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July 14, 2013 8:17 pm

UK Telegraph Editor Slams ‘Jew-Obsessed Lib Dems’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Jenny Tonge at discussion entitled, "Is Israel an Apartheid State?". Photo: The Commentator.

In a recent column entitled, “Free schools, frozen yogurt and Jew-obsessed Lib Dems,” with a sub-heading of “The real nasty party,” UK Telegraph Editor Damian Thompson recalled four recent events in which Liberal Democrat parliament members made offensive comments bordering on, if not entirely, anti-Semitic.

“I’m all in favour of banning the adjective ‘swivel-eyed’ – unless we’re talking about the one party that merits it. I refer, of course, to the Liberal Democrats,” Thompson wrote. “This week Sir Bob Russell MP equated the plight of the Palestinians with the Holocaust. And this just after David Ward compared Israelis to Nazis. What is it about Lib Dems and Jews? Remember Baroness Tonge suggesting they were harvesting organs? They go for non-Jewish conspiracy theories, too: Norman Baker, transport minister, has loopy views on the ‘murder’ of Dr David Kelly. What weirdos. Swivel, swivel, swivel. If you look closely, you can see their contact lenses popping out during PMQs.”

The phrase “mad, swivel-eyed loons” came into British lexicon when UK newspapers reported in May that a member of Prime Minister’s David Cameron’s inner circle had described their own Conservative association members in those terms.

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  • As a jew born,and educated in the U.K., and a close follower of British, Israeli, and Middle Eastern politics, I would like to make the following comments.
    1. There are indeed Liberal Democrats who are Anti Jewish, Anti Zionist, as indeed there are Conservatives and many other politicians.
    2. Nick Clegg ( leader of the Lib Dems ),is not, and is hostile to those that are.
    3.I don’t believe in blanket support for every action or inaction in Israel, no government is perfect, no nation and no people.
    4.Israeli Arabs tend to be treated as second class citizens (although are equal under Israeli law),it’s more difficult for them to rent appartments, obtain professional positions (there are many notable exceptions ), or even obtain a restaurant reservation.
    5.Israel needs to address the problem of Palestinian aspirations, in a constructive manner, whilst safegurading the security and well being of all it’s citizens ( not an easy task )
    6.The U.S. also has issues it still needs to address,as regards racism towards it’s ethnic minories ( Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans), which makes a mockery of the words of the founding fathers

    • Mr. Furman:

      As an American who has lived in the UK for many years and is now back in the United States, telling us that we have to address issues concerning our ethnic minorities is a bit rich coming coming a Brit. I consider the United Kingdom FAR more racist and intolerant than my homeland.

      What are the odds of the UK electing a Prime Minister with black skin whose father was born in Kenya and who has the middle name of Hussein? Not much, and if you think otherwise you are deluding yourself.

      When lived in London for 10 years and worked in technology I was appalled on a few occasions to hear the “N” word used at my work. It angered me. You simple will not hear this language in polite company in the U.S.A. even in the “red” states. I was told Americans are too politically correct. I violently disagree.

      I am aware of anti-antisemitism in the UK that is latent and especially apparent among some of the upper rungs of your social classes. I was disgusted even some “jokes” about the holocaust made by some former people who I know whose parents were hereditary lords. And I was particularly appalled to hear the statement “the Jews brought this upon themselves” in private. I am not exaggerating. This was always tempered with “Oh, I am friends with so and so and I am not anti-Semitic”.

      Your leftist anti-Zionism (which of course NEVER means Jew if you are an exclusive Lib Dem supporter of Palestine and see all the blame falling on the side of Israel, does it?) is particularly vehement. I know Jews who claim that the only way they will be accepted is if they literally don kafiyahs and stand on state with the likes of George Galloway and Baroness Tongue and denounce “Zionists” as the greatest evil on the planet. And even then it will not work. I wonder how long Mr. Milliband can survive given his acknowledgement of his ethnic background

      The United States of America is far from racist free. We have problems here. We are far from perfect. But please sir, do not lecture me as an American about tolerance.

  • Daniel

    If Brits want to complain about Israeli occupation of the Palestine that doesn’t exist, they really should check the plank in their eye and pull their pommy arses from Afghanistan and should’ve kept from Iraq and Libya. All they helped bring was destabilization and terror, yet they want to criticize Jews for wanting to secure their nation? Their nation which every single one of its neighbors wants to see completely and utterly WIPED OFF THE MAP? These so-called Liberal-Democrats are detestable. While your hating on Jews and Israel, I’m pretty sure there are some Irish and Scots that would like their land back…

    • judy

      The Brits should stay quiet! if not for the Brits Jordan would still be TRANS JORDAN, They will NOT have a king, and belong to the people who call themselves PALESTINIANS. The Brits brought the troubles to INDIA, Pakistan Afganistan,,,, and what are they doing in Falkland Islands????????????? Sending their feet and Army to Fight for an Island Thousand Miles away from London ,
      I just came back from Israel,unfortunately had to spend time in hospitals,
      Every Nurse in high position in the Hospital was…… An Arab,I was sitting in Emergency rooms where Jews&& Arabs were sitting waiting The same long hours for the same equal treatment, on one side an Orthodox Jew praying facing the wall on the other an Arab …WOMAN
      kneeling on the floor praying. The Brits are the LAST one to Preach Anyone. Let them concentrate on Churches and Bells and their new Future King ,they are GREAT in ceremonies like that

  • Jeffrey Justin

    Jews dont believe in “Excommunication” study more and you might learn something about Halacha. A Jew may be Shunned but born a Jew( to a Jewish Mother and Grandmother)then you die a Jew


    Barack obamabinladen ha created hell on earth he has caused these wars he and he alone has hijacked peace on earth the question is what are the true American people going to do about it

  • Re Robin Rosenblatt: You have it right. “We have met the enemy and he is us.” (Pogo)

  • Linda Golden

    To say that half of American Jewry supports Palestinians is ludicrous. Please get your research down before stating that as a truth . The anti-semitism that is now world wide is shocking, and although it would be easy to blame it on Arab money, Arab oil, Muslim populations that have become entrenched with in society’s not their own, a truth is that it exists as it has always existed. Before the holocaust, after the holocaust, Jews have to take care if themselves. What a sad commentary on the world that “never again” lasted less than 75 years.

    • Raymond in DC

      Correct. Polling in the US shows overwhelmingly more support for Israel over the Palestinians, with figures like 65% favoring Israel and less than 20% favoring the Palestinians. Only in “progressive” circles and among certain minorities does one find notably greater support for Palestinians.

    • Richard Fass

      “Never again” – I assume you are referrng to the Holocaust which was carried out by Europeans and which happened a long time after the Zionist movement happened. Or perhaps you are referring to the numerous violent acts carried out be Europeans against Jews, such as by Russians and Poles. The crimes of the Europeans of the Jews certainly give justifcation to take land from the guilty parties, however they do not give justification to take land from innocent 3rd parties. So a Jewish state made on lands from Germany would be acceptable as the guilty should pay.

  • Elliott

    Makes me ashamed to live in what was once a British colony… 😉

  • Fred

    That some of the British Parliamentarian are unashamedly anti-Semitic & anti Jewish should come as no surprise Many are feted by Arab money & propaganda. It is a pity that the pretence of democracy is hard to bear when virulent anti Semitic & anti Jewish is spouted at every opportunity.. Rule Britania under the Arab wave….

  • Efram Paul

    Good for the Telegram. I am glad to see someone has it right. I think the ‘liberal democratic’ party should change its name to the shari’a party.

  • For those of you who need courage, take a little from these words.

    Here is a small gift of the sacred words of a Jewish Warrior

    Blessed Is The Match

    Blessed is the match consumed
    in kindling flame.
    Blessed is the flame that burns
    in the secret fastness of the heart.
    Blessed is the heart with the strength to stop
    its beating for honor’s sake.
    Blessed is the match consumed
    in kindling flame.

    Hannah Senesh
    Sardice, Yugoslavia May 2, 1944

  • “Good Jews don’t support Israel”, this was a newspaper headline in England. It could put their lives in danger on the streets of England. In America it is true for different reason. Many America Rabbi’s, Jews and Zionists have divided minds, half of it supports Israel and other half supports the Palestinians. My question? Supporting Palestinians to do what? Kill more Jews, Israelis or their Arab brothers?
    I don’t want to say this. I am a shamed to say this. But it must be said!

    • Kris Kristian

      Any Jew who calls himself a Jew and supports the invented people called Palestinians. should be excommunicated.
      Any so called Rabbi who supports these invented Palestinians should be fired by their congregations and not be employed in any Synagogue anywhere.

      They are disgrace to the name JEW
      As RR said. Who do they support? The Muslim terrorists who murder Jewish men women and children in their homes and on the streets, in buses, restaurants, coffee bars and pizza shops? Or Passover dinners and teenagers queing to enter a disco?
      If this is true, I hope that the Almighty will curse them.