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November 20, 2014 3:49 pm

Hamas Calls for ‘Day of Rage’ as Israeli Arab Group Declares ‘Great War for Jerusalem Has Begun’ (VIDEO)

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Hamas day of rage poster lauding 'martyrs.' Image: NRG News.

Hamas day of rage poster lauding 'martyrs.' Image: NRG News.

An Israeli Arab leader’s bellicose calls for open warfare and Hamas posters urging West Bank Palestinians to “avenge the deaths” of terrorists who carried out recent attacks are the latest incitement towards a “Day of Rage” after Muslim prayers Friday.

“The Great War for Jerusalem has begun,” declared Sheikh Kamal Khatib, deputy chairman of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement.

Vowing to reporters in Jerusalem that “…it will not end until the promise of Allah be fulfilled and the land will be released of the filthy hands of the Israeli occupation,” Khatib said that regional Muslim violence was the “result of a volcano about to erupt,” that would affect the entire area.

“Israel is lying that she wants peace and coexistence,” he claimed, alleging that, “it wants to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build the [Third] temple.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared repeatedly in recent days that Israel has no such plans.

“Hamas, the Islamic Movement and the Palestinian Authority [PA] are disseminating countless lies and falsehoods against the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said Tuesday after a shooting and axe attack at a Jerusalem synagogue killed four worshipers and a police officer, and wounded over a dozen others.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) took responsibility for the attack, which was perpetrated by two members from east Jerusalem,

“They are saying that the Jews are contaminating the Temple Mount. They are saying that we are planning to destroy the Holy Places, that we intend to change the order of prayer there – this is all lies,” Netanyahu said at a press conference.

“These lies have already claimed a very heavy price,” the PM continued. “They took the life of a three-month-old baby, Chaya Zissel Braun, who had been taken for her first visit to the Western Wall, along with her parents, who wanted to thank God for giving them a baby. They also claimed the lives of Karen Jemima Mosquera, Jidan Assad, Aharon Badani, Sgt. Almog Shilony and Dalia Lemkus.

Hamas day of rage poster. Image: NRG News.

Hamas day of rage poster. Image: NRG News.

“All of them were pure souls. All of them were victims of this mendacious incitement. Today they are joined by additional victims of the same wild blood libel of the kind that is etched in the memory of our people,” he said.

Khatib, however, charged that “Netanyahu is lying to the Arab world when he says he will keep the status quo in Jerusalem.” He blamed the Israeli government for the escalation in violence in Jerusalem, and called the recent attacks “the natural result of racism and attacks on holy sites.”

Khatib called on Palestinians in the West Bank to join the clashes in Jerusalem. “What’s left for you, the Palestinian people of the West Bank?” he asked, “What must happen for you to rise up?

“The attacks in Jerusalem are driving all the Israelis crazy,” Khatib continued. “I’m certain you have what to say and do to contribute. We call on our brothers in the West Bank to commence an intifada against the Israeli occupation of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa, after 21 years of useless peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.”

In parallel, Hamas on Thursday called on residents of Hebron, Ramallah and east Jerusalem to hold a “Day of Rage” after Friday prayers.

Posters distributed in Hebron invited residents “to participate in a parade commemorating the martyrs after the Friday noon prayers, on 21.11.2014.”

The posters featured the faces of the terrorists who carried out suicide shooting, ramming and stabbing attacks in recent weeks in Jerusalem, at a synagogue in the capital on Tuesday, at a bus stop in the Gush Etzion bloc of communities to the south, at a Tel Aviv train station, and an Israeli Arab who was killed as he attacked police with a knife.

Last week, Netanyahu traveled to Amman, Jordan and met with King Abdullah and US Secretary of State John Kerry, where the three called to calm the situation and for the restoration of quiet.

“To my regret, the answer that we received from the Palestinian Authority was to declare a day of rage in Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said.

“And today we all saw the result. The world sees this slaughter but, to our regret, does not demand that the Palestinians stop the wild incitement against Israel that is the root of the conflict. I call on all heads of state in the civilized world – I want to see outrage. I want to see condemnation, a deep and uncompromising condemnation of these murders of Israelis, of Jews. Do not discriminate between blood and blood,” Netanyahu urged world leaders.

Watch a video of PA, PFLP, and Hamas leaders’ incitement justifying, lauding and congratulating the two Palestinians who carried out terror attack at the synagogue:

[iframe width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

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  • Teresa PH

    Palestinians and Jews were perpetual enemies since time immemorial and even before Jesus Christ .The Bible was full of accounts how Palestinians steal the harvest of the Jews, their animals like cows and goat , kidnapped and murders Jews and God has send his Angels and messengers to urged the Jews to repeal and give justice and declare war to them. That Gideon headed the call and even the host of the heaven joined the armies of Israel that Gideon was able to win the war with his 300 men from 30,000 men who volunteered . And even the sun and the moon stood still because God hear the Prayers of the Army chief not turn into night soon,for the Palestinians will just hide in rocks in the evening and soon will ambush them if they will not finish the war on that day. That shows God is on Israel side.

    • Edan

      The fakestinians are not the Philistines. They are invading Arabs, and are not in the Bible, anywhere.

  • sidney sands

    A previous comments that the Arabs have not contributed anything to the world , apart from death and destruction. Let there be a vote by the Arabs in Israel to see where they would rather be, in Israel or another Arab country, they were thrown out of Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, and if they prefer to leave they should be helped, I think there would be a surprising result.

  • DockyWocky

    When will Israeli apologizing for the Palestinians end? They are cancers in the Israeli state.

    Cancers must be removed, or the entire body suffers and dies.

  • shosh

    Not only demolish the terrorists homes, but also banish
    their families, who celebrate their actions, out of the
    country into Gaza. We will see how they will enjoy their
    lives there.

  • shosh

    Also not only demolish all the terrorists homes but expel
    their families out of Israel into Gaza. We will see how they will like their life there.

  • shosh

    Ban ALL Islamists movements in Israel and expel all their leaders out of Israel proper including the West Bank. What is wrong with Israeli leaders that don’t see
    the real truth what is happening? Why are they so permissive? The H..l with the world’s opinion. They would
    like Israel destroyed as a Jewish State anyway.

  • David Barrett

    The sooner each one of these persons depicted in this exposure are removed from the face of this Earth , the better off we shall be…..yes and that includes Abbas



  • Mike Holy, R.N.

    As an American nurse who is presently in israel visiting…who has been to many countries where fighting has existed for long periods of time…and having treated those who have borne the brunt of this kind of madness and hatred….I tell you there can be NO justification for the slaughter of a baby or those in prayer at the hands of radical fanatic animals claiming that God is on their side as they kill innocent children and adults !!!

  • Lauren Goldman

    Yes, arrested and sentenced to life without parole, in strict isolation. By inciting violence, he should be held personally responsible for every act of violence. Unless, of course, something should ‘happen’ to him.

  • miryam

    Here we see modern day good vs evil, but it is an ancient truth: evil ALWAYS kills and spills blood whereas good ALWAYS preserves life and only lets blood in order to save a life, eg in the medical field or slaughtering animals as food to sustain life. Go(o)d is pro life.

  • David Goshen

    The extreme Muslims when they talk about Jews contaminating the Temple Mount are showing that they are the real supporters of Apartheid .We must not forget that the Arabs were the bigest traders in African Slaves to the USA and this is not suprising as even to this day Islam sports strongly slavery of non Muslims!


    I hope that the British, Swedish, Spanish governments see this video.
    They will then realise that Israel has to fight those savage bastards.
    They bless murderers of Jews.
    They twist everything to satisfy their lust for murder of Jews.

    Can there ever be peace with such monsters, Sons of Satan?
    They refer to Jews as sons of pig and apes. But they cl;aim to be sons of Abraham, so they too, must be sons of pigs and apes.

    Islam is not a religion It is a cult which follows the evils of satan.

    They should all be destroyed.
    I pray the God will destroy the sons of satan.

  • esther noodelman


  • Andrew Gluck

    There is a very effective way of stopping the declaration of war. We handle them like it is a war, and it will deplete the population quickly. There is a slim chance that they will actually learn from this but we all know and we doubt it.

  • Andrew Gluck

    There is a very effective way of stopping the declaration of war. We handle them like it is a war, and it will deplete the population quickly. There is a slim chance that they will actually learn from this but we all know, we doubt it.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    It is so sad to listen to the profound hatred that these men espouse against the Jewish people and Israel. It would be impossible to make peace with any of them in my opinion. Israel must protect herself and continue to build the Jewish state as the majority of Israelis deem right.

  • steven L

    The West refuses to confront decades of religious genocidal fanaticism. Moral relativism is great!

  • aall

    And the cycle of violence is starting : the aggressors are calling themselves victims .It is endless .

  • Rabbi Yakov Lazaros

    Khatib is inciting violence which is illegal in Israel.
    He should be arrested immediately.

    • Sonia Willats

      Surely he should be arrested and deported. I saw interview on Channel 2 when MK Deri suggested deporting all people advocating death and destructed and surely this is treason and therefore the only possible way of containing this kind of INCITEMENT TO CIVIL WAR, which is what it is? How can Israel be expected to contain this? Otherwise every bus and lightrail stop, every pavement, every beit knesset… Normal life cannot continue with this kind of incitement. Every MK, PA member… everybody who incites violence (including Amira Hass,) should be warned that incitement to violence = incitement to civil war will lead to their being exported. I know it sounds radical, but what else?

      PM Netanyahu should not need to call on all civilized leaders to condemn these killing of innocents, which started Jun 12th this year, as I recall, with the capture and murder of the 3 “chatufim”. It seems that the Western World, from whom one would expect normal humanitarian standards is MESMERIZED – as by a cobra; yet not for the first time in history, it is able to watch evil and do nothing.

    • Russell Grayson

      …Arrested AND stripped of his citizenship, deported to Gaza#Hamastan, and his entire organization declared racist and illegal–just as they jumped to delegitimize and outlaw the Jews of Kach in the 1980s-90s

  • Lucille Kaplan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for including the MEMRI compilation video with this coverage. Now to get the same self-evidently violent incitement speeches before an even wider audience and on to the Western airwaves, where viewers can finally get a sense of how corrupted and biased mainstream news coverage of events in Israel has become.

  • Ivan Gur-Arie

    It is time to break the necks and backs of the Palestinians. We should stop talking about moderates, but rather see all from the oldest to the youngest as enemies/

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud (goldie)

    What a shameful video. Our Synagogues are used as recruiting stations for extremism. Talk about Taqyyia this a prime example.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    If there is a God then he would destroy all the enemies of Israel.

    Oh yes, I forgot the Holocaust.

  • Lou VanDelman

    If the arabs are declaring that the war for Jerusalem has started, then that should be the opportunity that Israel has been waiting for. We should engage the bastards and drive them all to the Jordan River and into Jordan itself. ( the true state for the Palestinians ) We will never have this chance again to finally declare a complete state without a fifth column that has never allowed Israel to have a day of peace since Israel became a State.
    The arabs always declare that their state will be Judenrein. So be it. Jordan does not need to have Jews, even though Jews supply millions of dollars to the economy of Jordan through tourist visit to Petra. Let that stop today.
    The most important part is to tell the rest of the world to go to hell, if they deny Israel this most important victory.

    • Lou VanDelman

      You may take the word bastards out and replace it with arabs.

  • Joel K

    There is no reasoning with a leadership like that.

  • Robert Kerman

    I have no words for someone who lies and misleads a nation of people. I wish I could understand the hatred because it makes no sense!

  • Bernard Ross

    Instead of perpetually whining about how unfair the arabs are the Jews should be killing their enemies

  • Daniela Lowinger

    Apart from going from rage to rage, from terror to terror what
    Else do palestinian have done. What have they built,
    Developed, advanced?
    What a shame to build a people with violence, death
    And negativity. A people like that has no place in the world.

  • art frank

    israeli arabs are a fifth column. Send all of them to the gaza zoo where they’ll be amongst their own.

  • We are at war. Many stubbornly and foolishly don’t put the pieces together and refuse to identify the evil doers as evil.

    We are at war. Many stubbornly and foolishly do not put the pieces together and refuse to identify the evil doers as evil, they delude themselves that the Arabs do not want to destroy us. We are disgracefully politically correct to our detriment and at the cost of life to our people. Throughout history the Jews were bullied, used as scapegoats and persecuted by the various nations of the world. The world is not used to seeing a Jew who is strong, armed and fights for his freedom and rights, well the time has come for the world to realize the Jew will never again cower to atrocities and pogroms as happened in the past, since the destruction of the second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, with the Almighty’s help we will shall persevere against all odds.

    There are no Luftwaffe overhead or Panzer divisions on our borders. But make no mistake; we the Jewish people are under attack—our values, our tolerance, our freedom, our virtue, our land, and I specify our ancestral land for 4000 years – it was never in history an independent Arab country. Did anyone imagine in the 1920’s what Europe would look like in the 1940’s?

    We dare not wallow in complacency, in a misguided tolerance and naive sense of security. We must not be lulled into inaction for fear of offending the offenders. Radical Islam is the curse of the world and this must be cried out from every house of worship. ISIS MUST BE DESTROYED. Iran is our enemy and they are a destabilizing factor in the Middle East which ignite a third World War. They are the new 21st century Nazis.
    These murderers, these barbarians are radical Islamists.

    This is an all out war. Show no mercy on them. They must be utterly destroyed. They want to murder Jews and we must destroy them first. WHY ARE PEOPLE AFRAID TO STATE THIS. MOST OF THE WORLD HATES US JEWS for no reason. We should stop appeasing the world and protect ourselves and Israel. Yes we have a few countries such as the U.S.A. to turn to and we have some friends from different religions, yet another holocaust is coming if we Jews remain silent and a third intifada has begun., never again, never forget, never forgive. I am a son of holocaust survivors. The nation of Israel and its people have survived for thousands of years and will continue to survive.

    Have Israeli Arabs ever tried to integrate into Israeli society as have the Druze? Or is it the opposite? Except when it comes to medical care and welfare, do they even see themselves as Israeli Arabs or do they see themselves as Palestinians residing within Israel? Yes, there are exceptions among the educated; fine doctors, lawyers, etc., but they are the exception. Muslims mission is to occupy other countries and than enforce their Sharia laws and their customs on the population at large and take over the hosting country.

    Israeli Arabs could have in the past, and now still could find the same acceptance and appreciation that the Druze have found. Why haven’t they? I think the answer is painfully clear. They want to destroy Israel and the Jews and they declare unashamedly those intention to the world at large.