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October 26, 2015 3:21 pm

Rabbi’s First Interview Since Stabbing Attack in France: Assailant Wasn’t ‘Crazy,’ Bystanders Did Nothing

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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A French police vehicle. Illustrative Photo: Wiki Commons.

A French police vehicle. Illustrative Photo: Wiki Commons.

The rabbi attacked outside a Marseilles synagogue on Saturday morning, the Jewish Sabbath, conveyed his version of events in an exclusive interview with the French-Jewish publication Actualité Juive on Monday.

Wanting to set the record straight, and to “restore some truth,” the rabbi — referred to only by the initial “A” — was responding to what he considers to be misleading reports in the French press about the attack on him, his 19-year-old son and a friend, by a knife-wielding assailant.

For example, the French daily Le Figaro made a point of stressing that the assailant, a Muslim-Arab in his 30s, was drunk and mentally unstable when he lunged at his victims with a knife, after hurling antisemitic epithets at them and mumbling “Allahu Akbar.”

The rabbi, still in shock a mere two days after the assault, in which his friend suffered multiple stab wounds to the abdomen, told Actualité Juive that while he appeared to have been tipsy, “The perpetrator was not crazy.”

The assailant knew exactly whom he was going after, the rabbi said. The location – outside of the Minhat Chalom synagogue on Shabbat morning – was not coincidental. “It’s because my son and I have beards and wear hats that we were attacked,” he said.

No less disturbing to the rabbi was the reaction of witnesses to the bloody scene. “We were attacked next to a café,” he recounted. “Patrons were there, but none intervened.”

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  • Rabbi M Friedman

    Jews must leave Europe!

    • Rabbi M Friedman

      Moderation? It smells of Censorship!

    • jeremy

      That’s disgusting, sick and wrong.

      I probably do not like you.

      But true.

      Europe did this solely to kill out its Jews.
      Never underestimate the sickness of French and German Jewish obsession. They have been selecting Muslims for the majority of their immigration quotas for only that reason.

  • T May

    Muhammad Arshad Khan. I do not have an answer for you but I want to inform you that the practice when a person wants to convert is that they make the request on three occasions and each time the rabbbi refuses. I know one convert who said that the rabbi was insulting. I wanted to let you know so that you don’t take it personally. Some conversions are recognized in Israel, and some aren’t. I thought in Islam that if you leave it that it is apostacy and you are subject to the death penalty. Maybe you should emigrate.

  • brenrod

    strange how the same black hatters didnt get the message before the shoa and dont get it now. right now jews get a warning in dribs and drabs just like pre shoah. does the rabbi believe that jews should not go to Israel just like pre shoah, when they told the Jews to stay in europe? Perhaps the rabbi should show jews leadership and make aliya.

    • FactsRule

      Likelihood of attack is worse in Israel, Moishiach hasn’t arrived, which you don’t seem to get. Til then, we can live wherever the hell we want.
      Why don’t you get a country and call it Israel? Right now it’s not independent, having millions of overwhelmingly genocidal so-called Palestinian Jordanians & Egyptians Israel’s suicidal Prime Ministers since 1967 haven’t yet repatriated back over the borders with said countries. Hundreds of thousands are dead, injured, dispossessed, & otherwise effected by Israel’s leaders who choose to be kind to the cruel (insisting they stay regardless of the deadly futility) & cruel to the kind (allowing mass murder, but mouthing condemnation following many attacks).

    • Louise

      Why the hell should they go to Israel? Perhaps they are French and want to stay in France? Not to mention of they DO go to Israel, they are even more likely to be stabbed by some raving nutter.

  • Cherie

    This human behaviour equates to animal behaviour because animals have no conscience and will happily just stand there not knowing the difference!!! For humans to be reduced to that status clearly demonstrates the fallen state of humanity so help us God or people will happily watch their parents etc hacked to pieces and they will not even know the difference!!!

  • grace

    The Torah the Jews read, and the books of the Prophets, say that the Jews should go back to their country. God has set aside the Land of ISRAEL, solely for the JEWS. He says when they refuse to return, he will send sickles and fishers to fish them out. It will not be easy as the above stabbing attack shows, and even will intensify. The Prime Minister has been used of Hashem again and again to tell the Jews in the diaspora to go back. They still hold on their Material possessions. They dont see why they should go back to Israel. Let me as a Christian gentile warn them, that it is time to go before it gets worse. Sell what you have now while there is still time and pack and make aliyah before you suffer untold sorrow.

    • dorit

      How do you explain then the stabbing in Israel? not to mention that this is the ugliest interpretation of God. In my experience, God would never be that cruel and heartless.

    • brenrod

      no difference between anti semtism in Israel, muslim abuse of jews in israel, knife attacks of jews in Israel…. all under the supervision of a jewish government. apparently anti semitism is not a crime in Israel.

  • Muhammad Arshad Khan

    Hi respected i have worked before my Jewish friends and we spend 1 year together i am very inspired from them and after a long time i want to join i want revert in Judaism i want to required specific person for guidance i am from Pakistan and living in Abu Dhabi UAE i already search but did not find any Rabbi here and i want to exact guidance thanks

    • JiJi

      Hei! M.A.K. you are the Perfect guy! looking for a Rabbi in Abu Dhabi!!!!!!!!!??????????
      Why shouldn’t you look for some Circumciser in the SS-Medical Staffs …? Same success!
      Emigrate to somewhere else! Pakistanis are smart people. Let the Islamist ones and leave

  • Eliza Stevens

    The rabbi lives in a country whose people lined the streets to welcome Hitler’s invading army with flowers and he’s surprised no one watching from the café stepped in to help?

    • dorit

      Never the less, it is still shocking human behavior. Apathy is the opposite of love

      • HamanSlayer

        No, Dorit. Apathy is the absence of love, and hate is the opposite. Wish more of the Palestinians were apathetic, instead of hateful…!

  • Jim42

    What did that Rabbi wait for from Frenchies?
    Who moves in such case? People with Marines’ tough courage and abilities for Krav Maga and readiness to Kill…Who else?
    A Jew disguised in an Orthodox Rabbi (!!!) has to assume that he has to WEAR a gun if he wants to wander around in such apparatus…!!! Even in Israel…!
    He is not isolated as some of others minorities have to manage the same way of surviving in many countries…
    The 2nd Amendment remains the Basic law of a Democracy even if people consider that a normal citizen shouldn’t be armed and should leave it to the Police!
    But this is in the only Interest of a State and Oligarchy Government and totalitarian police…the experience proves it.

  • Kris Kristianm

    Can one expect anything better from France?
    France has always been anti Semitic.
    The press is known to lie in favour of the Muslims.
    Soon, France, Germany, Sweden and other countries that took in million of “migrants” will regret that day.
    One must ask. Why were they not taken into Islamic countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, Iran Germany,etc?
    Answer. 1 They do not need trouble makers.
    2 They are Islamic, so no need to try to spread Islam there.
    Send them out to Christian countries, so that they can spread Islam and convert the Christians to deny the Christian faith.

    How long will it be, before they multiply and become the majority?

    I hope that those countries will wake up in good time, and send them to the Islamic countries, where they have huge areas to house the “migrants”

    • Louise

      Unless I’ve read this incorrectly, there is nothing to suggest the attacker is an immigrant. He could be a 2nd or 3rd generation French Muslim. He could be a convert.

  • Ruthie, considering that Muslims are forbidden alcohol, and it’s known that many terrorists use drugs for added “courage,” could that have been it? Or do French muslims fought that ruling and drink? I’ve seen young Arabs with liquor in Sha’ar Binyamin.

    • Viviane Spiegelman

      Batya — do you think we might be related? But on the topic, same thing here in Canada. Except for a few us, nobody is reading the writing on the wall.

  • I am not a Jew, nor an Israeli and I don’t live in Israel, but from my point of view the Jews of France should now be planning to move to Israel.

    • If you are Not a Jew and do not live in Israel why in the world should you care and who are you and so many others who give free advise to French Jews.Before the Holocaust many non Jews had similar thoughts like the well meant ones you have.However would it not be wiser not to take the way of the least resistance which is your way but to stand up and fight back?

      That is precisely what my advise would be to French Jews.DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU TO LEAVE-instead ask them for help but prepare yourselves to fight. Jews know how to fight, remember David vs Goliath.Jews know what a laid back stance will do and dumb Rabbis will lead you to the slaughterhouse!

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    The same scenario plays over and over again! When will the French and other West European governments wake up and protect the Jewish population in real time and not merely in benign, bland, lip service? Should the mere sight of a Jew be reason for his or her life to be put in jeopardy for stepping out into the public sphere?

    • Governments in Europe will not do anything ever unless Jews are showing their teeth AND THEIR WILLINGNESS TO FIGHT.

      It does not matter where you live as a Jew, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam.European countries and their governments have sold out “Jews” in Europe but allowing these events.By the way have you ever seen a real condemnation by the Euro Muslims for these attacks? Of course not only lip service!
      If there would be a Euro Jewish Defense League armed with the right tools none of this sh-t would happen.

  • ART

    It is clear we Jews have been put on the sacrificial alter yet again. We must vow to protect ourselves. World opinion be d-mned

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Aren’t Jews ever tired of being hated and so easy to murder because they won’t fight back.

    It’s time for every Jew to learn how to use a powerful weapon and learn tactics and this time kill the enemy before they kill them.

    It’s in our Torah. If they could just learn what it says instead of the obsession with Kashrut.

    Be strong and fight.

  • Mickey Oberman

    May the French suffer greatly for their anti Semitic, callous indifference to
    the ongoing attacks and discrimination on their Jewish citizens.

    I am sure they will find their Islamic masters to be much more numerous and much less law abiding than those upon whom they heap unjustified calumny.

    • Any ex Jewish marines out there?

    • Dante

      Now the jihadi zombies have struck again, in a well-organized manner, just as if they wanted to punish the French indifference to attacks on Jews themselves.

  • uzoozy

    Its a real sad day for this yo hsppen.
    Msybe solving the 60 year old issue will help.

  • And now, even “Le Figaro” who is actually one of the very few big daily French News Papers (conservative) with a semblance of decency and relative objectivity is falling into what the Germans call “Lügenpresse” (The Lying Press) method, what chance for France to survive !

    • The French were sold out to muslim interests a long time ago.All you have to do is read Bat Ye Or’s book Eurabia or go to youtube or google Bat Ye Or and read about dhimmitude!

  • glenda urmacher

    Isn’t it interesting that all the muslims that attack/ stab Jews in which ever country they reside in, are deemed mentally unstable.
    I truly believe all the muslims of the world are mentally unstable, but the countries that accept them as refugees (?), homeless , etc, are more mentally unstable!
    What can you expect of a population that have been marrying first cousins for multiple generations.
    A stupid and unstable people.

  • HaroldT38

    Jews, get the hell out of that evil country.

    • sure and all move to Brooklyn right? Fools.
      Pray on your knees to the slaughterhouse right?
      Put your money where your mouth is to help Euro Jews buy weapons.

  • Tiki

    Members of our Chabad shul carry guns at shul on Shabbos & likely during the week also.

    I think by now this is a no brainer to carry guns & shoot whoever is trying to attack us before they have a chance.

    What are we waiting for???? Hashem helps those who help themselves.

    Moshiach now!

    • Thank you the only way to go!

  • David Epstein

    Dear Rabbi A:

    Your comment and assessment of the situation appears to be very much to the point. I can only hope that my Rabbi Eli Spitz of congregation Beit Israel in Tustin, California reads and understands what you are saying.
    Thank you and Refua Shlema
    David Epstein

  • Marion Abramowitz

    Without question, Marseille is known to have a large Muslim population. The question for the Tourism Industry is what protections are they developing for France’s third largest city and elsewhere in France, so that tourism continues without being subjected to violence, antisemitism, anti-West , and finally even anti-French values. Cowardice values demonstrated by the cafe patrons is not an attraction. i would be surprised if the Tourism industry isn’t already feeling some blowback.
    Marion Abramowitz

    • There is only one answer. French Jews must know that American well trained and armed ex M’s or Green Berets are in the country ready to help.

  • Jane S Gabin

    Just as in 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 — people saw what was being done, but did nothing to help the victims.

  • Joanne Prives

    The rabbi’s “version” – it was a witness’ reporting what happened to him. TYhe French newspaper’s report was a ‘version’ – anything to deny legitimacy to Jews.

  • french cowards, arab rabble = surrender monkey

    Why Didn’t the Rabbis wallop the attacker???

    The best defense is a good offense to wallop these puny surrender monkeys.