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July 22, 2013 7:22 pm

Israeli Deputy Minister Slams Possible Involvement of Martin Indyk in Peace Talks, Calls for ‘Honest Broker’

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Martin Indyk. Photo: Wikipedia.

Media reports that former United States Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk has been selected by the Obama administration to lead new negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority announced Friday, have elicited strong opposition, including from an Israeli deputy minister, The Algemeiner has learned.

Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon penned a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposing a scenario whereby Indyk would take on the pivotal role in the talks, citing the veteran politician’s chairmanship at the New Israel Fund, an organization which has been criticized for supporting organizations that seek to harm the Jewish state.

“The former ambassador, Mr. Martin Indyk, is the Chair of the International Council of the New Israel Fund which provides funding to anti-Zionist organizations that accuse Israel of war crimes,” wrote Danon in the letter.

“I request that you ask the American administration for an honest broker for these negotiations,” he demanded.

“The fact that he it is a board member of the New Israel Fund makes him an inappropriate person to be the point man of the United States for the peace talks,” said Ronen Shoval, Founder and Chairman of Im Tirtzu, a major Israeli Zionist organization that has been active in opposing the work of the NIF, “being as he (Indyk) is known to the Israeli public as someone that is related to the New Israel Fund which supports anti-Israeli organizations.”

“We call on this administration to appoint someone who is not known to have a relationship with an organization that is known as an anti Israeli organization,” he requested, adding,  “We are sure that there are plenty of worthy candidates that are not connected to the New Israel Fund.”

Shoval explained why his organization has opposed the NIF saying, “They supported organizations that falsely blamed Israel for war crimes in the Goldstone report. They are funding organizations that are trying to get Israeli soldiers and officials arrested in certain countries, and they are supporting organizations that are active in the BDS movement and Israel apartheid week.”

“We also call on other organizations that are deeply worried about the future of middle east peace to call on the administration to replace Martin Indyk,” Shoval concluded.

Earlier today State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki “denied that any decision on negotiators or envoys has been made,” reported  The Times of Israel. “Psaki said that Secretary of State John Kerry is still ‘putting together the right combination of players,’ but denied that any decision on negotiators or envoys has been made,” the paper wrote.

Reached on the phone by The Algemeiner, Gail Chalef, Director of Communications for the Brookings Institute where Indyk is currently vice president and director, foreign policy declined to comment, saying that Indyk’s involvement or lack thereof had yet to be determined.

On Friday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry announced the resumption of direct-negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and said the two sides would meet in Washington in the coming weeks.

The last round of direct peace talks between Israel and the PA broke down in 2010.

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  • Bail out,indeed, from any dollar help, compliments of the US taxpayers – they stink!

  • ed

    Until Israel turns to G-D they have no hope putting there trust in any man is like putting a band-aid on a open wound the leadership of Israel needs to wake up . They run Israel from what obama or the eu tells them to do.

  • Disregard Kerry as a diplomatic whou can barely spell Ketchup and looks out solely for his own interest.

    That said, Martin Indyk should also not have any role to play. Indyk comes out with a pedigree in absolute favor for the leftist “New Israel Fund” .
    Consequently, Indyk seeks to step in as a diplomat with his own ideas fixed without taking full cognizance of the current status.

    Indyk should have no role as he chose to lead his first steps as ideological. Ditch the SOB now.

  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    Considering that:

    – Obama Admin. comes to the table with a complee lack of genuine capacities for an equitable “broker” in this “pax circus maximus”
    – the palestinian side is even more so, playing the part of the clown in this peace farce

    the possible appointment of someone proven passionate only about his own blind unballanced drive for antagonising everything Israel “dares” consider outside his, Yindik’s, supreme opinion mechanism – let’s call it political arrogance of te highest order – , well, this possible appointment, as I said, is just PERFECT.
    The rightful dark corner of political obscurity where Yindik has been lurking of late, NIF obscene claims for relevance or not, has been one of the most positive contributions of the US foreign policies moves in the ME case. Reviving a visceral self-centered, at times ( quite a few ) erratic, paranoic non-entity, shall prolongue the “process” into guarranteed failure.
    To be honest, I, for one, am not worried. Will an extended century of palestinian misery affect Israel’s Providential splendour and prosperity !!! I don’t think so.

    • Nick Human

      “Will an extended century of palestinian misery affect Israel’s Providential splendour and prosperity !!! I don’t think so.”

      I hope (and I know) this is not the self centered and polluted psyche of all Jewish people.

  • Well, Obama knew who to send. It’s is up to
    Israel not to waste time negotiating with this man.

    • Israel should not negotiate with this man at all.

  • BlueShadowII

    Anybody else notice the stink of Chicago politics? To paraphrase the late Hugo Chavez, it smells kind of like el Diablo.

  • dr.zhivago

    77 percent of American Jews voted for this “empty-suit-in-chief”. So, now they got what they bargained for: Kerry, Hagel and now possibly Indyk. We know our enemy and it is us!

    BTW, Indyk sounds very much like a Russian for turkey. With the appropriate slang connotation. Kind of fitting the bill here!

  • Israel must keep Indyk far away from any negotiations they might be involved in. A pro-Palestinian in Zionist clothing he will, as his writings and record shows, give away any security cover given in holding the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

  • Simcha

    Danon should stop whining that Indyk is an awful leftist and won’t be ‘an honest broker’ for ‘peace’ negotiations.

    He should grow a pair and state that these ‘peace’ negotiations are a fraud, and will only lead to Israel’s destruction, and that they must not go on for one more second.

  • Mel

    All Indykators show President Hussein Shovaling shmutz onto the Temple Mount until minarets grow from his pants.

  • Uriahh

    If these conversations ever get started Las Vegas would give high odds of an early ending! It is largely an attempt by Don Quixote Kerry and Sanchez Obama to conquer the Windmill. And we all know how that one ended!

  • Ephraim

    Indyk? What a joke! That’s all the evidence anyone with a brain needs to see right through the empty claims from the clown in the WH that, “WE’RE the best friend Israel’s ever had!” This is your idea of “leadership” and “statecraft,” mr. president? What an amateur! They might as well have nominated Abu Mazen to negotiate “on Israel’s behalf.”

  • Rafi Manory

    I actually am a strong supporter of Israel and of Martin Indyk. Martin Indyk is actually an Australian academic whose achievements were recognized by the Clinton Administration when he was on a Sabbatical in Washington, and he was granted fast-tack US citizenship and made ambassador to Israel. He is a supporter of Israel and as everybody knows the Clinton Administration was good towards Israel. I am sure he has a Jewish heart…please let him be.

    • shloime

      hmmm… clinton administration? weren’t they the ones who “negotiated” israel into allowing the (once irrelevant) plo to return triumphantly to the territories?

      and this was somehow “good” for israel?

  • ed

    HaShem is Israel’s strong arm and defence, not obama or any other nation, they all hate Israel, open your eyes and put your trust in G-D not in man

  • ed

    Why doesn,t Benjamin Netanyahu have the IDF round up all the Jewish people and drive them into the Dead Sea and save obama and the muslims the trouble !!!

    • Avi

      I would suggest rounding you up, and shoving you up a horses arse!

  • Pam

    The fact that the Obama administration would even float Indyk’s name is indicative of their intentions. Does Israel really have to play along with this theatre of the absurd?


      You are correct. It is certainly time for Israel to worry. Do not release the terrorists.

    • Sonia Willats

      Absolutely. An early indication of actual intention. Bail out now!

  • rofedoc

    A useful idiot to champion the muslim onslaught

    • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

      …more of a useless idiot, to be fair to the man.