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August 31, 2016 5:38 pm

‘Obama-ism’ Will Not Fade Away After President Leaves Office, Former Israeli Envoy to US Reportedly Tells Tel Aviv Gathering

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Kulanu MK and Deputy Minister Michael Oren at Tuesday's Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv. Photo: Facebook.

Kulanu MK and Deputy Minister Michael Oren at Tuesday’s Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv. Photo: Facebook.

Israel will be dealing with the repercussions of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy long after he leaves the White House in January, an American-born Knesset member and former Israeli ambassador to the US said at a Harvard Club event in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, Israel’s Channel 10 reported.

Speaking to a gathering of alumni of the prestigious Massachusetts university, Kulanu MK Michael Oren, who was recently appointed as a deputy minister in charge of public diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s Office, reportedly opined that “Obama-ism” would not fade away when a new administration takes over in Washington. According to the report, Oren referred to Obama as being a symptom, not the cause, of shifting US foreign policy in the Middle East.

The US no longer wants to be the world’s policeman and is not willing to exercise significant military force in the Middle East, despite the ongoing slaughter in Syria and the related flood of refugees sweeping over Europe, Oren was quoted as saying. According to the report, Oren also noted that Americans were focused on internal affairs and the societal trends that brought Obama to office eight years ago have not changed since then.

Furthermore, Oren reportedly said Israel must internalize that America’s hands-off foreign policy will not change in the near future — something that gives Israel the ability to act more independently. While the US would continue to provide military aid to Israel, the report quoted Oren as saying, it would not necessarily come to save Israel from any mess.

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In a Facebook post about Tuesday’s event, Oren wrote, “At today’s meeting with the Harvard Club Of Israel, I stressed the need to defend the state against delegitimization but also to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities in our foreign relations. Africa and Latin America are open to us as rarely before, I said, and we must devote more resources to strengthening our ties with them.”

After his recent appointment as deputy minister, Oren told The Algemeiner that Israel must improve its efforts to defend its narrative by seeking to connect emotionally with people, particularly millennials.

Oren said that because Israel “faces several unprecedented foreign-affairs challenges, such as threats to its legitimacy, the ability to defend itself and its right to exist as a sovereign Jewish state,” it must change its tactics or risk facing continued defamation.

Last summer, ahead of the publication of his book Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide, Oren sparked controversy when he accused Obama of  “deliberately” pursuing a policy that harmed US-Israeli relations.

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  • Brian Lang

    It’s The “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” attitude of The Obama Administration that has given Israel no reason not to look for friends elsewhere. Politicians usually mean what they say, especially when they are not courting votes. Trump has been a consistent friend of Israel. He is surrounded by pro-Israel advisers and his positions are friendly to Israel. Obama and Hillary have been hostile to Israel from the start. Obamaism will go out the window if Trump is elected.

  • ART

    Amb. Oren is correct. The Obama administration has, since its inception, moved contra to Israels interests. Keep in mind Obamas’ Cairo speech, the early re establishment of diplomatic relations with Syria, the pressure on Israel to surrender the Golan to the “westernized” assad who was allegedly seeking peace and could be trusted,anytime Obama made a demand that Israel make more concessions he always threatened that their would be dire consequences from “others” that was his signal for others to follow. Obama was the first US president to declare the :settlements” Illegal and use the term Occupation which intentionally cast Israel as evil. This was intended.

  • NCS

    Oren’s book, Ally, was a good read and very enlightening. His take on Obama is sadly right on.Trump will be a better friend to Israel than Clinton.

  • nat cheiman

    In any event, Israel is on its own.

  • A political symptom is a planned schedule time disease. The cause of the disease is of “been and not been in the same time”, witch means becoming a living walking dead man who his words do not belongs to his brain! It is as saying “ I did it” because somebody ells did “ Say it”, or I had a private server because somebody ells had a private server, hunting other people into trouble。In this case men must change political tactics to be able to keep peace among men

  • Obama has introduced Islam to the USA and continues to attack free Israel. Obama is the curse of our time. Its a pity that he man not be roasted for his crimes but then this is what Democrats want??

  • And if I may add a new breed of” I dont care about Israel “Liberal Jews (Under40)being present in Democratic Party which now has radically changed .The New Democratic Party’ Jews feel the need to criticize and demonize Israel .(the friends of J Street)

  • Michelle

    Mr. Oren is brilliant – his book “Ally” is a definite to read to understand the Middle East, Obama and the tides of the future of the country which affect the entire world.
    Obama refuses to regard Israel is the only bastion of democracy in the Middle East. The American army just had a joint practice in “war games” with the IDF.
    Whatever Obama has done to Israel is to the detriment of world SAFETY & WORLD PEACE.
    May G-D bless the Americans to “open their eyes”. As much as Mr.Trump is who he is 4 years of Clinton (maybe G-D forbid, 2 terms = 8 years) would be a disaster for Israel and equal to another term for Obama.

  • Jonah

    Referring to Obama as a symptom rather than a cause is a gross underestimating of his genious for assembling the masses and terrorists of the world financing them arming them single handedly taking down Europe, amassing an insurrection in Egypt which over through its existing leaders, the Arab spring which has the Mid East in a state of helter skelter, sending operatives into the Ukrain and setting the stage for WWIII. The Iranian deal…the symptom and not a cause I think nought. Your not speaking of Trump when you feel America would arm Israel but not defend it. Every antisemitic vein interwoven with the state department, created by Obama Trump will crush. By taking control of the U.N. And its army’s he has set the stage for war with Russia and China if he feels Hillarys election may be comprimised. Yes your in roads into Africa and Latin America are good moves but wherever you go Obama and his minions (Isis)will hunt you down. He expects a continuation of his vendetta with Israel to be carried out by Hillary the queen of the harlot nation of Revelation. Stay on good terms with Russia and China because Obama will have to hunt them down its his nature….according to Daniel they are a thorn in his side which enrages him join with those he persecutes. Africa will need your help because Obamas forces will go through Africa like army ants killing all the Christians and everyone who does not pass the Islamic sniff test.

  • Is it literally true that “Oren told The Algemeiner that Israel must improve its efforts to defend its narrative?” Shame on him if he did.
    Defenders of Israel should refuse at all costs to legitimize the term “narrative” when referring to history. “Narrative” is a post-modern term that implies that all viewpoints are equally legitimate.
    We must improve our efforts to educate regarding historical fact. What our detractors are putting out is propaganda, and calling that a “narrative” is a surrender to political correctness.
    Or maybe I missed something, I don’t quite remember during my lifetime reading about the “Nazi narrative” of European history to justify their attempt for world conquest.

  • shloime

    with all due respect to ex-ambassador oren, his assessment of obama’s middle east policy doesn’t add up.

    the clichéd explanation that america is tired of being the world’s policeman, just doesn’t account for his interventions in libya or egypt. in fact, if that was his primary motivation, he would have strengthened american allies, instead of undermining them. and he would have stared down the iranians, and taken away their nuclear toys, while the sanctions were in full force. a more stable middle east requires less of an american policeman.

    instead, obama has “pivoted” (or “capitulated”) to the moslem world and allied america with the islamists, and particularly the moslem brotherhood. and in the process, he has succeeded in destabilizing the entire region, and dragging the russians into the middle of it.

    his “legacy” will be carried on by a whole cadre of foreign policy bureaucrats at the state department, who are steeped in the arab narrative and receptive to the moslem brotherhood.

  • stevenl

    He deliberately harmed the whole West and IL!

  • Yaakov

    “Prestigious” is a prerequisite for identity Jews.