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December 22, 2014 1:09 pm

Haaretz Commentator Gideon Levy Arrested for ‘Spitting’ at Israeli Soldiers”

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Gideon Levy at the International Media Awards 2012. Photo: Wikipedia.

Gideon Levy at the International Media Awards 2012. Photo: Wikipedia.

Israeli police on Monday arrested Gideon Levy, the well-known columnist for the left-wing Haaretz newspaper, for allegedly spitting at and cursing Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near the Palestinian city of Tulkarm, Israel Radio said.

Gideon Levy, who is strongly pro-Palestinian and infamous for his scathing attacks on the IDF and the Israeli right, was attempting to enter Palestinian Authority area A, without a permit, along with photographer Alex Levac.

The two “confronted [the soldiers], causing a provocation and spitting and cursing at them,” according to The Jerusalem Post. Haaretz later reported that Levy and Levac had been released following questioning.

Earlier in the day, soldiers caught a Palestinian man in an attempted stabbing attack at the checkpoint.

Israeli Jews, with limited exceptions, including journalists, are generally forbidden from entering areas under full Palestinian security and civil control, due to fears for their safety.

Area B is under Palestinian civil control, and area C is where the large majority of Israeli towns and villages are located. Area C is under full Israeli control, although PA civilians also live and work there, in some cases, alongside Israeli residents.

On Dec. 16th, Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein threw out an incitement complaint against Levy, after he slammed IAF pilots for striking Palestinian terror targets during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza this summer.

In July, the left-of-center Ometz Lesarev movement turned to Weinstein to check if Levy could be prosecuted for incitement to refuse military orders for an article he wrote entitled “Lowest deeds from loftiest heights,” in which he claimed, “Israel’s ‘heroic’ pilots push buttons and joysticks, battling the weakest and most helpless of people.”

The column, which outraged even hardened leftists, came as Hamas and other terror groups fired hundreds of rockets at Israel.

Weinstein, in his response to the group, said, essentially, that a freedom of speech issue was at stake, and not one of incitement.

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  • Richard

    Levy should be ashamed, I’m a Vietnam vet and Remember the disgrace of soldiers being reviled for doing their duty. God bless Israel and the IDF.

  • Tolerance is a God given virtue(the pagan god of islam as we all know -ai,ala-is not a subscriber) and the same Biblical God tells us not to keep evil company.Send him to live with finklestein/ finkleman in New York and a probable homicide should quickly occur!

  • Haaretz should move their offices (if they haven’t already) to Gaza!

  • Mr. Gideon Levy is a very active member of the Palestinian Lobby in Israel. He is the typical pathological self hating Jew.

    His News paper, the antizionist Haaretz is 20% owned by the teutonic Company Sky Dumont.

  • charlie johnson

    I would be amazed to find one government on this planet that does not lie to their people.Lies are the bonding agent that keeps a government in control. People are like a flock of cattle that knows no fence.Governments fence them in to milk them. Israel is no different .The communist and Islamics have more contented cows with a gun to their heads

  • RobiMac

    He should be living with the Palestinians in Gaza and dying with them if need be.

    • Joanna


  • Wm. J. Levy

    I don’t want to share the 21st equivalent of a boxcar with Gideon Levy.

    Only Jews hate themselves and love their enemies. Are they Christian?

    When I see a Holocaust survivor breaking the Gaza blockade on a Turkish ship I get sick.

    These people are the reasons we had the Holocaust. They don’t fight for Jews.

    Nevr Again!! I simply ask Why Not?

  • Reuven

    Are there no Israeli laws against treason? The vicious, anti-Israel rag, Haaretz, should be shut down. Gideon levy should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And Weinstein should NOT be attorney general.

  • Lynne T

    Is Levy “pro-Palestinian” or, like his female alter ego Amira Hass, is he just a malignant narcissist who hates Israel?

  • Rabelad

    Under Israeli law, spitting at a person is seen as a direct and explicit threat to life, no less than if a person would point a gun, knife or say explicitly that he intends to murder the other. This is far more serious than meets the eye.

  • Victor Cowen

    Deport this piece of garbage to his Pals. in Gaza and rip up his passport. Let him enjoy his ‘freedom’ there.

    • Yakov Leschen

      Ditto, along with ALL the other left wing self hating and Israel hating Jews

    • Vivarto

      Brilliant idea.

  • Shalom Freedman

    From the initial Haaretz report I read he was arrested for attempting to enter without a permit the area in question. There was no mention of spitting at soldiers.
    As Haaretz every day spits at the people of Israel perhaps they did not think it significant it enough to report it.

  • The conversation is deeper than the outrageous ‘personality’ of Gideon Levy…the problms underlying are deep and divided…it amazes me and always have, that right or left simply cannot deal with the problems at hand – our national secuiry is at stake, our generations, our lives, our children – the party line is not the issue, right and left neither; Our people are the issue, our livelihood – is it not enough tht the world as a whole has no care for us – do we have to repeat the same mistakes over and over again – has histroy, our history tught us nothing??? Have 6 million given their lives for What??? The filth of the earth is the Jew who spits at/on another Jew – the one who defends his very life …send him to Isis, they will know wht to do with him, we obviously do not!

  • anon

    They stopped him from entering Palestinian territority to protect him? They should have let him go!

  • steven L

    He is a master hypocrite using the shield of the freedom of speech/expression to back-stab his country. That is exactly what Hamas is doing with their own children to impose more fanaticism.
    Peace be on him; he thinks he knows what he is doing. He condones and promotes the killing of Jews.

  • steven L

    He should go the Jail with no STOP at Go for incitement and assault against soldier. A feelgood spite on democracy. He should migrate to Turkey or Russia. Taking advantage of leftist protektia to insult the majority. In the land of the sands, ISIS would have had his head chopped off long time ago. Is he trying a De Blasio coup!

  • Chava

    People with such deep self hatred Should not live in Israel !!


  • Dogan. Akman

    I think it is time for the government of Israel get tough with people like Gideon Levy.His pronouncements go far beyond the pale of freedom of speech or the freedom of the media.

    These freedoms are not absolute and clearly in his case his writings go well beyond the pale of these freedoms in that they amount to

    a) abuse of right;

    b) public mischief;

    c) breaches of the civil law rights of others not to be slandered or libelled;

    d) treason for aiding,abetting and giving comfort to those who wage war against Israel through incitement to violence or violence.

    I would have thought that Levy could be shut down to the enemies of Israel and let him go to court to justify the way in which he purports to exercise his freedoms.

    At all events, he ought to be systematically slapped with as many civil suits by individuals or by class actions, depending on the facts and circumstances for hefty damages. That should keep him quite busy and teach him that doing what he does comes with a hefty price.

    Dogan D.Akman

  • Bernard Ross

    IMO Levy’s false libels of the jewish state is similar to the blood libels which incited pogroms against Jews. he should be brought to justice for attempted murder of Jews. He is a despicable person who should not be allowed citizenship or residence in israel.

  • David Hersch

    Gideon Levy is an appalling journalist. His reportage, his writing and story construction is bitter, infantile and worthless and definitely unbalanced. He has made a “name” for himself being anti-Israel and is regularly featured as the useful idiot on Al Jazeera. Just look at his miserable countenance and it will tell you exactly what he is.

    As for his spitting and cursing the IDF who are there to do a job, it is classless and really stupid, which is what he is and obviously thinks he is above the law and claims license to do what he likes. Even lousy journalists should be subject to the law and not above it. I hope they jail this treasonous bastard.

  • Dr Russ Fine

    Gideon Levy reaffirms the notion I have long believed and which I see play out, over and over, by American Jews of his ilk: “We” are our own worst enemies. Shame on him. Shame on him. Shame on him.

  • klaus

    Send him to iran or syria or even iraq.write for their newspapers

  • rachel robinson

    where is my comment from a moment ago?? where are the rest of the comments, it shows that there were 17 but only two show. Why??

  • rachel robinson

    What a piece of cr@@@p in the shape of a human. I would not waste time or space on him, it will just encourage him. As to Haaretz, this piece of PRESS-TITUTE should just stop existing. It serves only the enemies of Israel.

  • Typical haaratz response…they are animals masquerading as reporters…They all wish they could have worked for Der Sturmer.

  • Noellsq

    It’s time for political correctness to be thrown out the door. Forget about casualties bomb them to submission flatten them. They are rebuilding their tunnels the world will blame them for everything.

  • art

    I guess levy was desparate to get attention and readers. He, amira hass and haaretz serve only one purpose, to supply enemies of Jews and Israel with instruction, support and material

  • I believe this guy should be deported to Gaza, where he would feel at home.
    He deserves nothing better.

  • It is simply mind boggling that there are Israelis who truly hate The State of Israel so much, that they want the country to either be destroyed or given over to the blood thirsty savages called Palestinians. Haaretz should have been closed down a long time ago for being a newspaper shill for every anti semite in the entire world.

  • judithg

    this haaretz guy’s face should be arranged in such a way as to eliminate the possibility of his spitting for any reason. eliminates whistling, too. and, the eating of solid foods.

  • Barry

    People like Gideon Levy make it incumbent on me to support the IDF
    so that they can protect my Israeli children against those Levy holds in such high

  • Yenta Press

    Jihadon Levy is not a “commentator”
    He is an Arab propagandist, “The baron of falsehood industry”.
    calling him a commentator is an insult to the few commentators out there.

  • Jake

    Haaretz is left-of-left

  • charlie johnson

    These liberals advocate peace and harmony.Non violence.If they don’t get their way they want to solve their problems by physical methods. It is they who claim to be of higher mental capacity and advise everyone to solve issues by diplomatic procedures. In actual life they are little more than cavemen in golfer trousers.

  • Eric R.

    Levy is a Kapo on par with Jodi Rodoren, George Soros, Noam Chomsky and Jon Stewart.

    • one of the really dangerous self hating Jews is the Scholar Noam Chomsy. Because he is famous People belive his political rubbish about Israel.

  • Gee

    Ha’aretz is a terrorist supporting rag. Levy is a supporter of terrorism.

    He needs to spend a long time in jail.

  • shloime

    how far will israeli society go, to subvert natural selection?

    he should not only be allowed entry into area a, he should be encouraged to remain there as long as he likes.

    and when an arab mob in jenin or ramallah lynches him, because they mistake him for an israeli, we can chalk it up to “evolution in action”.

  • mika

    This blood vulture and parasite makes a living off enemy propaganda stunts. In any normal society, he and those that sponsor him would long ago have been expunged.

    • spktruth200

      Thanks Gideon for doing what 80% of the planets citizens wish we could do. Bravo.

    • Rafael Manory

      Gideon Levy is one of two reasons I don’t subscribe to HaAretz. Amira Hass is the second reason. If more people would cancel their subscription Gideon Levy will have to look elsewhere for a living…

  • Jonah

    The country’s out to destroy Israel have a distinct advantage. The do not have to battle political correctness. It is political correctness which sends the best of nations into a tail spin.

    • spktruth200

      You do no that we know you Israelies news is all censored. You do not your being lied to by your own government.

    • Diogenes

      You apparently do not believe in grammatical correctness.