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February 10, 2016 6:56 pm

Commentators Hail Sanders’ Historic Victory, Warn Jewish Factor Could Ignite Antisemitism

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  Photo: Wikipedia.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Photo: Wikipedia.

Jewish commentators were quick to weigh in on Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire win on Wednesday, which made him the first American-Jewish candidate ever to win a primary.

National Jewish Democratic Council Chairman Greg Rosenbaum called Sanders’ victory and the fact that he is the first Jewish-American to win a presidential primary a “great pride.”

“We congratulate Senator Sanders on his victory … it should come as no surprise that the Jewish-American who won that victory is a Democrat, as the stark contrast between the parties’ primary campaigns highlights with each passing day … As Jewish Democrats, we look forward to a continuing, spirited campaign for the Democratic nomination where Jewish values are indeed valued,” he said, according to Jewish Insider

President of the American Health Policy Institute Tevi Troy, who has commentated on support for Israel among Democrats and the GOP, said Sanders’ win demanded supporters of Israel on both sides of the aisle start paying attention.

“On Sunday, he revealed that he gets his foreign policy advice from Israel critics J Street and James Zogby; on Tuesday, he won a resounding victory in New Hampshire,” said Troy, referring to the controversial advocacy group and the founder of the Arab American Institute.

Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith predicted for the Jewish Insider that Sanders’ campaign trail could lead the liberal Vermont senator into antisemitism territory.

“I think if people start taking the idea of his presidency seriously, I think you’ll see both more serious chatter about what the first Jewish president would mean (and in particular what a president who comes from this part of Judaism would mean to Jews) … and also, inevitably, more ugly antisemitism directed at him in an election that has already seen more overt bigotry than I’ve ever seen in national politics,” he said.

On a similar note, Chemi Shalev of Haaretz wrote that, “to assume that the conservative right, in general, and the Tea Party and/or Christian right, in particular, will allow a secular, liberal, self-professed socialist radical to become President of the United States without making a fuss over his Jewishness is more than a stretch: it beggars belief.”

Still, others said they felt Sanders should discuss his Jewish background more openly. These included Steve Rabinowitz of publicity firm Bluelight Strategies, and a former press aide to president Bill Clinton.

“Nobody cares that Bernie is Jewish and that’s great,” he said. “I just wonder some days if I enjoy more Jewish pride in Bernie’s successes this election cycle than he does. For me, Bernie doesn’t need to be more Jewishly observant or more communally involved; I only wish he showed more of a willingness to talk about his Jewish identity except when asked. He doesn’t hide from it and for my money never says the wrong thing – he just doesn’t seem to ever like or want to talk about it.  Maybe it’s a refreshing change from all the other Jewish politicians who pose for our community far beyond who they really are. I was only hoping there might be a space somewhere in between.”

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  • Abu Nudnik

    Already happening. But here’s the good news. There’s a 0% chance of a Sanders nomination. The unDemocratic Party will award Hillary as many New Hampshire delegates as they will to Sanders who, to use a Trumpism, “schlonged” her by more than 20%. You heard right. Six “superdelegates” are already in her pocket. After only one caucus that went 50-50 (and yet gave 20-21 for Hillary, Clinton ALREADY HAS has 394 delegates, both super and electorally assigned, to only 42 for Sanders.

    Check out the corruption:

    • Abu Nudnik

      And, I forgot to say, one primary where he got 60-39% and she got the same 15 delegates…

  • Phil N

    Hillary is desperate. She will play every card she has and anti-Semitism is a big one. It will be subtle. Her supporters will make sure everyone knows he’s Jewish, he will be asked questions about his faith and about Israel. If that doesn’t work Hillary will unleash the hard core anti-Semitism. This is the last chance for Hillary and she will let nothing stand in her way except maybe the FBI.

  • Yale Rodman

    Beware of Bernie!!!

    I fear that Bernie’s “revolution”, despite his Jewish background and distant-past kibbutznik connection, is as good for Jews as Leon Trostsky and his revolution were for the millions Russian Jews who suffered death, hatred and state-sponsored discrimination for decades under Soviet totalitarian rule.

    Stalin was a virulent Jew hater whose doctor’s putsch would have assasinated millions, but for his sudden death. The soviet system institutionalized antisemistism to a grand extent unequaled in modern society. Every Jew under the soviet system was marked and identified on his/her state required card. As a result, Jewish entry into the top schools, universities, professions, and various avenues of society were blocked and restricted. Millions sought asylum and fled the oppression, despite the dangers to themselves and their families. Antoly Sharansky and countless other refusniksleft Russia under great threat and danger. When the Soviet Union fell in the 90’s, millions more Jews quickly escaped to the US and Israel.

    We Jews are always in the forefront of important social change movements. But, like the Communist Revolution of 1917, Jews in America must read history to know that Bernie’s revolution is no panacea. How much have we heard to date about Bernie’s Jewish identity. Almost nothing. If he goes further in the election process, that will change. Anti-semistism will raise its ugly head like never before—no Jew has ever approached the presidency of the United States.

    This is frought with great danger…

  • nelson marans

    His siding with J Street tells the entire story. We do not need another president much less a senator that supports an anti-Israel J Street.

  • reevin stein

    boynie soyndies is a true socialist who was vociferously vehement in PA support of the uprising called Peace of Brave that was due to Clinton-Arafat-Rabin-Peres. He strongly believes in the Sandy-Berger-Indyk-Ross perspective and thought that Israel is the offender in Op Protective Edge. This man is Not a cultural Jew. If you hate what 0b0m0 has tried to do to Israel, wait…Wait until you see Boynie Soyndies. This guy is a real Walter Rathenau nationalistic socialist (govt controls everything) type of Jew. He will kill the US Army, be pliantly ineffectual in Mid East (his left constituency) AND will be a great blessing for Thev Donald to debate and hang!

  • first congratulate him on his historic victory
    hope best out of him without hurting any community religion,

  • MAS

    I look at all the people who seem to think that the sky would fall if Bernie were elected President. When Joe Lieberman was the first Jewish person on a national ticket of a major political party, that should have been a source of pride for all Jews. (I do not include Barry Goldwater because only his father was Jewish, not his mother.) The fact that Bernie is running for President and has demonstrated that he is a serious candidate should also be a source of pride. That does not necessarily mean that one has to vote for Bernie in order to possess such pride. What is disturbing are those who worry that any Jew who might be elected President might cause anti-Semitism to rise. This is essentially the same mentality which many Jews had in Germany in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s vis-à-vis Hitler, thinking that if they did not act too boldly, they would be OK. If one cowers in the face of possible horror, one is certainly going to see the realization of such horror. Hillary’s election would be much worse for Jews than Bernie’s. Hillary seems to have viewed Sidney Blumenthal as someone whose advice she trusts. Sidney has provided her with some of the screeds authored by his son, the infamous Max Blumenthal. Hillary, according to some of the released e-mails, appears to have signaled approval of the concepts which Max and Sidney espouse about Israel, none of which are positive. Whether you vote for Bernie or not, you should take joy in the fact that, just as we have an African-American President, we may possibly see a Jewish one next year.

  • Al Talena

    Jewish voting Democrats have a choice between an anti-Israel lefty Clinton and self-hating anti-Israel Jew Sanders. Jewish Democrats would still vote for either one.
    And if Trump trumps the Republicans and gets their nomination, voters in the presidential election will have a choice between the anti-Israel Democrat and Trump whose few comments re Israel are not the best for Israel.

  • Yadja

    He is not a Democrat he is a card carrying Socialist and if the Jews will clear their memories out Socialism is the road to Communism and we know where that road led the Jews.


  • Wackin Wall

    So you see no danger? We’ll feel the burn, on our toukas. Open your eyes.

  • Aliza

    What “all other Jewish politicians”?
    Is the quote forgetting about Mayor Bloomberg?
    I guess that is what we can expect from a former press aide to a Clinton.


    The Clintons are going full speed ahead to smash Sanders. Since the New Hampshire vote – I have seen a number of articles popping up that are a subtle attempt to get the Jewish community to question and turn against Bernie Sanders.

    Check your sources Algemeiner.

    Chabad dot Org just put made their records public of how when Sanders was mayor of Burlington – he was a strong voice for allowing a Menorah in public. He has a personal letter from the Rebbe giving him Brochas for success.
    Meanwhile an aide from the Clintons is questioning Sanders’ Jewish values.

    I think this article should include comments by the Rebbe’s Shluchim in Burlington, who know Sanders personally. And Professor Sugarman, a Shomer Shabbos professor from UofV, who has known Sanders for decades.

    • Aliza

      I wrote my comment above before reading the other comments on this article.

      I am saddened to learn that Algemeiner readers think Hillary is the better choice for the Jewish community and the country.

      • Yale

        The real problem facing democrats right now is that neither of their two candidates should be president. Clinton’s issues are many and include that she can’t be trusted and is for rent to the highest bidder. The Clinton Foundation will continue to take bribes (sorry, contributions) if she gets elected so US policy will up for bid.

        Sanders doesn’t appear to have any comparable personality problems, but he is committed to ideas that have been tried repeatedly and have a consistent record of failure. In the wake of Barack Obama’s reign of error, the US doesn’t need that either.

        The offerings from the Republican side have their problems as well.

        As the wag once put it, if Gd wanted us to vote He would have given us candidates worth voting for.

    • Aliza

      I took another look at the comments.
      It is rare that Jews agree so wholeheartedly on any topic. And these comments are so uniform. Even the timing is uniform.
      I sense foul play.

  • Dr. Leon Szmedra

    One can quickly determine what lies within Bernie’s Jewish
    heart by asking one simple question…

    “What is the capital of Israel”

    Those who love the Land – already know the answer!

    • Steven Bell

      Loving the land…how ’bout loving G-d…means giving back what you have taken…saying you are sorry for taking it; showing remorse; and making restitution…I’m talking about illegal settlements in the West Bank…

      • Salomon. Dayan M. D

        Mr. Bell what are u talking about . Your comments reveal your ignorance and prejudice. They only took what belonged to them . A better argument for you would have been to say n”disputed or contested territory”. . Was there ever a palestinianstate beside biblical Israel ? Of course that is too much to ask or expect from a jprogressive mind .

      • Mr. Snodgrass

        Hmmm…how about the Jordanians destroying all of the synagogues in East Jerusalem. Still waiting for an apology.

        Hmmm…what about all the antiquities being destroyed on the Temple mount? Still waiting for an apology for that.

        Hmmm…what about the “Palestinians” teaching their children raw hate? Think that might cause a few problems? Is that what a “partner for peace” would do?


  • Mike

    The predicted “fuss of the conservative right” is speculative. Based on studies by the ADL, Sanders is more likely to encounter antisemitism in the black and Hispanic communities. Bernie is a left wing atheist who happened to be born Jewish. He is much less pro-Israel than the Evangelicals who have demonstrated an ardent support for Israel.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    I have no pride that “I’m not much of a Jew” Bernie Sanders is winning the races.

    He just met with Al Sharpton, the man responsible for the deaths of 2 Jews in Harlem where he railed against them and precipitated a fire in which they died. Proud of Sanders? I am infuriated that this no Jews, anti-Israel,pro-Palestinian, C.O. Stalinist might even be POTUS.

    Sharpton is a thief and owes the IRS 7 million dollars in unpaid taxes and is Obama’s buddy and will be pardoned along with Jesse Jackson, Jr. at the end.

    We don’t need anti-Jews when we have Bernie and once again American Jews have no idea of what they are doing.

    They are anti-Israel, love the Palestinians and board the boats o break the Gaza blockade.

    Jews have lost their ability to survive and all those genes are no longer in them.

    Every Jew should condemn Sanders. I do!

    • Michael Kaplan

      I’m with you, Levy. Sharpton is a criminal. You won’t see Trump giving him the time of day. No self respecting Jew should put any Democratic candidate in the White House as a follow up to Barack Obama.

  • It would be a disaster for Israel, if Bernie, or any other Jew for that matter, were elected to the White House. Any Jew, even Michael Bloomberg – up ’til now a friend of Israel – would feel obliged to ‘bend over backwards’ to be ‘even-handed’. As to Bernie discussing his Jewish background, he recently said his parents were Polish, omitting their religion. And from this, we as Jews should be proud. He himself is not proud to be a Jew, so we should be proud of him? And he gets his foreign policy advice from that antisemite James Zogby and the self-hating Jews at J Street!

  • Erez Turin

    Sanders if elected will go overboard trying to convince everyone that him being Jewish has
    has nothing to do with his election – Jews and Israel will pay the price

  • Frosty7530

    If Bernie Sanders is taking most his advice re Israel, from J Street, I would see that as a very omen for the State of Israel as well as American Jews who are Pro-Zionist and want to see Israel remain a Jewish Homeland. It does not surprise me that Sanders is reluctant to discuss his Jewish identity, so many J Street members are of that mindset. In the midwestern city I was raised in, we had a Reform Jewish temple that was founded in late 1940’s, by Jews who were anti-Zionist and did not wish to stay involved with a large Reform congregation that embraced the new nation of Israel. They viewed Israel as “occupied” territory. My grandfather explained to me, that WWII had taught him that the worst anti-Semite is a Jewish anti-Semite; people who “wished to hell, they had never been born Jews”. This next election will be a very trying time for all Jews. Hillary, Trump and Sanders all present serious problems for American Jews and the future of the Jewish State of Israel.

  • Eric R.

    Bernie Sanders is a kapo. End of story.

  • Robert Davis

    With sanders’ victory there is nothing to be proud of and still less hopeful. Sanders is a marxist, hates Israel and jews at large and does not give a damn for them. These are tghe “jewish values” and it is no Wonder jews have been losers for 2,000 years. Who wants more of that stuff? ajudeo christian ie philosemit such as Trump or Cruz are a million times better for Israel and Jews that an antisemite,selfish jew fearing to be accused of nepotism and on top of that a marxist who would bankrupt America. Jews would be accused of EVERYTHING from nepotism in spite of an anti Israel policy(they don’t care for truth)jewish selfishness, loser’s philosophy and to crown all, America’s bankruptcy which they will blame on jews not communism…Voting for that sandbag is the worse idea a jew could get!

  • Marian Lewis

    Oh dear Lord, will we have the most powerful man in the world supporting the ideas of J Street? Poor Israel.

    • Steven Bell

      not poor Israel…we are poor now…our theft of someone else’s property is as my Mom would say…a “shanda”…we can be rich…Listen to Hillel: do not to others…

    • Mr. Snodgrass

      I agree with Marian!
      How about this embellishment:

      Oh dear Lord, will we have *again* the most powerful man in the world supporting the ideas of J Street? Poor Israel.

  • DocReality

    He’s a big enough liberal-socialist SCHMUCK that he’d make an antisemite out of me. He’s a self-hating Jew, a complete fraud, anti-Israel, and has been on government assistance his entire life including welfare.

  • Max Genghis Cohen

    During the 1960’s Sanders was an organizer for SNCC (called Snick). This was a leftist terrorist organization inspired by the “Weathermen” bomb-makers, but lacking the nerve to do serious mischief. In those days, any group designating itself as “nonviolent” was sneaky violent especially against ordinary working class Americans. They damaged apartment buildings and defaced property. This was the infamous Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Sanders was one of its leaders.

  • theo

    Sanders may be Jewish but whether that will show if he were ever to be President ( no chance !) is a moot point
    Karl Marx may also have been Jewish but it meant nothing
    Heaven forbid an extreme leftist, Socialist ,will ever hold the keys of Israel’s existence in his hands
    Those overcome with pride should temper their emotions He will be no friend of Israel His serving on a kibbutz decades ago means nothing other than that it assuaged his basic Socialism ( communism )

  • Jonah

    I hope Israel does not forget the treatment they have received from a liberal democrat in the White House. It’s nice that Sanders is a Jew, but what does that mean for Israel. The liberal democrats are known for feeding Israel to the wolves. Weiner is a Jew married to a Muslim, as a liberal democrat where does he stand on Israel. I think liberal Jews are wolves in sheep’s clothing when it comes to Israel. Henry Kissinger is a perfect example. He would turn on A dime and sell Israel out if his benefactors deemed it nessasary. So don’t put on your Sanders rose colored glasses just yet. One thing you can be sure of…Israel is toast if Hilluary is elected.

  • To put it simply, imho, Bernie Sanders is a self-hating Jew who identifies himself primarily as a Socialist attached to the Democrat Party. Without any doubt, he has no feelings, attachment, sense of Jewish history, faith etc. toward Israel, the one and only Jewish Democracy in the entire world. All he is concerned with is his SOCIALIST views and concerns. And those Jews who support him, are undoubtedly, the super LEFT who live in a fantasy world where there is no anti-Semitism and where there is no Jewish State. Their ignorance of Jewish history and our connection to Eretz Yisrael, is beyond their knowledge. They truly live in la la land,and have forgotten Jewish history, suffering and struggles to survive as a faith and a people.

  • Brent Riley

    Bernie’s campaign will be a good test for measuring antisemitism. I haven’t noted any so far.

    • Wackin Wall

      Please review the last 7 years with Obama.

  • John Train

    The comments from the Democratic representatives which accuse Christians and Republicans of potential anti-Semitism are despicable.

    Recognize that Sanders surrounds himself with anti-Israel advisors and is only the dolling of the extreme political left.

    I’m sure that there will be anti-semitic remarks addressed against him (not the least which will come from Hillary Clinton advisors).

  • I am a Jew and I am very concerned that Bernie Saunders keeps the fact that he is Jewish very quiet . JF Kennedy was very proud of the fact that he would be the 1st Catholic President. ..Also Bernie seems to be Anti Israel – I have never heard his stance on Israel. If in fact he does not See Israel as our only true Ally in the Middle East He will Lose my Vote and every other Jew that I know!! Smarten up Bernie – You are of the Chosen People – Now prove it.

  • Mandrake

    He gets his advice from James Zogby and JStreet and I believe he asked for more concessions from Israel to the Palestinans and if this were not enough he is a democrat socialist (the closest to communism being PC) which sounds pretty good to believe all the promises that has never worked in any country. As Gruber (the one from Obamacare) said “the American voters are stupid” or something similar to this.

  • sifter

    Last thing we need is Larry David + Abbie Hoffman regurgitated into a rabid, extremist, Socialist Jew running for President. His values are NOT Jewish values, they are misguided Utopian Communist values that will turn a righteous Christian Right into pogromniks. We always do it to ourselves, it seems.

  • a.non

    I am disturbed about his apparent views about Israel but I’m not sure that Hillary with her Huma Abbedin and Blumenthal connections is better.

    But I remember that lots of black people were seriously afraid that Obama would be assassinated because he was black.

    There was a survey years ago in California which asked Jews if they thought a Jew could be elected to a major seat in their state and something like 80% said no. Meanwhile – at the time, both of their senators were Jews – Boxer and Feinstein – and Harvey Milk was a Jewish mayor of San Francisco.

    If America could elect a black man with a Muslim name president after half a senate term, they can elect a Jew. A Socialist could be another story.

  • Moshe Akiva

    “As Jewish Democrats, we look forward to a continuing, spirited campaign for the Democratic nomination where Jewish values are indeed valued,”

    Did it ever occur to these morons that Bernie is a communist and as such he has no Jewish values at all?

  • Kitty

    Yeah, Haaretz, raise the bogeyman of “Christian anti-Semitism” while the candidate for the party whose membership is now majority opposed to Israel votes in a guy who in the ’60’s sought to replace the Jewish state with a Marxist utopia. Meanwhile, the evil Evangelicals put everything on the line to support Israel. I guess Bernie the Communist is a good guy and John Hagee is the real enemy of the people who should be sent to a gulag.

  • kern

    The cowardly Obama boot licking Jewish Democrats who walked out on Netanyahu when he addressed Congress last year are a disgusting disgrace to the American people. It is not the first time that foreign heads of state (since Netanyahu, it was Pope Francis) have addressed Congress) on issues of concern to them. Never have any of these craven sellouts ever boycotted a speech any other allied head of state. Yet, they caved in to the jackboots of Obama rather than demand that the Israeli Prime Minister be given the courtesy and respect which every other head of state has received.

    Sanders just said that he gets his information on Israel and the Middle East from leading American-Arab lobbyist Jim Zogby and J-Street. Hillary Clinton’s e-mails indicate that she regularly received advice from Sidney Blumenthal and Sandy Berger on methods to apply pressure on Israel to force that nation to bend to Obama’s one sided demands.

    the time is long past for American Jews who do not accept the anti-Semitic chorus which falsely places blame on Israel for the failure of Middle East peace processes to succeed to realize that Israel’s enemies in America are the Progressives and liberals who so many of them support.

    In no small part due to the quislings among us, the prospect for for the Jews in America, Europe and the Middle East is grim.

  • Salomon

    His political agenda reminds me the ex-chancellor of Austria Bruno Kreisky. God, help Israel!
    If elected president of the US, the jews will feel a nostalgia of Obama!
    Leftist jews are very dangerous persons: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Kaganovich, Trotsky, Miliband brothers, Bella Kun…among hundreds ot thousands…

  • Ephraim

    I suspect that more antisemitism will come from his own party, particularly Hillary who is antisemitic, than from the GOP. It will be interesting to see, though, how this transpires. Remember, it was not the GOP who asked how many Jews are in congress, in a successful attempt to railroad the Iranian crime through.

  • Joseph Mack

    I don’t see much difference in the attitudes of Sanders and Jack Kennedy. In some respects I think Sanders feels and Kennedy felt their religious beliefs, whether fervent or not, were an impediment in a nation where their beliefs were so much a part of the minority.

  • Dommy

    Sanders is a communist and atheist. He couldn’t care less about Jewish concerns. No different than Geo Soros. Why do Jews hail these momzers?

  • zehava swados

    bernie is a self hating jew who is poison for israel and america. he will be so PC as to not side with our beloved israel, on purpose, Orthodox Jews, like me despise him.And according to the Torah, he really is not a Jew,as he married a goy, breaks the holy shabbat, has nothing jewish about him just a communist, the Right as the best for JewS AND Israel, I pray he loses… He will side with Isis, and this terrorist in cheif obama has, another4 years of this traitor, is enough

  • enufizenuf

    It’s a real shame that the first Jewish candidate to get involved in the primary process should be an ignorant, America-hating communist PIG like Sanders.
    Fortunately it should help scare millions away from the Democrat Party.

  • S Loeb

    Someone ought to check with Marc Lamont Hill to know how young Blacks will likely vote. My guess is he Hill will make sure to make it very difficult for young Blacks to openly support Bernie

  • Yes, Mazel-Tov! It’s good to see a Jewish man go this far in national politics. However, we’ve just had 7 years of the worst relationship between Israel and the USA, never imagined. It has been so bad, the whole Middle East power structure is changed and I worry for the survival of Israel, the only Jewish State in the whole world. Such a little piece of land, and sorely needed.

    As anti-Semitism rages here and in Europe, even in Malaysia, we need our homeland more than ever. Our college campuses are full of BDS and Israel haters. Without Israel we are doomed. Hopefully more Zionists can educate Sen.Sanders to view Israel more positively.

  • Bill Erlbaum

    This article risks producing the self-fulfilling prophesy of anti-semitism in connection with Senator Sanders’ campaign, where virtually none has manifested itself until you just injected the thought. This is a malicious, passive-aggressive, shtick. What is to be gained by being a bomb throwing rabble rouser? Get it together!

    • Mr. Snodgrass

      Bill, Bill!

      Wake up and smell the matzah and horseradish man!

  • robert nebel

    Sanders, renounced his Judaism so long ago. He is not a jew and has made some very anti Israeli comments

  • Paul Ackerman

    Bernie Sanders is the absolutely worst thing that could happen to Jews in America.He is a disaster of unparalleled proportions for the image of Jews,not to mention Democrats–who now will be typecast as class-warfare socialists.

    Does anyone think that a 60’s leftover with a 60’s philosophy that has been discredited worldwide,who can be easily shoved aside at the podium by younger radical thugs is going to be a good thing as the President of the United States,let alone a supportive ally of Israel? Seriously?
    Imagine who he’d appoint as our UN ambassador? Maybe Bill Ayers or Bernadine Dohrn?
    Hillary would be terrible,but Bernie Sanders….God save us.

  • Natan

    It’s a bitter /sweet situation with Bernie Saunders standing as a Presidentisl candidate. On one hand their is great pride that a Jew is standing and could win and become the first American Jewish Presidebt.

    However, it could develop in a situation when it is branded ” dam if he does, and dam if he does not”

    One step wrong and there could be a surge in Antiisemetic behavior .

  • I would love to see a campaign in which Jewish values are valued. Where are you going to find a candidate who manifests such values, though?

    Pride and identity — fitting topics for exhibits in Hitler’s proposed Museum for an Extinct Race.