. When a photographed body of Osama Bin Laden and a paper trail proving the veracity of the story, then turns up on a CIA airplane in Dover Delaware, there is alot of explaining to do.

        What a total sham everyone has believed hook, line and sinker. This upcomming war is no different, slight of hand and diversions.

    • Ok Dan get your gun and move to Israel to fight for them, you naive warmonger.

    • Jay


    • Jake



      Damn I’ve been out of the loop.

  • Commonsense

    Are you guys ignorant OR do you just believe everything you see on tv? “israel has no choice but to attack” ..really? “they have to for survival”…really? Iran KNOWS that if they dare attack israel unprovoked, we will obliterate them and nations like china and russia will turn a blind eye even though theyre mostly allies. If israel attacks iran and we attack iran for attacking israel, that WILL result in a world war – nations like china WILL DEFEND IRAN UNDER THOSE CIRCUMSTANCES.

    There isnt ANY evidence that they have or are building a nuke. Are you guys really that gullible to believe the SAME EXACT LIES that took us to iraq? Are you really that quick to judge them on something that they have shown no evidence of even doing?
    there have been over 1 million iraqi deaths due to us and thousands of our own troopss. You have to be a huge idiot if you are willing to risk that or more again over literally the same exact lies as before.

    Why dont you piss and moan about the acts of war WE have already done? We get some sort of special rights that only apply to us an our allies when dealing with sanctions and embargos or something?

    • chume

      your post doesnt seem to make common sense from Israels perspective. “If Iran attacks Israel, they know the US will retaliate…” you do realize that an attack by Iran or its proxy would cause substantial damage to Israel.
      Why dont you volunteer to live at ground zero and take the risk of Iran not actually being in the process of developing a Nuke. Get real. Until you live there dont judge them for self protection. Besides, do you really think Odumbo would hit Iran back? No because he knows Iran has too many sleeper cells in the US

    • MSL

      What part of “we will annihilate Israel”…”we will wipe Israel off the map” don’t u understand?

    • jojo

      Commonsense, or lack of. Our nation has promised Israel for 50+ years that it will protect the Israeli people. Now that they need us, our Muslim president is waffling. Israel knows that OB is its enemy. What does your commonsense tell you about the world’s opinion of US if we back away when Israel needs us?

    • bubba

      Did you happen to miss EVERY time the Iranian president threatened to wipe out Israel??? The US/Chinese/Russian reaction to an Iranian-sponsored nuclear attack is irrelevant because Israel would utterly devastated if not completely destroyed. This argument is about the strongest instinct of any being – the fundamental will to survive. What you are saying is wait till the lion pounces before you shoot!

    • Stan

      Your post assumes Iran will act rationally and not use a nuclear weapon against Israel. Yet, Iran’s Mullah’s, as with other Muslim fanatics, have and will, always put their religion ahead of pragmatism. You forget that Muslims love to die as martyrs. Chief Ayatola over in Iran already stated publically that he wouldn’t mind loosing several million Iranians if it meant Israel would be destroyed. Maybe you are thinking like they are good Christians who will sit down over a drink and work out their disagreements with USA and Israel? Get real!

    • Mike

      You have really no idea what the freaks in contral of Iran believe do you ? Do you? No you don’t, trace it back to the beginning of the Bath parties beginning during 1938-1943 and the belief of the president of Iran and the savior he is tring to usher the reign of in. Then get back to us on what you know or don’t know.

    • Darkangel

      Take a look at a map of Israel, by population density. Most of the population lives in Haifa, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem. The area south of the West Bank is very lightly populated.

      The number of nuclear bombs that Iran would need to unleash a second Holocaust isn’t even in double digits. They could wipe the vast majority of Israel off the map with only a couple of well-placed nukes.

      Sure, the leaders of Iran know they’d be on the receiving end of a serious reprisal attack. But they WANT that. They WANT to die as martyrs as their just reward for destroying Israel. They are COUNTING on a second strike. It’s their OBJECTIVE.

      So if the world sits back, and lets Iran have a first strike–which would be devastating to say the least–and then responds in kind, Iran wins. They’ll have gotten everything they wanted: Israel destroyed, and their martyrdom. Iran wins, game, set, match, and championship.

      And then, future generations are going to wonder how, with the horrors of Auschwitz still within living memory, the world permitted Iran to launch a second Holocaust. “Never again,” civilization vowed scarce threescore and ten years ago. Future generations might very well ask, “Why so soon again?” if Iran is permitted a first strike.

      • Rob Pace

        For Iran to achieve the goals you describe, would it even need a nuclear strike against Israel?

        I might be underestimating Israel’s defenses, but given Israel’s small size, I imagine Iran could roughly duplicate your nuclear scenario with a chemical or biological weapon of mass destruction, combined with conventional weaponry, which I presume Iran already has access to.

        And I’m not sure why Iran could not simply obtain a nuclear weapon from North Korea, though perhaps Iran could not do this while going undetected.

    • spacemanspiff78

      Israel never admitted to having nukes either. Do you believe they do? If so, it strikes me as odd that you are willing to believe one set of lies over another. And let’s be honest, you have no idea who will defend who in what scenario. China’s not in our pocket and Putin has never been a buddy to the US.

      The argument about Iraq not having WMD is as tiresome as Obama’s birth certificate. Talk to people that were there. Ask them about the chemical weapons facilities left empty and recently used. Ask them about chemical weapons missile delivery systems still there. The truck convoys into Syria. All the clues point to them having WMD. Let it go already.

    • Reasonable Man

      This is absolutely correct. It’s really amazing how we’re making the exact same mistake we made nine years ago. It’s like the American people have no memory at all.

    • lee

      If there intentions were for peaceful means, there would be no need to fortify the sites in mountains and no reason not to let the International nuclear agents in for inspections. Don’t be so naive.

    • Nequelquepart

      If they don’t want to be bombed then why do they keep threatening to wipe Isreal off the map, huh smartie? Or are you just a Jew hater. Already know your political affiliation. Democrats stand with the occupoopers.
      I don’t know if Iran has a bomb or not. For all I know they could have 50 supplied by N Korea. I do know Obama’s preacher HATES the Jews and Obama is no friend to Israel, the only democracy in that whole backward region. Godspeed Israel, our prayers our with you. Shame we can’t develop a bomb that kills just mullahs, imams, clerics, and ayatollas.

    • Israel has no room to be attacked. They have no margin for error. One strike and they’re done. And saying that Iran has no nukes goes against multiple UN reports and edicts. Furthermore, if their program was for peaceful purposes, then why does Iran have all sorts of long-range missile tests, etc.

      Your assertion that China would intervene is categorically untrue. The Chinese government wants to rise to superpower status in a peaceful and economic way. Going to war against a mighty nation like America jeopardizes all which they have gained economically in the past quarter century. While China and Russia might make a stink about it, both are economically dependent on the West and would have no real impact.

      Russia, in fact, would be happy about the war because it would drive the price of oil up. (this, however, could be offset by an American policy of drill, baby, drill.) China might cause some dollar inflation, but they cannot cause enough to make a problem, otherwise American products would drive them out of business due to lower production costs.

      Thus, your entire post was ignorant baloney. As such, I negate it.

      • Hughe Mongous

        The Russians and Chinese WILL intervene. Their stand against pressure on Syria recently was but a “sneak preview” of what’s coming. That’s also why Putin is back in power. I’m not saying we should deal with Iran…I’m just saying I hope we are all looking over our shoulders with regard to those other two.

        People who think China is fixated on economic status are fools and do not understand the purpose of capitalism in China. It’s a means to an end…nothing more. Pay attention to PLA strategy, reports, and arms buildup and THAT will reveal China’s true intentions. Also, do not underestimate their alliance with Russia.

    • De Oppresso Liber

      How contrite and “logical”. I see a little problem though, the Twelvers running Iran are hell bent on attacking Israel as only by doing so can they bring about the return of mahdi (anti-Christ). Israel has no choice.

      • Rob Pace

        I don’t doubt your point about the twisted theological zeal of Iran’s leaders, but I wonder why they could not simply bring about world chaos by attacking Israel with chemical or biological agents.

        Given that Israel is about the size of Chicago in population, it shouldn’t take a tremendous amount of bio-chem weaponry to take a big bite out of Israel and launch the retaliation the Iranian leaders presumably so richly covet.

      • JIM

        Actually they believe the Mahdi will return WITH CHRIST.

    • Rich Day

      Commonsense? Have you not actually taken the time to do a simple you tube search of speeches by those who run Iran? There are over 329 speeches in which it is has been stated that the extinction of Iran and its people is well worth the cost if Israel is wiped off the map, and this has been stated by Iranian top rulers. Hiding your head in a hole won’t change common sense!

    • Matty13

      There is not much Commonsense in your rant Commonsense.

  • DrEdu

    From my new email (I am no longer with AOL)

    I pray for Israel and her people.

    You guys do what you must do.

    Do not count on Obama…he is NOT your friend.

    • Babylonian

      DrEdu wrote: “I pray for Israel and her people.”

      even the Arabs ?

      • John Doe

        screw the Arabs

      • Smurfman

        Yeah, prayin for the Arabs. One day they will see Jesus and fall on their knees. I pray the Jews, and Arabs, and Americans, and Europeans, etc. will come to know Him before they die. He is the King of Kings and the only one who will restore all things. We are in a fallen world. Anyone can recognize that. I just pray eyes will be opened to see our desperate need for Him.

        • clearsound

          Amen! The King of Kings will fulfill all He has proclaimed!! He will have His people both Jew and Gentile and Arab. He will keep His promises regarding Israel as well.

      • Steve

        Some Israeli Arabs are helping the so-called “Palestinian” cause, while most realize they have it better in Israel than they would in any Arab country: higher standard of living, the right to vote in a democracy, etc.

    • Jay


  • Tim Ward

    All of this can be laid at the feet of the President of the United States.
    Like most liberals, he never thinks very far ahead.
    Like most liberals, he cannot imagine that anyone is going to push back…

  • Everett

    What would happen when Iran gets the bomb and nicks Israel?. Isreal has no choice but to attack and hit hard and it must bethis year so Obama must help because he won’t next year. if he fails to. Help, he will prove. To the world that he is a liar.

  • esteban

    A preemptive strike is immoral and a war crime.
    Why has Israel not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty?
    Obama should tell these Israel-firsters to shove it.

    • Kushmir Intuchis

      Since when is a preemptive strike a war crime? Baloney. Another stupid liberal who doesn’t know the difference between real war-crimes e.g. Syria and self-defense.

    • Stan

      Easy for you, esteban, to sit in a safe place talking about immoral acts. If you lived in Israel, the size of New Jersey, and surrounded by millions of people who want to kill them, you’d get off your high horse and get real. Actually, it would be immoral for any Israeli leader to not make attempts to save their nation from an existential threat.

    • Tecumsehmoe

      A pre-emptive strike is specifically NOT a war crime.

    • cew

      Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, yet the world still allows them to continue their program for some reason. Ignoring Iran will result in the nuclear destruction of Israel and the deaths of 5,000,000+ Jews. Enemies are never discouraged by coddling them.

  • A Child of The Lord

    John 3:16 Its time to really lastly come, the Jew and the Greek.

    • wonderboy

      Dear Child of the Lord,

      What the hell are you saying? Trying to cram a biblical statement into a non-comforming issue doesn’t make sense. How many Greeks are there in Iran?

  • mark P.

    Commenter Don Touchton says ” If Sambo objects, so what?”
    SAMBO!!??!! Wow! people still use this kind of hateful derogatory language ?
    Incredibly sad… I guess in America some people can get internet access from under a rock.

    • John0476

      Sambo the marxist/muslim hates the American people. Why shouldn’t we hate him back?

    • Hughe Mongous

      I like the term “Sambo”, but Marxist America hater is even better…

  • Why do we defend Isreal? Why are we on their side? Has anyone bothered to ask that question? What does Isreal ever do for the US? Nothing. They take our money and cause us to fight wars for them in the middle east. What does the US ever get out of Isreal. Why do we defend them?

    • Supporter

      Because they happen to be an all in a strategic location!

      Think about what the US’s situation in the mid east would be if we did not have Israel as an ally.

    • Kushmir Intuchis

      America is not defending Israel, dimwit! Obama is trying to prevent Israel from defending itself! They never asked the USA for one US soldier. Ever.

    • Reasonable Man

      Absolutely right. Israel does absolutely nothing. We just fight for them because they believe they have a right to exist at that exact location. Newsflash: that land has changed hands probably hundreds of times over the millenia. It doesn’t belong to anyone. They took the land from the current occupants, and shockingly! encountered some resistance. However, Americans buy into their propaganda hook, line and sinker, and so American troops will now die because of our foolishness.

      • John M. Kelly

        I understand you point. But in truth, it belongs to whoever can take it and hold it. As always. We buy into their propaganda? Nore like they buy our politicians.

      • Brrgrr

        America took the land from the Indians. Why don’t you move?

      • Rob Pace

        I agree, and this problem is made worse by squadrons of American Christian Zionists who, in my view, have been duped by erroneous teaching.

        Bibi exemplified this error today when he declared before AIPAC that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel. And there are radical Jews in Jerusalem who, based on outdated claims on the land, want to storm Islam’s Dome of the Rock to rebuild the Third Jewish Temple.

      • Matty13

        Remember, the UN resolution of 1948 created two states. A State of Israel and a State of Palestine. The Israelis said ok, the Palestinians said “we will not live with the Jew.” That’s all I need to know.

    • Smart americano

      You’re an idiot that lives on a corn field. Because of dumb fucks like you perl harbor happened.

    • Larry

      The US has NEVER fought a war for Israel. Israel fought every war they’ve been in on their own. Learn your history before making idiotic statements.

    • Jay M.

      Do you have any idea how damaging your and everyone else’s ignorant indignation really is?

      What has Israel done? They are a world capital of technological innovation. Pioneers of clean energy. Water technology. Stem Cell research. Many Israeli universities are consistently ranked some of the best in the world. When the Haiti quake hit, Israel was setting up field hospitals. Israel has over 20,000 non profit charity organizations:

      Now what exactly does IRAN do?

      Do your own damn research and educate yourself. Your ignorance is as dangerous as it is offensive.

  • Scooby

    Ruh-oh Shaggy!


    • jojo

      Scooby… no worrie.

  • michelle

    Israel is a terrorist state.

    • Patriot

      Yes they are, search: “Obama lists Israel as a Terrorist Nation”

      • Biff

        Hey, if Obama said so, it must be true.

        We all know Obama would never say anything that isn’t true.

    • Yes Michelle you are right. Thank you for the statement of fact. They are worse than Iran by far.

    • Michael Guy

      Are we being duped by Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Obama White House to suppress and destroy all Shia leaders while advancing the power and influence of Saudi-financed Sunni jihadist? President Obama, Hillary Clinton ,their compliant media and even some Republicans seems hell bent on attacking Shia Muslim leaders like Ghadaffi, Assad and Ahmadinejad, while simultaneously supporting the Sunni Wahabi fanatics such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Are we, like obedient vassals, being led to a possible war on the behest of Israel and Riyadh? It is no secret that the Saudi royal family wants to re-create a Muslim empire greater than Suileman the Magnificent’s. It was Saudi-Sunni Muslims that flew planes into the World Trade Buildings and the Pentagon. It was the Sunni Muslims in Al Queida and the Taliban that have attcked and killed our soldiers and citizens throughout the world. But at the behest of AIPAC and the influence of wealthy dual Israeli-American citizens in America, we are endorsing the Suni radicals and turning swaths of the Middle East over to their tyranny. We abaondoned Egypt’s Mubarik and tribal leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan so Sunni fanatics can set up their control. And now we are expected to attack Syria and Iran who are now allies of Rusia and our most favored nation and creditor, China? And all this to appease our ostensible, parasitic ally, Israel and their collaborators, the Saudi royal family?

      • Rob Pace

        Well stated. I’m no Saudi expert but they seem to get a relatively free pass from the U.S. who sells them advanced military hardware even as they suffocate their own people with a backward, fanatical, Wahhabist version of Islamic law.

      • Paul

        Michael, you sound so frusterated with the fact that there is real evil in the world., what a selfish perspective, I suggest to you that you also go watch the movie “Act of Valor”. It will give you a reality check. Remember “When good men do nothing evil will prevail. Isreal has every right to attact Iran to prevent what might happen in the future. I am a warrier and hate war. Anybody who loves war is sick, however it is neccessary in order to preserve our society and protect our citizens. Peace and fredom are not free.

      • Buddy

        Michael, you are not only ignorant, you’reobtuse. Please try to educate yourself, at least a little, before displaying your stupidity before the world.

    • Steve

      Israel is the innocent victim of Islamic hatred. Read a frickin’ history book, numbnuts.

    • Brrgrr

      michelle is an insanity state

  • royklopfenstein

    Psalm 83 must be fulfilled. Bam Bam’s role is to render the U.S. irrevelant and impotent.

    • simon

      Daniel 2:44 says that God’s Kingdom is going to destroy all governments soon so not to worry what goes on with Israel and Iran and all the other issues in this world. God’s Kingdom will be ruling over this earth soon and then there will be true peace and security and no more wars or conflicts.

  • Joe

    This is not an American issue and there is no threat to American citizens from Iran. If Israel wants to duke it out, that’s fine by me, but I’ll be damned if American blood is spilled for Israel. Obama hasn’t built up any war rhetoric because he knows the American public is tired of these wars that have nothing to do with national defense. No one wants to see our boys bogged down in another desert country, trying to teach civilization to a people who are stuck in the 7th century.

    • MizHenrietta

      I agree. Let Israel fight it’s own battles. I will never forgive their deliberate and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty and the strafing of wounded American sailors in shark infested waters while in their lifeboats. Mistake my @$$! They can kiss my grits. I am a former Woman Marine. The whole Likud party is a bunch of blood thirsty warmongers.

    • Nequelquepart

      Neville Chamberlain couldn’t have said if better.

    • Alan

      So, you want the USA to stay out if it, right? So if Israel attacks Iran, you’re ok with it, yes?

      • ScrewForeignConflict

        er… exactly! If Iran attacks Israel, it’s not worth my enlisted brothers dying over. If Israel attack Iran, it’s STILL not worth my enlisted family member dying over. Personally, I could care less either way. Next problem, please?

    • Hughe Mongous

      You’ll be damned alright. Such is the fate of those who turn their backs on Israel.

      • JIM

        Again, The Israel of the Bible is not a geograpic location. As Moses lead the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt they were called Israelites. This was prior to the genocide committed by the Israelites against the Canaanites which used to inhabit the land we call Isael.

  • Dan l

    Obama will attack Israel long before he would ever attack his Muslim brothers in Iran.

  • ?????

    ummm 120 comments? and only 4 pro-Israel ones show up. maybe it’s just a glitch, probably the other 116 comments were a little more rational and not in line with the rah rah Israel crowd. Yeah, you go Israel — just don’t ask the US to bail you out.

    • Steve

      Israel never asks the US to bail her out. She does her own fighting and dying.

  • mariner34

    Watch “Jews for Ron Paul” by Walter block.
    Ron Paul:

    – “I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior, and I endeavor every day to
    follow him in all I do and in every position I advocate.”
    – Has NEVER voted to fund Planned Parenthood
    – Introduced bills to overturn Roe v. Wade in every Congress since the 1909th
    – Would return marriage to its rightful place in the church and protect its
    definition from liberal federal judges and legislators
    . A good steward of tax payer money. According to a bipartisan group called
    “Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget” Ron Pauls budget plan is the
    only one that cuts the National Dept. (2.2 trillion).
    . Hillary Clinton is positioning herself to become the new leader of the IMF and
    Is on record as wanting a One world currency. A President Ron Paul
    would say NO and work to return us to a gold backed American currency.
    . Ron Paul is Pro-States rights not Pro-drugs.

  • Blow them off the face of the planet!!!

    I hope theY wipe Iran off the map, I hope they are not waiting for this clown in the White House to support them if anything BO will probably be supporting Iran. BO is always on the wrong side of history. Iran could threaten the USA with weapons, and BO would not do anything. All Arab countries need to realize they are no match to the USA and Israel military. While BO thinks he can talk reason to Iran, they continue to build those massive weapons. It is time to act, it is time to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age….if you think that will lead to World War 3, my answer to that is so what.

    • You are a sick warmonger. Why don’t you go fight for Israel.

    • Jim

      If we didn’t have the exact same situation nine years ago I would say maybe you nuts have a point.

      BUT, we had the exact same situation nine years ago.

      You can’t tell somone the sky is blue when they insist it’s green.

  • j.r. fishburne

    netanyahu trying to coerce united states into backing him if he unilaterall attacks iran; hopefully israeii citizens and americans will not want another war now and have learned from the events of the war in iraq.

    • I feel coerce is the perfect word to describe their relations right now. Israel is definitely taking advantage of the timing; with regards to American politics. Truly backing Obama into a corner to live up to his implied obligations to Israel. I am Not making excuses for Obama, but definitely pissed that Israeli officials are taking advantage of this situation. And I agree that most people don’t want to be israels big brother,,constantly in defending them and now being forced into finishing the crap they start. It is distracting to the issues at home. It is the responcibilty of the people, we the people, to voice our discontent at the choices made for us without our consent and approval, and on our behalf. Otherwise our rights will continue to be robbed from us, america will continue its exponential decline and Iran will start to look like a great place to vacation 😉

      • Hughe Mongous

        You ignorant twit!!! Iran is as much of a threat to the US as to Israel! If you think we can “contain” megalomaniacs like the ones running Iran from using nuclear weapons you are out of your mind! If you can’t imagine someone like Bin Laden with a nuke, then how in the HELL can you say it’s ok for Iran to have them?! People like you — with your ignorance — are as much of a danger as the Iranians! A willing enabler if policy went your way!!! And hopefully it won’t — or we’re all living on borrowed time!

  • Mike

    Iranian troops have a seventeen to one advantge so in the worst case scenario Israel would be counting on support from the west, therefore they should not attack. Either way they will be forced to broker some kind of long term peace deal.

    • Steve

      Hey, Mike: You really have to do some reading about the IDF; your ignorance is showing.

      • Mike

        Hi Steve,
        My comment is based on these public CIA stats.

        Manpower fit for military service:
        males age 16-49: 20,149,222
        females age 16-49: 19,417,275 (2010 est.)

        Manpower fit for military service:
        males age 16-49: 1,517,510
        females age 16-49: 1,446,132 (2010 est.)

        Peace be with you.

  • Randy

    i am american and i do not trust our president. President obama has far left agenda period. I support israell right to defend herself. President Obama is only worried about one thing his relection.. Israel must not trust President Obama to have your back.

    • VRB

      Israel has a right to defend itself..In order to defend yourself you first have to be attacked. Israel hasn’t been attacked ….so they are not defending themselves…they are on the offense…they are the attackers not Iran…Iran hasn’t done anything ..or attacked anyone…get that through your head. I think israel is the biggest terrorist state in the world and the biggest threat to peace. India has nukes, pakistan has nukes, Russia and China have nukes…none are friendly to israel …shouldn’t Israel attack them as well…why not all you smart people who are so willing to kill….what is wrong with you? How can you be willing to kill , kill, kill. This is not a sporting event…killing is a very serious and ugly thing. How cool you are about sending people to their death when you have no skin in the came. I expect all you crazy pro-israeli killing to go joint the fight…but I know you won’t because you are cowards.
      watching war on TV as if its a action movie. It’s not a movie …have you no value for life?

    • A bird with one wing can’t fly, neither can a country work one sided. Israel can do whatever it wants, as long as it doesn’t involve US, in the process. America is spread to thin, the last thing we need is another war. I don’t think anyone trusts Obama, but he is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, being that he has little actual power and his position is titular at best. With that said, adieu!

      • Miguel Garcia

        Israel is a strong US ally, we don’t need another war, we don’t need to police the world, but we need to assist our friends in their time of need. Every other country in the middle east would soon stab us in the back as soon as we turned our back. I would hate to be your friend linda.

  • Jeremy Baker

    And the US has no involvement. We’re passive about the whole thing. After the coup and cover up it’s hard to believe much of anything in the news. Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out. Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the biggest cover up in history.

    • Wha?

      That is the most whacked out thing I have read in a long time… Thanks.

  • Lee B.

    Israel needs to light them up. Iran has publicly stated their goal is to “wipe Israel off the map”. Obama is talking out both sides of his mouth….must be an election year. Every body and their brother knows Iran is working on a nuke. The whole world is in jeopardy is that happens. The time is now….. GO ISRAEL.

    • JIM

      Lets keep in mind who is calling for war and bloodshed.

  • V

    Let us recall that Israel attacked Iraq’s nuclear power station at Orisak in 1961, even though again there was no evidence of a weapons program and more to the point, the reactor design was incapable of making weapons materials. And following the invasion of 2003, IAEA inspectors examined the remains of the Osirak power station and confirmed that there had never been any nuclear weapons facility underneath it, as Israel has underneath Dimona. As a side note, the 2003 invasion of Iraq was based on more claims by Israel of an Iraqi clandestine nuclear weapons program. Again, the claims were false.

    So here we are again once more with Israel screaming about the Iranian nuclear thr3eat, and having been batting zero up until how why is anyone even bothering to listen to th3se habitual liars?

    But Israel has decided to bomb Iran’s civilian power station based on nothing more than their paranoid delusion. This is, of course, an act of war, and Iran will be morally justified in launching an immediate counter-attack. Israel is not worried about an Iranian counter-attack because their plan is to pile up lots and lots of American kids as bullet-stoppers to protect their precious Israeli soldiers and despite being clearly in the wrong, the US Government seems to be perfectly happy to provide said American children bullet stoppers in exchange for some generous donations to their re-election campaigns.

    There is a word for this plan by the US Government to take your children and sell their services to a foreign owner, and that word is “slavery.”

    So, it is clear that the US government is unable and unwilling to stand up to Israel lust for conquest (as long as someone else’ kids bleed for it). Fine. Let Israel attack Iran by themselves and let Israel deal with the consequences by themselves. And on the day the US Government demands we send our children to defend Israel from Iran’s righteous wrath, that should be the day we fire this government, and replace it with one that will value our children’s lives more highly than those of Israel.

  • Rick

    Nethanyahu is a true leader..

    • Patriot

      Huh? he is a well documented war criminal.. WTF downstream drinking have you been doing?
      I appologize, just too much paroting of the MSM stories here. USA is not any better especially having a usurp as a President. 1 state of emergency that enacts COG and Obama stays as President. Dictator I mean.

      • You are right – keep up the good fight for truth

      • Nequelquepart

        Go away Jimmy Carter you useless old Jew hater!

      • chuck

        patriot-ar you the only one on here with any ral truth in your repetroi(mispelled) im sure. too many koolaid drinkers on here gung ho to do netanyahu’s bidding -even if it means their brothers,sisterrs,moms,and dads fighting another Israel enemy and dieng of foreign lands

        • Patriot

          No, people like you are the problem because your trying to blindly support a 2 legged table and or suppress anyone who may come forward with DOCUMENTED fact’s that your job entails you to discredit. Tell me I’m wrong.

          Conspiracy theory’s abound, you know why? because our Govt. / Administration’s will not release fact’s or independantly investigate issues for American citizens to arrive to their own conclusions of just what the truth may be, instead, they use MSM to parrot Administration talking points so sock puppets shape your opinion instead of launching a REAL investigation of hard fact’s.

          We have many serious issues that face us as a Nation today so you have to go find the FACTS yourself because the truth is being hidden for a reason.

          To date, has there has been no formal investigation into 9/11? (just for example) Answer, NO. Search: “Bush White House Blocks 9/11 investigation” so who is the bad guy now? But you do your job very well I must say.

          I provide irrefutable documented facts in the body of this Post. You provide conjecture, doubt and misdirection.

          Good day!

    • and you are a true fool

      • rick is the fool

    • Rick is the true fool
      and a MSM parrot

  • cj

    Israel has the support of those Americans not known as liberal.
    Obumble has no interest in supporting Israel. Should Israel attack Iran prior to the November election, Obumble would be exposed for what every non-liberal already knows. He is an Islamist to the core, NOT a friend of Israel

  • Pancho Villista

    Obama is a Muslim, he does not support Israel. Obama likes PLO. The first thing obama did after he won election he called PLO to say he won. obama should have called ISRAEL. The Hispanics will not make the same mistake in voting for obama. Obama deceived the American people to get elected.Obama deported thousands of hispanic’s relatives and friends but he would not enforce his uncle’s deportation. His uncle is free in the USA. Obama is mischievous and does not care for the disabled Americans and military personnel. Anybody for PRESIDENT except obama. I hope Israel uses neutron bombs on Iran starting with Iran’s capitol.

    • Michael Guy

      He supports the Sunni-Saudi hatred of Shia and the Saudi-Wahabi jihadist dream of crushing AShia and uniting all muslims into one caliphate and from there on to world domination.

    • Steve

      Amen, hermano.


    How would the US react if a nearby country or a puppet set up missles aimed at us and their was high tension, an enemy who sworn “we will bury you”….? Hey, remember the Cuban missle crisis? The difference was we had a President with a set of balls named Kennedy and Israel has a leader with a pair as well. Now we have a wimp in the White House who insulted Netanyahu on numerous occaisions and even though he says he has Israels back, it is actually a knife in the back he means. Obama does not love his own country and sure as hell will not stick up for Israel. BiBi….protect your own, attack when you have to and ask permission later.

    • dswang

      Exactly.. Iran is 100’s years behind.. They are still stoning and decapitating people. One dude says Iran is 17-1 per solider in Israel. I just love these BALLESS Libs.. We need to stand behind our allies, Drill our own oil and vote this DUDE out.. These arm chair “know it all” people never served their country, let alone talk was.. 24 yrs here….

  • Lanell Hall

    I support Israel all the way! Obama has made clear he won’t protect Israel. If we won’t, they must. Good for them!!

  • Rick

    Good for Israel. Good luck going at it one on one with Iran.

    • You chickenhawk. That statement shows your ignorance of world affairs and war. If they attack Iran, it will start WWIII. Maybe you don’t know what war is but you’ll find out soon enough and it won’t be pleasing. Maybe you can send your sons to die for Israel? Iran is not going to be a pushover and neither is Russia. Good luck to you too.

  • bobby g


    • vatka

      The Choice has place always,till you alive.

  • Promises made by Obama are as close to what Mary Poppins said, Easily made easily broken. He has shown his true colors, look what he promised to the cathloic’s, they belived him, this will come back to bite him as well as his fake is for the US..

  • Hughe Mongous

    Go Israel!!! She must do what she must to protect her people and I SUPPORT her 100%. People have the situation (like everything else these days) bass ackwards — they want to paint Israel as the occupier and aggressor when anyone who knows a lick about the history of the region knows that Israel has a historical right to the land between the current borders. Historical, biblical and territory won as the spoils of war — a war it had to wage (once again) to keep it’s people from annihilation. It’s not going to be easy and the global situation may become unstable because Iran has allies in Russia and China, but we must stand on principle and in defense of Israel. It is written in the bible that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. There is NO higher authority than the word of God.

    • Michael Guy

      If you believe the bible is the inspired word of Jehovah/Yaweh then you know He inspired apostles to call Israel “the eenemies of the croos’ and referred to Jerusalem as Sodom and gomorrah when the two witnesses appear and know He is only going to save a remnant, Though Israel be as numerous as the sands of the sea,,, only a remnant will be saved. the rest will worship the anti-christ who sets his satanic throne in Jerusalem at Israel’s request. Most Israelis will end in hell for being as Anti-christ as the Marxist and Muslims that inhabit this sin cursed world.

      • Steve

        You forgot to take your meds this morning.

      • chuck

        @michael guy-spot on man-finally a voice of reason with some real knowledge.

  • God bless Israel and its leaders as they grapple with this life-or-death issue. The last thing they should do is find comfort in the nonsense coming from Pres. Obama. He has proven time and again his hostility to Israel. Do what you believe is essential in order to protect your great nation. The vast majority of Americans will truly “have your back.”

    • not so
      someone you know said blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God. Have you read the gospels lately of are you parroting Gary Bauer and the zionist wacko christians?

  • Jerry Nielson

    Weak leadership at the White House gives Israel no choice. Ever since America’s president utilized his “apology tour” to humiliate most Americans, he has not been trusted in the global village. Retired veterans don’t trust his motives, why should Israel.

  • Daniel

    To our brothers and sisters in Israel,

    I am so sorry we elected such a spineless man to lead our nation. I wish you all success in destroying the evil Iranian regime. Most Americans support you.

    • Dan, go to Israel and sign up for the draft. They need A holes like you to die for nothing. Many Americans do not support this kind of idiocy.

    • vatka

      Hey,Iron Head, you didn’t get lesson from Korea,Iraq,Afhanistan… Any the bad peace better the good war!

    • Jay

      Guess you overlooked the hit on Bin Laden that George Bush refused to order. Oh he took out Saddam instead, my bad.

    • Li

      Recent polls have shown that most Israeli’s don’t want an attack on Iran, and don’t believe it will significantly impact their nuclear program or improve their national security. The Likud party, like Ahmadinejad’s party (which recently lost an election) is a minority party with an apocalyptic death wish. Does anyone wonder what China and Russia will do if there is an attack on Iran? What if the bombing releases a cloud of radioactive particles into the atmosphere that falls on China, India, Russia and Japan? If we support Israel, and they manage to pollute much of Asia, there will be a nuclear war and billions of innocent people will die.

      The stakes here are so much higher than anyone seems to understand. If we listen to the PEOPLE of Iran, Israel and the US there would be peace on Earth, but if we listen to the cult of death and their media monsters we shall die. It’s that simple.

  • John van

    Take out the Bible and use it as a Program guide.
    As far back as 50 years ago my parents told me the countries involved in this war. I have also found old radio sermons one had a 1950 date that fits right in with what is going on now. It also talked about Russia helping Iran. Persia is what is now Iran.

  • Hattie Nuff

    Somebody had better muzzle that maddog, Netanyahu before he starts WW III. If Israel is crazy enough to start this, I hope they know they’re own their own. America will not intervene.

  • Bob Sagat

    This could lead to WWIII….

    • A. Lerskov

      Maybe so. But at least, this time the Jews can fight back.

    • Patriot

      A very, very bad idea. Guess who is parked in a Syrian port? Another illegal war, when does it end?

      This is what the war is over and it’s not nuclear war heads.

    • I think we are already there. 🙁

    • Jeremy

      I agree with you but I don’t believe Bibi has any other choice.

    • A Child of The Lord

      John 3:16 Its time to really lastly come, the Jew and the Greek. Time is short.

      • phil

        Soon good and evil will face off on the plains of Magedo.
        It is written.

    • Patriot

      This will, take a look who is in that region, they are there to counter Israel and the USA. Not protect Israel.

    • Mike

      What is the alternative if Israel does not act? Proliferation in the Middle East? Pick your poison.

    • Vo Reason

      Or prevent the nuclear arms race that will begin as soon as Iran gets the bomb. The good news is that your dream of avoiding WWIII may be realized, because wars will then need a new prefix. How about NA, for Nuclear Armegeddon. That’s kind of catchy. I like that.

      Nuclear Armegeddon I, or NAI, as it may be called, will then take the place of WWIII. Only thing, by the time we get to NAII, there may be no one left to count.

      But Bob Segat, you can rest easy in that your supposition may be correct. Sleep well during the next round of nuclear proliferation, and thank the ghost of Neville Chamberlain for returning the world to peace in our time.

  • Johnny Reb

    Isreal has the balls Obummer does not!

    • Babylonian

      Johnny – actually most Israeli citizens oppose attacking Iran, as do many Israeli generals and top intelligence figures who have come out in public with their reservations

      It’s not “ballsy” it’s stupid and un-necessary

    • Bob Villa

      Lets review…WWIII really started when they (they= homocidal religious ruh-tards) tried to blow the towers in the 90’s. It will be a very messy can of worms Im afraid. Im not inclined to say we have what it takes to fight another war (protracted anyway)especially with “Mr. Apology” in office. Best case scenario: if we do it right, we can hit them where it hurts and promote an internal collapse which would bring about regime change…not holding my breath.

    • Patriot

      Wrong, were being contracted to shut Iran down jointly, it’s not left or right, up or down or having to choose sides. It’s about a joint collaboration of war that will have lasting ramifications for generations to come.
      We need it to look like Israel just protecting themselves, because if not, China, Russia et al will rain hell down on the USA if WE, USA go it alone.
      Go To the Daily Bell and look for the article called “Happy New Year” on the right of the page and read. That’s the true intentions of this “war”.

      1. Why did Leon Panetta just admit last week Iran is not persuing nuclear war heads?
      2. Why did Israel concure?
      3. What #3 oil producer doesn’t accept the US dollar for oil anymore?

      Search and answer these questions for yourself and it will become abunduntly clear just what this is about. It’s not about nuclear war heads. See through the MSM Bull.

      1. Last Spring, Rose
      Gottemoeller, an assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief
      nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the Nuclear
      Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel refused.

      2. The
      United Nations passed a resolution calling on Israel to sign the Nuclear
      Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

      3. The IAEA asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and to submit to inspections. Israel refused.

      4. Iran’s
      formal notification to the IAEA of the planned construction of the
      backup fuel-rod facility underscores that Iran is playing by the rules
      of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Iran has signed.

      5. Iran allows IAEA inspections of all its facilities.

      6. Contrary to face-saving claims, it appears that the US and Israel
      were both caught off guard by Iran’s announcement of a planned
      underground (to avoid being bombed) enrichment facility. The reasoning
      is simple. Had the US or Israel announced the existence of the new
      facility before Iran’s notified the IAEA, it would have put Iran on the
      defensive. As it is now, the US and Israel seem to be playing catch up,
      casting doubt on the veracity of Israel’s claims to “know” that Iran is a
      nuclear threat.

      7. The IAEA and all 16 United States Intelligence Agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons.

      8. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographs showing Israel’s clandestine nuclear weapons factory underneath the reactor at Dimona.

      9. Israel made the same accusations against Iraq that it is making
      against Iran, leading up to Israel’s bombing of the power station at
      Osirik. Following the invasion of 2003, international
      experts examined the ruins of the power station at Osirik and found no
      evidence of a clandestine weapons factory in the rubble.

      10. The United Nations has just released the Goldstone Report, a
      scathing report which accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and
      crimes against humanity in Gaza earlier this year. Israel has denounced
      the report as “Anti-Semitic (even though Judge Goldstone is himself
      Jewish), and the United States will block the report from being referred
      to the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, thereby making the US
      Government an accessory after-the-fact.

      11. Recently
      revealed documents prove not only that Israel has nuclear weapos, but
      actually tried to sell some to Apartheid South Africa. Who else Israel approached to sell nuclear weapons remains an unasked question.

      12. In 1965, Israel stole over 200-600 pounds of weapons-grade uranium from the United States.

      13. Declassified documents from the former South African regime prove not only that
      Israel has had nuclear weapons for decades, but has tried to sell them to other countries!

      • Alexander Smith

        God bless you for at least trying to bring the truth out. Israel is trying yet again to push the US into war on their behalf.

        If they want war, they must fight it themselves. We should never allow ourselves to fight in their name.

  • Warren Wilson

    Anyone who believes Israel is justified in attacking Iran is either naive or stupid–or both. Israel has an estimated 200 to 400 nuclear warheads, most of which are likely aimed at Iran. Iran currently doesn’t have even one. Israel has never allowed UN inspection of its nuclear facilities. Iran HAS allowed inspections, and even CIA officials have stated there is no evidence that Iran is trying to build a nuke. Israel is the rogue state that is hell-bent on starting WWIII. Netanyahu is full of crap.

    • t

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about.

    • t

      Israel has them for defensive purposes. Iran has said they want to destroy Israel and want to use nuclear weapons on them. Israel is the good guy and Iran is the bad guy. It is okay for the good guy to have nuclear weapons because they just use them to protect others. The bad guys want to have them to kill others.

      • Patriot

        Israel is NOT allowed to have nuclear war heads!!! For the love of God man. Are you listening to yourself after reading the above PROVEN evidence that anyone with an NSA Google search bar can easily verify?

        Don’t let my 10 years of dilegent research go to pot by parroting MSM script lines. Follow the FACTS that are heavily documented please or you may find yourself cheering on the “Light of God” to your detriment. Protest it for your childrens sake and make the phone calls to sto this insanity.

        Look who stands to gain? follow the money then follow the policy and all becomes blatently clear.

    • Steve

      Hey, Warren: Your hillbilly Jew-hating head is up your ass.

  • Krusatyr

    Netanyahu is tenfold the statesman and leader the WH interloper / poser could ever aspire to be and will let the idiot narcissist pursue his foolish schemes without Israel.

    “We’ve got your back” says His Oneness. “GTF offa my back, a-hole: I gotta job to do and a country to save” thinks Bibi to himself.

  • matt miner

    let them attack Iran let there kid die in the war instead of American kids

  • JackieG

    Obama knows Netanyahoo is lying to him.
    Sarkozy told him so and Obama agreed.

  • Rick O’Shea

    Obama will keep pushing it down the road and never do anything. Obama will not give Israel any support at all. When the USSR said they were putting troops in the middle east Nixon raised the alert level and resupplied arms and equipment. Israel can’t count on this now, they will have to do it by their self.

  • kimdi01

    It has been reported that when speaking of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mr. Obama stated “I have your back.” Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to warn you that Mr. Obama may have your back but I would be aware that he probably had it with a khanjar in his hand, ready to use it with your back being his jihadist target. Always be careful of those that want to stand behind you and not beside you.

  • Baksu

    People who rush into war too easily are not going to be prepared for the blowback and aftermath. This is not Osirik. I think the Isrealis are going to be surprised at how ineffective this will be and how much damage it will cause to them, diplomatically, in the realm of security and regional stability. Bibbi’s own former Mossad chief has said as much.

    At a time when the world economies are on the edge of a major recession (hello oil $$$), and after 2 costly wars (Iraq, Afganistan), where the USA has born significant costs under unsustainable debt, Obama is right to pace his decision and to use military force as a last recourse.

    Unfortunately, the US government has been “captured”, to use a political science concept by the Isreali lobby, amongst others. There’s now a massive asymmetry between what the US citizen has to gain from this and what Isreal has to. Due to rabid right wing politics, the concept that primary US interests may diverge from Isreali interests has been lost. Long term, americans may finally wake up to this fact and decide that they do not have to be politically captured by isreal and that American interests, money, the young generation should be better served for American interests, not the Likhud’s.

  • Truth

    Israel will indeed attack Iran. It will be the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. I expect the attack to occur before summer.

    Please see the article at:

    The article is accompanied by a downloadable prophecy timeline spreadsheet.

    The most current version of the spreadsheet is available at:


  • Buck

    Israel must take care of itself. Ob is only concered about his re-election. The only back he is concerned about is his own .

  • Big Ed

    Israel shouldn’t tell Obama a damn thing! Obama would just tell his mohammedan cohorts so they could wipe out Israel. Obama’s loyalty is to mecca and the phony mohammedan prophet first and he has never been a loyal American. Never.

  • Donald I

    President Obama is the most dangerous president America has ever had. First because of his ideology. Second for his lack of experience and his total incompetence

  • doug

    How can anyone be serious about starting a war over nothing? It’s nothing. Iran has no nuclear weapons, and no nuclear weapons program, according to all the information we have on the matter.

    Israel has plenty of nukes, and that country is chock full of extremists, who spit on 8-year old American girls for wearing western clothes, who bomb the USS Liberty, who kill peace activists in the US with mail bombs while plotting to assassinate US Senators and blow up mosques, who slaughter unarmed Turkish hippies regardless of Americans in their ranks, who on and on and on.

    Israel is essentially Iran. The difference is, Iran isn’t starting a war. Iran isn’t setting out to kill countless people in a far away land for no reason whatsoever. And only political slight of hand obscures this.

    How can you care about America and its values, at all, and want this needless war? If you really have no regard for human life at all, then at least think about the gas prices.

  • notalib

    Israel has to protect itself. Period. I am ashamed that Barack Obama takes such a weak position. I would not trust a word he says. He told Israel he’s “got their back.” If that was my back I’d make sure someone else had it covered.

  • Rich E.

    Take a few of the leadership down when you drop the bomb in Iran.

  • John Seaman

    Oh, great. I can’t really blame them, since the Iranian leaders keep talking about Israel’s destruction. But it is likely to land us all in the middle of World War III. Time to start building a bunker.

  • Moshe D

    Isreal is using this very real crisis two ways, one, to set up the attack on Iran they are threatening, hoping to force the US to support them, and two, to influence the US policy, and possibly influence the US Elections. Obama is no friend of Isreal. By using this crisis they can put Obama in the position they choose. And with the US election coming up, Obama needs Isreal’s support, the Jewish vote, and the donation/contribution the Jewish lobby and media can provide. Without this Obama may lose, so they can try to force him to act aginst his instincts. And if Obama does lose, then all the Republican candidates support Isreal and attackig Iran, except Ron Paul, who is not likely to win anyway. In my opinion, it would be best to support the Obama opposition, perhaps Romney, wait till November, then resolve the US crisis in concert with the new Republican president. Either way Isreal wins, Obama supports the attack now, or the Republicans win and support the attacks later. Brilliant strategy.

  • Jack O

    This is all part of an disinformation campaign.

  • William

    If only Mr. Netanyahu were our president instead of the gutless, leaderless, radical dude in the White House. I say we should support Israel in everything due to the fact that the LORD said, “Those who bless Israel will be blessed.”

  • Chris

    GO ISRAEL’!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roy U

    The President used this with respect to Israel.
    He did at a political moment to get Jewish votes.
    Google phrase and you get a lot of interesting answers.
    All the way from “I want the best for you” to the Greek fighting to the death in a final defeat option.

    At a simpler level in Scouting it is called the “buddy system”.
    It works well if you are buddies, both reasonably proficient and reliable, and understand what it entails as to response and responsibility.

    To me this is a military angle as he is CIC of the US.
    I suspect in the volunteer military and the combat trained units to pick a few – Marine Recon, Special Forces, Airborne, USN Seals, combat brigades – etc. it means something very deep and personal at that level. I am looking backward and you are looking forward in a high threat situation and we will protect each other – with our individual lives if needed. Our physical being is back to back. We die together or live together.

    This is not Rambo and Hollywood. This is real life and probably more dangerous than the cold war. At least in that deal we had reasonable actors.

    The President has no military experience and I do not hold that against him. Many have not had any experience.
    When you use such an expression in his capacity I hope he knows it means life or death to both entities watching each other’s back.
    Realistically no one is watching the US back. As the sole super power we are on our own.
    Whose back we watch we have to pick with caution.

    It is hard for Israel to watch our back in the big picture. They are a small country surrounded by a bunch of extremely long term history of Jew haters in a very long term unstable region. The region would love for them to disappear in a mushroom cloud.
    Had the Arabs/Muslims prevailed in a pre-nuclear Israel – they tried – there would have been a slaughter that would make Rwanda look like a picnic.
    Israel is now nuclear and has said “Never Again” – primarily to the holocaust and extermination thinking of Israel.

    We could all get into the creation and legitimacy of Israel but the reality is they exist and are nuclear thanks to France.
    Legitimacy of a political entity fades with time as it continues to exist. Existence ultimately trumps legitimacy.

    I am sure many Royalists questioned the legitimacy of the US as they migrated to Canada post US winning the revolution and signing documents of the Crown making the US legitimate..
    They are still in Canada and the US is still legitimate.

    Back to Israel.
    I am sure they have a MAD (mutually assured destruction) plan.
    Iran could take out Israel with 3 nuclear missiles. That probably is their goal. 3 nukes and bye bye Israel.

    The US does not get Israel’s back.
    Possible scenario.

    Words are just words. Easy to say and hard to get the guts to do unless you are a warrior and live by your words and expect your followers to follow you.
    How does this happen?
    We don’t kill Iranian production sites with our power.
    We don’t let Israel try and if they fail we don’t do clean up.

    Iran launches and Israel launches and then goes second strike with their submarines out in the N. Arabian Sea and remnants at fortified locations.
    I think Israel has 100 plus warheads so that is a lot of MAD.
    Remaining Israel survivors would get rescued to US as the Egyptians ransack the country and the US once again does crowd control and Europe watches.
    Israel in MAD would probably go for Iran, Syria, Lebanon, possibly Egypt as long term love note. Iran would have some elements left and lose about 30 million unprotected discretionary citizens. An unprotected discretionary citizen are ones the Supreme deems “westernized” and a threat to traditional Muslim faith.
    The mullah’s would come out of their deep bunkers – dust off and say thank Mohammed Israel is gone and all of our problem citizens – let’s get back to the 12th century and the Caliphate and restore our order to the region. Then they would pull out the hidden money and – who wants to bid on reconstruction?
    I suspect the French/Chinese/Russians are on their way.

    The US would now have a very different middle east. But that is not new as it changes all the time. No order is the order of the day.
    The soft Saudis will be heading everywhere and taking any wealth they can with them.
    The Saudis will now look to US again to put US women back on their soil to protect their oil wealth.
    The US will do this and I see a new alliance possibly coming here – our strength and their wealth – to forcibly stabilize some of the region.

    The elites in Egypt have already taken out all the wealth they had accumulated.
    Turkey is going to say – we NATO or we nuclear. Pakistan says we are selling again.
    Iraq is in the middle and says come back US or maybe reinvades Iran again scenting a power vacuum and oil/money.
    Kuwait and all the rest just sit and wait and hold on.
    No telling what happens in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, Russia.
    Russia says we still have weapons to sell.
    India says just leave us alone.
    Afghanistan says we like the US money and want them to still give us money but leave and keep sending money.
    Pakistan – ditto to our border buddies.
    China says we have US money and can help area rebuild but we need oil.

    Now whose back do we have or should we really care.

  • benjamin

    Hey Don and Scott do you really feel that a nuclear powere such as Isreal has no choice but to attack? Why do you feel this way? Why do you see no other options? Is it just because you are both extreemly stupid? Could that be the issue? That you are not able to form intelligent ideas to change things for the better. Rather you would like to puke up antiquated ( means old/worn out, dummy ) solutions to everything, ” git r’done ” The problem is my myopic, ignorant friends is that there won’t be much to git r’done with when we’re all a fried mess. Think about it FOOLS, this line of retardism that you share will be the REAL DEATH of us all. WAKE UP

  • David Darst

    Israel will attack Iran and will have the greatest person in the universe on their side. Blessings to the people of Israel !!!!

  • Dave K

    Israel has a duty to attack Iran. The Jewish people have been persecuted throughout history, and Israel CANNOT risk another holocaust by a regime that over and over again has threatened to blow it off the map. I would love for our President to give his blessing, but I fear that will not be forthcoming. Better yet would be if the US government will say, we’ll come along. I don’t think Israel needs to ask permission to do what is in it’s own best interest for the survival of its people.

  • frank124c41

    If there is a credible threat then Israel may not be able to wait until the polls close in Hawaii (perhaps not Barry’s place of birth) so as to not affect the presidential election. Whoever beats BHO, the Ultimate Sleeper Cell, will be more pro Israel. America needs a regime change as much as much as the Iranians. Wouldn’t it be interesting if one causes the other…

  • You guys are ignorant. Mahmoud has made himself very clear that if Israel attacks Iran that Iran will ensure that every person in Israel dies. Iran offered an olive branch to the U.S. and the U.S. turned them away. Iran has said that they will not attack unless provoked. Why provoke them? If you think Israel should attack than you should re-evaluate your morals. infowars

  • Sam

    Better a war with a conventional Iran than a nuclear Iran. Once Iran goes nuclear, Israel’s time will be numbered. Unlike the Cold War, in which the Soviet Union was a rational party, Iranian leadership wants to kill all Jews, so will act strike as soon as viably possible, either directly or indirectly (i.e. have Hezbollah or Hamas smuggle a nuke in).

  • Mike T.

    Bomb Iran then what? Iran won’t stop; bombing them even make them more want the nuke to revenge. At the end we are, the Us citizens, the middle hard working class, suffering due to high prices on everything brought by the war. The rich and power doing well still. Only us the 99% suffer.

  • Peace through War?

    This is ridiculous. An attack on Iran by Israel will start World War III. The US destroyed Iraq and is in Afghanistan, how many more young Americans need to be maimed and killed. Russia and China source their oil from Iran, they will not stand idly by while Iran is destroyed. NO MORE WAR!

  • Rooster Call

    Bummer wants “his” war. Nearly every President has one, and in this case he will sure up re-election as long as the US is perceived to be on the defensive. He can’t be the aggressor because he would alienate his base. But if we get “attacked” he can ride in on a white horse and save the day. My prediction : false flag event before September.

  • nick c

    What we (the united states) should say to Israel is, “If you start a war in the Middle East, we’re done backing you up.” If Israel mounts a preemptive strike against Iran, who’s gonna clean that mess up? Sure won’t be Israel. It will be my friends from the midwest over there dying for a whole region, including Israel, that doesn’t care an ounce about us, our people, or our way of life.

    If the American media and government think that their fear-mongering will cause us to support another war, I sincerely hope the people will be smart enough to stand up to them.

  • Bob Sexton

    The only thing I hope happens is that all the Arabs get the gonads to pound that shitty little country into the sand!

  • Mike B

    The fact is, Iran may already have tested a warhead and a “dirty” bomb in North Korea, according to website DEBKAfile. The pressure on Israel to strike Iran sooner rather than later may be even greater than we thought.

  • Joe M.

    Obama is a closet Muslim who has been a long time friend of Farrakhan and Rev. Wright, promoting death to the Jews. Obama called for Israel to give back territory to the Muslims, by returning to the 1967 borders, which favors Muslims. Obama has accused Israel of killing innocent Palestinian Muslims. The truth is that Israel was very restrained and only after repeated rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorist Muslims, finally reacted by invading Palestine to root out the rocket firing terrorists. Israel was acting only in self defense, to take out the Muslim terrorist rockets launchers. The Palestinians were killing innocent Jews with randomly fired offensive rockets, but Obama still supported the Muslims. Obama has equated Palestinians as equal to Israelis at the bargaining table, even though it is the Palestinians who have been hiding inside schools and hospitals to launch indiscriminate rockets into Isreal, killing innocent Israelis at random. Obama has taken the pro-Muslim stance at every turn, every issue, every opportunity, always supporting the Muslim’s position. The only reason Obama is now pretending to support Israel is because he wants the Jewish vote in November.

  • Peter Riley

    Israel should not trust our US president. Obama is only looking out for his next election. He is concerned about the price of oil. The lives of the citizens of Israel is the very least of his conserns. He always says what people want to hear but as far a Israel is concerned you need to look at his actions or inactions to know who he really is. The left in the US is alligned with the anti-semite forces that exist on the left. There are many jews in the US that believe they are safe in the alliances with the left but you only have to attend any left wing rally here to see the signs and voices supporting the Palestinians and denoucing zionism. They even have jews who march with them an support them. Just like Hitler and Mussolini had their jewish supporters. Don’t be like the ones who went with the first call to the ghettos, be like the ones in Warsaw. It will only take one bomb to destroy Israel. Don’t trust Obama.

  • ARS

    They have been saying a few weeks or months for 1000 years.

  • chizeled

    I came across this article that claims that Obama made a deal with Iran:

    Obama supposedly promised Iran that the U.S. would say that Iran doesn’t have any nukes and then Iran was supposed to reciprocate by handing over its uranium. Several generals have since come out and said that Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons but Iran has thus far failed to reciprocate on the deal at which point the Muslim Brotherhood sitting in the oval office says that he’s not bluffing.

    • chizeled

      Also, the Feds are supposedly being sued for Irangate documents:

      “Now there is suspicion that dealings between the U.S. and Iran haven’t been exactly above-board, and Klayman is back in the saddle, taking to court his worries that there is a new and alarming “Irangate” going on.”

      • Mike

        Most of you yapping on this board have never been to the mid-east. Step one foot out into Israel and you will recognize the one true partner that America has on this godforsaken planet. Not even Britain stands for the same things we stand for anymore. Israel is not only the most amazing, democratic, artistic, technologically advanced nation in the mid-east, it’s actually doing a better job of promoting what America stands for than America itself. The fact is, if you hate Israel, you hate Jews. Plain and simple. Everything else is just you rationalizing. You can look at history and see that Jews have been in the land as long as Arabs — I’m certainly not suggesting that Arabs have no right to some land in the area. But they were offered that! Twice! In 1947 the land was offered to be shared, and the Arabs said no, and at camp David the land was offered to be shared, and the Arabs said. This whole pretext that the Arabs were there first, or the Jews were their first — who gives a shit? Does anyone doubt that both sides have claims to the land? So share it? The Jews have agreed to share it over and over again, only to wake up and realize that’s not on the table. All that is on the table for Hamas and their partners is the death of Israel and no state for the Jewish people. Hey, fine, take that stance– but game on then. That’s what Israel has come to realize. They have been pushed to their current position by the gradual realization that they have no partners in peace. And anyone watching politics and history for the last 50 years can only come to the same conclusion. Hamas wants Israel dead. And I know every single person on this board, if your neighbor continually screams about your destruction, your family’s destruction, and refuses to share any kind of land with you — game on, right? Why are we even talking about peace anymore? That was so 2001. That ain’t an option. The question now you all need to ask yourselves is: who do you want having control of the state we currently call Israel: Jews, or Arabs. Have you even asked yourself this question? All you anti-Israelis, have you even thought for a second what a world would feel like with Hamas or Iran in control of the Israeli territory? Do you like that vision of the world? You hate the people most like you (Israel) and you usher in their destruction, only to find that what take its place wants to kill you. What kind of f’in moron does that? Keep pushing. Keep pushing for Israel to disappear. Keep pushing for Arabs to take the state. And then watch what happens. Israel is the fulcrum point of the world, where East (Arab/China/Russia) meets West (U.S./Britain/Europe) literally. LITERALLY, Isreal is where the two sides collide and push against each other. It is literally right on the Mediterranean, Greece and France just a stones throw, Lebanon and Egypt just a stones throw. White skin and brown skin walk the streets. It could be a beacon, if the Arabs would peacefully share and co-exist. But they will not. It’s written in their charter. They will not. So instead it’s this area where East and West are jockeying for control of this place smaller than New Jersey. But if you know what a fulcrum, or you understand games of inches, you would know that this territory in the global game of Risk is the key to it all. If we can hold the line, than the West can survive. If we lose the line, lose the inches, I’m sorry friends, hate Israel or support them, if it falls, so does the West. Game over.

  • BigBoa

    First off, O’Bozo couldn’t care less about Israel. He would sacrifice Israel in a minute in hopes of keep gas prices a bit lower so as to no jeopardize his next term. 2nd, he lies constantly and threw our own soldiers “under the bus”… Think he won’t do the same to you?

  • TheBottomLine

    Send the petafile Ayatollah and his mullah regime to meet Yasar Arafat and 72 male virgins!

  • US Jew

    Obama will do nothing to help Israel. He was raised a Muslim and prayed at the feet of of Rev. Wright as an adult.
    Any Jew that votes for Obama is delusional and self hating.

  • Mike

    Bibi, do not trust ‘Ole Purple Lips when he says he has your back. Trust me, he has thrown so many Americans under the bus to fulfill his own success, his word is shyt.

    Of course, there is the possibility when Oblunder says he has Isreal’s back, Obama probably has a knife in his hand.

    Israel must do what Israel needs to do. There will never be another Hollocust. NEVER!!

  • dave

    Let the Israeli’s worry about their stock market. I’m sure they’re considering all the what-if’s, the stock market, other nations in the region attacking them etc. So what, they’re supposed to wait until those God-less freaks have the capability to wipe them out?

  • Noblesse

    Except what they’re doing has only medical and social effects. They aren’t making weapons, they aren’t inciting wars, they just want Israel to leave Palestine alone.
    Their nuclear program is of medical use and energy-based use, and until someone proves otherwise(especially with Iran open to UN inspection), it’s better to give them the benefit of the doubt.
    Just because they have another religion doesn’t make them evil, bad, or untrustworthy.

  • josetoyou

    I would rather have the fruity French watching my back than “little-zero” obama… He would sell Israel down the sewer in a heartbeat if it would benefit his chances of reelection. I don’t believe ANYTHING this adminestration says!

  • Tom

    If Israel waits until after the election… and O gets re-elected, they can count on NO support by the U.S. Administration. With O in office, and no fear of facing re-election, he will have no incentive to help, to defend or to support Isreal.

  • jesse marcel

    I meant to add also that it is a real tragedy that the leader of the raid on Osiris, Ilan Ramon lost his life on Shuttle Columbia.

  • henry hall

    JUst spent all our money on 2 dumb wars.

    Why do we support Israel. Just give them all visas and let them into Miami they’ll be welcome there,

  • Martin B

    Those calling for a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities should ponder what happens if Iran really hasn’t started building a warhead, something the intelligence community seems is likely the case, and if Iran’s four million barrels of oil per day stops flowing, nevermind what happens in the case that they try to shut down the Straits of Hormuz. Oil doubled in price in 1990 when Kuwait was invaded. Think what a doubling now would do with so many nations trying to hang on to feeble growth.

  • Ian Mather

    Good for Isreal. They need to just ignore what Barack has to say and do what is best for the state of isreal, No Matter What!

  • Michael Pelt

    The entire world knows Obama is a weak excuse for a president. That’s why Iran keeps rubbing Obama’s nose in the stinky. Israel knows better than to trust anything Obama says as does the rest of the world. Israel will protect American interests in the Middle East better than Obama. Obama is disgrace to America.

  • Edgar Sousa

    Obama’s mother married two Muslim men. Obama boasted about the beauty of the Muslim morning prayer call. Obama’s father was a Muslim, and his grandfather was a Muslim.

    And Israel is going to trust its life and future to this person? As Clint E says, “Well do you feel lucky?’

    Don’t trust Obama. He will throw you under the bus — or in this case the A bomb.

  • Sambo? Really? You’re a racist idiot and so have zero credibility.

  • Ken

    Well, good to hear that Israel will fight its own war this time instead of sucking America into fighting it for them.

    While the American government may well go in with Israel, the American citizens really aren’t ready to do any more dying for them.

    Go ahead, Israel, attack Iran. This American citizen along with many others will be pleased to sit on the sidelines cheering you on.

    OTOH – Should Iran attack Israel, America probably will and I think should should assist in turning Iran into a glowing piece of glass.

    Howerve, a false flag attack by Israel which looks like Iran struck first doesn’t count. We Americans aren’t as naive as we were before 9/11.


  • Johnny Rivers

    I have a serious question. Not being antisemantic. But if the majority of the Arab world dislikes Israel, how come the U.S feel obligated to protect them? What is the rational of not going with the majority? What are the consequences if we don’t protect Israel? Obviously, I”m not a student of the middle east.

  • How does anyone expect Israel to be confident in Obama if we, the citizens, cannot. Israel has to do what is best for their country and citizens. Wish we had a leader who was interested in protecting our country.

  • futureishere

    Israel are the bad guys, not Iran.

    Not only should we withhold all financial, diplomatic, and military aid to Israel, we should launch a preemptive strike on their infrastructure and blockade their goods.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    When Obama says “We got your back”, does anyone think Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,is going to believe him??

  • Lee

    We Christians stand with israel!

  • Nick

    I look forward to WWIII. Kill this miserable virus called humanity and give another species a shot. Let evolution start up anew. It couldn’t possibly do worse the next time around.

  • James Drouin

    Thanks to B Hussein Obama for making nuclear war inevitable.

  • Sean of Virginia

    Wish Bibi was my president 🙁

  • anderstein

    Iran is gay

  • Mark Jessup

    That Kenyan fraud 0bama had the audacity to say he “has Israel’s back”, however what was unspoken is the fact that he intends to shove a big freakin KNIFE in it! Bibi? DO NOT TRUST 0BAMA, if that three-faced con artist tells you the sky is blue, wait for a meteorologist to confirm it!

  • Dutchman

    Israel must protect itself, and don

  • Sam Wagner

    There may very well be an arms race after Israel attacks Iran. There most definitely is now and will continue to be an arms race if Israel does not attack Iran.

  • jesse marcel

    Israel must do what is necessary to protect herself from a second Holocaust no matter what Washington says. I had the occasion to overfly Saddams Osiris reactor in 2005 and what a beautiful strike by Israel. There was literally no stone standing on another stone. Go Israel

  • Recent media stories tell of an internal Israeli government debate over attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons program as an International Atomic Energy Commission (IAEA) report says that Iran could soon have its first nuclear weapon. Taking out Iran’s dispersed nuclear-weapons-related installations—many of which are deep underground—is a difficult task; and Iranian retaliation on Israel and U.S. forces in the region could set off a destructive and costly war. Nevertheless, military action by Israel and or the United States is rapidly becoming the only option, after sanctions and covert action have failed to do the job.

  • JohnDave

    Screw Obama (Obonzo). His expertise in foreign relations is about my expertise as a brain surgeon.

  • “American officials have warned their Israeli counterparts about a regional war in the region”.

    How brilliant of the Obama regime in where else would a regional war take place, but in the region?
    If this regime had invested more time in stabilizing the region, instead of blowing it up for Arab meltdowns, the Islamocommunists of Iran would have imploded long ago.

    It is an Obama election year, so blame the Jews for defending themselves, take credit for any victory and pass the responsibility to the only leader America has had in her security in, Benjamin Netanyahu, since January 2009.

  • Don Touchton

    Good for Israel. They have the total support of most of America. If Sambo objects, so what? It is better for Israel to guarantee their own survival than trust the one trying to destroy America’s chances at survival. He can’t be trusted, Bibi can. Git r’ done.

    • Ron

      May the war you desire so much come to you and yours with a vengeance.

    • Ted Harwood

      Right on. Yes. Israel has to get it done and get it over with, end this horrendous, evil Iranian regime.

    • Neal

      Good for Israel? We’ve got there back? I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if you had a son or daughter over the serving in the middle east. They just want to drag America into the war so we can give our sons lives for them. Let them take care of themselves for a change.

    • free`

      Don, Too bad you had to add the racist part, otherwise it is hard to disagree with what you have written.
      You do a disservice to everyone who is against obama by using racist terms [or maybe you are a troll trying to make people who disagree with obama out to be racists].

    • Jake Summers

      Israel does NOT have the support of “most of America” to attack Iran. Less than 4 in 10 Americans would support such a strike by Israel, according to the latest Pew Research survey. Only 17 percent of Americans support US military action against Iran. The overwhelming majority of Israelis are against a unilateral Israeli strike against Iran. Spin all you want, warmongers: the people are NOT on your side, anywhere.

    • Toomuchgovernment

      Spot on with your comment! Great post!

    • Mel


    • Momster

      Who,s going to clean up nuc fall out?

    • tom dee

      Well Don I hope you know the local Israel embassy so you can get the necessary documents to enlist in the Israel Military. With your strong feeling on the matter you will be able to put your views into action. I am not one of those Americans who support attacking members of the United Nations because you have the ability to do so but you feel otherwise and I wish you the best. If crippled in your military actions you will have universal healthcare which is provided to all Israeli citizens at a tremendous cost to the USA taxpayers. Remember to stay strong and remember the life you save might just be my sons.

    • Mark Matis

      Well said!

    • Rich Day

      Kudos Don

    • Wayne

      Don Touchton your a bigot.

    • Steve

      Absolutely right. Git r’ done, Israel.Since when has a soverign nation had to ask another country for permission to protect itself?! That is ludicrous!
      Bomb those facilities! Git r’ done!

    • Ca Mu

      If you think that the term kike is preferable, I can see how you would feel perfectly comfortable referring to the President of the United States as Sambo. It is just so attractive and intelligent to use pejoratives…showing such incredible intelligence…

    • Byran Klaus


      When you use blatantly racist words to dehumanize Mr. Obama, you give fuel to the Left Wing everywhere. President George Washington said the use of profanity is the sign of a weak mind. The rest of your comment is not well thought ought either and proves the obvious about the strength of your mind.

      Think harder about your views. Don’t vomit the first thing that comes to mind!

    • Babylonian

      “If Sambo objects…”

      Really ?

      So you’re just going to be openly racist like that ? Sambo ???

      The claim that Israel’s survival is at stake is nothing but pure scare mongering and lunacy. Israel has roughly 300 nukes, many mounted on cruise missiles in submarines. Israel has more nukes than China, more nukes than the UK.

      Israel has the biggest toughest army in the region and if it was attacked it enjoys the backing of the US military. It’s survival is not not now and was never threatened ( except by Netanyahu )

      • Patriot

        Thank you, I thought I was the only one here for a minuite that understands Geo Political. Hat’s off to you.

    • I do not approve of the US involvement in this conflict. We are not the policemen of the world nor should we waste our money, resources and time on an effort that echoes the WMD fiasco of the Bush era. The young men and women in the armed forces signed up to defend American prospects and liberty; not to be pawns in the preemptive and unjustified war efforts of any country, whether ally or enemy. Theirs are the lives to be considered, they should only risk their lives defending their country.

    • James McGrath

      Israel does not “have the total support of most of America”. Our president should object if he has concerns for US! I don’t know who “Sambo” is, but you and Bibi can go to Tehran together. Iran is acting like a spoiled child. It is time for statesmanship to find a way out of this mess. I wonder if Israel would be so trigger happy if the USA wasn’t footing the bill for the arms & ammo? Remember Lebanon and all the made in USA bombs dropped by Israel? If they had to pay for them they would be less inclined for “massive retaliation”. Git r’ done my ass.

      • Tom Clok

        Your an idiot, The UN doesn’t need to inventory Israels nukes, WE AND BRITIAN SUPPLIED THEM we know what they have. Iran has said numerous times that they WILL destroy Israel and your liberal ass defends the agressor and tries to make the ones protecting themselves out to be the bad guys. How many Jews do you see on the news blowing up innocent people, putting people into slavery, butchering women… NONE, Go back to the rag head country you came from.

        • James McGrath

          I was born in the USA. I served in the US military, but sorry I have no “rag head” country to go back to you bigot. If I need to see Israel blowing up innocent people from time to time I’ll watch CNN or the BBC. They always have a reason it seems to bomb Gaza or Lebanon. Liberal? Not me!

    • Shawn

      Speak for yourself jackass. Most Americans do not support Israel dragging us into their fight as they did in Iraq and Afghanistan. If Israel can defend itself without outside help fine they should be allowed to exist. If they can’t defend themselves against an aggressor without the US backing them then too bad I guess they don’t need to exist as a country.

      • Bort

        You two obviously have no clue about the economic and military capabilities of Israel. Be blind at your own peril.

        • Reasonable Man

          “at your own peril”

          I can’t help but laugh. What is your point here, Bort?

      • DV1252x

        When Dick Nixon was President and Golda Meir PM of Israel, she called up the White House and told Nixon that she needed some arms because the Arabs were coming after them again. (1973, the Yom Kippur War). A few hours later, the USAF were loading supplies, arms, food, emergency equipment, everything the Israelis needed on to cargo planes bound for Tel Aviv. It was basically a mini-Marshall plan for Israel. Say what you will, you liberals about Dick Nixon, he knew the meaning of the old saying … the enemy of my friend is my enemy ….

    • Don did you sign up yet and when are you leaving for Israel? Or did you expect someone else to fight for them? I hope you have are ready to go die for IsraHELL. I’m not

  • Cottoneyed

    The leader of the free world met with the president of the USA today. And he told obama what’s what and who’s who. Bibi simply told him that as a lame duck, your opinion is neither wanted or needed. Their meeting was just window dressing, to give the impression that obama matters. They may even have discussed the upcoming Breitbart video, titled “The love song to Saul Alinsky”, part 1. With the promise of more videos soon to come. The vetting of the Chicago radical has begun.

  • President Obama reminded P.M. Netanyahu that the United States has Israel’s back and the whip is always close by.
    “The vassal’s here on the Plantation always applaud my speeches and ignore my actions,they know who is in charge and how it done,or else.”

    He underscored the master vs. slave bond between the U.S and Israel reminding reporters how it was the U.S. which came to Hezbollah and Hamas’ rescue both times when the IDF was closing in and how well the U.S.peace process has worked to weaken Israel and strengthen their enemies.

    We have been quite successful in keeping our Jewish slaves restrained and their enemies growing stronger and this will bring about our agenda of a Global Caliphate, oops,excuse me I meant Global Government.

    He also reminded Israel’s P.M. how it was he who brought down Mubarak and helped install the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as well as in Libya.
    The Jewish voters here in the U.S. are wise enough to give me another four years especially after my AIPAC speech .
    Israel has and always will be my whipping boy,nothing’s going to change that until we’ve brought about Yasser Arafat’s peace of the grave he said in closing.

  • scott c

    Israel has no choice but to attack. They have to do it during this election year. Despite what Obama says, he is no friend of Israel. The true cause of this impasse is Obama’s incompetence. He is seen as weak and Iran doesnt feel compelled to stop nuclear.

    • stockone

      are you guys serious? this will be world war 3. it would be anti-american for us to participate in attacks considering the potential financial and human cost. our already weak economy will crumble, spurred by high gas prices. its not even in the interest for israel to go to war. hamas and hezbollah will bomb them like theres no tomorrow. israel’s stable economy and booming tech sector will all be dampened. it doesnt make sense for anyone. and…why are we even considering going to war? ahmedinejad is powerless, the supreme leader holds all authority and he has said that nuclear power is a sin. yes they don’t like israel, but that should not be basis to go to war.

    • Bill Wray

      Agreed. Obama is looking out for himself. Sadly, that means Israel is left to look out for itself.

    • Rich Day

      Damn right Scott C! I don’t know a father alive who would let a neighbor say they are dedicated to the destruction of their family without taking some action to make sure that would NEVER HAPPEN! OK, I know one or two ” liberal” fathers who would rather go to a family funeral first, than get “irritated”. As my father once said “go home alive today so you have the opportunity to explain your actions tomorrow”!!!

    • Stephen g

      Scott, remind me what bush did to stop Irans nuclear program? Was it Bush’s incompetence causing the impasse during all those years when Bush was talking tough about Iran but doing nothing? I’m not suggesting anyone should attack Iran…I’m just pointing out that as usual, the republicans are raising critisms about Obama that could easily have been raised about his predecessor.

      • DV1252x

        That’s right Jay, let’s blame Bush again. He so deserves it, huh?

        I remember a headline in the liberal media … GIANT METEOR TO STRIKE EARTH TOMORROW; WORLD TO END … women and other minorities hardest hit.

      • jimmy

        You ignore the fact that Bush was involved in 2 wars. There was no way he could take on yet another adventure, regardless how you feel about the wars.

    • Jay

      So you want the US to attack Iran because Israel thinks they want to create nuclear weapons? Are you guys out of your minds? What if every country started deciding to think that another country wants to create a weapon that will threaten their existence? Wake the hell up! The US has already destabilized Iraq. Do you think they want to get involved with this garbage again. If Israel wants to go it alone let em. It seems that Israel always wants the US to fight its battles. Israel has nukes so the other countries probably want them to. It doesn’t mean they want to attack them. Isn’t it bad enough that they took land that wasn’t theirs under the pretext of God promised it to them. When anyone that knows their Bible will know that these are not descendants of Abraham in Israel. They are not Semitic people. The few that do live in Israel that are Semitic are Arabs. So they steal land, persecute the Palestinians and now they want to attack Iran on a hunch. Now who’s the real problem in the Middle East?

      • Steve

        The Jews are from Israel. They were kicked out. They came back. They stole nothing. Read some history.

        • swp

          Your deluded.Yeah before you post such nonsense you really need to be the one to read/study history and see where the Jews that have taken over this so called land of Israel via Europe came from before they arrived in Europe.I’ll leave it up to you to study history to see where they came from and when they declared their Jewish faith.

          • swp

            @Steve…My reply was to Steve not Jay

        • JIM

          My reply is also to Steve.

          This land belonged to the Canaanites. You like to talk about the holocaust. Read up on the real genocide that occurred.

          When is the last time you met a Canaanite?

          Never, because they were everyone killed.

    • Byran Klaus

      Your conclusion is correct; Israel needs to attack before the election draws too near. Attack after the election and Israel, should they need it, may well find themselves without the support of the US (which they have had in virtually every conflict since 1948). A second term Obama administration will feel they have nothing to lose (except some dem support in congress) by abandoning Israel more completely.

    • Babylonian

      If it’s because Obama is weak then why didn’t Iran stop during Bush’s 8 years ?

      • that is a funny question! Well in fact any question regarding Bush is a bit funny…

  • Freemon SandleWould

    All a bunch a bunch of talk to sow F.U.D. in Iran.

    My guess? Iran will not be attacked as this is not a lnog term strategy to keep the bomb out of Iranian hands.

    …..and not to mention the fact that Obama so loves power that he would never risk reelection for any person, people or cause no matter how just.

  • Kit

    Leave it to the idiots on the WH staff to announce to the media what is soon to take place. Yea right, Obama has your back Israel, and a knife is pointed at it. Obama is one of the most duplicitous individuals to ever sit in the WH. A real embarrassment to the USA.

  • Tim Crowley

    No sources named. It’s just a rumor. yawn. Jouranalism is dead.

  • God YWHW-be with BiBi and the IDF and the innocent people of the Nation State of Ysrael

  • Anon

    Just leave the US out of this.

    I’m sick of seeing friends, brothers, husbands, sons, and neighbors blown up for people who hate us anyways. They’re not worth it.

    Ten years is enough. It’s time to let children grow up and know what a US in peace looks like.

  • Jan

    The Israeli’s had better do what is best for their survival, because Obama has no interest in protecting or helping them. His only interest is furthering his Islamist brothers’ in their fight against the Jews.

  • Obama’s backing the Isrealis? Ever heard of the “Bay of Pigs?”