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October 27, 2016 6:00 pm

Police Called to London University After Protesters Trap Attendees of Israel Event in Room

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Anti-Israel protesters at University College London trap students at a pro-Israel event. Photo: Facebook, The Tab.

Anti-Israel protesters at University College London trap students at a pro-Israel event. Photo: Facebook, The Tab.

Police were called to University College London (UCL) on Thursday evening after anti-Israel protesters stormed an event organized by local pro-Israel advocacy groups, according to initial reports from the event.

Israeli activist Hen Mazzig was addressing a gathering at UCL hosted by CAMERA on Campus and the Friends of Israel student group, when anti-Israel protesters from the Friends of Palestine Society tried to stop the speech by loudly chanting, “From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.” They eventually trapped attendees inside of the on-campus event space where the talk was taking place.

According to footage taken by an attendee at the event and posted to the Sussex Friends of Israel (SFI) Facebook page, police arrived after “things got out of hand.” Officers are seen warning the event attendees not to leave the room without police protection, for their own safety, before escorting them through a crowd of anti-Israel activists shouting, “Shame! Shame!”

In another SFI video, the attendees at Mazzig’s speech are seen singing the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikvah,” and holding an Israeli flag, as they remain blockaded inside the event space.

According to information obtained by The Algemeiner, anti-Israel students first attempted to get UCL to ban Mazzig from speaking, and when those measures failed, they planned the mass protest.

Earlier this year, a similar event took place at Kings College, London where protesters violently disrupted a talk by Ami Ayalon — the ex-commander of the Israeli Navy and former head of the Shin Bet. One protester was later found guilty of assaulting a Jewish student at that protest.

Watch a video of the UCL demonstration below:

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  • Guerrier de Clavier

    I’m guessing the anti Saudi-Arabia protest was already fully booked? Vile cowardous scum.

  • Huskystar

    The anti-Jewish/Israel people were chanting, “Palestine”..BUT Palestine is what the Romans called Israel thousands of years before Arafat name the Arabs from Jordan
    Palestinians….they have zero history or claim to Israel..

  • jgray1

    I feel such disgust and contempt for these lowlives who are illiterate and ignorant and stupid in the low IQ sense of dumb. these kinds of mobs are incited by the grotesque anti semitism in europa. an echo of the bad old days. Jews should not live there any longer and make alliyah. if i still had money i would make a beeline for Israel because even in new york city i no longer really feel at home.

  • Ichbins

    How hypocritical of these so-called protesters for the Palestinian cause.
    Why aren’t they down at the Syrian embassy shouting “shame, shame” about the bombing of Yarmouk?
    The double standards are revolting.

  • Joel Josephson

    UCL should discipline the Palestinian groups, throw them off campus. Not acceptable behaviour. If anyone is interested in writing to the Provost (Head) Michael Arthur, of the university here is his email and phone:
    Tel: +44 (0)20 7679 7234

  • 4True

    It is a mistake to even accept Muslims into Western society at this point–they are proving they are incompatible with civil rights. Arrest, deport, and otherwise stop all infringement by radical Muslims EVERYWHERE!. Treat them as enemies of the State while we are war with their cohorts elsewhere, We did before and that is the only way we will win.

  • Trish94903

    WTF? Why aren’t the police clearing the rioters out of the building instead of making the legitimate attendees undergo more harassment?

  • ChavahG


  • Sootys mum

    Now, how many anti-Semites were arrested and, even more importantly, how many will be charged?

  • Aleteia

    The tolerant left and the hypocrite Palestinians who oppress Christians in Gaza. Shame on them.

  • Peter Joffe

    These people are NOT protesters. They are hooligans and criminals. Lock them all up before this gets worse.Protesters who use violence are criminals and do not belong in places of learning, or anywhere for that matter.

  • crinedel

    Fight back twice as hard! Sue them, sue the university, protest their events!

  • Jerome

    Disgraceful that UCL & universities in the U.K. fail to provide a safe place for students

  • England was the first Western nation to expel Jews. They are still Jew haters 1000 years later. Look at the words coming out of the British labor party. Jew haters all.

  • David Berens

    I was there giving moral support to the brave pro Israel students. The angry hate filled mob trying to stop an Israeli from speaking on a UK campus were a disgrace.

  • Steve Loeb

    SKUNK SPRAY …MAKE THEM PAY otherwise they will continue to do it – piss on them, throw feces on them don’t let them act out like the imbeciles they are – thats why they continue to do it

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Perhaps we should club together and send a big box of brown shirts and swastika armbands for the hard left “lecturers” and NUS Hitler youth.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    You won’t hear a squeak from any minister and definitely not from the opposition. Too many corrupt Postal Votes at risk, big weapons sales to Saudi and the FO crawling up the Iranians backsides.

  • Hilltop Watchman

    Did plod arrest anyone…… Nope??? There’s a surprise, NOT! Will the useless fascist Left shills infesting the chancellery of UCL condemn this? So much for the much vaunted “safe spaces”, free speech and democracy that applies to everyone except Jews. No sense of irony that this is exactly the same as the antics of the Nazis. Time to actively Boycott, Section and Divest from UCL and to withdraw all and any cooperation or collaboration with what should be called Himmler College London.

  • g55

    Right in the jolly good ole brownshirt tradition!

  • Bonnie Geller

    And why were the protesters not arrested? If any one did this to Muslims, the police would have used force, arrested everyone stopping the people and they would have been thrown into jail. How typical of the British police-the shameful cowards refuse to arrest the Muslims and leftists because of the fear they would be charged with Islamophobia. It tells Jews one thing-be like the Muslims, and terrify the police so they will actually do what they were supposed to and arrest the people who were stopping people from leaving. Politeness is not a positive trait in Britain for Jews as it is perceived as being cowardly- in Britain, as in the US, one needs to stand your ground, fight for what you believe and do not expect others to do the hard work for you. Victims in modern society are despised unless they are the pets of the left wing, like the Muslims.