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November 15, 2015 2:20 pm

Palestinian Authority Compares Israel to ISIS, Publishes Article Blaming Mossad for Paris Attacks

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The Le Petit Cambodge restaurant—site of one of six coordinated Islamist terror attacks in Paris on Friday—with a makeshift memorial of flowers and blood staining the ground on the day after the attacks. Photo: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène via Wikimedia Commons.

The Le Petit Cambodge restaurant—site of one of six coordinated Islamist terror attacks in Paris on Friday—with a makeshift memorial of flowers and blood staining the ground on the day after the attacks. Photo: Maya-Anaïs Yataghène via Wikimedia Commons.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Fatah movement of PA President Mahmoud Abbas responded to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris by drawing a false comparison between Israel and ISIS, and publishing an article blaming the Jewish state for the mass slaughter, watchdog Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported on Sunday.

Fatah on Saturday posted an image on Twitter showing the Palestinian flag alongside the flags of Russia, Lebanon and France, with the caption: “Terror is terror.” The flags alluded to the recent ISIS terror attacks that took place in and against those countries, including last month’s explosion on a Russian plane flying over Egypt’s Sinai that killed 224 people.

Fatah went on to directly equate Israeli policy toward Palestinians and the mass premeditated murder committed by ISIS in Paris and in Egypt. The group wrote on Twitter, “Terror is terror and we condemn all terror. Be it destroying houses in Nablus and killing our children by Israel or hitting a Russian plane over Egypt. The Paris attacks are criminal acts done by coward terrorists.”

Fatah also posted a statement from its spokesperson in Europe, who indicated that Israel is really to blame for the Paris attacks because it “breeds violence in the entire world,” PMW reported.

On Sunday, the official PA daily al-Hayat al-Jadida published an op-ed blaming Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency, and its “octopus arms,” for the six coordinated attacks in Paris that killed at least 132 people and injured over 350. The article alleged that it’s no coincidence that “human blood was exploded in Paris” at the same time that “certain European sanctions” are being implemented.” The author was referring to the European Union’s recent decision to approve guidelines that require member states to stop carrying the “Made in Israel” label for products made in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

The piece also claimed that Israel will benefit from the Paris attacks, which serve the “goals” of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, who “hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world,” PMW reported.

The PA daily reiterated Fatah’s libel comparing Israel to ISIS by publishing a cartoon showing an Israeli decapitating the Al-Aqsa Mosque alongside an ISIS terrorist beheading a hostage.

WAFA, the official PA news agency, reported that Abbas condemned the terror attacks, but then reiterated Fatah’s position by implicating Israel in the violence.

Palestinian National Council member Bassam Abu Sharif also blamed Israel for the attacks in Paris, according to PMW. He criticized US and Western leaders for not taking a stand against Israel and the “Zionists,” and implied that the West had a hand in the attacks, because it has “used terror organizations before” to carry out Israel’s and their own “schemes” in the Middle East.

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  • Indeed, Israël is the offender, but all cultures of circumcision are responsible for terrorism:

  • I also blame Israel for climate change, El Niño , unemployment in the world, earthquakes, racial tensions in the US, etc…Hamas and Hezbollah are peaceful citizens and do not condone violence at any means.


    Israel is right to defend herself as the World has to declare war to all those monsters who are thirsty of bloodshed. What happened to France is the wake up call to all those who look for Freedom, peace and happiness.
    It is time to get ride of this cancer who pollutes the civilized World.


      Why you do not stop Abbas from saying those enormous lies about Israel?


        We should not listen anymore to the false comments and the fabricated lies of Abbas. Israel has the right to defend herself from the assailants who want to destroy her. Like Paris, there is no time anymore to find excuses for what happened, it is a crime against humanity. It is the result of political correctness.


          It is difficult now to send a negative comments about the lies and the false comments.
          It is still political correctness which close the mouths of real people and emphasizes those who have the power. I do not play this game. Sorry

    • Israeli thugs storming a hospital and kidnapping a patient and as a by the by murdering his cousin in cold blood -is this not a horrendous terrorist action? Will u justify this crime? Or how about the israeli border guard who threathe ed to gas to death men, women and children in a refugee camp-this israeli border guard learnt well from the nazis-because they murdered six million jews-a crime that god should never forgive-is this how ur military are being trained now? Threathen them with gassing if they dont stop throwing stones?

  • Nathaniel

    We all keep records. They should come up with any destruction of either human being or property that the Israelis were not justified and we’ll all support them wholeheartedly. We all hate blood shedding senselessly.

  • NCS

    This is perhaps the most outrageous and obnoxious comment the PA/Fatah have ever come up with. Sounds like Nazi Germany all over again.

  • zadimel

    The pa and its brother-in-terror,fatah, know no bounds in their distortion, fabrication and delusion of reality,when the issue of the Jew, Zionism, and the Jewish State arises.

  • Deborah Aronow

    Dear Algemeiner:
    You had to know that Israel would be blamed for the Paris

  • Jerry

    Why has no one, NO ONE reported that this is the EXACT same actions from the ISIS jerks as what the Nazi’s did to the Jews, Russian’s and anyone else they wanted to exterminate? I understand why the American Lame Stream Media have not said anything but the rest of the world!!! Shame on us.

  • Abie Sekete

    Israel must stop killing Palestinians and destroying their homes.Bloodshed must be stopped immediately and must be replaced by peace and love.

    • KLris Kristian

      When the British had the mandate over what was then Palestine, they destroyed every terrorists house ,
      Please refer to what the British did before you have so much to say about Israel

  • Hanna Rinzler

    Palestinian Authorities are either completely crazy, or shameless thieves of Israel’s history.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    The comments made by that bastard Abbas and his other PA swines, should prove to the world that the PA does not deserve to have a state.
    They are the leaders of world terrorism.
    of course, using a knife to murder Jews, is not terrorism. It is ‘freedom fighters”

    To blame Israel/Mossad for the terrorist attack in Paris and Beirut, should be condemned by the UN, (of course the UN will never condemn this,as it is run by the Arab Islamic states.)
    Where is OBAMA, and other western leaders?

    This shows the warped sick mind of the so called palestiians a name coined by the arch terrorist, Araft.
    They also blamed Mossad for the blowing up of the World trrade Centre.Yet. they want the ground to be a Muslim holy site, because 19 Muslims died in that attack on the WTC.
    Some years ago, a German tourist swimming in the Red Sea, was attacked and killed by a shark.
    Those evil bastards, claimed that Mossad trained the shark to kill tourists, so that nobody will ever go to Egypt again.
    And the world blames Israel for the on going terrorist killers in the Middle East, and because there is no peace.
    How can any person believe that the palestinians should have a state.

    where is the condemnnation of the palestinian murder of Jews in Israel?

    • Ruthyl Lachmann

      Hi Mordancy, you are so right , how shameful to blame Israel when they are blood thirsty they

    • Ruthyl Lachmann

      Hi Mordancy, you are so right , how shameful to blame Israel when they are blood thirsty

  • VictorMc

    Dealing with the PA is like dealing with under fives and they should be treated as children.

  • But Israel and the West will continue to work with the P.A.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The Palestinian Authority, Palestinian National Council, WAFA, al-Hayat al-Jadida, Fatah, the PLO, and PA president Mahmoud Abbas have tried and continue to try to falsely persuade the world that Israel is behind the evil that takes place anywhere and everywhere in the world. Such incendiary vitriolic lies just fan the flames of despair, violence, and hatred against Israel and Jews. It appears that the PA leadership and the media in the PA follows the notorious dictum pronounced by the Nazi propagandist Dr. Joseph Goebbels: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

  • David Abraham

    Why was I expecting something like these from these scumbags?? It’s time Jews from all over the world sue ALL Palestinian leaders PERSONALLY for incitement to hatred and crimes against humanity.It’s also time Israel takes over Gaza, KICKS OUT Hamas and the PA, it’s OUR DUTY as Jews to clean up the place for the Palestinians, since they are CLEARLY incapable or unwilling to pick up their own responsibilities. Any other country would have done so a long time ago.

  • June Grant

    Unless all the Palestinians have the brain capacity of sheep, surely they must realise The idiocy of the notion that Israel/Mossad carried out the Paris massacre especially after ISIS proudly claimed credit? Assuming that their people understand the PA consistently lies,why don’t they strongly doubt all the misinformation they are bombarded with about the Zionist enemy?

  • Bill

    I wondered how long it would take the PA to blame Israel for Paris. I guess that they believe tha the whole world is as stupid and anti Semitic as they are.

  • Sam Harris

    What sick bastards!

  • Michael

    I guess when you have nothing to lose because your credibility is so deep into the toilet, you can say the most outrageous things and find an eager audience amongst flabby hand wringing liberals and anti-Semites who blame the Jews for everything, including winter.

  • Joel

    These guys are certifiably insane

  • Eliacheva Friedl

    How long will the world allow and listen to the spewing of vile lies of Hamas and Fatah. They are doing this to cover up their vile past and present. They are keeping their own people in the dark of the Arab worlds crimes and massive participation in WWII. They all have more blood on their hands against their OWN people, Cheistians, Jews and other minority groups than any other group of people on earth. The common denominator in every war on the planet at the moment is the Arab nations and it’s radicals. That should speak worlds in itself.

  • Edward Paul Campbell

    Everyone knows that Mossad planned the Twin Towers….

    World War One

    and World War Two

    and is probably planning World War Three..?

  • of course

  • Ironically, My University said the same thing about 6 weeks ago, that the Israel would look to divert attention from their Intransigence in the middle east by supporting by staging a operation against a Western Country.

  • aall55

    Different names [Hamas, Fatah, Issis, Hezbollah ] one same bunch of thugs :coward Islamist terrorists with unhuman abject violence against innocents.

    Pathetic rhetoric from the PA who ridicule themselves.

    Solidarity of the civilized world against the abyss of horror of those who want to destroy us .

    • Will Knot

      Hezbollah has 15,000 soldiers fighting Isis. Hezbollah and Iran and Russia are going to wipe out Isis.Please be clear in who you accuse of terrorism.Neither Israeli nor Palestinian hands are clean, but Iran, Russia and Hezbollah are heroes for fighting Isis.


    We, in Israel and Jews world-wide, need to STOP paying heed to these non-entities who psychologically cannot take responsibility for their actions or those of their kind, and persistently blame Israel for their and the worlds’ ills.
    When we can follow the Torah and deal with them according to the dictates Hashem gave us, then we can (hopefully) attain peace and safety for our people, especially in Israel.

  • Historian

    Of course the ILLEGAL Palestinian ISLAMIC ANIMALS are related to ISIS are supporters of the HAMAS BROTHERHOOD AND ISIS terrorists.
    Get their money from Iran,

  • Hana

    Wouldn’t you expect THAT!
    People out there be adviced!

    This is a form of propaganda systematically used by the Palestinians
    In order to confuse the issues!
    Tthey turn the facts up side down…claiming that what is ours is theirs, or that they are the victims not us, every argument at any level on any subject is automatically flipped over….it’s almost laughable once you get it, before you start trying to make things make sense and getting entangled in trying to answer every claim.

    That is why the right word would help a lot to denounce it and nip it in the bud before our youth becomes self hating.q

    Anyone out there please help me find the proper name for this form of propaganda!

    Thank you!

    • aall55

      it is called : projection , a term used in psychiatry.
      ” in psychiatry, an unconscious defense mechanism whereby emotionally unacceptable traits are denied in oneself and are regarded (projected) as belonging to the external world or to someone else. It is often called the “blaming” mechanism because in using it the person seeks to place the blame for personal inadequacies upon someone else. In its extreme form projection can lead to hostility and physical attack upon others when one mistakenly perceives other persons as responsible for one’s own mental anguish.”

  • Hana

    Wouldn’t you expect THAT!
    People out there be adviced!

    This is a form of propaganda systematically used by the Palestinians
    In order to confuse the issues!

    Anyone out there please help me find the proper name for it!

    It helps a lot to clarify the mind of young people especially because it is easy and simple to detect!

    Thank you!

  • Paul Berman

    Seems to me that a Sunni, Islamic extremist group intentionally attacking bars, music venues, and other places where civilians frequent sounds suspiciously like Hamas,Fatah, PLO, PFLP and all the other Islamic terrorists. Sad that they still try to blame the Jews for what they and their fellow Islamists do

  • Amnon

    The degenerate that wrote this garbage should be brought to justice and send to life in prison because this is enticing terrorists to kill Israelis .Free speech is not enticing to crime.

  • Yet another example of the incurable Palestinian pathology of psychological projection, to mask their own crimes.

  • Reform School

    A thousand years of Islamic subjugation of Middle Eastern cultures has driven all the great advances of ancient Egypt into exile, turning external Blame into an art form. Compare that history to just 50 years of a self-identified Palestinian people, which has advanced Blame to a science: With that track record, whoever dares say Terrorism is not an advanced, effective form of warfare risks decapitation. Kapiche?

  • Elon Winkler

    Wasn’t Israel also responsible for the 9/11 attacks on U.S. ?

  • Ilbert Phillips

    The PA is truly mental. Abbas needs therapy. He is delusional and dangerous and clearly has lost contact with reality. How does one respond to this nonsense with a straight face?

  • michelle kahn

    What is to be expected from a sub-human species – it has been determined that by 2022 Paris will have a Muslim President! And then what will the PLO, Fatahn Hamas and the rest of the terror organizations have to say. “We did it”! France let them into their country. France permitted them to become so powerful that French police are “terri”fied to enter certain areas- send them all back to their lands. Revoke their French citizenship. Closing borders is just ” a finger in the dyke” –

  • Mickey Oberman

    Where are the 5 replies?


  • Dante

    Mahmoud Abbas, whom I anymore call Mach-Mut-zum-Judenermorden (German for encourage to murder Jews) Abbas, has struck again to falify history. He already denied the Holocaust in 1984.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Yes. Mr. Abbas. Israel teaches its children from birth to murder unarmed civilians and to die for Allah.
    It teaches pre teens how to use guns and knives and other weapons.
    It teaches them to hate all other religions.
    It teaches them that Islam must rule the world.
    It teaches them to rape all non Muslim females of any age.
    It teaches them about taqiyya, to lie for Islam.
    It teaches them that females are only worth 1/2 the value of males.

    Yes, Mr. Abbas. Tell us more.

  • Pearl

    It was only a matter of time before Israel & the Jews are blamed for this horrific attack on innocent people! The Arabs are great at laying blame on everyone but themselves!

  • rae sharfman

    Abu Mazen and company make the most bazaar statements possible-like the Mossad was behind the murders in Paris. I certainly hope that some politicians and journalists really go after him. This is diversion and slander.
    I also hope the Israeli government with counter with extremely strong actions. This cannot stand as is.

  • Francis Figliola

    …of which approximately 40% is borrowed for which our children and grandchildren will have to pay off. Nice!

  • Francis Figliola

    Why is Obama still feeding US taxpayer $$ into this nest of criminals?