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May 25, 2016 1:54 pm

Dershowitz: Not Surprising ‘Ignoramus’ Bernie Sanders Tapped ‘Professional Israel-Hater’ for Democratic Policy Committee (INTERVIEW)

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 Harvard University law professor Alan Dershowitz. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

Alan Dershowitz. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

The Palestinian activist appointed by presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders to the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee is a “professional Israel-hater,” internationally acclaimed legal mind Alan Dershowitz told The Algemeiner on Tuesday.

Dershowitz, a fierce defender of Israel and avowed supporter of the Democratic Party, was referring to Arab American Institute (AAI) President James Zogby, whom Sanders tapped on Monday to help draft party policy.

Dershowitz, who said he’s debated Zogby on numerous occasions, explained why he is “not surprised” that the senator from Vermont contending for the Democratic nomination picked him to fill such an influential position. “Bernie Sanders is an ignoramus when it comes to the Middle East, and he is very strongly biased against Israel. He gets his information from hard-Left, anti-Israel sources, and he doesn’t think for himself,” he said.

Regarding another of Sanders’ anti-Israel appointees to the committee — philosopher Cornel West, a BDS proponent who wrote that the crimes of Hamas “pale in the face of the US-supported Israeli slaughter of innocent civilians,” and accused President Obama of being “most comfortable with upper middle-class white and Jewish men who consider themselves very smart, very savvy and very effective in getting what they want”– Dershowitz said, “Putting two Israel-bashers on the committee risks dividing the Democratic Party over an issue on which they’ve always been united.” 

According to a Morning Consult poll published Tuesday, presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is only ahead of Sanders by six percentage points. Sanders, Dershowitz said, “poses a tremendous threat to Clinton’s election, and she should fight tooth and nail to keep the Democratic platform supportive of Israel.”

This is not, according to Dershowitz, because Sanders “will ever be president,” but due to his being “more dangerous as a losing candidate than he would be if he were to win the nomination, since if he did, he would be overwhelmingly defeated in November. As a loser, on the other hand, he threatens to push Clinton into positions that will make it much harder for her to win the general election.”

In other words, said Dershowitz, “I’m not worried about Sanders as a winner; I’m worried about him as a loser. And I will do everything in my power to see that he is marginalized in the Democratic Party, particularly on foreign policy, about which he knows nothing.”

In a blog post published by AAI, Zogby called American and Israeli support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “shameful,” claiming that “Israeli society is on a slippery slope — becoming increasingly tolerant of racist violence.” In a 2010 Huffington Post article, Zogby compared the “plight of the Palestinians” to that of the Jews during the Holocaust.

In an interview with Foreign Policy on Monday, Zogby — who has served on the executive body of the Democratic National Council for the last decade — said the language used by the Democratic Platform will have to adopt a more “toughened” approach against Israel and include the word “occupation” in relation to Israeli presence in the West Bank. He also hopes to increase the party’s support for Palestinians.

The party’s current platform policy seeks “a just and lasting Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples, [which] would contribute to regional stability and help sustain Israel’s identity.”

The Algemeiner reached out to the National Jewish Democratic Council for comment, but did not receive a response by press time.

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  • AmericanEagle1392

    I find it ironic when Alan Dershowitz steps forward as a chest-thumping champion of Israel after he works tirelessly to put Israel in jeopardy.

    This is the guy who told the American Jews in 2008 that Obama was a strong supporter of Israel when anyone familiar with Obama’s past would know this was a brazen political falsehood.

  • Consensus

    “Bernie Sanders is an ignoramus when it comes to the Middle East, and he is very strongly biased against Israel. He gets his information from hard-Left, anti-Israel sources, and he doesn’t think for himself,”

    This may be exactly why he appeals to the Left.

  • ZB

    The whole Bernie phenomena started with his campaign to save American democracy with a known Israel supporting congressman name Ted Deutch back in 2011. His campaign fight had been against the subversion of democracy by the 1%, and making America’s economy work for all. That was his presidential campaign rationale and popular appeal. It also is a position of the traditional Democratic Party, the party for example of Harry Truman known champion of Israel’s emergence as a state. What Sanders has done is do a sudden shift away from this campaign theme to waste political capital on something that would have gotten him nowhere except with hard-heart-leftists and Arab extremists. Common people “Felt The Bern” & gave $27 to secure their jobs, government and climate, not to slander, disarm and slaughter Israeli Jews.

  • We will be voting for the candidate we fislike the least
    That is a Close Call.

  • Myer Zulaikha

    Burnie Sanders he hates us , he should convert from being Jewish to Muslim or Catholicks Myer Zulaikha

  • In 1963, Bernie dropped by to do his socialist shtick on a northern kibbutz. Two things that Bernie did not do that year:
    1) he never once spoke of “palestine” or a “palestinian people” (they were not yet invented)
    2) he never visited the Jewish holy sites. Jerusalem was judenrein (but how can that be, Bernie…”the occupation” didn’t begin until 4 years later?).

    I understand the psyche of Bernie better that Bernie himself. We began studies at Brooklyn College the same year, and I lived down the block from his Shul. To his credit, Sanders has devoted decades to the Black struggle in America. But now, blind neurosis forces him to morph “palestinians” into the “victims of repression and colonialism”

    As his guru MLK once said, “the truth shall set you free” So here’s the truth Bernie … WE JEWS ARE THE BLACKS ! We are the Aborigines, and we are the American Indians. We were here first. We have lived here continually for 3,800 years. We are the majority. The fiction that there is a “palestinian people” who deserve a country called “palestine” was invented years after you left that kibbutz in the north.

    • Thank you, Steve! What you have just stated is 100% correct. It needs to be said more often and this should be the mantra of all who seek truth and love Israel. WE JEWS ARE THE BLACKS! Please allow me to requote your last paragraph.

    • O Levy


    • a yid

      thanks for your comment; if only bernie could see the emes. MLK was quoting the xian book which is something you and i know not to do. sanders appears to be a classic case of what happens when a jew loses touch with his jewish soul. tragically: same happened with saul alinksy. may Hashem help our people to return.

    • Roey Kestelman

      Excellent note from you! Liked it alot.

    • gabriel morgan

      Steve Berger,

      The shelf life of the nonsense in your comment has unfortunately expired. The jig is up. The American people have lost sympathy and and willingness to underwrite a fascist apartheid state. The wind is turning. No amount of lying will keep it from turning. Israel has to make a hasty and humble peace or their neighbors will justly rip them limb from limb.

      Focus on that. A hasty and humble peace with your neighbors. You do not speak for Jewry. No historical suffering can mask the perfidy of your cause, the callousness of zionism.

    • Alan

      Thank you!!!

  • Chuck Itzkovitz

    Sanders view is more reflective of the dangers represented by the Netanyahu policies, and the views of an ever increasing portion of the American Jewish community. Dershowitz is getting more and more obsolete in his blindness to the deteriorating Iaraeli/Palestinian reality.

  • Alexi

    Thank you Alan. Zogby and West are scum when it comes to Israel.

  • Eleanor Weintraub

    Thank you for this article, and thank you to Alan Dershowitz for the information.
    I will pass it on.

  • Joel

    Must we always hear comfortable, well-fed American Jews, Muslims, Catholics and Protestants proclaiming the similarity of the so-called plight of the Palestinians and the Ghetto Jews of Germany/Eastern Europe in the 1930’s-40’s. it’s an inane comparison, yet the Western press disgorges this charge endlessly. Did ever a European Jewish Ghetto have weaponry with which to bomb their tormentors? Did Ghetto Jews receive hundreds of millions from the West with which to pay their police forces to keep down internal ghetto dissent? Did Ghetto Jews every receive heavy weapons to attack their antagonists? STOP It insults intelligence. Sanders is far worse than an ignoramus. All I can think of is Capo. Dershowitz is a leftist freak show. There are now good guys in the establishment West with regards to Israel. None!

  • betty k. schneck

    Bernie Sanders is a dangerous person who has been lying most 0of his life. Even the experience of running for office is thrilling to him to keep in the spot light. He foments trouble and doesn’t care how it’s done and to whom, He’s not really interested in American democracy but in furthering his own recognition.
    America is a democracy not a socialist state. He is capable of converting it to communism and fascism which makes him a danger to the American way of life.
    He has never spoken about the loss of life to the children that were killed because of no gun accountability. He’s dangerous to Americans.

  • You’re the only hero the Jewish people have in the USA.

  • lol

    I can’t believe you’re not going with the GOP this round, ALAN DERSHOWITZ…given how horrible HILLARY was for the past 8 years to ISRAEL’s safety and security.

    I believe you should be voting TRUMP….populist or not….as he will employ the RIGHT PEOPLE for the RIGHT JOB…maybe even YOU!!!

    • Yes…he needs to leave the demoncrap party….join the republicans, libertarian, or be independant

      it is time to leave the party of slavery

      to pay more than half my income to some form of authority is TAX SLAVERY

    • Lara

      2 main reasons for Alan to be in Democratic Party : it’s easier to fight within the party since its extremely important for Israel to get by partisan support. 2nd reason – he shares a lot of common views on social issues.

  • Alan Dershowitz is nothing but loyal to the Democratic Party. How he can remain so with their anti-Semitic stance, there failure to uphold Israel at the UN, Obama’s extreme rudeness to Benjamin Netenyahu and the BDS movement on college campuses is beyond me. He may have a great legal mind but common sense seems to have escaped him. The Palestinians do not want peace they want the world to continue wasting their money on them.

  • Alan Dershowitz is right to go for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders who trades on being a Jew and Jewish, is a Jew saying ‘goodbye’ to Judaism.
    What do I mean by ‘goodbye’ to Judaism? Simply that he is leaving the religion without heirs, not having propagated anyone to carry on his glorious heritage.
    The characteristic that unites so many Israel-haters is that they are on their way out of Judaism and don’t know how to say’goodbye’ politely. Instead of quietly going, they make a big fuss – usually against Israel, usually with exaggerated support for the Palestinians. It all smacks of: “If I have no Jewish future, I don’t want a Jewish future for anyone”.
    Why exaggerated support? Because they give no other people this degree of concentrated attention.
    Jews and the rest of the world need pay no attention to Bernie Sanders or the myriads of others like him who can’t say ‘Goodbye’ politely. Nothing they say should ever be taken seriously.

  • Mr. Dershowitz says Sen. Sanders “doesn’t think for himself.” What true-believing leftist does? For the leftist true believer, the Party (or Big Brother) does the thinking, and the true believer acts accordingly.

    • you are right on target…..100%

      the progressives are destroying humanity
      by destroying any value system. No longer does it matter if you are born man or woman, straight or gay, traditional family or not. As like nothing matters…..we must fight back!! The progressive believes in different lifestyle except a religious lifestyle. Believe all to be equal except their concept of justice. To them justice is black or white NOT BLIND. ETC

      socialism is a nice idea as long as it is practice
      on a volunteer basis…everyone is free to share
      but forced socialism/collectivism IS A HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATION!!!

      To force anyone (except criminals or dangerously insane people) to go against their will including forced taxation is not just amoral but A HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATION

  • it is OK to appoint people who support Israel and it’s monstrous actions against civilian Palestinians.. the moment someone decides to do the right thing, and have a more humane and balanced view, he is then accused of dividing the democratic party. well, Mr Sanders is the only person who can do the right thing, and we love him for doing this.

  • arlene abrams

    The Democratic party will be dissolved if this ignoramus continues to fight against Israel. SHAME.

  • And let’s not forget to mention that Sanders also named Congressman Keith Ellison to the Platform Committee.

    Ellison voted AGAINST the Iron Dome protection system for Israel.

    In the Washington Post, he published an op-ed demanding that Israel lift the blockade of Gaza, with NO conditions placed on Hamas, Islamic Jihad and similar Islamofascist terror groups.

  • Jonah

    As Obama repositions himself internationally for his surreptitious attack against Israel…..Israel cannot be defeated without Obama at the reins of the attack. He is feverously attempting to interject himself at some international level in the event a catastrophic incident does not cancell the elections. Dershowitz..God bless his soul has his blinders on…he is incapable of seeing the damage Obama and Clinton have done to Israel’s survival. He thinks the Democratic Party is the solution and they are unequivocally the most destructive force for Israel since the beginning of time. Netanyahu sees it coming and is preparing to defend Israel against this end time Obama phenomenon. It is real, it’s is not paranoia, in the very near future Israel will be fending off thousands of missles, chemical warheads, fighting in their own streets against liberal factions…..enemy’s who have been unleashed by unsavory liberal political leaders. Those that are positioning themselves for the finale take down will use this divisiveness as a chink in Israel’s armor.

  • I’m happy to see that Professor Dershowitz has wised up about Bernie Sanders. My aha moment came when he switched from Socialist to Democrat to further his own political ambitions. If he were the principled socialist he claims to be, he’d have run as an independent like Nader did.

  • theo

    Dershowitz – a supporter of the Democratic party
    I take it he supports Obama ,probably the worst president the Us has ever had
    The derelictions of Obama are etched in his tenure
    America is regarded with contempt as a spineless shadow of what it could and should be
    We read of the deceptions of Obama to get his Iran deal approved We read how American servicemen sit with their hands in the air in surrender
    America is humiliated by Putin
    He taunts your carriers from the skies
    This is the party Dershowitz backs
    What a disgrace !

  • nat cheiman

    Loser Sanders will be marginalised by Dershowitz. That is a good thing.

  • Ani

    Unfortunately too many people have made unfounded assumptions as to Sanders and any possible support he might have for Israel. That he was born Jewish and volunteered on a kibbutz back in the 60’s means nothing. In fact, he has lived his life unaffiliated in any way with the Jewish community, married non-Jewish women etc. Bernie is no friend of the Jews nor Israel. And he is dangerous as well as ignorant.

    Way too many Jews have been supporting him, including all sorts of leftist Jews, both young and old. From his behavior when Netnayahu came to speak on the Iran deal, it was clear to me where his sympathies lay. I’d vote for pretty much anyone but Sanders.

  • Jose Duran

    Again, we have a politician, badly educated in the politics and culture of the Middle East, supporting the criminal gang of the Palestinian authority and its terrorist nemesis of Hamas.
    Sanders and Clinton are out to lunch here.

  • Tony Trenton

    I find the fact that Dershowitz could not see that Obummer is a ‘Flim-Flam Man’. Very disappointing !!!

  • There will never be a two state solution as long as the Quran is the constitution of Muslims.

  • Golum…

    DERSH appears to be Right on about the Bern……He has NO interest in Foreign Affairs and where Israel is concerned he has a massive BRAIN BLOCK!!!


    I don’t disagree about Sanders. But why does Dershowitz think that Hilary can be trusted since she and Bill have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the Saudis alone? As for the Democratic party being split, I think it already is.

    For the first time in decades I will vote with the Republicans if Hilary is the Democrat’s nominee.

  • He knows nothing. Is as a man who walks trough his own building smells neighbor delicious fool aroma which he never did talk to, bangs on the door, asking for the food secret plan, he gets the food secret plan, busy all day long with the food aroma screwed in brain, goes out buys the food cooking stuffs, goes home start cooking, the cooked food has no aroma. Why? Because he has no feeling for the stuff food he did cook, he has not the touch for where the food stuffs come from! The enemy is in the house which he never left.

  • Leslie Benjamini

    Is this really the hill that the Democratic Party wants to die on? Palestinian rights. Israel. Does the Democratic Party want to become the American political party that put the rights of a foreign people that nobody wants, that have a dubious claim, at best, to land that they have no archeological or biblical history to above the rights, needs & desires of the American people. How about addressing the problems of the people in this country. Leave Israel out of American election politics. Bernie Sanders is a socialist zealot who has gone so far over the edge he has become a hysterical old man screaming at the top of his lungs for upending the social order of this country ( which I agree could use some overhaul) to the detriment of the people. He needs to rein it in & bring it back to America. The Palestinian problem is none of our business.

  • Clive Wang

    Thank you Alan Dershowitz. I don’t always agree with your politics but in this situation you are right on. There needs to be a strong push back from other prominent Democrats denouncing Sanders’ outrageous position on Israel. What can individuals with no platform do to help?

  • Ephraim

    Sadly, I am afraid that the Democratic Party is becoming all too united. It has been hijacked by the Jew hating hard left, and those of us who thought things might improve have been slammed over and over and over again. I would not recommend Professor Dershowitz change parties, as the GOP continues its assault on the poor and the helpless, not to mention individual rights. However, the Democratic Party has gone completely off the deep end, and it is a sad state indeed if people feel they need to endorse a veteran Israel hater like Hillary, just because Sanders is a hateful lunatic.

  • ART

    Professor Dershowitz is correct about Sanders, West and Zogby however, tragically the Democratic party under Obama has already turned against Israel and has already proclaimed the “settlements” as “illegal” and the administration of Samaria and Judea as the occupation. As Sec State Hillary further applied the terms. We must never forget the 45 minute insulting rant she subjected Netanyahu to

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    As I presently live in Jerusalem now for almost 2 1/2 years, my singular take on Bernie Sanders, his attempts to squash Israel in the face of very angry misrepresentations of Israel’s present status in the Middle East, its treatment of Palestinians, and its place in the international community seems almost devoid of emotion and caring. He simply does not exists as a viable part of my world today. His negativity towards Israel is just one more negative Jew against what I believe to be an absolute miracle in the desert amid a sea of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism on a growing scale worldwide. My personal emotional and psychological investment in American politics has become virtually nonexistent.

  • paul ackerman

    Fascinating that Dershowitz still supports the Democratic Party. Perhaps he has not come to terms with the reality that the Democratic Party does not want to know his views anymore.In fact,they espouse the typical anti-Israel views of the radical left for the most part.
    Bernie Sanders is just the tip of the self-hating,left-wing-guilt-ridden “Jewish” iceberg of the radical left.They are no more Jewish than the Ayatollahs.

  • stevenl

    Dershowitz was wrong on Obama and now wrong on the “neo-socialist” party.

  • Rob Cohen

    Sanders is ready to destroy the only democracy in the middle east and the only safe haven for the Jewish people.

    His arab and black picks for his committee recommendations will use him and laugh after they finish with him.

  • It won’t be Senator Sanders fault, if Mrs. Clinton loses in November. She is arguably the most politically weak Democratic nominee since Jimmy Carter in 1980. And if Mrs. Clinton wins, she’ll continue her predecessor’s détente with Iran, and make things much harder on Israel.

  • Rob Cohen

    Sanders will work hard to destroy Israel and all it represents not only to Judaism, but to democracy in the Middle East

  • Francis Figliola

    Mr. Dershowitz, it is not an accident that the Democratic party has a Donkey for their logotype! And if you had any sense you would become an Independent.

  • stevenl

    Pro-Israel democrats are most UN-welcomed in the social-democrat party. But they will ignore the way the German Jews ignored!
    Only the ignorant students do not know the anti-Semitic history of socialism.
    Anti-Semitism a man made mental disease pervading the western and Muslim worlds.

  • As a Jew I always believed I’d be really happy when a Jew could possibly reach The Presidency. Frankly, I’m concerned and embarrassed by Bernie Sanders. He depicts all the fears I’ve had about “Self-Hating” Jews. He covets the spotlight by being against everything the American Jews have fought for since emigrating to this wonderful country. I am proud of Israel’s accomplishments. especially in the face of the enemies that surround her. For Sanders to promote the dangerous lies that Israel is the demon, should disqualify him and his allies from contributing to the Democratic policy aganda

  • Lia

    Zogby & West: if poor Mr Sanders had tried he couldn’t have chosen worse.

  • steve epstein

    I see the comment that I submitted is “awaiting moderation.” that is good. But I cannot see the prior seven comments…Please have someone call me at 914-522-6532


  • SteveHC

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s willingness to acquiesce on granting Sanders the opportunity to appoint ANY members to Democratic Party’s Platform-writing committee – and the party’s interest in doing such a thing in the first place – is absolutely HORRENDOUS… to the point that we still cannot and SHOULD not be prematurely dismissive of Donald Trump.

  • steve epstein

    The only “occupations” are the Temple Mount (by Jordan) and in the parts of Judea & Samaria where there are Arab villages where Jews may not buy homes.

  • nelson marans

    The radical leftist Bernie Sanders has never seen an Arab terrorist that he did not like while castigating Israel and its supporters. His Jewish antecedents,, now atheistic or agnostic has only deepened his hate of the Jewish state based on his now obvious efforts to change the Democratic platform to terrorist support.

  • jakob wasi

    Dershowitz is a shil, and becomes more shrill as the Jewish community in the US becomes more fractured and more critical of Israel run by Netenyahu & co.

  • Emanuel

    Yeah Dersh! Bernie is NOT a JEW, NOT successful at anything, he’s a douche in uncle Leo’s clothes. Also, I’m registered Democrat and I’m voting in the primary and not for Hillary, but because this guy has less support from people I don’t like and stands no chance against the only American candidate who cares about me and my issues.

  • brenrod

    LOL, 60% of bernie’s selection are BDS Israel haters… looks like anti israel is his main agenda and he wants it to be the main agenda of the dems too.

  • Yaakov

    “internationally acclaimed” — there we go again.