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April 14, 2014 7:02 pm

BBC Report: French Jews Are ‘Afraid to be Jewish’ (VIDEO)

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France anti-Semitic attack victim David.

France anti-Semitic attack victim David. Photo: David.

An increasing number of French Jews are moving to Israel because they are “afraid to be Jewish” in France, BBC News reported.

“It’s not just the attacks, it’s the looks. The insults. The tensions you feel every day,” said Dr. David Tibi, president of the the greater Paris region’s Jewish community. “And so life becomes more and more difficult.”

Tibi is a successful dentist in Paris and is married to an equally accomplished doctor, but this summer the couple and their five children will move to the Jewish state.

The Jewish Agency in France helped 3,200 people migrate to Israel last year, a 63 percent increase from the year before.

The spike is in part motivated by a rise in anti-Jewish hate crimes in the country, according to the report.

Documentation compiled by SPCJ, Service de Protection de la Communauté Juive, a security focused organization which serves France’s Jewish communities, said 423 anti-Semitic acts were recorded in the country in 2013 alone. Research also indicated that last year, 40 percent of all racist violence perpetrated in France targeted Jews.

French Jews often fear outwardly appearing Jewish. A European Union survey published recently suggested that 40 percent of Jews in France will avoid wearing clothing that identifies them as being Jewish, according to the BBC.

Anti-Semitic attacks in France are reported with some regularity.

In March, a 59-year-old Jewish teacher was severely beaten by a group of young men who cursed him, broke his nose and drew a swastika on his chest with a marker.

Earlier that month, a young Jewish woman was assaulted at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon by a mother and daughter of Arab descent who shouted, “Dirty Jew, go home to your country, Israel.”

During a Paris rally in January, a day before Holocaust Memorial Day, at least 17,000 people marched in the streets while shouting “Jews, get out of France.”

Ariel Kandel, a representative of the Jewish Agency, told the BBC that more French  Jews are moving to Israel because “many feel unwelcome here in France and with the economy going so badly many ask themselves, ‘why stay?’ ”

France faces an 11 percent unemployment rate as opposed to Israel’s 6 percent, the BBC noted. The Israeli government has also taken steps to encourage the immigration of French Jews, offering to provide aid for those that make the move as well as more liberal recognition of French diplomas and qualifications.

However, Paris-based Rabbi Mendel Azimov told the BBC that Jews packing up and leaving France is nothing new.

“If I’ll be running the aliyah office, its for sure that the aliyah is going crazy. I get phone calls all day… but at the same time this is only a small little percentage,” he said. “The aliyah always existed, and sometimes even more numbers than today.”

Watch the BBC report in the video below:

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  • Ruth

    Europe is in the last stages of a complete takeover by Islam. The U.S. Military is currently under extreme Islamic influence. The U.S. with its open borders and legal protection of Jihadists is a seeming complicit invitation to caliphate jihadists that the door is open, to anyone who wants to create mayhem and destruction. Putin is not stupid. If he thinks a country has certain leaders in charge that want it destroyed….Russia will accommodate them. Especially if they may be indirectly arming Islamic termites that are chewing away at their borders. According to scripture China and Russia cross the river Euphrates to put an end to this Islamic madness. China will inundate the Arab countrys with millions of soldiers putting bullets in the heads of anyone who appears to be under the maddening influence of Islamic extremism. Actually it will be an evangelistic act of love, because every Muslim that is killed by them will go directly to heaven and get 70 virgins. China and Russia are our last hope as they are the only countries that have the wherewithal to annihilate Islam. when confrontation of Islam is a precondition for the survival of their countrys, Islam is toast.

    • Rachael

      BS. Violent people are violent. It doesn’t matter what excuse a violent person uses it is still just an excuse. Forget ‘muslim takeover’ conspiracy theories which is just as bad as ‘jewish’ conspiracy theories. If you want to stop violence then stop it-blame the violent people for using some ethnic/religious/racial excuse and remember those people are just violent morons.

  • Jacob

    The only safe places for Jews will be Canada, Russia, China and Israel. They will not be hiding from the kluklutzklan who are just a bunch of disorganized flakes who hate Jews and everyone else who is not a clan corn flake. Remember their God is hitler who’s sidekick was Yasser arrafats uncle….Islam was involved with fueling hitlers rage and insanity towards Jews. Hitler is gone but the jihadists are well armed militarily and politically, there messia has risen, they smell blood ,I they are well focused, and on a mission to rid the world of Jews, Christians, and all infidels who will not bow to Islam….that would include Russia and China. The Russians claim the Malaysian jet is on the Pakistan Afganistan border. If those two Iranians hijacked and killed those Chinese family’s…Iran will face the wrath of China. If the western media is scrubbing their coverage of this mishap to try and avoid the enevitable it will not work. The truth will come out. Islam can bomb the twin towers in America and build masques on the site to rubb it in the faces of the sheeply stupid Americans but China is a different story. Iran had better prepare for the wrath of Khan

  • Mort Moooze

    Where is the Jewish Defense League?
    It appears the government of France is doing nothing to dissipate hatred. And what a mix of sewer rats – Muslims, far left, far right, skin heads, white nationalists, intellectuals …
    Aliyah or fight!
    Where is the show of Jewish strength?
    The anti-Jew cowers from a show of might.
    The anti-Jew only recognizes force.
    An armed Jewish militia is needed.
    Where are the French Macabees?

  • evil them all ….arabian imigrant ……satan them in done

  • Linda Rafferty

    As a mother I cannot comprehend why parents choose for their children to live in hatred and misery instead of a loving and peaceful life. It is very sad for humanity for we humans all lose no matter what religion,color or race we are.

  • Alter

    BBC should report what happens with poor Jews in the UK.

    • Eric R.

      The BBC would never do that, because their virulently anti-Israel coverage helps to fuel Jew-hatred in the UK.