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December 12, 2014 12:46 am

Rosie O’Donnell Peddles Anti-Israel Artwork, Mistakes Israel for Syria

avatar by Paul Miller

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Rosie O'Donnell. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Just in time for Hanukkah and Christmas you can pick up a “limited edition” piece of “artwork” designed and drawn by Rosie O’Donnell that reflects her perspective on the Israel/Arab conflict.

“The View” co-host has produced 30 pieces of acrylic prints that she calls “Israel Begins Bombing Gaza.”

Available through her website,, the veteran comedienne and actress peddles her Israel-bashing merchandise in the store section under the category tag “art.” O’Donnell is quoted in what appears to be part of the sales pitch and description of her drawing:

“This man carries a baby about the same age as the one I sit next to, watching Frozen.”

The design features an image of a man carrying a child, with the face of a boy on one side of the print and the Disney character Queen Elsa with what could be described as a look of concern in the corner of the other side of the image.

But according to a report from the website Israellycool, the photo O’Donnell uses did not take place in Gaza, but is actually a Getty Images picture of “an emergency response volunteer” carrying a child wounded during a Syrian government attack on its own people in northern Syria.

O’Donnell does not offer any comments on her website about the senseless murder of civilians in Syria or atrocities committed against Christians and Muslims by ISIS in various areas of the Middle East. She does not address the use of Palestinian civilians by Hamas as human shields during the Israel/Hamas war.

The Jewish State is her only target.

O’Donnell takes the same photo and uses it as the feature in a second piece of “artwork” that is titled “Stop and Think.” Also pitched as a “limited edition,” this design depicts an airplane – possibly a fighter jet – that is set behind the man carrying the child.

During this past summer’s war between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas, O’Donnell took to Twitter to promote anti-Israel remarks and retweet the Palestinian narrative.

In 2010, the former VH1 on-air Vee-jay was one of the few voices that defended the late United Press International reporter Helen Thomas after she resigned following anti-Semitic remarks such as recommending that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “should go home to Poland and Germany.”

Rising to Thomas’ defense, O’Donnell insisted that Thomas didn’t mean that Jews should “go back to the ovens.”

A call to ABC for a response from Ms. O’Donnell was unsuccessful.

Paul Miller is a contributor to the Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity.

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  • Abe

    It’s funny, as soon as anybody criticises Israeli war crimes they get called anti-Semitic.

    • charlie johnson

      She has a face that would stop a speeding locomotive faster than Superman. It is said that beauty is only skin deep. She must be missing some skin,Ugly runs right through her noggin.If Israel has to pick an enemy.This would be the best vehicle for one. She got kicked off TV.Maybe she is trying a publicity stunt to get back on?

    • Wolff Bachner

      Lying and falsifying information to attack a nation that is the world’s only Jewish state is not antisemitic. It is simply undisguised, relentless JEW HATE.

      And since you are obviously an ignorant fool, maybe you should be told a very disturbing bit of information that really won”t support the Israel bashing narrative.

      More than 60 percent of Israeli Jews are either from the 900,000 Middle Eastern Jews who were expelled from Arab counties starting in 1948 or the their descendants. Expelled penniless, all their assets stolen from places they had lived for centuries.

      The six million Jews who are citizens of Israel didn’t parachute out of planes one night in 1948 to steal ancient Arab lands. We are descended from Israelites and more than half of us were born in the Middle East and we are descendants of people who have been here for hundreds or in some cases, thousands of years.

      Jews have maintained a continuous population in the land of Israel for 3200 years. Even the New testament and the Qu’ran verify that fact. We have been the majority in Jerusalem since the first recorded census was taken in 1851.

      Jews take their name from Judea, which has been part of Israel for more than three millennium. Arabs come from Arabia, where they should return. Arabs invaded Israel in 638 CE and stole Jewish land. The small percentage of people who call themselves Palestinians who actually lived here for any length of time and didn’t come here are cheap exploited labor for the British, were originally Jews who were converted to Islam by the sword after the Arab invasion.

      Go read a real history of the Middle East and the Jewish people and learn some truth. Stop trotting out your favorite Israel hating Jew and claiming to know the history and motivations of my people. Or remain a Jew hating troll and tell lies.

      and while you are at it, it is time to pay compensation to the 900,000 Middle Eastern Jews who were deprived of their homes and worldly goods by the Arabs since 1948.Or is fair treatment reserved for everyone but the Jews.

  • Ethan Coane

    How do we mount a Boycott “The “View” effort directed at ABC and the program’s producers?
    I don’t seek that O’Donnell recant her views. She’s shown herself in the past to be too self-righteously belligerent to sincerely apologize. I want her replaced on the show and without a word of commentary or explanation about it (she’d, no doubt, supply her own).

  • America

    Dear Rosie,

    You’re a dumb bigot, you’re artwork sucks and you’re not funny.



  • Alex W. Plains

    O’Donnell, like many Hollywood, ” celebrities “, has made a living and gained notoriety, not by having talent, but by being vulgar and deviant. Her, ” artwork “, is a reflection of the deep flaws in both her her personality and intellect. Undoubtedly she practiced by finding the nearest bathroom wall. Come to think of it, she probably does all her writing there as well.


      Contact Barbara Walters. Let her know that Rosie O’Donnell damages Barbara Walters image with their irresponsible remarks.

  • James McNamara

    Inhumane porcine featured low life infantile tantrum thrower.Rosie and the PA are alike in so many ways…They deserve each other

  • Irwin Graulich

    Rosie is ugly both outside and inside. She looks more like Porky Pig than Porky Pig. I wonder what drugs her mother was taking to give birth to such a monster as O’Donnell.

  • Mr. Stephen L Tecot

    Rosie is an ignorant bigot. Thanks ABC for giving these rabid anti-Semite a soap box from which to deliver her despicable propaganda.


    Rosie O. is a large size harsh irritant.
    She is repulsive in every sense of the word.
    She is a yapper with no redeeming features.
    If she were to disappear, how would we know?

  • Monty Lasovsky

    Look at her clenched teeth when approached about her motive for hate speech!

  • judithg

    these anti-semitic irish are always comic relief. priest-molested as children and alcoholics as adults, the irish also have the highest rates of bi-polar disorder in the world. o’donnell is one of those. and, all three.

  • liliane levy

    She talks like stupid, walks like stupid, thinks like stupid…she must be stupid

  • tanker


  • lee

    Nice work Algemeiner. I looked at her site to let her know how wrong she is, but it’s already taken off her site.

  • aall55

    O ‘Donnell should be thrown out of the View . She has been and still is today a headache , her minimal talent won’t be missed .

  • The antisemite Rosie O’Donnell should be prohibited from any
    public TV and Radio appearances in United States of America.

  • CGG

    Very disappointed in Rosie. I credited her for being fair-minded. No longer…

  • Joel Loeffelholz

    I wonder how O’Donnell, a notorious lesbian, would fare in Gaza or any other Muslim country?

  • Dante

    matt mcglaughlin, if you’re a moron, you need not feel compelled to advertise it. and, he
    he need not make himself the ally of the jihadists.
    Instead of worrying about what you’re able to imagine, little man, learn the facts: the Jews
    have lived in Israel for over 3000 years, long before muslim armies conquered Israel, long
    before there was an Ireland. Israel: the same people, the same faith, the same language,
    the same land for over 3000 years. “ascendancy,” moron? the Jews live in a small
    portion of their ancient patrimony. they have a small country. the arabs have 22 countries,
    stretching from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, but they can’t tolerate a single, small
    Jewish state. even a moron should be able to wrench himself from his hateful imaginings
    and look at the face Muslim intolerance, hatred & aggression. even a moron should be
    able to do that. maybe not.

  • RobiMac

    Don’t even get me started on O’Donnell

  • Herb Grossman

    Sure, the Irish are great humanitarians and have much in common with the other great humanitarians, the Arabs.

  • Barry

    It’s not uncommon that certain gays and lesbians are the biggest Israeli bashers. Yes, it’s uncomfortable to say, but there’s no denying it.

    No surprise really, the Nazi party was started by and largely run by homosexuals as well (The Pink Swastika, available free on line).

  • Jeffrey deRoulet

    No surprise, the cow(ard) immediately pulled her fetid “art” from her miserable website.

    • #Send Rosie Pizza

      She’s such an important person. Her world views influence leaders of the world.

      I stay awake at night hoping that Rosie and her devoted fans have a favorable opinion of Isreal.

      Gaza. Hamas has a deep respect for gay busy bodies.

    • jonathan

      i protest the gluttonous obese american society, full of greed for there false gods of luxery, pleasure, luxerous pleasure, and convenience who are dependant off the 58 million unborn children passed through the fires for there pseudo-dieties. god judges nations fools!! who is more evil in gods eyes radical islam or america? remember they dont have porno shops in there countries with dildo’s on the america does though

  • Haym

    What is just as ludicrous is that if Rosie had her way and the Palestinians ruled all the land, she would be strung up by a crane and executed for being Gay. Why does Rosie hate gay people?

  • matt mclaughlin

    Irish know quite a bit about Protestant Ascendancy. Zionist Ascendancy can be well imagined.

    • You should remember the prescient words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr spoken in March 1968: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You’re talking antisemitism.”

    • Scott

      You clearly have the western liberal mindset that makes great assumption about which you clearly know little. The Protestant /Catholic issue in Ireland has virtually no parallel to the Israeli Palestinian case. If you aren’t willing tio educate yourself to the real cause. I recommend you troll at a website that researches the facts as much as you apparently (have not).

    • Ori

      I wish someone would just steal her lucky charms and allow the world to see her mindless blather for what it really is…. Talentless ignorance.

  • Daniel F Katz Sydney Australia

    The world’s most obnoxious lesbian continues to make Jews worldwide feel eternally grateful that we are not like her. I often wonder about these Hollywood celebrity types how much they attribute their financial success stems from Hollywood’s strong Jewish influence ? Common sense would tell you that one should never bite the hand that feeds them.

  • Lynne T

    Don’t you mean “mistakes Syria for Israel”?

    Latest news is that she’s removed it.

  • Emanuel

    Aww dang, the page is down! What a shame! Nice try Rosie, next time pay your useless bigot art staff a little more gelt so they don’t cheat you while you are being a role model for Nazis. I’m feeling inspired I may start painting Rosie doing her business and I feel like there is a real demand in the art world for a series like that.


    Obviously O’Donnell isn’t playing with a full deck of cards. She looks mentally disturbed.

  • Dante

    She is a Jew-hater.

  • wayne

    Appears the web pages have been taken down.
    If so, she’s got a wise agent.