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August 1, 2016 3:53 pm

Black Lives Matter Activists Protest in Israel

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A Black Lives Matter delegation in the Samarian village of Bilin. Photo: Facebook post @BlackLivesMatter.

A Black Lives Matter delegation in the Samarian village of Bilin. Photo: Facebook post @BlackLivesMatter. – A Black Lives Matter delegation arrived from the U.S. in Israel last week to protest with Palestinian activists against Israel in the Samarian village of Bilin, near Ramallah.

“Delegates from the Movement for Black Lives join organizers and activists in Bil’in, a territory in occupied Palestine where resisters are engaged in nonviolent protest. In the fight for dignity, justice and freedom, the Movement for Black Lives is committed to the global shared struggle of oppressed people, namely the people of occupied Palestine and other indigenous communities who for decades have resisted the occupation of their land, the ethnic cleansing of their people, and the erasure of their history and experiences,” the BLM movement wrote in a Facebook post on Friday.

The BLM movement claims that police violence against African Americans is the same as Israeli police and military forces actions against Palestinians.

“In this violent, political climate, it is urgent that we make clear the connection between violence inflicted on Black people globally that is encouraged and permitted by the state and the profiling, harm, and genocide funded by the United States and perpetrated by Zionist vigilantes and the Israeli Defense Forces on Palestinian people,” the BLM movement stated.

“I would not make that comparison at all, the histories are significantly different,” Dr. Robert W. Taylor, a professor of Criminology and Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Dallas and the director of the school’s Justice Administration and Leadership Program, recently told

The BLM movement also supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

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  • Having communicated with “those in charge” who say “they’re not in charge” and having documented a complete set of facts about the Black Lives Matter movement, I have much say.

    The BLM founders recently wrote that they didn’t want our group in Pittsburgh to be a part of their network because our focus is “ENDING GUN VIOLENCE IN PITTSBURGH!”

    The BLM Founder explained: “their focus is centered on the leadership and experiences of black, queer and transgender women and gender non-conforming people.” Is their efforts really a “fight for gay and transgender rights.”

    Thereafter, they staged BLM events in Pittsburgh with “a majority white, gay and lesbians group that joined together with local political sellouts.” It was clearly an effort to upstage what we have been doing for more than two (2) years.

    Nonetheless, this new “AGENDA” appears to be exactly the ideological errors critics identify as proof that the “moral crusade” lacks the ability and competency to lift things to the next level.


    To be taken seriously by policymakers the new “AGENDA” should have been more focused and less “wild-eyed.”

    They are demanding everything but the basic fundamentals necessary to address impoverish black neighborhoods and the black boys and girls struggling to survive (epidemic gun violence, excessively high unemployment, low skill levels, abject poverty, and the like).

    For some reason the media and political establishment allows just the uninformed and most belligerent to do the talking for the BLM movement.

    Again, these BLM leaders who say they are not BLM leaders, are benefiting financially by taking advantage of our local BLM issues. They show up at the local demonstration with no plan, no vision, no centralized platform and could care less about local black lives.

    However, as the “BLM network” recognized by the national media they are given financial support to promote “the leadership and experiences of black, queer and transgender women and gender non-conforming people,” and not the issues important to local BLM groups.

    Todd Elliott Koger
    (Local Organizer of BLM Activity in Pittsburgh for more than two years)
    P.O. BOX 8149
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15217

  • Yacov

    Black lives does NOT matter in America and especially NOT in Israel.

  • enufizenuf

    Yes, Dante, these people really are morons. Historical illiterates, to be sure, but at heart true morons with low IQs and no ability to reason. Increase the budget for inner city Planned Parenthoods.

  • Amabo Kcarab

    Black Lies Matter

    • GCR


  • diane

    Give me a break what a bunch of bulls… how can these people really compare themselfs with african americans. The Palestinian have done so much against Israel the problem is that the whole world that are against Israel only want us to hear and see what the lies the media wants us to believe against Israel.

  • Thom McCann

    Homes with just black women raising families without a father figure is the number one problem in black homes.

    If the “Black Lives Matter” signs are not just an empty slogan, why is there no national as well as local black outrage and mass protests at premeditated—not unexpected or accidental—killings of blacks by blacks?

    Read Jason L. Riley article “Race, Politics and the Zimmerman Trial.”

    He states, “The homicide rate claiming black victims today is seven times that of whites…Some 92% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks”

    In 1993, Jesse Jackson said: “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    If he, a black man, was afraid of blacks what can we expect from the police whose lives may be in danger?

    C.L. Bryant, head of NAACP said national attention from Sharpton and Jackson was not welcome.

    “His (Trayvon) family should be outraged…they’re using this child as the bait to inflame racial passions,…like buzzards circling the carcass of this young boy.”

    The problem with African-Americans is they had or have role models who are self-aggrandizing, corrupt, adulterers, or anti-Semitic rabble-rousers; like Louis Farrakhnan, Al Sharpton, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, .

    Where are decent black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr.?

  • Tal

    “indigenous communities”

    …..But the Jews are the indigenous people of the Levant.

  • “genocide…perpetrated…on Palestinian people”? are these people BLM morons? do they know anything?

    or, perhaps, contrary to indications, they know something but that something is eclipsed by their hatred.

    anyone who can say and, probably, believe that the people who call themselves “Palestinian” have suffered some sort of genocide is too stupid, ignorant, foolish or hateful to be taken seriously intellectually.

  • Yaakov

    I hope they’re enjoying their visit to the only country in the world that ever brought people out of Africa (the Ethiopians) for reasons other than slavery.