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October 10, 2016 2:32 pm

Report: Obama Administration ‘Manufacturing Crisis’ With Israel to Apply Pressure on Jewish State Ahead of Lame-Duck-Period Push for Palestinian State

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Secretary of State John Kerry with President Barack Obama. Photo: White House.

Secretary of State John Kerry with President Barack Obama. Photo: White House.

With its eyes on the potential launch of an Israeli-Palestinian peace initiative after next month’s presidential election, the Obama administration is “manufacturing a crisis” over settlement construction, to exert diplomatic pressure on the Jewish state, The Weekly Standard reported on Sunday, citing sources in Congress and the American Jewish community.

Last week, the administration raised many eyebrows with its unusually strident criticism of Israel’s settlement policies following the approval of dozens of new homes in the West Bank. One congressional source told The Weekly Standard that the administration had been “waiting for an opening” to hit hard against Israel, and an official with an American-Jewish organization was quoted as saying the administration “wants to be able to say the Israelis forced them to act.”

The vociferous anti-settlement rhetoric used by White House and State Department spokespersons was shortly followed by the publication of a New York Times editorial board op-ed calling on the administration to back a UN Security Council resolution that would outline the parameters of a two-state solution.

In response to that op-ed, Mark Dubowitz — executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) think thank — tweeted on Friday, “Obama is laying the groundwork for UN & EU sanctions on Israel. I’ve seen this playbook before.”

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Later the same day, Dubowitz took aim at the administration again, tweeting, “Unlike with Iran, all options are on Obama’s table to pound Israel.”

As reported by The Algemeiner extensively, many observers are expecting a US-led peace drive during the lame-duck period between the presidential election on Nov. 8 and the inauguration of Obama’s successor on Jan. 20.

Last week, Malcolm Hoenlein — executive vice president of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations — told The Algemeiner he had “some concerns about what Obama and others may do” regarding the Israeli-Palestinian peace process during the remainder of the president’s time in the White House.

“This is based on things I heard from him a year ago about his priorities and the understandable importance of his legacy to him,” Hoenlein said. “And I listen to his speeches and I have seen some of the harsh statements that are being issued, even this week, about Israeli settlement policies. The language being used is much stronger than we’ve seen in the past and I’m afraid that this could be indicative of what a forthcoming UN Security Council resolution against settlements, or something that goes even further, might look like.”

In an interview with The Algemeiner last month, FDD President Clifford D. May said there was significant bipartisan concern in Washington that Obama “won’t have Israel’s back” at the UN after the November election.

May spoke with The Algemeiner a day after 88 US senators sent a letter to Obama urging him to veto any one-sided UN resolutions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, he warned, “would be damaging not just to Israel, but to any possibility of peace in the near future.”

Former State Department Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller predicted for The Algemeiner last month that Obama “will likely do something” in the Israeli-Palestinian realm before his term in office is complete.

“I can’t imagine that the president, let alone [Secretary of State] John Kerry, will be able to leave this one alone,” Miller said.

In August, as reported by The Algemeiner, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concerns to a visiting bipartisan delegation of US foreign policy experts about a potential Obama peace initiative.

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  • michelelabella

    israel just airlifted 100 ethopians into israel… they’ll need housing somewhere! maybe the USA is ok with israel putting our black jews out on the street so they can manufacture a crisis for their egos and legacy.

  • David Tiffany

    A push for a two-state solution is a push for God’s judgment.


    Time for the %^&* obama to retire.
    Worst POTUS ever!

    • ja29

      What does this have to do with the topic being discussed?

  • tbenton62

    Well my friends, just hold on, this inept administration is almost over, the only good news that could come out of such a thing is many Jews in American yelling that Obama is a friend of Israel may have their eyes open. Sadly there are more progressive Jews that would gladly sell out Israel in the name of their ideology.

  • The fact that Obama gives any kind of credibility to the United Nations farce is most frightening.

  • henrytobias

    And the Obama supporters continue to deny that Obama is an antisemite!

  • Moderator: Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

    Questions never asked…WHY?

    Debate #1

    Let’s start the first questions with you Mrs. Clinton.

    When you left the White House after your husband’s last term as president, why did you steal 200,000.00 worth of furniture, china, and artwork that you were forced to return?

    Mrs. Clinton, when you were Secretary of State, why did you Solicit contributions from foreign governments for the Clinton foundation after you promised President Obama you would not?

    Mrs. Clinton, why do you and your husband claim to contribute millions of dollars to charity for a tax write off when it goes to your family foundation that gives out less than 15% of the funds you collect and you use the balance to support yourself tax free?

    Mrs. Clinton, why are you unable to account for 6 billion dollars of State department funds that seem to have disappeared while you were Secretary of State?

    Mrs. Clinton, why did you say you were broke when you left the White House, but you purchased a 2 million home, built an addition for the secret service, and charge the tax payers of the Untied States rent in an amount equal to the entire mortgage?

    And Mrs. Clinton, how is it that your daughter, Chelsea, can afford to buy a 10.5 million apartment in New York City shortly after you left the White House?

    And speaking of Chelsea, how is it that her first paying job, in her late 20’s, was for more than the President of the United States’ salary? Was there a quid pro quo of any sort involved?

    We would also like to know about METRO CARE HOME SERVICES. Their address is the same as Chelsea’s apartment. What’s the deal with that?

    Mrs. Clinton why did you lie to the American people about the terrorist attack in Benghazi but managed to tell the truth to your daughter the same night it happened?

    Mrs. Clinton why did you lose your law license?

    Why did your husband lose his?

    Mrs. Clinton, what Really happened to Ron Brown when he was about to testify against you and your husband?

    Mrs. Clinton what really happened to Vince Foster ?

    Mrs. Clinton, why were Vince Fosters papers, (that should have been in his residence when he was found “DEAD”) found in the White House with YOUR finger prints all over them?

    Take your time to respond Mrs. Clinton.

  • Str


  • Saul G

    Let Obastard the U N and the E U try and let them put sanctions on us. We have God and Israel will be just fine!

  • We shall consider: ”Anyone in Israel considering the surrender of Jewish territory is treason and must be prosecuted”
    Clipping from Saint Petersburg Times (approximately 1946)
    Washington – (UP) – Britain’s treaty grafting independence to Trans-Jordan violates agreements with the United States, the United Nations and the Old League, as well as the rights of the people of Palestine, Senator Francis J. Myers, Pennsylvania democrat, charged yesterday.
    Echoing the words of Senator Claude Pepper, Democrat, Florida, who flayed U.S. foreign policy, Thursday, Myers asserted that Trans-Jordan is not ready for the statehood and “illegally granted”. And in offering that goal of all dependencies, he added Britain has acted “in contempt of the senate of the United States.”
    * * *
    “WHY THIS HASTE and Stealth?” he asked in a floor speech. “The British government which has fought all attempts at freedom, all movements for independence in the Middle East, is now discovered in the gracious role of liberator.
    “Are there perhaps some hidden resources, mineral wealth or oil which are involved?”
    He demanded that the state department explain its failure to protest the treaty violation, and urged that the senate demand all the facts.
    Pepper charged that the United States had become a guarantor of British Imperialism, and that the British-Trans-Jordan agreement was but a “subterfuge” so long as his majesty’s troops are allowed to remain in that country. He also asserted that the United States and Britain were ganging up on Russia, and added:
    “WHAT I DECRY is the international hypocrisy, sham and pretense. If the British people want the Russians to get their troops out of Iraq, let them get their troops out of Trans-Jordan. Let them get their troops out of Lebanon and Syria, and let them get their troops out of Palestine.”
    Myers picked up that tune, changing only the words. In angry mood, the dark-haired Pennsylvanian told his colleagues that:
    1. The territory of Trans-Jordan is contained in the original mandate for Palestine, and under its terms, the mandate could not be unilaterally altered.
    2. Under the Anglo-American Convention of 1924, Britain could not change the mandate’s terms without the consent of the United States.
    3. This violation of the treaty with the United States also “strikes at the charter of the United Nations adopted at San Francisco” which “specifically states that no change can be made in the status of mandated territories without the approval of the Jewish people in Palestine and UNO’s general assembly.”
    Myers asserted that there was no more justification for separating Trans-Jordan from Palestine then there was for “the separation of the United States into two nations: Trans-Mississippi and Cis-Mississippi.”
    “Aaron Burr tried to do that to our nation” he said. “He was tried for treason”.
    We shall consider: ”Anyone in Israel considering the surrender of Jewish territory is treason and must be prosecuted”

  • Al Talena

    This was forcasted last year. But liberal Jews are obama lovers first before any Jewish agenda

  • The Obama Administration probably assumes the $38 billion in U.S. aid to Israel gives the U.S. State Department leverage to bully Israel into making unwise concessions. If the Obama Administration fails to support Israel at the UN, shame on them. And Israel is the best U.S. ally in the Middle East.

  • Ted Crawford

    Please pray for Israel.

  • duncanmc

    If it becomes apparent that he is indeed going to stab Israel in the back then I hope Netanyahu will preempt the move by attacking Iran’s nuke sites. This is getting real and it’s time this sniveling bastard of a man-child gets his comeuppance.

  • carpe diem 36

    What he could not do in almost eight years he will not do in two months. He becomes more irrelevant and Israel becomes stronger. Abbas is a sick old man and he has no real successor. There will be chaos in the Palestinian cities and there will be another strong man to run these people’s lives with no more success than Abbas’. They do not have what it takes to become a real state with good institutions. they do not have such a tradition to guide them and they will just vent their anger at Israel, the very strong, successful real state next door, which they can only dream about and know there is no one among them who can lead them to realize such a state for them.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    “Report” + “sources” = manufactured news