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February 7, 2016 1:49 pm

New Hamas Music Clip Encourages Suicide Bombings on Israeli Buses (VIDEO)

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Hamas released a music video calling for a return to suicide bombings of Israeli busses. Photo: video screenshot.

A scene from the Hamas music video calling for a return to suicide bombings on Israeli buses. Photo: Screenshot.

A new music video released by Hamas encourages suicide bombings on Israeli public transportation, Israel’s Channel 2 reported on Sunday.

The six-minute clip — titled “Blow Off the Roof of the Bus” — features several Hamas members singing in front of a bombed out Israeli bus. The message of their song is summarized in its chorus: “Gird yourself, o most honorable of men, with an explosive belt, because nothing will satisfy the intifada except blowing up buses.”

Interspersed in the video are depictions of the planning and execution of a suicide bus bombing, presenting the terrorist as a hero and compassionate father.

Watch the clip here:

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  • I would really like to know what this terrorist is saying. If you cannot understand what your enemy is saying, how can you respond intelligently. Put in subtitles!

  • Ben

    the occupation of Israel must end, throw out all the Arabs and Muslims from Israel. Islam is an opportunist religion look at what they are doing to Europe. one day they will make a music videos about how to bomb buses in Europe because they think Europe belongs to them.

  • Let’s look at the bright side
    They hired Jews to be extras so I guess they are equal Oppurtunity employers

  • Tareq Jaber

    this video is encouraging resistance against the Israeli invasion to Gaza in summer 2014, part of it encourages the resistance man to sacrifice his soul against the invaders . Dont forget the invasion with 3000 people killed; 17000 house demolished. The bus in the video is one of the military vehicles that were destroyed during the invasion by the resistance

    • Aaron Cohen

      Tareq, You’ve obviously been reading Hammas propaganda without thinking about what went on. 3,000 people were killed largely because Hammas decided to use its civilians as human shields. The Israeli “invasion” was an action to protect its population against the continuing terror rockets from Gaza. I don’t know where you live. Wherever it is, if you, your family and countless other civilians were subjected to thousands of rocket attacks, how would you expect (and how would you want) your government to respond? My guess is that you’d want your government to respond even more strongly and violently than Israel did – and with much less concern for collateral damage than Israel showed. Israel doesn’t use buses as military vehicles. It’s much more likely that this bus was destroyed by a Hammas suicide bomber intent on killing and maiming as many innocent civilians as possible.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    Love the choreography!

    Brought to you by generous funding from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees and the European Union.

  • Judith Ross

    This must be removed and now! It is incitement.

  • Judith Ross

    This is disgusting and filled with incitement. This must be removed. NOW!!!

  • lionking

    Pathetic!! When will they change? Violence and revenge doesn’t lead anywhere.

    • C

      On the contrary, this must be visible and leaked everywhere so that the world sees the truth and violence coming from Hamas. This is not “resistance”, this is terrorism and will not bring about any solution or peace.

  • Accept the Arab Peace Plan of 2002 and you don’t have this kind of stuff to worry about !

    • Daniel


      That is fairly naive, and irresponsible to call for such moves without knowing the results of similar actions in the past, and without learning about these organization’s goals and aspirations as written in their charter. The do not want peace and would not adhere to one.

    • Devorah Malek

      This kind of stuff to worry about? Only monsters terrorize like they do. There is no appeasing monsters. They operate inhumanely.