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August 7, 2015 11:01 am

Hillel CEO to Address J Street Campus Arm’s Summer Conference

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Eric Fingerhut, Hillel's president and CEO, will address the Summer Leadership Institute of J Street U. Photo: Shahar Azran for Hillel.

Eric Fingerhut, Hillel’s president and CEO, will address the Summer Leadership Institute of J Street U. Photo: Shahar Azran for Hillel. – Hillel International CEO Eric Fingerhut will address the Summer Leadership Institute of J Street U, the campus arm of the controversial left-wing Jewish lobby group, on Aug. 17 in Washington, DC.

Fingerhut “will speak to 120 national J Street U student leaders in attendance and discuss issues of mutual concern and importance to both organizations and the pro-Israel community on campus,” J Street U announced Thursday.

While J Street and its campus branch publicly state their opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel, they have come under fire for co-sponsoring campus events with pro-BDS groups.

Hillel International spokesman Matthew Berger said in a statement, “All Hillel professionals value opportunities to speak to as many Jewish students as possible. Eric appreciates the invitation from J Street U and looks forward to meeting the students and engaging with them.”

J Street’s inclusion within Hillel’s umbrella has been the subject ofmuch debate, both before and after Fingerhut’s hiring as CEO. Last March, Fingerhut dropped out of J Street’s national conference, prompting 500 students attending the conference to protest outside Hillel’s office.

“My desire to attend the conference was based on my wish to speak at a student-only session directly with the students who will be in attendance, to thank those who have joined in the fight against BDS and anti-Semitism on college campuses, and to urge everyone to take up this crucial cause,” Fingerhut had said at the time. “However, after reviewing the full list of speakers, I now realize that any benefit that might come from this opportunity would be overshadowed by concerns regarding my participation amongst other speakers who have made highly inflammatory statements against the Jewish state.”

In a recent op-ed for, Charles Jacobs and Elliot Hamilton of Americans for Peace and Tolerance argued that J Street’s multi-million dollar campaign in support of the Iran nuclear deal, an agreement that is widely opposed in the rest of the American Jewish community, means that it is time to “evict” J Street from the Jewish communal tent.

“Pro-Iran J Street—which is spending millions of dollars to promote a deal that threatens Jewish life, receiving significant sums of cash from anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sources to promote pro-Iran causes, and dangerously undermining the collective Jewish unity needed to block the deadly Iranian threat—should be drummed out of organized Jewish life,” they wrote.

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  • Mike Schwarzer

    Good that it’s an election issue. Those that are anti-war will know clearly who voted for war and we can route hem out.

    A ‘No’ vote on Iran’s NPT is a vote for another Iraqi/Afghanistan war. ‘Yes’ gives us a chance to see if peace will work, there is still lots of time for war. Benny is not going to be too successful is selling another Bush WMD’s story. We’ve had enough liars misleading us. This has nothing to do with Israel’s security, this has to do with suppressing a geopolitical competitor. The US is not a puppet of Israel.

    A VOTE FOR NO IS A VOTE FOR ANOTHER IRAQI / AFGHANISTAN STYLE WAR. Do we want that? Can we afford that?

    The question is really that simple. Forget all those people trying to tell you what your opinion should be, the celebs bought and paid for, the massive media propaganda, the warmongering without fact or foundation. They want to turn this in Pro verses Anti Israel argument. They don’t want to tell facts, just leak bits and pieces of misinformation. There is no such thing as a perfect deal in negotiation that is a fantasy, the deal is excellent and quite an accomplishment.

    And in case you don’t get it a non proliferation agreement is NO NUKES, NO NUKES, NOT ONE FRIGGING NUKE PERIOD FOREVER. In case some are asleep Iran already has an existing stockpile to manufacture a dozen bombs. All of which they are giving up. If they wanted Nukes they would already have them. Not every government lies, spies, assassinates and does dirty tricks like Israel and their horrible leadership. With success, there will be futile ground to progress on other issues. Unfortunately Israel only knows how to use a club to negotiate peace. There leadership has to go as it represents the single most dangerous threat to Israeli security.

    Remember who voted ‘No’ so we can remove the warmongering puppets of Israel next election. Any presidential hopeful who votes ‘No’ will be a marked man. There will be no blaming on the intelligence services. They are either in the Israeli lobbyist pockets, or have confusion as to which government they serve, or lack the intelligence to understand the deal, (stupid). Not presidential or congressional material. There will be a backlash for this betrayal of the US public interest.

    Hezbollah could disappear over night if Benny was doing his job instead of trying to club everyone into submission. Without a club Benny is clueless. Iranians are all smiles these days. Israel is doing far more damage to it’s interests then Iran could ever do. I expect they will be a model treaty participant just to rub salt in Israel’s self inflicted wounds and they haven’t spent a penny to do it. Iran wants to improve life for their people, help Iraq fight ISIS and protect the religious sites. This is their priority, Isreal inflates it’s importance to Iran. They are laughing at Benny, soon they will be laughing at the Republicans, revealed for who they are.