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July 10, 2012 4:12 pm

30 Years After Fleeing Israel and Converting to Islam, Woman Returns Home

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Reunion in Israel. Photo: Israel's Channel 2.

30 years ago, a Jewish Israeli woman fell in love with a Palestinian man, converted to Islam and moved to the Palestinian town of Tulkarm in the West Bank.  After a chance encounter with her sister recently, and years of abuse at the hands of her husband, that woman (and some of her children) fled back to Israel.

According to the woman, who spoke with Israel’s Channel 2 news, her husband tied her to a tree and beat her following an argument.

“You’re always to be at home, do not go – do not do anything,” she said her husband told her.

Then, 3 weeks ago, when she went to an Israeli hospital for medical treatment, the woman bumped into a familiar face – her sister.  After years of no communication, the woman’s sister, who worked at the hospital as a nurse, said she did not believe her sister, who fled to Tulkarm, was alive.

Upon returning to Israel, the woman brought 2 of her 8 children along.

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  • Mohamed

    ok. she accepted islam. married a muslim. but the question is did the muslim man follow the way he is instructed in religion? no. i am a muslim man and i know there is a saying by prophet muhammad that the best among men are those who are best to their wives. the man may be in muslim religion, but he had certainly gone against his religion. so do not portray the suffering was done by a muslim, but by a bad man. there are millions of muslims who take care of their familes kindly. my father, my mother are just examples. every country has murderers, criminals etc. i feel sad about how bad the woman was treated by his husband. only if i had a chance i would have stopped him doing that. even if the woman had not become muslim, a muslim man is allowed to marry christian and jewish women. even then he is supposed to give respect and love to her. not violence. such bad people bring disgrace to the whole community. may Allah guide us and make us righteous. aameen.

  • dr.music

    What can muslims really do ? Mad things are written in the koran and the had-its. What can muslims really do ? Mad things are written in the koran and the had-its. The koran is the word of some allah but mad things are written in the Koran and the had-its. What to do ??? Was allah mad when he wrote the koran? Can allah be mad? Must be because mad things are written in the Koran and the had-its. Mad things are written in the Koran and the had-its. Just read it. Check out main guys Puremad and his sidekick allah’s insanity. A must read and burn type.
    Soon islam will take over the planet and the collider itself will be smashed to smithereens by muslims….those smashed particles will be called the allahblahblahblah particles and will be embedded in mosque steps for muslims to walk over. All this current research is useless…..islam is coming and the latest to vanish from the planet will be the pyramids of egypt. Islam is coming and we did not see it creeping onto us as we were too busy peering into our microscopes to catch the glints of evil off islam’s sword. It’s already too late. Like i said…..islam is coming.
    Islam is no religious faith at all, but rather is a criminal ideology, invented and maintained by bad men, and as a utility for bad men and…..behind the Muslim Brotherhood there is a Muslim Sisterhood just as sinister. Where is the Worldwide Not-islam Brotherhood ??
    We the planet as a whole are dealing with a cult …a Blood Cult, unlike any religion, This BloodCult mandates its followers to violently conquer the world. As of today not even one religion commands its followers to do murder. Even in a country like India where natives have faced the barbarism of this Blood Cult’s persecution for centuries very few in the present generation understand the actual “objectives” of this Blood Cult. Denying and ignoring the facts will only lead to more and more needless bloodshed in the future. This BloodCult hates everything we stand for and will never coexist with us, unless we submit ourselves and our sons and daughters and sweet grand-children to this dirty cult . If we don’t do something super drastic as a final solution now …our grand-children will not be grand….they’ll be PureMads.

    I personally don’t want any of my future family to come in contact with this BloodCult started by some deranged and totally unhinged nut in a cave 1400 years back in the super-heat and dust of some idiotic desert who hallucinated pure rubbish . PureMad.

    In Bangladesh they cannot have a law against paedophilia because 1400 years ago supreme Cult Leader married a child of 7 and sexually did her at 9 . So if Cult Leader did anything vile or evil it has to be right and if human law comes into force Cult Leader will be proved wrong which is blasphemy because Cult Leader did not do any any any wrong ever and Cult Leader is the model man to be emulated and copied …just imagine…. . to be exactly like PureMad in regressive thinking and lack of morals and hygiene and clothing and dirty beards and all the c r a p that comes with being PureMad.
    There are nearly 2 billion PureMads around…. who will do what for the ultimate peace prize though deafening violence?
    Has to happen! Will !!
    BLACK MAN Obama should do it . He’s black and well read. He MUST
    know that this cult and it’s main book
    which cannot be questioned ever has in store as slavery and rape for future little black girls and
    boys like his darling black children today….. Let’s see.

  • I totally agree with Hinda. It is also so sad that 6 of her children and so many others are still living as Moslems!

  • Hinda

    She needs to speak up against the brutality of Muslim men as it is halal to beat up your wife. She needs to join other women who were “charmed” by the Arab men into marrying them. She is fortunate she is not dead.

    • afxi

      m’am dont be so negative! i am a muslim and i am married! dont judge when u dont know the facts! no two people on the planet are similar so if one person behaves like an animal it doesnt represent islam! so please spread love not hate!