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June 17, 2016 5:51 pm

Shidduch From Hell: Vicious Israel Haters Roger Waters, Rula Jebreal New ‘Palestinian Power Couple’ Following Affair, Divorces

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Pink Floyd front-man Roger Waters and Palestinian activist Rula Jebreal are the new "Palestinian power couple." Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Daigo Oliva/Fabrizio Ferri.

Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters and Palestinian activist Rula Jebreal are the new “Palestinian power couple.” Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Daigo Oliva/Fabrizio Ferri.

Notorious anti-Israel hater and Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters is making headlines once again following revelations that, after divorcing his fourth wife and an ensuing affair, he is dating Palestinian activist Rula Jebreal, Page Six reported on Wednesday.

The pair — he is 72 and she is 42 — were introduced some five years ago by Waters’ then wife, Laurie Durning, who was friends with Jebreal’s now estranged husband, biotech entrepreneur Arthur Altschul Jr. According to a source who spoke with Page Six, Jebreal asked to meet Waters because of his anti-Israel activism, including his support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. The couples became fast friends and would dine together many times.

However, after Waters split from his fourth wife, the source said “he began an affair with Rula. Arthur found out, and their marriage ended. Roger and Rula have been together around three months and they discuss Palestine all the time, they are both so very passionate about it.”

“It is the talk of the Hamptons, and some people are calling them the ‘Palestinian power couple.’ But it is very weird for their former spouses, who introduced them,” the source added.

In March 2011, Waters came out in support of BDS and a cultural boycott of Israel after visiting the security barrier that separates Israel from the West Bank, becoming one of the anti-Israel movement’s most high-profile advocates. He has since accused Israel of a host of crimes —  including the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, apartheid and illegally occupying and annexing Palestinian land — and has launched a crusade against artists — such as Jon Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams and Neil Young — who announce performances in Israel or in support of Israel-related causes.

In March 2013, Waters took credit for the decision by famed musician Stevie Wonder to cancel his performance at a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces event. In an interview with the anti-Israel Electronic Intifada, Waters said, “I wrote a letter to him saying that this would be like playing a police ball in Johannesburg the day after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960.”

“I think that the kind of boycott that was implemented against the apartheid regime in South Africa back in the day is probably the most effective way to go because the situation is that the Israeli government runs an apartheid regime in Israel, the occupied territories and everywhere else it decides,” he added.

Jebreal, for her part, is also actively engaged in promoting the demonization of Israel and spreading Palestinian propaganda. The journalist and author has in the past been critical of the US’s support for Israel, which she has said leads to “enabling discriminatory laws and segregation and subjugation of millions of people.”

In January 2015, during a CNN discussion regarding radical Islam alongside pro-Israel activist Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Jebreal bemoaned what she called Israel’s ethnocratic policies in favor of Jews and its subjugation of Palestinians. Boteach quickly rejected Jebreal’s accusations, stating:

With all due respect…When you start bringing up that Israel’s policy, it’s terrible that [Palestinians] are being targeted, Israel has to stop the segregation. Let’s stop the nonsense. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. You are a Palestinian woman who has Israeli citizenship. You are allowed freedom of expression. No one tells you who to fall in love with, you don’t get shot by your uncle or by your brother because you fall in love with somebody your father doesn’t approve of. You live a Western life. You live with the kind of human rights that Israel protects. Israel has 1.5 million Arab citizens, there is no segregation and we all know that. So let’s not excuse terrorism with some Israeli policy.

Jebreal is the author of three books, one of which, Miral — largely an autobiographical account of her childhood in the West Bank — was adapted into a film by her then-boyfriend, Julian Schnabel. The film premiered at the UN General Assembly and was opposed by the Israeli government and the American Jewish Committee, which said the movie painted Israel in a “highly negative light.”

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  • Dave

    Too bad Dagan of Mossad is no longer around. He sure knew how to stop haters like Waters
    RIP Dagan

  • Roger, Roger

    So, now we know, Roger Waters thinks with his “bleep”.

  • Yaakov

    Was Roger redt to Rula, or was Rula redt to Roger?

  • Larry Robins

    Roger Waters is scheduled to perform in Desert Fest in October, 2016 in Indio, CA along with other classical rock acts such as Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, The Who, etc. Write to everyone you can thing of, the City of Indio officials, the Anschultz Group organizing the event, anyone. Let’s express our right of freedom and seek to ban the venomous putrid Roger Waters!

  • Elliott Alhadeff

    Anyone critical of Israel for its defensive policies should first express their awareness of its historical causes and purposes. Failure to do so nullifies their criticism and invites the presumption they are either ignorant or fatally biased relegating their comment to the dustbin of political babble.

  • Somehow I don’t think an aging fading four times married
    tired and old rock star with a fifth grade education is someone
    I look to on how to act in a kind an caring manner toward anyone.

    Ask his four wives!!

  • Waters has 4 of his own failed marriages, the reason for at least 2 other failed marriages, and single handedly destroyed 1 of the all time great rock bands. I’m guessing this affair will fail, just as 90% of his BDS efforts do. I don’t think he has had any success since the mid 80’s

  • k

    I am hoping they are going to die in a weird accident, that would be an awesome story!

  • ART

    meanwhile back in the USA one can not acknowledge that Radical Islamic terror even exists.

  • William Lewis Wexler, Esq.

    Promiscuous people who.screw each other while trying to screw Israel. Waters may be considered ignorent: She is just a liar.

  • Linda Golden

    How interesting that Ruls has been married to a Jew, became the girlfriend of another Jew, Julian Schnabel, and now has hooked up with rabid anti-Semite Roger Waters. I think her dislike of Israel, Israeli’s and Jews stem from her romantic entanglements that seem to have ended badly. Of course, both were extremely wealthy …what a come down from them to a has been still wannabe rock star.

  • Rula Jebreal is a anti-semite who dehumanize the Jewish State.

  • Yaakov Holansky

    Rula Jebreal paint the picture every Palesinian tries to paint to a Western audience “I am a victim”. She is unwilling to admit the two ‘leaders’ they’ve had since 67’ till now lead them down this path or that decisions taken by Arabs & Arab States in 47-48 sealed their fate. The position has always been NO to Peace if there was going to be an Israel and there was always the myth that ALL the Jews of Israel came from Europe and the Arabs will drive them into the Sea. The PLO Charter was never changed contrary to suggestions by Arafat that it had been and the Hamas Charter goes further in that they want to kill any Jew found Worldwide not just Israelis. I’m sure Ms Jebreal knows all this and is just waiting for the right time after a step by step propaganda war to slip this in on the Western audience. I sure the Far Left will justify it some how and go along. They can’t quit now. Rula’s ugliness will come through one day and besides, the day a two State solution comes about, she’s out of business; no more books, speeches, lime light unless she is really going for broke, No Israel. This would be my guess.If she thinks this will happen, it won’t!

  • Misery loves company.

  • Dennis Hulse

    Maybe this is some sort of Jewish ‘karma’ bubbling up!

  • A Zekcer

    She only dated Jews who hate Israel, and is screwing Roger Waters in an adulterous relationship that would lead to stoning in an Arab country. The best yet–she’s an Israeli citizen.
    Waters didn’t like the wall.

  • anon

    A non-Jew for Jabreal? Boyfriend Schnabel was an old Jew who put her on the map with her film which had lies like Israel whips teenage girls in prison. Then she married a young, handsome, rich Jewish guy. Too bad she messed that up. Roger Waters definitely seems like a giant step down.

  • Sam Harris

    Have Mossad take care of them.

    • Hammersmith

      Now there you have it w/ the mask off.


    Rogers and Jebreal are not “Vicious Israel Haters” nor are they “Vicious Haters of Israel”; They very well may be “Haters of Vicious Israel.” It’s Location, Location, Location! What’s more, you make it sound like hating Vicious Israel is a bad thing‽


      Why are you here? I don’t think you’ll find many followers on this website. If you’re trying to make people hate you, relax. They already do.

  • enufisenuf

    You write, “It is the talk of the Hamptons,” so does that mean that they live there?

  • Dan Burland

    They will spawn bigots.

  • brenrod

    Water is a serial chronic liar intentionally inciting the murder of jewish children with his blood libels… I long to hear of a very long suffering dying process where his suffering never ends. such a despicable creature deserves to suffer mercilessly.

  • Paul Ballotta

    I believe the real reason that Waters broke up with his previous wife was because she wasn’t too happy about his giving an interview with a reporter from Haaretz last August in which he stated that the Israeli military are “legitimate targets,” and he regarded his wife as a liability who could inform on him for his terrorist affiliations. Now it’s obvious by his coveting his wife’s friend’s wife that he is hell-bent in his pursuit of inciting violence of the kind we witnessed at the time his film made its debut in theaters (for one night only on Sept. 29, 2015) with his usual scripted sound-bites he borrows from the Arab street (though he would never himself live there).