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July 19, 2016 7:22 am

Europe Is Not Israel

avatar by Judith Bergman

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La Promenade des Anglais in Nice, following the truck-ramming attack. Photo: Wikipedia.

La Promenade des Anglais in Nice, following the truck-ramming attack. Photo: Wikipedia.

“France must live with terrorism,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said after the massive terrorist ‎attack in Nice last week. Understandably, his statement infuriated the French, who took to social ‎media to express their opprobrium.‎

And French President Francois Hollande, sounding almost as if he was being forced to speak, said, “We cannot deny that it was a terrorist ‎attack.”‎

After the massive Islamic State attacks in Paris in November 2015, political leaders proclaimed ‎themselves “shocked.” Whether this shock was feigned or genuine, at least they made a point, pitiful ‎as it was, of pretending that these massive terrorist attacks were something extraordinary that did not ‎have a habitual place in Europe.

Valls’ resigned declaration of tired surrender after the Nice attack, on the other hand, ‎amounts to the waving of a white flag in submission to the jihadis and is an indication that France ‎has little will to fight.‎

Valls and Hollande sounded like bewildered children at the helm of a ship that they are too ‎clueless to navigate. Imagine Winston Churchill declaring, “Britain must live with ‎Nazism.” ‎

Under its current government, France has busied itself with meddling in Israeli affairs ‎and organizing Middle East peace conferences, instead of spending every waking moment ensuring ‎the proper protection of its own population. It is not ready to fight against the jihad that has been ‎launched against it.

One major factor in this is that its elites blame France.‎ French Ambassador to the U.S. Gerard Araud, for example, wrote on Twitter: “Why is France ‎targeted? History (former colonial power), geography (proximity), first Muslim community of Arab ‎origin sensitive to M.E. issues.”‎

In other words: Colonialism and Middle Eastern “issues” — a diplomatic euphemism for the Israeli-Arab conflict — ‎are to blame, not the Muslims who commit the atrocities and certainly not Islam. A ‎Twitter user from India responded to Araud: “We Indians have been colonized by all European powers ‎including your country. Ever heard of Indian terrorists? Shame on you.” Indeed.‎

One of the best indicators of how massive terrorist attacks have become the “new normal” is the financial markets, famously and hysterically sensitive as they are. One ‎observer concluded after the Nice attack, “Gold is down and the euro is up. Financial markets ‎don’t care because it’s no longer an extraordinary event. Even European travel stocks and French hotel ‎stocks are only down a couple of percent. Because continued terror attacks for years are already ‘priced ‎in.’ According to the stock market, France has now become Israel.”‎

The sentiment that France and Europe have “now become Israel” has become something of a trend on ‎social media in the wake of Nice. But it is very far from the truth.‎

Europe is a dying continent, one that is walking toward its own cultural suicide with eyes wide shut. ‎In Europe, self-loathing began to gain ground over most traditional Judeo-Christian ‎values as long as a century ago. We see the results of that long process today: Official Europe does not ‎believe in anything. The main European project in recent history has as its goal only a vague ‎multiculturalism and the working toward “an ever closer union,” a self-referential and self-serving ‎empty shell of a vision. Ostensibly, the EU was meant to prevent future wars in Europe, but while ‎Europe has lost its taste for war, war — now in jihad style — has not lost interest in ‎Europe. The problem is that Europe cannot fight jihadis — people who believe so strongly in their ‎cause that they will die for it — if it believes in nothing, least of all the legitimacy of its own fight against ‎them. This will not change, regardless how many reservist forces France now calls up to help ‎protect the country. The fight becomes especially tricky, tragicomically so, when it is fought while ‎intensely fearing the causing of any offence.‎

In contrast, Israel is a vibrant place of almost endless faith. Not just in the traditional and religious ‎sense but a general and secular faith in the worth and the future of the country pervades Israeli ‎society. Israel believes in itself and is more than willing to fight for itself, and this belief manifests itself in ‎myriad ways, not only in its military prowess and in the countless innovations for which it has become ‎so famous, but in its celebrations of its Jewish past, present and future at every given ‎opportunity. It is also evident in the high birth rate in the country, while Europeans are not having enough children to maintain their own populations.

Israel may be located in a neighborhood that is full of enemies and terrorists, but Israel is also ‎committed to dealing with those security issues, whatever it takes. Israel is here to stay, ‎and Israelis are determined to keep it that way, never even contemplating resigning themselves to whatever ‎malignant plans others may have in store for them.‎

No, Europe is not Israel. Not even close.

This article was originally published by Israel Hayom.

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  • nat cheiman

    This asinine statement typifies Europe and Islam. France is not Israel and never will be. France is like a rotting corpse.
    Personally, I try desperately not to buy French goods, and also products made in Europe. They can go to hell with MRS MERKEL

  • Secularists in Europe have nothing to love. That’s the real, non-racist reason for the Brexit. What European loves “Europe?” Americans still (mostly) love America. All of us stand at the National Anthem before a baseball game. Who sings Europe’s national anthem? Do they even have one? Who salutes their flag?

    The dirty secret to those fighting Islamic terrorism is our refusal to realize that the Jihadist’s are committing acts of love. They love their warped version of an already problematic (currently) religion.

    Unless secular Europeans find love and confidence in the astounding advances that culture (science, technology, tolerance, democracy–the list is endless) has given the whole world, they will wither, with nothing to cherish, you have nothing to defend.

    So they bash Israel because that’s easy, sounds “liberal” and the idea of a nation that believes in something, essentially their own values, fills them with guilt and shame.

  • Michael Jacobs

    For a culture to survive, it must have a soul. Without a soul, it can’t fend off the barbarians.

  • shoshana

    true, Israel is definitively not Europe, A history of more than 2 thousand years was enough for “antisemitism”, they have changed thi traditional word( so politically INcorrect!) to antisionism,anti-israelism.How did Charles De Gaulle call us?”a proud and stubborn people”this was meant as a critic, I take it as a compliment.Since world war 2,Europe in general en France in particular are declining and somehow helping themselves to do so. The politics of multiculturalism is the main sign of France’s self devaluation

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Thank you Ms.Bergman for an excellent article.The Islamic terrorism that France is experiencing is the thin edge of the wedge – it is the whole of Europe that these barbarians want to conquer and subject to sharia law – so much for the tedious claims that Islam is “A Religion of Peace”! Germany which has always boasted that it has suffered no terrorist attacks has very recently had a nasty incident where a radicalised Muslim attacked passengers on a train with an axe while screaming Islamic slogans.Germany is of course notorious for it’s attempted cover-ups of the rapes and sexual assaults of German women by Muslim “immigrants” and “refugees” in Cologne and many other cities. But the Germans have brought this on themselves – thanks to the short-sighted “refugee” policies of Angela Merkel,policies she has foolishly tried to foist on the rest of Europe – no wonder the British voted to leave the EU! Today in France there is even talk of civil war – something that was unheard of even a few months ago. Thank goodness there is an Israel standing strong,proud and free in the face of Islamic barbarity and inhumanity. I have a strong feeling that Europe will be looking to Israel for assistance in combating this new Islamic assault on Western civilization.

  • France must ‘live with terrorism’. Why? Mr president terrorism will thrive as you do nothing but accept defeat. You are dead already. Give the keys to France to Islam as you will save millions of Muslim lives at the costs of French lives? That’s good is it?? French lives do matter Mr Halfwit.

  • stevenl

    Islamists can fly to France and enjoy practice terrorism.

  • Excellent article, as usual, by Israel Hayom. Thanks for publishing.

    Can anyone be surprised that French leaders are waving the ubiquitous French white handkerchief on a pole and blaming Israel, when the French signed on in the 70s to Arab demands that it denigrate, isolate, and delegitimize Israel, and promote Arabism, to ensure a never ending supply of oil.

    The sleazy French would sell out anybody, precisely because they don’t believe in anything, including protecting their own citizens, as France can’t run fast enough to let Sharia take over the nation.

    Perhaps the people will recognize that the “Israel is the problem” excuse is pure B.S., that the same Islamic garbage France has to deal with is essentially the same Islamic garbage that Israel has to deal with. But I’m not holding my breath waiting.

    At least Marine Le Pen understands, and her views are going mainstream, much to the chagrin and fears of the leftist elites.

  • Eric R.

    The French and the rest of Europe can rot in an eternal Islamist hell, for all I care.

    Just get the Jews and the nukes out first.

    • Diane B.

      Agree completely, and well stated, both by Eric R. and Ms. Bergman’s well-written article. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I well remember almost weekly horrific terrorist attacks in Israel. The palestinian terrorists were murdering Jews on buses, in schools, cafes, grocery stores, etc. Who the hell was “standing with Israel” when this was going on? Now with rampant anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments throughout Europe, I too feel little sympathy for them. Now they can experience what Israel has had to put up with for decades. It’s time for the Jewish people to permanently get out of Europe. I only care about the Jewish State of Israel and the U.S.A.

  • Dorothy Seidel Wigod

    So distressing to read this well written analysis of French and, ultimately, European weakness. But I do love the last lines:
    “Europe is not Israel. Not even close.”
    Thank God!