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December 15, 2015 3:55 pm

Report: Israel Estimates Massive Hezbollah Losses in Syria

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Hezbollah control in Lebanon. Sleeper cells are now in the West Bank and recruiting Palestinians there to their ranks. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Hezbollah flag. Israel estimates that the terror group has lost one third of its fighters in Syria. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Israeli officials estimate that one third of Hezbollah’s active fighters have been killed or wounded in the Syrian civil war, Israeli news site Walla reported on Tuesday.

According to the report, based on anonymous sources, between 1,300 and 1,500 Hezbollah fighters have been killed in combat in Syria, and an additional 5,000 have been wounded and are out of commission. Although Hezbollah — designated by the US and Israel as a terrorist group — is not open about its armed strength, some estimates say it could have up to 18,000 full-time and volunteers troops.

Hezbollah, long seen by Israelis as part of the Middle East axis also including Syria and Iran, has been fighting on behalf of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his backers in Tehran almost since the beginning of the armed conflict at the end of 2011.

The group has sent fighters to battle in the Syrian Golan region, near Israel, and has been heavily engaged in fighting around Al-Zabadani, a hill station near the Lebanese border.

Hezbollah-dominated civilian areas in Lebanon have been targeted by terrorists multiple times since the group started battling anti-government groups in Syria, including ISIS.

Israel has also carried out air strikes against Hezbollah targets, including weapons convoys from Syria, which it says is one of the red lines that, if crossed, would precipitate involvement in Syria.

Although as early as 2012, Hezbollah leaders were denying their role in fighting on behalf of Assad, Walla reported that Hezbollah has recently been very open about its casualties.

Arabic media recently reported that 14 Hezbollah fighters had died in combat against members of ISIS in the Beqaa Valley region of southern Lebanon, according to Walla. On Tuesday, Hezbollah-affiliated media reported that its fighters had killed an ISIS commander after detonating his convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border, near the Qalamoun mountains.

Hezbollah has also boasted killing members of the Nusra Front, a group of anti-government Syrian fighters affiliated with al-Qaeda. Assad, whose brutal crackdown on anti-government forces has resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties and a massive refugee crisis, insists he is battling terrorists.

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  • shloime

    just fo the record, hezbollah also suffered about 30% casualties in the second lebanon war. despite these huge losses, they still declared it a great victory. (because nasrallah was unscathed?)

    the moral of the story is that, when dealing with a snake, it’s always better to strike at the head than to play with the tail. and the head of this snake is in tehran.

  • P Guetta

    Good ! evil terrorists killing each other . That is good news !

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    Now is the time to kill all their senior leadership.

  • KEN yirbu!

  • why are there somany fightings going on in the middle east arabworld.

  • Although Hezbollah had massive losses in Syria, it remains a formidable adversary with an 100,000+ missile/rocket arsenal.

  • Linda Rivera

    The Obama regime and its allies seek to annihilate the secular regime of Assad that protects Christians and other minorities and replace Assad’s legitimate government with extremely barbaric Muslim terrorists and full sharia law.

    Many evil lies have been said about Assad. It’s necessary to lie when you plan to mass murder people.

    I’m disgusted that Assad is blamed for “hundreds of thousands of casualties and a massive refugee crisis”.

    U.S. and allies financing, arming and training barbaric Muslim terrorists has been going on for decades. A crime against humanity.

    In 1999, US/NATO waged a ruthless war for the KLA Muslim terrorist organisation against Kosovo’s Christian Serb innocents. US/NATO achieved their wicked goal: A Muslim terror state in the heart of Europe….so many betrayals that I will never forget.

    If the Obama regime and America’s allies succeed in murdering Assad and destroying Assad’s government, a huge genocide of Christians and other minorities will take place. Western powers don’t care about persecuted Christians, Yazidis and other minorities.

    Severa l Chaldean Christians who had fled to America seeking a safe refuge from severe Muslim persecution were deported by rabid Christian-hater Obama. Were the deported Christians
    savagely put to death? Western leaders DON’T care.

    The only leader that cares about persecuted Christians is Russia’s Putin. I greatly respect and admire Putin and his Russian military for fighting on the side of good against great evil.

  • ken levitt

    I am wondering why Israel and all other pro-western groups cannot join together to destroy ISIS before anything else. they are the Number One enemy, and Israel should direct its attention to helping US and western forces conquer the most pernicious terrorist group that has ever existed!! Even if it means building small bridges to the traditional enemy Hezbollah, who at least have the same goal: to conquer a group that must be eradicated from the Middle East before it deems Israel a proxy for the US. . Amazing that this has not yet happened. Maybe joint efforts with Hezbollah would lead to discussions with Arab groups that have been known to come to the bargaining table. ISIS will never come to the bargaining table and will fight to the death. Hezbollah is shiite and all ISIS groups are sunni, maybe the shiites can find a foundation for talks with Israel and an uneasy alliance of expedience. Mid east politics makes very strange bedfellows indeed.

    • Paul Berman

      Sadly, Sunni/Shia hatred would quickly shift to “kill the Jews” which they all share. Please recall that Israel was “banned” from the Iraqi wars because the Arab coalition partners refused to fight alongside “Jews”. Israel is quietly doing its part

    • Jack

      The darkness that has descended over Syria is far from resolving.
      Even with the involvement of U.S. Special Forces outcomes are far from certain.
      The U.S. would sooner pump oil through it’s water table than buy any more crude on the international market, since all but Canadian is conflict or dictator tainted.
      Still the world clamors for more, so that even ISIS can find a market for it’s crude.
      All while the world’s largest oil producer, Russia, cares not as Iran and Saudi Arabia pump harder and harder.
      In fact Putin’s response is to send in troops to prop up Assad.
      Eventually Assad, the man who didn’t want the job will be pursued for war crimes.
      While Tehran plots to create a pan-Shia future where something akin to an Islamic European Union might arise.
      Never, tho, founded on intentional deceit. Like the rise of Nazis, the false philosophy, or sophistry, will fall to ashes, leaving Syria and Iraq and quite possibly Iran in ruins.
      Worse, the Sunni aberration ISIS will also threaten and corrupt the Kingdom of S.A., ending the flow of cheap and easy energy once and for all.
      Given carbon loading in the environment that might be a good thing, even if the way is wrong.

  • Dov

    May they all find the same fate… One less hate group for the Jews to worry about.

  • Theodore Sternberg

    At least they died doing what they love to do.