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February 13, 2017 4:11 pm

I Get Told to ‘Burn in Oven’ at Least Once a Week, Says Jewish Comedian Sarah Silverman

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Sarah Silverman. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

After being mocked on social media this week for confusing construction markers for swastikas, comedian Sarah Silverman shot back, “Innocent mistake for a Jew that gets ‘burn in the oven!’ at least weekly on Twitter.”

“Still pretty close, though,” Silverman added, at the top of a photo of the squiggles used by construction workers to demarcate utilities.

Many of her followers were unforgiving, however, calling her “truly insane,” “really dumb,” “mental, crazy and delusional.” Even those who thought the characteristically provocative stand-up comic/actress had been joking called the comparison “distasteful.”

In defending herself for eliciting Nazi imagery, Silverman also went on a rant against the new administration in Washington.

“To the excited-to-pounce, smelly condescending c**ts who say ima dummy 4 seeing swastikas in street markers. I’m seeing swastikas in everything fratboys,” she wrote. “It started w Bannon’s rise & festered when trump decided not 2 mention Jews re the Holocaust.”

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  • Buck Macklin ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    She only started to notice antisemitism after Bannon?
    I am Jewish, and I saw it before that. So I am calling bullshit.

    How could she have missed the alternative left, consisting of BLM, OWS, SJP, J-STREET, George Soros, Rev Sharpton, Code Pink, Sid Blumenthal and his son Max, along with various anarchist groups???

    Reader: Did you?

  • Joseph Feld

    There’s a lot of anti-semitism at present. Here in the UK Jewish MP’s have received theats, including death threats. I can well understand that Sarah is distracted. Disclosure: although my late mother was a nee Silverman, I don’t think I am related to Sarah.

  • Michael

    So Ms Silverman you say these delusions started with the election? Did you suffer a concussion that evening?

  • henrytobias

    And she refuses to blame the antisemitic looney-left while berating Trump’s staff who may just be the one’s to stop the antisemitic looney-left.

  • marbon67

    That woman has gone from being a promising comedienne to a self-destructive potty mouth who has lost her mind. Her consolation prize: nomination as poster child for proof that liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

  • Soyouthinkyoumakesense

    Now she acting all Jewish….You could care less about it when Obama was the asshole in Chief

  • Sandra Kreisler Wortfront

    I could, too. Given all the antisemitism around I also start seeing things….

    • Lia

      I am not an Israeli or a Jew, I do not live in Israel and have never visited Israel. I listen to and read the news: I see & hear Hamas and the PA and Iran and I also wonder … However, I support Mr Trump and I eschew the potty-mouthed.

    • Factory_Hag

      People might believe it coming from an ordinary person like you, but not her. She lives cheered on in the Hollywood bubble and probably only thinks about being Jewish when it benefits her. She’s hardly a “nice Jewish girl”, with that mouth on her. Lots of idiots say stupid things over the Internet, but that’s not the same as up-close harrassment, and with these people and their entourages, no one gets that close.
      Hollywood and music industry types like to compare any criticism of their opinions with all kinds of horrible repression. Someone saying they won’t buy a star’s records or pay to see their movies is not the same as being “disappeared”, but they think it is.

  • Graham Coffey

    Ms Silverman….one of the Planet’s greater oxygen thieves!