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December 25, 2014 12:41 pm

Days After Synagogue Attack, Assailants Open Fire at Jewish Restaurant in Paris

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Al Haeche restaurant. Photo: Courtesy.

Al Haeche restaurant. Photo: Courtesy.

Unknown assailants opened fire at a Kosher restaurant in Paris’ 19th Arrondissement Wednesday night, apparently using an air gun as in a similar attack on a synagogue in the neighborhood earlier in the week, the French website JSS News reported.

The owner of the Al Haeche restaurant arrived at 7 am, and discovered a small impact crater on the front window.

There were no injuries or other damage in the attack.

The damage, possibly caused by a pellet gun, resembled that of a shooting Monday night at a window of the David Ben Ichay Synagogue, about a kilometer away.

The round went through the closed window of the religious center’s office – the only lit room – but did not hit the synagogue’s Rabbi Lousky or an assistant who were present. The Jewish National Bureau for Vigilance Against Antisemitism (BNVCA) condemned the latest assault, which they described “as anti-Semitic because they deliberately aimed at a kosher restaurant.”

Paris Al Aech shooting. Screenshot: BNCVA.

Paris Al Haeche shooting. Screenshot: BNCVA.

BNVCA head, Sammy Ghozlan, said that “Regardless of the projectile, whether stone, lead ball or pellet, the BNVCA considers the intention and gesture as criminal and anti-Jewish.”

The group called for increased monitoring of the vicinity, which contains a large Jewish population, as well as many places of worship and kosher shops.

France was hit by three separate attacks by Muslim suspects in the last week, two of them using vehicles to ram into pedestrians, and the third a stabbing attack on police in Tours.

The BNVCA recommended that all those responsible for synagogues, Jewish schools and other institutions increase their vigilance and caution.

About 1,000 French soldiers have been deployed to provide increased security in some areas in the wake of the series of what local officials are calling unrelated attacks by “crazed” assailants.

On Dec. 1st, the Paris Jewish community was shocked by a brutal rape and home invasion by several Muslim suspects, who perpetrated the assault  “because you are Jews,” according to the female victim’s testimony to police.

Roger Cukierman, the veteran president of CRIF, the representative body of French Jews, has issued an extraordinary warning concerning the potential fate of his community.

“Jews will leave in large numbers and France will fall into the hands of either Shari’a Law or the Front National,” Cukierman declared at a rally against anti-Semitism in the suburb of Creteil last Sunday, to loud applause from the assembled crowd.

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  • Alan Kennedy

    France getting ready to be a “Vichy” state of IS. in safe dhimmitude

  • Jane

    What a blessing that there IS an Israel to go to — as opposed to what French Jews faced in 1940. BUT if the French Jews leave France, that is EXACTLY what the Muslim extremists want. If the Jews leave, they win! And — just as in 1940 — the French will see that the Jews are the proverbial ‘canaries in the coal mine.’ What is happening to the Jews now will happen to other non-Muslims afterwards. I agree with all the writers who say: FIGHT BACK!

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson


    Paris has always been a controversial place for Jews, and the root of anti-Semitism has never been addressed. Real estate, lives, Jewish community, all under seige, and it’s clear that the Islamic majority is not denouncing these attacks and are in full solidarity with the assailants.

    Let this be a wake up call to non Jews as well, you are next, in fact, your inactivity shows weakness. The French government should be embarrassed and the local are law enforcement should not be so biased.

    Paris used to be the gem of Europe, I always wanted to live there one day, now it’s like a Turkey!
    What the Jewish community has to do is pull resources to bring in elite Israeli reservist, even dual French/Israeli nationals, and build a strong security patrol system.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Jews of France. You better get some ex-Israelis and start learning to defend yourselves against these Arab terrorists.

    The best way is to go after them and kill them before they kill you.

    Jews lived in France for over a thousand years before the Holocaust and you have learned nothing.

    Stop being afraid. Running away to Israel is not going to make you safe. Defend yourselves and force the government to go after these killers.

  • AlanfromNY

    Perhaps it’s time for Jews in France to stop imploring the French and god to protect them and learn to protect themselves, ya think? When are you going to realize neither the French nor god is going to protect you?! Pick up a baseball bat, a lead pipe, a bottle, a butcher’s knife and protect yourselves already!!

  • Steven Geller

    Who in their right mind would believe the French to protect one of its minorities. And specifically, why would any Jew living in France believe the French government and gentile population have his/her safety as a priority. Please emigrate now as to not be another victim in the litany of persecutions that litter Jewish history. We have too many now which creates more neurosis among our ranks.

  • art frank

    The French are afraid to vigorously find and prosecute the french and moo slim savages attacking Jews. Therefore the Jews in france would be best served by making aliya to Israel. No future for them in what will eventually become a moo slim dominated country.

  • The, not too distant, event horizon includes the Euro Islamic civil war.

    Europe’s Jews are actually lucky. They are getting the notice early. Get out while you still can.

    Beirut use to be called the “Paris of the Middle East”. Just wait till Paris is the “Beirut of Western Europe”.

  • A. Sanders

    Roger Cukierman may be right about the fate of French Jewry. But should we Jews have to move on, considering te contribution we have made to society all over the world. Surely it is the job of the Government and appropriate authorities to rid ourselves of the perpetrators of these racist crimes.

  • VictorMc

    France is finished – it has been dead for some time but refuses to accept it by the morons in government. Give me Russia any day.

  • Jonah

    Once sharia law starts infiltrating the very cultural fabric of France the natives will be looking for another country to call their own.

  • Howie Subnick


  • Lauren Goldman

    If I were a French Jew, I would be reading this story from my home in Israel.

  • Neelie

    The Western world better wake up. It is a clash of civilizations, and if we don’t get our collective act together, we will be defeated by barbarians who believe in their law more than we believe in ours. Only the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can defeat Allah, and we’d better start asking for His help. And then help ourselves. Never give up the 2nd amendment. Educate yourselves about who is really in our government, and what their philosophy is. Defeat the leftists who are allied with the radical Muslims.

  • racy

    Jews are not being protected in France. Much, much more
    has to be done to secure their safety. An Antisemetic incident has to be cited as a felony, punishable by a prison sentence and a large fine. The French government doesn’t seen willing or able to curb these incidents.
    If Jews leave France, the French will be with the Muslim radicals, Sharia law will be imposed. This is just what the French deserve.

  • dannykid

    They murdered and expelled their Jews and welcomed the muslim arabs. Gezundheit.

  • Fred

    Sad France it could not protect its Jewish citizen during the NAZI period and it looks it can not protect them in NAZI Muslim period”. What happened to “Egalite, Fraternite & Liberte “empty useless slogans !!!

  • Tom Tuey

    A man protects and provides for his family…a country
    protects their citizens….when the nation fails or is
    unable to protect their citizens, then the citizens
    must make their own plans to protect theirs….
    France and other nations of the EU have failed to
    protect their citizens, in this case the Jews. I would that
    the EU countries would take the necessary vigorous
    action to rid their country of trouble making free
    loaders……and ProtecT those who are loyal and
    contributing citizens……especially after how horribly
    treated were the Jews by some of the people who
    are still alive there..What will be the fate of Christians
    in the EU if sharia law becomes LAW? Consider
    carefully…your children are in grave danger…..

  • David M

    Israel is already seeing a jump in immigrants from France! History has substituted Muslim for Nazi but the results are the same.

    The European Union will likely paint itself into a corner by its constant submission to the demands of its Muslim minorities. How long do we think it will be before Sharia law becomes accepted as a parallel legal system within several EU members?

  • Rabbi Jon Haddon

    The only thing the French can do is make good cheese and decent wine. “Wonderful” that they are catering to Muslim thugs instead of Jewish citizens who have made such remarkable contributions to France for the past thousand years. Let’s see what the Muslims will contribute besides death and destruction. Maybe if they were to take down the Tour Eiffel one day, which they probably will, as s symbol of Western decadence, then, and maybe then, the French government will finally “get it.” Just you wait.

    Rabbi Jon Haddon

    • art frank

      The savages will eventually turn the Eiffel Tower into a minaret.

  • debby fayga

    Tragic situation in Paris- the French don’t learn their lesson, and soon they will be bowing to their Islamic masters