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February 5, 2016 12:15 am

Hillary Clinton Urges ‘Discipline of Gratitude’ While Pondering Jewish Parable

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Democratic presidential hopeful discusses Jewish parable at CNN Town Hall. Photo: Screenshot

Democratic presidential hopeful discusses Jewish parable at CNN Town Hall. Photo: Screenshot

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton advised listeners at a CNN Town Hall meeting on Wednesday to “practice the discipline of gratitude,” in pondering a question from a New Hampshire rabbi concerning a Hasidic Jewish parable.

“Regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful. Be grateful for being a human being, being part of the universe. Be grateful for your limitations. Know that you have to reach out to have more people be with you, to support you, to advise you, listen to your critics, answer the questions. But at the end, be grateful. Practice the discipline of gratitude,” said Clinton.

Her response was prompted by a question from Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett of Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, New Hampshire — according to the Jewish Insider — concerning a parable attributed to a turn-of-the-18th-century Polish rabbi:

Rabbi Simcha Bunem taught that every person has to have two pockets and in each pocket they have to carry a different note. And the note in one pocket says the universe was created for me. And in the other pocket the note says I am just dust and ashes. And I want you to take a moment and think about what you would tell us about your two pockets. How do you cultivate the ego, the ego that we all know you must have, a person must have to be the leader of the free world, and also the humility to recognize that we know that you can’t be expected to be wise about all the things that the president has to be responsible for?

Clinton called the question “absolutely wonderful,” and went on to explain:

I feel very fortunate that I am a person of faith, that I was raised in my church and that I have had to deal and struggle with a lot of these issues about ambition and humility, about service and self-gratification, all of the human questions that all of us deal with, but when you put yourself out into the public arena, I think it’s incumbent upon you to be as self-conscious as possible. This is hard for me. You know, I never thought I’d be standing on a stage here asking people to vote for me for president. I always wanted to be of service…

I have friends who are rabbis who send me notes, give me readings that are going to be discussed in services. So I really appreciate all that incoming… And the final thing I would say, because again, it’s not anything I’ve ever talked about this much publicly, everybody knows I — I have lived a very public life for the last 25 or so years. And so I’ve had to be in public dealing with some very difficult issues and personal issues, political, public issues. And I read a, um, a treatment of the prodigal son parable by the Jesuit Henri Nouwen, who I think is a magnificent writer of spiritual and theological concerns. And I — I read that parable and there was a line in it that became just a lifeline for me: and it basically is practice the discipline of gratitude.

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  • David Buki

    Hillary Clinton is not a mystery. She has a long record of pure failures. Reset with Russia. Canceling the deployment of defensive missile system in Eastern Europe resulting in Russian take over of Ukrainian territories.
    Facilitating the takeover of Libya by Muslim extremists. Letting Syria falling into chaos resulting in Hundreds of Thousands dead.
    On an individual level, lying to the Benghazi family members about a video while knowing the truth and risking the lives of intelligent assets in unsecured emails, Even without considering the payments that indicate conflict of interest, she shows a high level of disregard to America and its citizens.

  • Al Talena

    Let’s be real. Politicians are usually full of themselves. Time for Jews to stop voting Republican or Democrat. It’s time to see the candidates true history history visa vis Israel. Even Presidents who have been friendly to Israel do so for their own agenda.
    But that doesn’t mean that I have to put someone in the White House who is going to harm Israel. No other religious or ethnic or racial group puts their group second; only we Jews do so blindly declaring “I’m not a one issue voter”. A black who says that is called an “Uncle Tom”. We Jews want to be accepted so badly that we are embarrassed to proclaim “Yes, I am a one issue voter”. Carter is seen by some as super moral, a humanitarian, etc. No doubt, there would still be Jews voting for him b/c he would be on the Democratic line. This despite his anti-Israel statements and writings.

  • I am not crazy about Hilary, but she is the least obnoxious choice available. . I am scared of the Ted Cruzes of the Republican party- each trying to out do the other on their christian bona fides. They keep referring to the constitution when it suits them but they ignore the part about this is not a nation for any religion. they keep talking about too much government, but they don’t mind a government that monitors women who are acting legally when they seek help for reproductive help. they lash out against the supreme court when it rules for individual liberty for all peopole to marry, or for women to have choice, but the courty is good when it voted to restrict voter rights or to allow the citizens united orobby lobby decisions, the court is 5/4 for conservatives & they think it should always rule in the favor of republicans. rep;ublicans scare me.

  • Hillary Clinton is an experienced person, who did learn from her past mistakes and also did learn founding relations between cultures and politics, stubborn with faith which USA needs to day, Hillary of to day is not Hillary of yesterday, I should love to see her in action. We people of modern time we must see the good in Hillary, our world need a change linked to our present time,. What did happen in the past last forty years on our glob surely hade to happen! Hillary grow with it. Give power to peace among man on our planet which is in hands of politicians. I have a massage to Hillary! China is people of peace by cultural roots which man must understand. Solving problems among men in peace time is very difficult, in peace time’s population’s grows with problems grows, in war time only countries who has a very big population will profit of it, Hillary Clinton think about it! We must forget the past old political thinking, we must think globally to solve problems not only of ours but also problems of others to be able to do trade among nations where the question of innovation will rise to correct it self, only by global thinking man is able to understand the limits of innovations for the innovations to grow the right directions over all our planet! To day we can not afford to make big mistakes becoming big losers, to succeed is working hard together globally and peacefully to come out of political frustrations! Since to day all men watch each other men must see the good things in man no mater religions or races, to fight “Fears” which does bring men brains naturally into chaos, the reason of politicians changing faces everyday.

    • michelle kahn

      No disrespect intended however Hilary has learned nothing. Her private email issue proves her ego is as big as ever. She runs parallel with President Obama which translates to Israel having a continuance with the current President’s dislike should she win the presidency! G-D FORBID. Please!!!! Don’t be fooled by her comments to the Rabbi’s question?.

  • Theodore Crawford

    She and Barack Obama share a common characteristic; a moral compass with no needle. Say and do whatever, whenever, however, to whomever… to achieve your own personal agenda to the detriment of everyone else’s. Very much like the Islamic principle of taqqiya.

  • Jonah

    Hilliary and Hummus will Finnish the job Obama started…regarding the eradication of Israel. She has been bitten by the snake and is no longer who she purports to be. It’s amazing what the future could hold, for the Clintons, with Hilliary at the wheel and 100’s of millions of Islamic dollars being fed to the Clinton foundation. Why is it that our president and what appears to be our second president seem to have as their right hand in charge and most trusted advisors, either Iraninans or jihadists. Every time she throws a stone at Israel the Clinton foundation coffers are filled. Is she building a Clinton Islamic empire?

  • As a member of a secret Satanic Western occult society and their puppet I agree with you. It will be the end of America and the beginning of total evil for the world if she becomes President.
    Rather Donald Trump for President.

  • As a member of a secret Satanic Western occult society and their puppet I agree with you. It will be the end of America and the beginning of total evil for the world if she becomes President.
    Rather Donal Trump for President.

  • Juan veg sr

    Hillary is to Israel what Coronet Sanders is to chickens. The woman is so driven by ambition that her only gratitude is to anyone that writes her a check. The amount will dictate whether she behaves like a call girl or a street walker. The sin is still the same. She is no friend of Israel.

  • Mickey Oberman

    She is so full of it.

  • enufizenuf

    If Hillary Clinton is a “person of faith” I’m Harry Truman. Why not ask Hillary Rotten Clinton if she’s still in the habit of calling Jews kikes? Or how about if she could now bring herself to enter a home with a menorah in the window as she was previously unable to do so due to her support of the Palestinian cause? She is a monster, and her most monstrous deeds would be those against Israel. Look up her history of anti-Semitism AND WARN YOUR FRIENDS!

  • Robert Geller

    Good to know that she has no problems lying to a rabbi.

  • A. Alberda

    Hypocrite Hillary got in one pocket $675,000 made for three speeches for Goldman Sachs and many many more in other cases… Pecunia Non Olet… She needed it her left pocket?

    Hillary lied about a so called movie as the cause of the terroristic attack at Benghazi in Lybia. Later she had to admit it was a prepared 9-11 attack. She promised the shocked relatives at the funeral to avenge the murder of the ambassador and the three brave navy seals: she never did, nor did she meet the embarrased parents. She lost the discipline of gratitude from the right pocket…?

    Hillary used her personal emailserver for a large amount of classified information such as operational intelligence. She is under heavy investigation of the FBI. But she denies all, even if the State Department agrees there are 22 top secret emails within the classified information emails. This is so sensitive that the FBI agents investigating Mrs. Clinton themselves lack the security clearance to read these emails. Can you imagine this to be the next president?

    Initially denied Bill: “I did not have sex with that woman”. Later he had to humble himself on television after much pressure of a possible indictment. But Hillary attacked afterwards Monica Lewinsky and other women who accused Bill of rape. Read this and other links through Google of Juanita Broaddrick and other women:

    This woman is absolutely not fit for the highest office in the US. Period.

    • So you know what Don’t vote for her you idiot, moron, shmuck

    • Francois

      Thank you for your post. The truth is so ugly that we should hope fervently that any influence and power of the Clintons will end this year.

    • Hollie Whitlock

      As the wife of an ex-state department, I agree with your wvaluation, 100%