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June 22, 2014 4:04 pm

Presbyterian Church USA Considered Banning the Word ‘Israel’ From Prayers

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Presbyterian Church Assembly. Photo: Screenshot.

There was another resolution that was considered by the Presbyterian Church USA that did not pass, but the comments to that resolution show that they took it very seriously:

The Presbytery of Chicago overtures the 221st General Assembly (2014) of the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.), to

1. distinguish between the biblical terms that refer to the ancient land of Israel and the modern political State of Israel;

2. develop educational materials, with the help of our Presbyterian seminaries, for clergy, church musicians, worship leaders, and Christian educators regarding the “ancient Israel/modern Israel” distinction; and

3. inform our ecumenical partners of this action, nationally and globally—particularly within Israel and Palestine.


This overture was prompted by the publication of the beautiful new publication of Glory to God, The Presbyterian Hymnal, 2013, which has a section of hymns under the unfortunate heading: “God’s covenant with Israel.”

The use of the phrase “God’s covenant with Israel,” is open to interpretation by the reader/singer. Is this “biblical Israel”? Is it the “modern State of Israel”? As one Palestinian American Presbyterian who is a ruling elder said in a letter to those responsible for the publication of the new hymnal:

“Because I am a Palestinian Christian, I am uneasy with the word “Israel” in “God’s Covenant with Israel”—I am always told, however, that what is meant by “Israel” is Biblical Israel and not today’s Israel; but do all Christians know this? With the prevalence of Christian Zionism, which the G.A. repudiated in 2004, I highly doubt it. Even if not intentional, this language is inflammatory, misleading, and hurtful“ (Open Letter, October 2, 2013).

One response would be to rephrase it as “God’s Covenant with Ancient Israel,” or, as Thomas Are, retired Presbyterian minister, said in a recent blog, “God’s covenant with the Poor, or even “Our Covenant with the Oppressed” [11.26.13;], but there are other examples of the problem. In Advent, we sing “O Come, O Come Emmanuel, and ransom captive Israel. …” Does that justify the modern political State of Israel? At the least, it is confusing and unclear. Our Christian Palestinian brothers and sisters call us to make this distinction clearly.

Mitri Raheb, pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem, says: “The establishment of the State of Israel created … an intended confusion. … Huge efforts were put by the State of Israel and Jewish organizations in branding the new State of Israel as a “biblical entity” (The Invention of History: A century of interplay between theology and politics in Palestine, Mitri Raheb, editor, 2011; Diyar Consortium, pp. 18-19).

While it was rejected, the underlying theme was considered a major issue:

The Advisory Committee advises that this overture be answered with the following action:

“The 221st General Assembly (2014) instructs the Office of Theology and Worship of the Presbyterian Mission Agency to develop a short insert or sticker for publications used in congregational worship and study with wording similar in meaning to the following:

“‘Please note in using these texts that the biblical and liturgical “land of Israel” is not the same as the State of Israel established in 1948, which is a contemporary nation state. The Bible contains differing descriptions of the parameters of Israel. Promises of land generally come with obligations to God for justice to be practiced with all inhabitants. Later in Scripture, the Gospel is to be preached to ‘all nations’; in Jesus Christ all peoples are included in God’s promise. Similarly, ‘Zion’ is frequently used in the Bible as a reference to the city of Jerusalem, but in Christian tradition this does not refer primarily to a specific geographical location or political entity but to ‘the city of God’ found throughout history and to the completion of God’s purpose in the age to come. Presbyterian General Assemblies have affirmed the principle that the current physical Jerusalem be shared by Jews, Christians, and Muslims, both Palestinians and Israelis, living in peace with justice.”

“Further, the General Assembly directs that the Office of Theology and Worship and the Office of the General Assembly share the insert language with an explanatory letter encouraging its use within the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and among our church partners internationally, particularly in Israel and Palestine, noting where fuller treatment of the concern may be found.”

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  • Ilana

    Odd how history is slowly getting rewritten. That is the purpose, anyhow. They are obviously on the wrong side. They have no real idea abaout what is going on, no education in the real history, the facts elude them. Well, I guess they would prefer another Syria, Egypt, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq etc instead of the one real advanced democracy of the region. Sad.

  • Dorothy

    The PC-USA has become an embarrassment. I am descended from a long line of Presbyterian ministers of Scottish ancestry and they would not recognize the PC-USA clergy’s positions today. There are other Presbyterian denominations, thankfully, including the Presbyterian Church in America (also Presbyterian but not PC-USA).

    I left PC-USA when our minister as a “teaching exercise” stood in front of the congregation and read a list of Christ’s ancestors in the First Chapter of Matthew and then held up card for the children in the congregation to cheer or jeer (yes, jeer, you read the correctly). After I walked out, I was informed by someone who managed to sit through the service that the Virgin Mary was discussed from the pulpit as most likely having been a prostitute in her youth due to the alleged lack of gainful employment for women in that era, but Christians should not condemn prostitutes. That is totally misguided historically in my opinion, aside from being demeaning towards women.

    Need I say more? I am not going to rejoin PC-USA EVER.

  • איתי בן נחום

    Fair enough and a rather simple solution: Any property leased, rented otherwise owned by said church can be terminated, canceled, not renewed or simply take away. Israel is a sovereign state and any shared custody over holly sites can also be determined by the ministry of religious affairs. Simply put – they don’t recognize Israel, the state of Israel does not recognize said church and therefore are not entitled to any special treatment.

    Ask Pat Robertson…

  • Wolff Bachner

    Please stop using the term Antisemitism. Call it what it is: JEW HATE.

  • Jacob

    If they make this change how can they tell people that God wrote their Bible if they did?

    • charlie johnson

      Most of the large churches are infiltrated with atheist that have some other agenda than implied by their original mission.Money and the Devil work in unison and actors are put there to carry the fools to Hell.This group has supplied a large number of politicians to corrupt the USA constitution over the years.A Christian organization? Jesus had a trade as a carpenter. This group is a highly wealthy class of citizen . Do you suppose they would allow a woking class citizen into their ranks? Most of the large institutions are a front. Like an old western Hollywood movie set. You look at the fronts of the buildings and you are deceived about what is inside.

  • Mark Twain

    A cult is a cult is a cult. I used to live blocks away from a very well-known one in Los Angeles that actually started out as a cult. I’ve seen, occasionally, and this is one of those occasions, mainstream churches become cults (due to skewed/twisted leadership).

    But my lifelong theory has been “live and let live”.

    I say let them leave Israel out of their church (LOL and good luck). If they (obviously don’t like Israel or the idea of such a Jewish state) in order to cut back on hypocrisy, they need to leave Jesus out of their prayers as well.

    Israel, being his beloved home, which he mentions quite a few hundred times in the New Testament…wait wait wait…they need to rewrite that outdated book too; the whole “plot” doesn’t work without Israel.

    Never mind. Let them fly by the seat of their pants.

    • Lynne Marton

      WOW!! You hit it !! They think – just like the so-called “palestinians”, that they can rewrite history and the Bible. I have news for them – THEY CAN’T!

      What was – was, what is – is and what will always be – is Israel!

      They can try and justify all they want, as cults do – and I do agree with you – they are a cult, but the truth will always be there – no escaping it.

      And THAT particular truth is – the LAND of Israel was far greater in size than the State of Israel – and it was JEWISH – not filled with arabs as it is today – and those so-called “palestinians” claiming it is all theirs. Let them try and explain that one without falling into their own self-made pile of excrement(being PC here)!

      Just makes me want to retch!!

  • Esqueceram das palavras de Paulo aos Efésios,aos Romanos,aos Gálatas??Ou retiraram essas ordens de que somos todos enxertados nesse povo?Deles são as promessas,as alianças,os oráculos de D’us!!!
    Resolveram por si próprios anular a palavra do Eterno,e criar suas próprias leis…Que D’us tenha misericórdia de todos estes!!!!

  • Theresa

    Well, that church is on shakey ground with their creator. And the Christian Palestinians don’t get to be God. If they want to be part of the faith given to Israel then they need to humble themselves and not be arrogant, even Paul says that in Roman’s. God is jealous of what? His name Yahweh and his people and land called Israel. God created the name Israel, who is so arrogant to tell God He made a mistake?? Not me. Palestinian is a word made up by the Romans to humiliate the Jews and it was a twist on the word Philistine. I believe there is a deeper issue here. There is a plan to change and usurp Israel and the God of Israel. If we can’t lay down our own agenda they we are not on God’s team. God made provision for every human to be part of the family of Israel as a sojourner. That means you get to partake in the Torah and lifestyle and life book. You become part of the family and you don’t get your own way, rather you eat at the table the same food as the rest of the family!!! You don’t come in and say ‘Well, boys, now that I have arrive we are going the make some changes.’ I don’t think so!!!! There is a song that goes….come let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord (Yahweh)our God our maker. I don’t see their posture as one of submission to Yahweh.

  • Joel Miranda Rodrigues

    Será que retiraram a Ordem de orar por Jerusalem Irushaláim ? Alias isso é comum nas bíblias de hoje.

  • Jonah Lissner


    Jonah Lissner

    As MLK said, “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews.”

    Mel Gibson’s daughter married an Israeli man. If there was ever a time for Israelis or Presbyters to forgive, it is now.

    We must ask, what is the purpose for the boycott mentality, for which Israel can also do unto to the Presbyters? Have Scots always really been the underdog versus England and Cromwell, or is this simply more feel-sorry propaganda to excuse their overt jealousy toward Israel’s achievements, as Scotland has not and will not be the Chosen People of the Torah? Don’t Scots and Israelis have more in common than differences? The PCUSA and Leftist Christian propaganda against Israel remind us of the Torah portion of Balaam and Balaak.

    We must ask how in the world are the Arabs, wealthy in oil money and influence from 150 years of petroleum revenue, an “oppressed people”? How can Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States or even Jordan be considered oppressed? The entire idea is a farce. Why do these countries not help in relocating Arabs from Israel to Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia?

    Ask the Kurds, Egyptians, Berbers, Sudanese and Ethiopians if the Arabs are merely poor people worthy of the help of the Presbyterian church, or callous invaders of the indigenous lands in the name of the imperialist movement of Islam.

    Why do the Leftist Christians not support Israel’s rightful restoration of its land stolen by the Arabs and Romanized Europeans more than 100 years ago? Should not Israel then support England versus Scotland in a tit for tat tactic? Leftists in the US and Canada must give their homes back to the Native Americans then if the PCUSA is so meritorious.

    To do the right thing, Scotland and Scottish Americans need to stand against the organized prejudice in the Presbyterian church against Israel and support and advance CUFI and Christian Zionism. Their tacit involvement with the Far-Leftist Christians and anti-Israel groups of the Arab sectors, is proof of their prejudice and covert organization and ghoulish supporters from sundry groups of the Axis of evil.

    PCUSA playing the Scottish ethnicity card as a basis for boycotts and ill will against other groups is further proof of their jaundiced attitudes and absurdity. They are foolishly building a castle on sand instead of seeking to embracing and further building Israel’s restoration. Israel is the most advanced country in the Middle East in political representation. Boycotts are not a way to win friends and influence people that care about the future results.

    Dialogue is.

    There is no moral equivalence between the Land of Israel and invasive Arab claims to Israel, Kurdistan, Sudan or Iran. There is no moral equivalence between wrongs done to Scotland by England, and England by Scotland, and actions of the Arabs against Israel’s Right to Survive and Thrive, in its own region.

    The Arabs should be happy with Saudi Arabia, Scots with Scotland and Israelis with Israel.

    Jonah Lissner

  • h.s.cohen

    My dear friend used to say,”ala goyem essen dreck” How true.

  • Kathleen

    The Presbyterian Church USA has been shrinking in numbers at a fairly steady rate.

    • (Mr.) R. Seathrún Mac Éin

      Kathleen says that “the Presbyterian Church USA has been shrinking at a fairly steady rate.” That Church therefore needs to consider why this might be so.
      Many Churches are declining in numbers because they have abandoned the Biblical principles on which they were founded and, in many cases, have failed to stand up for the principle of Biblical authority. This has the double result of alienating those members who still accept the teachings of the Bible and not attracting new members in sufficient numbers. It also fails to challenge existing members – whatever their beliefs – to take an active role since they may no longer see that the Church represents anything worth standing for.
      If a Church no longer regards the whole Bible, and every part of it, as the Word of God and conveying His truth and carrying His full authority, it can no longer claim to be a truly Christian Church. In that case, the members who still accept this doctrine of Biblical authority are faced with a difficult choice – will they seek to reform the Church from within, hoping to being it back to its Biblical foundations, or will they leave that Church and join another which appears to be more faithful to the teachings of the Written Word of God? The first option is not always impossible, but the time may come when the second choice is necessary because the Church seems to have gone too far and to be too firmly in the grip of those opposed to Biblical teaching.
      Anti-Semitism is not the only heresy characteristic of non-Biblical Churches today – there are many others in both faith and morals – but it is a very serious false teaching.
      By contrast, many Churches that do stand up for the Bible are growing: if they are not, they may need to consider whether some of their teachings are indeed truly Scriptural in important matters.

      • mary menefee


  • Israel, no matter the time or the place, is God’s standard bearer and the keeper of the eternal covenant God placed with Abraham.

    • Chi Vanthang

      Wow , If they cannot stand with the word Israel,
      and they don’t stand with God’s people side, they
      will have problems with the whole Bible. If that
      the case, then who are they before God? I feel scared
      and have goose bumps for them and the actions they take, but I have lots of friends in Presbyterian who don’t agree with them.

  • Zanger

    The Presbyopian Church is on a rampage. Hopefully we can defund them as they are becoming a mouthpiece for terror and I do not want them to have tax exempt status while celebrating the death of Americans and allies.

  • Henk Brom

    Mijn dank aan de G’d van Israél is groot omdat ik een helder beeld heb van de profetische belofte in de Tenach G’d heeft grote plannen via het volk van zijn belofte en Zijn verbond, iedereen die daar oog voor mag hebben zullen Adonai aanbidden in geest en waarheid, en de antichris zal het nakijken hebben.

    “My thanks to the Gd of Israel is great because I have a clear picture of the prophetic promise in the Tanakh Gd has big plans over the people of his promise and his covenant, for anyone who may have an eye will worship Adonai in spirit and truth, and the anti-Christs will have it inspected.”

  • Nanushka

    The Presbyterian theology is based on the humanistic teachings of John Calvin:
    “Their [the Jews] rotten and unbending stiffneckedness deserves that they be oppressed unendingly and without measure or end and that they die in their misery without the pity of anyone.”
    John Calvin, “Ad Quaelstiones et Objecta Juaei Cuiusdam Responsio”

  • Peter

    They really have shown themselves up for the usefull idiots that they are !

  • Eyal Kattan

    Preaching for love while educating haterade of others is against the fundemental basics of most religions.
    Palestinians never existed nor mentioned in the bible. There was never a palestinian state or country in the entire history of human kind.
    Palestine was a term used by the Britains referring to the area called Israel today (and in the bible).it did not distinguish peoe by religion. If any at all, then the Israelis are Palestinians too.

    Yet, the Presbyterian church is following someone who has no link to past history in an attempt to change the core basics it was established upon.

    While you’re at it….why not change the heading to read: “God coveanant with palestine”….or maybe just rewrite the entire bible….

  • “Because I am a Palestinian Christian, I am uneasy with the word “Israel” in “G-d’s Covenant with Israel”

    “Well, in that case, I must draw a distinction between what Christianity teaches and how some people distort and betray that teaching.”

    • marie


  • BH in Iowa

    Amalekites, Philistines, Babylonians, Persians…. Hezbullah, Hamas, Obama, Iran…

    Presbyterians? Feh.

  • Bernard

    May the good Lord Bless them all and install a few badly needed brains into these idiots

  • rbockman
    • Jonah

      It does seem every church that is conducive to alternative lifestyles alienates themselves with antisemitism. They seem to forget Jesus loves them too. I think subconsciously they look at what God did to soddom an they resent religion in general. Jews are the root of the only true religion. They were the saviours of the earth by paying the price in blood while delivering Christians their savior. Therefore they are the most hated people on this earth for those that oppose gods plan for this earth.

    • Jon R.

      What a joke: whining about the Presbyterians’ failure to endorse Israel’s eliminationist policies towards the Palestinians while expressing anti-gay hatred. How typical!

      • Jonathan Jonas

        Dear Jon…
        Your comment is so very very general.
        I wonder to whom you are directing it to?
        Some of us who profess faith in the Creator are not so judgemental.
        I am not ashamed to say that I believe that same gender sex is sinful…
        But i also believe that people who judge people are sinful as well.
        I personally believe all people are sinful so i do not differentiate between sins
        Mine or yours…. All the same to me.
        I need to be a light to everyone gay or strait, jew or gentile.
        Im so tired of pro gay folks judging blindly.
        When i help my “neighbour” i dont give them a questionaire first.

    • Puck

      In every place in every time, whenever leaders of one group or institution wish to vilify another, say, for example, the Roman Catholic Church to discredit dissenters, (aka heretics), they all accused their victims of moral depravity to irrevocably demonize them in the public mind.

      However, rbockman, if you still want to bring in homosexuality as a biblical sin, at least familiarize yourself with Scripture. The Levitical injunction against men lying with men as with women is a King James translation, which later versions adapted, even introducing the “homosexual” which was not coined until 1869. The original actually states that a “man shall not lie with another the man the lyings of a woman”.

      From the chapter context, we know the text is not referring to mechanical sexual activity but to the way women sexually related to men: as wives, concubines, prostitutes, or as fertility god/goddess devotees. In other words, as subservient to the sexual demands of men. The Levitical injunction is instructing men who are inclined to express their affection towards other men physically to treat them as equal, not as women.

      • jerusha

        You are kidding right?

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The Presbyterian Church USA have devolved into a far-left organization that uses Christian symbols and terminology. They have now reached the point where they need to “explain” why the bible passages don’t really mean what they say.

    • Jon R.

      John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      I assume you accept this passage and have no need to explain why it doesn’t really mean what it says.

      • Zanger

        As Jews we do not accept “your” passages. Off topic.

        • Michelle

          Wow. We are standing with you, and you slap us in the face? Talk about gratitude. No matter how you feel, we are taught to stand behind Israel and uphold her.

        • jim berg

          Jesus was executed as a heretic-his followers are all also heretics-it is still our responsibility to educate or eradicate them

  • Jonah

    This is not a church! Once a church gets a general assembly and an office of theology, the church takes on the function or influences of those two offices rather than the Christian will of the people. The dictates of these two offices are easily influenced by outside money’s, such as Saudi money. Islam is working vigorously to undermine all Christian church’s. They infiltrate them with Muslims who then in turn report back to certain individuals who then see to it that money is placed in the right hands to influence surreptitious doctrines. This is done at the expense of the Jesus believing sheep who set on the front row financing what has become a behemoth. In other words with money placed in the right hands, a general assembly and an office of theology it is easy to make an entire denomination appear on the surface to be antisemitic. Look at what happened to America with our current president, does he represent everyone,,,hell no! Does it appear our country is aligning itself with the enemy’s of Israel? Is this the peoples will…hell no.

  • The further they keep from any type of Israel the better.

    • rulierose

      my feelings exactly.

  • This presbyterian blogger at the event holds them up in mockery.You can’t blame here

    Using Jesus as a talking point in a GA debate about divestment

    Right in the middle of morning devotions, given by Virginia Sheets, vice moderator of the Middle East issues committee, she suggested that Jesus wasn’t afraid to tell the Jews when they were wrong. The rest of her devotions gave the listener, at least this listener, the understanding that she was implying to the commissioners ‘go thou and do likewise.’ And then she, not the moderator, facilitated the commissioners in voting to divest from businesses doing business with Israel. [1] [2]
    First of all using a devotion to advocate for your preference in voting is immoral. It is misusing the word of God.

    But from a Christian point of view there are two greater problems: Jesus was also a Jew and he was God incarnate. He was the long promised messiah. Because he was a Jew he had the prophetic right to speak to his own people. By reason of fulfilling the promise given to the people of God he had the right to open the door to his kingdom and scold those who because of the hardness of their heart prevented others from entering into the kingdom.
    But the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is neither Jewish nor God. And they are, in fact, the ones shutting the door to the kingdom. With their constant politicalizing they are driving many away from the foot of the cross, and many away from the denomination. Jesus is often and only used as a formal expression such as we must do this because Jesus wants us to do so. And because of the hardness of hearts they do not listen to the tears and concerns of God’s people. Their hearts are hard against the real message of the gospel which has to do with redemption and reconciliation.

    Whether Sheets understands it or not, in the midst of a debate about divestment, her comment about Jesus not being afraid to tell the Jews when they were wrong is anti-Semitic. It wasn’t even categorized as the Jews of Israel—no it could just as well have been the Jews of New York City, or Palo Alto, or even the Jews living in Germany in 1938.
    How shameful that our denomination has sunk to such lows.

    Surely, Jesus has some strong words for us as a people.
    From the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God’s choice they are beloved for the sake of the fathers; for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)

    [1] It may be that many commissioners did not catch the implications of Sheets remarks but I believe many did.
    [2] The committee did vote to divest. This however can change in plenary.

  • Lauren Goldman

    This is the outward appearance of the anti-Semitism that has been festering, and now rising, in America. What do the Presbyterians think is going to happen to them when the international islamist jihadis come for them (consider this; you are infidels in the eyes of islam and the swords on their flags and videos are not ads for kitchen cutlery)?

  • T.C.

    C.U.F.I. Christians United For Israel were invited to sign on line petition this morning proclaiming that the Presbyterians “Don’t Speak For Us. It is being sent to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

    • Jane R. Miller

      I doubt that the average Presbyterian in the pew knows what is going on. I heard it on Meet The Press.

    • Shelley

      Where can we sign this?

  • Daniel Birnbaum

    When are we going to tell American-Jewish Organizations to stop making nice with Christians who love Israel but hate Jews? Or with those who love Jews but hate Israel? Or with those who hate both Jews and Israel — and dream of converting us (like the Presbyterians, who several years ago organized a mission in Philadelphia for the conversion of Jews)! We don’t NEED their money. We don’t NEED their support. So why do American-Jewish leaders snuggle up to these Evangelicals or other Christians? It DEMEANS all of us.

    • rulierose

      excuse me, but most evangelical Christians DO love Israel. let’s not blame the people like Mike Huckabee and the CUFI organization just because the Presbyterians have become anti-Semitic morons.

    • Peter

      Well said Daniel !

      • Phil

        Daniel, your first sentence is incredible because it contains 2 lies. First of all, those Christians who support Israel are not a homogeneous group. Many love Israel because it is a democracy and is governed by the rule of law. While not doing a scientific survey among Christian Zionists, I have spoken to many of Christian Zionists who readily declare that there support for Israel is also based on contrition— attempting to make amends for the centuries of Christian cruelty towards the Jews. It is just not supported by facts that the majority of Christian Zionists are allies of Israel as part of the biblical prophesy involving the return of Jesus. For those Jews who claim to be pro-Israel, to ignore the hard work and political support from Christian lovers of Israel because of some unsubstantiated gossip, makes no sense. even the left-wing J Street organization has strongly criticized the passage of this heinous resolution by the Presbyterians. Also, to suggest that Christian groups like the Presbyterians who are anti-Israel somehow love Jews is inane. You have no information to substantiate your claims and you have ignored the history of attempts by the Presbyterians to encourage conversion of Jews to Christianity. I have no idea of the percentage of those Presbyterians who favor the divestment of church funds from companies that have relations with Israel and neither do you. I also have no idea of the percentage of Presbyterians who claim to be free of anti-Semitic motives in urging the passage of a resolution that hurts the only Jewish state while ignoring the atrocities of other countries such as Russia, and China. However, if you read the most recent outrage of the Presbyterians and their positions about Zionism, you would realize that this group is not a friend of the Jewish people.

    • Michelle

      We don’t hate Israel or Jews(there are some igmorant ones out there that do), we are taught in our holy book to uphold Israel and her people. Why the hate for Christians??

  • How can non-Arab Presbyterians allow themselves to be morally kidnapped by these foreign infiltrators? In fact, the only place in the Middle East in which Christians are safe from persecution is Israel, and this fact is gradually being recognised by all the Christian sects originally hostile to Israel, including the Greek Orthodox, Melchite (Greek Catholics) and even the Copts, now that the new Coptic Pope is again allowing pilgrimages to Jerusalem. The Presbyterians are out of step with their Christian brethren and where is Christ’s repetition of the Bible saying “Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself”? The Palestinian Christian exiles in the USA, who were probably driven out by their Muslim neighbors are again turning on the Jews.

  • Jack

    Membership in the Presbyterian Church has dropped every year for the past 30 years. In the last two years the drop has accelerated to 5% per year. There are now 1.75 million
    members, half the membership of 30 years ago. It may be that the more moderate members are leaving, making the remaining membership more radical. Regardless, in a few years they will no longer be relevant.

  • Elisheva14

    I wonder how they re-write the Old Testament and especially Psalms to conform with their twisted version of religion? Unfortunately this type of thinking has been around for a long time in Europe.

  • Sita

    Presby who? Who are those nutcases that no one pays attention to? Israel and Jews were around before those Presby lunatics and they will be around after those Presby lunatics.

  • Bob

    These total air-heads who voted for BDS and want to expunge the Bible of Israel hold to the vile, loathsome, hateful, ahistoric, revisionist, misguided Replacement Theology. They work lock-step as useful idiots with those who want to make the Middle East Judenrein. It’s the “Jesus was a Palestinian” crowd. Such utter nonsense.

  • Leon

    Tragic for the Presbyterians . G-D’s promise and Covenant is with Israel, now in the land G-D gave them after being scattered about 2000 years ago by the Romans. G-D’s promise to Israel is irrevocable, and by HIS grace may the gentiles be saved and brought into His Kingdom, over which The Messiah of Israel will rule. Praise The Lord

  • Reuven

    Let the Presbyterians try to build a church in Gaza, areas ruled by the PA, or in any Arab country. They’ll be lucky to come out of it alive if they try. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with a growing Christian population. The Presbyterian Church USA is clearly an anti-Semitic denomination. That’s one of the reasons why many of its adherents are leaving it.

  • Tanya Buchman

    Every Prysbeterian should hang their heads in shame!! Didn’t Christian’s slaughter enough of us in in past two thousand years? Perhaps that’s the reason the few survivors from Europe as well as the Jews from every country in the Middle East went back to Israel? Please don’t mention us in your prayers. I can just imagine the deity that you pray to.

    • BlueShadowII

      I am ashamed of having been raised in a Presbyterian church. I console myself a bit by assuming (rationalizing?) that it has changed drastically in the 40 years since I left because of a cross-country move.

      • shloime

        but has it changed for the better?!

    • Michelle

      We follow the same deity as Israel. We were taught by God to keep Israel and your people in prayer. I will keep praying because we are expected to by God and I will honor that.

  • Enough

    I looked up the open letter to the church and it’s even MORE awful than what EoZ quotes.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. said it best in March 1968: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. It’s antisemitism”..To be a Presbyterian today is to be a virulent anti Semite masquerading as a human being.

  • ed

    You shall know a tree by it,s fruit Thank G-d now we don,t have to wonder about the Presbyterian Church

  • Bart A, Charta

    Presbyterrorists and Prestitutes- the 21st century’s new Whores of Babble On…..

  • mark smilovitz

    To all confused presbys and their leadership
    Please travel to Libya, Iraq,Syria,Sudan Iran,Saudi,Qatar
    and many more of your Sister countries to spread this new message. As an Infidel group/religion your numbers will surely multiply there in body parts..!!

  • Kerry Berger

    Maybe the Palestinian Christian Presbyterian Elder would prefer Israel be replaced with the name “ancient Palestine” or some other absurdity. Presbyterians have long been anti-semitic and it is time to cut off all relations with this organization of CINO’s (Christians-In-Name-Only). I hope the Israeli Government will retaliate by banning visas to those of this church, especially elders in the organization from ever visiting Israel.

  • Jill Schaeffer

    Actually, “ancient” Israel was worse than modern Israel. I mean Moloch and Jezebel and Ahab, and all that crowd (Do our dear Presbyterian brothers and sisters include Judah?) Modern Israel is a heck of lot nicer not to mention democratic. The point for me is quite clear here: delegitimate Israel and produce yet another final solution to the “jewish problem.” So, one needs to sanction PC(USA) for attempted genocide and, if need be – though we surely love our sister and brother Presbyterians, don’t we – boycott their products and churches, pull out from companies in which they hold stocks and sanction their egregious attempt to follow Hitler, the Ayatollahs and Hamas, while upholding homophobia, honor killings, and human rights violations of every sort when practiced by Arabs of any stripe whatsoever.

  • Fred

    Religion is hypocrisy on a large scale. Jesus was divested of his Judaistic roots. His was rearanged so much that he would not recognise his own person. The priest Chrysostom of Antioch in 386 AD denounced the Jews as Christ killer and exonerated the Romans from doing it. His crucifiction was under Roman Law & Roman form of execution. Not Jewish. Hence the root of Jew hatred that has been preached ever since & now transferred to the Muslims.
    Amazing how much energy the Presbiterean church uses to do the same. What happened to Christ love thy neighbour

  • Abbushuki

    No one seems to know that the Jewish People are known as Israel. It is they who received the promise of the Land. After it was stolen by the Romans it took about 1900 years until Israel could returm in strength to their land. They found it infested with mosquitos and Mosques. The mosquitos were defeated while the mosques which reject everything in the Bible, refused to accept that Israel ever existed. They still do. When the Presbyterians reject the existence of the People called Israel, they support the rejection that is Islam. The prayer change they should make is to refer to God as Allah. That would be honest.

    • Jacqueline

      These good Christians are for the oppressed why don’t they speak out against the suicide murders.

    • judithg

      Excellent. Totally excellent.

    • I agree with you. Israel refers also tolhe Peopl of Israel.

  • Jacobite

    Simply amazing, talk about wanting your cake and eating it too.Firstly sorry to Israel that your country though not a religious state is not recogcognised for what history clearly shows it to be the descendants of ancient religious commonwealth of Israel.
    Christianity traces the origin of the name Back to (Yeshua) Jesus Christ, who came with a message of hope and good will, First to the Hebrew and then to the Gentiles through the Appostle (Saul) Paul.
    Their mission was to spreed the Truth of what would come then and after till the setting up of G-D’s kingdom upon the Earth.
    The Truth was never meant to be comfortable as the History and times of Israel have shown.
    Changing the words or meaning of Gods Truth will not prevent Gods word from being done, no matter how hard Christianity or any other religion that has turned its meaning to a lie.
    What is the contention of Zion? (The exposing of the Truth having been turned into lies).
    Christianity is a counterfeit, but all counterfeits can be traced back to the original the Truth.

  • m_

    Replacement Christian theology is anti-Semitic at it’s root. It seeks to deny the Jews of today any connection with the God of Moses and Jesus. The same God worshipped by Jews from ancient times until today. Unfortunately some Arab Presbyterians out of self-interest or fear seek to line up with the PA and Hamas although the vast majority of Arab Christians are fleeing or have already left the Arab states because of anti-Christian bias on the part of many if not most Arab governments. These “Palestinian Presbyterians” represent no one but a tiny elite and their deluded and anti-Semitic followers.

  • The next move for the Presbyterians will be to take Christ out of their prayers. After all he is a Jew. If they are going to ban dealing with Jews they have to start banning their Lord, Jesus Christ. That might not be to hard for them to do.

  • Jill Schaeffer

    Actually, “ancient” Israel was worse than modern Israel. I mean Moloch and Jezebel and Ahab, and all that crowd (Do our dear Presbyterian brothers and sisters include Judah?) Modern Israel is a heck of lot nicer not to mention democratic. The point for me is quite clear here: delegitimate Israel and produce yet another final solution to the “jewish problem.” So, one needs to sanction PC(USA) for attempted genocide and, if need be – though we surely love our sister and brother Presbyterians, don’t we – boycott their products and churches, pull out from companies in which they hold stocks and sanction their egregious attempt to follow Hitler, the Ayatollahs and Hamas, while upholding homophobia, honor killings, and human rights violations of every sort when practiced by Arabs of any stripe whatsoever.

    They spent too much time on gays and not enough on the world. When s

  • Janice Kenner

    They may as well take G-d out of their “religion” I don’t think He wants anything to do with them.

  • They had better remove “Jesus” from their New Testaments and prayers, too, since he was born in Judaea, Israel and was, of course, JEWISH!

  • Always trying to twist and turn bordering on crazy interpretation

  • Sidney Graubard

    These hypocrites should not allow any medical procedures nor any other medical advances advanced in Israel. Furthermore they should not go to Doctors & Dentists of the Jewish Faith. I never thought I would see this day.

    • msrie

      Is this true?

  • Excelsior

    This goes against every Evangelical interpretation of Scripture. After the most horrendous genocide of Jews in Europe (nearly six million Jews exterminated by the Nazis) a revived Jewish nation, Israel rises from the dustbin of history, survives and is victorious in a half dozen wars against an entity with nearly 20 times its size and population and these theological clowns in the Presbyterian church believe and spread the canard that this is not the Israel of the Bible. Israel and the Jews will survive and thrive while the Presbyterian Church keeps on diminishing. The God Israel neither slumbers or sleeps.

    • zorka

      Presbyterian Church, you are shamed, hang your head very low!!! What is next on the horizon, shame!!!

      • maria

        Presbyterian Church, once one of the real supporters of the Jews and Israel is now like the Swedish Lutheran Church a half muslim congregation. No more a Christian congregation
        Presbyterians will probably take the same as the the German Stasi newly elected archbishop Antje Jeckelen who took as her motto “God is greater”, translation of Allahu akbar.
        The presbyterian attitude is a typical dhimmi attitude, mixed with antisemitism

    • Jan Webb

      Does the Presbyterian Church ever read Revelations? Israel will win because it is the will of God. If we are not praying for the old Jerusalem, we will not likely see the new Jerusalem in God’s kingdom.

  • Bernard Ross

    Hashem never made a covenant with Palestine.
    I wish they had changed the name so as to distance themselves even more from Hashem. This ludicrous replacement theology church is a cartoon.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Appaarently, reticence in the expression of Replacement CHristian Theology, known in the vernacular as Jew-hatred, is disappearing.

    This should not be unexpected, as the generation that lived through the Nazi era is also disappearing.

    My attitude: F**k the Presbyterians.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Bible thumping hypocrites!

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Here is the genius Freud on the subject:

      We must not forget that all those peoples who excel to-day in their hatred of Jews became Christians only in late historic times, often driven to it by bloody coercion.

      It might be said that they are all “misbaptized”. They have been left, under a thin veneer of Christianity, what their ancestors were, who worshipped a barbarous polytheism. They have not got over a grudge against the new religion which was imposed on them; but they have displaced the grudge on to the source from which Christianity reached them.

      Their hatred of Jews is at bottom a hatred of Christians.

      • Michael Garfinkel

        I would add to this another insight of Freud’s:

        The first motive…is a kind of jealous rage over the chosenness of the Jews: “I venture to assert that jealousy of the people which declared itself the first born, favorite child of God the Father, has not yet been surmounted among other peoples even today. It is as though they had thought there was truth in the claim.”

    • jerusha

      No the trouble is they DON’T thump the Bible.

  • RK

    These people are loony. They might as well refer to jesus as “Chris.”

    • RK

      Please allow me to say I meant no disrespect to Christians. I was careless in not capitalizing “Jesus.” Let me say I stand with Christian friends of Israel. For me, their support is important and welcome. It is the lunatic Christians on the left whom I despise. They are useful idiots serving the cause of terrorists, even to the extent of wanting to re-write the Bible. How far we have come in Jew-hatred. They would make the Mufti and the Fuehrer proud.

      • Mariana Lita

        ÃŽn the OT is written ” Blessed will be those who pray for Israel” and how his enemies will be cursed.
        Jewish people should know that those who doesn’t love Israel and nor Jewish people they are not Christians.
        Plus if second coming will creat a new Ierusalim doesn’t mean there will possibly be onother geographic one as many with nativity think, but is all about the spiritual Ierusalem on the planet. The roots of Christianity is in OT. That’s why we got all the love and benefit coming from there and through Israel.
        We suppose to love the enemy yet even if we hate what they do. I saw many Jewish people suffering for Muslims because the Muslims
        aunfortunately is hurting themselves too, being loaded with so much
        hatred. Christian and Jewish better stay close friends and pray together.
        Christian always should keep their even in their personal prayers Israel. Otherwise they not having Jesus in their heart but surely a spiritual blockage. Just no idea what Jesus wanted from us and not picked up any of His messages.

        • Michelle

          Well said!!

      • Reform School
  • Minniehaha

    I hope they all go to hell.

    • zorka