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August 1, 2014 10:10 am

Finnish TV Reporter at Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital: ‘It’s True That Rockets Are Launched Here From the Gazan Side Into Israel’ (VIDEO)

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A report for Finland's Helsingin Sanomat says, "Right in the back parking lot of Al Shifa Hospital, a rocket was launched." Photo: Screenshot / YouTube.

A report for Finland's Helsingin Sanomat says, "Right in the back parking lot of Al Shifa Hospital, a rocket was launched." Photo: Screenshot / YouTube.

A television reporter from Finland’s Helsingin Sanomat, the “Helsinki Dispatch,” spent the night reporting from Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, where she saw Hamas militants launching a rocket from the hospital’s parking lot, confirming a war crime that few journalists have dared report.

Using hospitals, schools and mosques to store weapons or as a military base is against international rules of war. The Al Shifa Hospital, in particular, has been an area of focus after journalists reported that Hamas was using the hospital as a headquarters, but many of their reports were withdrawn, deleted on social media or actually taken off their newspaper websites because of fears for their safety and retribution from Hamas for reporting the truth.

The Helsingin Sanomat report was titled, ‘HS spent the night at a hospital in Gaza.’

Their reporter, whose name is not shown in the segment uploaded to YouTube on Friday, is reporting from outside of the hospital, where she said, “Right in the back parking lot of Al Shifa Hospital, a rocket was launched, two o’clock in the morning.”

“Really, it happened right in the area, the sound of it was really loud,” she said. “It’s true that rockets are launched here from the Gazan side into Israel.”

Watch the Helsingin Sanomat report from the parking lot of Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital.

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  • Sean McClafferty

    I have no doubt that the facts about rocket launches are true BUT they were pea shooters against the power of the enemy,covered by THE DOME.Shame on You Israel and the Jewish community who supports this outrage,or do they.Speak up because if you do’nt israel who created isil will be responsible for world war Three.

  • Rob Manzoni

    Clearly, the writer “American” is not American. I wonder who this idiot is..?

  • American

    Mr. Right, you are correct in making your observation. However, today we have the Geneva conventions and an understanding of International human rights. Therefore there is not excuse for the terrorism and land thefts on the part of Israel. Also, there is no excuse for your ignorance of these Lawful institutions I have mentioned. Neither Israel nor the Jews are above the law.

    • Derek

      And neither is Hamas for using hospitals and schools to fire their rockets from and thereby cowardly using other Plastinians as human shields,. Hamas was doing a very effective PR-job (e.g. clearly influencing you), until this courageous female Finnish reporter dares to speak-up.

      • American

        You lie.

      • American

        Show us proof or go fly a kite on a cloudy day.

  • There isnt one nation or tribe in the world that has clean hands where conquering and acquiring land from others is concerned. Only Israel gets `the boot going in` on a regular basis whereas with all other examples there might be a spat every decade

  • American

    If Israel wants peace it better return all the land it has stolen. The rightful owners will never stop fighting Israel.

    • divine angel voice

      The jews has for 1000 years lived where they are now. Then it was Judea/Samaria, and it was much bigger than the small land they have now.
      Please, read history and get the right facts before you come with such silly statement.
      Firstly there has never been a country called Palestina. It was a territorium where many tribes lived.
      You want proof.
      1. Can you mention a king as an earlier ruler? No.
      2. Can you mention an earlier Capital. No
      3. Tell me when was it founded and by whom. No you cant.
      4. What was its major cities. You cant tell?
      5. What was its form of government. You don`t know?
      6.What was the religion in the socalled land these days? You don`t know?
      Palestinians are in the same Family like Santa Claus and Easter Bunny all created by some arabs to get read of Israel. These are the truth and facts.
      Try to look it up and you will see it is correct.

      • arie

        as far as the bible goes , it was conquered by the jews under joshua’s leadership

        • American

          Stolen from the Canaanites, you mean.

          • Mr Right.

            Yes. Like Americans stole it from the Sioux, Cree, Mohawks, Nez Pearce, Iroquois, Black Foot, Apache, Choctaw and ALL the others.

          • Mr Right.

            Yes. Like Americans stole it from the Sioux, Cree, Mohawks, Nez Pearce, Iroquois, Black Foot, Apache, Choctaw and ALL the others.

            Not that I’m justifying Isreal. They are doing what America, France, Britain, Turkey, Persia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Holland and the Zulu… Amongst others, have always done.

      • American

        Here is a list of the Canaanite kings that ruled the land before the Hebrew invaders moved in and stole the land. Even the ancient Hebrews were land thieves. Go figure.


      • American

        Jerusalem was a Canaanite city long before the Hebrew land thieves moved in and stole it. Even Jewish records confirm this.


        • Ratcatcher

          You Americans stole every inch of the land in which you now dwell, not 5,000 years ago, but only four generations past. You murdered the occupants or kept them in concentration camps until they died. You also stole the Southern States from Mexico and the Southern Indians and murdered anyone who objected. You were the ISIS of the 19th century, so why don’t you keep your hypocritical nonsense about Israel to yourself. Incidentally what was the religion in the middle east before the Arabs got there? It was Jewish and Christian. The history of the Middle East and Israel didn’t start at a convenience point in the ninth century.

          • Pak Eha

            Jewish and Christian AND pagan, but if there was one thing Jews, Christians and Muslims all agreed on it was what to do about the pagans. Really they’re very similar…

      • Well said divine angel voice. I wonder what plethora of lies will come out of this truth. Oh sorry I forgot its OK to lie in Islam if its for the cause. Godless

      • Thomas

        Until you learn to tell the difference between Israelis and Jews, there can be no peace.

        Religions have caused by far the most deaths in human history. I can’t believe people still aren’t over that nonsense.

    • The declaration of `Driving Israel into the sea` has never been renounced and is tip-toed around by the nations. Co-existence is the sticking point and always will be.
      What would be the `human rights` for Israel if she does accede to all the demands. How would you see her ongoing life and role in the area?

      • C. McGee

        One look at a map proves who is pushing who in to the sea. There’s barely anything left of Palestine because of Israel’s relentless land theft and persecution of Palestinians over the decades. Spouting cherry picked sound bites mean nothing. Israel has been seen to be by far the most violent.

    • Arabarchie

      Yes and let’s give the land in the USA back to the native americans

    • Derek

      Quite a hypocritical comment; I guess you are a white American and not a Native American. The white ones must be one of the biggest land thieves of all time, definitely beating both Putin and the Israelis.

    • james grant


  • American

    The moral of the story is that Israel can not be trusted to tell the truth.

  • Guest

    Hamas is using “public” launch sites as they hope for a retaliation from Israel on that spot, as public opinion is going to be (most likely) the element that decides this war.

    How terrible (as stated before except fear there is not a lot of damage nor deaths) these rocket attacks are, Israel should not strike back on hospitals schools etc. They must find another solution.

    How unfortunate this is but there is no solution.

    The fact remains that the the world decided to take a piece of land from the arabs to give to the jews over guilt and based on a religous presumption is the starting point of this never ending war.

    What if we now say, sorry to the arabs for years of prosecution and maltreatment by the Israelis backed by us. As a compensation we will give you a territory elsewhere in the world (lets say, to be completely crazy the state of virginia in the USA) where they can raise their own country. How do you think curent Virginians (not sure about spelling here) would react to that.

    This same guilt also gives Israel a blank check to do whatever they want. No-one in the world dares to react being afraid being called a Nazi or rasist.

    I do not blame the current germans for what happened for the same reason I do not feel guilty towards now a days Jews. Personally I was not born nor interacted during that time. The only thing I can do today is respect everyone on his own actions.

    Israel should obey towards international law, stop raiding more land for so called “settlements” and allow existence towards an arabic state of its own.

    On the other hand the arabs should stop their assaults on Israel as well.

    What is also an important factor is the lack of leadership on the arab side. There is no real authority to negociate with due to internal conflicts on top of the conflict with Israel.

    • American

      More lies from the Hasbarats.

    • Rakesh

      I am an Indian and moreover do not belong to any of the two groups (religions) directly directly related in the said conflict. So in away I have a complete neutral perspective in the conflict.

      To say that we should not question past people for past action or inaction is an over simplification. Whatever situation is present at present are the consequences of the action of commision or ommision by people, group or races in the past.

      First of all, to say that the land belonged to the arabs themselves is an over simplification. How did they come to occupy the land? Ther must be some group who,were present before that.

      It was proper and logical that the question arose as to the jews should be given land so that they can live and prosper and never be prosecuted. They have been prosecuted thru the centuries. We should not remember the progrom of Nazis and presentnday european communities only. They have been prosecuted during pre islamic days by saveral rulers saveral times. In Islamic dates numerous times. Once even by the or with the tacit approval of prophet himself (recall events in Medina).

      So it was the world as a whole prosecuted jews and the need to provide a land was overdue and very justified because no religious or ethnic groups except of India can claim that they have not prosecuted jews.

      Now to the question of which land? What better choice than the present day israel which was the only place they revered and claimed thru centuries.. This of course did not mean that the present day palastinians be evicted. They both were meant to,stay peacefully, which probably or almost certainly jews were not doing at the time of relocation. That mentality or action of the jews have to be condoned as they had been prosecuted thru the centuries by all.

      But present day jews have stated desire to,remain peaceful,, having left all occupied territories of Gaza. Still they are constantly being hammered by palestinians. Here actions of palestinians have been hijacked by Hamash. Actions of Hamash, a declared terrorist group, is being wrongly taken as a voice of palestinian people. Saner and moderate voices are stifled and silenced by Hamash.

      It is the Hamash that should be coerced to,take rational,actions. You cannot do activities like terrorists and then claim to be a state.

      The solution is peaceful co existence, which must be force fully imosed on both and this is the only solution.

      • American

        Answer this: Who was on the land before the ancient Hebrews invaded and killed everyone in sight? Also realize that Jews are not the only ones who have been persecuted throughout history. Do you know why there are so few Native Americans? Last, the world set aside land for a state of Israel and a state of Palestine. The Jews who have led Israel have stolen and helped others to steal that land that was set aside for a Palestinian State. Jews are not more important than Palestinians or anyone else for that matter. Nor do Jews suffer more than other human beings.

        • marc

          You are sooooo wrong. Jewish people for 2000 years have lived in so-called Palestine, a minority no doubt, but presence was steady and consistent. If you expand the Jewish population you have for OVER 2000 years, strong Jewish presence inn Iraq and Iran, until just recently.
          Israel was carved out of 12% of Palestine. Her borders were drawn such that the majority were Jewish, but Arabs were allowed to stay and had equal rights, including land ownership (YES ARABS OWN LAND IN ISRAEL TODAY), written into the Israeli constitution. JEWS WERE NOT ALLOWED INTO JORDAN, the rest of Palestine. If Arabs have theocracies, why can’t Jews have one small coluntry of their own? DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE.

          • American

            Wrong! Jews are stealing more land from the Palestinians than was originally granted to them. Go check your sources, you are clearly wrong.

        • george

          the arabs in both world wars sided with Germany while the jewish fought against Germany and HITLERS NAZIS. sand given to jews and 50yrs on gardens blossom sand controlled by arabs 2000 years on still sand

      • American

        One more point. Israel removed its Jewish settlers and IDF occupiers from Gaza but they have kept it under an inhuman blockade. Palestinians can not fish freely in their own waters, nor do they control their skies. Israel moved said settlers into new homes on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank. You really should do some research before stating incorrect information.

      • American

        Still waiting for you answers, Mr. Rakesh…

      • American

        Still waiting….

        • Rakesh

          Answers to which question? I just happened to see the site now.

        • Rakesh

          The answers to points which I could make out—–

          I do not support blockade, but as i see Hamash justifies the blockade. By looking at the photographs of GAZA, i was surprised. It does not at all a place which looks like there is a blockade. Good and nice buildings, neghibourhoods which look far better than many many medium cities of india. People look well fed.

          With that amount of blockade, Hamash is able to make such nice buildings and so many rockets, imagin what good or bad it is capable of doing. It is the capacity to do bad unnerves israelies. Hamash should address that concern too before asking for lifting of blockade if it is sincear for the palestinian children or people.

          And as for the people living there before said invasion of jews, less said the better. One thing for sure they were neither present day palestinians nor muslims. Yazidis are what is left of them in the present days and you can see what is happening to them.

    • Ratcatcher

      The land did not belong to the Arabs but to the Jews, the Arabs are simply invaders who have finally been thrown out.

  • American

    Where are all the righteous Jews who are to save the Palestinians from today’s Nazis?

    • Spoken like the true Unitarian scumbag half wit that you are.

      • American

        Where are all the righteous Jews who are to save the Palestinians from today’s Nazis?

      • American

        Your eloquence is astounding. Go look up Apartheid State in your dictionary. Do you know what is a dictionary?

  • Ashwin Dandekar

    Looking at the many replies here one thing becomes clear – You cannot argue with a Muslim or a person with Muslim mentality. Period

  • Ahmed

    So anyone can walk into a hospital parking lot and fire because at 2am its absolutely quiet and it’s then assumed that every civilian structure is used. The next question is then, where the hell are they supposed to fire from? Israel block off the entire side, the sea to the back and egypt the other side. Why don’t they fight Palestinians in the open? Because they are cowards who use American weaponry and fire at Civilian structures and use idiots like this journalist as justificiation. Hamas arw weong if they are targetting Israeli civilians bu5 i am sorry,There is absolutely no justification to their oppressive actions and It delights me that the Palestinian resitance will never die! Free Palestine! From a South African who fought an oppressive regime and will hope Palestine does as well.

    • American

      From your lips to God’s ears. FREE PALESTINE!

      • BUT of course just over half of the Palestinian residents will NEVER have true freedom EVER if the Palestinians gain autonomy … WOMEN. Most westerners treat their animals better than Islamfascists treat their female countrymen. Most of the Muslim world is a living hell on earth for women and what about gay Muslims ? How long is their life expectancy if they’re outed ? Here’s 2 issues the lame street media doesn’t want to touch.

        • American

          How many Jewish women have you seen praying at the wailing wall?

  • American

    Where are all the Jews of conscience who want to save the innocent Palestinians? For shame. Never again? It should be “Never Again” to anyone.

  • Gary Bjorndahl

    To understand Hamas, the middle East and the Caliphate, just do one simple thing; As any policeman knows, to solve a crime, ‘follow the money’. Why don’t investigative reporters, and there are many, some even good, just follow the money? Where does Hamas get theirs?, Where do ISIS, and all the other whacko psycopaths that boast about and impose their true version of the moslem religion. The answer is a truth that no-one is willing to confront, let alone publish.It’s all coming from Saudi and Gulf sources, mainly Qatari, and their medieval wahabite brothers,….yes the same ones buying thir way into european an US economies, play golf with the wealthy and famous, paying off the democracies’ political parties and trying tho prepare the next stages of the Caliphate’s success.Does anyone out there seriously believe the daud, al Thani and El Khalifa families really love sports, humanitairian activities or sharing anything at all of their immense wealth? Take a cold shower my friend, and look again. Just follow the money.

    • American

      Exactly, where does Israel get its money? Instead of taking care of Jewish Holocaust survivors, Israel cheats them out of their benefits and buys more weapons to steal more land.

      • Jean Hawkes

        Your statement absolutely not true, Can you prove the statement???

        • American

          There was an article a while back about how Jewish Holocaust survivors are getting lower payments than they should getting from the Israeli government. Look it up. Also try reading “The Holocaust Industry” by Dr. Norman Finkelstein. The book provides tons of credible sources.

      • superspanic

        I said it before and I will say it again “American, your nuts, completely nuts !”

        • American

          Check your spelling.

        • American

          Does that mean that Israel is a terrorist state or just a child murdering state?

          • Loxton

            I wouldn’t be so pompous about spelling, “American”, when your not even writing in your own language. English, the language you choose to use, came from the Anglo-Saxon lands, I.e. Britannia. Without our colonisation of North America you’d be up the creek without a paddle. I little humility from Americans is just too much to ask for. I give thanks that I can’t hear you speak; how we Brits loath your godforsaken accent. The language of Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens and Pope, to be degraded so despicably is a constant thorn in our side. As for the current discussion of Palestine, best to check and examine your own back yard of so called “democratic” leaders to understanding it is the sole responsibility of the USA now that the Middle-east finds itself in the position it currently does. Bush (the illerate) and Obama (who can’t string a sentence together without the aid of an autocue) are hardly standard bearers of statesmanship. You’d have to go back to Eisenhower for a credible, honourable, worthy statesman in the USA. At the risk of turning this into a monologue I shall, henceforth, keep my own council. Keep on dragging those knuckles of yours, I can hear them here in Beaconsfield.

    • I think that you took a shower much too hot for you – it,s you who needs a cold shower. If you do not see that Iran is the root of all the terrible evil going on in the middle east then you really do not know much and you are not able to follow the money !!

      • American

        Have you heard of the Lavon Affair? Guess who perpetrated it? That’s right, Israeli Jews.

    • Roy

      Just look closer at the middle east especially regarding Syria, and Iran, in Syria what country has a military base there, answer RUSSIA, this is the main reason why the west did not intervine to stop the war in Syria. Russia and Iran are the two countrys which are the main Suppliers of weapons and Money to help Terrorist Groups like hezbular, hamas and Isis and now look again at what Russia is doing to Ukraine.

      • American

        I think you are wrong on Isis.

  • Hypertiger

    There are no international rules for war…Only moronic baby seals that have no clue believe in rules of war.

    What do you all think…you are playing a game?

    People have no power to make or break LAW.

    All that people have the power to make and break are rules and to claim rules are LAW.

    But if a rule attempts to break LAW.

    LAW will break the rule.

    The Zionists have been closing in on Gaza for 66 years…and want to annihilate it.

    The claim that the Zionists are not trying to harm innocents needs a laugh track.

    They are having orgasms of joy.

  • bill carr

    She most likely was able to do this because very few people outside of Finland speak Finnish, but many Gazans speak English and other EU languages. I do not think a reporter
    giving the report in English on site in Gaza would have survived.

    • American

      She was probably paid were well by the Israeli propaganda machine.

      • superspanic

        Your nuts………

        • American

          Of course I am. Check your spelling, genius.

      • Rakesh

        There was an indian reporter too showing rockets being fired l”ive ” from inhabitated zones. Why deny this? There are saveral almost confirmed reports. Hamash knew very well,that palestinian children and women will get slaughtered in the retaliatory fire.

        Who do you think then is responsible for the killing, for the blood of palestinian children and women?

        Please do not say that there are no open spaces in palestin.

  • Isn’t it strange when there is a Spanish TV commentator from TVE 1, she don’t see the Hamas rockets and only noise she hears is coming from Israel’s bombing.
    Only the media from a small Nordic country can stay neutral.
    I live in Spain and the daily news still today are showing the damage which Jewish Army has done.
    Antisemitism has it’s roots deep in the society here on the Iberian Peninsula.

    • Werner Schneider

      No wonder with the Finns. They vigorously withstood German pressure during WW2 to deliver their Jewish population to the SS. Mannerheim saved them all.It’s unfortunately a fact that many in the media are too coward to report things which are controversial, because they want to remain “politically correct” under all circumstances. Journalists who do so are traitors to their business (I’m a journalist too).

      • American

        It is a shame that so few Jews are tying to save the innocent Palestinians from today’s Nazis. For shame. Never again?


      • DJF

        Piffle GUEST. And why are you shouting at everyone on this site?

      • Fred Toulch

        If Jews have money they worked to get it. Arabs have far more money. They have petrol dollars coming out there…ears. They didn’t do a thing to acquire said wealth. Even the wells, were dug by Anglo-American companies.

        • American

          Jewish immigrants stole much of the land that is now Israel. Palestinians owned much of the land and were forced to flee for their lives by Jewish terrorist groups like the Irgun.

      • superspanic

        and who do you suppose sponsored James Foley ???????

      • superspanic

        I suggest brain surgery for this poor “GUEST”

        • American

          The doctor needs some of his own medicine.

      • Rakesh

        No, there was indian reporter as well, He showed actual firing episode near a residential colony. And he showed saveral empty places in the gaza where ther are no people and from where rockets could be fired. They know very well that in retaliation israel will fire rockets and if they do, innocent civilians and children will be killed. So it is Hamash himself who is actually indirectly respomsible for the murder of palestinian children. In fact for HAMASH, hatred of israel and isarelis is greater than the love of life of palestinian children and women.

        All the voices of dissent is coming from people residing outside palestin and not from palestinian people except HAMASH itself. It has hijacked true palestinian voice. Saveral dissenting palestinian voices have been stiffled by Hamash.

    • davis

      why i am not in support of any side i still think we need to stand with the truth at all times Hamas are hidding behind public institutions ie un buildings and schools and hospitals

  • Robert C Thompson

    What’s surprising is that someone has finally come out and reported some truth.
    Why is it that, even if the report is about Hamas rockets fired into Israel, they still only show the effect of Israeli firing into Gaza. No one seems to show the damage done by Hamas’ rockets.


      I hope nothing happens to this woman for speaking out. But yes it is amazing how much Arab propaganda there is for the Gaza strip against Israel. I have been in Thailand watching AJ news in English. It at first appeared to be a pretty level headed honest news outlet until they began reporting on the Gaza situation. It really is an amazing thing to watch Muslims cover for their brothers no matter what they are doing. Not one word about the rockets being fired from hospitals and Mosques etc. Only the aftermath of the Israel response . Very sickening to watch. But the biggest irony is the Ex Vice President Al Gore having sold the airway to the AJ news people. Ah, but now they are sticking it to him holding back 400 million USD. What poetic justice for an Un American scumbag.

    • Joline

      CNN does not publish any evidence of rocket launching by HAMAS from Gaza into Israel.
      But it goes full blast about damage done by Israel in response to rocket launching. Why ?

      • American

        The occupied people have every right to defend themselves. The occupier, i.e. Israel, has every responsibility to guard the well being of the people it occupies. In other words, the problems are the occupation and the land thefts by Israel.

        • Jean Hawkes

          You certainly are not a friend of he Israelis, maybe not even the WEST. You are permitted your opinions, of course, but really. Don’t get me wrong, however, I have friends of both sides, been there and been through it. ReAlLy

          • American

            Do the research, let the facts speak for themselves. I am a friend of Justice and equality.

          • Jme

            You are a radical. There is no sound reason in hamas idealism. They cannot have peace because they believe that their fellow man does not have a right to exist-in other words that they should be murdered. Not only that, but they slaughter “their” own innocents in using them as shields. It is idiocy and cowardice. The Palestinians need a revolution.
            Overthrow those idiots hamas, they are destroying you!

    • Trisul

      They do not show the damage done by Hamas rockets because there is so little of it, as it is ineffective and falls on unused land. Most of the damage is psychological, Israeli citizens living in fear, being fired at continuously, spending nights in bunkers etc. The damage in Gaza, on the other side, is dramatic to the extreme.

      Hamas practice of firing rockets at civilians is inexcusable, as is their use of schools and other civilian buildings. However, Israeli army reprisals against Palestinian civilians, not Hamas, at least in its present form is also inexcusable.

      It is always difficult to weight one wrong against another, I do not think we outsiders need to do this, we can and should condemn both practices, of Hamas and of the Israeli army … and support the civilians on both sides.

      • American

        As long as American tax dollars continue to flow towards Israel, we have right and obligation to make it known when Israel commits war crimes with our aid.

        • True American

          Please don’t say “our aid”. You are in no way an American.

          • American

            Ha ha ha, I am as American as Apple pie or the LA Kings. Israel still sucks.

    • GunaTrump

      Everyone knows that all the Hamas missiles are intercepted by the most sophisticated guided rockets like patriots supplied by the US.No damages on the Israeli side, so far. May be the Hamas thinks , even if one rocket misses and reaches the rocket , it would be good. US and its allies are hypocrites who cry hoarse when even if one israeli is dead. But they turn blind eye to the daily deaths in Gaza. This is equal to holocaust of the WW-II. In this, US and all its NATO allies are the culprits. WW-II was only for a short period, but this type of actions by Israel and its suppoerters like US , UK as gone on for long—thumbing the nose of the UN. UN has no backbone, has lost its vision and is in COMA now

  • Are we to be surprised? A Mosque conceals a rocket pad, yet Israel is in the wrong because the Mosque is hit?

    • Slowly we perceive Hamas’ consistent use of war crimes. Sadly, however, we’ll find ourselves very soon in front of a new Goldstone-2 kangaroo committee’s false and forged witnesses and accusations. Now we, you can do something to prevent or at least to counter this, in a proactive way. Read “Hamas leaders must be tried for war crimes” at takeapenglobal.com , and if you agree, sign this petition, and share it widely

      • Wycliffe

        It is really absurd to close our eyes in broad day light and condemn Israel for ‘using excessive force’, bombing hospitals and killing civilians, etc., without analysis the preceding circumstances. Nobody can tolerate rockets raining on their children let alone civilians from a known source and don’t act. Down here in Uganda we lost innocent lives to terrorists and I will never have kind words for any perpetrators of terrorism.
        Israel did the right thing to go for the terrorists. I am not condoning the accidental deaths of Civilians in Gaza, but in every war there are deaths of both combatants and civilians.
        In Uganda we have an adage that ‘ Redeeming a Nations costs Blood’.
        Thanks for bringing out the truths.

      • godfrey

        it is true all accusations are bised against the Jewish State which is only responding to provocations by Hamas. In ones sene sence who is to acuse here, the one responding or the one provoking? Hamas leaders have to be tried and not to be shielded by propanda states….. behind their religion and inhumane philosophy as well as ungodly …..

      • American

        Are you saying that Israel has not committed any war crimes? Jews-only roads, Jews-only settlements, incarcerations without charge or trial or mass punishments are not enough for you?

    • American

      Ever hear of the USS Liberty?

  • Texan In Sumatra

    Surely no one who isn’t a Hamas troll or who hasn’t spent the last 20 years hiding in a cave (in which case you’re probably an Islamic extremist anyway) is unaware of the fact that Hamas (and other similar extremists elsewhere) regularly base their activities at hospitals, schools, nurseries, and mosques (masjids, already mentioned above) or that they regularly using innocent civilians (including women and children) as human shields.
    Hamas didn’t invent this tactic, they are simply following in the well established patterns of their “head-banging brothers” for the last several decades. (This was a common tactic in Mogadishu, and that seems like a lifetime ago.)
    What IS surprising, and somewhat sad, is that fact that some “news” agencies (CNN and Al Jazeera leap to mind) – who absolutely have to know this is well – still don’t hesitant to jump on the story and present it is leading news when Israel (or any other Western allied force in whatever country they happen to be fighting the extremists in) accidentally injure or kill some of these human shields.
    Lest any of you say “What do you know, you’re from Texas?”. Yes, I am, but I’ve been in both the Middle East in general and Israel in specific. So YES, I do know.
    And lest any of you say “You’re just another ex-military Islamaphobe.” I can honestly say, “No, I’m not.” I have Muslim friends both in the M.E. and here in Asia. I even have some Palestinian friends. And all of my friends – especially the Palestinians – will tell you that Hamas is an extremist terror group who cares nothing about the Palestinian people, only about expanding their own politico-fanatic vision of the world (which, by the way, includes neither a country of Israel, nor – in the long run – anyone who hasn’t been converted (either willfully or forcefully) to Hamas’ version of Islam). Hamas cares no more for the people of Palestine than the Arabs leading Al Queda do (and who treat their “Palestinian brothers” like dirt under the fingernails when the TV cameras aren’t rolling).
    By the way, many of those same friends, have – more than once – told me that they despise Hamas, Al Queda, and others of similar mind-set and that none of these people represent the “true face and faith of Islam”. But they also fear them, so they will not publicly denounce them, because they know that if they do they’ll be next on the target list (denounced as heretics).
    It’s the cowardly extremists and fanatics that I hate and despise, not Islam or common Muslims. (In fact, if I had to go back to the M.E., I’d goto Jordan first as it was by far my favorite place there.)

    • bill carr

      You can go further back. Remember the Suez ‘crisis’
      I talked to British soldiers who had been there. They were very disgusted about the tactic of the Egyptian fighters who fired on them from houses containing women and kids.

      • American

        The Jewish terrorist who bombed the King David Hotel did not care if any civilians died.

    • American

      So does Israel commit war crimes? Does Israel steal Palestinian land? Those are the questions that seem more pertinent.

  • Roland

    Smells like BS. She reports it. Can she film the exact area rocket was launched? In science this could not be qualified as evidence in any sense.
    Even this rocket was launched from there, who did it? Hamas? Where did it strike, how many injured etc.
    Cant believe this.

    • TimoL

      Why wouldn’t you believe it? Are you SO pro-Gaza you won’t believe anything negative told about them?
      These f’ed up things happen both ways, it’s not just Israel.

      • American

        The fact is that Israel has been complicit in disseminating false propaganda and disinformation that few people believe such lies.

    • Texan In Sumatra

      Roland: See my answer above, which was meant to be a reply to you. If you can honestly say “Smells like BS” about someone reporting that Hamas is firing rockets from a hospital parking lot, then I would surmise that either A) you’re a naive idealist who has no idea what’s actually going on over there (see my main post, as I WAS there, and HAVE seen it with my own eyes), or B you’re a Hamas troll, who KNOWs that it’s true, but are posting that it’s BS for the benefit of people in category A).

      • American

        The problem is the occupation. When Israel stops stealing Palestinian land, rockets will stop going into Tel Aviv.

    • bill carr

      I commented below the fact she is speaking Finnish protects her. I think it would be very difficult to find a Palestinian who can understand Finnish. BTW after they fire the rocket the evidence is removed quickly, so nothing to see. An Indian reporter saw a similar event earlier in a residential area. They Hamas set up the launcher under an awning so it would not be spotted from the air.

  • Kun Helsingin Sanomien toimittaja sanoo jotain, niin tottahan se on. Ei Suomessa kukaan vitsinä tai huumorilla julkisesti uutisia tee, vaan työkseen. – Helsingin Sanomat on tunnetusti hyvin profaani ja määrätietoinen media; ei siellä mitään juttuja tehdä ideologian johdattamana tai saattelemana. – SL

    “When Helsingin Sanomat says something, then yes this is it. Finland is not no joke or humor make the news public, but for a living. – Helsingin Sanomat is known to be very aware of the profane and the amount of media; is there any stuff to do with the ideology of being led or fanfare. – SL”

    • homma

      Täyttä vihervasemmisto eu propagandaa hesari.

      Helsingin sanomat is EU left propaganda paper. Never belive communist EU Hesari.

      • bill carr

        One word for you – BS

    • bill carr

      I support that. In my experience Finns are the most honest people you can find

  • Cecilia Nunez

    Filthy zionists; how they use anything they can put their dirty paws on; they twist and try to use it to justify their crimes. This reporter said nothing about Hamas storing weapons in hospitals or schools; the zionists know no decent human being could ever even try to justify the killing of so many women and children that presented no danger. The truth is that schools and hospitals have all been bombed by the IDF anyway.

  • Cecilia Nunez

    Es una verguenza que alguien que se crea humano trate de justificar lo que no tiene justificación; esto es un genocidio; la matanza de cientos de mujeres y niños es cobarde y no hay argumento en el mundo que lo justifique; los zionistas no son mas que asesinos y cualquiera que los apoye es cómplice y tiene sangre en sus manos.

  • Anssi

    Wondering why is it so hard to tell the truth?
    Lucky that we have so great moral here in Finland.

  • Finn

    She’s saying ‘backyard of the hospital’, not back parkinf lot, and then ‘right near here’ not as written in subtitles. When you say that finally someone is telling the truth is good to point out, that subtitles are not exactly telling the truth about what she said…

  • Claude

    Many of you will be interested in comments by the son of a Hamas founder.


    • Linda Cooper

      This son of a Hamas leader has been discredited as a double agent. The translations of his Arabic speeches are all anti – Israel and anti-Semitic.

      • SLMorris

        WHERE ARE YOUR SOURCES FOR THIS: “This son of a Hamas leader has been discredited as a double agent. The translations of his Arabic speeches are all anti – Israel and anti-Semitic.”

      • Ryah S

        Linda Cooper…. do YOU speak any of the Arabic dialects personally?? I do, and having listened to the playback of the so called “discredit”, I have to say it is FALSE. Even if you read in the “comments” section, you can see that other Arabic speaking persons say it is fake translation the guy is making. When one translated, one MUST wait for the person to finish their statement, if they are to process, and translate it correctly. This guy starts talking as soon as either person does—and in a very smug tone. I agree with the other commentators–the guy “acting” as he is translating, is making it up as he goes along–though it sound very well rehearsed.


    • Eileen

      Here, very simply put is a very important video that explains the middle east problem.


      You should watch it!

      • Milk

        Awesome source of information. Not one-sided at all! Same goes for the video, but that was to be expected.

      • Seppo

        Very good, thank you!

      • Rich

        Really that is quite one-sided, and also it’s rather imprecise:

        “One side wants the other side dead”

        It doesn’t say who the sides are. You can argue that Hamas wants the Israeli Jews dead – that may or may not be true, however it’s not true that the majority of Palestinians want the same. By conflating Hamas with Palestine it perpetuates the myth that an attack on Gaza killing Palestinians is morally acceptable because “they” are attacking Israel.

        Also it completely fails to address the source of the problem, which is the partition of Palestine.

        Would you accept your country being partitioned, and half given to another bunch of people? I bet you would probably fight back even if everyone called you a terrorist for doing it.

  • I’m afraid that this reporter in question has already apologized for this clip having leaked and has openly condemned Israel’s efforts to defend it’s sovereignty against terrorism. As I stated in my earlier post, this was a mistake by Helsingin Sanomat and they published it by accident. Reporter is of palestinian background, fresh out of school, very inexperienced and this was her first international assignment. You can read her statement from her facebook site, where she accuses anybody who is posting this clip for abusing her as an instrument for propaganda.

  • Karen Mc

    Hamas rockets are, by Israel’s official admission, not a danger to people within Israel (tourism is still encouraged, airports still open, groups of American teenagers still traipsing around on ‘Birthright’ trips; Israeli citizens picnicking on hilltops watching the assault on Gaza).

    A moral nation, a nation committed to obeying the Ten Commandments and living with its neighbors in peace, would be looking for nonviolent resolution to the problem of these harmless rockets, not destroying its neighbor’s vital infrastructure.

    A sane nation that truly believed it was being deliberately provoked to destroy hospitals, schools, electrical generating plants, etc., would NOT fall for the bait. A nation not driven insane by its own propaganda would instead win the PR war itself by looking for nonviolent resolution to these problems.

  • suomalainen

    The whole report is here: http://www.hs.fi/hstv/uutiset/HS+vietti+y%C3%B6n+sairaalassa+Gazassa/v1405737121729

    Yes, she says that the rockets were launched ‘right from behind the hospital’, not from inside the hospital for example.

    The rockets are a bad and crazy idea but cause really not much damage to Israel or the people living there. On the other hand the damage and casualities in Gaza are terrible.

  • Catherine

    Why don’t they report that Hamas has no law against child molestation? Israel does. Why don’t they report that Hamas has no law against child labor? Israel has dozens. Why don’t they report that Hamas has no law against rape, and neither does any single other Arab country? Israel has dozens. Why don’t they report that every Arab country has laws allowing execution without trial, Saudi Arabia and Qatar still ceremonially publicly crucify after the head is cut off? Israel has no death penalty.


    • shiran ofir

      Thats a wondefull comment. Loved your point of view!

      • dima

        So if israel is so civilised in comparison why is it blowing up innocents??? They were so busy putting all these civilised laws they forgot to implement a law about mass murder. And what does that have to do with their attrocities in gaza anyway? Go do some reading about judaism and how it views non jews and then come preach about human rights and civilisation.

    • Chen

      Catherine, they are 2000 years behind civilization.
      who is using rocks as weapons in this world? who is so full with hatred to others because they don’t believe the same god? they don’t develop because they are so busy spreading hate and terror. if only they would navigate all this energy into building and not destroying the world would look differently.

      • baobob

        Do not be so quick to the arabs as “hating people just becuase they have a different religion”- this fight is instigated also by extremist zionist. educate yourself first hand. see how they steal the land of arabs and use the IDF to support their colonialist agenda.

      • dima

        Thanx for your wonderful insight chen. You obviously have a grasp on arab culture and history. Dont we wish us arabs were 2000 years behind cos thats when we were teaching the rest of the world medicine mathematics astronomy and trade to name a few. It was thanx to western colonisation and greed that we became a fragmented region. Our militias and “terrorist” organisations are created and trained by america and the mosad and most of the corrupt leaders of the region are indispensible to the west. Yes palestinians are fighting with rocks because thats all they have. At least they have the guts to stand up for their land against spineless landgrabbers such as the people you defend.

    • NADIA M.

      Jews only have apparently only no laws about murdering a nation and take their land!

    • micha

      thank you Catherine

    • Claude

      Many of you will be interested in the comments by the son of one of Hamas’founders.



      The reason is anti-semetism.

      • Jon

        You need to distinguish between antisemitism and antisionism

      • American

        Telling the truth is anti-Semitic. Yes, we know.

    • Thomas Schwartz

      Perhaps most importantly, they should be reporting that the destruction of Israel is not Hamas’ end game, world domination is.

    • Dov Shmuel Freedman

      Does Games have ANY laws beyond “Do what we tell you…..OR ELSE!!!!!”?

    • Stefan Härö

      God bless you Catherine. Thank you for your posting.

    • S Hunt

      300 children not molested, slaughtered

    • che

      This is ridiculous! All arab countries do not punish rape? all arab countries have laws allowing execution without trial?

      The rest of your statement is as ridiculous.

      This being said yes Hamas is disgusting. They are Moslem Brotherhood, as the same in Egypt that the West defends so well. And yes Israel commits war crimes. BTW how come CNN and other US channels did not report. How come there is no video evidence? Israel has drones there. The USA and many others satellites that can see everything and there is no evidence???

  • Anton

    hope she’ll be safe. it’s dangerous to be truthful like that. much easier to go the cnn way.

    • American

      She is lying just like Israel is lying about Iron Dome.

  • Charly

    To “Love Finland” and others:
    I am from Israel. I am glade finaly a brave reporter is telling the truth. I use tp talk with a foriegn reporter in the past, how was 6,7, years in gaza, on and off.
    He told me that he saw more then once that hamas teorrists threat on foriegn reporters if they won’t replort what hamas allow them.
    14 years hamas shoot rockets on israel. can you understand it? a boy how was born 14 years ago, don’t know what is to sleep 8 hours at night in quit. he don’t know what is it go to school and learn without alarm warning from hamas rockets attack. he don’t know what is it going for joging for 5-6 k”m unwarry to “tseva adom” (the alarm rockets warning )
    and know, we got here a new threat from hama terorists. they dig tunnels 2-3 k”m from gaza to more then 15 villages in israel, and they have murderous and terrible plane. to send 200 hamas terorists from each tunnel to all the villages at once, in “rosh hashana”, on of our 2 importants holydays, and to murder and kidnap thousand of civiliance. just think, the IDF found more then 40 tunnels. multiply 40 tunnels on 100,200 people, even 300 on each village, it’s about 3000, 4000 how were slaughtered by hamas terorists. and i’m not talking to kidnap a bus and drive direrctly to kinders garden or a school.
    to all the european people I say, you can’t talk in european term in the middle-east neighborhood. you don’t have all around you only redical islamic countries, but, you do have redical muslims in your country. in 10 15 years you will fill what we have filling here every single day. in other words, you will all going to be Isral.
    israel don’t want fighting no one, but we fight here for our lives. all civiliance support on IDF to end this rockets and tunnels threat. we just want to live in peac quite.
    one more word, I hear all the time that palestinians talk about occupation. in 2006 we leave gaza for good. just remind it. the redical islamic terorists like hamas want all israel to turn into islamic country. it won’t happend. we will fight to our last breath. we allready suffer once and the world keep quite. it wont happend again!!!
    have a nice weekand and”shabat shalom”

    • Alia

      Do not worry. Every sencible person srands for Israel.
      We are the same root and blood.
      Jesus is a Eternal Jew and He is Messiah
      God is on your side, so are we.
      sis from Finland

      • Jon

        This Israeli youth is making a good point. Once you start using religious arguments you are no better than Hamas. Keep religion out of it, that is the reason for all the conflict to start with.

      • Jon

        God does not take sides in a war.
        And muslims and Jews have the same ancestor in Abraham.
        So they have the same root.

        • Rachamim Dwek

          The idea that Arabs descend from Abraham is a myth that was propagated by Muhammad to justify his supposed prophethood. The first Arab stepped into history in 853 BCE and they traditionally claim descent from Qahtan. So please stop spreading ignorance that has no bearing at all on anything taking place.

          • MuthaF

            Sure, cause ancient fairly tales are such and objective and sensible way to claim your ancestry and moral grounds.. Damn religious nuts, grow the hell up and enter modern Era finally.. On both sides of this.
            How moronic is it to claim you are right cause God says so…
            I sincerely start to think they should put people acting on behalf non-existent entities for a psychiatric observation, not to let them roam and screw the societies at large.. Sounds only reasonable when confronted with such BS as here.

    • Udi Dol

      Understand very well what you are going through. The peace and its importance is a must for mankind’s survival. The bait of terror has engulfed the minds of the youth due to misinterpretations of holy words. The fame of a tamed terror bandit is a shame for the mankind as a whole. The discipline of the fore fathers of the middle east allowed them to sustain the lives in the harsh desert. Today all the bonds are broken and oil is converted to money at all costs. This living is no example for the future kids. The modernity will never allow the people to live in self esteem as the God, he creator wanted the to be. The water, air,land and energy will cease to exist in the wake of wars among neighbours. The mind of the man, created as equals to God to live on earth is wasted due to evil behavior. One nation who has gone through the aganizing path of living with the terroits would know what level behaviour is. We know your feelings and. your longing desire for peace. Let there be light! Let there be open minds!let there be humanity on Earth! Let everybody live in peaceful joy as Gods on Earth!UD

    • davis

      i feel your pains with time even the so called critics will learn in a hard way maybe when the islamist would have successfuly hoist the black or green flag over the white house God save isreal

  • Udi

    Finally, a reporter with guts to say what all others afraid to…
    Good morning world!
    Now, what are you going to do about it?

  • tm

    And from this courageous journalist Aishi Zidan’s own Facebook page:

    Don’t use me as your propaganda weapon

    I spent a night at the Shifa hospital in Gaza two weeks ago. I was covering the situation in Gaza for my newspaper.

    My story was about the Palestinian civilians who were victims of war. My article started with a story of four little boys who were killed on the beach the same day. They were playing on the beach when Israeli army hit them without any clear reason or warning. I interviewed a boy who survived from the attack. The Shifa hospital was full of women and children who were victims of this ugly war. I described their stories in detail.

    During the night someone launched a rocket somewhere behind the hospital. Now this sentence from my article is spreading in the pro-Israeli medias. I mentioned this in my article because I’m a professional journalist. I try to cover the events truthfully as I see them and I strongly condemn these kind of actions.

    But I find it very disgusting how this one sentence was taken out context to be used as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza. My story became quickly a tool of propaganda. The people sharing this story are not even trying to understand the situation as a whole. They are just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza.

    I refuse to be part of this kind of propaganda.

    • Donna

      How can you call yourself a professional when you look and cover stories of only one side and eat up every emotional manipulation they feed you with a spoon. Fact: those children were “plaing soccer” by the enterance of a artilary facility of one of the heads of hammas. Fact: those so called mothers knew the risk of allowing their oh so innocent children “play” so close to such a facility ignoring the requests of the IDF to keep civilians away. Fact: hamas uses children and women as body shields since they know the IDF will NOT fire at children and try all they can to avoid civilian casualties. Why dont you report about the field hospital the IDF built to give aid and medical help to Gaza civilians while being fired at by hamas fighters who kill their poor civilians at the same time. Or while the IDF opens one of the passages towards Gaza to ship medical aid food and necessaties while being fired at while hamas uses that “humanitarian ceasefire” to continue their rockets towards residential areas in the purpose of killing innocent kives. Dont tell us youre professional while you so called report only oneside and not actual facts from the strip. Civilians who disregard hamas orders to stay and shield homes used as artilary pantries are captured by hamas animals and beheaded in the most painful way, beaten to death regardless if they are children women or elderly. So if youre a reporter report facts and not fictional eye tearing BS!!!
      An Israeli citizen sick of these manipulations and european reporter daring to claim theyre not one sided at their reports!!!

      • FrankW

        Donna!Thank You!Very well done!You wrote very important questions and wiews about the truth.Now waiting fir the answers of Mr Aishi Zidan (by his Facebook),the professional reporter.

    • HS reader

      In finnish version of HS magazine 20.7 Aishi wrote from al-Shifa hospital: “2 am in the night the hospital was sleepy. Noise of airplanes has gone out. Suddenly there was a big rocket noise. People are upset and running from the yard to under the roof of hospital. Soon people are reliefed. “It was our guys. It goes to Tel Aviv!” somebody shouts. Hamas or some other organization in Gaza has launched a rocket from the backyard of the hospital.”

    • Henry Barnett

      Don’t worry Helsingin,

      We allready know that Hamas fires rockets from schools, hospitals and mosques in order to make Israel attack them and so the whole world will cry out. But Israel was not waiting for one brave reporter to tell the truth. It’s just the other journalists who do Hamas’ bidding, like Jon Snow, a senior UK journalist on Channel 4 and I despise them, their lies by ommission. If they will not tell the truth then they would be better to leave and say why. I congratulate you none-the-less.

      From what I have read in many posts it is obvious that the public’s knowledge, pro-Israel and pro-Palestinians is minimal. The IDF are very well informed, perhaps better than most modern armed forces. They are not waiting to read on the Internet where a rocket was fired from. Besides you can bet that the US have geostationary satellites over the region to see exactly what comes from where.

    • S Hunt

      You are wonderful



    • Shirin

      Hamas is not the government to decide what is to be done. Israel was the one started the war and what do you expect from people who have been denied the basic form of human rights like gas, electricity, trade, exports, travel, sea port, airport, medical equipment for the past decades. Sit back and tell the Israeli government come and burn us all. That is double standard. It is unfortunate that some structures has been hit by messiles but none of them were fatal where the Zionists has used banned weapons and bombs on poor children and women. My dear reporter from Finland I think you are the only one who turned a blind and dried eye on what is happening in Gaza. As for stone throwers I think you have not seen the sttlers and soldiers treat the Palestinian people like dirt, they are NOT armed to defend themselves against settlers going into their homes and taking them over. It is all recorded on utube if you can take a moment or two to the atrocities. Arabs never hated Jews but hated what their atheist Zionist government is doing day in and day out.

      Israeli media is very strong into bringing any item to their advantage.

  • Tm

    Actually, what the journalist Aishi Zidan is saying is “a rocket was launched from the back yard od the hospital…was fired really close to the hospital”. The phrase “back yard” does not -in Finnish, at least- mean it was launched from the hospital itself.
    Aishi Zidan has been doing fantastic reporting for Helsingin Sanomat (Scandinavian’s largest daily); most touching has been the piece of the arrest of her Innocent Palestinian cousin.

    • Catherine

      So this is a case of her accidentally breaking the ruthless colonialism, lies of Islam not on purpose.

      • Pat Murphy


        Just honest reporting.

        No more, no less.

  • Avrumeleh

    Here’s Helsingin Sanomat”s (Helsinki Time’s) World News in ENGLISH site


    Not a word of this…from their own reporter there.

    • international finn

      I live in Helsinki. Helsingin sanomat and Helsinki times are two separate media . HS is the largest circulating newspaper in Finland (which has its own english language version) and HT is a small paper circulated on a miniscule scale mostly for the immigrant and english speaking population of the Helsinki region.

    • micha

      The finnish reporter had the courage to report the truth ,her own country doesn’t .Shame on you Finland.Of course we are scare of muslim extremist retalation even to express opinion, we are not afraid of jews they dont kill ,they defend themself!

      • AJAVRIK

        to say the truth one has to have courage
        to say lay -there is no need for courage

  • to be more to the point and not argumentative we all should go to the roots of the conflict.

    in the 19th century masses of jews migrated from europe and from other countries in the world to the land of palestine the number of jews living in palestine was less than a thousand at that time and after the second world war thousands and thousands was illegally smuggled to the land of palestine supported by the british mandatory army at that time to control the palestinians in there home land many palestinians where killed and terrorized by zionist groups of jews for example: stern,urgon,hagana and many more terrorist jewish groups that worked on cleansing palestinian villages from its inhabitants many palestinians left terrified to other cities or countries and border cities waiting to come back home when the zionist israelis stop the killing of civilian palestinians as in gaza for example that is why the reason there is a lot of concentration of people living in such small area. then the zionists led attacks on the british army in palestine killing soldiers and civilians one famous terrorist attack is the king david bombing in jerusalem who at that time have killed more than 140 british souls. israel have declared independence on the stolen land of palestine in 1948 and the whole conflict took another shape. now israel is the army state and palestinians are the resisting original people of the land the struggle never stopped what we see in gaza is occupation from an army state fighting resistance for freedom and dignity just as simple as it is so complicated without some education about the conflict. it took me a while to understand but now i do and the rest of the world should because we are involved in this war even if you think it is far from you, israel and america with there allies are blinding the world with falls information to gain international support for the crimes that is taking place in palestine and other spots in the world. at the end the truth will be reviled and you will know where you stand.

  • This surely is a dreadful mistake by Helsingin Sanomat and this type of reporting is strictly against the editorial line of that publication. Unfortunately Finnish medias, HS at the forefront, are known for being extremely biased when it comes to the Israel-Palestine conflict. I’m afraid that this brave young reporter is at the end of her career and is likely to be sacked on arrival for speaking the truth and for doing what ever self-respecting journalist should do: reporting what is actually happening. Furthermore the editor of HS is likely to receive that feared “angry letter” from Finnish Foreign Secretary Erkki Tuomioja, who happens to be one of the country’s leading heat-mongers against Israel. There is an old tradition within Finnish media-houses, that when ever something is published that conflicts the opinions and policies represented by governmental bodies in question, this is followed by so called “angry letter”. This has lead into a well oiled machinery of self-censorship which has plagued Finnish medias from the days of it’s dawn.

    • Jeff

      So does editorial policy comes first, and is truth a secondary issue?

      • Yes Jeff. I have some 30 years of experience in the media field and sadly I must say, that in Finland it’s the editorial policy that comes before journalistic ethics. Please read again my comment on the self-censorship within Finnish medias. This has it’s roots in the cold war and Finland being officially a free country, but actually under a stronghold of KGB. This might give you an impression of the root of the problem:

    • jeremy

      I live in Finland and in this country we report the truth. There are many people supporting both sides of this conflict living here. So don’t make things up trying to tarnish this girls name. If she said she saw a rocket being fired from the hospital then she probably did.

      • Jaana

        I live in Finland and in this country it is common NOT to report the truth. When proven wrong, they only sometimes publish corrections.

        • Jaana

          But I do believe this one. And this kind of news has been reported by an Italian journalist as well, after getting out of Gaza.

        • AJAVRIK


        • Jari

          I live also in finland and i can tell that finnish media is mostly pro-palestinian, same as in other nothern european countries like Sweden and Norway and UK. It seems that most journalist in these countries are leftist or muslims and usually report only that side of the story which suits their own view.

          I was very suprised to find this kind reporting that is never seen in finland.

      • Alia

        Höpöhöpö in Finland they fals report just like in any other country.
        everyti.e in news they mention how Israel attact again Gaza region by shootin missails into some schools….then after that they say Hamas has been shootingseveral rockets in Israel side. Without getting constand information from people living o er there, webside we stand for Israel or support Israel we woul’nt know the truth.

  • New definition of the word TRUTH: Acronym.

  • In support of Mickey Oberman comment, I would like to join in unmusking false reports of majority correspondents in Gaza and around the world. Their dishonest reports resulted in Anti-Jewish and Anti-Israel demonstrations and gave the opportunity to all Anti-semites and Jew-haters to show their support for “suffering” palestinians. None of them was reporting real suffering of israeli citizens from thousends of rockets fired into Israel every day and every year, none of them was reporting of hundreds of thousends arab children and civilians killed by Islamo- fanatics. I am proud of Israel governement that first time in so many years have taken decision to demolish the nest of the terrorists and protect Israel. Am Israel Chai.

  • FrankW

    Thank You for that article! That was very well done by Helsingin Sanomat.Unfortunately that fine reporter is having now two dangers. Maybe she will be fired by Helsingin Sanomat,or she will be in a serious trouble in Gaza.

    By the way. What it comes to Gaza’s situation the informative level of the newspapers here in Finland is reminding nowadays the Soviet Union days. It is true that the many people in Finland are standing for Israel and true and honest information. But one has to read the truth mostly from the media outside the country.Getting the true information does also help the normal Gaza civilians.The official media of the Finland State is kind of pro Hamas! They leave out many important things and turn their words upside down. The information is poor and it seems to make Israel as the bad guy already from the beginning. Hamas is not critizated almost at all.

    The most ridiculous media mainly are the YLE TV NEWS,MTV3 and the newspapers ILTALEHTI and ILTASANOMAT.You can have some fun with Your own Finnish PRAVDA!But it is also sad and frustrating to read that poor and non objective media.It seems to be a kind of antisemistism. In the way,the ordinary Gaza people does suffer from that too.People in Finnland can’t get true information enough about the war crimes of the Hamas.

  • Jacobite

    May I also commend the courage of this Finnish reporter who gave a rear view or so it would seem and has shown the Truth and principles of the matter is so important.
    I would like also to thank the Palestinian Christian girl who very courageously has spoken out and revealed her side of the Palestinian Gaza conflict, with the loss of many family members and friends she so graciously spoke the Truth about how life really is for women and children and the innocent Palestinians that would make Peace with Israel but for now are unable through violence to make a choice.
    This girl has Shown the True spirit of Yeshua and I would be happy to embrace her as a sister.
    The Truth will win in the end then love will abound.

    • FrankW

      Thats sounds really sad and wrong too.But the main guilty is Hamas.Instead of building bomb shells they used the money in their own pockets and the war-tunnels,now destroyed.Many people should also remember that the innocent christian and non-Hamas civilians are between too fires:the Hamas and IDF. The real difference is that the Hamas has told for example about the benefits of the killed children and civilians when using them as a living targets and a propaganda in the media(by the way Hamas does not usually even mention about killed women).But IDF has been trying to protect even Gaza civilians.Or what does it mean when IDF warned hundreds of thousands of people with media and phone calls in Gaza?

  • There is at least one honest journalist in the free thinking world. I am more than impressed I am grateful.

    It is a pity that the plot to assasinate Hamas leader Kahled Meshaal fell through. Get rid of him and I wonder what will happen then. Probably the same thing that is happening now in Iraq.

    Islamic terrorists led by Meshaal, and Iran, need to be vanquished from the face of the earth. I strongly believe Hamas and supporters need a dictator who isn’t afraid to whip them into submission. They need to be led by force past terrorism and toward true courage to change.

    Contrary to all the unrealistic left supporting these people who use children as shields they will not without violence and bloodshed.

  • Sami

    as a Finnish citizen… Intrestingly enough most of Finlands media is just like too many around the world… condemning Israel and seems like being pro-hamas. Not reporting the news completely truthfully. Some news reports even straight out lying. Helsingin Sanomat being one of the worst. And thats why I’m surprised they reported this. maybe this reporter is one that has integrity left. I do pray she will be able to get out of Gaza alive though.

    • ANY Reporter like anyone else who Curses Israel by reporting False information, will be Cursed by the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob. The Only True God of Creation!

      • Sonia Willats

        I agree, Miryam

      • Tracy Uhnak

        Oh, puhleeze!!!

    • Sonia Willats

      Yes. May she get out alive! If journalists tried to show the truth they would not heap coals on burning fires.

    • Timo

      Exactly Sami. Al Shifa hospital is Israeli built in -83 and they know exactly its sophisticated underground center and bunkers that are built under the hospital which Hamas is using as their command center, and they are launching rockets from there and international reporters know that too. So Finns, don’t believe any of the information written in major news sources in Finland, until you have checked by yourself. And if you can’t check, forget the news. The same regarding to UNRWA, and I’m not talking just about rocket storages there in various schools which are also used launching rockets, but tunnels found in UN clinic, which Hamas then blew up and killed soldiers. Some might think they help people there, like Finnish government, by sending now 850000 euro of taxpayers money for UNRWA in Gaza..so yes they help, mostly to support HAMAS!

      • PE

        Kertokaa minkä päivän lehdessä tuo juttu oli niin tarkistetaan mitä siinä sanottiin. Oliko teksti suomeksi vai englanniksi?

    • Aline Tayar

      Last week a BBC Radio 4 interviewer talked to a UN worker at a school. To my astonishment he admitted crates of weapons were being stored in the school but, he said, how was he to know they were Hamas weapons since they were not labelled. I couldn’t believe my ears and you can be sure that item never got repeated again in later bulletins.

    • Ravit

      Do u recognize her ?

    • Ravit

      Who is this journalist ? Whats her name ?

      • To Ravit

        There was a item in channel 2 with Yonit Levy as well, where he said that the crates were not labeled

  • susan staehs

    Agree Dan, God Bless Finland, a country that
    Stands for truth. How many other countries have the courage for truth and honesty.
    Stop the immigration of Muslims into Europe and
    The United States

    • alban j.

      Most muslims are hazard to any ‘host countries’ and should be totally “banned” because of their weak ‘one track mind’ that can be easily influenced. Children are brain washed from early age as 3years old as non-muslim are considered as infidels and why do they want migrate to non-muslim countries,and create problems.

  • Leave it to the Finns. They’ll do and say whatever must
    be said or done. I know them well, having once been to
    their amazing country. Like Israel, Finland was cursed
    with being in a bad neighborhood. But over the decades,
    by standing up for themselves, they earned the respect
    of former antagonists. Hopefully, Israel will experience
    the same.

  • Bernard Ross

    the credibility of the entire body of journalism has been seriously damaged by MSM gaza reporting. Journalists are so corrupt that in order to get a scoop they collaborate in libels against the jews that result in pogroms and the murder of Jews.

  • Finally someone with the guts to tell it like it is. The international press, for the most part, has shown its true colors. I would venture to guess that if this same group of Israel bashers had been around during the Holocaust, they would have found common cause with the Nazis and blamed the Jews for starting the Second World War.

  • Elizabeth

    Finland is the best.

    • Elizabeth

      Hamas kills kids to blame on Israel, and the executions of whole families throughout the Arab world is being sent to Gaza through Egypt from Islamic charities to blame on Israel, the Islamic UN morgue business of war crime creation.

      • Elizabeth

        While Israel has no death penalty, the only country in the Middle East without a Death Penalty, and never had one.

        • Vida

          Israel actually does have a death penalty but they don’t use it. Except for one very worthy exception, Adolf Eichmann.

          • Fredric M. London

            That was under international law for crimes against humanity.

        • Ali

          Dear Elizabeth,
          yes, I gree wit you about that, but you must konw Israeli setteler an Israeli Israeli military executed people without court you must merciful yourself. You must respect yourself and your mind and your conscience. You must be looking for the truth. You are a human being oppressed and occupied Palestinian man living in camps loves life and loves raising his daughters and sons in peace and security, but Israel does not wish to negotiate peace it 20 years ago. Israeli leaders have said the Palestinians will continue to negotiate until the Day of Judgment.

      • Ari Ben-Ami

        Hamas is even using Israeli footage of Israeli families affected by the bombs and passing them as Palestinian victims. Menorahs can be seen in the background. As reported in The Times of Israel.

        • Ali

          Ari Ben – Ami

          I swear to God that your word is all a lie and injustice. Oh man I respect your conscience respected humanitarian part in your body. Do you remember the Mohammed al-Dura who was killed by army soldiers, Israel then Israel has faked the picture and made “‹”‹it to Mohammed al-Dura Israeli child. Liar is respectable even from himself.
          When you put your head on the Pillowcase you must think about the truth. You will feel happy and respect yourself

      • Ali

        Dear Elizabeth,

        You are free to your opinion what you believe but where is the truth? Read about the injustice done to the Palestinian people by Asiraal and Jewish settlers who burn our farms and kill our children. As for the child, Mohammed Abu-Khudair Palestinian child who was burnt by about five weeks before a rabbi living in Jerusalem after that poured gasoline in his mouth. Yes, such as the Holocaust. Dear Elizabeth we are all human beings have no right to kill a human being a human being, but the injustice distraction I advise you to read more in our proplem in Palestine.

  • Valerie Mantz

    I would imagine there are very few that do not believe that Hamas would resort to such lows. However, the people who need the hospitals do not have a choice when they need medical care. And it is an all new low for Israel to take the bait and actually fire upon the sick and the wounded, even in light of this fact.

    • June

      The people of Gaza actually do have a place to go to. israel set up a field hospital very early in this conflict solely for injured Gazans. Very few if any have shown up.

      They also have treated may from Gaza who have needed specialized treatment in Israeli medical facilities before this latest conflict.

    • Iris

      So you think Israel should not protect itself by taking out the rockets being fired at it, just because Hamas hides behind innocents and in hospitals and schools. That is Hamas’ tactic. Use human shields for their attacks and let Israel take the blame. Who do you think Hamas is aiming at when they fire their THOUSANDS of rockets into Israel? The are two reasons why Israel have not suffered greater losses – Israel has built a defense system of bomb shelters and anti-missile missiles AND Hamas has lousy aim. You fault Israel for having great aim and Hamas absconding the humanitarian aid and building tunnels into Israel and buying more weapons. Israel has every right to defend itself. Too bad about the innocents in Gaza, but the Palestinian people should grow a backbone and oust Hamas from their country. HAMAS IS NOT A FRIEND OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE. HAMAS IS THEIR TRUE ENEMY. So long as the Palestinians allow Hamas to stay and hide behind children while they launch their attacks against Israel, innocents will die or get hurt. It is up to the Palestinians to stop this war NOW.

      • Dr.Otero

        A few years ago, it was ruefully observed that in the past, Arab men led their women who walked behind them, but after the introduction of landmines, the Arab men insisted that the women walk ahead of them.

        • Ali

          Dear Dr. Otero,
          you’ve hurt my feelings and you’re talking racist. Why ????? Do you know Arabz Is Xthm. You are – almost similar to Albbghaez frequency Israeli propaganda only without the search for the truth. Sorry that you are in a democratic country and you talk and think this way hateful. I suggest you reconsider everything you think. If the enemy occupied homeland What do you do? You are free to think, but do not hurt the people unjustly.

    • Leah

      Valerie Mantz, it is one thing to be pro-“palestinian” and another to distort facts. Israel has had this field hospital to treat Palestinians. What medical facilities has Hamas provided for Israelis injured or killed, OR FOR THAT MATTER, for THEIR OWN HUMAN SHIELDS. Comments like yours are indicative of what it means to be “brain-dead” and/or brain-washed. Thanks for your input. What Moslem news-source would ever print comments from pro-Israeli’s?
      They (you??) delight in dying in using Gaza civilians as human shields, how does one fight an enemy whose expressed purpose is to kill every last one of your people, and have no respect for life of any kind? yeah, i forget 72X72 virgins waiting in the afterlife. That’s how many a day? Only nitwits could subscribe to such an absurdity. Mother’s proud to have their son’s blown up. What kind of god-based religion is this, that has such disrespect for human life?????? even of it’s own people?

    • Rob

      A truly disturbing and twisted view of things -“Israel takes the bait”.

      While you are so easily accepting of their duplicity, Israel stands firm and steadfast, not allowing them to hide behind children and the sick and dying. As the fiendish cowards they have shown themselves to be, they care nothing for human lives, whether it be their own or others. Only fools and useful idiots would expect them to uphold any agreement, let alone a formal cease-fire.

      Despite the main-stream media’s every effort to white-wash as much as they can, the world has had an opportunity to obtain a deeper glimpse into their dark and macabre world, and it ain’t pretty.

    • Fredric M. London

      No, the all time low is terrorist loving vermin who protected Hamas for the past several years, insisted on cement be delivered, so that the tunnels could be constructed, and howled that the blockade should be lifted to make rearming easier for the terrorists. Now, such vermin cry about humanity when Israel targets these locations. Hospitals were destroyed in Germany and Japan during World War II. It was regrettable, but such regimes needed to be destroyed, and so does Hamas, and all the other vermin of the cult of death called radical Islam. It would be nice to protect the hospital residents, but the rockets, launchers, and those who use them need to be annihilated. Sad but true. The REAL low is the people listed above who, through the magic of politically-coerced censorship, manage to protect barbarian excrement as they plan and execute as many murders as they possibly can.

    • Mollie Sugden

      Israel is not firing at the sick and wounded. It is firing at the site that fired rockets at Israel. Even the UN agrees that this is permissable. Israel has provided medical facilities for GAZANS IN NEED IN Israeli hospitals and has now erected a field hospital near a border for injured Gazans – it will even treat injured Hamas operatives. Why? Because Israel tries to be humane, unlike Hamas and other Islamic Jihadists, who, as the world is coming to learn, are barbarians!

  • Yoav

    Finally someone in this twisted press, stand on her feet and tell the truth!

  • Love Finland

    Mita kulu?
    i was living in finland and unlike the swedish, the finish
    can think!!!
    when the finnish government saw that there are too many muslims asking for asylum they stopped the immigrations and also sent few of them back to their countries when the war stopped in it.

    finally someone tells the truth about those lires in gaza and the muslim world.

  • notaracist

    These Hamas people are obviously desperate, but putting their own people in the line of fire by using a hospital as a platform to launch attacks is very very wrong. I dont know if its as wrong as committing war to steal land when the land-owners dont want them there in the first place.

    • John

      No need to qualify your statement with the last line. This example is just one of many in the long, long list of Hamas warcrimes. For example:

      1.) Executing people in gaza with out a fair trial.
      2.) Hiding military assests in schools and masajid.
      3.) Targeting israel civilians with rocket strikes.
      4.) Failing to adhere to agreed cease fires.
      5.) Preventing civilians from feeling active war zones.
      6.) Preventing civilians from receiving medical attention.
      7.) Booby trapping civilian homes.

      In terms of morality and lawfulness, Hamas has no leg to stand on. Comparing Israel to Hamas is like comparing apples to Nero. They have nothing in common.

    • The land belongs to Israel!It has always belonged to Israel.Hamas are the muslim brotherhood who are simply living by the koran.First Israel..then the rest of the free world.Wake up people..before it’s too late!!!

    • June

      Do you keep forgetting that Israel unilaterally removed all its settlements in Gaza in 2005 and left a thriving greenhouse industry to help give it a foundation to its economy.

      In return the people of Gaza elected Hamas to govern. Hamas charter states that its goal is to destroy Israel and they have been firing rockets and attempting kidnappings ever since.

      That is why the US has declared it a terrorist organization.

  • Mickey Oberman

    My thanks to that courageous correspondent and to Helsingin Sanomat. At last the truth emerges.

    The craven cowardice of the majority of correspondents in Gaza and/or their news organizations has resulted in millions of Israelis having to flee to shelters in the past weeks.

    The correspondents and their false reports have created a world wide movement of virulent anti Semitism.

    Their names and employers should be recorded and just retribution exacted in due time.

    Mickey Oberman

  • Dan

    G-d Bless Finland, a country that stands for truth.

    • kq

      I hope we will stay on that road… and also other reporters encouraged to tell truth. This reporter from Helsingin Sanomat (biggest newspaper in Finland) is an exception — thank you for that!

    • arum

      the answer from the reporter iself… she said it’s not true :
      Aishi Zidan
      20 hours ago · Edited
      Don’t use me as your propaganda weapon

      I spent a night at the Shifa hospital in Gaza two weeks ago. I was covering the situation in Gaza for my newspaper.

      My story was about the Palestinian civilians who were victims of war. My article started with a story of four little boys who were killed on the beach the same day. They were playing on the beach when Israeli army hit them without any clear reason or warning. I interviewed a boy who survived from the attack. The Shifa hospital was full of women and children who were victims of this ugly war. I described their stories in detail.

      During the night someone launched a rocket somewhere behind the hospital. Now this sentence from my article is spreading in the pro-Israeli medias. I mentioned this in my article because I’m a professional journalist. I try to cover the events truthfully as I see them and I strongly condemn these kind of actions.

      But I find it very disgusting how this one sentence was taken out context to be used as an excuse to target civilians in Gaza. My story became quickly a tool of propaganda. The people sharing this story are not even trying to understand the situation as a whole. They are just looking for excuses to Israeli actions in Gaza.

      I refuse to be part of this kind of propaganda.

      • Gary Katz

        What’s not true, that the rockets were fired from the hospital, or that she’s not representative of a truthful Finland? I took her to mean that rockets were fired from the hospital parking lot, but she was still upset about civilian casualties, even if Hamas invited same.