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September 24, 2012 1:49 am

A Hitler Wannabe Visits New York

avatar by Shmuley Boteach

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Iranian President Ahmadinejad on CNN.

Autumn is here and with it the annual trip that makes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad positively giddy. The Iranian President gets to leave the country whose citizens he mowed down in the streets to seize power and travel to New York to show the Jews they have no power. Lecturing each year from the rostrum of the United Nations is Ahmadinejad’s equivalent of popping Viagra, a yearly demonstration of his own virility amid utter Jewish impotence. For all Ahmadinejad’s protestations of a Zionist world conspiracy and how we Jews control everything, he is well aware of just how weak we Jews are and he loves to rub it in our faces. Like clockwork he is here in late September each year to call for the destruction of the Jewish State right smack in the heart of Jew York, a city that has more Jews in it than any other on earth. He accomplishes the unique feat of calling for a new holocaust while simultaneously denying the original ever took place. And do you know what the Jews do about it? Nothing.

OK, not quite. There is a protest or two featuring a few hundred brave souls with a megaphone and I plan to join them. But Jewish economic power cannot stop the perfidious Warwick hotel from hosting Ahmadinejad and his retinue. The billionaire Jewish mayor of New York cannot stop him from landing in his city and touring its landmarks. And the 2.5 million Jews of New York cannot stop his motorcade from moving about the city like he owns the place. How helpless must a people be to watch someone calling for their extermination in a city where they are so entrenched and numerous.

I often wish that we Jews could produce a leader with the courage of Martin Luther King. When King’s people – our fellow Americans whose only crime was to be born with a darker shade of skin – were treated like garbage in the South, King shut the place down. He boycotted their buses, staged sit-ins at their cafes, sent freedom riders to coopt their transportation routes, took over their highways with long marches, and even sent fearless children into the fangs of dangerous canines, all while being pushed back by fire hoses operating at maximum strength. He ended up forfeiting his life so that his people could be treated with dignity and equality.

Contrast that with near inaction of 2.5 million Jews in the greater New York metropolitan area who this year, on the holy day of Yom Kippur itself, will bear witness to the spectacle of a man calling for the genocide of all our Jewish brothers in Israel. Amid his call for the annihilation of the Jewish state, we Jews don’t shut down the streets where he travels, don’t impede the buses that pass in front of his hotel, and don’t call for an economic boycott of the hotels with the chutzpa to host a mass murderer. No, we go about our business, content to allow an aspiring Hitler invade this town while he separately desecrates the memory of six million martyrs who have already paid with their lives for the earlier Hitler that the world similarly did not take seriously.

And still some people believe that the Jews control the banks, the media, and Hollywood. It turns out they control nothing at all.

Even as we witness an Israeli Prime Minister having to humiliate himself by pleading for a meeting with the American president, Obama has no fear snubbing Netanyahu, so confident is he of there being no price to pay from Jewish voters. I have even heard more than a few pro-Israel activists say that Bibi needlessly pokes his finger in Obama’s eye, which is a strange allegation to make against the leader of a nation who had one third its number gassed just 70 years ago. Surely one can forgive that leader for pushing hard to insist on American red lines in the Iranian nuclear program.

Lest we forget, it was not the Israeli Embassy that was taken over by Khomeini’s hoodlums in 1979 and it was not Israeli diplomats who were held hostage for 444 days. No, it was the United States of America, the country that Iran hates above all others that experienced the wrath of Iran’s mullahs. And it is the United States which is the foremost target of an Iranian nuclear program that speeds to the production of a bomb that is squarely aimed at a nation that stands for the freedom and liberty that Iran so fanatically hates.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the Republican Candidate for Congress in New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District. The international best-selling author of 28 books, his newest work is “Kosher Jesus”. Next month he will publish “The Fed-Up Man of Faith: Challenging God in the Face of Tragedy and Suffering.” His website is www.shmuleyforcongress.com. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  • Fredric M. London

    The politically-coerced censorship movement has its own agenda. If the victims are Black (except for Black Jews, of course), women, illegal immigrants, or Muslims, then the slightest perceived wrong, however remote or invalid, is enough to get them out in numbers. However, if the victims are Jewish, it is “unfortunate but necessary.”

    The sad thing of it is, Iran’s ‘president’ is a figurehead. A hateful disgrace to mankind, but a figurehead. It is Khameini and his cohort who rule Iran. The ‘president’ is just their mouthpiece. That said, I do not know why someone does not snipe him off the face of the earth, and into his native home, hell.

  • No reason for despair, Ahmadinejad and his team of perverts will eventually appear in the pit they dig for Jews. An ideology based on cultural and religious superiority cannot sustain in the living world. They will dissolve in the foggy regions beneath together with their predecessors in spirit.
    The preemptive attack may be initiated by Israel, but the massed up U.K. and U.S. warships in the Strait will respond accordingly, of course, to an Iranian assault. How could it be otherwise? – The Iranian bragging about destroying Israel is – bragging. An outcome of a clash between the West and the Islam Fascists may well be that the Mullah-State deteriorate. First and foremost Iran could be tearing apart from the severe bombing – and second from collapsing of electronic messaging. – The Islam Fascists need, like their brethren in mind 67 years ago, an all-out blackening before their children and grandchildren get real sympathetic to their neighbors – like present days Germans and Japanese.

  • Empress Trudy

    Someone please blow up his hotel and the Iranian UN embassy. Then round up all the Iranian officials and hang them on YouTube.

    • SAIDI





      • Saidi’s opinion is not far-fetched. Rabbi Yonassan Gershom of Minneapolis has like observations in his book “Beyond the Ashes”. The evil ones spirited in unison. The linkage goes from the original enemies of the Israelites, the Amaleks over the Nazis to present day anti-Semites, most marked as the religio-fascists of Tehran. Gershom leans towards rebirth, and sees the linkage as more than mental:
        “The Sons of Belial (Amalek), on the other hand, misused technology for amassing political power and ultimately brought about the destruction of the civilization. If the Nazis were indeed the Sons of Belial returned, then the perversion of advanced technology for cruel, selfish ends needs no more comment”.
        Adjad and his henchmen’s quest for a doomsday weapon, too, need no more comment.

  • j.p.c

    Who would think in this day and age of political correctness over the smallest things that people will make a huge thing over, how do things like this go by without a peep?! Why is he even let in the U.S. When making the same threats as terrorists? I am not even jewish and i find it offensive for the jewish people. Why is he allowed to be in this country when people who look a certain way are scrutinized but this is allowed? Its disgusting.