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October 30, 2016 6:16 am

Actor Andrew Garfield Says He’s ‘Proud’ to Be Jewish When Asked About Starring in New Movie Directed by Mel Gibson, Infamous for Antisemitic Comments

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Andrew Garfield on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' Photo: Screenshot.

Andrew Garfield on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’ Photo: Screenshot.

Actor Andrew Garfield said he was “proud” of his Jewish heritage on Wednesday, after he was asked about starring in the upcoming movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” directed by Mel Gibson, who is infamous for his past antisemitic comments.

In an appearance on ABC show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the talk show host asked Garfield, “Were you worried about working with [Gibson]? Did you think, ‘Oh my God, what am I getting into here?'”

“No, not at all…I sat with him and I met him, and I got to know him in a real way; in a deep way, without all the noise and the nonsense getting in the way. And I felt good enough to go in.”

In 2006, after being stopped by a police officer in Los Angeles while driving dunk, Gibson shouted, “F***ing Jews… the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

The “Braveheart” star, who later issued an apology for his “vitriolic and harmful words,” reportedly also has a history of making antisemitic remarks dating back to the 1990s. 

“Hacksaw Ridge,” which premieres in theaters on Nov. 4th, is about WWII US Army medic Desmond T. Doss, who became the first conscientious objector in American history to be receive the Medal of Honor.

Watch Andrew Garfield talk about Mel Gibson below:

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  • Reb_Yaakov

    Being self-respectful is the goal, not proud.

  • Michael Farmer

    Proud to be Jewish? I’m proud to be non-Jewish.

  • Anthony Cartuchie

    Interesting to say the least. Reminds me of another “Singer/Actor” who was Jewish by birth but chose to embrace Christianity as his faith of choice. He was born in 1935 to a Jewish mother. Sadly because of fear of prejudice in the deep South of USA at the time, the mother was told by the father who was not Jewish to “never speak of it nor practice her faith since people in the South are prejudiced agaainst Jews. They hate you and your Heritage.” As the son grew the mother revealed her Cherished Heritage to her son but told him not to ever say a word to anyone because the father would be very upset. The mother died in 1958 taking her secret to the grave for fear it might ruin her sons career. She was about 46 years of age when she died. The son then chose to Honor his mother’s Cherished Jewish Heritage by having The “Star of David” engraved on her Gravemarker despite the fathers objections. Nineteen years later the son dies at age 42, but during his last year of life throughout his Final Curtain Concert series in 1977, He took his Cross off that he always wore and doned “La Chaim” and just below it was suspended from his neck “The Star of David” with some Hebrew words scrolled across it..(Chai) His manager “Shix” his pants for the entertainer knew his health was seriouslycompromised and chose to Reveal in his last year of life His and His Mother’s Jewish Heritage. This can be seen in pictures of him in concert proudly displayed as his chest was now bared for all to see. The entertainer was “Elvis Aaron presley” Sadly when he died and was buried by his father along with his Mother at Graceland Memphis Tennessee, the “Star of Davis” he so proudly had engraved on his mother’s stone was never honored by Vernon. As of today 11/1/2016 her gravemarker at Graceland stands “Naked” yes no “Starof David” instead the father had a “Cross” placed on her grave. Injustice continues although a Book entitled “The Final Curtain a Love Story untold” was published with strong opposition from many as it reveals this story in it’s entirity. The world has gone from bad to worse yes what a difference between Andrew Garfield and “The King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Aaron presley….”La Chaim”

  • Harvela

    Oh he’s an antisemite. I read about that somewhere . Sure but just get away from all the background noise and he turns out to be a great guy.

    Silly little boy.

  • capt.ADK’er

    this arrogant possibly naive liberal nonetheless entertainingly video taped his professional suicide.

  • capt.ADK’er

    a unique suicide video where the subject is oblivious to his deed


    In WWII, my Uncle Patrick was a conscientious objector. He became a medic, and was shot in the leg while helping a wounded soldier.

  • carpe diem 36

    I assure you all I will never go to see that movie.