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April 19, 2015 11:33 am

New York Times Accidentally Tells the Truth About the Palestinians

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

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A Palestinian critic of PA President Mahmoud Abbas told Times reporter Diaa Hadid that it's not the Israelis who are suppressing Palestinian dissidents and protesters, but rather the PA's security forces. Photo: World Economic Forum.

To read the New York Times, one would think that the situation in the Judea-Samaria (West Bank) region in 2015 is the same as it was in 1985 or 1975. Israel is “occupying the West Bank,” Palestinians are denied the right to vote, and Palestinian violence is inevitable because Israeli control makes them feel hopeless. That was more or less the theme of the Times‘ March 31 feature story on the situation in the territories today.

But every once in a while, a Times reporter accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, and a discerning reader discovers that the truth is almost the exact opposite of what the Times is trying to convey.

Correspondent Diaa Hadid began her lengthy March 31 article on what was (for her) a hopeful note, pointing out that “the United States and Europe seem ever more ready to pressure Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank.”

Then, in the 12th paragraph, Hadid mentioned a fact that must have been confusing to Times readers. The Palestinian Authority held “a presidential election in 2005,” she noted in passing.

Wait a minute. We thought that the Palestinians have all been disenfranchised by the Israeli “occupation.” We were told –by the Times and most of the international news media– that Israel is preventing the Palestinians from exercising their democratic right to vote. Now it turns out that the Palestinian Authority did have an election in 2005 –and the only reason they haven’t held another once since then is because, as Hadid wrote, PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas “has systematically snuffed out any challenges to his rule.”

In other words, it is the Palestinian Authority, not Israel, that is preventing Palestinian democracy. Interesting!

Then, another fascinating fact, this one in the 13th paragraph. A Palestinian critic of Abbas told the reporter, Ms. Hadid, that he “would only give the nickname Abu Mohammed, because he feared harassment by security forces.” She was referring, of course, to the Palestinian security forces. Remarkable! So it’s not the Israelis who are suppressing Palestinian dissidents and protesters–it’s the Palestinian Authority’s own security forces.

And if a reader managed to make it all the way down to paragraph 23, he would find Ms. Hadid mentioning that “Mr. Abbas was once praised for establishing security, cracking down on gunmen who terrorize Palestinian communities…” So it is Palestinian, not Israeli, “gunmen” who have been “terrorizing” the Palestinians. Who knew?

But the real kicker was in the 14th paragraph. “The Palestinian Authority,” Ms. Hadid reported –again, in passing– “governs Palestinian communities in the West Bank.”

How can that be? She had referred at the beginning of the article to “Israel’s occupation of the West Bank.” Now she is reporting the exact opposite–namely, that it is the Palestinian Authority, not Israel, which governs “Palestinian communities” there.

And she was right. Because although the Times and other supporters of the Palestinian cause are loathe to acknowledge it, Israel (under Yitzhak Rabin) in 1995 withdrew from the areas in Judea-Samaria where more than 95 percent of the Palestinians reside. The “occupation” ended twenty years ago. You can’t blame Israel for the way the PA mismanages the areas that it occupies.

By the 31st paragraph, however, Ms. Hadid managed to come full circle and find a way to blame Israel. Even though it is the Palestinian Authority that governs the Palestinians; even though the Palestinians do indeed vote, when the PA consents to hold elections; and even though it is the PA’s security forces that “terrorize” the Palestinians–nevertheless, it’s all Israel’s fault: “While many Palestinians acknowledge their system is broken” –a generous way of describing the situation– “they worry that it is being used as an excuse by Israel and other countries to allow their statehood hopes to wither.”

The truth is that the Palestinian Authority’s self-rule regime is already a state in every major respect but two: it does not have full control of its borders, and it does not have a full-fledged army. Not surprisingly, Israel is not anxious to have terrorists pouring across a PA-controlled border, or PA tanks and jet bombers a few miles from Tel Aviv.

So if Diaa Hadid and the New York Times want to make the case for supplying tanks to the PA, let them be open about it and say so–but please, stop pretending that the problem is some mythical Israeli “occupation.” It’s not 1985 any more.

Moshe Phillips is president and Benyamin Korn is chairman of the Religious Zionists of Philadelphia, and both are current candidates on the Religious Zionist slate ( in the World Zionist Congress elections.

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  • Peter Ross

    Meanwhile the original, authentic preschool education facility in Michigan has with drawn both their website and face book page, as possible victims of approprition of service mark:

  • D


    YouTube a few dozen videos asking Israelis and Palestinians what they think. Most Israelis say, “we want to live in peace”, while most PAs say “we want Sharia law…river to the sea…”.

    The Pew and Gallup polls prove that PAs overwhelmingly want Sharia Law. AND, if you want to say, “PAs are too scared to speak against Hamss”….then, you’ve hit the nail on the head…Welcome to the Islamist conundrum!!

  • ric b

    The English promised the land which they controlled to a Jewish homeland partly to repay a debt to Weitzman whohelped save them during ww1.They also gave 2/3 of the land to Abdullah of the Hashemites a client of theirs.He forbade Jews on his land.They sided with and gave arms to arabs from the 20,30 and 40’s and punished Jews and lets the Jews die in Europe than let them go to their homeland. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was appointed by the English and moved to Berlin and killed for the nazi’s in Europe ,saw Jews killed in German camps and petitioned the German’s to do the same in Palestine while Jews fought with the English in their forces.The English did not punish the Mufti after the war.The English were unfriendly to Jews.

  • rene werner

    and to thnk that The New York times was founded by jews…

  • craven muirhead

    israel is the only safe place in the entire middle east for all people.

    if you are a follower of islam you are commanded by the koran to hate andto kill jews.

    it has nothing to do about land or oppression. thats all lies known as taqiyya.

    its about jew hatred from the koran.

    • Matt

      Alright, it shows you’ve cherry picked facts from media and put them together:

      You don’t have any evidence that shows Quran has commanded all Muslims to kill Jews.

      Taqiya is what Shi’a believes in. The majority of Palestinians are Sunnies. If you dob’t fact-check what you spread then what is the difference between you and the writer of the New York Times article that you are making fun of?


  • Flomo

    Of course the truth is complex. Neither side is completely right or wrong. One sided, triumphist articles like this really don’t help the cause of peace and understanding.

    Presumably if there is no ‘ occupation’ it should be ok for the Palestinians to have a seat on the UN?

    • Joe

      If the Palestinians were a people who was their national leader before Arafat? Who was their religious leader? What was the capital of Palestine? What was the currency and have we founds relics of it saying “Palestine”? What was their language? There should be a collection of Palestinian art and literature-where is it?

      • Irma

        Thank you Joe!

      • Laura

        Yes! So well stated!

    • grandestgrandma

      Do you want a terrorist body in the UNITED oh sorry what does the UN stand for nothing but inciting hatred toward Jews

    • Matt

      Concise and correct!!

  • Jcallers are ashamed. The truth in this newspaper ?
    Champaign for everyone !

  • The only solution for the Palestinian-Israeli struggle is described in

  • Yonatan

    No one has answered my question about the distinction between areas a,b and C, don’t they constitute different levels of Israeli military control. Thus simply saying that theres no occupation because they have their own government only goes for 18% of the west bank.
    There is much stronger argument for stating the there is no occupation, which is that Jordan rescinded right to this territory in 1988, and Palestine was never a state. Occupationonly refers to states

  • Yonatan

    A distinction needs to be made between areas A,B and C. No?

    • Victor

      If you talk about ABC, it makes it hard to claim that the occupation ended in 1995, since the P.A. has administrative control of only 25% of the West Bank, and security control of only 3%.

    • Tabitha Korol

      The Bible did not divide Israel into A, B, and C, and neither did the Balfour Declaration of 1922.

    • Rena

      No. The point of this article is that where there is an overwhelming majority of non-Jews, there is a ruling body, the Palestinian Authority. Note that Areas B is also governed by the PA in civil matters, and C contain small Arab villages that have their own municipal governments and agencies.

  • Randy Posey

    The land was given to te Jews by Almighty GOD! Read your Bible people. Palestinians only exist in the land by being born there. Other so- called Palestinians moved there from Egypt, Syria Jordan and all across the greater Levant. Migrants-NOT born there.

    • David

      what a stupid statement!

    • Yonatan

      so you’re saying the land was given to us by a sky fairy?

      • Zvi Benari

        Good point Yonatan. IMO, Israel should belong to Israelis because it is our ancestral homeland and JM was our only capital and of no other peoples. We don’t need a sky daddy to argue our case. Shalom bro.

    • How blind the americans are to history. The LAND as you call it was given to the Israelis by the English and the Americans in 1945 and has been populated by Jews from all over the world ever since.

      • Zvi Benari

        THIS time around the US and UK were instrumental in helping us regain our ancestral homeland. But it was the land of Israelites thousands of years ago and we held the land for longer than anyone with Jerusalem as our capital and Hebrew our language.


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    All earths leaders and religions with all Popes patriarchs ayatollahs kings presidents grand mufti’s mullahs sheikhs cardinals bishops rabbis have NEVER spoken to or seen god my father omega Abraham face (sotah 42a)
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  • For the NY Times, Guardian, Independent, Haaretz or the BBC to disclose the truth counts as a move forward, even if it discloses the truth only incidentally.

    • Jack

      It’s not like people really believe the half truths and misdirections published in the press.
      We all know you need to read between the lines to find bits of the truth.
      If it isn’t ownership politics, it is government regulation and intervention.
      Imagine living in Zimbabwe or Russia, and God Forbid, North Korea.
      The First Amendment may protect speech,but it in no way protects anyone from liability. or forces them to be absolutely truthful.
      In this mortal coil the burden is ours.
      In other words, ‘read between the lines’.

    • Zvi Benari

      🙂 Truth

  • Emmanuel Sanders

    While I am a staunch Zionist myself, this “article” represents where “the curves of callousness and stupidity intersect at their respective maxima” (Charles Black, Jr.) for many zionists. As a matter of rudimentary logic, the fact that Palestinians are taken advantage of by their own leaders and face violence by their own people does not preclude the negative effects of Israeli “occupation”. While one can argue, and indeed I myself believe, that Israeli insinuation into the lives of Palestinians is neccesary for Israel’s security at this point in time, only someone who is either brainless or heartless would claim that this situation produces no negative effects for Palestinian communities. I myself am a Zionist and supporter of Likud, but all this NYtimes article reveals to me is that pro-Palestinian writers are not all as biased for their cause as the writers of this ” article” are and can honestly lay blame where it is due.

    • Ivan Blank

      I absolutely positively do not see how this article claims that the current situation “produces no negative effects for Palestinian communities.” It merely points out that the standard NY Times narrative about where to place the blame is total nonsense.

    • Barry

      Which situation?nthere is no occupation as the land legally belongs to the Jewish people and Israel.

      I repeat, LEGALLY.

      LEARN ABOUT THE SAN REMO resolutions of 1920 and their passage by the League of Nations in 1922. That is still the law today regardless of what you read.

      Therefore, Israel is not “creating a situation” that invites violence.

    • Zvi Benari

      You make a point. But the Sinai was “occupied” by us too. Then leaders had the balls to make a treaty. No “Palestinian” leader has so far been willing to make peace rather to continue to teach hate and incite. One can make peace with FORMER enemies. The former western Jordanian Arabs are still happy to be enemies whereas the majority of Israelis want peace and quiet, and don’t care if the former western Jordanians make a new country. Gaza is proof that NOT occupying is not helpful as long as they remain our enemy.

  • Bob Jackson

    I assume that Messrs. Phillips and Korn have taken action, by contacting the New York Times at,, and to challenge the Times continued misuse of the “Israel occupation” label by which is contradicted by the excellent points they have raised.
    Every reader of this expose should do the same – as am I.
    Al taamod al dam reecho. Do not stand idly by while the blood of your fellow human being is being spilled!

  • Gordon Strauss

    The Weather bank is booming. I was in Ramalaa last Spring , it was covered with construction cranes, building new condos. Had lunch in a great sea food restaurant.
    They don’t realize how good they have it.

  • NYT doesn’t know what the truth is!

    • Jack

      If it did would it publish it?

  • Martin Bookspan

    Kol Hakovod to Messrs. Phillips and Korn for their continuing messages here, and Kol Hakovod to the Algemeiner for printing them.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Kol Hakovod to Messrs. PHillips and Kprn for their continuing commentaries here–and Kol Hakovod to the Algemeiner for printing them!

  • Wm.Levy

    Big Deal

    They believe what they want to believe and Israel and the Jews are always wrong and they are always right until someone is strong enough to tell them the truth.

  • Sofia

    Well done, very interesting article, its about time, the truth is out, who is the real enemy of the Palestinian people, its their own, and not Israel.

    If they would want to live in peace, there would peace, but keeping sending missiles into Israel, tunnels, and running down innocent Israeli people in the streets, don’t be surprised, that one has to protect oneself from the enemy that does not want peace.

  • It may be a bit less surprising, but sometimes the New York Times tells the truth about ISIS. They recently published this story about killing Christians:

  • Robert weinraub

    It has always been part of the history of the las 30 years for the Palestinian Arabs. Israel does not control any Arab town.

  • Arthur Toporovsky

    Indeed, sometimes the truth just can’t hide. Not that the NY Times does not try.