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May 1, 2016 12:36 pm

New Report Calls Rise in British Antisemitism ‘Core Part of Far-Left Ideology’

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Naz Shah with Ken Livingstone in April 2015. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Naz Shah with former London mayor Ken Livingstone in April 2015 — a year before both were suspended from the Labour Party amid allegations of antisemitism. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The rise in antisemitism in Britain is a “core part of far-Left ideology,” according to a new report released in the UK.

The report, which the Daily Mail referred to as “alarming, was published by the volunteer-led charity the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. And though it comes on the heels of a recent series of scandals surrounding the open expression of anti-Jewish sentiment in the Labour Party, its data refers to 2015 – during which, it revealed, there was a 50 percent increase in violent attacks against Jews from the previous year. Simultaneously, according to the Daily Mail, “[T]here was a worrying decline in the number of cases where suspects were charged.”

The publication quoted Campaign Against Anti-Semitism Chairman Gideon Falter, who stated, “This data should alarm those responsible for enforcing the law. They are failing British Jews badly. If the situation continues to deteriorate, the Jewish community will be faced with the kind of rampant anti-Semitism seen in other European countries, which has left Jews feeling fearful and abandoned, and many of them convinced that they have no choice but to emigrate. Britain’s fight against anti-Semitism and extremism cannot be allowed to fail.”

Meanwhile, as was also reported by the Daily Mail, a Jewish member of Labour took to Twitter to illustrate her own concern about growing antisemitism in Britain by showing the kind of posts she has been receiving for the past two years.

MP Luciana Berger was among those who lambasted her suspended colleague, former London mayor Ken Livingstone, for saying Hitler “was supporting Zionism before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews” – as part of his defense of Naz Shah, another Labour lawmaker who was suspended for having posted her “Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict — Relocate Israel into United States” on social media.

Berger tweeted: “‘For those in any doubt, this is just a little snapshot of what Anti-Semitism in 2016 looks like. It is very real.” She then provided the following examples:

Concern in the Israeli Labor Party over its British counterpart’s antisemitism spurred its chairman, MK Isaac Herzog to sent a harshly worded letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Saturday. “I have been appalled and outraged by the recent examples of antisemitism by senior Labour Party officials in the United Kingdom,” he wrote. “Knowing that the British Labour Party has a proud and distinguished history of fighting racism in every form has only added to my profound disappointment of recent events, which must act as a red alert and prompt immediate action.”

After railing against Livingstone and Shah, Herzog concluded his letter by extending an invitation to Corbyn and a delegation from Labour to visit Yad Vashem, Israel’s national Holocaust memorial and museum in Jerusalem, “in order to witness that the last time Jews were forcibly ‘transported,’ it was not to Israel, but to their deaths. While Ken Livingstone is clearly anti-Semitic and beyond hope of redemption, I’m sure there remain many Labour Party activists with a willingness to engage and better understand the scourge of antisemitism. By doing this, perhaps we can ensure that the antisemitism expressed in recent days is not the example set to [the] British young generation, but rather one of tolerance and acceptance of all people, regardless of faith.”

Herzog’s invitation, ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day this coming Thursday, was echoed by newly instated Israeli Ambassador to the UK Mark Regev on Sunday morning. As was reported in the UK’s Mirror, during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Regev said he hopes Corbyn will take Herzog up on his offer.

When asked by Marr whether he would like to meet Corbyn and have a face-to-face conversation with him, Regev replied:

I’d love to, and I’d also say this: I think Jeremy Corbyn, from what I’ve seen, seems to be personally proud of the fact that his parents marched against the fascists, against the antisemites in the famous Cable Street battle. The left does have a proud history of fighting antisemitism. But it doesn’t mean the left have always been immune to antisemitism. I think it’s crucial that leadership stands up and says, “This is unacceptable.” Can you imagine someone in the Labour Party sharing a platform with someone who is an anti-black racist? Or someone who is homophobic and called for hatred of homosexuals? Why can you share a platform with someone who is openly antisemitic?

Corbyn responded to the barrage of criticism by tweeting on Saturday: “There is no place for anti-semitism or any form of racism in the Labour Party, or anywhere in society.”  

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  • stevenl

    It may become easier to count those who are NOT anti-Semites! Their number in the western world is decreasing by the day.

  • M Rolo

    Anti-Semitism is on the rise because the masses are waking up, and beginning to understand who is driving (IE the Israeli Lobby), the West’s foreign policy’s. Waging war after war, murdering hundreds of thousands in the pursuit of Energy resources. All the while rolling out their One World Order. Tax havens, the selling off of state assets (facilitated by the unprecedented, disproportionately high number of Zionists is senior Western Governmental positions), zero hours contracts, are just some of the methodologies used in an attempt to enslave the masses.
    The tide of change is underway, clearly history has taught them nothing.
    You reap what you sow

  • nat cheiman

    Labour is a warning to the UK that migrants and Syrians/Libyans/ Moroccans etc will be the new citizens should Labour win.
    Hamas and Hezbollah will have a base in the UK too.
    Corbyn and Livingstone and the Muslim leaders in UK have basically rendered the Labour party a Lunatic fringe party

  • Shlomo Liberman

    Grammar mistake
    Concern in the Israeli Labor Party over its British counterpart’s antisemitism spurred its chairman, MK Isaac Herzog to sent (sic) a harshly worded letter to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

  • Sam Harris

    It’s time to go HOME!

  • Michael E

    “There is no place for anti-semitism or any form of racism in the Labour Party, or anywhere in society,” Corbyn says while hugging Hamas and Hezbollah.

    • Barry

      Seems that with the friends he has, he has also contracted taquiya.

  • Michael E

    International & National Socialism = Anti-Semitism

  • Fred Monroe

    Let’s imagine for just a moment that visitors from outer space arrive one day soon, intelligent enough to have developed the necessary technology but ignorant of the history of our planet. They quickly learn English and read in the news about Livingstone and the Jews. Due diligence informs them that since the beginning of recorded history a very small minority have encountered problems with almost all other groups with which they have come into contact, so that often they have been treated very brutally and even expelled from host nations to which they migrated. So harsh was their treatment in the last century that now every effort is made to protect them from attacks and criticism, going as far as making it illegal to say things that were in common usage for millennia. Still the mistreatment continues. The outsiders apply their logical minds to the problem and suggest that the root cause might lie in the behaviour of this minority.

    • Dick

      And they would be right, especially if this minority’s behavior demonstrated that the majority’s failures were due to the majority’s own shortcomings. It is no coincidence that anti-Israel and anti-Jewish activity has grown exponentially against a backdrop of the obvious successes of Israel and Jews in general. The real questions people need to address are one, whether the problem is with the Jews and Israel, or those whose beliefs have resulted in their ongoing failure, and two, who and what needs to change, those who succeed or those who fail?

    • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

      If your space visitors would apply their logical minds to the “problem” (here we go again with the old “Jewish problem”)they would soon discover that Jews have a strong moral basis to their outlook on life,that they highly value literacy and education in their children and that they are eminently successful in nearly everything that they undertake.Isn’t it then just”logical” that the two nasty offspring of Judaism – Christianity and Islam would hate their efficacious parent.A good example of the success of the Jewish people in the modern world is that the few million Jews compared to the billions of Christians and Muslims have won Nobel Prizes in every scientific field far out of proportion to their relatively small numbers.On the other hand,if your hypothetical space visitors would land in the middle of China, for example,they would discover no “problem” with Jews – for the simple reason that there are no,or very few,Christians or Muslims to be found there to create the “problem” in the first place!In truth there is no “Jewish problem” but a very real “Christian problem” and “Muslim problem”.

  • Perry Mason

    Antisemitism must be stamped out. However, Ken Livingstone’s comment regarding Hitler is arguably true. Hitler DID sign an agreement with the Zionists to allow German Jews to migrate to Palestine. I read the full story in the book ‘The Nuclear Option’ by David Goldenstein. This is a MUST READ for every Jew who wants to know the truth about the Holocaust and Antisemitism. I urge you to read the book – it will help you to fight antisemitism.


    Groups fighting antisemitism: take a large ad in The Guardian & other papers. Put a photo of Naz Shah beside a quote (or several) from her and describe the position she holds in the Labor party. No need to say more, except that Jewish members and constituency should consider changing parties. Prior to doing this, make sure a Conservative party statement inviting them to do “come where they are welcome) will be released immediately in response.

    Is there the equivalent of Civil Court in England? If so, take them to court for damages, as the Goldman family did against OJ Simpson. There have to be consequences for this. They’ve gotten away with far too much already. The result is an increase in the numbers and severity of the incidents.

    Remind them in the very insulting terms that so far the Israelis have scored major victories in every confrontations.

    Time to play hard ball. Enlist Jews from the outlaw part of the Tribe. They will know what to do and how to go about it.

    Quote scripture: Genesis 12:3 (NIV)
    ”I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”I will bless those who bless you,
    and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
    will be blessed through you.”

    • Batyah

      Excellent response.


    Well, that explains why the UK abstained from voting against the UNESCO resolution about the Temple Mount, doesn’t it?

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    I say this to you now Mr.Corbyn : Your Saturday tweet re anti-semitism is too little too late.The Labour Party has been infiltrated by a horde of racist Jew-hating Muslims (and a few Far Left anti-semitic secular atheists) who are bent upon not only destroying Israel – the one country which is the historic homeland of the Jewish people (versus the 57 existing Muslim states)- but they also crave to destroy the Jewish people as a whole,wherever they may be found.You underestimate the bloodthirstiness of the Muslim world to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth”.Mr.Corbyn please heed this warning now : If you do not get rid of the anti-Jewish fanatics(whether Muslim or secular)in your organisation soon you will destroy the Labour Party for good!A political party filled with bigoted rabid anti-Jewish racists has no place in the modern world,especially not in Britain with it’s long and noble history of democracy,tolerance and freedom for all.

    • M Rolo

      What people want to do, is to break the back of the greed ravaged Neo-Conservative Zionists who are running Western Governments, changing laws, waging wars, and eroding human rights so that they can further enslave the masses.
      Their New World Order is doomed to fail. Governments are filled these ex-Banker vermin, and they are driving the masses into enslavement and poverty. Once the zero % credit card blance transfers dry up, and the vice tightens, the anger will rise, and there will be nowhere to hide.
      It has nothing to do with Muslims, and everything to do with people waking up, as to who the real puppet masters are.

      • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

        You forgot to mention the Illuminati and the Freemasons and that Elvis is alive and well and living in Kalamazoo,Michigan.

        • I Back

          FDP,sadly once again you betray your lack of research on this subject.I agree with your mention of the Illuminati but surely EVERYONE knows Elvis is in Delaware due to their laxity of Foreign Corporation regulation.Duh,please keep up.Should you wish to decry my comments as misinformed,please bear in mind that you started it

  • Richard E Sherwin

    of course the (far?) left has always been antisemitic. the (far) right also. the left (even when it included some jews well assimilated) always scorned and contemned the parochial jews who refused to worship their hollow godlings of universal liberalism — which we see these days have come to BDS and hate the jews living in Israel, left right and center. the right (even when…..) easily excluded even assimilated jews (and often recently christianized jews) as foreign cosmopolitan and NOT ‘british’. when it went further right, it went Nazi. this allows the Guardian to have its antizionist and jewscorning cake and eat it too… very left very british very indifferent to jewhating. this also allows resident moderate? muslims to waffle between left and right, whenever it leaves its ghetto of sharia to deign to vote at all. so, i ask, what’s new in this ‘report’. not even the lies …. since a good deal of what makes attacks on jewish MPs can come from the right, be pinkwashed by the left, and everything stays comfortably tea and sherry british.

  • Richard E Sherwin

    of course antisemitism is part of core of (far?) left ideology. it always has been, waiting for activation even during the periods of a more benevolent socialism that didnt exclude all jews (only the persistently parochial ones who refused to worship the empty godlings of universal liberalism). it was and is a part of (far?) right nationalisms and ‘britain first’ movements also. this allows the moslem moderates? in England to waffle between both groups, whenever they deign to vote anyway for something so unmuslim as representative government. it also allows the Guardian to feel patriotically ‘british’ while lying about Israel. so what’s the need of, or the news in, this alteneue report?

  • Ephraim

    One of the worst parts, as I read in the past couple of days, is that people do not consider Corbyn antisemitic, when his words and actions have clearly indicated otherwise. The left, especially in the past few years, have totally disavowed progressive and liberal thoughts in the name of the tyranny of politically-coerced censorship. Because of this venal concept, which has taken over the left lock stock and barrel, debate is prohibited. You accept the party line or you are subject to abuse of all kinds. You are belittled and demeaned in public and in print. This closed circle of absolute censorship makes civil disagreement a crime.

    How anyone with a conscience can call this progressive or liberal is beyond my comprehension, and totally Orwellian in nature. You state bigotry, you clamp down on disagreement, and before you know it, all of the followers are goose stepping to the same line, regardless of the fact that it is 100% a lie and bigoted. This is how those who refer to themselves as progressive, and are also considered liberal in the press (both sides), can somehow justify bigotry and hatred. A recent poll showed that a significant part of Sweden, which claims itself to be humanitarian, believes that if terrorists murder Jews, the Jews have ‘brought it on themselves.’ This is straight out of the Nazi textbook.

    The left of today has become the right wing of yesterday. All one need do is read statements by today’s left wing bigots and compare them with the slanders of Buchanan and Sobran over the decades. Some of the rhetoric is identical.

  • Doug1943

    The following link has an excellent summary of this whole issue, except that it does not mention one thing: there is undoubtedly genuine anti-Semitism among many of Labour’s Muslim supporters. They do not distinguish between ‘Jew’ and ‘ZionisT’, and the Left accommodates them.

  • Julian Clovelley

    In the alternative right wing Zionism has an entrenched hatred of the left and is moving further to the Right – itself granting exactly the same appearance that it criticises of mutual hostility

    The starting point surely to register what is really going on, lies in universal adherence to the principles of human rights as expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in acceptance of United Nations opinion and adherence to principles of international law

    Which, sadly places the Zionist position firmly in the wrong. I am unconvinced that there is more antisemitism about – but Zionism, however, is in the 21st century, not a good look

    The belief systems that Zionism relied on have largely died. Tie Judaism to territory and it is the beginning of nothing but trouble – How can you expect a religion based state to not be seen as racist, when there is no path of admission into the religion?

    By bringing Jews together in Israel it is patently obvious that there are several different genetic histories, making the Genealogical claim of unique inheritance from the family of Abraham ridiculous. But if Zionism cannot reform itself to accept this reality then Jewishness will be equated to “class”

    Therein lies both your problem and the remedy.


      If you remain unconvinced that antisemitism is on the rise, you are either woefully uninformed or choose to remain ignorant. Go on the Internet and read about what is happening in the world, and has been happening for at least a decade. Compare it to what happened in Germany in the decade before Hitler came to power. You don’t know much about the Middle East either, but you DO know how to spout the politically correct inaccuracies/lies that allow antisemitism to parade as opposition to Israel.

      Try reading this article. It’s about a well-known prize-winning Israeli Arab reporter.

    • Fact-check


      Some of your key facts are demonstrably wrong:

      The opposition to Israel is itself in profound violation of international human rights law which recognizes the rights of people of all religions to practice their faiths. Since a link to the Land of Israel is part of Judaism, rejecting this link is a violation of the international law you cite.

      United Nations opinions are just that, and routinely reflect the power of the 57-member Islamic bloc, which is generally guided by religious principles that reject the notion that Jews have rights. I.e., your linkage of respecting both international human rights law and UN opinion is self-contradictory.

      While Judaism has traditionally discouraged conversion — largely out of fear that Christians and Muslims would regard Jewish proselytism as reason for killing Jews — it is possible to convert, so there is a way to become Jewish.

      Meanwhile, most of the countries on the planet have a religious orientation parallel to that in Israel, it’s just that they aren’t the only state having that particular religious orientation. There are at least 57 states that are officially Islamic: do you consider them inherently racist? There are dozens of countries that are officially Christian: do you consider them racist? India is Hindu and Japan is Shinto: does that make them racist also? If so what countries aren’t “racist”?

      And genetic histories of the Jews reveal that their common origin passes through the eastern Mediterranean two to three thousand years ago, just as Jewish history has always asserted. Yes, there have been other elements introduced — which amusingly disproves your claim that it isn’t possible to become Jewish — but Jews from eastern and western Europe, Morocco, Yemen, Iran and Iraq, etc. all show the genetics of common origins, with branching that matches what Jewish history says about how these communities came to be.

      All of this goes far to demonstrate that the anti-Israel community isn’t interested in facts, but in destroying Israel and perhaps the Jews as well. If this isn’t your position, you might try incorporating some of the details mentioned here into your worldview.

  • Paul Cerar

    It is not hypocritical for left-wing fascist Communists to collaborate with right-wing fascist Islamites. Hell calls to Hell.

  • This is an excellent and important news article, but unfortunately, very few people will read it.

    The author of this article has a greater chance of being struck by lightning than she does of having this topic being discussed seriously and fairly in the Jew-hating New York Times.


      Yes, Mr. Cohen, I know about the NY Times. There is a great line in the old movie Gentlemen’s Agreement: ‘I hate antisemitism just as much when it comes from a Jew as I do when it comes from a Gentile.”

      Thank you for what you said about my post. You have my permission to copy and forward it (please correct the typos) to everybody you can think of. That’s what I’m doing.

      The Internet can be used to educate people, I hope. We can’t just give up, can we? For now at least, we can speak up and not be murdered for it. I am not telling you or anybody else what to do, but for myself, if I don’t at least try to fight in my small way, I am not keeping faith with those who died at the hands of the Nazis.

  • Jay Lavine

    It’s a warning to Jews to reject secular political ideologies, which become a religion, a kind of idol worship, to their adherents. Right-wing ideology is just as much a form of avodah zarah as leftist ideologies.