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March 27, 2015 4:19 pm

France to Launch Push for UN Resolution on Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

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French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. PHOTO: Wikipedia

JNS.orgFrance is planning to launch a push for a United Nations Security Council resolution that will lay out the parameters for ending the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“We have said that these parameters have to be defined and recognized by the Security Council and that obviously the two parties have to discuss, but the discussion will be accompanied by an international effort,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Friday, Reuters reported.

France, along with the United Kingdom and Germany, drafted a Security Council resolution late last year after the council voted against a Palestinian-initiated resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from the disputed territories by 2017. But those countries decided to table the resolution until after the recent Israeli election.

The United States voted against the Palestinian-initiated resolution, but President Barack Obama has indicated that the U.S. may “reassess” its options regarding Israel in the U.N.

“I hope that the partners who were reluctant will not be reluctant anymore,” said Fabius, apparently referring to the U.S.

But on Friday, the U.S. sharply criticized the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for continuing to single out Israel for criticism.

“We are disappointed that this council continually singles out Israel for criticism without acknowledging the violent attacks directed at its people, nor the obligations and difficult steps required of both sides.  In short such singling out undermines the credibility of the council,” said U.S. Ambassador to the UNHRC Keith Harper in reference to recent resolutions dealing with Israeli actions in the disputed Palestinian territories and the Golan Heights.

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  • Harvey

    “I will bless them that bless thee, and I will curse him that curse thee!” I think Obama, France and all other nations should check out who God is speaking about! They should also check out the ending in The Book just in case it could be true.

  • Yale

    It would be nice to known whether Fabius recognizes the connection between the upsurge in anti-Semitism in his country, which his govenment has pledged to fight, and its behavior on the international stage. If he does, then his resolution is presumbably intended to appease Muslims in France. If he doesn’t, the upsurge in anti-Semitic violence that will accompany his proposal just might provide him with his first clue.

    If France is serious about pursuing a solution through the UNSC, the resolution it would submit would have to make abandonment of anti-Jewish incitement the first item of business. Could he get nine votes for that, even before considering possible vetoes?

    Next would come removing rocket supplies from terrorist groups —

    Sorry, we already have that one, UNSC 1701, under which the UN would ensure that Hezbollah would not be able to restock its rocket supplies, and we all know how effective that was: instead of none, it is believed they now have about 100,000.

    France really ought to think twice since if the SC passes a resolution and nothing happens, its resolution may mark the death of the UN and its “peace-keeping” role. While that may be desirable in its own right, I doubt France wants to be responsible for bringing about its demise.

  • Long Live Occitania

    Long Live Israel, Occitania, Basqueland, Ireland, Brittany, Catalonia, Vlaams, Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Crete…

  • The first issue is Hamas. Israel cannot turn over land to the PA as long as Hamas terrorists are partners with Fatah in the PA govt. The Hamas charter calls for the annihilation of Israel and the murder of all Jews worldwide.The best that can be done is to give the PA as much autonomy as reasonable ‘on the ground’ with IDF security. The second issue is that there is no way Israel can integrate four million Arab ‘refugees’ who have been kept in camps by their fellow Arabs since 1948. 800,000 Jews were pushed out of Arab states beginning in 1948 and Israel offered new lives to any Jews who chose to come there. 700,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948 and the Arab states refused to integrate them into other Arab countries, aside from Jordan which did accept many refugees. When PM Barak and PM Olmert offered Arafat 96% of the West Bank and many other concessions, it was the millions of refugees that stopped the deal. The PLO / PA want to flood Israel with Arabs, in addition to having a PA state in the West Bank.

  • steven L

    This is going to go NOWHERE! The Palestinians don’t want a state. They only want the Jews out. Judenrein. Even converted, Fabius should get it.

  • Contradictory statements, all over the political panel, make us fed up with politically idiocy and cowardice. Furthermore, the Non recognition of the British abuses of 1923 and 1945 about the Arab Palestine: “Transjordania”; cut from the San Remo Palestinian Problem and made apart of Jewish Palestine, let with its Arab malevolent Minority…will never be resolved if US and traitorous Europe are pursuing that malevolent policy against the Jews, Israelis or Not! over years and years.
    I suppose that forcible war with Muslims (both Sects) will crush these unjust hostile and unrealistic policies….
    I told 50 years ago with some writers and Philosophers that universal voting system will drive Democracy to the final collapse of catastrophes…Here we are too…!

  • yussi

    And what would you expect from one of the most anti semetic countries in the world. They can go you know where…

  • Herve

    If the UK France And Germany wants the wrath of God over their nations then they should go ahead with their plan to divide the land of God (Israel). How stupid can they are, do they actually believe they can fight against almighty God Adonai?
    Allow me to tell you gentleman how ignorant you really are! Anyone who try to divide Israel will have to answer to the God of Israel the CREATOR of THIS WHOLE UNIVERSE.
    I will take this statement from Clint Eastwood, MAKE MY DAY PUNK!
    God is in heaven laughing at these stupid humans who want to destroy the Jewish state. Read my lips NEVER.Hope the ISLAMIC state can read this as well.

  • The Oslo accord is null and void! – r5

    A scathing indictment of the world nations at large

    The Arab-Palestinians Charter explicitly states that they want the State of Israel for themselves and the Jewish people destroyed. They educate their children and the masses to commit terror and violence against innocent civilians in Israel. They celebrate in the streets when terror strikes and honor and name streets after suicide bombers.

    The Arab-Palestinians actions to date has proven that they do not want peace. Why is the liberal left and many of the world nations fantasizing and deluding themselves that the Arabs want peace.

    People of the world wake up and realize the ultimate mission of the Arab-Palestinians is to eliminate the unbelievers.

    If the world at large does not wake up now it will be next. The takeover and domination has already started. Take off the blinders, open your eyes and look around and face the reality of what is taking place.

    No entity in the world will force a solution on Israel.

    The world at large forced or were complicit to the Final solution in WWII with the Holocaust and the extermination of over 6 million Jewish people, men, women and children.

    Where was the outcry from the nations of the world? Where was the threats and objection when millions of Jewish people were being exterminated? The world at large stood on the sideline and was silent.

    Where were the nations of the world when the Arab countries expelled over a million Jewish people from their countries who lived there for over 2,000 years? The Arabs confiscated their assets, businesses, homes and Real estate 5-6 times the size of Israel (120,000 sq. km. or 46,000 sq. miles), and valued in the trillions of dollars?

    Where are the nations of the world today? Why do they ignore the thousands being slaughtered by Muslims throughout the world?

    Jewish property and assets are being held by the nations of the world and not being returned.

    Iran the greatest terrorist sponsor in the world is pursuing Nuclear weapons and the domination of the Middle East and its waterways. They already control Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, and they are not stopping.

    Today and since 1948 Israel is being threatened with annihilation. Yet, when Israel defends itself from destruction, suicide bombers, thousands of missiles, violence, etc, by the Arabs, every country has something to say, threatens Israel and meddle in its internal affairs and business.

    This is the time when nations of the world must mind their own business and stay out of Israel’s internal affairs. Only then will there be a possibility for peace.


    YJ Draiman

    P.S. The Jewish peoples war of survival was not won when Hitler lost. It continues to this day, against enemies with far more effective tools of mass murder at their disposal. Plus we are easy to find now.

  • art

    So much for the Us guarantees under Oslo, Wye etc assuring negotiated peace. So much for reliance on any third party guarantees. So much for negotiations as opposed to imposed conditions. No one in their right mind will relay on the US. Shame on Israelis for not denouncing abbas long ago and launching a PR counterwar. Israel should now move in theICC against abbas/nasrallah etc

  • Israel to push for UN resolution on Basque-French peace process

    Israel to push for UN resolution on Basque-French peace process and ask Flavius to step down into cow sh*$.

  • Scott

    The French are in the appeasement motif to the max! They hope that abandoning Israel will save them from the Islamic Enemy they have allowed to infect their country with via the EU”s failed and hopeless deranged policy of appeasement.

    By abandoning Israel, the French (and the rest of Europe), hope to avoid their own destruction from within…..

    Good luck with that…Ain’t gonna happen.