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March 6, 2016 6:14 pm

Report on Allegations of Antisemitism in Oxford Labour Club Reveals Members ‘Mocked Mourners’ of Jewish Paris Attack Victims, Called Auschwitz ‘Cash Cow’

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Oxford University Labour Club stand. Photo: Facebook.

Oxford University Labour Club stand. Photo: Facebook.

A report launched following allegations of rampant antisemitism within the Oxford University Labour Club and completed 10 days ago revealed that a number of its members condoned attacks on Paris synagogues in 2014 and mocked the mourners of the victims of the Hyper Cacher supermarket massacre, Britain’s Jewish News reported on Sunday, basing its information on evidence obtained by the Sunday Times.

In addition, according to testimony in the report — conducted by members of the British Labour Party and seen by the Times — some members referred to the Auschwitz extermination camp as a “cash cow.”

The report in which these revelations came to the fore was launched following the resignation of the Oxford Labour Club’s co-chairman – who claimed some members had “some kind of problem with Jews” – and additional complaints from members of the school’s Jewish Society, who said they felt “intimidated” by the antisemitic atmosphere.

Oxford Labour Students also launched a probe into the allegations, but the findings of their investigation were not released. Nor, according to the Jewish News, were the results of the Labour Party report in question.

In an op-ed Thursday in the Jewish News, Labour MPs Michael Dugher and Rachel Reeves condemned the phenomenon of antisemitism in Britain in general and bemoaned its existence in a student Labour club in particular, while calling for the immediate release of the report’s findings:

…The Labour movement has always had a strong record of opposing discrimination and racism, including anti-Semitism. That was – and still is – central to what we believe as Labour people. That’s why we were so deeply saddened by the allegations of anti-Semitism at the Oxford University Labour Club.

The decision by Oxford Labour Students to endorse ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ was frankly ignorant, offensive and deeply unfair…

What is alleged to have happened at Oxford goes much deeper than signing up to stupid campaigns. Our primary concerns are regarding the accusations at the club of harassment and intimidation of Jewish students. If these are proven true, they need to be treated as racist incidents and dealt with appropriately and severely. Racist bullying contradicts everything Labour stands for.

A recent Community Security Trust report highlighted the seriousness of anti-Semitism throughout Britain, showing that 2015 saw the third highest number of anti-Semitic incidents ever recorded in the UK…

How we deal with allegations of anti-Semitism and racism inside our party is a big test for Labour. All eyes are on us and it is vital we lead by example. We are glad to see that the national Labour Students organisation is treating seriously accusations of anti-Semitism and has launched its own investigation. This has now been referred on to Baroness Jan Royall, which will investigate further.

We are, however, disappointed that Labour Students’ initial report has not been made public. In the interests of transparency and to demonstrate beyond all doubt the seriousness with which we take these allegations, the report should be published now…

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  • The problem with the British; they never learned Yiddish!

  • Al Talena

    Similar events happen on the US campuses led by arabs, lefty & self-hating Jewws. Jus look at what is happening at Obelan. The enemy is indeed here as well.

  • Jack

    This coverage reveals a story so bizarre, at what has long been considered a bastion of the development of social fairness, as to defy cogent comment, except that it is definitely delusional.
    England’s Jew’s have been leaving for decades, with the community a shadow of it’s former self, that a serious pity.

  • Sam Harris

    Time to leave.There just like the French scumbags.

    • Al Talena

      Wake up Sam. The arabs, leftys and self-hating Jews do the same on AMerican campuses. The enemy is here.

  • basha

    None of this bias is new, the universities in Britain have been biggotted against Jews even before Cromwell allowed the Jews back into the country. He only brought them back to handle the money matters as Britain was broke. The universities are just another slimy tentacle from an equally slimy octapus of these houses of supposed education and one only has to see the film Chariots of Fire to get the flavour of sickening hatred toward Jews. These universities and school offshoots should not be given another penny from the Jewish trustees who have benevolently aided these houses over the years.

  • Dave

    When Londonstan wakes up, they will miss their Jews.

  • Mickey Oberman

    “We are, however, disappointed that Labour Students’ initial report has not been made public.”

    What do you expect from the future dhimmi boot lickers of the new UKistan’s Islamic rulers.?

  • Steven Reed

    Not surprised at the report not being released. While the MPS and Labour are at it, they should simultaneously be pressuring the BBC, in the same interest and spirit of openness and accountability, to release the Balen Report on Middle East Bias.

  • The English are so PC that they allowed thousands of English girls as young as 13 to be handed around and raped by Pakistani grooming gangs but they hate Jews. They would rather have immigrants who are criminals and on welfare than a minority that succeeds.

  • David Teitel

    It strikes me as absurd that the the Labour Party handled this investigation. Under Corbin, the party has been hi-jacked by anti-Semites and they have a strong vested interest in minimizing the problem. Why isn’t the matter being dealt with by the university administration instead?

  • Lia

    In the interest of all the entire report should be made public as soon as possible.

  • michelle kahn

    Painfully tragic. Auschwitz was a monstrous reality.

  • brenrod

    the names of the offending students should be published…. hopefully hackers will put their names online


      Excellent idea