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January 3, 2014 2:00 pm

NYU Prof to Head ASA, Supports Israel Boycott; NY Lawmakers Threaten to Withdraw State Aid

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NYU Professor and ASA President-Elect Lisa Duggan. Photo: NYU.

NYU Professor and ASA President-Elect Lisa Duggan. Photo: NYU.

While New York University’s president and provost have condemned a boycott of Israeli academics by the American Studies Association, NYU Social and Cultural Analysis Professor Lisa Duggan, set to become the next president of the ASA, told the New York Post that she supports the boycott.

The disagreement at NYU comes as New York State Senate Co-leader Jeffrey Klein (D-Bronx) and Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) introduced legislation this week to withdraw state funding from any New York college that boycotts Israel, according to the New York  Daily News.

In an e-mail to the Post, Prof. Duggan said she is “fully supportive of the [ASA] boycott of Israeli academic institutions. We are not boycotting individuals, but only institutions… [to protest] the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians by Israeli academic institutions that aid and support the illegal occupation.”

ASA membership is decided at the department level, not by the university, the Post said, noting that the director of NYU’s American Studies program, Andrew Ross, has yet to comment on the issue.

At the time, NYU praised Prof. Duggan’s election to the ASA leadership as a memorable faculty award of 2013, describing the ASA as “the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.”

In state capital Albany, Reps Klein and Hikind blasted the boycott as “targeted discrimination against Israel that betrays the values of academic freedom that we hold dear” and something that could be in violation of the state Human Rights Law, the Daily News said.

“Our state is under no obligation to support institutionalized discrimination — against Israel or anyone else,” Klein told the Daily News.

Although the bill was applauded for taking a stand on the issue, critics of the bill, including NYU’s Prof. Duggan and NYU spokesman John Beckman, questioned its approach as an assault on freedoms. Beckman told the Daily News that while the university opposes the boycott, it views the Klein-Hikind bill as a potential attack on academic freedom, the newspaper reported.

Another university professor decided to tackle the issue online. On Wednesday, McGill University American History professor Gil Troy’s counter-boycott, called “Troycott,” had garnered more than 1,100 “likes” in three days, topping the 827 votes for the ASA boycott.

Last month, the ASA polled its 5,000 academic members, and, of the quarter who responded, the majority voted to boycott Israeli academics, sparking the controversy.

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  • Sylvia Zilberberg

    You are a professor an intellectual, broad minded and objective enough to know that there are two sides to every story.
    Do you know that Palestinian workers in Judea and Samaria are earning an honorable living with a salary they would never receive under Palestinian employers?
    Did you know that Judea and Samaria was illegally occupied by Jordan?
    Did you know that in the San Remo Agreements, of 1920, (UN Resolution 181) these territories were allotted to form an independent Jewish State? In the end, we Jews received a narrow strip of land known as the Partition, which we agreed to accept as a homeland for the Jewish people and which the United Nations voted in favor of on November 29, 1947. The Arabs refused to accept their parcel of land and a day after Israel declared independence, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Egypt attacked the nascent Jewish State, thinking to complete Hitler’s Holocaust, but, alas, they failed.
    The Sinai Campaign was forced upon us in 1956, and of course the famous Six Day war was forced upon us in 1967. the Muslims/Arabs failed again to destroy Israel. Lo and behold, we won to everyone’s dismay!! Moshe Dayan, the then Defense Minister, was keeping the so called “occupied territories” to once again return them for the sake of peace. You’ve probably forgotten about the Pan-Arab conference in Khartoum with the 3 big no’s: NO PEACE WITH ISRAEL, NO RECOGNITION OF ISRAEL, NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH ISRAEL.
    Goebbels taught that if you repeat a lie often enough, it is accepted as the truth.
    You believe all the lies without ever examining the facts. When your students wrote an essay/thesis did you teach them to ascertain all the facts before writing or transmitting information??
    Does it interest you to know that Israel withdrew from Southern Lebanon in 2000, for the sake of “peace” and quiet and what we got instead was Hezbollah with “a million rockets” which they rained down on us in 2006. UN resolution 1701 was passed, whereby Hezbollah would be disarmed, and a borderline set up between Israel and Lebanon. So what happened – -the Muslims disregarded all of this and armed themselves “to the teeth” against Israel for the next round.
    In 2005 we unilaterally evacuated the Gaza Strip and abandoned the most advanced agricultural technology. The Palestinians, instead of taking advantage of this modern equipment, burned and demolished every last bit of it. It may interest you to know how many Palestinans were out of jobs and were actually crying when the Jews left. Jewish families were expelled from their homes in order to accommodate the Muslims, who promptly turned the Strip into a launching pad for more rockets to rain down upon Israel.
    Israel is the ONLY DEMOCRACY in the Middle East, while in every other Middle Eastern country minorities are persecuted: Armenians, Copts, Christians, homosexuals
    Did you know that if an Arab/Muslim moves from one village to another, he is considered an outsider to his dying day and is never accepted? Did you know that if an Arab/Muslim girl is raped she brings dishonor to the family and therefore has to be killed, NOT the perpetrator of the crime but the VICTIM. They teach nursery school children to hate Jews and to become martyrs of suicide bombings. They glorify death. How can one negotiate with these people who hold death, not life, sacred?
    The bottom line is that since the Palestinians could not conquer/wipe out Israel through warfare, they are trying to do so in the political arena and misguided people like you and other leftist liberals, many of whom are Jews, WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE FACTS, THE TRUTH IS NOT BEING TOLD.
    It is very sad, because both Israel and the Palestinans have a lot to gain if there were to be a real peace and not the extortions and manipulations of Mahmoud Abbas/Said Erekat, playing their games and making threats which have no basis in truth. .


    I expect that as a Professor of the academia you studied the Middle East situation thoroughly, prior to forming an opinion about the Arab-Israeli conflict. We, Israelis, are aware of facts which are, probably, unknown to you.
    In the entire area between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans which is predominantly Muslim, there is no democracy other than ISRAEL. Did you ever ask yourself, why?
    The answer is very simple. Any society, in order to maintain a democracy must have a certain amount of tolerance incorporated into its culture. The lack of democracy reflects the nature of the region’s culture – tolerance is needed in order to peacefully solve problems. This lack of tolerance causes:
    a. persecution of minorities, i.e. Druse, Coptic Christians, Armenians, Allawites and Jews. Current clashes in the Arab countries are very good examples.
    We, the Jews, one of the persecuted minorities were lucky enough to be able to defend ourselves, at a very high price, by consolidating control over a tiny parcel of land,
    b. The culture of the people in the above mentioned region, as opposed to Judaism and Christianity, does not appraise human life as paramount in their culture.
    This is best observed in their attitude towards women. If a family ONLY suspects that one of its women acted immodestly, they MUST kill her in order to preserve family honor. Honor is the highest value in this culture; surpassing that of human life.
    These are just two examples of the reality in which we live. This is why my husband spent 6 out of 32 years (between the age of 18-50).in active military service, both regular army and reserve duty, as a combat soldier.
    The “Poor Palestinans” are only a part of that Arab world, which in 1967, threatened to eliminate us and still does.
    ISRAEL IS DEALING WITH THE ENTIRE ARAB WORLD not just the “Poor Palestinans.”

  • Zhang Lao

    It sickens me at the hatred against Palestine here…

    • Susan

      It sickens me that the delusion of “Palestine” has taken such strong root, as well as that of equating “promoting facts/opposing terrorism” with “hate”.




  • Alex Goren

    It does not reflect well on Prof. Lisa Duggan that she supports the boycott of Israeli academic institutions without, obviously, understanding the real issues of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Academia should be a forum for discussion and a place where opinions are backed by research and understanding of the subject matter. Naturally, she is free to have and express her opinions, however uninformed and skewed they may be, but her wiser colleagues and the institution that gives her employment are free to give her as little cooperation and financial or academic support as feasible and that they should do.

  • Aisha Too

    Lisa Duggan appears to have signs of early Alzheimers. An ASA President with THAT problem??? Too Bad!

  • Robert Weisberg

    Google ASA to see their Charter which states, “The ASA is the nation’s oldest and largest association devoted to the interdisciplinary study of American culture and history.”
    It goes on to describe that members are “interested in all segments of American life,…”

    Somewhere along the line the ASA has been hijacked.

  • Udi Shayat

    Video on BDS and ASA targets- to wipe Israel from the map:
    Here is a link to video on BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanction) organization by Stand with us: http://www.standwithus.com/video/?wc=50
    The video shows the goals and targets of the BDS org to create ONE STATE , controlled by Palestinians only and to get rid of Israel .
    As a summary of the video: BDS founder Omar Barghouti (Muslim) said in public lecture (on the video): “There will be Palestine by Palestinian and not by Israel . This is the basic fundamental rights that we can not negotiate away, something we can not compromised. I clearly do not buy two states solution”. Omar Barghouti is a founding committee member of the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). He was born in Qatar, grew up in Egypt and later moved to Ramallah (West Bank) as an adult. Many professors on ASA (the American Studies Association) are following this Muslim leader and support his ideology.
    Roni Casereal, BDS activist said: “BDS will help bring about the defeat of Zionist Israel and victory for Palestine ”
    Please forward the message to academic and other contacts to show the facts on BDS org and ASA – the video http://www.standwithus.com/video/?wc=50 shows who is the enemy of western civilization- the one who said he wants to DESTROY and DELETE Israel from the map.
    * Sharon Ann Musher, associate professor at Richard Stockton College, NJ, said via email that the discussions of boycott … were “a virtual one-sided rally for the de-legitimization of the State of Israel.” She said…. the ASA’s commitment to ideology over intellectual exchange and complexity…..sets a dangerous precedent. Instead of opening conversations and advancing peace, it stifles debate and punishes one nation’s universities and scholars.”
    * * Simon Bronner, professor at Pennsylvania State University, said via email that the ASA council has “chosen to endorse a resolution for a pernicious boycott that undermines the principles of intellectual freedom and free inquiry…. the public repeatedly has rejected blacklisting and the exclusion of institutions, ….. Impeding dialogue and free inquiry, making a mockery of democratic process, and issuing one-sided attacks based on falsehoods should shame proponents of this resolution and the American Studies Association.” (whole info is on the article)
    Here are activities by Standwithus.com:
    * “Background: In an act of shocking bigotry and ignorance, the American Studies Association (ASA) announced on December 16, 2013, that it endorses an academic boycott of Israel and supports the anti-Israel BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement. Though only a fraction of the 5,000 ASA members voted, a majority of those who actually voted were able to push the discriminatory resolution through.
    This is the first time a major academic organization in the United States has endorsed an academic boycott of Israel. ”
    See StandWithUs` response, American Studies Association Assaults Academic Freedom, Scholarship and Israel, published in the Times of Israel blog.

    * ” Publicly denounce the ASA and the academic boycott. In 2007, over 300 presidents of American universities signed a statement deploring academic boycotts as “utterly antithetical to the fundamental values of the academy,” and declared, “Boycott Israeli universities? Boycott ours too!” University leaders should have the same united response today”
    * ” There has been an outcry against the ASA resolution, with multiple articles across the political spectrum denouncing it. There is considerable information and updates with important links here, put together by ASA members who opposed the resolution. For key talking points, go here and for a longer analysis, go here. “

  • Emanuel

    This is the email for Martin Lipton, Chair of the NYU Board of Trustees: mlipton@nyu.edu, I will write him shortly and I encourage others to do the same. Duggan is not qualified to serve NYU as president and provost, it brings disgrace to anyone who has earned and payed for a degree there.

  • As I have said that nobody learns anything at school or in universities! Universities did become political tools. Mans natural skills are disappearing, skills of memory, skills of thinking, skills of sensing, skills of observation, skills of visualization, all of them are out under modern life stress which man ends up in a close building mental labyrinth fucking up their own minds. It is why man has the need to explain what did happen some years ago. And yet this article will be forgotten, because the cause of it has nothing to do with true reality.

  • Aviva

    I suggest all students boycott Ms Dugans classes. ASA is anti Israel- visit their websites and each of it’s spokespeople hen prompted does not support Israel as a Jewish state. I am sure Ms Duggard falls in to the same fold. Today their is ouright ethnic genocide in South Sudan.. any ASA position.. NO, only silence. I welcome MS Duggard to go teach in the Wes Bank or any other of Israel’s 22 Arab neighbors, just advise her to pack her hijab, and G-d pray she is not sexually assaulted, as she would be held responsible, and likely stoned to death. Heaven forbid. Shame on ASA and shame on this professor.

  • paco12348

    Chaos reigns, just as Obama planned. Up is down and down is up. Lies abound and laws are undone. Obama is leading the way for the rise of the AntiChrist.

  • Dave Lippman

    It is unfortunate that some Jews – not this one – felt it necessary to ethnically cleanse an inhabited area to make themselves safe. Which they’re not, and won’t be, having stolen someone else’s land.

    • Paul Goodman

      Not another ignorant self-hating Jew! If you want to see ethnic cleansing, go to almost any Arab country, particularly Saudi Arabia. The proposed new Palestinian state is supposed to be Judenfrei – ethnically cleansed. This poor unfortunate deluded ignoramus has obviously never been to Israel, nor knows any of its history.

    • Wallace Edward Brand, JD Harvard, 1957

      The political rights to Palestine, west of the Jordan, were recognized in 1920 by the Principal Allied War Powers in WWI as being the property of the Jewish People in 1922 by 53 states in the light of their long history of association with Palestine — some 3,700 years. The Palestine Mandate permitted the British to hold these in trust for the Jewish People until such time as the Jews attained a majority population in the area to be ruled by them so that there was not an antidemocratic rule. The Jewish People also had to demonstrate their capability of exercising sovereignty. These two standards were met in 1950 after the British abdicated their trusteeship over Palestine in 1948 and no longer had the right to exercise legal dominion over those political rights.

      In 1967 the Jews were able to push the Jordanians out of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem where they had established an illegal occupation in 1948 as a result of an aggressive war. The Jews have established unity of control over these territories, one of the requirements of exercise of sovereignty.

      The main stream media is ignorant of these facts — reporters have no time to research history and they report on what most people believe. The Soviet Union and the Arabs have had sufficient petrodollars to spend on a false narrative that most people have come to believe. The Soviet dezinformatsiya and the Arabs have done such a good job in spreading this narrative that it has even split the unity of the Jewish People.
      The Soviets were very successful with this technique in splitting the unity of the American people during the Vietnam War. General Giap was asked to help tutor Yassir Arafat in these techniques. Israel is Vietnam Reddux. Vietnam had a two state solution. What do you hear from the State of South Vietnam recently?

      Nor does the alleged right of the alleged Palestinian people to self-determination under International law make any difference. First, the so-called “Palestinian People” is a term used as a political ploy by the Soviets first in the preamble of the 1964 PLO charter, with no corroboration of the existence of such a people other than by the Palestinian National Council whose first 422 members were each handpicked by the KGB. Second, even if they were a real people, there is no unilateral right of secession under International Law to secede from the Jewish State recognized by 53 states in 1922 and preserved by Article 80 of the UN Charter and the doctrine of “acquired rights” now codified. When there is a tension between the right of a “people” to self-determination and the right of a sovereign state to territorial integrity, the territorial integrity of the sovereign state is always given priority under international law.

      This is the way Dean Eugene Rostow put it. He was Dean of the Yale Law School and an acclaimed International Lawyer.

      “The 1920 mandate[for Palestine] implicitly denies Arab claims to national political rights in the area in favour of the Jews; the mandated territory was in effect reserved to the Jewish people for their self-determination and political development, in acknowledgment of the historic connection of the Jewish people to the land. There remains simply the theory that the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have an inherent “natural law” claim to the area. Neither custom ary international law nor the United Nations Charter acknowledges that every group of people claiming to be a nation has the right to a state of its own.” Eugene Rostow, The Future of Palestine, Institute for Streategic Studies, November 1993

      For some of the details, see Brand, Roots of Israel’s Sovereignty and Boundaries in International Law: In Defense of the Levy Report, http://www.think-isreal.org/brand.allegedoccupation.html

      • Lina Rozenberg, Esq.

        Thank you for your enlightened response. The modern discussions of the Israeli-Arab issues are completely devoid of any factual perspective. Your overview is a breath of fresh air.

    • Mitch Slot

      OH Dave. Dave Lippman. It always amazes me, the zeal with which self hating Jews such as yourself, feel the need to attack the Jewish state, Jewish people and basically all things Jewish. What on Earth happened in your past that embarrassed you so much that you cannot contain your vitriol? What was the single defining moment that turned you into the “anti-Jew” that you are? Oh wait a minute; I don’t really care about the why’s! Suffice to say, you, my little man, have been bullied enough. I guess I should probably leave you to your miserable existence. I don’t think anything I or anyone else says, can ever change you from your deeply entrenched position. But you should know that at least I/we tried. Go on now poor little man. Continue your pathetic journey alone and on your terms. I hope you let somebody love you.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      With Jews like you we don’t need enemies.

    • Nate

      Ignore Dave Lippman he doesn’t deserve an answer. Hopefully he’ll go away

  • zadimel

    I would suppose that being a “Social and Cultural Analysis Professor” at NYU, one would not be expected to study the reality of positions held by Arabs in Israeli society. In her case ignorance,perhaps tinged with a bit of the usual anti-Jewish/Israeli prejudice should get her dismissed.The Jewish State’s Jewish populations have individuals who have suspicions and prejudices against their Moslem compatriots,despite their equal treatment under the law.The the desire by Israel’s neighbors to seek their destruction by being in a state of war with the Jewish State since its independence in 1948 affects the relationship between the Jewish and Arab Israelis.Despite these attitudes,An Israeli Arab has been acting president of Israel; an Israeli Arab has been speaker of the Knesset; three Israeli Arabs have been/are generals in the IDF;in the diplomatic field,Israeli Arabs have been/are ambassadors and consuls;in law and justice Israeli Arabs have been/are judges in the lower courts and at least one is a justice in the Israeli supreme court.Many Israeli Arabs are officers in the IDF and active in emergency services.Israeli Arabs are active in university teaching and research,medical and legal professions. Israeli Arabs are active in business ownership and management and contribute much to the vibrant economy of the Jewish state. In short they have contributed to the growth and strengths of the Jewish State.

  • These kinds of boycotts are always spearheaded by one or more individuals who persuade the uncommitted and ignorant to go along with their plan. Lisa Duggan has now been “outed” as the person behind it. As with the ousting of Jewish academics in Germany and Austria in the 1930s, this kind of bigotry is usually motivated by personal ambition on the part of the boycotter. Lisa Duggan clearly has an inferiority complex or maybe she’s just inferior!

  • L. Shapiro

    Jan. 3, 2014

    Professor Lisa Duggin
    President Elect
    American Studies Association

    Dear Professor Duggin,

    I’m sure you are being inundated with messages from people either supporting your organization’s boycott of Israel, or from those opposing it. It must be tedious if not impossible to read all the messages. So assuming that you will never get to read this, and with a futile hope that you will, I will endeavor to be straightforward and tell you a most unpleasant truth.

    In the late 1930s, Germany began dehumanizing Jews. Jews were blamed for everything from the bad economy to the decline in German culture. Bit by bit Jews lost their rights including bans on them practicing certain professions. Eventually Jewish teachers were disqualified from teaching. Jewish students were next and were banned from attending schools. Jews were banned from sports clubs and professional associations. Then Jews were forced to wear special arm bands that informed pure Germans that unclean Jews were in their midst. As you know from your historical studies, they were not in their midst very much longer.

    Palestinian Arabs supported Hitler’s final solution. The Mufti of Jerusalem was personally involved in Jewish genocide. His people looked forward, actually yearned to kill all the Jews. This was years before there was an Israel.

    Today, the Hamas charter blames Jews for everything from WWI, WWII, the French Revolution to the Communist revolution. The charter continues to paint a picture of Jews as subhuman thieves and deviants. The PLO charter still refers to all of Israel as occupied territory. The leader of the PA, Mahmoud Abbas received his doctorate at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. His PhD dissertation maintained that Jews were not killed in a Holocaust, but perished from Typhus. Try to Imagine that Israel’s peace partner, foisted on them by the world community is a published Holocaust denier. Recently, students at Al Quds University demonstrated against Israel with a Nazi style march replete with goose stepping, and Nazi saluting. You may have heard that this Nazi nostalgia event was too much for two American universities who cancelled their cooperation agreement with Al Quds.

    By uncritically accepting the Palestinian narrative, the ASA has become an enabler for Holocaust denial, an enabler for the dehumanization of Jews, and a supporter of the delegitimization of Israel. I guess if Israel folds, half of its population can, as the late Helen Thomas suggested go back to the countries they came from like Poland and Germany, and the other half of Israel’s population to Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt where they will be welcomed with open arms.

    I too read history, and I predict that the people at ASA who have willingly and maybe unwittingly given uncritical support to the poisonous Palestinian narrative will have a special berth in the ship of fools.

    Sincerely yours,

    Larry Shapiro,
    75 Mayfair Drive, Rancho Mirage, CA. 92270 Phone: (760) 770-1580

    • Alison Weston

      Wonderful clarity from Larry Shapiro and I hope the anti-Semites take what he says to heart. The appalling abuse of human rights by Arab states and the followers of Allah are ignored and I just fail to understand why individuals one takes to be reasonably intelligent are willing supporters of the current, rampant anti-Semitism.

  • Naftali

    That’s like the Nazis saying “We don’t boycott Jews.” “We boycott Jewish shops” “We are only boycotting the brick and mortar”

    Of course she sees no irony in the fact that the “voice” of the BDS, Omar Barghouti has his PhD from Tel Aviv University.

  • James L. Hulsted

    In the interest of fairness:


    Please let her know whether you support or oppose her agenda.

  • Aurora

    Since the days of Carter’s Presidency, with a major upsurge during Bush Sr.’s Presidency, there has been an ever increasing Saudi and Qatari penetration of all our institutions of learning, starting with the universities and then even in at K-12 level, with teacher’s training entirely designed by the Saudis and getting Federal funding.
    FOUR BILLION dollars “donated” to US universities and institutions of “learning” in twenty years, new endowed Middle East, Arabic, Islamic Studies, etc. chairs, fully paid and manned by them, do not come without strings attached.
    After a few decades, we have the results: Middle East Studies departments WITHOUT Israel if not to debase her, lots of Arabic and federally funded, but almost no Hebrew, and “palestinian” narrative introduced even in subjects without any connection to the Middle East, elementary, junior high and high school textbooks filled with Saudi pushed omission, falsifications and re-writing of History.

  • Obviously Lisa Duggan despises MARTIN LUTHER KING JR who wisely declared in March 1968: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism”.

  • Lisa Duggan is a hero and I can’t believe the disgraceful and idiotic the comments are in this thread. Since when are academics not entitled to boycott discriminatory practices in other institutions around the world. Critique is supposed to be what academics do. When a woman is called a Nazi bitch we know her bravery has hit a self conscious nerve that can only express itself through hate speech. Poor poor frightened world.

    • matt solomon

      Why is she a hero? What has she done to deserve this particular praise?

    • zadimel

      Your apparent standards of heroism would equate the Nazi WW2 extermination of Jews and other undesireables as heroes. The hate speech does not emerge from an understanding of of equal protection under the law,but from a raw sense of bitter loathing of the Jew.

    • Emanuel

      Lies. Eileen Myles the only disgraceful idiotic comments are coming from anti-Semites like you and Duggan. Real academics don’t spread lies, there is no self- conscious nerve being hit because what you are claiming is nonsense and has no basis in history or fact.

  • david freilich

    I am now going to boycott NYU!

  • It is irresponsible to boycott Israeli academic institutions because individual students are the ones who suffer. It appears that some people have chosen to boycott the genuine history of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • In an e-mail to the Post, Prof. Duggan said she is “fully supportive of the [ASA] boycott of Israeli academic institutions. We are not boycotting individuals, but only institutions… [to protest] the discriminatory treatment of Palestinians by Israeli academic institutions that aid and support the illegal occupation.”

    Boycotting ideas, institutions, individuals is the beginning of a dangerous ignorance leading where we all know.

    The above uniquely does nothing for Palestian health, education, housing, jobs. This appears to be secondary to isolating discussion, exchange, communication. The goals are separate and contradictory.

    The occupation is a result of the ’67 war. The result of a pre-emptive strike the legality of which is noncontextual. Military occupations are as diverse as the spectrum is wide. The Israeli military occupation by current international standards, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria is a benevolent occupation.

    One, anyone is left with the impression that Prof Lisa Duggan does not understand the minimum essentials to qualify her for boycott leadership. The question then arises who is she leading, where, how and why? All responses are troubling for US academia now and in the long term.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Deliver us, please, from the legion of so-called academics, whose area of expertise is “race, gender and Queer critique.”

    As radio host Bob Grant so aptly put it: “It’s sick out there and getting sicker.”

  • Robert B Geller

    Am I missing something? There is a very simple solution – All of the Jewish parents who pay more than $50,000/year to have their children go to NYU should stop paying the tuition. In addition, the last time I walked around NYU there did not appear to be too many buildings financed by Palestinians though there were clearly many financed by Jewish families. Perhaps these families should stop paying the bills. However, this would mean that all of those liberal New York Jews would need to actually make Israel a priority.

    Stop the influx of Jewish money into NYU and then see how proud the university will be of their faculty then!

  • Mel

    If Truth-in-Libeling is still the Law of the Land, why aren’t lame stream reporters held accountable for their conspiracy to quash the American Studies Association’s original name, ‘Brotherhood of Intransigent Arab Scholars’?

  • nelson marans

    The argument that withholding taxpayers’ moneys from NYU, because of their approval of the continuing remarks of the new head of NSA, is an infringement of free speech is fallacious. When I decide not to contribute to a cause which I find is not in accord with my thinking and views do I infringe on the right of speech of that organization. Obviously, I do not. For the state to refuse to fund NYU for a similar reason is the same.

  • Wallace Edward Brand, JD Harvard, 1957

    The occupation is not illegal because it is not a belligerent occupation. I have occupied my home since 1964 and there is nothing illegal about it. The Jewish People have been recognized as the owners of the political rights to Palestine since 1920 when the Principal Allied War Powers of WWI decided on the competing claims of the Arab and Jewish People submitted at the Paris P:eace Talks and decided at San Remo on April 25th, 1920. The Jews had only a beneficial interest in the political rights until they attained a population majority in the area they were to rule, and were capable of exercising sovereignty.

    This is how Eugene Rostow, Dean of the Yale Law School described it. He was an acclaimed International Lawyer.
    “”The 1920 mandate[for Palestine] implicitly denies Arab claims to national political rights in the area in favour of the Jews; the mandated territory was in effect reserved to the Jewish people for their self-determination and political development, in acknowledgment of the historic connection of the Jewish people to the land. There remains simply the theory that the Arab inhabitants of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip have an inherent “natural law” claim to the area. Neither custom ary international law nor the United Nations Charter acknowledges that every group of people claiming to be a nation has the right to a state of its own.” Eugene Rostow, The Future of Palestine, Institute for Strategic Studies, November 1993

    You can read the details in Brand, Roots of Israel’s Sovereignty and Boundaries in International Law, In Defense of the Levy Report: http://www.think-isreal.org/brand.allegedoccupation.html

  • Dean

    When you examine Lisa Duggan’s NYU webpage (http://sca.as.nyu.edu/object/LisaDuggan) you will observe that she has some expertise on gay matters. I wonder how she justifies siding against the most gay-friendly country in the region, Israel (and perhaps the most free in the world) in favour of the most gay-hostile Islamist nations and terror entities? It is very weird that the LGBT community will sacrifice their best friends. albeit imperfect, for those who advocate and act to annihilate (gays and Jews have about the same appeal to hardcore Islamists). Is common sense missing from the gay mind or is anti-Semitism just one of those hatreds that is acceptable to gay leftists and activists (who have a hierarchy of those they support – Islamic terrorists being at the top of the hierarchy of cool and fashionable killers they support)?

  • Bella

    Duggan teaches gender studies and gay and lesbian studies and is boycotting…. !!!Israel …. but Saudi Arabia, where women can’t leave the house without a man is ok! Or Iran where they hang gays is ok!
    – or Saudi where in 2002 fifteen teenage girls were forced to burn to death because they weren’t wearing ‘proper head covering’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002_Mecca_girls%27_school_fire
    … and the list goes on…
    Wow what a woman!…I didn’t know anyone could be TOTALLY moronic, but it seems that bigotry, hatred and getting in with the wrong crowd can do wonders.

  • Tessie M

    Jewish and pro Israeli people should boycott these institutions by cutting them off from all charitable donations, instead send your donations to an Israeli university.

  • David Valance

    I don’t see Duggan as the problem, since she’s not a historian nor as any claim to specialized knowledge. The problem is that she is a cultural critic relying on bogus scholarship. Have any of the ASA spokespersons, touting the hardline anti-Israel positions, do any of them have any specialized training in middle east affairs or history? No? They’re easy to spot by their claim of “illegal occupation.” It’s not that simple, and their reliance on such polemics is shameful.

  • dantebenedetti

    “illegal occupation”? she is way over her head on that. it is not “illegal” although it is in some respects problematic and is opposed by many. that is not enough to warrant the slander that duggan blithely applies. she is not qualified to offer an opinion on the legality of the “occupation.” but, apart from the law, if she had actually troubled herself to learn the facts, she would know that, despite Israel’s entreaties to Jordan, Israel was attacked. Israel repelled that attack and came to control the area of the putative occupation, an area immediately west of of the Jordan River that had been part of the ancient Jewish patrimony but which had not in recent centuries been part of any state. (the Jordanian annexation was never recognized internationally and was, in any case, renounced by Jordan.) it is manifestly unreasonable to expect Israel to hand the area over to its mortal enemies or their surrogates. no decent person would make such a demand.

    if this clown is so concerned about occupations, I would suggest that she start with New York State, New England, etc., etc. what about California? Arizona? New Mexico? Texas? the Jews have a connection to the Land of Israel that goes back thousands of years, long before the Muslim invasion and conquest. duggan’s connection to New York state goes back till when? till her ancestors came 150 years ago? I would suggest that, if she were opposed to occupations, she start making amends to what’s left of the Native American peoples. SHE HAS FAR LESS RIGHT TO RESIDE IN NEW YORK THAN THE JEWS DO TO RESIDE IN JUDEA AND SAMARIA.

  • Thomas Donahue

    It is sad that any kind of press such as this article, is given to such a bafoons. Usually Bafoons are poorly educated. I am sure she has NO supportive evidence bases to support her undefended belief system that she freely emotes. She obviously is educated way beyond her intelligence.

    As one comment stated above, the education in Israel is very tolerant of all nationalities. Perhaps Ms. Duggan should review the Palestinian or Muslim States to examine their policies should an Israeli want to participate in their academic bastions. Would an Israeli be granted the same, unbiased, educational experience as the Muslim/Palestinian would be granted in Israel? We know the answer to that question, and more likely than not, that Israeli citizen would have their life in peril by attending such a school.

    It is high time we stop supporting “BAD Behavior” at all levels.

  • As an ex-South African I know about bigots —-and that is not an exclusive provence of the ignorant
    Prof.Duggan is living proof of this
    Has she ever visited Israel?
    I worked In Nahariah—-the hospital that was bombed during the Lebanon war and where we treated Jewish and Arab patients —-with the same compassion and care—she needs to go there

  • James Crozier

    When groups and individuals can not accomplish through honest means their intended goals deceit is often the next course of choice.
    While it may succeed for the short term the resulting backlash is always proportional to the deceit committed.
    (Think Hitler–WWII, or Nixon leaving the White House.)
    For example the Republicans under W. executed foreign policy based on personal beliefs, as to motives of groups and nations involved in 911. The voting public became more and more disenchanted believing it had been deceived by the Chaney-Rove cabal that seemed to control W. and the White House. In politics perception is everything. AS a result the GOP may not hold the WH for a generation, and voting patterns in the ’12 election show a strong shift among young and Hispanic voters away from the perceived ‘old white guy’ Republicans.
    In academia perception is even more important.
    For Duggan to speak for the academic might that is the entire membership of the ASA should require the support of more than 16% of it’s members.
    An act like this really could fracture the ASA irrevocably.
    And all those members of the ASA who do not support her stance are colored by her position none the less.
    I hate to say it but that is very arbitrary.
    And none too responsible.
    So much for the ASA’s image.

  • gonjtonic

    whoever made her a professor is as culpable as her. Teaching is a mission – people like Ms. Duggan are a shame to such mission. They are bigots and narrow minded, trends which professors should not have. Send her to teach in Gaza, that will be an eye opener for her….

  • Golum

    What’s there to say except “@#@@^&**!!!##$B*#I@@!T**$C@!H!@@@@???###”!!!

  • Isabelle

    I would challenge her to cite a single instance of her alleged “discrimination.” I bet she can’t come up with even one. They themselves, the ASA, are the ones to discriminate.

  • Efram Paul

    As is so common in the ‘academic’ community, she is a Nazi bitch. The lengths to which bigots go is breathtaking.

    • HaroldT

      Spot on.

    • Joe

      A “Nazi Bitch”? Are Zionist afraid of the truth? South Africa Apartheid = Israeli Apartheid. When the truth of the Nakba gets out, Zionism is finished, and rightly so. Enough. Judaism must return to the precept of ” Heal the World”. Our current government in Israel wants the world to hate us by its arrogance and disregard to Jewish principles.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Her CV reads like a joke on The Onion.

  • Shondell Jackson

    This woman is a typical Liberal Socialist RADICAL. Liberal Socialists are anti-Semitic and HATE the concept of “Jewish Privelege.”

    • Lone Star

      You’re right! These cruds love everything Jewish except Jewish success. Israel defies their image of the poor, persecuted downtrodden Jew. If Hitler played tennis they’d love him.

  • Prof Asher J Matathias

    Shameful, for the person poised for such tainted leadership, and the organization that flouts academic freedom, and unfettered inquiry. Why is Israel signaled for such dressing down? The smell of anti-Semitism is in the air, and it is enveloping the American Studies Association.

    • Mel

      Gaza’s students would be nauseated being lectured about Professor Duggan’s field of expertise. In Arab lands, women like Lisa (murdered young) are truly without peer. One lecture would see Lisa mated (or nailed) to a pier.


    I always admired Professor Gil Troy. I urge Ms. Duggan to visit any Israeli academic institution. she would learn that there are large number of Arab students and that they are very well treated.

    • A scholar who posits false facts to support her position should be fired for academic dishonesty. Israeli education institutions do not discriminate against against Arabs and if this bigot knew anything about international law she would know that there is no illegal occupation. This American Studies fake probably teaches that Barbie & Ken were at the BOston Tea Party.

  • Beatrix

    ASA is worried about Palestinian education. What about our concerns for American students being taught by these idiots? Stereotypes are abhorrent, but dumb blond really fits here.

    • Raymond in DC

      If your kids aren’t studying the more serious disciplines – engineering or the sciences, economic or finance, medicine, etc. – they’re likely wasting their minds and your money. My oldest niece entered university majoring in … English. (English what, I ask? She’s a native English speaker.) I hate to think what’s she’s “learning”.

  • G Marcus


    The Arab-Israel conflict is not about the occupation of the W.Bank, Gaza or Golan Heights; it’s about the occupation of ANY territory on which the Jewish state stands.

    Since its founding some 66 years ago, Israel has been defending itself against a genocidal Jihad waged by forces of Arab Imperialism that view ALL of Israel as occupied territory.

    If Israel were to return to pre-’67 boundaries, it would render itself instantly indefensible against such enemies. 80% of Israel’s population centers would turn into target practice for Arab rockets and the country would become unliveable and unsustainable!

    This is exactly the Arab plan and that’s why they are pressing Israel to retreat from strategic territories — not for Peace, but in order to deliver the Jewish national homeland the final blow!

    Any ASA boycotter who is aware of this, is clearly guilty of nothing less than the same racist genocidal designs against 6 million Israeli Jews.

    By the way, does the figure 6 million ring a bell?