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February 8, 2015 11:02 pm

British MPs Recommend Prevention Orders Used for Sex Offenders to Tackle Antisemitism on Social Media

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A report following a British parliamentary inquiry into antisemitism released Sunday proposes that those spreading racial hatred online should be treated like sex offenders and served anti-social behavior orders or “Asbos” restricting their online access and possibly banning them from social media sites, various UK media outlets reported.

The orders could also prevent them from hiding behind fake identities online.

The All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into antisemitism, which was initiated after shocking levels of antisemitism were recorded in the UK during and after Israel’s summer war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, said that social media platforms have “increasingly been used for the spread of antisemitism”.

According to the report, the words “Hitler” and “Holocaust” were among the top 35 key words used on Twitter during the summer, and the hashtag “Hitler was right” was trending in July.

The report said: “There is an allowance in the law for banning or blocking individuals from certain aspects of internet communication in relation to sexual offences.

“Informal feedback we have received from policy experts indicates that this is a potential area of exploration for prosecutors in relation to hate crime.

“If it can be proven in a detailed way that someone has made a considered and determined view to exploit various online networks to harm and perpetrate hate crimes against others then the accepted principles, rules and restrictions that are relevant to sex offences must surely apply.”

The report also recommended that the government establish a fund to pay for security at synagogues, and called for the creation of guidelines for teachers on how to address the Middle East conflict in classrooms.

The report follows the release of figures last week by Britain’s Community Security Trust, the official body dealing with security for the British Jewish community, showing that there were more antisemitic incidents in 2014 than at any other time since the organization began maintaining records in 1984.

CST recorded 1,168 antisemitic incidents across the country during 2014, more than double the 535 incidents recorded in 2013. The previous highest total came in 2009, when 931 antisemitic incidents were recorded.

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  • “First, they came for the sex offenders…”

  • Alexi

    As disgusting as the anti-Semitic rants are, the muzzling of free speech is not a solution. Who’s next? This type of thing always backfires and leads to more governmental intrusion and less rights and dignity to the public. We don’t need a nanny. We need the media’s feet held to the fire when they lie. That might actually help. Muzzling the haters will only hide them. It won’t change the conversation. We need daylight not darkness.

    • Lois Feinberg

      Hate speech is speech inciting violence against a group of people and is not considered free speech.

  • Why not simply ban all users from Internet and social media except Jews? The ‘rememdies’ for this largely imaginary pogrom are headed there anyway – and it’s clear Britons, cowed and docile, will do nothing to stand in the way.

  • Eve

    Ironically, it seems that *sex offenders* are sometimes employed to spread anti-semitic propaganda on the internet. I’ve been observing one in particular, Kenneth Charles Martin, registered in Las Cruces, New Mexico; a vicious rapist of boys, who spends all his time disseminating anti-semitic propaganda in internet political groups.

  • victoria brandeis

    what a stupid solution…or is it just a tighter rope to roll people in and

    control them…..slip a noose around the Queen….it may help her from falling…..

  • The one problem with an ‘asbo’ is that the sort of yob likely to ‘be awarded’ one is likley to be proud of it.

  • Both Blaire and Cameron have relatives married into Islam. Claire Booth sister of Cherie Booth. Cameron’s connection I am not sure which relative it is. We cannot have PM’s in the UK who sympathize with Islam. Again lack of history colors the thinking of these two. Sweden is just as stupid. My point is quite simply WWIII deal with Islam once and for all and find a better alternative to Arab and Middle Eastern Islamic OIL.

  • the british mps are morally bound to protect the macaulay putras and balfour putras

  • If they have hate in their heart and soul no law can change that.

    • Dante

      You also cannot change a sex offender’s desires but you can make it more difficult for him to find rape victims.

  • The measure is simply not good enough and detracts from the real problem. People like George Galloway and Stephen Sizer, the Solidarity with Palestine Movements, and the Media, know very well how to avoid all the pitfalls and key words associated with classical anti-Semitism. Their rhetoric works by applying acceptable words like ” war crimes ” using obviously false data in describing Israel’s actions, and is far more pernicious and effective in guiding the average reader into a mindset of hatred towards Jews. I have seen both Galloway, and the Media castigate anti Semitism whilst doing more to undermine the safety of Jewish people in Europe than a Nuremberg rally.

  • tovlogos

    This parliamentary approach is a step in the right direction, finally. Yes, life and these episodes are not apart from theological underpinning; however, governments do have the authority and capacity to be more proactive in the face of this sort of abuse.