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August 13, 2015 6:26 pm

British Politician Who Called Hamas and Hezbollah ‘Friends’ Leading Opposition Leadership Race

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Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn defended himself on live television for calling Hezbollah and Hamas his "friends." Photo: Screenshot.

Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn defended himself on live television for calling Hezbollah and Hamas his “friends.” Photo: Screenshot.

The British Labour MP who infamously called members of terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah his “friends” is far ahead of his fellow candidates in the race for the party leadership, a YouGov poll has revealed.

Political analysts say Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn has attracted voters with his far-left economic policy that includes renationalizing Britain’s railroads and energy industries, removing tuition at British universities and imposing rent control to address the U.K.’s housing issues.

But for some, including former prime minister Tony Blair, a Labour Party with Corbyn at the helm will undoubtedly split the party and make it electorally irrelevant in the future.

Especially concerning for many is Corbyn’s apparently convivial affiliation with proud antisemites, such as Hamas and Hezbollah — which seek the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews — but also individuals such as Raed Saleh, a member of the northern branch of Israel’s Islamic Movement, who was charged with inciting to violence against Jews in Jerusalem and sentenced to eight months in prison.

Corbyn defended his friendship with Hamas and Hezbollah saying it was in the spirit of all elements must be party to the peace process with Israel, though Hamas and Hezbollah openly declare opposition to a diplomatic solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Corbyn has also appeared on Iran’s Press TV, a station banned by the U.K. communications regulator as a propagandizing mouthpiece for the Iranian regime — also unabashedly anti-Israel and antisemitic —  and faced accusations that he donated money to self-proclaimed Holocaust denier Paul Eisen, though Corbyn offered a perfunctory denial of any association with him.

The poll put Corbyn at 53 percent of Labour voters, which could see him win the first round of party elections, though the voting mechanism could ultimately deny him the seat if he fails to secure a strong enough majority and enough voters put him last in their list of the four contenders, including Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.

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  • Otto Schiff

    I am an American. Formerly a Jewish citizen of Germany.
    Antisemitism is a disease. Corbyn should have his head examined.
    His followers too.

  • Joseph Zrnchik

    The problem is not with England, the problem is that Israel now resembles Nazi Germany a great deal.

    • Dante

      Utter nonsense. Were there Jewish aldermen in the Reichstag during the Nazi era? Were injured Jewish people healed in German hostpitals during WWII? Were there, at the other hand, Jews who kidnapped, raped or killed German civilians? No.

    • Irwin Graulich

      You are a very sick man. What drugs was your mother on when she was pregnant with you?

  • It seem that UK institutions & parties are being stacked by pro Arab, pro Hamas, pro Hezbolah and so on. No wonder the animosity of these new NAZI Muslims becomes palpable in the political circles. There are some in Parliament who are active in the extreme. Britain a beacon of freedom is turning into a Britanistan.

  • zadimel

    Corbyn is an individual who, if it were early in WW 2, would be pro-Nazi and enthusiastic about joining Hitler. He will anonymously disappear into British history as a freak of political nature.

  • L. F. Graf Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    The reason I no longer visit England is my Jewish Holocaust refugee and their descents in my Mothers family support antisemitic Laborite Ken Livingston the ideological father of this terrible man n his Mullibank allies

  • Paul Eisen is a constituent of Corbyn and an associate, as he claims on his website. Living in Corbyn’s constituency immediately gives him access and they have so much in common in their views. Corbyn is not only pro-Hamas and Hezbollah, he also is a great supporter of the antisemitic Church of England vicar, Stephen Sizer. None of this is ever mentioned in the mainstream media, such as the BBC, who have given Corbyn so much exposure (most of it favourable) that it is as if they are urging the British public to vote for him. My own constituency Labour Party, Holborn & St. Pancras, the largest in the country, voted for him.

  • Michael Mayben

    What has happened to the United Kingdom? America sacrificed so such to keep England free of the vile scourge of the Nazis. Now they have allowed the supporters of Islam to replace what was a free Christian nation. The people of England need to rise up against those who seek to take their freedom away. With the help of the British military and the support of freedom loving Christian citizens England can return their country to a nation of Christians by imposing laws by denying Muslim immigration and deporting Muslims who are in England to change the U.K.s culture in order to create a Islam nation of hate and murder and for those who refuse to covert to Islam will die at the hands of this barbaric religion.

  • nelson marans

    Long tradition of anti-semitism in Great Britain rearing its ugly head again. Anyone studying history will see the pattern, now reinforced with a increasing Muslim population and left wing politicians who have no morals nor ethics.

  • Ephraim

    More and more the ‘left’ resembles the right of the 1930s. It has replaced progressive values with racism and bigotry. More and more it appears to be an enemy of freedom and liberalism. In the UK, which is one of many European countries that is embracing antisemitism, the triumph of this vermin would seem to be inevitable.


    I am so incredibly confused on a daily basis. I am so very much in love with the Jewish people and it amazes me on a daily why many Jewish folks are taken aback by the liberal view of these kind of people.

    Europe has been so taken over by liberalism, socialism and then anti-Semitism that it simply progresses to a point where there is no coming back……….just like in Nazi Germany. I am very frightened as you too should be.

    I truly believe that at this moment in time….in this very frightening time….that on the world stage;….the best for the world at large and especially Israel…..would be for America to elect a very Israel friendly and CONSERVATIVE president. Please understand that the conservatives are your friend…… Certainly NOT the Liberals.

    Your very much friend to the end………

    Michele Nagoda

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    If Corbyn ever acquires any actual power there will, in fact, be government sanctioned pogroms in Britain.

  • sifter

    A “Corbyn”-Korbahn.. indeed! This guy gets in it could be the 3rd Korbahn, G Forbid.