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October 31, 2016 2:06 pm

Shocking Testimony From UK University’s Anti-Israel ‘Pogrom’: ‘They Weren’t Afraid to Hurt Girls’

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Anti-Israel protesters at University College London trap students at a pro-Israel event. Photo: Facebook, The Tab.

Anti-Israel protesters at University College London trap students at a pro-Israel event. Photo: Facebook, The Tab.

A mob of protesters responsible for the violent disruption of a pro-Israel event last week at the University College London (UCL) “weren’t afraid to hurt girls,” a female victim told the Jewish Chronicle on Friday. 

According to the report, Devora Khafi, the campus director of Israel advocacy group StandWithUs UK, said she was registering attendees outside the room in which a lecture by Israeli activist and former IDF soldier Hen Mazzig was set to take place, when “all of a sudden, about 40-50 protesters appeared in front of us.”

Khafi recounted:

They approached and I was pushed against the doors by one of them — a girl. I was held there for about two minutes. Her back was to me and she was pressing me against the door. She didn’t move. Then her friend came and she moved. She took a step forward, but she still stood in front of me the whole time.

Khafi said she was able to make her way outside, where she “had a bit of a panic attack. It was the feeling of claustrophobia — that was really terrible.” 

Another female student — Liora Cadranel, co-president of the UCL Israel Society — “was [also] assaulted,” Khafi said. “She got pushed by a man. She’s okay, but shaken up,” she said.

During the event itself, Khafi said, “Two men managed to open a window and get into the room. They jumped over two girls sitting there, who were very shocked.” 

“I go to a lot of Israel events. This one was very different,” she said. “These people are not afraid to do anything. It was unbelievable. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had at an Israel event on campus.”

Thursday’s violent protest has been widely condemned, as The Algemeiner reported, with Jewish and Israel advocacy groups calling for an investigation into the “disgraceful” incident.

Dr. Shimon Samuels, director for international relations at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, wrote in a letter sent Monday to UCL’s vice-chancellor — and obtained by The Algemeiner — that the protest  is “redolent of a 1930s Nazi storm-trooper ‘pogrom,’ or of budding Jihadi volunteers serving ISIS on a British university campus.”

“The thugs first attacked female students on their way to the event…Their screams. ‘Intifada, Intifada, from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,’ bore witness to their violent intent in championing the cause of a ‘Palestine’ built on the ruins of the state of Israel,” he wrote.  

As reported by The Algemeiner, police were called in to intervene at the UCL gathering — hosted by CAMERA on Campus and the Friends of Israel student group — after protesters stormed the premises.

Footage of the event shows police warning attendees not to leave the room without a security escort, due to a deteriorating situation outside. As attendees were escorted out, they were met with chants of, “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

UCL and it’s student union claimed in a statement following the demonstration that while they do not “condone acts of intimidation or violence under any circumstances…the protest was nonviolent.”

This was not the first time that anti-Israel protesters resorted to violence on UK campuses. As The Algemeiner reported, a January 2016 lecture by Ami Ayalon, a former head of the Shin Bet security agency, at King’s College London turned violent when some 200 demonstrators stormed the room. One of the anti-Israel protesters involved in the demonstration was later found guilty of assaulting a Jewish student.  

Watch footage from the incident at UCL below:

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  • Basha Kline

    Obviously by even allowing girls to be affected by such bullying, it shows the extent upon which the muslimisation has been indoctrinated into the British populous – the mamby-pambering of these islamic tribes is the result and this evidence is just what this country deserves – Britain has never fully accepted the Jews, no matter how much effort and multitudes of contributions they have made, Jews will still be subjected to embitterment and ignorance by the the stupid’ amongst us. – Obviously, these nose-ringed protestors lean more to violence than education. Just can’t wait to see how they will fair when they apply for a job in a Jewish establishment.

    • ZioFascist

      these terrrorists arnt “british”

      stop blaming european peoples for the behavior of subhuman savages

  • Reuven

    When they are chanting “From the river to the sea…,” they are calling for Genocide…the annihilation of Israel.

  • brenrod

    trump will stop the anti semitism of the muslims

  • brenrod

    jews need arms to protect themselves and their children… any college allowing violence against jews should be destroyed

  • Paul Lesle

    This is what I posted
    in response to the original UK-Media Watch article

    It is time for the
    Jewish Chronicle to do what – surprisingly – it did not do after the Kings
    College incident. It should launch a sustained campaign for severe sanctions,
    including expulsions, to be imposed against the intimidators by the
    universities concerned and for all universities to set up a proper system of
    accountability to be applied in cases of serious misbehaviour. See my article

    I would be grateful if interested and
    concerned readers could email the editor Stephen Pollard – – to urge
    him to do this.

  • Edward Brandwein

    Need to keep a supply of baseball bats handy at these events apparently. Good for swatting pests…

  • YJ Draiman

    NEVER AGAIN. Means fight do not bow down to intimidation or physical abuse.

  • Shlomo liberman

    This was the worse [sic] experience I’ve ever had at an Israel event on campus.

    Didn’t she say “worst“?

  • Harvela
  • geoffrey ben-nathan

    The response and reaction to the demonstration at University college London is wholly unsatisfactory.
    There seems an overall reluctance in the Jewish community ever to get to grips with the matter.
    WHO were the protesters? Judging from the film (excellent that there is at least THIS to go on), the majority were Muslim. They should be named. And publicly.
    The commentary is totally ‘terrified’ to use the word Muslim. It is not used ONCE.

    The young ladies who felt they were in any way assaulted should make a formal protest to the British Police. They did NOT (or haven’t as yet).
    And finally, one guy is heard on the tape using the word ‘Fascism’. Right on.
    If the Jewish community responds by announcing to the world that it is the victim, in London, as are co-religionists in Israel, of Muslim Fascist imperialist behaviour, then it will begin to start making a mark.

  • jobacon

    You will notice in the photo that a woman wearing a hijab is on her phone. Witnesses to these outrages at several London Universities, including Kings College and the School of Oriental and African Studies, have noticed that all these “students” are receiving orders via mobile phones from outside elements. The scandal is that the university authorities do nothing to protect the other students from criminal assaults. A student is less safe on university premises than they would be on the street or on public transport.

  • watsa46

    It is all about replacement theology from the Christians. Two thousand years later the Muslims have their own replacement theology. Who is next! If you are not the first you are NOTHING!

  • Steve Loeb

    And until we can organize and build our own self defense against these new Nazis – and because the UK cannot and will not defend us and common morality – we will need to either arm ourselves or call in the JDL to protect us.
    The Islamists and those that carry their water need to be brought to heel …. they need to suffer consequences for their out of control behavior. If we cannot have peace and quiet neither should they. Students know who they are and they need to be put on notice that they are NOT safe anywhere. From the river to the sea? Drag them out and urinate on them – that’s about what they deserve. Let these miscreants suffer for their violence against us. We don’t need to turn the other check. We need to slam them into kingdom come

  • This incident proved that Jewish students must make Aliyah, and begin a new life in Israel. There is no future for Jews in England and continental Europe. Israel is the home of the Jewish people, and it’s time for European Jews to make their move.

  • formerRivCoRes

    The only way to deal with Jew-haters is with FORCE! Every day, the message of Meir Kahane is strengthened, because the Jew who lives is the Jew who FIGHTS! Ultimately, Mecca must be NUKED and the Islamofascists DESTROYED!

  • Victoria poupko

    I am American, and I strongly urge all American Jews to vote for Donald Trump. He and the whole Republican Party are pro-Israel, anti DBS and for rebuilding friendship with Israel. Crooked Hillary is strongly anti-Israel, endorsed DBS and anti-Netanyahu. DBS is impossible to break by volunteers and activist. It must be decision on the Gov.level

  • Efram Paul

    Time to resurrect the JDL!

  • Efram Paul

    Why not? Nazis have never cared about girls, or children, or anyone else if they are Jewish.

  • RW

    Jewish students attending colleges with a significant Muslim student population need to provide their own security. There is no reason why fifty protesters should be able to intimidate fifty or more Jews.

  • SAWolf

    Diaspora Jews are going to have to do what Israel has always done,FIGHT BACK.

    • Robert Skinner

      Treat people like people, you wont need to fight. Treat people like Goy and Israel will have problems. Stupid is a failure to learn from history.

      • SAWolf

        Sure bobby, just like arabs are doing in syria. Your make believe world must be very nice.

    • In Europe Jews have no chance to fight back.

  • Reb_Yaakov

    Time for self-defense classes

    • watsa46

      It is called Krav Maga!