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July 22, 2016 6:59 pm

Jewish, Pro-Israel Groups Call for Immediate Expulsion of Controversial British Peer After She Blames Israel for Rise of Global Terrorism

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Baroness Jenny Tonge is once under under fire for antisemitic and anti-Israel remarks. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Baroness Jenny Tonge is once again under under fire for anti-Israel remarks. Photo: Video Screenshot.

Jewish and pro-Israel groups in Britain called for the expulsion of a controversial British peer on Friday, following her remarks yesterday blaming Israel for the global rise of terrorism.

In an address to the House of Lords, Baroness Jenny Tonge said, “The treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is a major cause of the rise of extreme Islamism and Daesh [ISIS].”

According to Tonge, Israel is “creating a generation of terrorists who will have a justified grudge against Israel and the countries who support her.”

“I’ve heard it said these actions [terrorism] are caused by incitement, by the Palestinians themselves…I question that,” she said, adding that Israeli soldiers are “wimps” for defending themselves against what she called “children throwing stones and sticks or carrying scissors.”

Tonge’s comments prompted outcry from prominent Jewish groups in Britain, who called for her immediate dismissal.  

Marie van der Zyl, vice president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said in a statement, “Another House of Lords debate and another outrageous speech from Baroness Tonge on the Middle East. It is time for Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron to expel her once and for all from the party.”  

Jonathan Sacerdoti, director of communications at the Campaign Against Anitsemitism, said, “By suggesting there would be Palestinian ‘terrorists with a justified grudge’ against Israel she is effectively justifying the terrorism that is aimed at Jewish people in Israel and around the world by Hamas and other terrorist organisations.”

“We cannot expect her to apologize, as she means it, and has a long history of antisemitism which has seen her forced to resign from the Parliamentary Liberal Democrat Party. It is now time for her to be expelled from the Liberal Democrat Party entirely, and from the House of Lords.”

On Twitter, Israel advocacy group Sussex Friends of Israel also slammed Tonge for her “shameful” comments.

Thursday’s remarks are not the first time Tonge has found herself embroiled in controversy for offending Jewish sensitivities. 

In 2012, Tonge resigned from the Liberal Democrat Party after coming under fire for saying Israel “is not going to be there forever” and that the country would “reap what it’s sown” in the Middle East. In 2010, Tonge was fired from her position as a health spokesperson after accusing Israeli troops sent to Haiti following a major earthquake of trafficking human organs. In 2004, when still an MP, Tonge was asked to resign by her party as a children’s spokesman after she said she “might consider becoming” a suicide bomber if she were Palestinian.

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  • Bob

    I guess you missed the American Jew Dr Steve Pieczenik stating Israel did 9-11?

    Pieczenik was the head of the psychological warfare department of the Pentagon for many years and frog marched Rumsfeld out of the Pentagon.

    I dare you to post about that 🙂

    Trump is not going to save you 🙂

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      First of all this bonehead Steve Pieczenik is a one-man wellspring of conspiracy theories. Among other ridiculous claims he has spouted is that the 2013 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a false flag occurrence and a hoax ; that the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya was the outcome of a “turf war” between the CIA and US military intelligence and that Israel was going to attack Iran on Yom Kippur (!) 2012 unless Netanyahu was assassinated by the Mossad ! Earlier he made the absurd claim that Osama bin Laden had died of a strange brain condition in 2001,immediately after the 9/11 Muslim atrocity.And when the whole world witnessed Muammar Gaddafi being murdered on TV Pieczenik claimed that it never happened and Gaddafi was alive and well. He also had the temerity to diagnose President Obama as “an obsessive pathological liar” – a very serious psychological condition indeed for a world statesman to suffer from.So all this shows exactly how much credit this nutcase’s 9/11 conspiracy theories must be given. I’m sure that if he claimed the moon was made of cheese you would believe him ! As far as your ludicrous assertion that “Trump is not going to save you” is concerned – you can bet your bottom dollar that Israel is the one country in this world which can look after it’s own security and the welfare of it’s citizens without the help of anyone else. Israel has one of the finest military forces and intelligence services which are the envy of state’s many times it’s size.

      • Of Course Israel Has a Great Military….Ignorant Americans And Their Tax Dollars Supported This Palestinian Killing Machine’! Dumb America,Continues To Support this Rogue Jewish Bolshevik Zionist Country.

        • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

          You conveniently forgot to mention the billions of American tax dollars “donated” to the nefarious,terrorist-supporting so-called “Palestinians” by various US administrations over the past few decades – yet “dumb Americans” (as you call them) continue to put up with this.Most of this money is never used for the “humanitarian” purposes it is meant for but ends up in the pockets of corrupt high-ranking “Palestinian” government functionaries or is clandestinely funneled to a variety of terrorist groups or is used to reward the murderers of Israeli civilians in “Palestinian” terrorist attacks. As for all the money you claim the US gives Israel let me remind you that this is not a one-way business at all as the US obliges Israel to purchase American military equipment and aircraft so a lot of this money gets back to America in due course.In addition Israel shares it’s top-flight and valuable science and technology achievements with the US – achievements often worth billions of dollars in the long run.As for your ridiculous description of Israel as a “Palestinian killing machine” surely you should know by now that the USA is the world’s biggest “killing machine” – of Muslims in particular.Hundreds of thousands of Muslims,many of them civilians,have been blown to bits in Iraq,Afghanistan and elsewhere by American bombing campaigns over the years.You can call Israel any nasty name you like but at the end of the day it is America’s only reliable ally in the Middle East and it is light years ahead in every respect compared to the corrupt,barbaric,incompetent and anti-American Arab and Muslim states that surround it.

  • NoHateOnlyLove

    Past support of rulers worldwide has made them so strong that any body having a view point differing Zionists will be bombarded from all fronts till gets suffocated! She has just suggested the possibility of rage by terrorists due to Israel’s atrocities against Palestinians. And the heat is on!

    Thankfully, whole of Islamic world scholars have disowned ISIS terming them enemies, against humanity, barbarian and of course unislamic! Some have even doubted the possibility of it being a mask of Zionists… abrainchild infact! And that is self explanatory as IS killing muslims (>90%) n christens (sic) but not uttering to Israel which shares the borders of area controlled by these IS morons!

    Still their propagandists are on job defaming Islam which for centuries, barring last two decades has conquered the hearts of people worldwide ( even today it does! thanks to the abovesaid propagandists who aspire many unbiased, curious people to know the truth thus leading them to study Islam n many times making it their way of life!)

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      ISIS stands for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and has absolutely nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with Islam, you moron. You can say anything you like about Zionism,Israel and Jews or you can spout ridiculous conspiracy theories about them – but don’t get upset when decent,well-educated,law-abiding people give their opinions of Islamic terrorism and it’s causes.You seem to be another ill-informed ignoramus who has never heard about the Sunni – Shia divide in the Muslim world and the war between them that has been going on for centuries – that is why more Muslims have been killed than anybody else.Do you get it now? And as soon as they stop killing each other (which happens occasionally) they turn their attention to murdering “infidels”,namely Christians,Jews,Hindus,Baha’i and others who don’t share their primitive beliefs. By now everybody realises that Islam is it’s own worst enemy so there is no need for anyone else to “defame” this misnamed “religion of peace”!And you are completely wrong that the “whole of Islamic world scholars have disowned ISIS”(sic).The authoritative Pew Research Center has reported (2015) that in eleven Muslim nation-states up to 14% of the population have a favorable opinion of ISIS and upwards of 62% “don’t know” whether or not they have a favorable opinion of the Islamic terrorist group.In Pakistan (a nuclear state) only 28% of the public view ISIS unfavorably! These percentages are indicative of at least 63 million ISIS supporters and potentially upwards of 287 million if the “undecided” are included.You can go and look this up yourself.So much for your ridiculous claim that Muslims don’t support ISIS!

  • Jan

    One of the reasons that Osama Bin Laden gave for the 9/11 attacks was America’s support for Israel. One of the Clinton emails leaked by Wikileaks shows that Clinton wanted to overthrow the Assad regime for Israel.

    • OBL was wildly overjoyed by the success of his ‘operation’ against America on 9/11 and it was only two weeks after the attacks that he realised that he was in serious trouble with America and that perhaps he had been too successful for his own survival. He then and only then used the occasion of a speech to refer to Israel for the first time! And re Hillary? I would suggest a little more care – she kept what she did not want taken into public accountability private – in her personal private email not her government one. That is one of the main reason’s the electorate does not trust her. She deliberately misused her communications skills to mislead the public. I would question whether the leaked emails had anything of relevance to US foreign policy.

    • Great Point. Jan. Or, Just….Destroy ‘Another Enemy’ (Assad) Of The Jewish State’? which seems to Never End………. No One seems To Get Along With The Zionist State Called Israel..? Do You Think”? Their is a Reason?

      • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

        You claim that “No one seems to get along with the Zionist state called Israel”. Nonsense! Israel has excellent relations with the most important countries in the world : the US,Russia,China,India,Japan,all the countries of the European Union and many,many more. Even Turkey -perhaps the most important Muslim nation – has recently re-established high-level relations with Israel. By the way it is not Hillary Clinton who wants to overthrow the despotic regime of Assad in Syria “for Israel”,but the Syrian people themselves who have suffered for decades under the brutal rule of this tyrant and his even more bloodthirsty father – responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of his own citizens in Hama in 1982.

  • Ron DeJohn

    Jenny Tonge is obviously an Islamist sympathizer, and most likely an atheist. Unfortunately, being on the wrong side of such vital beliefs, she is unqualified to be a part of any voting entity in England, and should be expelled from her position or replaced or impeached as she is a liability to not only Israel and/or Great Britain, but also any forum that requires sound thinking and opinions that are at least founded on even the most basic of facts.


    • Stephen Bixby

      Who cares if she is a liability to Israel. She is a British peer and she can say what she considers appropriate.

    • Catherine spink-white

      What is untruthful about her statement ? Nothing. It is not the Jewish people we condemn but the Israeli government

      • America

        It is not Catherine spink-white that fair minded people condemn, but bigoted ignorant fools that she identifys with.Those that pronounce that the Islamic State conduct their jihadi terrorist activities because of Israel are to blame, and the European governments that espouse such falsehoods.

  • Will LeBlanc

    I question the loyalty of the Jews with dual citizenship.

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      And I question the loyalty of Muslims who live in non-Muslim countries which they have invaded as “refugees” and “migrants”. They love their new countries so much that they express their loyalty by driving a truck down a street swarming with people and murder 84 innocent men,women and children or attack commuters on a train with an axe. Such devotion! Such loyalty! And don’t forget the holier-than-thou Catholics – where does their loyalty lie : with the country in which they live or with the Pope in Rome? And exactly who are these Jews you write about with “dual citizenship” whose loyalty you question?

  • A Zionist

    British Jews should organise a Petition for her dismissal from the Lib-Dem Party and from the House of Lords, endorsed by all the major British Jewish organisations and the public!

    I am no longer in the UK and it is painful to watch how British Jewry is still frightened to speak up for Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State for fear of either “offending” or look ungrateful for being allowed to be Jews.


  • Jon de Kerguelen

    What A brave woman what she has stated is absolutely true and anyone who says otherwise is an absolute liar. she is not antisemantic she simply speaking the truth. too many others are cowards and are afraid to do so. I challenge anyone to prove her wrong instead of simply calling names .

    • David in Seattle

      Jihadism has many causes. If we wish to appease Jihadists, let us consider broadening this approach. Dont just pressure Israel to give up. Let’s ask India to turn over Kashmir. China should give Xinjiang. Russia should give Chechnya. Let us overthrow all the Arab monarchies. Let’s join Jordan and Israel into one “Palestine” state. Let’s give Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Let’s repeal gender rights, LGBTQ rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion in the west. Israel is not the single or even major cause of Jihadism. So let’s address them all!

      • America

        David, you make excellent points… but i fear that some of these morons do not understand it and will seek to take you up on it!

    • Mikey

      Baroness Tonge has it exactly backwards:

      The failure of the Western states to insist that the refugees from 1948 be resettled and their subsequent failure to speak up against Arab terror against Jews is the real cause of today’s global terror epidemic. The longer the West fails to make clear that it will stand with Israel and other Middle Eastern minorities against Islamist oppression, the longer terrorism will reign.

      • America

        Mikey…correctly stated

    • art frank

      You’re a true half wit if you believe that rubbish; more likely a Jew hater.

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      Well then I am an absolute liar! I’m glad you think she is not “antisemantic” – perhaps you should learn to spell correctly first before trying your hand at writing. The word is antisemitic and can also be hyphenated as anti-semitic or anti-Semitic.I wonder if you and that Tonge woman have ever heard of the Sunnis and the Shias (also known as Shiites or Shi’ites – be careful how you spell that one).They are two Muslim sects which have been at war with one another for centuries.That is what ISIS is all about.It has absolutely nothing to do with Israel. Not that Tonge could be bothered with the niceties of historical facts -no,it’s the Jews whom she hates.It’s as simple as that.

    • sali

      you would not know the truth if it slapped you in the face and said Hello, Stupid!

    • America

      She is of the same school of thought as future senatorial candidate David Duke! Antisemitism is so ingrained in European thinking that many of those offering their heart[less] felt thoughts are unaware of their own bigotry.

  • She belongs to the Independent Liberal Democrat party. That party, together with the other liberals are world-class Jew-haters.

  • In Britain we have next to English also Northern Irish and Scottish who think very different …..I suppose The Nothern Irish and the Scottish people want to be independent from the zionist English ruled Britain. I think it is more than time to do,so. Let small England rule in England and take all zionist politicians now in Israel in England and have fun together. We in Europe will be glad and Palestine will be free again. I think it is about time we declare war on zionism…once and for all. Long live the free world without zionists.

    • America

      those that continuously claim that you hate Zionists [only], are a half step behind Hitler…but we expect you will try to catch up!

  • Matthew Adams

    It is refreshing that the truth about Israel is finally being discussed at the highest levels where the smokescreen of anti-semitism is seen for exactly what it is – a smoke screen!

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      I wonder when we will be able to discuss the “truth” about Islam at the highest levels where the smokescreen of so-called Islamophobia is seen for exactly what it is – a smokescreen! How refreshing that would be!

  • Francisco

    Zionism’s actions have resulted in taking away the WWII mantle of suffering by the Jewish people.

    Hitler is long gone, however his legacy seems to live on in Netanyahu’s party and the American voters is slowly but surely changing his opinion of Israel as it morphs from a small “David” to a fully fascist bully.

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      You’ve got it wrong : survey after survey have shown conclusively that Americans are far more sympathetic to Israel than to the so-called “Palestinians”.Since 9/11,San Bernardino and Orlando Americans have very little empathy with Islamic political causes.And if you are looking for “fully fascist bullies” (as you call them) look no further than Syria,Iran,Sudan,Turkey and a host of other Muslim states whose tyrannical rulers have turned Fascism or rather Islamofascism into a fine art.

  • Atilla

    This Tonge thing proves the validity of Anders Breivik’s Doctrine against the leftist filth.

    And it is rather symbolic that on the fifth anniversary of Anders Breivik’s cleansing of the Norwegian vermin that an attack was staged in Munich by what Breivik warned us against.

  • sidney sands

    Once again the spiteful hate filed Jenny Tonge makes her foul remarks about Israel, that she is allowed to spout her garbage in Parliament is a source of amazement, sourly its time for her to be expelled from that Place.

  • Mayven

    Baroness Jenny needs a new dentist ….

    • sali

      The Bareass needs a Lebotiemy

  • Baroness Jenny Tonge do you not realize that once all the Jews have been killed, all the infidels will be killed too. Believe it or not, that includes you. There is no difference to Islam between Jews and Infidels except for the fact that Jews are first, America is second and Infidels are whats left. Perhaps you would prefer to convert to Islam and become a Jihadi?

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    It’s not Israel which is the cause of the rise of global terrorism it’s Islam,stupid! This horrible woman – a classic British anti-semite – has been making anti-Jewish and anti-Israel statements for years now and her absurd falsifications of the Israel-Palestinian situation has fallen on the sympathetic ears of her political party’s large Muslim anti-Jewish and anti-Israel constituency. The Liberal Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for tolerating such an outrageous hate-monger as their representative in the House of Lords!Fortunately the Liberal Democrats is a party which is rapidly heading for the political rubbish dump and they have no or very little influence or authority in British political life today.

  • nat cheiman

    This woman thinks like a baboon

    • art frank

      Looks like one too

  • I receive reports from parliament of matters involving the Jewish community and Israel. Not a day goes by without Jenny Tonge asking a question about Palestine and making slanderous statements about Israel. It must cost the UK a fortune in research etc. She is the person who claimed that Israeli volunteer medics in Haiti were harvesting human organs! The fact that she was kicked upstairs to the House of Lords is a disgrace. How can she be allowed to get away with her lies? Why has she not been punished? Why is Israel the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD which is attacked shamelessly in this way?

    • Stephen Bixby

      Poor Israel. Picked on again ! Boo hoo hoo!

  • Michelle

    Unbelievable!Exactly like what Hitler did…. blamed the woes of the German people on the Jews!
    History keeps repeating itself…. the same principle of ” blaming the Jews ” in different contexts!
    And using nonsensical rationale to justify a deep seated irrational hatred of the Jews! It continues to boggle my mind!

  • Sonia Willats

    It is important to register that this well-meaning BUT TOTALLY MISINFORMED Liberal has IMBIBED HER POISON from the Liberal Leftist world press which is the SOURCE OF ALL THE POISON causing most of the Western World to once again turn her back on Israel & Jews, recreating the climate last seen in the 1930s. There needs to be a BETTER SOURCE OF FACTUAL INFORMATION DISEMMINATED. She is the MISINFORMED. She does not know that ROCK-THROWING (stone-throwing is a misnoma) KILLS e.g. Adeli Bitton ultimately died of her injuries, adults have died from rock-throwing and subsequent traffic accidents or ambush. SHE IS MISINFORMED. THE WORLD PRESS NEEDS TO BE TACKLED.

  • Ivana Talya Tufakov

    Before the Brits expel her, they should cut out her Tonge.

  • Sol

    The Tonge is the enemy of the neck! How does this loser still get access to a microphone, and an audience willing to listen to her poison? Jews protest her antisemitic drivel, other Brits must feel she is just saying what they are feeling as well, except she has the balls to say it publicly! No surprises here. If she is ousted now, she will reappear later at a microphone again, spewing the world’s view about Jews. I compare her to the itchy fungus that keeps reappearing around one’s anus! Malodorous and annoying, and close to the feces!

  • stevenl

    She must be suffering from AD!

  • Sam Dinnerstein

    The way things are going Israel is likely to be there a helluva lot longer than is the rotting stinking corpse of what used to be England. The unarmed emasculated Brits will all be seeking to emigrate to any country without a majority of muslims which will take them in. All the monuments of British history will be in ruins and its cathedrals turned into mosques. Such is the fruit of leaders without knowledge or moral compass, or leaders like Tonge who are simply walking pieces of human excrement.

  • Myron Slater

    Is this an example of the”best” of the British people? A Baroness?

  • Uriel Priwes

    Being a peer of the realm is not incompatible with being a bigoted idiot!

  • Lia

    She’s the kind of person who gives women a bad name.

  • anon

    Part of her problem is she is about 30 years behind the times. The Israel/Palestinian problem started Islamic terrorism in the RFK era but at this point it cannot be blamed for a small fraction of what’s going on. Did a Pakistani attack a family from Hong Kong with a hatchet in Germany this week because he feels sympathy with the Palestinians?

  • Hillel

    But she is representative of the European mindset. what would you expect. Did the British not drown jews in Cyprus in 1946? Did they not help Jordon take in 1948 and later in 1949 Judeah and Samaria? Why would expect them to behave any differently today? Because they say so?