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April 30, 2015 12:17 pm

Report: US Urging France to Delay UN Resolution Over Peace Process

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French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has been pushing for U.N. action on the peace process.

The Obama administration has been urging France and other countries from pursuing measures at the U.N. Security Council meant to force Israel and the Palestinian Authority back into the peace process until after negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program have concluded, Foreign Policy magazine reported on Tuesday.

Perhaps attempting to have to deal with two highly contentious and politically polarizing Middle East conflicts at once, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry “appealed to his French counterpart to put the decision off until at least after the deadline for Iran talks wraps up at the end of June, or possibly even later,” according to the report.

The Obama administration wants to secure support for the Iran deal, which must pass congressional approval before the U.S. ratifies the agreement with the U.K., France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran.

The report comes just a few days after Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman intimated that the new Israeli government’s approach to the two-state solution and peace negotiations could affect U.S. support of Israel at the U.N. over such resolutions, which Israel finds distasteful.

“If the new Israeli government is seen as stepping back from its commitment to a two-state solution, something that all of you and a vast majority of American Jews supports, that makes our job in the international arena a lot tougher because our ability to push back on efforts to internationalize efforts to address Israeli-Palestinian issues has depended on our insistence that the best course in achieving a two-solution is through direct negotiation between the parties,” Sherman said.

In the run-up to Israeli elections earlier this year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drew the ire of the Obama administration when he made statements calling the peace process with the Palestinians “irrelevant” at the current time.

He said “Hamastan B” would not be created on his watch, referring to the terrorist group Hamas that rules the Gaza Strip and battled Israel over a 50-day war last summer.

Sherman meanwhile said the U.S. would be “watching very closely to see what happens after a new government is formed on this issue of working toward two states living side by side in peace and security.”

In addition, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said since the Israeli elections that he would talk to the Israeli prime minister about the issues.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius announced a few weeks ago that he would push for a resolution at the U.N. within a matter of weeks laying a framework and timetable for Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, which collapsed last year after a nine-month effort led by the U.S.

Hinting at the traditional U.S. veto umbrella over Israel at the U.N., Fabius said, “I hope that the partners who were reluctant will not be reluctant anymore.”

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    “I no longer believe that the Israelis should give back Jerusalem…


    Experience has taught us that the Islamic mentality views ANY concession as weakness to be exploited further. And besides, too many so-called Palestinians seem less concerned with peace and freedom, than with driving Jews into the sea, so the bombings would not stop.”

    “The truth is that Jews have contributed more to humanity than any other group of people; way more than Muslims, vastly more than Muslims…”

    Why do Muslims always blame the Jews? by Pat Condell

    Pat Condell is an atheist who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE and raised in England as a Roman Catholic and educated in Church of England schools.

  • Jonathan Ottenstein

    The two state solution is dead. anyone with eyes in their head can see that. It is sort of like the Emperors new clothes story

  • The UN’s Jewish Problem
    by Anne Bayefsky

  • The UN vs. Israel by Anne Bayefsky

    The UN is obsessed with one country’s human rights
    record, and it’s not North Korea, Iran or Syria.


    “The Kab’a, in Mecca, is Islam’s holiest site. It is the Jews whose holiest site is the Temple Mount. Jews around the world face the Temple Mount when praying, Muslims face Mecca even when they pray on or near the Temple Mount.

    …The Europeans claim that Temple Mount has to be in ‘Palestine’ because the Jewish Temple is no longer there while the Al-Aqsa Mosque is there now. This argument is wrong for three reasons:

    1. There are more Muslims in Israel than in the ‘West Bank’, Israeli Arabs have the same claim to Al-Aqsa as ‘West Bank’ Arabs.

    2. Israel preserves Muslim Holy sites while Arabs destroy Jewish Holy sites if given a chance. Israel has not destroyed Al-Aqsa or the Dome of the Rock from 1967 till now, 2014, under Israeli sovereignty. The Palestinians destroyed Joseph’s Tomb and illegally excavated and destroyed Jewish Archaeological remains from Solomon’s Temple and would destroy much more if given sovereignty.

    3. The area of the Temple Mount is the holiest site for Judaism even without the Temple there.”

  • Speech Exposes UN’s Hatred of Israel & Jews:
    speaker: Anne Bayefsky * date: 2014 September 8

  • Genghis Cohen

    In order for Wendy Sherman to gain credibility as a negotiator on the stage of international relations after her failure to deter North Korea from the bomb, or after six years of sweet-talking the Iranians, to convince them of the error of nuclear proliferation, I suggest that she demonstrate her qualifications by obtaining the release of the Maersk Tigris from the piracy of Iran’s Ayatollah. He just illustrated his contempt for U.S. Naval power by stealing that ship under the surveillance of our aircraft carrier despite America’s pact to militarily defend the Republic of the Marshal island under whose flag the Tigris sails.
    A clever Ayatollah would graciously surrender the ship to gain confidence on larger matters, but he is a Muslim and thus, too vain to yield anything to a woman.

  • This UNSC resolution is ONE STATE, NOT A TWO STATE resolution because it gives a State to the Arabs in the West Bank but does not require that they recognize Israel as the Jewish State. After the arabs get their State in the West Bank they will continue demanding the return of millions of refugees into Israel to turn it into another Arab State, they will also attack Israel with missiles from the West Bank as they do from Gaza to destroy the Jewish State and turn the whole thing into Arab Land. The Palestinians already have a State in Jordan, Jordan used to be part of British Mandate Palestine, most of the population is Palestinian, the Queen is Palestinian, King Abdullah said “Jordan is Palestine, Palestine is Jordan”. There are 57 Muslim States members of the Orgazation for Islamic Cooperation but only one Jewish State smaller than New Jersey. There is no need to create another Arab State that will endanger the only Jewish State

  • 10


  • Gosh, anyone think the administration is concerned that pressure on Israel before the Iran sanctions are lifted will get some congressional Democrats to oppose the bad deal with Iran.

    Why? Because the French proposal will raise the possibility of sanctions against…Israel–and sanctions against Israel might be difficult before sanctions are lifted on Iran.

    There is nothing new here. After the 1949 armistice agreements, the Truman administration pressed the (leftwing) government of Israel to accept internationalization of Jerusalem, take in hundreds of thousands of Arab refugees, and cede the Negev. A State Department recommendation, June, 1949 called for “negative” action against Israel if the administration’s expectations were not met, including abandoning Israel in the UN. Even prior to June 1949, Israel faced warnings on sanctions. (Source FRUS volumes on Israel, 1948 and 1949.) The Truman State Department began the tradition of declaring that the U.S. is Israel’s best friend and Israel’s “intransigent” actions and policy threatens the loss of U.S. friendship.

    Have written Under Secretary Sherman stating will not be surprised when the administration calls on Israel to leave Negev so Gaza can link to West Bank.

    Ambassador McDonald wrote to Clark Clifford August 1948 sating U.S. policy seemed to let the Arabs call the tune, indefinitely. Another FRUS document, September 1948 related story about a British official who told an Israeli that the Arab aim is to force Israel to her knees till she pleads for mercy.

    This, today, is what BDS is all about. Also, this is what Obama administration pressure on Israel is all about. I have no doubt that after the Security Council adopts a resolution demanding that Israel settle with the Palestinian Authority in two years, Israel will be subject to sanctions with the anti-Semitic aim of forcing the Jews to their knees to plead for mercy.